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Jordan Fox Blog: Why would you criticize another’s experiences?



After my first blog post was posted, I had someone that I used to work with within the wrestling profession screen shot it, Facebook message it to me & criticize me. One of the things he said (after taking credit for me meeting Colt Cabana) was that he thought that I hadn’t properly paid my dues & that I was somehow capitalizing on the very little that I had done in the wrestling business.

This guy has been in professional wrestling for 12 years, it’s not a shocker that he has accomplished more within wrestling than I have, a person that has been in the business for less than a year. But even with knowing how much more he had seen in this business that I had, he still felt the need to write me, to rain on my parade because I am openly proud of what little I have done within the business so far in my career.

Had he ever enlisted in the military as an Infantryman? Had he gone to war? Had he done things he wished he could take back, things that kept him up at night. Had he been given the diagnosis of “PTSD” at the age of 20 & then spent the next several years keeping it from anyone because he was afraid that people would call him crazy?

Had he come home from war & became a Firefighter/Paramedic to yet again give back to the world around him? administer CPR to a child, crawl into a burning trailer home in search of 2 elderly women, hug his friend in the middle of his hometown Emergency Room after he had just worked on his said friend’s dad for 31 minutes by himself. Had he done any of that?

The answer is no, no he had not done any of that. BUT, I never criticized him for it. I would of never inserted my judgmental viewpoints into any story that he was telling. Why? Because experiences are unique from person to person. My experiences in the Iraq War are not going to be the same as someone I was with, just like John Cena’s WrestleMania experiences aren’t going to be the same as Stone Cold Steve Austin’s.

I’m not going to mention that person’s name on here, even after the shitty things he said to me. Up until that moment I looked at him as a friend, I had no reason not to. He had given me one of his “merch” shirts after an interview and whispered something very nice and personal to me that I won’t repeat because again, I’m not here to put him on blast. I look back on that memory & I can’t believe that was the same person who sent the message to me yesterday.

He was protective of the company we used to work for together and I get that. He doesn’t want me to talk badly about the company. But again, his experiences with the company were far different than mine.

Still, I have no plans to speak ill of the company, I never did. I’m sure I will “Monday morning quarterback” some of the decisions that were made by the company, but I’m not going to speak ill of the company that gave me my start. So his attack on me served no other purpose than to show his true feelings toward me.


I’ll be back either tomorrow or Monday to share the story of when I was able to get one on one commentary advice from the voice of wrestling “Jim Ross.”


Stay Strong & Too sweet.


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