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Chairshot Classics: SummerSlam 2005



The stock of John Cena is on the rise and Hulk Hogan faces off against The Heart Break Kid, Shawn Michaels, for the first time in their amazing careers. Batista and JBL square off in a No Holds Barred Match for the World Heavyweight Title. All this and so much more as this edition of the Chairshot Classic brings you SummerSlam 2005.



We are in the MCI Center in the Nation’s capital, Washington, D.C. and there are 15,700 fans joining us for the eighteenth installment of SummerSlam. This is the second highest bought SummerSlam PPV with 650K buys. They only one that was higher was the 1998 edition which featured The Undertaker and Stone Cold on top. This SummerSlam drew 700K in PPV buys. The sponsor for this evenings show is THQ and their featured game is WWE’s Day of the Reckoning 2. Of all the wrestling video games I’ve played over the course of my life, this one I don’t know much about, as it was for the Nintendo Game Cube. A system I didn’t play on much. We have two featured songs and that we most likely wont hear on the Network due to copyright laws. They are “Remedy” by Seether and “Get it Poppin’” by Fat Joe and featuring Nelly. These songs are available on the YouTube if you would like to hear what was popular at that time. Lets head to the arena were our Main Event is “Hogan Vs. Michaels: For the first time ever”.


As soon as we enter the MCI Center we are introduced to the United States color guard and the lady who will be singing the National Anthem, Lillian Garcia. She does a great job and receives some pop at all the songs high spots. After she finishes the song she leads the fans in a “U.S.A.” chant. The opening package starts soon, after and first up in it is the feud between Jericho and Cena. It shows the hype for the rest of the matches on the card and we hear the Seether song, “Remedy” play throughout it. I guess they still have the rights to this one. It wraps up by showing The Immortal Hulk Hogan and The Showstopper build-up and this is the highlight of the video. This is a decent open, but still not as good as the ones from the late 90s. We are welcomed into the sold-out arena by the RAW announce team, Jim Ross and Jerry “The King” Lawler for this dual branded event. (RAW and SmackDown) The two are joined by Jonathon Coachman as they send it over to the SmackDown announce team of Tazz and Michael Cole. The SmackDown guys introduce us to ouf first match that is for the United States Championship!

The challenger, Chris Benoit enters the arena first, and the Rabid Wolverine receives some pop as he hits the ring. JBL’s Chief of Staff and the United States Champion, Orlando Jordan is out next and JBL’s Cabinet member isn’t well received in his entrance. The collar and elbow is first but Jordan escapes it with a cheap shot to the throat of Benoit. This enrages the Wolverine and he slams Jordan to the mat with a German suplex. When Benoit releases it, he transitions nicely into the Crippler Crossface and the crowd is going bonkers. It’s not long before Jordan taps out and just like that Chris Benoit is the new United States Champion. He hits the corners to celebrate and the crowd reward him with some huge pop. There isn’t much to say of this match other than it is what it is. Match Time-:25


We get a clip of Vickie and Eddie Guerrero in the locker room next. She is trying to apologize over the whole Dominick angle. I’ll save that angle for the match. Vickie is trying to get him pumped for his match and the two start arguing over the reasons to hurt Rey. Eddie goes loco and kicks her out of the locker room. The clip ends with Eddie talking to himself, saying “I can beat Rey Mysterio, I will beat Rey Mysterio.” We return to the arena and JR and The King introduce the next package.


It is the build to the feud between Edge, and his new found love Lita, and Matt Hardy, who’s lost love is Lita. This is a crazy storyline that is based in real life. Matt Hardy went away after the previous SummerSlam (More on that here) to repair his damaged knee and while he was away recovering, Edge and Lita engaged in an affair. This would leave to some pretty rough times for Matt Hardy, and stuff on this can be found everywhere, as Matt was very public about it. He even called into the WWE show “Bite This” when Lita was a guest and also posted some crazy stuff on the Inter-webs at the time. Matt obviously recovered from one of his best friends stealing his girl of six years and returned to the WWE. He did have a brief tour of the indies first and a one match stint in Ring of Honor versus Christopher Daniels. Right before he signed the contract with R.O.H. the WWE called and brought him back. That’s enough of the behind the scenes stuff, lets get into the kayfabe!


The package shows Lita and Matt’s real life relationship, and it builds to her vicious betrayal. When Matt cuts the promos for this match he calls them by their real life names, Amy Dumas and Adam Copeland. As a man and a real person, I don’t understand how Matt Hardy could enter into this story with two people who betrayed him in one of the most brutal ways one can image. It’s hard to fathom that after how Matt reacted to this, he wouldn’t turn the match into a straight shoot. Bruce Prichard has said that he is the one that first brought Hardy and Edge together to discuss doing this angle. He sat between them in a limo as they hashed it out. I guess this goes to show the level of professionalism and respect for the business that Matt Hardy has. The fans were really behind the return of Hardy and even had a 15,000 signature petition to have the lovers fired, and Matt Hardy reinstated. Edge enters first and he and his lover, Lita, get some heat from the crowd. On a side note this maybe the best Lita has ever looked in her career as a wrestler. When Lillian Garcia announces Matt Hardy’s name, the crowd explodes and he come running to meet Edge on the ramp. The two trade punches and Hardy comes out ahead by banging Edge of the security walls. Edge slides back into the ring and Hardy is right behind him as the bell sounds. Matt is quick to mount Edge and pound him with punches. When Edge returns to his feet Matt takes him right back down with a rear naked choke. The building is shaking with chants of “Hardy” as he squeezes the life from Edge. He eventually finds the ropes with his foot to break the choke. Once Edge is released he rolls from the ring to try and regain his composure. Hardy doesn’t allow this and is quick to join him on the outside. He returns Edge to the ring and continues the punch party. Edge finally lands a punch and the tides start to turn. Hardy soon finds himself on the apron and Edge comes charging to send them both to the floor with a Spear. Solid back bump for Hardy here.


Both men are slow to their feet as the official starts the count. Edge manages to slide Hardy onto the ring at the count of nine and stop the count. Once both are back in the ring Matt starts to rally behind some more big punches. He works Edge into the corner and starts the punching ten count. Hardy only makes it to five before Edge picks him up and gives Hardy the snake-eyes. Instead of the turnbuckle, Hardy’s head hits the ring post and he bounces to the outside. The “Hardy” chants begin again as Edge goes to the outside. Edge delivers some big punches to the face of Hardy before returning him to the ring. This is when we see that Matt Hardy has a pretty large forehead gash and the blood is really starting to flow. Edge continues to punch the lacerated forehead of Hardy and further opening him up. When Hardy taunts Edge, by telling him to bring it, this is when he switches from punches to the forehead to knees. Hardy is on his knees, dazed, and the ref is trying to check him out. This is when Edge charges and delivers a boot right to the side of Hardy’s face. Edge continues to stomp the head of the prone Hardy and this is when the official signals for the bell. The crowd boo loudly at this action and the official decision is Edge by ref’s decision. Let me go on record and say I hate the booking of this match, mainly the finish. After all Matt Hardy has been through here and the amount of fan support he has, you just have to have him go over here. It just makes the most sense, he loses the girl, but keeps the one thing he has loved his whole life, Professional Wrestling. Match Time-4:50

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