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Mitchell’s Lucha Underground Report! (7/25/18)



Lucha Underground cover image

Lucha Underground Season 4, “The Gift That Keeps on Giving”

It is time to crown a new Gift of the Gods Champion! With only six contenders this time, who wins this belt to then aim for THE Lucha Underground Champion?


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  • Sammy Guevara VS Jake Strong; Strong wins.
  • Sacrifice to the Gods: Matanza Cueto VS Vinnie Massaro; Matanza wins, Vinnie and the pizza guy are sacrificed.
  • Six-Way Gift of the Gods Championship: Ivelisse VS Son of Havoc VS The Mack VS El Dragon Azteca Jr. VS King Cuerno VS Desmond X; scrapped for…
  • Trios Match: Ivelisse, Son of Havoc & The Mack VS King Cuerno, El Dragon Azteca Jr. & Desmond X; Cuerno, Azteca & Desmond win and will compete in a Triple Threat Gift of the Gods Championship match.
  • Triple Threat Gift of the Gods Championship: King Cuerno VS El Dragon Azteca Jr. VS Desmond X; Azteca wins and becomes the new Gift of the Gods Champion.


Sammy Guevara VS Jake Strong!

Just as Big Bad Steve tried to get revenge on The Savage Strong for turning on Infamous Inc, the smiling upstart wants his chance. However, BBS failed to make Strong pay, and got a broken ankle for it. Will Sammy suffer the same fate tonight?

The bell rings and fans sing “Strong is gonna kill~ you!” Strong gets a waistlock and throws Sammy to the mat. He brings Sammy back up, for a German Suplex! Sammy lands on his face he was thrown that hard. Believers rally up behind Strong as Strong toys with Sammy. Strong lines up the shot, runs in and Vader Bombs Sammy! Strong isn’t done with Sammy, as he stalks the smaller man. He builds speed, but Sammy ducks to then crossbody himself and Strong out of the ring! Strong bumps apron on the way down, and Sammy keeps on him with knees. But then Strong bounces Sammy off the timekeeper’s table, and then bowls for chairs! Strike!

Believers are loving this as Sammy crawls from the wreckage. Strong brings him up to throw haymakers. Strong rallies the fans, but Sammy climbs the nearby ladder. But Strong gets his ankle for the ankle lock! Sammy fights Strong off, shoving him into that timekeeper’s area! Sammy climbs up higher, but Strong is in pursuit. Strong has him by a leg but Sammy fights back with the other. Strong goes down while Sammy keeps going up. Fans chant “Please Don’t Die!” SUPER MOONSAULT!! Sammy wipes the Savage out!

Fans lose their minds, but Sammy stands tall! Sammy runs at Strong to kick out the leg, then mule kick his face! He keeps going, a second mule kick to the ear! Sammy puts Strong in the ring, and fans already feel “This is Awesome!” Sammy aims at Strong, springboards, but into an ankle lock! The Strong Lock makes Sammy tap, Strong wins!

Winner: Jake Strong, by submission

But Strong doesn’t let go, he BREAKS Sammy’s ankle! Strong takes another trophy as he puts another man on the sidelines. Will the Savage continue to roll on towards success?


Sacrifice to the Gods: Matanza Cueto VS Vinnie Massaro!

The Monster of the Temple has been clearing out the riffraff ever since his father, Antonio, removed what was left of his only remaining son’s humanity. Antonio says that when he took over Lucha Underground, he carefully evaluated the roster. When he saw Vinnie, he thought “Fire that poor excuse of a man.” Vinnie is dead weight, but Antonio thought better. If Dario kept Vinnie around, maybe it’s because he saw potential under that filthy track suit. But after that performance in Aztec Warfare, Antonio has no choice but to… order Vinnie a pizza?

