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Impact Coverage

Ja’Von’s Impact Wrestling Live Report (7/12/18)



Quick Results:

The OGz vs Local Talent: The OGz via pinfall 

Shotzi Blackheart vs Allie: Allie via pinfall 

Eli Drake vs Grado: Eli Drake via pinfall 

oVe vs Rich Swann, Fenix, and Pentagon Jr.(Six Man Tag Team Match with Lucha Rules): oVe via pinfall 

Play by Play:

Cold Open:

Impact Wrestling opens up with a recap of everything that has been going on with LAX since Konan was attacked at Redemption.

The OGz vs Local Talent:

The OGz(Homicide & Hernandez) with King make their way to the ring for their match. Thry get the jump on two local wrestlers they set one of the guys on the top rope then Hernandez hit a neckbreaker from the second rope

followed by Homicide hitting a Border Toss then Hernandez hits another Border Toss on the other guy for the quick victory.

Winners: The OGz via pinfall

After the match King gets on the mic and says that the old man Konan had to go and tells him to hit the road. King says he got tired of waiting and decided to take him out. He gives him credit for being a smart man. He says that he was two steps ahead and thats where Homicide and Hernandez come in. King reminds us that they are multi time tag champions. He says they don’t care about titles but they want to take out the young boys and Konan then announces at Slammiversary that he is challenging LAX to a 5150 street fight.

Allie’s opponent, Shotzi Blackheart was interviewed backstage and says she is ready for Allie and ask her who is her daddy.

Sami Callihan on the oVe Cam says they are the best trio on the planet. He also states that he is going to put Pentagon out of his misery and take his mask and embarrass him.

Shotzi Blackheart vs Allie:

Shotzi Blackheart makes her way to the ring for her Impact debut match against former knockouts champion Allie.

Allie makes her way to the ring.

The bell rings and there is a standoff ans Shotzi howls. Collar and elbow tie up and Shotzi is in control of Allie and takes her down with a shoulderblock but Allie fights back and knocka down Shotzi witha shoulderblock of her own. Shotzi finds her way back in control and takes Allie down with a backslide submission then goes for the pin and gets a two count. Allie fights back and lays into Shotzi then goes for a running dropkick in the corner but comes up empty. Shotzi then takes control and takes down Allie and goes for the pin and gets a nearfall. Shotzi then wears down Allie with a chinlock followed by a few big knees to the face then a big step up kick for a nearfall. Shotzi still in control hits a huge senton for a nearfall. Shotxi then hits a forearm and goes to the top rope but comes up empty. Allie fights back with a couple forearms and clotheslines followed up with a Russian Legsweep. Allie then hits a missile dropkick followed by a german suplex for a nearfall. Allie went for a big move with Shotzi on her shoulders but Shotzi counters and takes down Allie. She then goes to the top rope but comes up empty with a roll through and eats a codebreaker from Allie who picks up the win.

Winner: Allie via pinfall 

After the match Allie is blindsided by Tessa Blanchard. Tessa throws Allie in the ring and hits her with the Hammerlock DDT and stands tall over Allie.

Backstage Grado, Katerina, and Joe Hendry runs into Eli Drake. This leads to an argument cause Grado thinks Eli Drake is trying to steal his girlfriend. Grado then challenges him to a match tonight.

Back from break and Tessa explains why she attacked Allie. She said she came to Impact to win the knockouts championship but Madison Rayne got in her way. She said she was handling business last week when she was attacking Madison until Allie got in her way now her focus is on Allie.

Impact runs a video of how we got to Tommy Dreamer vs Eddie Edwards at Slammiversary.

Back from break and we see another vignette about a new Knockout debuting soon.

Austin Aries speaks the truth: 

We heard from Austin Aries and he says that Moose is in an offsight location training for his match at Slammiversary. He then says that another sashed up retired Football player DeAngelo Williams will give us an update on Moose’s condition. He says he can’t wait to hear the update on Moose.

GWN Flashback Moment of the Week: Gail Kim vs Taryn Terrell(Last Knockouts Standing): Taryn Terrell won this match. I recommend you watch this match.

DeAngelo Williams’ Update on Moose:

Josh Mathews is in the ring and hypes up Slammiversary and the main event of the PPV Austin Aries vs Moose for the Impact World Championship. Josh then introduces DeAngelo Williams to the ring. DeAngelo Williams makes his way to the ring.

