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Impact Coverage

Ja’Von’s Impact Wrestling Live Report (7/5/18)



Quick Results:

Rich Swann vs Fenix: Fenix via pinfall 

Killer Kross vs Fallah Bahh: Killer Kross via submission 

Madison Rayne & Allie vs Su Yung & Undead Maid of Honor: Madison Rayne & Allie via pinfall 

Katernia vs Rebel: Katernia via pinfall 

Brian Cage vs Kongo Kong: Brian Cage via pinfall 

Play by Play:

Cold Opening:

Impact Wrestling opens up with a cold opening that recaps everything that went down last wee on Impact.

Rich Swann vs Fenix:

Rich Swann makes his way to the ring for the opening contest of the night.

Fenix who is making his Impact return tonight makes his way to the ring for this match tonight.

The bell rings and here we go. Collar and elbow tie up with Fenix hitting the go behind and bring Swann yo the mat then locking in a wristlock and bring him back to the mat. Swann then hits multiple kip upa before finally getting back up. While still holding on to the wristlock Fenix walks the ropes then sends Rich to the floor. Back in the ring the match is fast and furious with multiple flips and tricks both guys miss their shots then do double kip ups into a stand off. They get in each others face and Fenix hits Rich with a dropckick sending Swann to the outside. Fenix follows to the outside but Rich gets the advantage and gets on the apron to hit a springboard move but Fenix tries to counter and eats a superkick. Swann then conncects with springboard somersault. Back in the ring Fenix regains control of the match and sends Swann back to the outside and hits a sucide dive and brings Rich back in the ring. Fenix sets him up in the corner and hits a reverse cutter off the second rope. Fenix tries to go for it again this time from the middle rope but Swann counters it into a handstand and goes over Fenix.

They both then think about doing the same thing as they hit double handsprings into fouble reverse cutters as we go to break.

Back from break and we have ourselves a stalemate back and forth with both guys laying in chops to each other. Fenix tosses Swann to the floor but Rich catches himself and comes back in and catches him with a kick to the side of the head then followed by a fisherman suplex for a nearfall. Rich Swann continues with a 450 from the second rope for another nearfall. Both guys end up on the top rop and Fenix hits a hurricanrana followed by a piledriver for a nearfall. Fenix is first to get back to his feet and runs into a big superkick from Swann. Fenix then sets Rich on the top rope and hits an uppercut followed by some sort of musclebuster with a spin for the pinfall victory.

Winner: Fenix via pinfall

After the match oVe attacks Fenix and try to take his mask off but Pentagon Jr. slides into the ring and oVe escape. Pentagon Jr. then turns oj Fenix and hits him with the Pentagon driver. Pentagon then takes off his mask and it turns out to be Callihan.

Swann then comes back to make the save but gets overpowered and oVe forces him to watch as Sami goes to take the mask off of Fenix. Then the REAL Pentagon Jr. ckmes out to make the save and takes out Sami Callihan and oVe with a suicide dive.

Backstage we see KM and Fallah Bahh. KM apologizes to him and says he is committed to him and their partnership.

Killer Kross makes his Impact debut NEXT.

Back from the break Allie and Madison Rayne are interviewed about their match. Madison says she has face almost every knockout that has come through Impact and is glad to have someone on het side who knows what their facing tonight. Allie spoke about Rosemary telling her to not get consume by the darnkness but she did and is looking for revenge against Su Yung tonight.

Killer Kross vs Fallah Bahh:

Fallah Bahh accompanied by KM makes his way to the ring for his match. Killer Kross makes his way to the ring for his debut match. The bell rings and here we go. They run at each other and hit each other with shoulderblocks and Kross absorbed the blow. Kross sends Bahh into the corner and lays in the rights and the referee pulls him off him which allows Bahh to take control. Bahh puts Kross in the corner and lays in the chops. Kross then fights back and hits Fallah with a clothesline sending him to the mat. Kross then picks him up and invites him to hit him some more. Bahh does just that and Kross eventually grabs him and hits a sido suplex

then locks in a MMA style choke and puts Fallah Bahh to sleep and the submission victory.

