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Chairshot Classics: WCW Starrcade ’90 – Collision Course



Match #14 – Special Referee Dick The Bruiser; Steel Cage Match for the NWA World Heavyweight Championship, If Black Scorpion Loses He Must Unmask: NWA World Heavyweight Champion Sting vs. The Black Scorpion
Prior to the match, four masked “Black Scorpions” make their way to the ring, one by one. Then, a contraption is lifted and the robed, “true” Black Scorpion is revealed. Sting and Scorpion tie up and Sting is pushed into the corner. A clean break happens. Collar and elbow tie up. Sting grabs a side head lock. Scorpion reverses with a belly to back suplex. He misses with an elbow and Sting gets up and stares him down. Another tie up and Scorpion grabs the wrist. He delivers some chops and rights. Sting blocks an attempt to throw him into the cage. Another collar and elbow tie up and Scorpion takes control in the corner. Sting turns it on him and delivers a hiptoss/clothesline combo. Scorpion is slow to get up and he creeps to the apron.

He reluctantly returns and they size each other up. They tie up, side headlock from Sting and he runs for a football tackle. He runs again but Scorpion hits a clothesline. Side salto suplex by Scorpion but cannot pin the champ. Scorpion grabs a wristlock and kicks the midsection. Irish whip/clothesline combo from the challenger. Snapmare take down into a head scissor submission hold. Dick the Bruiser checks in, and Sting won’t quit. The hold is broken, and Sting is sent for the ride. Scorpion delivers an elbow and moves into a reverse chinlock. He uses the ropes for leverage but Bruiser won’t let that fly. He lectures Scorpion and Sting is up to a vertical base. Sting is sent for a hard Irish whip. Another Irish whip and they’re shaking the cage. Sting is lifted for an atomic drop and the champ is reeling. A third Irish whip is followed closely with a clothesline.

Snapmare takedown by Scorpion but he cannot get a pin. Reverse chin lock by Scorpion and once again Bruiser has to detract him from using the ropes. Sting is brought to his knees and he receives forearms to the chest. Sting gets some jabs and is knocked down again. Side headlock by Scorpion. Football tackle by the masked man. He runs again, Sting leaps over him and lifts Scorpion for a military press slam. Clotheslines from the champ. He attempts a cross body, but Scorpion moves and Sting hits the cage. Scorpion tries to take advantage with a pin but Sting gets his shoulder up. Scorpion argues with the guest referee. Irish whip by Scorpion and Stinger gets his boot up. Scorpion gets his shoulder up on the pin. Big vertical suplex from the champ but he couldn’t quite pin him.

Vertical base and Sting beats on him in the corner. He grabs Scorpion by the neck, but gets a thumb to his eye. Sting’s eyes are raked to slow down momentum. Sting is thrown face first into the cage, and Scorpion stands on his face. Sting is whipped backwards over and over from the apron to the cage. He’s pulled back in and sent for another head first trip. Scorpion lifts the champ for a piledriver. He goes for a pin but Sting’s foot is on the rope. Scorpion works on the neck. Sting fights back with rights and kicks and Scorpion’s down. Scorpion reverses a whip and Sting hits the cage once again. Scorpion reverses a whip but Sting takes him down with a bulldog. Irish whip followed by a Stinger splash in the corner. Sting sets his opponent in the Scorpion Deathlock.

Bruiser checks in and Scorpion is able to crawl to the ropes. Back to their feet and Scorpion is sent head first into the cage. Sting rips the mask off but he has another one on underneath. Scorpion is pulled back to his feet and he’s able to sneak in a knee to the gut. He goes to the top rope but Sting catches him. Sting chases him up the turnbuckles but a right knocks him off. Scorpion walks across the top rope. Sting stumbles to his feet and hits the rope, knocking Scorpion off. Sting tries to go to the top rope, but Scorpion rushes over and pokes the eyes.

He’s pulled down. They run the ropes and Sting catches him with a right hand. The masked challenger is sent head first into the steel. Sting picks him up and does it again. He lifts Scorpion with a military press and darts him into the cage. Hip toss and leaping clothesline from the champ. Sting hits a straight right and goes for the top rope. A flying cross body picks up the win for the champ.
Winner and STILL NWA World Heavyweight Champion: Sting (Top Rope Crossbody)

  • After The Bell: The other masked Scorpions rush the ring, Sting and Dick the Bruiser fight them off. Masks are being ripped off. The true Scorpion tries to escape over the cage. Arn Anderson & Barry Windham run in and fight off Sting. Double A DDTs the champion on top of a steel chair. Anderson with a chair shot across the back. The Scorpion comes back in and assaults Sting while The Horsemen hold him down. Z-Man & Ricky Morton rush to Sting’s aid. They can’t get into the ring as the Horsemen fight them down.. The Steiners rush to the ring with bolt cutters. Sting is back to his feet and The Steiners are now in the ring. They rip the mask off to reveal the Black Scorpion was Ric Flair. The Horsemen retreat up the ramp to the back and the babyfaces celebrate in the ring.
  • EA’s Take: I think it would have been more clever to have Flair wrestle a match earlier in the night as well. It wasn’t suspicious to anyone that “Mr. Starrcade” wasn’t on the card and his long time rival, Sting, is wrestling in the main event against a mystery opponent? The introduction the usual corny crap we got from this angle, but it was hardly the corniest thing Sting was unfortunately involved with during this era…maybe. Because he was trying to hide his identity, Flair didn’t wrestle like Flair and the match moved incredibly slow at times. Just overall bad.

EA’s Finisher: THAT. WAS. ROUGH. Halloween Havoc was pretty good, but the showcase event two months later is this? The majority of the card was a meaningless tag team tournament involving many no-name guys, your imposing challenger for the World Heavyweight Championship at the last pay-per-view is used in a 1-minute tag team squash match (Sid Vicious) and a Sting/Flair match not only fails to save the night, but is possibly their most lackluster encounter ever? Ouch. The later Dungeon Of Doom stuff is pretty brutal, but The Black Scorpion was every bit as poor.

Top Three To Watch
1 – The Steiners vs. Mr. Saito & Great Muta
2 – Doom vs. Arn Anderson & Barry Windham
3 – Michael Wallstreet vs. Terry Taylor

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