Yes, the pizza man returns! And he presents Vinnie with the pizza pie! But wait, there’s PINEAPPLE on it! Well, this serves as Vinnie’s disappointing last meal, because it’s time for a SACRIFICE!! The Monster rushes the ring, but Vinnie feeds the pizza guy to him first! Matanza stomps out the poor man, but Vinnie mans up! Vinnie steps to Matanza, and tells him off in Italian. Then he SLAPS Matanza! That was a bad move. The bell rings and Vinnie manages to stick and move on Matanza. Vinnie spins for a roaring elbow, but Matanza only staggers. Vinnie builds speed, but then tires himself out… He manages to keep going, but slows to a stop, for a headbutt! Matanza drags Vinnie up, WRATH OF THE GODS, ON THE PIZZA! Cover, Matanza wins!

Winner: Matanza Cueto, by pinfall

The pizza boy looks for a tip, so he picks Vinnie’s pocket, again. But Matanza creeps up behind. The pizza guy tries to buy Matanza off, but he gets a CHOKE SLAM instead! Matanza stacks him on top of Vinnie, and they’re both sacrificed! A two-for-one special, who else will suffer the Wrath of the Gods?


Six-Way Gift of the Gods Championship: Ivelisse VS Son of Havoc VS The Mack VS El Dragon Azteca Jr. VS King Cuerno VS Desmond X!

Normally this match has seven participants, but after a sudden decision by Antonio Cueto, a battle royal ensued. The winner of that battle royal would then be allowed to eliminate one of the others to improve everyone’s chances. Son of Havoc let The Mack win, and The Mack decided Mil Muertes would be the odd one out. There won’t be room for friendship anymore, will Havoc, Mack or someone else in this set of six take the belt for their own?

But wait, Antonio wishes to say something first. “I feel like doing things a little different tonight.” This won’t be a Six-Way match after all. It’ll be a TRIPLE THREAT! But which three? That depends on this impromptu Trios Match! The winning team then competes later on for THE Gift of the Gods title. Antonio teams up Ivelisse & Son of Havoc, former Trios Champions together, and lets them choose their own third man. Believers hope it’s The Mack, because it just makes sense. And yes, it is! The Trios Champions and the Baddest Bitch take on the other three, after the break!


Trios Match: Ivelisse, Son of Havoc & The Mack VS King Cuerno, El Dragon Azteca Jr. & Desmond X!

The teams sort out and we begin with The Mack and King Cuerno. Mack runs in but misses his splash, Cuerno rolls him up! TWO but Mack sits up into a swing kick from Desmond! Azteca tags in to springboard crossbody, then kick away at Mack’s leg. Killshot has appeared at the top of the stairs to watch his “friend” Mack team with yet another person that isn’t him or the MIA Dante Fox. His jealousy aside, Azteca runs and Mack follows, Mack arm-drags Azteca. Azteca runs in but into a chop! Desmond runs in but Mack dodges. The two of them run and Mack hits leaping enziguri! Mack has two men in two corners, so he runs for endless corner clotheslines! He gives each man two, then runs them both over with double clotheslines!

The Believers are fired up as Cuerno runs in and into a Samoan Drop. Mack kip-up and moonsaults! TWO, but Mack keeps his cool. Mack drags Cuerno over to tag in Havoc. Havoc takes Cuerno but Cuerno kicks low. Cuerno whips Havoc corner to corner but Havoc reverses. Havoc runs in for teh handspring elbow then springboards for a crossbody! Cover, TWO! That was close, but now Ivelisse tags in. Cuerno gets away but she still gets him with the headscissors. Desmond comes in but she arm-drags him out of the waistlock. Azteca comes in but runs into a scorpion kick. Ivelisse springboard arm-drags him, then runs to tilt-o-whirl into an octopus stretch! But Cuerno returns to kick her off! Azteca side slams and covers, TWO.

