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Chairshot Classics

Chairshot Classics: WWE SummerSlam 2011

We head to the back after the match and we see Stephanie McMahon exiting John Cena’s locker room. We are joined by R-Truth and he is questioning someone about this conspiracy to hold him down. When its revealed to be Jimmy “The Mouth of the South” Hart, the crowd explodes. Hart is telling him he needs someone to watch his back like he did for Honky Tonk and Money Inc. R-Truth looses his cool asking Hart if he is little Jimmy. After Truth is done with his paranoia and leaves, we see Lakers player, and quite the brawler, Ron Artest or Meta World Peace. He is joined by his daughter who says “Dad, and you said you needed counseling?” I enjoyed the little Artest segment and if you’ve never seen it before fire up google and search “Ron Artest fight at The Palace.” The Pistons and Pacers threw some hands, and the fans even get involved. Check it out.

We are back in the arena just as Wade Barrett is entering to face a Money in the Bank briefcase holder. Daniel Bryan enters and even though the crowd is responsive its weird not hearing the “Yes” chants accompanying him. After the bell the two men circle the ring before trying for a collar and elbow. Before they can tie-up Barrett delivers a kick to the midsection and clubs Bryan in the back till he hits the canvas. Both men hit the ropes and Wade hits a shoulder block. Bryan is quick to his feet and after he hits the mat to avoid Barrett, Bryan lands a lifting knee that sends Barrett flipping to the mat. Bryan lands a pair of European uppercuts and after working Barrett’s shoulder some, is taken out with a big punch from Barrett. He tries for the first cover but Daniel Bryan is able to kick-out before the one count. Barrett applies the standing armbar, but Bryan is able to flip free and take Barrett to the match with a hammerlock. Both men return to their feet and hit the ropes. After a leapfrog from Daniel he takes Barrett out with a great looking dropkick and the crowd pops. Bryan hooks the leg and Barrett narrowly escapes the pinfall. The momentum starts to shift when Barrett is able to land a sequence of punches which pound Bryan into the corner. Barrett whips him to the corner opposite, but Bryan is able to stop short of the turnbuckle and slide under the legs of the charging Barrett. Barrett tries for a kick but Bryan catches his foot for a dragon screw takedown. Both men are quick to their feet but Barrett has a limp. The screaming Bryan charges and sends Barrett crashing into the turnbuckle with a dropkick. After Barrett falls limp to the mat Bryan hooks his leg but only gets the two count. Bryan goes for a surfboard stretch but when he is unable to get Wade over, he just stomps his knees instead. This leaves Barrett kneeling and Bryan kicks him squarely in the chest. Another cover by Bryan, but Barrett is still alive and kicking out.

The momentum appears to be back in Barrett’s favor after an Irish whip reversal allows Barrett to lift Bryan sky-high for a side slam. He tries for a pin and after the kick-out he uses all the ref’s five count to deliver close fisted punches. Barrett then uses the rope for momentum and delivers an atomic backbreaker. After Bryan kicks out another pin, Barrett goes to work with a seated chinlock. Bryan makes it to his feet and both men run the ropes. After ducking Barrett’s clothesline Bryan takes him out with a clothesline of his own. After a pair of European uppercuts that leave Barrett on the ropes, Bryan hits the ropes but is flattened by a ferocious flying forearm from Barrett. Another cover from Barrett and another kick-out for Bryan. He then puts the throat of Bryan on the ropes and uses his boot to choke him. When the ref forces the break Barrett just switches to the top rope and chokes with that. He then uses knee strikes to Bryan’s head and this leaves Bryan seated on the second rope when the ref separates them again. Barrett then lands a big boot to the face of the seated Bryan that sends him crashing to the outside. This leads Wade Barrett to raised the clenched fist high and get some serious heat from the crowd. Barrett rolls Bryan back into the ring for another pin but Bryan isn’t done yet and kicks out.

