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Chairshot Classics: WCW WrestleWar ’91



For the first time, WCW holds a pay-per-view fully on their own, as they continue their slow split with the National Wrestling Alliance. This event is not under the NWA banner any longer, but brings back the WarGames for the continued fallout from Starrcade. ‘The Nature Boy’ is also the new World Champion again, ending Sting’s reign roughly a month and a half prior. Sting has now fielded his squad to even the odds with The Four Horsemen, but can his patchwork team match the cohesion of Ric Flair’s men?

Match #1 for the WCW World Six-Man Tag Team Championships: WCW World Six-Man Tag Team Champions Junkyard Dog, Ricky Morton & ‘Wildfire’ Tommy Rich vs. The State Patrol (Lt. James Earl Wright & Sgt. Buddy Lee Parker) & Big Cat
Cat and JYD start the action. The two big men exchange rights and JYD catches his jaw. JYD ducks a clothesline and hits one of his own. He headbutts Big Cat who quickly tags in Wright. Side headlock and a tag to Morton. Wright sends Morton, but Ricky avoids contact and sends him down with a hiptoss and an armdrag. More arm drags from the RnR man. Tag is made to Rich and they double clothesline Wright. Wristlock into an armbar on Wright. He fights out of the hold and sends Rich to the ropes.

Wildfire reverses the offense and scoop slams him. Wright moves away from an elbow but Rich doesn’t pull the trigger. An arm drag into a wristlock by Rich, Wright breaks it up with a poke to the eyes. He slams Rich and tags in Parker. Parker misses an elbow and is sent over with an arm drag and gets caught in an arm bar. Shoulder blocks to the midsection from Parker who sends Rich to the ropes. Shoulder tackles by Rich, who then reverses a hiptoss into one of his own. Another arm drag by Rich. Tag is made to Morton and Parker powers him into the corner. Morton reverses an Irish whip and delivers an inverted atomic drop. Wright rushes the ring and has the same fate. Arm drag by Morton and he pulls his opponent up, tagging in JYD. Snapmare and a stomp by the big man. A headbutt from JYD and Big Cat is tagged back in.

JYD looks for a test of strength, Big Cat has the early advantage but JYD reverses it with a back heel trip. They exchange head butts and Big Cat drops an elbow for two. Parker is tagged back in, he strikes JYD with no effect. JYD fights back and tags in Morton. They run the ropes and Morton is hit in the mid section. Wright is tagged in and the Patrol double teams Morton. More double team work by State Patrol after another quick tag. Big Cat is tagged in. Drop toe hold/elbow combo from the partners. Lateral press but Morton kicks out. Morton is sent and gets a dropkick by the big man. Cat headbutts him to the ground and kicks him into the corner. He slams Morton down but Ricky moves from the big elbow. Parker is tagged in and he exchanges rights with Morton. Powerslam in midair from Parker but Morton kicks out.

Another quick tag and a bulldog/elbow combo from the Patrol. Yet another quick tag and Morton is reeling from double team work. Big Cat is in. Morton tries a cross body but is caught with a back breaker. Big Cat gets some heat on his opponents and with the ref’s back turned, Morton is triple teamed. Parker is tagged in and applies a reverse chinlock. Irish whip, but Morton moves and Parker hits the turnbuckle. Wright is tagged in, but Morton somersaults over and tags in big JYD. He goes right to work and hits Parker with the Big Thump. Cat breaks up the pin attempt as all participants rush the ring. JYD gets up and knocks Cat out of the ring and Morton jumps on the laid out Parker and picks up a three count.
Winners and STILL WCW Six-Man Tag Team Champions: JYD, Morton & Rich (Morton/Thump)

  • EA’s Take: Well, I guess you don’t have to be the legal man to pick up the win. I’ve seen he idea of a 6-Man Title in WWE being tossed around by some on social media and I can’t even begin to imagine how much of an abortion that would be. Nevertheless, this one was just a way to just cluster mid-card guys together and the championships don’t even last a calendar year in WCW. It just doesn’t have the appeal and excitement you’d think outside of Mexico. I’ve never seen the need for it.

In The Arena: Tony Schiavone is standing by with Terry Taylor and Alexandra York. York explains that thanks to Taylor’s in-ring success, the York Foundation is flourishing. They have been using computers to scientifically determine their opponent’s weakness. York predicts Taylor will win in less than 15 minutes and 28 seconds, Taylor predicts pain.

Match #2: Brad Armstrong vs. ‘Beautiful’ Bobby Eaton
Eaton blindsides Armstrong right off the bat. Armstrong fights back and they run the ropes. Headscissor, dropkick and an arm drag by Armstrong. He hangs on for an armbar. Back to a vertical base, wristlock by Armstrong. It’s broken in the corner and Eaton slaps Armstrong across the face. A reversed Irish whip, and Armstrong monkey flips Eaton and goes right back to the arm bar. He keeps the pressure on the arm. Back to their feet and Eaton breaks it with a knee before dumping Armstrong to the floor. He gives chase and Randy Anderson starts the count. Armstrong drives Eaton into the rail and ring post. Both men back to the ring and Armstrong returns to the arm.

He holds a wrist lock before transitioning back to the armbar. Eaton gets over to the ropes to break it. Tempers flare and they shove one another, Eaton cowers back to the ropes again. Eaton calls for a test of strength and Amrstrong obliges. Kick to the mid section by Eaton and Armstrong drops to his knees. Back to a vertical base for Armstrong. He disorients Eaton by climbing up over his shoulders, running up the turnbuckle and turning around with a flying cross body and a two count. Arm drag/Armbar combo once again for Armstrong. Back to their feet and to the corner, Eaton hits a cheap right. Eaton slingshots Armstrong over the ropes but it’s reversed.

Armstrong with a right to the abdomen and goes back to work on the wrist and arm. Eaton reverses a waist lock and hits a huge clothesline. Eaton is slow to cover and only gets two. He sends Armstrong and lifts him for a back breaker. He leans in but Armstrong kicks out again. Scoop slam by Eaton  followed with an elbow, he can still only get two. Reverse chinlock by Eaton. Armstrong hits elbows but Eaton stops the breakup with a knee to the face. Slingshot backbreaker by Beautiful Bobby. He goes for the pin and Armstrong kicks out.

Eaton applies a modified Camel Clutch. The crowd gets behind Armstrong who works to his feet. Shots to the midsection, but Eaton counters the attempt with an elbow and he kicks Armstrong out to the floor. Bobby hotshots him across the railing and heads back to the ring. Armstrong is slow to return but he beats the count. An abdominal stretch is applied by Eaton who uses the ropes for leverage. Randy Anderson crawls in between Armstrong’s legs to catch Eaton cheating and breaks it up.

The two exchange blows, Irish whip but Armstong moves and Eaton goes legs first into the turnbuckle. Drop kick followed by a side Russian leg sweep by Brad but Eaton is too close to the ropes to get the pin. Irish whip by Armstrong but Eaton reverses with a neck breaker. Eaton heads to the top rope and he lands a flying leg drop which earns him the win.
Winner: ‘Beautiful’ Bobby Eaton (Alabama Jam)

  • EA’s Take: Cornette and Lane have both departed the company at this point. I miss The Midnight Express, but I’m happy to see Eaton putting on great singles matches. Unfortunately for him, we’d find out there was a reason why he was always in a tag team as he can’t really talk well or change his look with the times. The Armstrong family has to be one of the most underrated families in wrestling. When I started watching WCW religiously in the mid 90’s, Brad was doing a lot of jobs, but there’s no doubt the guy could work. It’s just too bad he was never able to show his personality on-camera, then later gets saddled with a gimmick blatantly ripping off his own brother.

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Chairshot Classics

Chairshot Classics: WCW Halloween Havoc 1995 – There’s Nowhere To Hide!



Halloween Havoc 1995
Our weekly Chairshot Classics WCW PPV series continues with Halloween Havoc ’95!

Open: “Motown’s gone mad, Halloween Havoc is here. Two demons have emerged, The Giant who has a jones for destruction. WCW World Champion Hulk Hogan has crossed over to the dark side to take on eerie powers in their world. Shutter to think two monster trucks will collide and if survival is possible, they’ll square-off eye-to-eye in the fortress known as the ring. It will happen before your very eyes here at Halloween Havoc.”

Kobo Hall: On the roof, WCW World Heavyweight Champion Hulk Hogan & The Giant both get a feel for their monster trucks before tonight’s battle.

Video: At Fall Brawl, Johnny B. Badd won the right to face Sting for the WCW United States Championship, but when the moment arrived, Johnny was nowhere to be found. ‘Flyin’ Brian would get the opportunity instead, but at the end of the night Badd finally showed up, explaining he had a flat tire on the biggest day of his career. WCW World Television Champion Diamond Dallas Page would feel the need to rub it in Johnny’s face claiming he should have had the US Title shot, Max Muscle unknowingly admitting that they had something to do with Badd’s car problems.

Match #1 for the WCW World Television Championship: WCW World Television Champion Diamond Dallas Page w/The Diamond Doll & Max Muscle vs. Johnny B. Badd
Badd slides into the ring behind the champion while a stand-in walks down the ramp, Page is distracted and the challenger unloads with big right hands as the bell sounds. Johnny shoots DDP to the ropes for a kick to the midsection, follows up with a knee lift, whips the champion to the corner and Page spills over the top to the floor. Badd goes out in pursuit, thwarts off Max Muscle trying to get involved, drives him into the champion with a noggin knocker, then sends Page into the crowd with a big right.