Believers rally up while Azteca tags Desmond in. Desmond hits Ivelisse’s arm, then threads it between the legs to tweak it! Ivelisse writhes while Desmond keeps her isolated. He throws her into Azteca’s boot, then sets her up for body shots. Cuerno teases Ivelisse before Desmond gives her an European Uppercut. Desmond works to drag Ivelisse to the center, but she holds onto ropes. He yanks her up and she lands on her feet, but Desmond grabs hold of a leg to elbow the calf. Desmond lifts but she slips out to enziguri! Both of them are down, hot tag to Mack! Azteca tags in but runs into Mack’s clothesline! Desmond runs into the heel kick! Cuerno runs into the Thesz Press! Mack throws fast hands and the fans are fired up. Mack tags Havoc while Ivelisse leaps onto Cuerno. Azteca springboards but into a SUPERKICK!

The Mack looks at the enemy grouped together, and FLIES! He wipes out Cuerno and Azteca! Desmond is in the ring, but Havov bicycle boots him out. Desmond groups with the others, Havoc handsprings to FLY! Havoc has the Believers losing their minds all over again. He puts Cuerno in the ring, then climbs up top. Havoc takes aim, but has to bail out as Cuerno rolls. Cuerno fireman’s carry, Thrill of the Hunt! Cover, Cuerno’s team wins!!

Winners: King Cuerno, El Dragon Azteca Jr. & Desmond X; move on to the Gift of the Gods Triple Threat

Killshot seems disappointed, yet oddly justified. Perhaps he felt all along that such a mishmash team wouldn’t work. But speaking of, that team is attacked by Mil Muertes! The Man of 1000 Deaths has been kept out of the picture more than he likes, so he makes the men responsible pay for it! Muertes throws Havoc down, then apron powerbombs Mack! Killshot watches as Havoc kicks back, but then comes down to add on? He bicycle kicks Havoc before Muertes could choke slam him, so Muertes goes after him now! Muertes’ rage is boiling over, but he has no choice but to let things happen. The triple threat is up next!


Triple Threat Gift of the Gods Championship: King Cuerno VS El Dragon Azteca Jr. VS Desmond X!

While these three just competed as allies, that goes out the window as it’s every man for himself. Will the King of Hunters or the Heir to the Eagles make their tribe proud? Or will it be the newcomer who sets the record for fastest rise in the Temple?

The bell rings, and while Desmond runs at Azteca, Azteca runs at Cuerno! Cuerno dodges Azteca to hit Desmond, then turns around to tilt-o-whirl backbreaker Azteca. He enziguris Desmond, then gives Azteca another backbreaker. Cover, TWO. Cuerno keeps his cool while he kicks Azteca. Desmond hits Cuerno then throws him at a corner. Cuerno reverse to then hit double knees. Cuerno quiets the crowd so they can hear that SHARP chop! He keeps on Desmond as he hoists him up then roundhouses kick! Cuerno climbs up to SUPER STEINER Desmond, who lands on Azteca, to make it a cover! Cuerno kicks that apart, not letting anyone outsmart him. The fans rally up for Cuerno, and he whips Azteca. Things speed up but Cuerno dropkicks Azteca down. Cover, TWO!

Desmond hits Cuerno with a right hand, then brings him up for body shots. He whips but Cuerno reverses. Desmond goes up and over to then go at Azteca. He SUPERKICKS Cuerno to then fire off shots on Azteca. He stacks them in the corner, for an Around the World back elbow! Azteca staggers away while Desmond runs in at Cuerno. Cuerno’s boot is blocked and Desmond gives off more martial arts strikes. He snapmares Cuerno for a dropkick to the back! Cover, TWO! Desmond goes back to Azteca for a quick boot wash, then a corner to corner whip. Azteca goes up and over, but then trades places with Desmond. He pushes Desmond away, to springboard arm-drag and dropkick Desmond down! Cover, TWO!

