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Chairshot Classics: WWE SummerSlam 2009



We get a promo of the eighth TLC Match in WWE History next. The package begins with Jeff Hardy beating CM Punk at Night of Champions for the World Heavyweight Title. It does a good job to paint a picture of their opposing views, Jeff the rebellious wildcard with a few demons in his closet and CM Punk, also rebellious, but with his StraightXEdge, I’m better than you attitude. CM Punk enters first for what is his first TLC match. The crowd explodes when the painted face enigma that is Jeff Hardy enters. the Champion climbs the ladder and eyes The Second City Saint in the ring. This maybe Punk’s first TLC but it is Hardy’s fifth, be it most of them were tag team affairs. When the ring announcer says their names again, CM Punk gets some serious heat and Hardy just the opposite. After they both eye the Strap that is suspended high above the center of the ring, they enter the collar and elbow. After pushing each other off the ropes, Punk comes out ahead by putting Jeff into the corner. Punk brings Hardy to the mat with fists and knees, then stomps him once he has him there. He tosses Hardy from the ring and joins him. Punk grabs a chair and waits for Hardy to rise. The chair is rammed into the midsection of Hardy before Punk gives him a chairshot to the back. Punk is quick to enter the ring, ladder in tow, and begins to ascend it. Punk gets pretty close to the Title before Jeff re-enters and shoves the ladder over. Hardy tries for the Twist of Fate, but Punk is able to push him into the ropes. Hardy returns fast and takes Punk out with a forearm. Hardy then pounds Punk into the corner and stomps a mudhole. Jeff then slingshots off the ropes for momentum and dropkicks the still seated Punk. After Hardy tosses Punk from the ring, it is his turn to try and climb the ladder. He also gets pretty close to the Strap before Punk comes sliding into the ring. Punk kicks the ladder out and when Hardy hits the canvas, he is stomped. The Go To Sleep is attempted by Punk but Hardy is able to escape with a backslide and shove Punk face first into the ladder.

Both men lay on the mat for a moment, and Jeff is first to his feet. The crowd starts with the “Get The Tables” chants as Hardy sets up a chair in front of Punk, who is seated in the corner. Hardy tries for the senton splash off the chair but Punk is able to catch him and drop him onto the chair. Brutal looking spot for the lower back of the Prismatic Enigma. Punk sets the chair up horizontally across the corner and turns his attention to the ladder. He tosses the ladder on top off Hardy and proceeds to slam it into Hardy’s back four more times. Punk tries to whip Hardy into the chair, but Hardy is able to put on the breaks. When he turns around, Punk is there to meet him with a back heel kick. Punk throws Hardy from the ring once again and instead of setting the ladder up, he leaps through the ropes for a suicide dive. A table now enters the picture and Punk sets it up outside the ring. He then tries to pinch Hardy’s head in a chair, but he manages to wiggle free. Punk tries for a chairshot to the face instead, but Hardy is able to avoid it. The chair then collides with the ring post and Jeff goes on the offensive with some quick strikes. Hardy whips Punk into the ring stairs, but Punk is able to jump onto them instead. He leaps at Hardy but Jeff has the chair and delivers a shot to the forearms with it. After he bounces Punk’s head off the security wall, he sets the chair up and tries for another seated senton. This time it connects perfectly and they both crash into the security wall. Hardy now slides another table into the picture and throws the chair that is on top of it into the back of Punk. Hardy then places Punk on the table and takes to the tope rope and tries for what looks like a diving headbutt. Punk rolls from harms way and Hardy’s chest crashes through the table. This is a vicious landing. Nobody is better than Jeff Hardy in a TLC match.

Both men are dazed, but Punk is up first and enters the ring with a second ladder. He staggers but manages to set the taller ladder up and begins to climb. Hardy re-enters, and after some punches, climbs right over Punk and up the ladder. This leads to what looks like an electric chair drop from Punk, but Hardy escapes with a backslide and follows with a sunset flip off the ladder. The crowd is going nuts at this point and haven’t used their seats since the match began. Both men are once again prone on the mat and Hardy is first to his feet. He repositions the ladder and begins to climb it again. Hardy has the belt in his fingertips when Punk shoves it over. The landing isn’t clean, though, and Hardy lands awkwardly with one leg straddling the top turnbuckle. Punk then places Hardy onto the top rope and gives him a superplex onto a ladder. Both men collide hard with it but it appears to have hurt Punk more. The men writher in pain and are slow to return to their feet. Punk tries for another suplex, but Hardy is able to escape his grasp and hit a Twist of Fate. Hardy is on his second wind and the crowd is right there behind him.

Hardy now takes to the top turnbuckle and tries the Swanton Bomb. Punk gets the knees up and there is no way this bump wasn’t extremely painful. Both men are slow to rise again and Hardy uses the corner to do so. The Second City Saint charges and hits Hardy with the rising knee, or Vi-Trigger, if you will. Punk tries for the bulldog, but Hardy is able to lift him up instead. Hardy then tosses Punk out of the ring and through the table on the outside. Great spot here. Hardy takes some time, but is able to set the ladder up and begin to climb. Punk hits the apron and springboards Hardy off of it. Punk throws Hardy from the ring and quickly joins him out there. Punk then grabs a chair from ringside and successfully vices Hardy’s head in it this time. He tries to slam Hardy into the ring post but Hardy is able to reverse it and slam Punk into it instead. Hardy then unloads with about eight chairshots to Punk’s back. The ECW announce table is then dismantled, as Hardy hits Punk with every piece he tears off. Then after another chairshot Hardy places Punk onto the table. He gets Punk with another chairshot, to the head this time, before he sets an even larger ladder up on the outside. Hardy throws his shirt into the crowd and begins to climb. The building is shaking when Hardy leaps from the top and both men crash through the table from the Swanton Bomb. The officials take a moment to check the boys over and put Hardy onto a stretcher. Hardy fights his way free and is staggering to enter the ring, where Punk has started to climb the ladder. Punk has a look of disbelief as he is hopping up the ladder and Hardy is starting to climb the other side. The two trade punches on top but after a CM Punk kick, Hardy crashes to the mat. Punk unhooks the Strap and is the new World Heavyweight Champion. Punk is celebrating in the ring over the limp body of Hardy when the lights go out and we hear The Undertaker’s theme. The lights quickly come back on and it is now Taker who is under Punk. He grasps him by the throat and gives Punk a chokeslam. The crowd goes nuts for this and it was done because they didn’t want a heel victory to end the show. They thought the Taker swerve was a good way to send the fans home happy. This would be the last PPV match Jeff Hardy had with the company for seven years. It was originally supposed to be a planned break, but Hardy was arrested for trafficking a controlled substance (Vicodin) and possession of anabolic steroids. Hardy would serve ten days in jail for this and probation. He would make his surprise return to the WWE at WrestleMania 33 with his brother Matt. As for the match, I can’t say enough about it other than just watch it. Match Time-21:34

This right here was a phenomenal SummerSlam, folks. The only dulls spots are Khali/Kane and Regal/Christian. The latter is only eight seconds so it didn’t take away from the card at all. Other than that, I really enjoyed this one top-to-bottom. And it had the guy I am a huge mark for at the moment, and future NWA Champion, Cody. As always, lets see what Dave Meltzer had to say. Punk/Hardy, rightfully so, received the most stars at 4.25. Up next is Mysterio/Ziggler with 3.75 and D-X/Legacy at 3.5. Again, and Dave appears to agree here, this is an amazing show and just may crack the top ten SummerSlams of all-time list.

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