Williams says the him and Moose have been in the batcave training for his match. Williams says that Moose has dropped a lot of weight and gained a lot of muscle. Williams then calls Aries trash. Josh then ask DeAngelo if Moose is ready for Slammiversary. Williams says he is ready to take down Austin Crybaries. This leads to Austin Aries coming out to the ring.

Aries grabs the mic from Josh who leaves the ring. Aries says that he is glad see Williams in his ring. He ask him why because training camp is going on right now. He then brings up how he wasn’t signed and had to retired. He then brings up the fact that they both didn’t win a superbowl. Aries then says he wants DeAngelo to deliver a message to Moose then begins to assault Williams.

Aries would then grab a steel chair but DeAngelo counters and drops Aries. Williams looked to hit Aries with the chair but Aries hits him with a lowblow then hits him with the steel chair amd stands tall on the ramp.

Back from break KM says that he proved himself to Fallah in his match against Killer Kross last week. They bump into the Desi Hit Squad and they say they are also looking to get tag team gold. KM then challenges them to a match.

Grado vs Eli Drake:

Eli Drake makes his way to the ring for the match. Grado makes his way to the ring accompanied by Katerina and Joe Hendry.

Eli Drake gets the jump on Grado amd begins to stomp a mudhole in him. Eli then hits Grado with a spinning neackbreaker followed by an irishwhip into a corner. Eli tries to follow up and Grado counters with a boot to the face. Followed by a hurricanrana

and he stays in control followed up with a splash in the corner. Eli fights back and hits the Gravey Train for the win.

Winner: Eli Drake via pinfall 

After the match Eli tries to flirt with Katerina which leads to Joe standing up for her.

Then Eli tries to tell Grado that Joe and Katerina have soming going on.

Back from break we heard from Killer Kross about Petey Williams interfering in his match last week. He says that when he finds him he will squeeze all the oxygen out of his skull. They face off next week.

Matt Sydal is interviewed backstage and talks about his championship title defense against Brian Cage at Slammiversary.

New match announced for Slammiversary:

We heard from Moose about Aries attacking DeAngelo Williams who says that he is pissed off and that he madethis personal and will be in the Impact Zone in Windsor next week.

Madison Rayne is supposed to be having a sit down interview but gets distrubed by Su Yung. She sees a weird message on a board then gets locked in a room.

oVe vs Rich Swann, Fenix, and Pentagon Jr.(Six Man Tag Team Match with Lucha Rules):

oVe makes their way to the ring.

Ruch Swann comes out and waits for his partners on the ramp. Fenix would then come out and do the same. Lastly Pentagon Jr. would come out and they all enter the ring.

The bell rings and both teams are in the ring at the same time. Sami Callihan and Pentagon Jr. stare each other down and Pentagon does his trademark Cedro Medro. Callihan then bites the fingers of Pentagon followed by Fenix superkicking Sami. Then Dave superkicks Fenix. Swann takes out Callihan followed by Fenix and Pentagon hitting double superkicks on Jake.

Dave Crist comes into the ring to make the save but gets taken out by the Lucha Brothers and Pentagon gets a nearfall. The Lucha Brothers are still in control as Fenix doubles over Sami then looks to run the ropes rhen hit a move on Callihan but Samcounters with a clothesline. Swann comes in the ring and takes out everyone on the outside which leaves Fenix in the ring alone. Jake Crist comes in the ring and hits Fenix with a couple of kicks. Fenix gets the better of the exchange and sends Jake Crist to the floor then hits a springboard spinning dive to everyone on the floor.

Dave Crist would then hit a superplex on Rich Swann to everyone on the outside taking everyone out as we go to break.

Back from the break Sami is in control of Fenix and spites in the face of Fenix. Everyone comes back in the ring and hits the tower of doom and Jake Crist catches Fenix on his way down into a powerbomb for a nearfall.

Jake stays on Fenix and they fight to the top rope and knocks Jake to the ground and hits a swanton bomb. Dave crist comes in and hits the square and compass. Rich Swann comes in and takes out Dave. Sami then comes in and hits Swann with piledriver and goes for the pin but Pentagon Jr. makes the save. Pentagon then hits the Pentagon Driver for a nearfall. Pentagon still in conteol until Dave Crist makes the save. Everyone begins to trade moves and taking people out. Swann would try to hit a top rope splash on a prone Sami Callihan but gets intercepted with a super cutter from Jake Crist.

The Lucha Brothers would then hit Sami with the fear factor assisted with a double stomp from Fenix only leads to a two count. Pentagon then hits Jake Crist with a fear facotr on the apron. Swann and Callihan are left alone in the ring and Swann hits him with multiple big kicks but Sami fights back and hits Rich with a powerbomb followed by the Get Outta Here kneebreaker for the pinfall victory.