Azteca keeps his cool while fans rally up. Desmond turns things around to a full nelson, but Azteca escapes and Cuerno’s boot goes into Desmond. Azteca lurks behind Cuerno, then runs to LEAP FROG over and land on Desmond! Azteca returns but gets a kick from Cuerno. Cuerno draws his bow, takes aim and… HELL’S ARROW! Direct hit on Azteca but it takes a bit out of Cuerno, too. Cuerno puts Azteca back in for a quick splash. TWO, but Cuerno keeps his cool. Cuerno drags Azteca up in bomb position, but Azteca slips out and hops up. Azteca spins but Cuerno blocks to bring him back up. Azteca sunset flips through, but Desmond barrels in to break the cover! All three men are down, but Believers are liking it.

Desmond is up first and goes after Azteca. He fires off those slapping body shots, then a big spinning haymaker. He runs corner to corner, but is put on the apron. Desmond swing kicks Azteca down, then handsprings in for the PELE! Cover, TWO!

Desmond drags Azteca up while Cuerno returns. Cuerno kicks them both down, then goes after Azteca with the Indian Deathlock. Cuerno sees Desmond coming in, so he catches him into a wheelbarrow full nelson! He has simultaneous holds! Both men endure the holds, but Desmond pries his way out. Desmond fights with elbows and rolls Cuerno off. Azteca is freed, runs at Desmond, and turns the pop-up into a dropkick on Cuerno! Desmond adds a running EuroUpper, and Azteca runs in again, but into Cuerno’s boot! Cuerno kicks Desmond, then hops up. Desmond SUPER STEINERS Cuerno off!

Cuerno goes on the apron, Azteca triangle dropkicks him down. Desmond builds speed but runs into another kick. Azteca builds speed to slide out, Cuerno gives him a knee trigger! Desmond slides on the apron for a kick to Cuerno! Azteca leaps from the stairs to huricanrana Cuerno! Desmond corner 619’s as well, but Azteca gives Desmond a stiff forearm shot. Azteca throws Desmond at the apron but Desmond back flips off it! Desmond and Azteca collide with clotheslines, then collide again. Cuerno runs in to run them both over! All three men are down on the outside but the Believers are fired up. Cuerno drags Azteca up and throws him at the announce desk. He then drags Desmond around the corner. Cuerno asks fans to move aside for him, so they do. Cuerno brings Desmond up, fireman’s’ carry, snake eyes on the railing!

The Hunter stalks Azteca now, and bowls for chairs! Cuerno keeps on Azteca with a fireman’s carry, then prepares a char. Azteca fights out, but Desmond suddenly flies in from above!! Desmond takes the both out with that SUPER Swanton! Fans lose their minds all over again after that one. Desmond staggers up and Azteca crawls away. They leave Cuerno behind as they go into the ring. Desmond climbs up top, but his corkscrew senton misses! Azteca climbs up now, but Desmond returns with a SHORYUKEN! Desmond climbs up and lifts Azteca in a fireman’s carry of his own. Azteca fights back, adjusts, but Desmond gives palm strikes. Azteca flips back, runs up, and SUPER Victory Roll! Cover, EL DRAGON AZTECA WINS!!

Winner: El Dragon Azteca Jr, by pinfall; NEW Gift of the Gods Champion

The young luchador finally does it! He makes all that training under Rey Mysterio and all the damage down by Matanza Cueto from the last three seasons worth it. The Heir to the Eagle Tribe has gold, when will he get to use it to go for Lucha Underground Championship gold?


Meanwhile, in an undisclosed location…

Mariposa drags her brother, Marty, back into the Martinez family home. She wakes her sleeping brother with a splash of water. Marty is upset, he was having a great dream. It had Melissa Santos, and Marty was giving her a necklace made of Pentagon’s teeth. Does Marty know why Mari did what she did at Ultima Lucha Tres? Because they always hurt each other. No. It’s because Marty needs focus. Marty dreams of the wrong things, like Melissa and taking people’s teeth. Marty vows he’ll make Pentagon pay by taking his teeth.