Johnny steps over the barricade after him, deposits DDP into the steel barrier, clotheslines him back to ringside, gets his hands on a bucket and puts it over the champion’s head, then smacking it with an ear clap. He rolls Page into the ring, DDP catches him sliding in with clubbing blows, irish whip to the ropes is reversed, the challenger scores with a hip toss, follows with a drop toe hold and hooks in an armbar. The champion finds his footing, Badd switches to a wristlock, continues wrenching away at the left arm, but can’t break free. Dallas grabs a handful of hair and slams Johnny to the mat, the challenger kicks back up, returns the favor, then goes right back to the armbar.

DDP backs the challenger to the ropes, doesn’t break clean and buries a knee to the abdomen, irish whip to the ropes is reversed, Johnny ducks down for a back body drop, the champion leapfrogs over it, gets surprised by another hip toss and Badd covers for a count of 2. He quickly connects with a dropkick and corners Dallas, climbs to the 2nd rope to rain down fists, DDP powers him out, drops the challenger face-first on the top turnbuckle and takes control, taunting Johnny while delivering kicks to the breadbasket. He shoves the challenger to the corner and drives shoulders to the ribs, stomps on Badd’s fingers, scores with a knee drop for a 2 count, then shoots him sternum-first into the turnbuckles. Page plants Johnny with a back suplex, spikes him with the Diamond Clash, goes into a lateral press and again finds a count of 2.

The champion looks to grind Badd down now with a rear chinlock, the challenger makes it to a standing position, DDP rips him back down by the hair, covers for 2, then argues with the official about the count. He quickly slaps the rear chinlock back on, gets frustrated after getting another 2 count, sends Johnny to the ropes for a hip toss, the challenger blocks it for a backslide and gains a near fall. Both guys back up quick, Dallas levels Badd with a clothesline for 2, shoots him to the ropes for a back body drop, Johnny counters with a sunset flip, can’t bring the champion over and gets nailed by a right hand. DDP drops down on top to cover, Badd kicks out at 2, rolls Page up for a 2 count of his own, can’t capitalize and gets dropped by a big boot.

Page muscles him up for a powerslam and still can’t put it away, wants to wear him down some more with a rear chinlock, Johnny battles back to his feet, counters to a top wristlock, but Max reaches in to lend a hand, the champion driving Badd back down to the mat for a near fall. DDP instructs Max to climb onto the apron, the referee is distracted, the champion unravels his wrist tape, then proceeds to choke the life out of the challenger. The official turns back to the action and Page switches to the rear chinlock, the ref checks Badd’s arm, Johnny holds it up on the third attempt and fights to a vertical base, countering out with a top wristlock. Page calls for Max’s help again, can’t reach him and gets planted by a back suplex, DDP stumbles back to his feet, gets caught by a right hand, tripped up by a leg sweep, but quickly rocks Badd with a punch of his own.

He drags Johnny up for another that’s off-target, the challenger splits him with an inverted atomic drop, follows with an atomic drop and then unleashes a flurry of fists. He looks to send the champion to the ropes and Dallas reverses, Johnny surprises him with a tilt-a-whirl headscissors, ascends the corner to the top turnbuckle, connects with a double axe handle and almost finishes it off. He hooks DDP for a sit-out powerbomb and gets a near fall, shoots Page to the ropes, the champion spikes him with the Diamond Dream and both guys are down now. Dallas crawls into a lateral press for a count of 2, sets for the Diamond Cutter, Badd hangs onto the ropes to block it, tries a cover of his own, but still only finds a 2 count.

He tosses the champion into the corner, goes to the 2nd rope to fire away with punches, DDP tries to power him out, gets flipped over the top to the floor by a hurricanrana, Max coming around ringside to help him up. Johnny charges in and feigns an outside dive, instead flies over the top with the Badd Day, rolls Dallas back inside and heads to the apron, then slingshots in with a splash and nearly polishes Page off. Badd calls for the Tutti Frutti, Max climbs to the apron and hooks him by the arms, DDP looks to clock him with a fist, the challenger side-steps out of harm’s way, Page nearly hits Max, but instead holds up. Johnny with a dropkick from behind, Dallas gets knocked into Max to drop him to the floor, Badd with a schoolboy from behind and almost steals it.

DDP quickly grabs him by the trunks to dump him outside, Max looks to ram him into the ring post, Johnny pushes him off, climbs back inside and Max steps up after him. The champion grabs Badd from behind and holds him for Max, Page gets flattened by a clothesline as Johnny ducks, the challenger clocks Max with Tutti Frutti, makes a cover and we have a new champion.
Winner and NEW WCW World Television Champion: Johnny B. Badd (Outside Interference)

  • EA’s TakeSolid opener tonight, Page really slowing down the action while Johnny picked up the pace when he was in control. A little silly that a clothesline from Max Muscle is what put Page away, but this is honestly about as good of in-ring work as we’ll get tonight. DDP was really starting to come into his own as a character and it was nearing the time for him to start losing the entourage, so the seeds had been planted already for dissension between The Diamond Doll (Kimberly) and Dallas, which will continue in the coming weeks.

Match #2: The Zodiac vs. ‘Macho Man’ Randy Savage
The Zodiac stands on the 2nd rope facing the crowd as Savage enters the ring, Macho Man rips him down, the bell rings and Zodiac gets sent head-first into the top turnbuckle. Macho unloads with punches, rakes Zodiac’s face across the top rope, a fan jumps into the ring and the referee tackles him, the action spilling to the outside. Savage sends Zodiac head-first into the ring post and barricade multiple times, The Zodiac surprises him with an eye rake, then sends Macho Man shoulder-first into the steel post. He tosses Savage back into the squared circle, scoops him up for a body slam, The Zodiac climbs to the 2nd rope, comes off for a splash, but nobody’s home. Macho Man quickly heads upstairs, connects with the Flying Elbow Drop and that’s all she wrote.
Winner: ‘Macho Man’ Randy Savage (Flying Elbow Drop)

  • EA’s TakeYikes, pretty quick one here that was only made even worse by that fan hopping the barricade. The most interesting part of this match was that Zodiac came out to the music that would later be used for Rey Mysterio. Hell, he got a bigger pop from the crowd than even Savage did during his entrance as he fought off security. This is your basic squash match as Macho Man lays waste to the cartoonish Zodiac in under two minutes and rightfully so. Initially, Savage’s opponent was supposed to be Kamala, but The Ugandan Giant had left the company after only getting a pay-per-appearance deal and never a full-time contract. Also, the stipulation here is that if Savage wins and Luger wins his match later, they’ll meet one-on-one tonight. I wonder what will happen?

Backstage: ‘Mean’ Gene Okerlund is in the locker room, plugs the WCW Hotline and teases Jimmy Hart recently speaking to a man he used to work with. Okerlund welcomes in WCW World Television Champion Johnny B. Badd, the new champion proclaiming there will be a celebration in the Motor City tonight. He speaks about how dreams can come true if you work hard, states he never gave up despite Diamond Dallas Page from Max Muscle and he plans on keeping the title for a long time.

Video: Back at Clash Of The Champions over the summer, Kurasawa viciously attacked Road Warrior Hawk’s arm, locking on the Kurasawa Crush and breaking it in the process.

Match #3: Kurasawa w/Col. Robert Parker vs. Road Warrior Hawk
The bell rings and Hawk immediately goes on the attack, clobbers Kurasawa with clubbing blows and chops, shoots him to the ropes and connects with a shoulder tackle. He cracks Kurasawa with a neckbreaker, follows with a fist drop for a count of 2, fires away with more stiff shots, then puts the boots to him. Hawk shoots him to the corner and charges in, Kurasawa side-steps out of harm’s way, Hawk goes shoulder-first into the ring post, absorbs it and peppers Kurasawa with big right hands. He muscles him up for a gutwrench suplex, plants him with a powerbomb, Parker distracts Hawk from the outside, Kurasawa rises back to his feet and ambushes him from behind.

He scoops Hawk up for a body slam and goes to the top rope for an elbow drop, Hawks avoids it, clotheslines Kurasawa to the outside, then steps out to the apron. He flies off with a clothesline to Parker, Kurasawa sends Hawk head-first into the ring post, rolls him into the squared circle, launches him with a back body drop, then hits a samoan drop. He goes into a cover and puts his feet on the ropes for leverage, Parker holds Kurasawa’s feet in place, the official doesn’t see it and makes the 3 count.
Winner: Kurasawa (Samoan Drop)

  • EA’s TakeAlrighty then, I definitely did not see that coming. Hawk has been on his own for a bit now as Animal continues to rest up a back injury, so it seems like Hawk has just been floating around with not much to do. There was supposed to be a good feud here, but Hawk had been legitimately injured, leading to the angle where Kurasawa “broke his arm”. To sum it up, boring match, boring storyline.

