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Chairshot Classics: WWE SummerSlam 2009



We see a commercial next for the amazing documentary “The Rise and Fall of WCW”. If you haven’t seen this yet I suggest you do. It has tons of behind-the-scenes stuff and interviews with all the players throughout the life of WCW. Again, check this out.

When we are back into the arena it isn’t long before The ECW Champion, Christian enter. We are joined by the ECW announce team of Matt Stryker and Todd Grisham for this Title bout. The challenger, William Regal is out next and he is joined by his lackeys. They are Ezekiel Jackson and Vladimir Kozlov. I must say this version of the ECW Strap is pretty cool looking even if it was terribly booked. As soon as the bell sounds and before Regal can remove his robe, Christian hits the Kill Switch. He hooks the leg and the ref counts the three. And for the second SummerSlam in a row the ECW Championship match is less than a minute long. The Lackeys enter the ring and attack Christian. If you are going to use a Title so poorly why not just drop it. Next. Match Time-:08

We are rejoined by Jerry Lawler and Michael Cole as John Cena enters to challenge for the WWE Championship. The crowd have a positive reaction for him as he makes his way to the ring.  The crowd are just as loud when we hear the voices and The Champion Randy Orton slow walks into the arena. Orton hits the corner and raises the Strap high above his head. This makes for a really cool shot. Lillian Garcia reintroduces the two men before the fight and when Orton’s name is called the crowd really turns up the heat. Cena throws his shirt into the crowd as the bell is wrung and the WWE Championship match is about to begin. Lets hope it is better than the previous one.

The collar and elbow kicks us off and Cena is quick to take Orton to the canvas with a waistlock. He then transitions this into a front facelock and is off to an early advantage. Orton escapes this and Cena is put into a hammerlock before they return to their feet to start anew. Orton lands a few jabs and these knock Cena into the corner. Orton then stomps Cena into the mat before the ref forces space. Orton gets a few more cheap kicks in before Cena tackles him to the ground and unloads on him with a flurry of punches. Cena then whips Orton to the corner and when Orton bounces out of it, Cena pounces with a bulldog. And the crowd is on their toes early. Cena hooks the leg and the crowd boos when Orton kicks out. The Irish whip is reversed by Orton next and he smokes Cena with a back elbow. Orton maintains the advantage by taking Cena into the corners and working him with punches and kicks. A vicious bump to the turnbuckle follows this and when Cena collides with the corner, he falls to the mat. Orton then slowly picks Cena up and whips him into the opposite corner, repeating the same process. Instead of picking Cena up this time, Orton slowly walks around him and stops to stomp on various joints. The way that Orton just slowly picks his opponents apart is great. It may slow the action down but it helps to tell a better in-ring story.

When The Viper is done stomping he takes a moment to catch his breath before hitting Cena with his trademark leaping knee drop. The crowd boos as Randy Orton hooks the leg, but Cena is able to make the quick kick-out. Cena tries to rally behind a midsection elbow, but Orton is quick to counter the Irish whip and hit Cena with a brutal backbreaker. Orton applies a side headlock as the crowd are at war with “Let’s Go Cena” and “Lets Go Orton” chants. He transitions into the rear naked choke and this is when Cena is able to stand, with Orton on his back. He then runs into the corner backwards, driving Orton into the turnbuckle. This is a stop they did the exact same way at the previous year’s SummerSlam. (More on that here.) Cena ducks a clothesline and takes Orton off his feet with a pair of shoulder blocks. He hits his signature slam next and eyes the crowd. We see the “You Cant See Me” hand motion next and the crowd is popping when he brushes the shoulders off and hits the Five Knuckle Shuffle. Cena tries for the Attitude Adjustment but Orton escapes with a backslide and shoves Cena into the ropes. When Cena returns off the ropes Orton catches him with a scoopslam. Orton hooks the leg but Cena is able to kick-out.

The Viper once more circles Cena, stomping on his extremities. He tries for the jumping knee, but this time Cena is able to avoid it. Cena rallies behind some punches but when he tries for the leaping shoulder block Orton hits the canvas to avoid it. This sends Cena rolling out of the ring. Cena returns to the apron, and after utilizing the refs full five-count, Orton hits Cena with the rope hung DDT. Orton hooks the leg and when Cena kicks out, Orton preys on him with his demonic eyes. The Viper strikes the mat and coils up to pounce on the staggering Cena. Orton tries for the punt kick but Cena hops to his feet and hits Orton with the flipping blockbuster. Cena takes to the rope and catches Orton with the Fame-asser. The crowd pops and Cena hooks the leg. Orton kicks out and the frustrated Cena stomps the mat as he waits for Orton to rise. He lifts Orton for the AA but Orton manages to grab the tope rope and stop the attack. They both hit the ropes and collide for a double clothesline that leaves them both on the mat. The ref makes it to a seven count before they both make it to their feet and begin to trade punches. Cena whips Orton into the ropes and sends him sky-high for a back body drop. When Orton lands and comes back to his feet he shoves the ref and leaves the ring. We hear the bell ring as Orton grabs his Title and Lillian Garcia announces Cena as the winner by DQ. As Orton is leaving the arena, Lillian Garcia get back on the mic to inform us that per Mr. McMahon that match will restart and if Orton is DQed again he will lose the Title.

Orton is confused as the ref takes the Title back from him and the match restarts. Orton lands the first few punches but Cena whips him into the ropes and delivers the sidewalk slam. Cena then violently whips Orton to the corner and when he hits the mat, Orton rolls from the ring. Cena is quick to join him on the outside. Cena bounces Orton’s head of the security wall but Orton absorbs it. He then whips Cena into the ring stairs. So much for DQ’s, huh? Orton returns Cena to the ring and hooks the leg. When Cena kicks out, Orton again hooks the leg and this time Cena kicks out quicker. Orton leaves the ring again and grabs the Title. The ref starts to count him out but Orton doesn’t seem to care. The ref makes the count out and Lillian Garcia informs us that the match will restart once again and this time if Orton is counted out he will lose the Title. Orton runs back into the ring only to receive a drop toe hold. Cena tries for the STF but Orton is able to kick him away. It is his turn to go for a finish, but Cena shoves the RKO away. Orton then hits the ropes but is lifted for an AA by Cena. Orton is able to escape with a backslide and hook the jean shorts of Cena for a pin. Orton uses the top ropes for leverage and gets the three count. This is when we see a second official enter the ring and explain what Orton did to him. And once again we restart the match. Cena strikes first and locks Orton into the STF. Just when Orton is about to grab the ropes, Cena pulls him back to the center and reapplies the hold. This is when what looks to be a fan enters the ring and attacks the official. A large security guard enters and restrains the man. Cena releases the hold amongst the confusion and Orton rolls from the ring. Cena reaches through the ropes to lift Orton back into the ring but Orton strikes with a RKO. He then slides into the ring to hit and catches Cena with a second RKO. He hooks Cena’s leg and the ref counts the three. The crowd is in shock as Randy Orton forces the ref to raise his hand. After some digging I’ve came to the conclusion that the run-in spot was panned. has said that it was Brett DiBiase, another son of The Million Dollar Man who was in the WWE developmental brand, Florida Championship Wresting. Even with all the wacky false finishes this is still a great match and worth checking out. Match Time-20:44

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