No, Marty, you make Pentagon pay by taking his title. Mariposa may wear the mask, but Marty is the true heir to the Moth Tribe. “So stop laying around feeling sorry for yourself, and focus on what truly matters.” The mad Moth siblings aim for the top of the Temple, but what will they do on the way there?



My Thoughts:

A really fun Lucha Underground, even with the “impulsive changes” made by Antonio Cueto. We get a quick and dominate match for Strong VS Guevara. Guevara looked like he was about to get the upset, but no, Strong stays strong as he breaks another ankle. Matanza “sacrifices” another jobber, so bye-bye Vinnie Massaro. Both these stories are surely headed somewhere, such as an opponent too strong to easily squash and throw aside. Maybe Famous B will return to also bring the return of Dr. Wagner Jr. or Texano. Texano VS Strong can definitely make for a great slug fest of a match. Matanza will likely run out of jobbers to sacrifice before moving up the card, which makes for a lot of great possibilities.

Antonio practically stands in for “Mr. McMahon” with how fickle he is about his own main event match. He downsizes it from a Six-Way to a Trios (Six Man Tag) and then only lets three compete for the belt. It all still worked out great, with Muertes now joining the story of dysfunction between Mack, Havoc and Killshot. That could turn out a couple of ways, such as Muertes being teamed with two others to challenge for the Lucha Underground Trios Championships, and then it’s up to Killshot to either accept or reject Havoc as a teammate. The triple threat was great, and really establishes Desmond in Lucha Underground while giving Azteca a reward for all his great work. Obviously Marty is coming for Pentagon first, but Azteca being GotG can complicate things for some added fun.

My Score: 8.3/10



Dragon Gate Fantastic Gate 2018 Results & Review (12/4/2018)



Mathew brings us more coverage with…Dragon Gate? Well I suppose something big did happen, even though King of Gate was still horrid. But hey, let’s see if PAC’s involvement helps things out.

We now return to Dragon Gate to take a small break from the AJPW Real World Tag League, which you should check out if you haven’t just yet since it’s been a great tournament.

As of right now, this will be my last Dragon Gate coverage for the year due to scheduling with the holidays and work, plus I need to get ready for matches of the year at the end of the month. We got a big show today since we got Open the Dream Gate Championship defended against PAC.

So let us see how things will turn out as we…dive right in.


Eight Man Tag Team Match
Dragon Dia & Tribe Vanguard (BxB Hulk, Kagetora & YAMATO) vs. Don Fujii, Gamma, Ryo Saito & Super Shisa

Review: Our opening contest is an eight-man tag match with Don Fujii, Gamma, Ryo Saito, and Super Shisa taking on three members of Tribe Vanguard, Kagetora and the Open the Twin Gate Champions, BxB Hulk and YAMATO along with Dragon Dia. Dragon Dia is a new wrestler in Dragon Gate as he is also considered to be Dragon Kid’s new apprentice whenever he decides to hang it up. Let’s see how Dragon Dia does and will he help Tribe Vanguard get the victory or will it be the other team?

The match was short and incredibly basic with nothing really too much to make the crowd seem overly invested in it in my opinion. Half of the match is pretty much Dia paying his dues in the ring while also getting a bit of offense into the match, so how did he do? From what I saw out of him, I thought he does have potential to be how Dragon Kid was but he has a long way to go if he wants to reach that level eventually. Dia did take a beating from the other team and even had Gamma kinda waterboard him while he was taking a Mexican Stretch. Tribe Vanguard would do stuff for a little bit into the match and they worked well with each other and not with Dia since he’s not really apart of their unit. Dia would get to have Fujii for a pinfall but he kicked out and hits Dia with a Lariat to end his momentum. Fujii would hit a Chokeslam onto Dia as Ryo would do his SaiRyo Rocket to get the pinfall victory.