Winners: oVe via pinfall

After the match we see Madison still locked in the room but makes her way outside and is being stalked by Su Yung. Madison is terrified and runs away but runs into the undead brides who say her time has come. This all turns out to be here hallucinating then we see Su Yung who lookesto have grabbed Madison to end the show.

My Score: 9/10

Let us know what you think on social media @theCHAIRSHOTcom and always remember to use the hashtag #UseYourHead!


Andrew’s Impact Wrestling Uncaged Ratings & Review

With the tag titles changing hands last week, do we see more changes with Impact Wrestling Uncaged?



With the tag titles changing hands last week, do we see more changes with Impact Wrestling Uncaged?

The pseudo-PPV atmosphere is sure to bring in more consistent viewership, but they’re in an interesting spot. Taya and Tessa are really the only two credible Knockouts unless Gail comes out of retirement (since Rosemary, Su and Jordynne are in the same storyline), so we’ll probably see this get extended somehow. As for the other title match, The Machine has a lot of support and wrestling fans all know the money is in the chase. So I could see Cage getting “screwed” again, but I’d much rather see Cage with the title.

So let’s get hype for the show with a video package of the returning Reno Scum!


  • Knockout’s Championship Street Fight: Tessa Blanchard vs Taya Valkyrie (c) – Taya retains via Double Footstomp through Table – *** 3/4
  • ‘All Ego’ Ethan Page vs Willie Mack: Mack  wins via Stunner – ** 1/2
  • Elimination 4v4: Team Impact (Fallah Bahh, Sami Callihan, Eli Drake & Eddie Edwards) vs Team AAA (Puma King, Psycho Clown, Hijo del Vikingo & Aerostar): Team AAA 4-3 – *** 3/4
  • Fatal 4 Way Impact World Championship: Killer Kross vs Moose vs Johnny Impact (c) vs Brian Cage: Johnny retains via Starship Pain on Moose – *** 1/4

Review Notes:

Both women come out with throwback shirts. Tessa comes out with the old school Four Horsemen shirt and Taya comes out in her Perros de Mal shirt (old Triple A stable she was in with Perro Aguayo Jr). This match was a little awkward at times, and the first table they had ” La Wera Loca vs Diamond” painted on, didn’t break after two spear attempts. Really good hardcore style action, with chairs, insults, ring posts and another table. Definitely more of a brawl than wrestling, but after the table didn’t break the subsequent spots seemed to be a little off. Still a solid match, entertaining to watch, good way to start off the Uncaged show. Dios perdona, los perros no.

After a quick promo with Team Impact, Scarlett joins Melissa during the commercial break moment and she’s barely dressed and her and Melissa start doing squats. I mean they’re doubling down on sex sells, and I’m not even mad.

Mack and Page was a solid match. Good brawling, Willie’s agility outlasted Page’s strikes. One would assume the winner should be closer to an X Division title shot at least. So it should be interesting where this leads.

Killer Kross follows that with his typical chilling, slightly unhinged promo, and damn it was well done.

The interesting thing about the commercial break stuff tonight is Melissa doing live interviews with different people. It’s kinda neat, like extra content.

Team Triple A has a clap back promo after the commercial, which says the Cup is staying in Mexico. If memory serves, Team Triple A beat Team TNA in the first World X Cup, so I’m curious if they’ll pull from that for a storyline.

Sami Callihan calls out Swann one more time, Swann throws the shirt at Callihan, so a fight ensues. Swann gets the best of things momentarily, but an eye gauge allows Sami the opening to toss Rich around a little, Piledriver him on the stage and then Powerbomb him off the stage through a table. So I guess Sami will get the X Divison shot, but might have to go through Willie Mack first in the following weeks before Rebellion.

A lot of fun fast paced action, good dives, good strikes, nice story telling and only one slip so far from Aerostar. Eli Drake is the first one eliminated by Puma King because he tries to tell Eddie to not use the kendo stick, but tries to use it himself, Eddie catches him and takes his stick back, then pushing Eli. So one Gedo Clutch later, Eli is eliminated by pinfall. Fallah Bah eliminates Vikingo after a Twisted Running Powerslam. Aerostar eliminates Bahh after a Crucifix Pin when Bahh misses the Banzai Drop. Boston Knee Party from Eddie eliminates Aerostar. Piledriver from Sami eliminates Puma King. Two on one advantage with Sami and Eddie against Psycho Clown. Eddie hits a Boston Knee Party lays out Psycho Clown, but Sami pushes Eddie off and tries to steal the spotlight, only a two count, Psycho Rolls Up Sami for the pinfall elimination. Eddie has Psycho on the ropes, but Eli returns, takes Kenny the Kendo Stick and distracts Eddie. Then he hits Eddie to give Psycho a shot to hit a Backstabber, followed up the La Magistral for the victory. So Impact kinda played themselves, but it was a damn good match with a lot to unpack.