Backstage: ‘Mean’ Gene is back in the locker room with ‘Macho Man’ Randy Savage, Macho saying there’s one down and one to go, reminding us he beat The Zodiac with no problem. Savage states he heard what Hulk Hogan recently said about him, says that he and Hogan are friends until the meet in the ring, claiming he can beat Hulk anytime. He talks about his curiosity to see what will happen tonight in the Monster Truck battle, warning he will be watching very closely.

Match #4: Mr. J.L. vs. Sabu w/The Sheik
Sabu slides right in and ambushes JL, blocks a kick, JL comes back with an enzuigiri and Sabu spills outside as the bell rings. JL slides to the outside in what looks to be a botched spot, Sabu drives him into the barricade, climbs to the apron, springs off the 2nd rope with a moonsault, taking out JL and The Sheik. Sabu lines JL up, leaps off the stairs for a crossbody, JL avoids it, climbs to the top turnbuckle and flies to the floor with a crossbody of his own. He sends Sabu back inside, Sabu surprises him with a kick to the abdomen, whips him to the corner, charges in and JL elevates him up. Sabu lands on his feet on the top rope, comes off with a moonsault that misses, JL heads upstairs for one of his own and gains a count of 2.

He delivers a sit-out powerbomb for another 2 count, sends him to the corner and rushes in with a dropkick, Sabu side-steps it, steps out to the apron and slingshots in with a somersault leg drop for a near fall. He ascends the corner back up top, JL clubs him across the back, pulls him down for a bridging german suplex, but Sabu kicks out at 2. JL looks to the high-rent district now, Sabu clocks him with an uppercut, climbs up for a super victory roll, hooks both legs, but still can’t put it away. Sabu scales the corner again, JL springs off the 2nd rope with a dropkick, sends Sabu spilling to the floor, but can’t capitalize. Sabu climbs to the apron and buries a shoulder to the breadbasket, drops JL throat-first across the top rope, steps inside, hits the Arabian Press and gets the win.
Winner: Sabu (Arabian Press)

  • After The Bell: The Sheik lights is trademark fireball and throws it in JL’s face for good measure.
  • EA’s TakeNo selling, no pacing, no storyline…brutal. If you unmasked JL and gave these guys ten more minutes, you may have had something, but obviously this wasn’t the case. After being fired from ECW, Sabu arrived in WCW just over a month prior, however it was very short-lived and this would be his only PPV appearance before heading back to ECW just a couple of weeks later. JL is also a newcomer to WCW, who would be better known as Jerry Lynn in the future, but for the time being he would work under a mask as one of the lower-tier Cruiserweight competitiors until 1997.

In The Arena: The Master & The Taskmaster are on the stage for The Master’s Lair, The Master speaks about the moon falling over Detroit, claims the stars are lined up and the Milky Way is ready for The Taskmaster. He speaks about it being the start of a new day from China to the USA, believes there will be an eclipse of the sun and The Taskmaster will walk upon the galaxy as The Giant destroys Hulkamania with The Yeti as their back-up plan. The Taskmaster says that a giant will lead them into the next century, claims that when Hulk Hogan dawned black attire it pulled the evil out of him, warning that Hogan doesn’t have anyone to watch his back tonight.

Backstage: Gene Okerlund is standing by in the locker room with WCW World Heavyweight Champion Hulk Hogan & Jimmy Hart, the Hulkster joined by the winners of WCW’s Harley Davidson Sweepstakes. Hogan says it was important for him to be on a roll going into tonight, thinks giving this Harley away will give him the extra edge he needs, then offers up some extra custom work. The winners are presented with some t-shirts, Hulk speaks about The Giant running over his Harley recently and looks to return the favor.

Match #5: Meng w/The Taskmaster vs. Lex Luger
Luger wastes no time and fires away with fists at the bell, rams Meng head-first into the top turnbuckle numerous times, then grabs a side headlock. Meng pushes Lex off to the ropes, drops down, Luger grabs him by the legs, buries a stomp to the abdomen, then catapults him face-first into the top turnbuckle. He rakes Meng’s eyes across the top rope, Meng begins to battle back with kicks and chops, drives The Total Package face-first off the top turnbuckle, then looks to send him to the ropes. Luger reverses for a back body drop, Meng catches him with a kick, utilizes a small package for a quick 2 count, then unloads with shots across the back.

He tries to send Lex face-first back into the top turnbuckle, The Total Package blocks it, returns the favor, irish whip to the opposite corner is reversed, Meng charges in and meets a boot to the chin. Luger clotheslines him over the top to the floor, The Taskmaster helps Meng to his feet, Lex comes outside from behind, ramming Meng shoulder-first into the steel post. Lex rolls him back inside, climbs to the apron and drops the arm down across the top rope, climbs into the squared circle and Meng surprises him with shots to the ribs. Meng sinks his teeth into The Total Package’s nose, Luger starts fighting back with stiff right hands, shoots him to the corner and rushes in, but nobody’s home.

Meng measures for a clothesline that’s off-target, Lex powers him up for a back suplex, Meng switches his weight, falls on top and gets a count of 2. He puts the boots to The Total Package, scoops him up for a shoulder breaker, corners him and wrenches the right arm up in the ropes. He buries boots into the breadbasket, chokes Luger with his foot, spikes Lex with a piledriver and goes into a lateral press for a near fall. Meng quickly applies a choke, slaps on a rear chinlock to wear Luger down, The Total Package works his way back to his feet, hits the ropes for a clothesline, Meng ducks under it, both guys go for a crossbody and collide, Lex landing on top for a 2 count. Both guys back up quick and Meng goes to the ribs with a kick, plants Luger with a back suplex for a count of 2, deposits him out of the ring and The Taskmaster stands over Lex to have some words.

The Total Package tries to crawl back into the squared circle, Meng continually kicks him back down, Luger finally rolls back in and Meng keeps up the punishment with stomps. Lex catches Meng with shoulders to the abdomen and gets raked in the eyes, dishes out more shots across the back, sends The Total Package to the ropes for a dropkick, but Lex hangs onto the ropes to avoid it. Meng staggers to his feet and charges, Luger elevates him over the top, Meng hangs onto the apron, hooks The Total Package for a suplex to the floor, but Lex blocks and brings him in with a suplex of his own. He can’t capitalize and Meng shoots him to the ropes for a back body drop, Luger avoids it with a kick, tries taking him off his feet with multiple clotheslines, finally does it, then sends him to the ropes for a back body drop off of his own.

He measures Meng for more clotheslines, sends him to the ropes for a powerslam, calls for the Torture Rack, but Meng reaches into his boot for the gold spike. He surprises Lex with the gold spike to the throat, hooks the leg, The Taskmaster steps into the ring, kicks Luger and the referee calls for the bell.
Winner: Lex Luger (Disqualification)

  • After The Bell: Meng gets angered and shoves The Taskmaster, Sullivan trying to explain that now Luger will have to face Macho Man.
  • EA’s TakeNot a bad match, but again, nothing overly exciting or entertaining. Since returning to WCW just over a month prior, Luger has been in a tweener state and a teased member of The Dungeon Of Doom. Thus, further explaining The Taskmaster’s interference. This was a strange time for Lex, as the fans didn’t really want to boo him at the time, however WCW was trying to lay some ground work for a big match-up with Hulk Hogan that would never really come to pass. Despite the tension between Meng & Sullivan, nothing would come of it and Meng would go on to become more of a tag team competitor alongside The Barbarian as The Faces Of Fear.

Backstage: ‘Mean’ Gene is joined by The Giant in the locker room, The Giant saying that if Hulk Hogan has the courage to show up for their Monster Truck battle, the roof won’t be big enough for the both of them. He states he will push the Hulkster right off of the building, then plans on Chokeslamming him through the floor to become the WCW World Heavyweight Champion.

Match #6: The Four Horsemen (Arn Anderson & ‘Flyin’ Brian) vs. WCW United States Champion Sting & ‘Nature Boy’ Ric Flair
Sting comes out on his own after Flair was ambushed earlier in the night by an unknown assailant. Double-A will kick things off, has some words for the Stinger and they lock-up, Anderson working to a hammerlock. The champion counters to one of his own and Arn reaches for the ropes to get the break, the fans chant “We Want Flair” they go in for another collar & elbow and Anderson goes to the midsection with a knee. He slaps on a full nelson, Sting kicks Pillman off the apron and reverses to one of his own, Double-A tries to scale the ropes with his feet, but the champion releases him and he falls to the mat.

Anderson rolls to the floor to regroup, steps back into the squared circle and the “We Want Flair” chants break out again, he locks-up with Sting, then goes to a wristlock and rips him down by the hair. The Stinger kips right back up and shoots Arn off to the ropes, gets knocked down by a shoulder block, Double-A goes back into the ropes, the champion leapfrogs over, then goes to the breadbasket with a kick. He hits the ropes and plants him with a facebuster, Flyin’ Brian comes in to help out, Sting thwarts both of the Horsemen off and clears the ring, Anderson & Pillman having a conference on the outside. Double-A rolls in and tags out, Pillman into the collar & elbow tie-up, the Stinger backs him to the ropes, Flyin’ Brian slaps him across the face off the break, then ducks to the floor to retreat.