Winner: Killer Kross via Submission

After the match Kross continues to attack Fallah which prompts KM to try and make the save but he gets choked out too which prompts Petey Williams to make his return and the save for KM. He hits Kross with a steel chair but it does nothing to him and Kross is sent to the outside of the ring after Petey throws a chair and it hits Kross in the face.

Kross stands on the ramp and  tells Petey tick tok.

Back from break Jimmy Jacobs and Kongo Kong and interviewed backstage. Jimmy says he is a good guy and Kongo Kong is a monster. He says Kong took out Abyss and Johnny Impact. He talks about Kong attscking Cage last week and that he felt pain so magbe he isnt a machine after all. He predicts that Kong will beat Cage tonight and that he gets what he wants cause he’s a princess.

GWN Flashback Moment of the Week: RVD vs Sting( TNA World Heavyweight Championship): RVD retained that night.

Desi Hit Squad celebrated their win from last week and tells them under his guidance they will take over America and Impact Wrestling.

Back from break and we get a video package of a new knockout coming soon to the Impact Zone.

Madison Rayne & Allie vs Su Yung & Undead Maid of Honor:

Impact Knockouts Champion and het Undead Maid of Honor make their way to the ring for their match. Allie and Madison Rayne make their way tothe ring and rush Su and her Maid of Honor and they take both of them doen with shoulderblocks in the corner then thez presses into raining in forearms. Allie then offically starts the match with the maid of honor and Allie hits her with multiple forearms then hits a Russian Legsweep for a nearfall. Allie hits the ropes to go for a big move but Su Yung grabs her hair to stop her. Su continues to distract Allie which allows for the maid of honor to take down Allie for a nearfall. Su Yung then takes in and wears down Allie with a workkng hold submission maneuver. Allie fights back to get back to her feet. Allie then takes out Su Yung and both knockouts are down. Allie then tags in Madison and Su tags in the maid of honor. Rayne take her down then hits a ripcord neckbreaker. Madison then tries to take out the bridesmaids but gets caught. Allie then dives off the apron to take out the bridesmaids.

Madison then gets caught by Su who sets her up for the paincswitch and accidentally takes of the referee with Madison’s feet. Madison would then counter into Cross Rayne but there is no referee to make the count which allows Tessa Blanchard to come in and attack Madison.

Allie comes in to make the save and takes out Tessa. Madison then his Cross Rayne again on the maid of honor for the pinfall victory.

Winners: Madison Rayne & Allie via pinfall.

In the LAX Clubhouse Santana and Ortiz say they are loyal dudes and ride for Konan who took them out of the ghetto and their bad situations. King feels disrespected by Konan for stepping to him like that and accusing him of attacking him. He doesn’t want to wait anymore and heads to the ring to see what kind of proof Konan has on him.

Back from break we are shown how the Desi Hit Squad trains and Gama Singh’s strict training methods.

oVe Cam:

Sami Callihan is wearing Pentagon’s mask and says that Pentagon should’ve stayed out of their business and says that he ruined everything. He announces a six man tag match between them and Pentagon Jr. Fenix and Rich Swann. Sami says he will take Pentagon’s mask, Fenix’s mask  and Rich Swann’s face.

We get an in depth video package on Impact World Champion Austin Aries about his childhood and how he got into the wrestling industry. He also says that he didn’t have any special favors like Moose. He sahs that Moose ckmes from a world where someone else draws up the gameplan for him but he draws up his own gameplan.

We see Konan on the phone saying that he has the proof and is going to expose him tonight.

Back from break we hear from Tommy Dreamer after he was attacked by Eddie Edwards last week.

Dreamer says Eddie is throwing his career away because of his obsession with Sami Callihan. Tommy says that he nows has an obsession with Eddie Edwards.

Katerina vs Rebel:

Rebel makes her way to the ring for this match.

Katerina accompanied by Grado makes her way to the ring. The bell rings and here we go. Collar and elbow tie up with Rebel getting the upper hand on Katerina with a sideheadlock bringing her to the mat. Back and forth roll ups lead to Rebel still with the upper hand laying in forearns to Katerina then picks her up snd drops her on the mat for a nearfall. Rebel goes for a handspring move but eats nothing but turnbuckle. Katerina then hits a tornado DDT on Rebel and gets a nearfall. Katerina goes to the to rope and jumpa off the ropes and comes up empty. Rebel then hits a split on Katerina but she fights back and hits a backbreaker on her knee for the pinfall victory.