Melissa finally returns after a few commercial breaks off, with Sami Callihan and David Crist. This was ridiculous but great. Just erratic idiocy, they steal Melissa’s sandals at some point, David sings “Hey there Samuel” and Sami does a pitch like a dating service while Melissa is getting her sandals. So dumb, but great.

Small promotional video package for Reno Scum. Returning to Impact for the first time since the first wave of GFW “invasion” (nearly 2 years).

A quick little moment with Dark Allie, Su Yung and Rosemary, followed by a commercial with Melissa and KM & Fallah Bahh. Very funny, Melissa plays off the wrestlers well. She needs to stick around since she’s got a nice personality and seems to work well with most of the guys.

Scarlett with a weird video package, her in a bed, a little moan and showing cleavage is her formula. So if it ain’t broke, I’m not gonna fix it, shut up, stop judging me!

LAX joins Melissa before the main event and the Latina comes out in her. She’s more animated that usual, very fun and entertaining. She even busts their chops a little, but they take it in stride and seem to enjoy each other’s company.

Since the match starts with only about 12 minutes before time limit the match wasn’t going to be a technical masterpiece, but for what it was it was fun. It was more of a brawl, since there were 3 bigger guys. Kross had a bunch of moments looking like a beat, Cage looked like a million bucks hitting the Drill Claw on both Moose and Kross. But Johnny pulled the opportunistic thing, and while Kross and Cage were tied up, Johnny pulls Moose to the corner, barely hits Starship Pain and sneaks in a pinfall before Cage finishes the Drill Claw + pin on Kross.  So Johnny retains while looking like a punk, and the crowd wanted nothing to do with him. Terminator claps most of the match.

Overall Score: 7.5/10

Solid solid show from start to finish. Tessa and Taya got things kicked off well, Melissa doing backstage interviews as the Twitch commercial break stuff was great. World Cup match was fun and set up a few storylines for the Impact stars while Team Triple A got the home field advantage win. Main event was a little disappointing to be honest. Johnny has worn out his fan support both in Mexico and on Twitch chat. Granted yes, I’m hopeful this is building towards a big blow off at Rebellion, maybe with Cage going over and Austin Aries returning, but I guess we’ll have to see.

Also from the main event, we see some cracks in the Moose and Kross alliance, so that could definitely be an interesting match in the near future.

So yeah, we have a lot to chew on moving into TV tapings for the shows leading up to Rebellion, but from a completely playlist mentality view point, Cage got screwed. Brian Cage better be getting this damn title soon, or I want him to put Don Callis through the announce table.

Now the weekly Twitch viewers portion:

  • Week 1: High – 10,350 / Low – 8,500
  • Week 2: High – 8,000 / Low – 6,500 
  • Week 3: High – 8,500 / Low – 7,900  
  • Week 4: High – 7,100 / Low – 5,300
  • Week 5: High – 7,450 / Low – 5,650
  • Uncaged: High – 9,000/ Low – 8,000

Well it looks like people just need a reason to tune in. Not only was this week mostly main event talent, but since the event had was named, I feel like people just expected better quality. So still no record breaking high, but solid numbers throughout the entire show.




Let us know what you think on social media @theCHAIRSHOTcom and always remember to use the hashtag #UseYourHead!
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Impact Coverage

Andrew’s Impact Wrestling Ratings & Review (2/8/2019)

Impact Wrestling, coming off the worst Twitch viewership, and worst rated show of the year…do we see a bounce back leading into Uncaged?



Impact Wrestling, coming off the worst Twitch viewership, and worst rated show of the year…do we see a bounce back leading into Uncaged?

With my assumed direction for the main event to become a 4 way, Allie’s ongoing struggle with Demons and Zombies, Team Impact vs Team AAA and Sami’s history with Rich Swann, Uncaged has a lot to build towards.

Let’s not overlook that we’re getting an Impact Tag Team Championship rematch between LAX and the Lucha Bros. So it’s gonna take some impressive fail for this episode to fall short.

Time to find out.