The champion heads out in pursuit, Arn lays in wait around ringside for a clothesline, Sting ducks it, levels him with a clothesline of his own, then flattens Pillman with another. Flyin’ Brian takes a walk before heading back inside, he offers Sting a handshake, the champion accepts it, goes to the ribs with a kick, then powers him up for a military press slam. Pillman crawls away and makes a tag, Double-A cautiously steps in, has some words for the Stinger and then convenes with Flyin’ Brian. He avoids a lock-up with a boot to the breadbasket, clobbers the champion to the mat with double axe handles, picks him up for a piledriver and Flyin’ Brian climbs to the top rope. Sting blocks it, takes Arn down with a double leg, catapults him into Pillman and Flyin’ Brian gets crotched on the top turnbuckle.

The champion drops Anderson with a back elbow, steps to the apron, launches Pillman off the top down into the guardrail, then turns back to Double-A and peppers him with right hands. Arn sneaks in a thumb to the eye to stop the onslaught, unknowingly drives Sting head-first off Pillman’s skull in the corner, whips the champion to the ropes and buries a fist into the abdomen. ‘Nature Boy’ Ric Flair finally sprints down to the ring in street clothes, nearly runs over the official trying to get a piece of Anderson, but the ref works him over to his corner. Double-A deposits the Stinger to the outside, Flyin’ Brian goes to work behind the referee’s back, the champion staggers back inside and Arn puts the boots to him, then chokes Sting with the bottom of his foot.

Tag to Flyin’ Brian, he fires away with stinging chops in the corner, the Stinger begins to battle back with shots of his own, Pillman catches him with a drop toe hold, then reaches for the tag. The Enforcer continues the punishment by choking with his knee, grounds Sting with a rear chinlock, Flair gets tired of waiting and comes in with one of his shoes in his hand, the official cuts him off and Arn scoops the Stinger up for a body slam. He makes a tag and Flyin’ Brian heads upstairs, Double-A launches him off the top for a splash, Sting gets the knees up to avoid it, but Pillman tags out before he can reach Flair. Anderson plants the champion with a back suplex for a count of 2, he locks knuckles with Sting to try and hold him down, tries dropping down onto the Stinger, but he gets the knees up again.

The champion reaches for his corner and The Enforcer grabs him by the foot, Pillman drops off the apron, goes around ringside and baits Flair off the apron, The Nature Boy chasing him around ringside before order is restored. Double-A hooks Sting in an abdominal stretch, uses Flyin’ Brian for extra leverage out of the official’s sight, tags out and Pillman grinds the champion face-first into the canvas. He mocks Flair and fires off a chop to the chest, bites the Stinger across the nose, bludgeons him with heavy right hands, then snapmares him over for a single-leg crab. He uses The Enforcer to apply more pressure, Flair comes in to distract the referee, Flyin’ Brian and Anderson swap out, Double-A locking on a modified camel clutch.

He releases it and buries a boot to the spine, brings Pillman back in, Flyin’ Brian delivers a kick to the ribs, covers and only gets a 2 count. Tag back to Anderson, Arn goes to the midsection with a barrage of punches, The Nature Boy jumps into the ring to stop a 2-on-1 assault, the Stinger begins battling back, irish whip to the ropes is reversed and Double-A delivers a spinebuster for a near fall. Pillman reaches for the tag, targets the left knee with an elbow drop, slaps on a heel hold, brings The Enforcer back in for a wishbone, then Anderson goes to a heel hold of his own. Sting digs deep and starts crawling towards his corner, Arn buries knees into the back to put a stop to it, locks on a bearhug to wear him down further and the official has to check the arm.

The champion keeps it up on the third attempt, breaks free after an ear clap, Arn hooks him by the legs, reaches for Pillman and Flyin’ Brian cuts the Stinger off with an elbow drop. He chokes the champion, drags him up in the corner for heavy chops, snapmares him over and goes to a seated abdominal stretch. Sting starts working to his feet and Flyin’ Brian drives him head-first off the top turnbuckle, The Horsemen go on the attack, the champion fights his way out of the wrong part of town, but Pillman goes to the eyes. He brings Sting back to the corner, the Stinger rams Flyin’ Brian head-first into Anderson, finally reaches his corner and makes a tag. The Nature Boy steps in, hits the ropes, blasts Sting with a big right hand, then puts the boots to him with The Horsemen and the ref calls for the bell.
Winners: Sting & ‘Nature Boy’ Ric Flair (Disqualification)

  • After The Bell: Flair, Anderson & Pillman work the champion over with an assault of punches and chops, put the boots to him and another official runs down to try and stop them unsuccessfully. ‘Mean’ Gene waits on the stage to speak with The Horsemen, plugs the WCW Hotline to kill time first, Flair takes the mic and proclaims that it’s now time to go to school. The Nature Boy says the first thing you’ll learn is not to jump on Double-A and secondly, you don’t play around with Flyin’ Brian. Flair states that thirdly you don’t mess with him and fourth you don’t breathe unless The Horsemen allow you to, Anderson saying everyone who asked for it now has it and needs to deal with. The Nature Boy exclaims they are reunited and it feels so good.
  • EA’s TakeBeautifully put together swerve here after Flair and Anderson had been separated for a number of weeks now. Pillman was also just getting into his ‘Loose Cannon’ persona at this time too, which was very groundbreaking and left viewers, as well as the boys in the back wondering if he had legitimately lost his mind. Classic tactics during the match from two excellent tag team performers as well prior to Flair’s big turn, then of course you have Sting pulling off his babyface role perfectly. Overall a lot to like about this one.

Backstage: Mike Tenay is standing by with Lex Luger, The Total Package thinks there are forces at work here in WCW besides Sting who want him to face ‘Macho Man’ Randy Savage. Luger says he can’t figure out why just yet, but when he hears the bell ring it’s time for the big boys to play and he will be victorious. Lex claims he knows Savage is in cahoots with Hulk Hogan, but it doesn’t matter because he will be the greatest wrestler WCW has ever seen, making an example of Macho Man.

Video: WCW World Heavyweight Champion Hulk Hogan knows the wrath of The Giant all too well by now, as we take a look at their history beginning with The Giant throwing a t-shirt of his father, Andre The Giant, into the champion’s face. He would continue to target the Hulkster, even nearly running him over with a monster truck, but destroying Hogan’s Harley Davidson in the process. The champion would announce his intentions to have his own monster truck built, however The Giant would continue to dominate him with help from The Taskmaster and the Dungeon Of Doom, even laying him out to shave Hulk’s mustache. This would lead Hogan to turn to a darker side of himself, showing he be as dastardly as anyone in the Dungeon Of Doom. The Master would notice this change in the champion, revealing he has an insurance policy of his own in The Yeti.

Match #7 is a Monster Truck Match: The Giant vs. WCW World Heavyweight Champion Hulk Hogan
Eric Bischoff & Bob Chandler
 join Heenan for commentary, as we go to the rooftop of Kobo Hall. Hogan and Giant are face-to-face as the rules are explained, as you must get all four of your opponents tires outside of the circle to win, but there are also two explosives charges randomly placed within it. They weld the front bumpers together, the engines fire up and we’re ready to go, Hogan and The Giant forcing each other back-and-forth around the circle. The Hulkster gets pushed through the circle, but only two wheels break the line and they continue jockeying back-and-forth. Hogan gets pushed back through the circle again, one of the charges explodes, the champion forces his way back into the circle and avoids getting knocked out. He battles back, forces The Giant backwards all the way through the circle and gets the victory.
Winner: Hulk Hogan

  • After The Bell: The Giant steps out fuming and stalks the Hulkster near the edge of the roof, misses a double axe handle, but grabs Hogan by the throat and powers him into the air. They steps up to the ledge, the champion breaks free, Giant loses his balance and falls backwards off the roof.
  • EA’s TakeSo…they killed a guy? It was very strange covering a Monster Truck Match for one and while I give bonus points for trying to be creative, this was as unexciting as it reads. Then to finish it off, The Giant falls off the roof of an arena? Honestly, who thought this was a good idea?

Match #8: Lex Luger vs. ‘Macho Man’ Randy Savage
The bell rings and the two men exchange some words, Luger offers a handshake, but Savage suckers him with a fist. He rams Lex head-first into the top turnbuckle and whips him to the corner, The Total Package rebounds out with a clothesline, then rams Macho Man face-first into the turnbuckle. Jimmy Hart makes his way down to ringside, Luger puts the boots to Savage in the corner, chokes him with his foot and the official forces a break. Lex batters Macho Man with punches, clubs him with a double axe handle, buries a kick to the chest and then chokes him over the top rope. He taunts Savage to get back up, Macho Man starts fighting back, The Total Package rocks him with a forearm, deposits him to the outside, Savage tries to crawl back up to the apron and Lex kicks him to the floor.

He steps out to the apron and comes off with a double axe handle, looks to send him head-first into the barricade, Macho Man blocks it, returns the face, then rams Luger face-first off the steps. He sends The Total Package back into the guardrail multiple times, throws him back inside, steps in and clocks Lex from behind with a clothesline. Savage ascends the corner and flies off with a double axe handle, Luger catches him in the abdomen with a right hand, Jimmy Hart climbs on the apron and distract the official, Lex tries to whip Macho Man into the corner, but it’s reversed. Savage rushes in and eats a knee to the jaw, The Total Package makes a cover, the ref is still dealing with Jimmy, he hauls Macho Man up to shoot him to the ropes, Savage reverses and Lex collides with Hart to send him to the floor. Savage quickly climbs to the top rope, connects with the Flying Elbow Drop and gets the 1-2-3.
Winner: ‘Macho Man’ Randy Savage (Top Rope Elbow Drop)

  • EA’s TakeAnother quick one with very unusual circumstances if you weren’t keeping up on Monday Nitro. They were really beginning to pit Luger and Sting to a certain extent up against Hogan & Savage, a bit of reality meets fiction played out on television. We will see more of Lex tonight though to further explain the situation.

