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7 months ago I had just gotten out of rehab. I was finally getting clean off of pain pills that I became addicted to after I had reconstructive surgery on my hip. I was starting over. I needed to find a new job but my wife wanted me to take a month and just focus on staying sober. well, while in rehab I had made the decision to start a podcast, a wrestling podcast to be exact. So, my second day out of rehab I ordered a $129.99 microphone off of Amazon. That microphone changed my life forever.

I started a DAILY Morning Show podcast, now known as “Indy Wrestling Radio” & begin bitching and moaning and sometimes praising the WWE 5 days a week. I made contact with a group of writers & podcasters from who helped me get my foot in the door. the let me write 4-5 articles for their website. lol I remember working so hard on those articles, I loved ever damn minute of it, too.

I was Facebook friends with an indy wrestling personality named Bry Willingham. Her and her husband work together on the indy circuit, mainly for Imperial Wrestling Revolution. I had seen them at a show in Indianola where he had faced Jack Swagger. they played their characters to a T. Well, I didn’t actually know Bry, but we were facebook friends. So, a month after that show, I finally worked up the nerve to message her and ask if they were hiring. To my amazement they were! They were in search of a Publicist.

Well, I had written 4 articles by this point so I explained to her how I’m probably overqualified to be a publicist now that I’ve written a ton for Social Suplex, but that I would love to interview for the job. She set me up w/ the owner of the promotion.


Now, to be honest, the story could of stopped right there and I probably would be happy for a long time. I just did what so many people on reddit and twitter and facebook only dream of doing, I got a JOB IN WRESTLING! I WORK IN THE BUSINESS! But, that wouldn’t make for a very good blog, just saying.

That day started some of the best 7 months (& counting) of my life. That is what this blog is going to be about. I’m going to start w/ my first day on the job, what it was like to go from “Fan to Employee” along with improperly ran companies, to well ran companies, to living my absolute dream, and much much more.

Since that beautiful day 7 months ago, I was on the ground floor of getting a wrestling promotion on TV (you won’t believe some of the shit I’m gonna spill when we get to that point in the timeline.) I’m helping create a wrestling web series in Dallas where I will also be the color commentator. I’ve started training to be an in ring performer, something I never though I’d do, and so on.

Having this blog is a part of the dream, to have an outlet to share my thoughts and actually have people that would want to listen/read about my story into the business that we are all so in love with. I cannot wait to start sharing all of these stories with you along with mixing them with everything I do in wrestling now, AND TRUST ME, I do a little bit of everything in “The Business”

the goal is to blog twice a week, so please, stay tuned!


Jordan Fox

Host of Indy Wrestling Radio

Twitter & Instagram – @FoxThePodcaster



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Levin: Television Deal Gives AEW A Chance To Push WWE Around

With the news of Tuesday Night Dynamite on TNT, it should shake things up. How much potential lies in this AEW deal? 



With the news of Tuesday Night Dynamite on TNT, it should shake things up. How much potential lies in this AEW deal?

I don’t know if it is competition yet, but the fact AEW has a television deal with WarnerMedia to air live matches in a weekly primetime format on TNT should make things interesting.

I’m not expecting the return of the Monday Night Wars or for Tony Khan to shout from Stone Mountain that he is in the “wrasslin business” as Ted Turner once did to the deaf ears of Vince McMahon. This isn’t the same kind of confrontation between two middle-aged men with egos bigger than the state of Florida.

Per the New York Post, “The new wrestling company and WarnerMedia announced the agreement Wednesday morning. TNT will air live AEW matches weekly in prime time starting in the fall, as well as streaming them on B/R Live and on pay-per-view. AEW will be presented to advertisers during the WarnerMedia Upfront at the Madison Square Garden Theater on Wednesday.”

If this is the kind of entrance Khan and his performers want to make, then I am all for it. Pro wrestling is moving the needle a bit from the monopoly of the McMahons with NJPW, ROH and the NWA grabbing the attention of fans – away from the stale and pungent feel of what WWE has offered ahead of the Money in the Bank PPV. If anything, there is an injection of adrenaline in a business that has been on life support in some circumstances since the last day WCW was in operation and Billionaire Ted gave in to the struggles of trying to get it right on a weekly basis.