Bryan is able to stand a side headlock up and escape behind some elbows to the midsection. The two trade some kicks but the bigger Barrett comes out ahead. When Bryan ends up on the apron Barrett tries for a big boot. This is avoided and Barrett ends up on the apron as well. Punches and kicks are exchanged here until Barrett scoops Bryan up for what appears to be a Samoan drop. Bryan slides off his back into the ring and uses a dropkick to send Barrett into the security wall. Bryan then runs and leaps off the apron for a flying knee to the face of Barrett. Can we get this Daniel Bryan back, WWE? After  Bryan slides Wade back into the ring he takes to the top rope. Bryan waits for Barrett to rise, and when he does, Bryan gets some serious air for a missile dropkick. He really charges this one up and has quite the boot-to-chest collision with Barrett. Bryan hooks the leg and Barrett is barely able to kick-out. Barrett regains some steam when he reverses an Irish whip and lands a superkick to the chest of Bryan. He tries for a pump handle slam, but Bryan is able to escape via a backslide. The Yes Kicks start to the legs of Barrett and once again it’s strange not to have the crowd chant along like we’ve grown accustomed to. They still pop with each one, and after the final kick to the head, he tries for a pin. Barrett’s tank isn’t empty yet, and he still kicks out. The dazed Barrett needs the ropes to stand and when he gets to his feet Bryan charges. Wade moves and Bryan springboards the second turnbuckle. Meanwhile Barrett hits the ropes and comes out ahead with a brutal big boot. Barrett lifts Bryan for a Wasteland, but Bryan starts to strike with elbows to the side of Barrett’ head. Bryan then slides into a guillotine choke and starts to tighten his grip. When Barrett hits the canvas Bryan transitions to what would become the Yes Lock. Barrett gets to the ropes and forces the separation from the ref. After some kicks from Bryan send Barrett into the corner, Bryan puts him on the top rope. Barrett is able to shove Bryan off and he lands spread eagle on the top rope. Barrett then leaps off the turnbuckle and crushes Bryan, who is still suspended, with a clothesline. This time the Wasteland is a success and so is the pin that follows. What a lame ass finisher that Wade Barrett has. Other than that the match was amazing and so was their chemistry here. Do yourself a favor and watch this. I even had to rewind a few spots. Match Time-11:41

We get a view of Universal Studios as Michael Cole talks of the first SummerSlam in Madison Square Garden featuring the Mega Powers. If you’d like to take a trip down SummerSlam Memory lane you can find our coverage of every one ever here.

The World Heavyweight Championship is on the line for the next match in a feud that has continued since Money in the Bank. This would be a match where Randy Orton would lose the Title to Christian in a match that had the stipulation “If Randy Orton is DQed, the Title will still change hands.” Of course Christian spits in face causing The Viper to snap and be DQed. Christian would become the new Heavyweight Champ because of this. The new CEO Triple H would grant the rematch we are about to cover on an episode of SmackDown, making it a No-Holds Barred affair. This is a great video segment here and hopefully the match can live up to the hype.

The World Heavyweight Champion, Christian, is the first to enter the squared circle with zero response from the fans. This is when Cole again mentions the insurance policy that Christian has in place. Christian hits the mic before the match and talks of his insurance policy. The crowd explode when he announces it to be his best friend, The Rated-R Superstar, Edge. “You Think You Know Me” starts to play as he enters with some great pyro and fan response. The eleven time World Champion isn’t wearing wrestling gear but Jeans and a flannel. Edge was of course forced into early retirement due to mainly neck injuries, among others. Edge takes the mic from Christian and begins to talk of the doctors telling him he will never be able to wrestle again. The crowd boos this and Edge agrees with them saying “I booed this too.” He then tell Christian how proud of him he is and that acting commissioner Teddy Long has treated him unfairly. Edge then begins to question Christian’s ethics in the WWE, mainly winning the Title via a DQ. Edge says “Trust me.. I did some really heinous things here but I did it with some style.. some panache.” He continues to insult Christian’s actions of late calling him a “disgrace to yourself””. Edge the calls him a “Whining, crying, moaning, little bitch.” before dropping the mic and leaving the ring. As soon as Edge exits the arena we hear the voices and the Apex Predator enters to a great response from the fans. This match is almost like Heel Vs. Heel here though, so they have to love someone. Orton hits the corner for his signature pose and the crowd are really behind The Viper here. When the ring announcer re-announces the two the crowd reassure us of this fact.