  • Rich Swann & Willie Mack vs Dave & Jake Crist: Swann wins via 450 Splash – ***
  • Kiera Hogan vs Allie: Hogan wins via Face the Music – ** 1/4
  • Rohit Raju vs Trey: Trey wins via Meteora – ***
  • Sami Callihan vs Puma King: Callihan wins via Piledriver – *** 1/4
  • Impact Tag Team Championship: LAX (c) vs Lucha Bros: Lucha Bros win via Spike Fear Factor – *** 3/4TITLE CHANGE!!


Review Notes:

Tag action starts us off. The Crists come out to continue the story with Swann and Sami Callihan. We get a solid match. Crowd was asleep, so that did make it come off a little flat, but lots of good action from both the Crists and Mack/Swann. So it’s a good start.

Lucha Bros promo, followed by the announcement that the Uncaged main event is now a 4 Way match. Johnny vs Cage vs Moose vs Kross. Obvious twist with how things have been going, but no complaints.

Flashback moment is the last few minutes of Pentagon’s World Championship victory against Austin Aries and Fenix at Redemption 2018.

We see the storyline move forward with all the Darkness, Su Yung gets wiped out and Allie has a fit thinking Su disappeared and Rosemary might show up. So because she freaks out and doesn’t just grab the bloody glove, Kiera takes the opening to hit her Cradle Neckbreaker finish. No appearance by Rosemary though.

They announce RVD & Sabu vs Lucha Bros for United We Stand.

Allie and Su are seen in the back, with Allie muttering “she’s here”. Screen flickers and a message is seen ” The witching is upon us. Don’t say we didn’t warn you.”

The contrast in styles between an old school heel and the new school “flippy” guy, worked fairly well. Old heel tactics kept Trey grounded for the most part, but he still pulled off a Triangle Enzuigiri as well as his Head Tucked in the Turnbuckle Tiger Feint ( think Will Ospreay’s Cheeky Nandos Kick, but tucking the head and then hitting a 619 instead). Trey winning with the Meteora off the top, punctuated the shenanigans more than looking cool.

Quick Scarlett bumper about her in-ring debut next week.

Sami and Puma King starts off with a lot of Sami brawling with some nice heel work. Puma King has a nice Headscissors out of a Tree of Woe, and then starts putting some offense together. After a huge miss on the dive to the outside, Puma King is on the back foot, but they do put together a nice sequence to pick things up a little. We get an odd Drop Toe Hold into La Magistral spot, but the finishing sequence is solid. All in all in the best match on the show so far, a damn solid episode already.

Video hype package for Taya versus Tessa.

Eli confronts Eddie Edwards about next week’s match, trying to convince him to drop the hardcore style.

Melissa Santos interviews Moose and Kross. Moose turns on a little more goofiness, trying to say it’s unfair to the others because they’re a team and have one another’s blind sides. Moose says “Just like Bill Belichick says, there’s no I in team” and Kross nods, ” That’s good. But I prefer the one with the Frog and the Scorpion”. Moose doesn’t get the reference, but it alludes to Kross using Moose to get to a goal. So we’ll see if it falls apart next week.


They had a lot to follow after their Homecoming match, but this wasn’t bad. It starts quick again, and this match had the same issue the last one did, where it felt too fast. Moves weren’t hitting flush, double clutching or waiting too long to take a spot hurt the match a little. Both tag teams kicked out of the respective finishers, so no one looks bad. Lucha Bros have to hit a second Spike Feat Factor, as Fenix lays out Ortiz with a tope. Konnan makes them shake hands, but there’s still a little heat.



Overall Score: 7.25/10

Nothing about this show was bad. Stories moved forward, big announcement for United We Stand with the RVD & Sabu vs Lucha Bros main event. Also coming off of the AEW news that Lucha Bros will show up there, winning the Impact Tag Championships could lead to some interesting cross over. Who knows.

But like I said, good show. Nice to see Impact bounce back a little from the lack luster show last week.

  • Week 1: High – 10,350 / Low – 8,500
  • Week 2: High – 8,000 / Low – 6,500 
  • Week 3: High – 8,500 / Low – 7,900  
  • Week 4: High – 7,100 / Low – 5,300
  • Week 5: High – 7,450 / Low – 5,650

As you see, the overall numbers were a little better than last week when it comes to Twitch audience, and it held steady at 6,000 for most of the show. So the product was a little better, as the ‘Go Home’ to Uncaged. So maybe we’ll see a spike next week for the bigger show.

Let us know what you think on social media @theCHAIRSHOTcom and always remember to use the hashtag #UseYourHead!
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