Per Joseph Staszewski,” The deal marks the first time wrestling will appear on TNT since the final “WCW Monday Nitro” on March 26, 2001, and officially puts AEW in competition with WWE for prime-time television ratings.”

My son wasn’t two yet and I was on my first wife at the time.

Now comes the fun of seeing what Khan, who is a huge wrestling fan and part owner of the Jacksonville Jaguars will do with top-level talent (Cody, Chris Jericho, Kenny Omega, The Young Guns and Britt Baker to name a few) at his disposal.

If the branding and storylines follow that of the old NWA with a splash of WCW from the early 1990s mixed in, then Khan and his venture have a chance to rock the wrestling boat. No one is going to knock McMahon off his lofty perch. But the programming and promotion can offer hardened fans a chance to see their old favorites weekly.

What AEW did by making the announcement in grand style is deliver a message to WWE, which signifies this is an upstart that isn’t afraid to ruffle some feathers. It was the right time with the right company backing them.

It’s time to see if the McMahon old guard is as solid as it once was or can the little engine that could make a dent in a business monopolized for too long.

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Greg DeMarco

Greg DeMarco’s Three Stars Of The Night: WWE Smackdown (5/14/19)

They had Kayla Braxton interview Lars Sullivan. Really.



Kayla Braxton WWE Smackdown

WWE Smackdown is in London this week, and it’s the go home SD Live for Money In The Bank. Who stood out?

WWE Money In The Bank is on the horizon, and the WWE Smackdown side takes it home in dramatic fashion. Who delivered big performances this week?

The Third Star for WWE Raw: Andrade

Andrade is the man. Seriously, he’s taken tranquilo to the main shows in WWE, and it shows in such a good way. I still wish he was on Raw where he’d be given more opportunity, but he still makes the most out of each moment. Despite the “tranquilo” attitude I referred to, every thing he does actually has far more intensity than almost anyone else not named Brock Lesnar, Drew McIntyre, or Roman Reigns. Traditional thinking means a win here won’t lead to a Money In The Bank briefcase retrieval, but if I was booking the show he’d leave Money In The Bank with the WWE Championship.

Elisa looks great in her Chairshot gear.
You can, too!


Be like Elisa and get yours at:

The Second Star: Kayla Braxton

These assholes had Kayla Braxton, a mixed-race female, interview Lars Sullivan? LARS SULLIVAN? I don’t know what idiot made that decision, but they need some special training of their own. Kayla, of course, handled it like the true professional she is. But I’m biased, because I love Kayla Braxton.

Must Listen:
Greg DeMarco Show: Who Should Win and Who Will Win at Money In The Bank

The First Star for WWE Smackdown: Kevin Owens

I am so glad Kevin Owens didn’t stay babyface for long. He’s more than a natural heel–he’s a spectacular heel. He told the truth to Kofi (“reality begins…reality ends this Sunday”) and it worked. He answered Kofi’s babyface challenge, but walked away multiple times, which was long enough to make Sami Zayn’s attack unpredictable. He’s fat, looks dirty, and wrestles in a t-shirt. But he’s so good while doing it. Kevin Owens is the heel we all need, in an era where it’s hard to be a true heel.

Who are your Three Stars of WWE Raw?
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In hockey, a game’s “Three Stars Of The Night” represent the top three performers of the night. For more clarification, I defer to this Pittsburgh Gazette explanation:

“The tradition dates to the 1936-37 season, when Imperial Oil became the principal sponsor of Hockey Night in Canada radio broadcasts and was seeking a way to promote one of its products, Three Star gasoline. The idea of doing so by selecting the top three performers in a particular game purportedly came from a Canadian advertising agency.

Many clubs do recognize the player with the most three-star selections with an award or trophy, usually in conjunction with a corporate sponsorship, at the end of the season (or sometimes, each month). All six Canadian franchises, for example, have an affiliation with a well-known brewery.

The NHL keeps track of its own Three Stars Of The Night selections, but that is done on a league-wide basis. The league employs a system that awards 30 points to a first star, 20 to a second star and 10 to a third – a running total can be found on the league’s website – but it does not present an award based on them.”

In hockey tradition, the first star represents the best of the three, but all three are considered to be receiving a high honor.

Let us know what you think on social media @theCHAIRSHOTcom and always remember to use the hashtag #UseYourHead!
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