The Viper strikes first and uses punches to get Christian into the corner to continue the assault. Before the ref can force separation Orton takes Christian to another corner, banging his head off the turnbuckle. Christian lands some kicks and tries to go on the offensive. He whips Orton to the corner, but Orton leaves it with steam and flattens the Champ with a clothesline. Christian finds himself on the apron and this works in his favor as he is able to hit a reverse stun gun over the top rope. Christian then takes to the skies and hits the dazed Orton with a spinning back elbow. I don’t know if Christian is always talking to himself as part of his character or is just bad at calling out moves. He tries for a cover but Orton easily gets the shoulder up. There is a little back and forth in the corner but Orton comes out ahead by whipping Christian to the corner opposite. When Christian bounces out Orton sends him sky-high for a back body drop. Orton then stomps away at the Champ until he drops his high jumping knee. Orton now covers and Christian easily kicks out. Christian manages to get Orton suspended on the second rope and after standing on Orton’s back, he leaps to the outside. Orton lifts Christian back to the apron to try for a rope hung DDT. Christian tosses The Viper over the top rope to the floor outside. Christian joins him out there, but Orton lands the first punch and slams Christian into the security barrier. Orton begins to dismantle the announce table, and when Christian attempts to enter the ring again, Orton pulls him back out and hits a European uppercut. They both make their way on top of table and Christian is able to narrowly escape an RKO. Christian then grabs his Title and starts to run out of the arena through the fans. Christian makes it to the second section of fans before Orton catches him and starts to return him to ringside, punching Christian along the way. Christian eventually falls to the concrete and Orton stomps him a few times before throwing him back to ringside. They then re-enter the squared circle with Orton putting Christian into the corner. Orton then mounts him for the ten count but since this is a no DQ situation he doesn’t stop until fifteen. Orton tries to shoulder block Christian but he is able to move and Orton collides with the ring post.

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Christian leaves the ring and finds a kendo stick under it. He checks its durability on the stairs before entering the ring with it. After he drives it into Orton’s midsection a couple times, a few slaps to the back brings him to the canvas. Christian was definitely off his mark with one and cracked Orton in the head. Christian then drives the tip of the stick into Orton’s throat screaming for him to submit. Christian hooks the leg but Orton still is able to get a shoulder up. This leaves Orton crawling around the ring grasping his throat while Christian picks the kendo stick back up. Orton uses the corner to stand and is able to avoid Christian’s attack. The kendo stick collides with the turnbuckle and falls from the ring. The Viper strikes with some boots before his Irish whip is reversed and Christian lands a back elbow. Christian again hooks the leg and Orton narrowly avoids the pin this time. The momentum looks to change when Orton avoids a shoulder block in the corner. This doesn’t happen and Christian reverses another Irish whip, this time driving Orton to the canvas with a spinebuster. Another pin attempt and another kick-out by Orton. We see some blood in the mouth of Orton as Christian leaves the ring and returns with the kendo again. Christian jumps from the second rope with it but the coiled Viper strikes with a mid-air dropkick. Christian is able to pop right back up from a pair of clotheslines, but this leads to a quick power slam from Orton that sends the crowd into a frenzy. Orton now has the kendo stick but Christian is able to foil this attack with a pair of boots to Orton’s face. Christian takes to the second rope for a dropkick, but Orton catches his feet and slams him to the mat. He then holds both legs and flips over Christian for a bridged pin attempt that is barely kicked out of.