Match #9 for the WCW World Heavyweight Championship: WCW World Heavyweight Champion Hulk Hogan w/Jimmy Hart vs. The Giant w/The Taskmaster
Hogan takes a microphone and explains that what happened earlier tonight wasn’t supposed to be, apologizes and says there was a terrible accident. Music hits and The Giant & The Taskmaster march to the squared circle. Giant chases Hulk out of the ring, the champion steps in, shreds his shirt and we’re underway. The champion peels off his bandana and reveals paint like The Taskmaster, The Giant charges in, Hogan side-steps him and unloads with big punches. The challenger absorbs them, the Hulkster hits the ropes for more fists, staggers the big man, then attempts a body slam. The Giant blocks it and clobbers him across the back, whips Hogan into the corner, then scores with a boot off the rebound.

He continues hammering the champion with shots to the spine, delivers big chops in the corner, chokes the Hulkster, then whips him to the opposite corner. Giant buries a boot to the breadbasket off the rebound, locks knuckles with the champion and powers him down to his knees, Hulk muscles his way to his feet, but the challenger goes back to the midsection with a kick. He whips Hogan to the ropes for a back elbow, scoops him up for a body slam, The Giant hits the ropes for a leg drop, but it’s off-target. The Hulkster gets a rush of adrenaline and fires away with fists, drives the challenger head-first into the top turnbuckle multiple times, corners him, then climbs to the 2nd rope to rain down rights. He rakes Giant across the back, sends him to the corner and follows in with a clothesline, shoots him to the ropes for a clothesline and the big man only staggers.

Hogan makes him stumble with a second clothesline, dumps him over the top with a third, The Taskmaster helps The Giant to his feet and they start to walk off to the back. The champion climbs outside and chases them down, delivers a double noggin knocker, sends The Giant into the squared circle, roll in and pokes him in the eyes multiple times. The Hulkster batters him with punches, hits the ropes for a shoulder block, still can’t bring the challenger down with another, goes back to the well again and Giant grabs him for a Chokeslam. Hogan rakes the eyes to escape it, chokes him against the ropes, The Giant goes to the eyes to stop the onslaught, whips him to the ropes and cracks the champion with a backbreaker.

The challenger goes into a lateral press for a count of 2, pummels Hulk across the back, sends him to the ropes and locks on a bearhug to wear him down. The Hulkster fights his way free, can’t capitalize and gets clubbed across the spine, The Giant delivers another body slam, then goes right back to the bearhug. Hulk begins to fade away and the ref checks the arm, the champion keeps it up on the third attempt, breaks the grip with heavy right hands, hits the ropes and gets planted by a Chokeslam. The Giant makes the cover, Hogan powers out of it, begins Hulking up and absorbs a number of shots. He blocks one, delivers a series of punches, whips The Giant to the ropes for a big boot, but the big man stays on his feet. The Hulkster calls for a body slam, rakes the eyes and scoops Giant up for the slam, hits the ropes to deliver the Leg Drop and covers, but Jimmy Hart nails the official to stop the count.

Hogan doesn’t know what happened, Jimmy steps inside and helps him pick the referee up, Hulk turns back to the challenger and Jimmy shoves the official to the mat. He picks up the WCW Title, clocks the champion from behind, the Hulkster absorbs it, gets his hands on Jimmy, but The Giant grabs him in a bearhug. The Taskmaster steps in and fires away at the champion’s back, ‘Macho Man’ Randy Savage & Lex Luger run down to the ring to make the save, but Luger turns on Savage and puts the boots to him. The Yeti marches down to the squared circle, wraps his arm around both Giant & Hogan, squeezing the champion in between the two big men. They put the Hulkster out, The Total Package powers him up in the Torture Rack, Yeti & Giant put Macho Man in their double bearhug, Luger following with another Torture Rack.
Winner: The Giant (Disqualification)

  • After The Bell: The Giant grabs the World Title, raises it in the air and leaves with it.
  • EA’s TakeSo much bad to talk about here. The match was at least watchable thanks to Hogan, as this was The Giant’s first match, so he’s obviously greener than Kermit The Frog. A couple of spots it was very clear that he was ducking in to get the call from Hulk, but you could definitely see the potential there with him. I always found it absurd they claimed he was the son of Andre The Giant, but with everything else going on in the Dungeon Of Doom it wasn’t bad by comparison, specifically like The Yeti. This gimmick was so bad that it wasn’t even good enough for the Dungeon Of Doom, as he would only make three appearances before being repackaged later on (We will see him again, just not wrapped in toilet paper). Luger finally turns on Hulk and officially joins the Dungeon, plus Jimmy Hart swerves Hogan with it being revealed the next night on Nitro he had a clause in the contract stating the title would change hands by DQ. Therefore, The Giant wins the World Title in his very first match against the all-black Hogan, giving us a preview of things to come.

EA’s FinisherNo matter how you slice it, this event will always infamously be known for the Monster Truck Match, The Giant falling off of a rooftop and the debut of The Yeti…and not for good reasons. If you can look past those mishaps, the rest of the card wasn’t as bad as it seems aside from a couple. I thought the turn of Ric Flair on Sting was magnificently executed, Diamond Dallas Page and Johnny B. Badd showed what WCW’s up-and-coming stars can do, plus it is still the debut of a future Hall Of Famer in The Giant, even if it was rough. So whether you watch this for its comically epic failures, you can still find a couple of hidden gems in here. Basically, what I’m saying is if I didn’t have to pick three for the ‘3 On Top’, then I’d only choose two this time around.

Top Three To Watch
1 – Diamond Dallas Page vs. Johnny B. Badd
2 – Sting & Ric Flair vs. Arn Anderson & Flyin’ Brian
3 – Lex Luger vs. Meng

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Chairshot Classics

Chairshot Classics: WWE Elimination Chamber 2015



As we approach this year’s Elimination Chamber pay-per-view, we look back at one from May 2015!

Kickoff Show Match: Zack Ryder vs. Stardust
Stardust starts off with an arm drag, rubbing it in Ryder’s face, Stardust into the ropes for a shoulder knockdown. He gets a little too cocky, Ryder with a dropkick and a couple armdrags, then going into a hammerlock. Stardust fights it off and hits the ropes, Ryder ducks down and hits a flapjack. Stardust rolls to the outside and Zack with a baseball slide, then bringing The Cosmic One back in the ring. Stardust gets in a couple of shots, taking control and working over Long Island Iced Z’s back.

Stardust grabs Ryder in a surfboard, Ryder rolls out into a cover getting a quick 1, then running into a back body drop. The Cosmic One continues to punish the back, driving in the point of the knee and wrenching the arm back. He picks Ryder up, attempts a suplex and Zack counters into a neckbreaker, both men doubling down. Stardust to his feet first, Ryder ducks a clothesline and starts to mount the offense. Stardust runs into double knees in the corner, then goes for a 2nd rope dropkick and misses. Stardust clotheslines him onto the apron, then charges and gets dumped to the floor.

Zack comes off the apron with a dropkick, then rolls Stardust back in and hits a sunset flip off the apron. Stardust counters and grabs the rope, but the ref sees it and stops the count. Stardust catches Ryder coming from behind, landing a side effect, but not being able to capitalize. Ryder shows signs of life with a running forearm in the corner followed by the Broski Boot for a count of 2. Zack goes for the Rough Ryder, Stardust avoiding it and planting him with Cross Rhodes to finish it.
Winner: Stardust (Cross Rhodes)

  • EA’s TakeTwo words: filler match. Decent showing from both guys, but there’s just no kind of investment in either of these guys right now. Just a segment filler that was not ever promoted. Still a lot of seats filling up as the crowd’s still filing in.

Open: “You hear the sounds, the fear sets in…the pain…the agony. The chamber has returned. Two seperate wars. One common goal. Elimination.” A video highlighting tonight’s Chamber matches and it’s champion vs. champion as John Cena battles Kevin Owens. What does the future hold? Dean Ambrose has his sights set on Seth Rollins’ WWE gold. “The Elimination Chamber is back.”

Match #1 Elimination Chamber for the WWE Tag Team Championships: Primetime Players (Darren Young & Titus O’Neil) vs. Los Matadores (Diego & Fernando) w/El Torito vs. Tyson Kidd & Cesaro w/Natalya vs. WWE Tag Team Champions The New Day (Big E, Kofi Kingston & Xavier Woods) vs. The Ascension (Konnor & Viktor) vs. The Lucha Dragons (Kalisto & Sin Cara)
The Ascension & Lucha Dragons will start the match, apparently Torito is going to hang out on top of Los Matadores’ pod for the match. Konnor & Viktor bludgeon the Dragons, send them into the ropes and the Luchas with springboard crossbody’s. Good double team work, Sin Cara helping Kalisto into a dropkick to Viktor. Konnor sends them outside and catches multiple enzuigiris, Kalisto with a springboard crossbody and Sin Cara follows with a springboard somersault senton. The Ascension takes over in the corners, pummeling the Dragons.