Back from break and Grado and Katerina celebrate her victory and Katerina has a surprise for him. She surprises him with Joe Hendry.

Winner: Katerina via pinfall

Brain Cage vs Kongo Kong:

Kongo Kong accompanied by Jimmy Jacobs makes his way to the ring for the match. Brian Cage makes his way to the ring for the match. The bell rings and here we go. They both go right at each other sith punches. Kong takes down Cage and goes for a splash but Brian Cage rolls out of the way and hits an armdrag on Kong sending him out of the ring. Cage follows up with a sommersault plancha to the outside.

Cage brings him back in and Cage stays on the attack and sets u.k p for a running powerbomb until Kong counters and hits a hurricanrana.

Cage then fights bsck and goes on the attack and hits a 619 and a german suplex for a nearfall.

Kong fights backand gets a nearfall of his own. Cage then hits a superplex from the top rope followed by an F5 for pinfall victory.

Winner: Brian Cage via pinfall 

Konan’s Proof:

Back from break Konan mkes his way to the ring to expose King for being the one who attacked him. Konan calls out King and he comes out to the ring with Santana and Ortiz.

Konan is not made that King put a hit on him. Konan bring up all the times he helped King out during their childhood and King’s marriage. Konan says the calls that King said he made to him while he was in the hospital never happened. Konan calls him an explicit name.

King then admits that he was the one who called the hit saying he is the future and Konan is the past. Santana and Ortiz flip King off and Konan says he didn’t get the job done as usual. The orginal LAX Homicide and Hernandez attack Konan, Santana, and Ortiz.

The battle lines have been drawn and King, Homicide, and Hernandez stand tall.

My thoughts: This sas a really great show tonight we kicked off with a must see match between Rich Swann and Fenix and ended wih a civil war. Tonight also saw two debuts with the in-ring debut of Killer Kross and the Impact debut of Joe Hendry. Seems like Hendry will be involved with Grado and Katerina while Kross might have began his first offical feud. Another great show from Impact tonight. Stay close to Twitter and for my Impact Wrestling Viewership and YouTube articles in the coming days.

My Score: 6.5/10

Let us know what you think on social media @theCHAIRSHOTcom and always remember to use the hashtag #UseYourHead!

Impact Coverage

Andrew’s Impact Wrestling Ratings & Analysis 4/12/2019

Andrew brings us Impact Wrestling coverage! Two weeks away from Rebellion, let’s see how it all plays out! IMPACT on Twitch!



Andrew brings us Impact Wrestling coverage! Two weeks away from Rebellion, let’s see how it all plays out!

After a long WrestleMania weekend/week, I’m still extremely exhausted. I know we’ve got a mixed tag with Rebellion implications and Moose continuing his revenge on the Rascalz!

We also get the IMPACT debut of the Monster Mafia-wait, no?- okay they are now known as The North.

Before we get to the show, just for DeMarco:


  • Moose vs Wentz: Moose wins via Spear – *** 1/4
  • Rosemary vs Su Yung: No Contest – **
  • The North (Josh Alexander & Ethan Page) vs El Reverso & Sheldon Jean: The North wins via Tandem Torture Rack toss into a Spinebuster – ** 1/2
  • Tessa Blanchard vs Madison Rayne: Rayne wins via School Girl Roll-Up – *** 3/4
  • Brian Cage & Jordynne Grace vs Johnny Impact & Taya Valkyrie: Johnny wins via Shining Wizard – *** 1/2



So this is an odd story. Rascalz are pretty well liked being cheeky stoned pranksters, but when they made fun of Moose for striking out with Melissa Santos, he came to their club house for a pound of flesh. So, even though Moose is a cocky, douchey, arrogant schmuck…he’s technically in the right here. As he took out Trey a few weeks ago, he now set his sights on Wentz. Wentz put up a good fight, the crowd reacted pretty well and the match was fun.

Melissa Santos interviews Madison Rayne, Tessa crashes the interview and it turns into a declaration of having a match. So Tessa versus Madison will happen tonight.

