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Chairshot Classics: WWE SummerSlam 2010



The guys tell us that Sheamus better focus because he is defending the Title next against The Viper, Randy Orton. This is when we hear the “Awesome” theme of The Miz begin. The United States Champion and Money in the Bank holder enters and makes his way to the ring. The commentators speculate as to what this could relate to and if its him cashing the contract in or joining Team WWE. Miz takes to the mic and I’m sure he will let us know his reason for being here soon. He asks the fans first if he should join Team WWE and the respond with a resounding “Yes”. Miz then tells the fans “It is a good thing that I could care less what they think.” He then does a good job putting him self over as the missing link for Team WWE and that even John Cena got down on his knees to beg him to join the team. He then says “Cena says that I am the only Superstar who can see him.” He continues saying that Brett Hart called him the true “Excellence of Execution” and that Jericho gave him a Fozzy CD, that he promptly threw away. He then claims that his former partner, John Morrison, told him that he was the Marty Jannetty and that The Miz was Shawn Michaels. Classic stuff here by The Miz and I was a big fan of it. He belittles the fans some and gets some nice heat by insulting the LA Lakers. He hesitates to give his answer before telling the fans that he will join Team WWE and lead them to victory over The Nexus. He finish with his “Because I’m The Miz and I’m awesome” bit before exiting the ring.

The package for the WWE Championship is upon us and it showcases the feud between the Apex Predator and the Celtic Warrior. It starts with some Randy Orton accomplishments before showing highlights of the number one contender match between Orton, Chris Jericho and Edge. Sheamus would watch on as Orton hit the other two with RKO’s and gets the W to become number one contender to Sheamus’s Strap. The video then showcases some of the highlights of the first Irish born WWE Champion including when he “ended the career of Triple H”. His words not mine. Great stuff here and if you have read any of my stuff before, you should know I am a mark for a well done hype package.

The Champion and Celtic Warrior, Sheamus, is out first and he receives a little heat from the fans as he hits the ring. It’s not long before we hear voices in our head and they are talking as The Viper enters. Randy Orton gets all the pop that was forgotten for Sheamus. Sheamus raises the Title high as Orton eyes him from the outside. After the bell sounds, the collar and elbow kicks it off and Sheamus is able to drive Orton into the corner. The ref forces separation and when Sheamus screams after it really turns the hit up with the crowd. Another collar and elbow and this one ends the same way, with Orton in the corner. Another separation and scream allows Orton to strike with a headbutt. He follows this with some punches and eventually stomps Sheamus into the corner until the ref forces another separation. Sheamus tries to rally behind some punches and a whip to the turnbuckle. Orton comes out of the corner with steam and flattens the Champ with a clothesline. Orton tries for the first cover, after some stomps and a knee drop, but Sheamus easily kicks out. When back on his feet, Sheamus tries for a hip toss but Orton is able to counter with a clothesline. A second clothesline follows the first, and this one sends Sheamus over the top rope, crashing to the outside.

Orton is quick to join him outside and bounce Sheamus’s head off the announce table. Orton then clotheslines Sheamus over the security wall and into the fans. Quite a long ten count here by the official as Orton joins Sheamus in the crowd. The ref is on eight when Orton slides the Champ into the ring and stomps the appendages of Sheamus. Orton jumps sky-high to deliver another copy of his patented knee drop and makes another cover, only to have Sheamus kick-out. Orton continues the stomping, eventually catapulting the chest of Sheamus into the bottom rope. Sheamus rolls from the ring following this and Orton is right behind him. Sheamus manages a midsection elbow and this allows him to bounce Orton’s face off the security barrier. Orton quickly recovers by reversing the Irish whip and sending Sheamus into the security wall. Orton slides into the ring, only to stop the count, before returning his attention to the Celtic Warrior. The slow ways of The Viper allow Sheamus to reverse an Irish whip that sends Orton crashing into the ring steps. Sheamus returns to the ring and after some stumbling, Orton joins him on the inside. Sheamus stomps away at Orton before he can regain his footing and doesn’t stop until the ref forces him to. After some blows to the head, the Champ hooks the leg but Orton is able to still kick-out. Orton is returned to his feet only to be flattened by a short arm clothesline from Sheamus. The Celtic Warrior taunts the fans, getting some nice heat before he drops a knee and tries another cover. Orton gets the shoulder up and Sheamus applies a chinlock. The crowd powers Orton up with some “Randy” chants and he makes it back to his feet. Sheamus attempts the suplex, but after Orton is able to prevent going over with some punches to the midsection, it is Sheamus who gets suplexed. Sheamus rolls to the apron to regain his footing but this Orton meets him there for the rope hung DDT. This is avoided when Sheamus makes it into the ring and back drops Orton over the top rope.