They whip Sin Cara into the turnbuckle, then try to send Kalisto in who gets propped up on top of New Day’s pod. Sin Cara goes comes off the 2nd rope and gets caught in a slam as New Day grabs Kalisto’s legs and holds him there. Ascension goes after him, getting kicked off and allowing Sin Cara to climb on top of Kidd & Cesaro’s pod, coming off onto Viktor with a somersult senton. Kalisto gets to his feet and goes to jump off, but New Day grabs his leg again and stops it as the clock hits zero. Kidd & Cesaro enter the equation with double team moves to Sin Cara and The Ascension. Cesaro & Kidd with uppercuts and dropkicks, getting a count of 2 on Viktor.

Kidd climbs up after Kalisto, attempting to suplex him off the pod and getting knocked to the floor. Cesaro leaps to the top rope and hits Kalisto with an uppercut, then grabs superplexes him off the pod, Kidd following with a springboard elbow drop. He covers and Sin Cara makes the save, then gets tossed out to the steel floor, Cesaro miltary press slamming Kalisto to join his parner. Viktor pairs off with Kidd in the ring, clubbing away and hitting a slam for 2, Cesaro intervening. Kidd gets him in the Sharpshooter, Konnor in to break it up. The Dragons are back up, Sin Cara launching Kalisto into a hurricanrana to Cesaro on the floor, Cesaro catches him and gets taken out anyway by Sin Cara. Kalisto climbs the pod as Sin Cara hits Kidd with a one arm powerbomb as time expires.

Los Matadores are next, Torito jumping off the top of the pod for a hurricanrana to Cesaro. Kalisto is at the very top of the pod now, dropping down onto everyone with a crossbody. Los Matadores try to pick up the scraps, Diego with a slingshot somersault senton to Sin Cara on the steel floor. Torito now climbs the top of the cage and drops onto Ascension, getting caught and tossed into Fernando. They drill Diego in the ring with The Fall Of Man and pickup the 3 count. Los Matadores has been eliminated. The Dragons take out The Ascension with dropkicks and then climb up top. Ascension catches them on the way up, slamming them both down and then hitting Kalisto with The Fall Of Man for the 1-2-3. The Lucha Dragons have been eliminated.

Viktor plants Kidd with a Michinoku Driver for a near fall, Konnor & Cesaro battling back into the ring. Cesaro goes outside to help out Kidd as the next team enters the match. Primetime Players are next, running into The Ascension who was waiting for them to come out. Viktor works over Titus on the outside, then gets rammed numerous times into the cage. Darren hits him with the Gut Check and he grabs the pinfall. The Ascension has been eliminated. Titus suplexes Darren into a splash on Kidd and then Cesaro, Darren attempts the Gut Check again, Tyson slips out and connects with the spinning fisherman’s neckbreaker.

Titus takes him down with a big boot, then Cesaro interjects with a huge uppercut to Titus. Darren heads to the 2nd rope and Cesaro nails him with a dropkick, then follows him up for a gutwrench suplex. Titus grabs Cesaro and turns it into a tower powerbomb/top rope gutwrench for a near fall. Tyson with a kick to a ducking Titus, into the ropes and he runs into a spinebuster. Darren covers and Cesaro breaks it up, all 4 men laying on the canvas as the clock ticks to zero. The New Day enter last and go right to work on all 4 challengers, pummeling them in the corners. They go for a double suplex to Cesaro, but Tyson & PTPs join up to suplex all 3 members of New Day. Cesaro grabs Woods and they toss him into a pod and close the door. Kidd slingshots Kofi into a spinebuster by Cesaro, he grabs the legs for the Cesaro Swing and Kidd with a dropkick.

Tyson makes the cover, but Darren grabs Cesaro with a roll-up from behind and gets a count of 3. Tyson Kidd & Cesaro have been eliminated. Big E gets Woods out of the pod and now they have the numbers advantage, beating down the PTPs. Xavier drills Darren with the Honor Roll, then they drive Titus into the double knees of Kingston. They stuff Titus’ head through the chains, Woods & Kofi head up top and Big E puts Darren on his shoulder. Darren slips out, knocking Kofi & Woods off the top and avoiding a charging Big E, who runs himself right into the pod. Titus gets back to his feet and floors Kofi on the steel with a big boot and rams Big E back first into the chain. Kingston with a couple kicks, attempts Trouble In Paradise and Titus catches him, sending him into the chain.

Back in the ring he flattens Big E with a clothesline, Darren catches Kofi coming off the top on his shoulders, right into the Gut Check for a near fall. Big E catches Titus with an elbow, then Darren clotheslines him over the top. Big E comes back, hitting Darren with an overhead belly to belly out on the steel. He comes back in the ring and gets caught in a powerslam by Titus, picking up another 2 count. Woods goes for a crossbody, gets caught, but Big E chops Titus down at the knee. Kingston follows with Trouble In Paradise, The New Day piles on top and gets 3 to retain the titles.
Winners and STILL WWE Tag Team Champions: The New Day

  • EA’s TakeGreat opening contest with lots of high risk and high spots as I had anticipated. Each team got to show a little something, but The Lucha Dragons really shined with their aerial assault. I also like how it looks as if they’ve transitioned the Primetime Players to be the next challengers for the titles, which only makes sense. It’ll be interesting to see where this leads for Kidd & Cesaro if this is in fact (no pun intended) the case.

Backstage: Dolph Ziggler is prepping for the Elimination Chamber later, Lana walks up to wish him luck and saying the IC Title will look good around his waist. Dolph wishes Rusev was in the match, but Lana says tonight’s not about him. It’s about Ziggler.

Match #2 for the WWE Divas Championship: WWE Divas Champion Nikki Bella vs. Naomi vs. Paige
Nikki catches Naomi’s foot, whips it into Paige who catches it and Nikki blasts Naomi out of the ring. She squares off with Paige, Naomi drags Nikki outside and tosses her into the announce table. She delivers a kick to Paige from the apron, heads up top and misses a crossbody, Paige following with short arm clotheslines and a running dropkick. Superkick to Naomi, Paige gives one to Nikki on the apron, then catches Naomi’s crossbody into a fallaway slam for 2. Nikki gets back in with a shot to the midsection of Paige, then drives her face into the knee and covers for a 2 count.

She sends Paige into the same corner as Naomi, then squashes them with a clothesline. The champion plants Paige with an Alabama Slam, Naomi grabs her in a roll-up for a 2 count. Naomi fires away at Paige, then catches an elbow from Nikki in the corner. Nikki to the 2nd rope goes for an enzuigiri and misses both challengers, then gets tossed into the ring post, spilling outside. Naomi takes control, suplexing Paige and landing a leg drop, then propping her on the top turnbuckle. Naomi follows, but Nikki’s back in the ring. She grabs Naomi into a powerbomb as Naomi has Paige in a german suplex off the top, Nikki covering and getting a near fall. Nikki picks up Paige for the Rack Attack, but here’s Naomi with the Rear View, covers and Paige breaks it up.

She tosses Naomi outside, then goes for the PTO on the champion, Naomi quick to come back in and break it up. Paige sends Naomi into the corner, Naomi to the 2nd rope and Paige gets her on her shoulders. Naomi counters into a reverse hurricanrana for a near fall. Paige rolls outside, Nikki gets to her feet and ducks an enzuigiri from Naomi, then connects with the Rack Attack to retain her championship.
Winner and STILL WWE Divas Champion: Nikki Bella (Rack Attack)

  • EA’s TakeI’m pretty surprised to see Nikki get the duke here, as I thought the time was ripe for Naomi and a change would have been good. Hopefully WWE has something else in mind for the Divas division. Eventhough this match was an improvement over what’s been going on since WrestleMania, the NXT Women’s division still puts the Divas to shame in terms of stories, in-ring ability and just about everything else. That’s likely to continue until WWE makes a real effort with the Divas to change it.

Video: Each week, John Cena gives an opportunity to anybody who wants a shot at his US Title. NXT Champion Kevin Owens came out on Raw a couple weeks ago, but didn’t accept the challenge and instead cheap shotted Cena, planting him with his Pop-Up Powerbomb and stomping on the US Title. Cena says that Owens proved he can start a fight, but he’s ready to find out if the NXT Champion can finish one.

Match #3: NXT Champion Kevin Owens vs. WWE United States Champion John Cena
The bell rings and here we go, collar and elbow tie-up, Owens with a side headlock, into the ropes and Cena with a big shoulder knockdown. Owens regroups and here’s the dueling Cena chants. Owens strikes first, going to the midsection and clubbing away at Cena in the corner, driving his knee into the face. He whips Cena across, reversed and Cena with a running facebuster. He ducks down for a back body drop and takes a kick, rolls to the apron and Owens with rights, raking at the face. Owens with a hard irish whip into the corner, then backing Cena in and grinding his forearm into the face.