Rosemary comes out to try and avenge Allie’s death. The match starts off in favor of Rosemary, then the Undead Bridesmaids distract Rosemary. Kiera Hogan runs out to try and help, Rosemary goes out and admonishes Firefly for interfering. The Undead Bridesmaids dog pile Rosemary and Kiera for what should be a DQ, but they kept saying No Contest. They feed them both to Su Yung in the ring so she can hit the Panic Switch and leave them laying. So Kiera is being positioned as Rosemary’s new unwanted partner. This isn’t a bad way to keep the story going since it seems to be one of the more popular ones that Impact has been running with.

GWN Flashback Match: TNA Turning Point X-Division Championship: RVD (c) vs Joey Ryan, Nov. 11, 2012

Out of the flashback, we have Killer Kross approach Willie Mack on the steps with a cryptic, yet insightful promo. Trying to sow the seeds of doubt between Mack and Swann. Killer Kross is a damn treasure.

Monster Mafia got rebranded as The North, and for a jobber match, this was actually kind of competitive. Alexander did a lot of the early work and looked scary impressive. Sadly Twitch chat focused more on the amateur wrestling head gear that Josh wears, and not the fact that he was throwing people around with ease. A Powerbomb Backbreaker, a few fun tandem moves and just generally a fun match. The North look like a force to be reckoned with.

Well now, this match was pretty damn good, told a great story since Gail was on commentary and Madison…looked…really good. By that I mean in the ring. This is the second week in a row Madison showed off much better in-ring skills. A few big Frakensteiners, nice transitional roll ups and generally nice movement. Tessa was dominant, but allowed her ego and Gail on the outside to distract her throughout the match. Really good everything.

Eli and Eddie ask Lucha Bros for a title match, LAX shows up and jumps Lucha Bros. Eli pulls Eddie away basically saying let them soften each other up.

Okay…Taya and Johnny have a great interview segment:

Fallah goes looking for Scarlett and finds her! She doesn’t seem to quite understand Bahh, but she offers to tag with him next week against the Desi Hit Squad.

Taya starts the match and then Johnny jumps off the apron to avoid the tag. He tries to get the crowd to chant for Taya, but Jordynne tags in Cage to force Johnny’s hand. This was a solid match that solidified an angle through this entire feud with Cage and Johnny. Johnny played chicken shit heel, and then John E. Bravo showed his true colors by Chop Blocking Cage in the midst of a Drill Claw. So the questionable Homecoming stuff on the outside, counting 3 for Kross even though Cage kicked out, and overlooking interference…it’s all cause he’s basically Nick Patrick (among others but I’m a WCW fanboy at heart). So Taya and Johnny have a referee in their pocket.


Overall Score: 7.5/10

Pretty good show. Quality matches, storyline movement, a debut, a solid reveal with Bravo. I may not personally like the heel referee crap, but it has a place. Hopefully we don’t get too much of it since Cage and Johnny have had an odd feud since January. I don’t really need this angle to go much longer.

Either way, good show, no real complaints and Don Callis was manning Twitch Chat this week…and seemed to be received pretty well. Ramping up to Rebellion, this is all a good hype episode.

Let us know what you think on social media @theCHAIRSHOTcom and always remember to use the hashtag #UseYourHead!
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Impact Coverage

Andrew’s Impact Wrestling Ratings & Analysis (4/5/2019)

Andrew goes straight from NXT Takeover to Impact Wrestling! How does the show follow up the mediocre Against All Odds?



Andrew goes straight from NXT Takeover to Impact Wrestling! How does the show follow up the mediocre Against All Odds?

We’ve got Gail Kim and Tessa Blanchard building for the next few weeks, Rosemary will be dealing with the death of Allie and Cage should be out for Johnny Impact’s blood.

There’s a lot of storylines to build this week, so let’s hope things start to build.

Time to start the show!


