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Extreme Rules Results: Steel Cage Match, Owens Takes A Huge Fall!



After a quick United States Title match that saw the return of Randy Orton, the Steel Cage would be lowered for Braun Strowman and Kevin Owens to do battle.

‘The Monster Among Men’ has tormented Owens for weeks now, from flipping his rental car to locking him inside a portable toilet and tossing him off the stage. It seemed as if ‘The Prize Fighter’ would have been happy to just stay away from Strowman, however RAW General Manager Kurt Angle made the match for tonight anyways.

Owens would approach the cage-confined ring with severe caution, hesitantly stepping inside as if he knew his fate was sealed. KO’s strategy out of the gate was simple, trying to escape at all costs as ‘Mr. Monster In The Bank’ implored Owens to fight him. The former Universal Champion would finally oblige, staving off a quick barrage by Braun to mount some offense. A superkick, Cannonball and Bullfrog Splash would barely get KO a one count, so instead he’d try for the door to no avail before begging for forgiveness.

Strowman was having none of that, dominating Owens by bouncing him off the cage wall numerous times. A surprise Stunner from ‘The Prize Fighter’ would give him another quick opening to try and escape to no avail, but would pull out a pair of stashed handcuffs to put the odds in his favor. Owens would get a little too cocky and within Strowman’s reach, getting planted with a chokeslam and then trying to break the cuffs. KO would tell Braun to “Suck It” and begin climbing over the top, ‘The Monster Among Men’ was angered though, finally breaking the cuffs and meeting Owens on top of the cage. Strowman would grab KO by the throat, then toss him down to the floor through an announce table which actually gave ‘The Prize Fighter’ the W.


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