Sheamus joins Orton outside and drives The Viper into the security wall a few times before returning him to the ring. Sheamus tries for another cover and this time the dazed Orton narrowly kicks-out. The Champ patiently waits for Orton to rise, and when he does, catches him with the charging double ax handle. Sheamus hooks the leg but Randy Orton is still able to get off the mat and stop the pin. After some clubbing blows to the chest of Orton, Sheamus applies a chinlock/armbar combination. It doesn’t take long for Orton to stand this up but Sheamus takes him right back to the mat, switching to just an armbar. The crowd starts to clap and this time when Orton rises to his feet, he escapes the hold. He tries to pound Sheamus into the corner but the Celtic Warrior hits a drop toe hold out of nowhere that leaves Orton’s face colliding with the second turnbuckle. Sheamus puts Orton in reverse DDT position but gives a backbreaker instead. Sheamus hooks a leg and when Orton kicks out, Sheamus tries for it again. Orton again kicks out and the frustration is present on the face of the Champion. Orton lands a few kicks but is quickly flattened with another double ax handle. Sheamus works the arm some more before transitioning into a headlock. The crowd starts to clap and this powers Orton to stand up. Orton escapes by back dropping Sheamus and this is where we hear Michael Cole’s infamous botched call. He says that Sheamus has never beaten Randy Orton in his career. This, of course, is false as Sheamus beat him, be it by DQ, at the Royale Rumble and again on the go home edition of RAW for WrestleMania.


Both men are prone on the mat and slow to their feet. Orton is up first, but Sheamus isn’t far behind. The Champ charges Orton, who is in the corner, but Orton dodges the attack. Orton then goes “vintage” and hits the inverted headlock backbreaker. Orton is slow to make the cover and this allows Sheamus to get the shoulder up. They slowly return to their feet and trade blows in the middle of the ring. Orton starts to build momentum by out-punching Sheamus. The crowd pops for every punch, and when Orton hits a European uppercut and clothesline, they explode. Sheamus ducks a second clothesline and hits the ropes only to receive a vicious scoopslam that sends the crowd into a frenzy. Sheamus is able to reverse an Irish whip into the turnbuckle, but when he charges, Orton moves and he instead tackles the corner post. Sheamus rolls to the apron and Orton takes him to the top rope for a superplex. Orton is slow to hook the leg and this allows Sheamus to again kick it out. The momentum quickly switches when, out of nowhere, Sheamus lifts Orton for the Rock Bottom-like backbreaker. Sheamus now hooks the leg and it is Orton who narrowly escapes this time. Sheamus slowly waits for Orton to rise and when he does the Champ tries for the Brogue Kick. Orton is able to duck it and this leaves the leg of Sheamus tied in the ropes for a moment before he crashes to the outside. Sheamus is slow to return to the apron and makes it their at the refs six count. This isn’t a wise place to be and Orton shows him why, hitting the rope hung DDT. Orton transforms into “Viper Mode” and begins to strike the mat in anticipation. Orton tries the RKO, and it looks like a success until Sheamus tosses him away in mid-air. Sheamus goes for what looks like the final cover and the crowd explodes when Orton gets the shoulder up. The Celtic Warrior pounds his chest and turns the heat back up with the fans. He returns Orton to his feet and is trying for the Irish Curse. Orton escapes with a backslide and tries the RKO again. Sheamus is able to shove him away again, this time into the ropes. When Orton returns Sheamus flattens him with the Brogue Kick. Sheamus hooks the leg and the building starts to shake when Orton kicks out again. Sheamus is stunned by this kick-out and he leaves the ring to get a chair. The ref is fighting with him over it when he returns to the ring with the chair. They are playing tug-of-war over it and when Sheamus shakes the ref of from it, he crashes to the outside. The official then signals for the bell. And the crowd turns the heat up to the highest it has been all night. Sheamus is waiting for The Viper to rise, chair in hand. Orton ducks the chairshot and kicks Sheamus squarely in the nuts. Orton now takes the chair and eyeballs the Champion. He puts the chair down and instead throws Sheamus from the ring and starts to dismantle the announce table. He puts Sheamus on top of it and joins him up there. The RKO on the table follows and the table doesn’t break. The voices reappear and Orton’s theme begins to play. The match was great and even though I understand the finish, doesn’t mean I have to like it. Other than that the match was must see stuff with some great chemistry between these two. Match Time-18:55

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