  • X Division Scramble: Aiden Prince vs Idris Abraham vs Ace Austin vs Trey vs Petey Williams vs Jake Crist: Williams wins via Avalanche Canadian Destroyer – *** 1/2
  • Mad Man Fulton & Sami Callihan vs Rich Swann & Willie Mack: Callihan wins via Piledriver – ** 1/2
  • #1 Contender’s Match: Jordynne Grace vs Madison Rayne: Grace wins via Grace Driver – *** 1/4
  • Rohit Raju vs Fallah Bahh: Rohit wins via Dirty Pin – **
  • Eli Drake & Eddie Edwards vs LAX: Eddie wins via Boston Knee Party – ***



A 6 way crazy X Division match kicks things off quickly. Everyone had a decent bit of offense, and Petey ends up getting the win by pinning Jake Crist. So I’m guessing since Impact is in Canada leading to Rebellion for TV tapings, they went for home country pop. Does feel a little left field, but it’s a good match and Petey is still fantastic.

LAX have a bit of a ranting segment about the Lucha Bros after the match.

This tag match continues the saga of Rich Swann against oVe. Willie Mack and Rich get in some good offense, but eventually the numbers and monstrous Mad Man Fulton put oVe over the top. It’s always nice to see Sami get victories with a Piledriver. Dreamer came in to stop the continued beat down, so this might be the angle they use for the RVD return since we all know he’s back with IMPACT. Between the Rascalz and Dreamer’s involvement, RVD has a few angles into the show.

Rolando Melendez – Menendez? It’s his time to be annoying, Johnny Last Name is being condescending and douchey, and that covers his lack of charisma nicely. Killer Kross enters into frame and shuts down Johnny’s verbal massage of the situation, and is just generally creepy, sadistic and scary as hell…all while enunciating beautiful. He’s such a great Sociopath.

Rascalz have a great ridiculous moment with Moose backstage. It’s just funny, find the clip.

GWN Flashback: Su Yung vs Rosemary May 3, 2018 IMPACT!

Well now, as we see in the earlier inserted video, Jordynne took  umbrage with Madison trying to jump the line. So Taya planted the seed of a number 1 contender match, and this wasn’t bad. Madison was never high on my list, but her time in the WWE PC and maybe even ROH (even though she threw shade in the interview) seems to have helped. Nothing looked too bad, and was obviously working from underneath since Jordynne is a powerhouse. So again, surprisingly solid match. Good job Madison!

Josh Alexander and Ethan Page have a segment in the back where they declare their teaming again and gonna destroy all of the things. Somewhere Greg DeMarco is giddy like a school girl.

Fallah and Rohit actually wasn’t bad. Decent pace from both men, even given Fallah’s size, but the rest of the Desi Hit Squad being around the ring paid off for Rohit. Scarlett Bordeaux comes out after the injustice to distract the Hit Squad, then Fallah lays them out, flings them in the corner. Scarlett stopped Fallah and hit them with a hip attack and Stink Face (is it really a bad thing from Scarlett?). Scarlett then hops on Fallah’s back and the celebrate. Is this a thing now? I’m not against it, just want to know.

…Cody Deaner is back…apparently with a cousin named Jake? Okay…you have my curiosity.

Gail Kim highlight reel/hype package. She is one of the best of the previous generation of women’s wrestlers, so I’m hype for the match. Followed by Tessa saying similar things to last week, just running down the “bra and panties match” era. Good angle, just nothing new was said on Tessa’s part.

Well Eli takes a swing at Konnan before the bell, causing Konnan to retaliate. So the referee throws out Konnan. What ensues is a pretty decent match. A lot of the typical LAX stuff we’ve grown to expect, Eli and Eddie pulling out a few tricks and then the Lucha Bros come out to distract LAX after they were embarrassed at Against All Odds. Eli sneaks in with Kenny the Kendo stick, hits Ortiz, Eddie hits a Boston Knee Party and the upset happens!

Lucha Bros put Santana through a table to make a point after the match.


Overall Score: 7/10

Solid show. Coming off an odd Against All Odds, this had some good action, moved storylines along well and was just generally an easy watch. Given that NXT Takeover bled into the start time a little and could’ve bit into live viewership, it’s nice they put up a good show for the hardcore fan that wanted to consume as much wrestling as possible on a Friday.

Like I said last week, I’m not doing the Twitch views until after Rebellion so we have a basis of comparison coming off the second PPV of the year.

Let us know what you think on social media @theCHAIRSHOTcom and always remember to use the hashtag #UseYourHead!
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