Owens trash talks as he delivers a right hand and gets a 2 count, then goes into a rear chinlock to wear Cena out. Cena to his feet, but he fades back down to the canvas, then fights back to a vertical base and powers out of the hold. He gets Owens on his shoulders for the AA, but Owens slips out and spikes Cena with a DDT for a count of 2. Owens calls for Cena to get up, then drives a big boot into his face and plays to the crowd, continuing to trash talk Cena and pummel him back down. Owens poses for the crowd again, Cena with a quick roll-up for 2 and gets floored with a clothesline, then eats a flurry of rights. Cena struggling to his feet, using Owens to get back up and they slug it out. Cena ducks a shot, hits the ropes for a shoulder tackle, goes in for another and gets caught, Owens turning it into a crucifix slam for a near fall.

Cena’s seated in the corner, Owens charges and connects with the Cannonball for another 2 count. KO tells Cena it’s time to give up, which prompts him to strike back. Owens with a shot to the gut, sends Cena in for the Pop-Up Powerbomb and Cena avoids it, dropping Owens with shoulder tackles and a slam followed by the 5 Knuckle Shuffle. Cena attempts the AA, Owens sliding out and planting Cena with the Pop-Up Powerbomb, Cena kicking out at 2. Owens heads up top, but he took too much time, Cena hitting the ropes and crotching Owens on the turnbuckle. Cena climbs up, but Owens drops him down with headbutts and goes for a springboard moonsault. Cena rolls out of the way and drives Owens into the mat with the Attitude Adjustment, but only gets a count of 2.

Cena pulling Owens up and they duke it out again, Owens ducking a right and then nailing Cena with a superkick. Owens goes to pick Cena up, stops and then attempts a 5 Knuckle Shuffle, Cena catching him and locking in the STF. Owens dragging towards the bottom rope, Cena tries to bring him back to the middle and Owens kicks him off. Cena charges and Owens now catches him with an AA, getting only 2. Cena crawls to the corner, getting to his feet and hitting a charging Owens with a boot, followed by a jumping tornado DDT for a near fall. Cena climbs upstairs, hits the leg drop and still can’t get a 3 count. John wants the AA again, Owens blocks and turns it into a package powerbomb, but still no 3 count. Owens shows frustration now, dragging Cena to his feet and berating him, yelling to stay down.

Cena jumps back up and they trade right hands, Owens sends Cena into the ropes, Cena ducking a clothesline and then connecting with the springboard stunner for another near fall. Owens gets propped up on the top turnbuckle, Cena climbing up for a superplex, Owens counters into a 2nd rope fisherman’s buster, gaining yet another 2 count. He heads upstairs and connects with a somersault senton, but Cena kicks at 2 again. Cena gets to his feet and turns Owens inside out with a clotheline, buying himself a little time, then taking Owens’ head off with another. Cena attempts a 3rd, Owens ducks it and hits the Pop-Up Powerbomb, finally getting a 3 count.
Winner: Kevin Owens (Pop-Up Powerbomb)

  • After The Bell: Owens gets on the mic, saying now everyone knows who he is. He says he’s the man who started a fight with John Cena, now he’s the man who finished that fight. He tells Cena that since he beat him, he has some veteran advice. “Your time is way up, my time is now because the champ…is…here!”
  • EA’s TakeWow, amazing back and forth matchup and Owens couldn’t have gotten a bigger rub on his way into the main roster than this. Others will probably disagree with me, but Owens getting the victory is not a surprise. News broke recently that Owens will be transitioning fully to the main roster, so you can’t introduce him with a loss against anybody, even Cena. I’m glad WWE did the logical thing here and really look forward to Owens’ future.

In The Arena: Our Kickoff Panel speaks about Kevin Owens’ huge victory. They talk about what they’re looking forward to the rest of the night, debating whether or not Rollins or Ambrose will go home with the gold tonight.

Match #4: Bo Dallas vs. Neville
Bo has a mic and talks about how he tried to be nice and help Neville. He says Neville denied him and now it’s too late. He will force Neville to Bo-lieve. The match starts, Dallas going for the banged up leg and Neville able to keep it away. Bo grabs a side headlock, then goes for the leg again and Neville kicks him off. They lock-up, Bo grabs the hair and backs Neville in the corner. Neville turns the tide, going to the leg, then hopping over a charging Dallas, flipping to the other corner and getting his boot up. He heads upstairs, Dallas rolls outside and Neville jumps off with a moonsault before tossing Bo back in. Neville grabs a rear chinlock, Bo gets into the ropes, then pleads with Neville that he’s just trying to make him better.

Neville’s not hearing it, delivering kicks to Bo, then getting caught and dumped outside. Dallas goes after him, tying Neville up in the apron and delivering clubbing blows. Back in the ring, Bo with a running back elbow and covering for 2, then grounding the high flyer with a rear chinlock. Neville gets to his feet, but gets slammed back down by his hair, Dallas with multiple knee drops for another count of 2 and then back into the rear chinlock. Dallas can’t seem to put Neville away and is getting frustrated, he goes for the Running Bo-Dog, Neville pushes out of it and hits Dallas with a big kick. He heads to the top and connects with the Red Arrow for the 1-2-3.
Winner: Neville (Red Arrow)

  • EA’s TakeBo needed the win a lot more than Neville did, so apparently WWE is not going to start taking Bo seriously. This was more of an extended Raw match than a PPV bout.

Backstage: Roman Reigns & Dean Ambrose are conversing when Triple H approaches them. Hunter tells Roman that heard him say he would be in Ambrose’s corner tonight, but unfortunately he won’t be able to allow that to happen. He tells them if Roman gets involved, Dean will get disqualified.

Match #5 Elimination Chamber for the Vacant WWE Intercontinental Championship: ‘The World’s Strongest Man’ Mark Henry vs. Sheamus vs. R-Truth vs. Ryback vs. King Barrett vs. Dolph Ziggler
Daniel Bryan is at ringside to hand off the title to the new champion. Dolph & The King start the action, Ziggler going for the leg and a couple quick covers for 2 counts. Dolph goes to the arm, then grabs another roll-up for 2 before getting caught with a punch to the gut. Barrett drives Dolph into the turnbuckle, then hits a snap suplex for 2. He punishes Ziggler in the corner, planking him across the top with clubbing blows and delivering a running knee for another count of 2. He grabs a rear chinlock to wear out The Show Off, Ziggler to his feet breaking the hold with a jawbreaker and hitting a beautiful dropkick.

He splashes The King in the corner, drops him with a neckbreaker and hits a jumping elbow for a near fall. Barrett reverses an irish whip into the corner, Dolph tries to hop over and is caught with a kick, then clotheslined out to the steel. He drives Ziggler into The Big Guy’s pod, then lets Dolph eat some chain as the clocks ticks to zero. R-Truth’s pod opens and The King ambushes him, pummeling Truth in the pod and driving him back first into the plexi. He drags Truth out and sends him into the chain numerous times, goes to Ziggler and Dolph hangs Barrett across the top. The advantage is momentary as The King hits a big boot, then whips Dolph into the ring post. Back inside, Truth ducks Barrett’s clothesline and he lands a couple of his own.

Barrett runs into a boot in the corner, Truth with a dropkick from the 2nd rope for a count of 2, then following with a sit-out front suplex and the scissors kick. The King rolls to the corner, Truth with a splash, then hits the ropes and runs into Winds Of Change for 2. Dolph with a roll-up to Barrett from behind for 2, The King connecting with multiple kicks to Ziggler, but still can’t pickup the 3. Barrett tosses Dolph outside, driving him back-first into Mark Henry’s pod and busting through the plexi. Mark Henry enters the match as it’s no disqualification, he slams Barrett and splashes him as the clock runs down.

Ryback is next, going for the World’s Strongest Man and driving his shoulder into him in the corner. He charges into Henry’s boot, ducks a clothesline and flattens Mark Henry, getting a count of 2. The Big Guy backing The King in the corner, squashes him with a clothesline for another 2 count. Barrett’s against the ropes, back body drops Ryback to the steel, then catches a leaping Dolph and throwing him off. Ziggler runs in with a crucifix for a 2 count, then Dolph gets caught with Wasteland. Barrett covers and Mark Henry breaks it up, beating down The King in the corner. Barrett turns the tide, setting up for the Bullhammer on Dolph. Ziggler ducks and hits a superkick, Ryback with snake eyes and then Truth hits The King with Lil’ Jimmy to get the pinfall. King Barrett has been eliminated.

All 4 men have a standoff, then pair off with Ryback/Ziggler and Truth/Henry in opposite corners. Ryback turns his attention to Henry and squashes him as the clock hits zero. Sheamus is the last man to enter, but the door to his pod is stuck. Truth, Ryback & Dolph all hit each other with roll-ups, gaining 2 counts, then they turn their attention to Mark Henry. Ryback squashes him with a splash, Truth following with the Lie Detector and Dolph with another superkick. Ryback hits Henry with a spinebuster, then floors Ziggler and hits Truth with Shell Shocked for the 1-2-3. R-Truth has been eliminated. The Big Guy goes for Dolph, hitting him with a delayed vertical suplex and putting Ziggler in the crosshairs for the Meat Hook.