Rating: Tony Schiavone and a quarter

Eight Man Tag Team Match
Hyo Watanabe, Kota Minoura, Masaaki Mochizuki & Yuki Yoshioka vs. Hiroshi Yamato & MaxiMuM (Jason Lee, Kaito Ishida & Naruki Doi)

Review: We get another eight-man tag match to continue this show as Masaaki Mochizuki is in action with Hyo Watanabe, Kota Minoura, and Yuki Yoshioka as the four take on Hiroshi Yamato and three MaxiMuM members, Jason Lee, Kaito Ishida, and Naruki Doi. While the opening match wasn’t really something that was memorable, I’m sure we’ll get some action in this one to pick stuff up. Which one of these four will win?

I’m still new to Hiroshi Yamato, but I’m still digging his singing type of gimmick and think it’s pretty funny. This one was a much better match than the opening contest since all of the competitors were more involved in this We had another small encounter with Mochizuki and Lee, and I still wanna see that match happen but I know we probably won’t get a singles match with them any time soon. Yuki is someone that keeps growing on me whenever I see him involved in these tag matches as he does show signs of progress and I hope to see big things from him in 2019. Jason Lee would try to do his taunt in the ring when he’s in his meditative state and rolled up Mochizuki for a two count and when Mochizuki would try to do the same taunt, Jason would just kick his head. Yuki would block Naruki’s Bakatare Sliding Kick but takes a German from Yamato, a Facebuster from Naruki, and a kick along with a German from Lee as they break the hold. Yuki would attempt a flash pin onto Kaito but Kaito would quickly maneuver out of it until Yuki pinned him back down as he gets the surprise victory!

Rating: Eric Bischoff

Singles Match
Shun Skywalker vs. U-T

Review: We only have two singles matches in this show and it’s time to get our first one underway as we have Shun Skywalker taking on U-T. It’s been a while since I’ve seen Shun in a singles match since the King of Gate Tournament and this might be the first time I’ve seen U-T in a singles match, so this is definitely a nice surprise since both men can go. Which one of these two will get the win?

If you were expecting a highflying type of match between these two, you don’t get that type of match here and while it did throw me off, I was honestly okay with it since they still did give us a technical match. For my first time seeing U-T in one on one action, I gotta say that seeing him more ground-based in this match was very surprising in a good way too since he’s very crisp in his ability. Shun Skywalker still continues to impress me every time I see him in the ring, so seeing both of these men deliver in this match made me feel very satisfied.

The match was also very even here and it looked like Shun was going to get him, but U-T would catch him with the Skayde to try and make him tap out to the hold until Shun would roll out of the hold and hits the Moonsault Press for a two count. Shun would hit a Reverse Suplex and goes to the top rope to go for another Moonsault as U-T puts his knees up before Shun could land. U-T would apply the Skayde once again but Shun would refuse to tap out of the hold once again and the bell rings to show that there’s a time limit draw. Huge ovation for these two in this match and I hope this isn’t the end for them.

Rating: Bruce Prichard

Six Man Tag Team Match
Dragon Kid, Bandido, & Flamita vs. DAGA & R.E.D. (Eita & Ben-K)

Review: Our next match is a six-man tag team match with Dragon Kid teaming up with Flamita and Bandido is they take on R.E.D. We found out that Dragon Kid and Eita are going to have one final match at Final Gate in a hair vs mask match, but I’m not sure if the Open the Brave Gate Championship is on the line yet. But this is sure to be an exciting tag bout and let’s see if R.E.D wins or the luchadors take it.