Christian is quick to hit the ropes when they return to their feet but this backfires when Orton catches him with the Lou Thesz press. The Champion rolls to the apron and Orton tries for a rope hung DDT once again. This doesn’t go as planned, and Christian reverses into the set-up for the Killswitch. Orton, in turn, reverses this into his “vintage” backbreaker. The cover is made by Orton but Christian still is able to get a shoulder up. The crowd explodes as the sinister smile comes to Orton’s face. He tries for the punt kick but Christian is able to roll from the ring. Christian then pulls the foot of Orton, spread eagling him into the ring post. Orton is able pull Christian in though and bounce the Champion’s face off the ring post. The battle continues on the outside with Orton maintaining the advantage. Orton then checks under the ring and comes back with a pair of tables, one of which he slides into the ring as the “We Want Tables” chants begin. Christian is back on his feet though and tackles Orton into the ring apron. Christian then sets the other table up outside the ring. It isn’t used though and they battle their way back onto the ring apron. This leads to both men on the top rope and Orton superplexing Christian onto the un-setup table in the ring. It takes Orton a moment, but he crawls over to make a cover, but Christian is still able to kick-out. Orton then checks the durability of the cracked table before he sets it up in the corner. Orton tries to throw Christian into the table but this is reversed into an inverted DDT. Christian is channeling Edge here and looking to Spear Orton through the table. This doesn’t work out and Orton leapfrogs the maneuver. Christian is able to reverse the RKO and tosses Orton from the ring. He joins Orton on the outside, but is whipped knee first into the ring steps. Orton then dismantles the steps, leaning the bottom half against the apron. He tries to slam Christian’s head into it, but it is reversed and Orton eats the steps instead. Christian then finishes the dismantling of the announce table, hitting Orton in the skull with a monitor along the way. He then places Orton onto the table and mocks him by doing his “Viper Strike” taunts onto the table. Christian tires for an RKO but The Viper reverses it and hits a RKO of his own. They crash through the table and the crowd starts the “This is Awesome” chants. Both men are slow to recover, with Christian crawling up the stairs and Orton rolling into the ring. They slowly come to their feet and Orton tries for another RKO that is reversed into the Killswitch. The crowd explodes when Orton is able to barely kick ouit of the cover that follows.

Christian is slow to do so, but he leaves the ring and returns with a pair of chairs. He places one under the head of Orton and the crowd is popping in anticipation of the one man Con-Chair-to. He takes his time, but Christian eventually spits in the face of Orton before swinging the chair. Orton avoids the attack and is now enraged. He wipes the spit from his face and grabs the second chair, stabbing it into the midsection of Christian before a colossal chairshot to the back. Christian rolls to the apron and the fans pop as Orton knocks him off the apron with the chair through the table. Orton rolls from the ring and throws the ring stairs inside it. He then starts to throw everything he can find under it into the ring. A pair of trashcans, some more kendo sticks and finally Christian and himself. Orton attempts to stomp Christian’s head into the steps but he is able to roll from harms way. When Christian avoids a clothesline it looks like Orton will be Speared through the table. When he charges, Orton quickly scoops him up and powerslams him through the table. Quite a pop here from the fans. The sadistic smile is back on the face of Orton as he grabs the kendo stick. After a few strikes to the back of Christian he rolls to the apron to stand. This is when Orton sets the trashcan up and gives Christian a rope hung DDT onto it, crushing the can in the process. The hand of Orton is bleeding and he whips the blood on his face before hitting the mat for his “Viper Strikes.” Christian is quick to strike with a kendo stick and springboard off the second rope for a back elbow. Orton catches him mid-air for a RKO on top off the ring stairs. Sweet stuff here. Orton makes the cover and gets the three to become a World Champion for the ninth time in his career. Orton hits the corner to raise the Strap high for the fans and receives a standing ovation. What a great match we have at our disposal here. It had everything you could ask for in this type of match. Do yourself a favor and watch it. I’m sure you will hit rewind at some point because I know I did. Match Time-23:43

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