Ryback charges right into a superkick and now everyone’s down as Sheamus is still stuck in his pod. He laughs and then pulls out his celtic cross, which had the door pinned shut, now entering the match. Sheamus tosses Dolph through some more plexi, then clotheslines Ryback out onto the steel and turns his attention to The World’s Strongest Man. Sheamus belittles him and gets caught in a World’s Strongest Slam, Sheamus avoids it and gets decapitated by a clothesline. Henry attempts the slam again, Sheamus slips out and lays him out with a Brogue Kick for the elimination. Mark Henry has been eliminated. Sheamus goes out for Ryback and drives him into the chain, then gets his hands on Dolph and hurls him into the ring to deliver more punishment.

Sheamus toying with The Show Off, Dolph fires up and strikes back, but Sheamus drops him with a double axe and then a release vertical suplex for 2. The Celtic Warrior attempts another, Ziggler counters into a roll-up for a near fall, grabs another then tries the jumping DDT. Sheamus tosses him off, then gets spiked with it anyways for a near fall. Ryback re-enters the ruckus, going after Ziggler and eating a superkick, then the Fameasser. Sheamus capitalizes with a Brogue Kick, pinning The Show Off. Dolph Ziggler has been eliminated. The Celtic Warrior grabs Ryback and plants him with a powerslam, covers and The Big Guy kicks at 2. Sheamus points to the title, as if to say it’s his, but gets caught with heavy offense from Ryback including a powerslam. Ryback clubs away at Sheamus in the corner, irish whip he runs into a boot, but drives Sheamus to the canvas with a powerslam.

The Big Guy looks for the Meat Hook, but Sheamus ducks outside and goes for his cross in the pod. He can’t get it and Ryback grabs him for Shell Shocked on the steel, Sheamus slips out and plants Ryback with White Noise outside. He rolls The Big Guy in the ring and covers, but still can’t get 3. Ryback rolls out, Sheamus tying him up in the ropes for 10 Beats Of The Bodhren, Ryback grabbing the arm and flipping Sheamus to the steel. The momentum doesn’t last, as The Celtic Warrior sends Ryback into the plexi, then hits a rolling fireman’s carry on the steel. Sheamus sets for the Brogue, Ryback catches him in a powerbomb position, drives him into the chain and then plants him in the ring. The Big Guy follows up with Shell Shocked in the ring and we have a new champion.
Winner and NEW WWE Intercontinental Champion: Ryback

  • After The Bell: Bryan hops in the ring and says that Ryback deserves the title, then hands it off to him. Ryback tells Daniel he’s an inspiration and thanks him.
  • EA’s TakeThis was not as clean as the first Chamber match, but the surprise here is Ryback winning as most reports had Sheamus pegged to be the victor. Henry’s pod was definitely not supposed to bust open when it did, so they had to call an audible during the match. Dolph was very audibly heard telling Henry to “stay there” at one point and when Dolph/Ryback/Truth/Henry has their standoff, Ziggler was clearly seen directing traffic. This probably should have opened the show because it was going to be hard to have a better Chamber match after the performance in the Tag Title match earlier.

Video: The history and rivalry between Seth Rollins & Dean Ambrose has been well documented, from their days in The Shield, to Seth breaking it apart. Dean was able to thwart The Authority’s plan on Monday to keep him out of the title match tonight and now he’s ready to seek revenge…and the gold.

Match #6 for the WWE World Heavyweight Championship: WWE World Heavyweight Champion Seth Rollins w/J&J Security & Kane vs. Dean Ambrose
They tie-up, Rollins goes to the arm, Dean switches out and gets Seth in a hammerlock. Rollins breaks with an elbow, then grabs a side headlock into a takeover. Ambrose to his feet, shoots Seth off who gets a shoulder knockdown, but Ambrose with armdrags and an armbar. He rips at Seth’s fingers and the champion rolls outside for a breather. Rollins heads back in, they go into a test of strength, Seth getting the upperhand with a right and then stomping away in the corner. He shoots Dean in, Ambrose ducks a clothesline and takes Rollins down for a flurry of rights. Whip into the corner, Seth is turned upside down and Ambrose with a chop, then tying Rollins in the ropes and hitting a running dropkick.

The Lunatic Fringe from the 2nd rope, lands a leg drop and gets a count of 2. He props the champion up top, climbing up for a super back suplex, Seth ducks out and Ambrose kicks him away. Mercury gets to the apron for the distraction, Seth locks Dean’s leg in the turnbuckle and he’s stuck. Noble gets to the apron now and Seth heads up top, coming down and driving in the knee for a count of 2. The champion goes outside, dragging Ambrose to the apron and clubbing away. Back in the ring, Rollins with a kick to the spine for 2, then grabs a rear chinlock to try and grind down The Lunatic Fringe. Ambrose to a vertical base with shots to the gut, he rushes at Seth in the corner and the champion with a reverse STO, driving Dean’s head into the turnbuckle. Rollins gets arrogant, firing right hands and egging Ambrose on.

Dean obliges, striking away and sending the champion into the ropes, but getting caught with a spinning clothesline for a near fall. Seth with a short arm clothesline and the champion is in total control. He hits another, takes his time delivering a 3rd and Dean ducks it, both men into the ropes and they collide going for crossbody’s. Back to their feet, Dean with the punch/chop and he builds momentum, hitting a sunset flip and they go back and forth with roll-ups and near falls. Dean ducks a kick and plants the champion with a sit-out slam for a count of 2. Dean goes to charge Rollins in the corner, J&J drag the champ out of the ring and Ambrose lands a suicide dive to the floor, sending Seth over the announce table. Back inside, Rollins grabs a backslide, putting his feet on the top rope for leverage and the ref sees it. Ambrose turns it around into a near fall after pushing Rollins into Mercury on the apron.

Seth drops Dean to his knees, then hits a kick to the chin that only gets 2. The champion climbs up top, but Ambrose crotches him, meeting Rollins for a superplex attempt. Seth fights out and flips over for the Turnbuckle Powerbomb, Ambrose with right hands to get out of it, then clotheslines Rollins and they both fall out to the floor. Seth gets to his feet, tosses Dean in and ducks a clothesline, catching Ambrose and hitting a Turnbuckle Powerbomb, but into the barricade outside. He rolls Ambrose inside, covers for 2, then goes up top for the diving knee for another near fall. Seth drives Ambrose into the canvas with a lifting reverse DDT, but The Lunatic Fringe continues to kick out. The champion belittles Ambrose in the corner, charges and hits a running forearm.

He berates Dean some more and connects with a 2nd, tries another, but Dean follows him in with a forearm of his own. Ambrose following up with a tornado DDT, almost getting a 3 count. Dean ties Seth up in the ropes for another running dropkick, goes to the well for the leg drop again and misses. Seth with a springboard knee that misses, but he hits Ambrose who springs off the ropes with the Pendulum Clothesline for a near fall. The Lunatic Fringe to the outside and upstairs, jumping off with the diving elbow drop and he still can’t get 3. Dean wants to finish with Dirty Deeds, J&J with a distraction and Rollins with a running dropkick. Ambrose tries to bounce off the ropes with a Pendulum Clothesline and gets dumped outside.

Rollins with a suicide dive, sends Ambrose is for the Turnbuckle Powerbomb, but he springs out of the corner with a clothesline. J&J and Kane get drilled to the floor, Ambrose up top and he dives onto everyone outside. Seth comes outside and eats another clothesline, Dean tosses him in the ring and heads upstairs once more. The Lunatic Fringe with another diving elbow drop and the champion pulls the ref in the way and he gets knocked down. Rollins attempts the Pedigree, Ambrose gets out and spikes him with Dirty Deeds. Here comes another referee as Ambrose covers and he makes the 3 count.
Winner and NEW WWE World Heavyweight Champion: Dean Ambrose (Dirty Deeds)

  • After The Bell: The other referee gets in the ring and explains that Rollins pulled him in Ambrose’s way. The decision gets reversed and Rollins is disqualified, hanging onto his title.

Winner: Dean Ambrose (Disqualification)

  • The Authority hops in the ring as Dean argues with the officials, beating down The Lunatic Fringe. Roman Reigns is out, Rollins sending J&J and Kane to meet Roman in the crowd. Reigns comes from the entranceway, hitting Rollins with a Superman Punch. Reigns and Ambrose take out Kane, Noble & Mercury in the ring. Dean grabs a mic and states that he won this match, so he’s taking the title. He tells Reigns that the champ is going to buy the beers and they exit through the crowd with the title.
  • EA’s TakeThis match was a slow build, leading up to the high pace near the end which was excellent. It was a nice treat to see Ambrose get the “title win”, eventhough it wasn’t actually a title win. They will need to end this feud soon though, with Brock Lesnar’s return right around the corner.

EA’s FinisherI honestly felt as though this was a pretty good PPV, with the most entertaining match of the night being Owens/Cena. The screw-up in the IC Title Chamber match really messed with the flow when they were forced to call an audible and Dallas/Neville was about as predictable a contest as it could get. The Kickoff Show match was weak and just thrown together at the last second, but on the plus side there were nice surprises like Ryback winning the IC Title, Ambrose’s “Title Victory”, the Tag Title Chamber and the Divas with a strong outing. For a show that was supposed to be “all hands on deck”, we still could have had a little bit more. Money In The Bank is sure to be much better, as it’s the most anticipated non-Big 4 PPV.

Top Three To Watch
1 – John Cena vs. Kevin Owens
2 – WWE Tag Title Elimination Chamber
3 – Seth Rollins vs. Dean Ambrose

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