R.E.D starting the attack on their opponents before the match started in their typical heel fashion. The face team would start to make a comeback with Bandido and Flamita diving to the outside onto their opponents. Seeing Kid, Flamita, and Bandido team up worked out very well here with their Luchador agility with Bandido once again being on fire in this match and if he’s someone you follow, what the hell is wrong with you? Get on that shit right away if you like Lucha Libre. It’s a shame Ben didn’t win the belt but I know he’ll bounce back into something soon, maybe going back to the Open the Twin Gate picture with Big R. Eita and Dragon Kid going back at it develops more fuel into their story and I actually can’t wait for it to end and not because it felt like it went on for too long, but with the new stipulation they added to their match, it just adds a lot more involved for their eventual conclusion. After Flamita and Bandido did their tag team combo with Bandido hitting a Phoenix Splash after being flipped over, Eita and Kid are alone in the ring again. Dragon jumped off the ropes and got caught for a Super Kick and would go to finish off Kid but he hits the Bible onto Eita to get the surprise victory!

Rating: Eric Bischoff and a half

Eight Man Tag Team Match
Natural Vibes (Genki Horiguchi, Kzy, Susumu Yokosuka & YASSHI) vs. R.E.D. (Big R Shimizu, KAZMA SAKAMOTO, Takashi Yoshida & Yasushi Kanda)

Review: Our next match is another eight-man tag team match with R.E.D members, Big R Shimizu, KAZMA SAKAMOTO, Takashi Yoshida, and Yasushi Kanda taking on Natural Vibes members, Genki Horiguchi, Kzy, Susumu Yokosuka, and Brother YASSHI. Recently, Natural Vibes broke the record for most title defenses with the Open the Triangle Gate Championships and they still look to hold onto the titles for a long time to keep the record around more. Will Natural Vibes get the win or will it be R.E.D?

R.E.D once again attacking Natural Vibes before the bell would ring and both teams would start fighting to the outside of the ring and into the crowd near the bleachers until they got back into the ring as we get the match started now. The match felt a little too short for this type of match but I thought it was still solid enough for a quick little exhibition type of match. We had a little encounter with Takashi and Kzy during the middle of it where they would go back and forth and it did seem like Takashi was gonna win this little back and forth until Kzy hits his running Elbow Smash onto him. Natural Vibes started to get the shine in the match when Susumu hits an Exploder Suplex onto Kanda off the middle rope and Kzy tops it off with an Elbow Drop while YASSHI hits a Diving Headbutt for a two count. Members were taking each other out left and right until it was Genki and Takashi in the match now as he does his Backslide From Heaven to go for the pin but Big R picked him up in a Wheel Barrel position for a German Suplex. Big R would quickly pick him up for him and Takashi to hit a Doomsday Device and KAZMA topped it off with a Package Piledriver to give R.E.D the win.

Rating: Eric Bischoff and a quarter

Open the Dream Gate Championship
Masato Yoshino (c) vs. PAC

Review: We now have our main event of the evening as Masato Yoshino defends his Open the Dream Gate Championship against PAC. This will be PAC’s second singles match in Dragon Gate ever since he made his return to the company and while his match was disappointing, he still wanted to make the challenge to prove himself. Only one gaijin won the Open the Dream Gate Championship and that man was Ricochet, so if PAC wins then he will be the second one to win it. Masato though won’t go down without a fight here as he defends Dragon Gate against this man. Will Masato retain once again or will we have a new champion?

While both R.E.D and MaxiMuM are surrounding the ring, none of them interfere in the match and I’m glad too because it would’ve been a little bit too much in this match, plus PAC needs to prove himself that he can defeat Masato on his own without any help. I thought this match was a great title defense and definitely PAC’s better match compared to his one with Flamita since this one had a nicer pace that didn’t make it drag out a bit at all and he played the heel persona well like how he did in WWE when he was considered the King of the Cruiserweights, but he’s now known as the Bastard Child in Dragon Gate. I think I liked Masato’s match against Ben-K a little bit better, this one was almost as good in my opinion. One spot I really did like was when Masato went for the Slingblade off the top rope and PAC just flipped out of it and it just looked more smooth. Also, the Corkscrew PAC did to the outside looks great despite him shooting himself a little bit too far since most of the people were a bit too close.

PAC pulled off a lot of power moves like the Pop-up Powerbomb and it looked like he had Masato right where he wanted him as he went to the top rope to go for the Black Arrow but he was able to catch himself once Masato moved out of the way and hits the Another Space and then would hit the first Torbellino as he calls for the submission finish to apply the Sol Naciente, but he wouldn’t hold it for long this time as PAC picked him up for the Powerbomb for a two count. PAC seems to be getting back control now as he would try to go for the Black Arrow once more time but Masato picked his knees up to make PAC land on it and rolled him up for a two count. Masato wouldn’t give PAC time to rest as he hits a second Torbellino and applies the Sol Naciente once again but PAC was unable to power out of it this time around as he falls onto the mat unable to move for a bit until his foot landed on the rope to break the hold. Both men would have bursts of energy in the last stand as Masato lands another Torbellino and PAC gets up quickly to hit Masato with a German Suplex and gets him up for a Powerbomb but Masato would Sunset Flip over him for a two count. PAC would hit a Lariat onto Masato to knock him down before hitting the German Suplex Hold for a two count, and it appears PAC has him right where he wants him as he went to the top rope to the Black Arrow and he connects this time for a three count and we have a new champion!

You heard right, PAC is the new Open the Dream Gate Champion. Part of me feels like it’s a bit too soon to win the belt since he just came back a couple of months ago but at the same time, they wanna capitalize on this while he’s still red hot since leaving WWE and it could potentially open new eyes to the product since most fans knew him as Neville. So in a business aspect, it’s a good idea and hopefully, it can lead to what the company is looking for. Let’s see how things turn out.

Rating: Bruce Prichard and a half


Overall: Aside from the two singles matches being the highlight of the show, nothing else really stood out with the multi-man tag matches throughout the night. U-T and Shun did great work together and PAC had a much better match than he did with Flamita and we got a new champion out of it to bring in a new era for Dragon Gate.

Favorite Match: Masato Yoshino vs. PAC

Least Favorite Match: Dragon Dia & Tribe Vanguard (BxB Hulk, Kagetora & YAMATO) vs. Don Fujii, Gamma, Ryo Saito & Super Shisa

Score: 6.5/10

Does PAC’s victory peak your interest in Dragon Gate? Let us know on social media @theCHAIRSHOTcom and always remember to use the hashtag #UseYourHead!

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Mitchell’s WWE Mixed Match Challenge 2 Results & Report! (12/11/18)



WWE Mixed Match Challenge

The Mixed Match Challenge is almost done, but there’s been a last-minute substitution! Apollo Crews replaces Finn Balor, can he help Bayley make it to TLC?



  • Jinder Mahal & Alicia w/ The Singh Brothers VS Apollo Crews & Bayley; Mahal & Alicia win and advance to the Finals at TLC.
  • The Miz & Asuka VS R-Truth & Carmella; Truth & Carmella win and advance to the Finals at TLC.


It’s time for the Mixed Match Challenge Semifinals!

The final four teams will be cut down to just two tonight! The Season One champions are still in the running, but they’ve had a rough go of it this year. The Miz and Asuka lost to the #ExtremeFlair after Jeff Hardy stepped in for AJ Styles. However, not even the top seed still stands as the #FABULOUSTruth pulled off the biggest upset to date! Can Truth & Carmella pull off another upset against a tense and dysfunctional Team AWESKA?

As for the Raw Block, #Mahalicia is the only team standing with its original members! Of course, Jinder Mahal and Alicia Fox have yet to truly see eye to eye despite making it back from the bottom of the block. That said, Finn Balor must step down from the Mixed Match Challenge because of the beating Drew McIntyre gave him on Raw a week ago. In his place now stands Apollo Crews, who wants to finally make his mark on the main roster! Can this new Team A’n’B go all the way to TLC?


Backstage with Bayley & Apollo Crews.

New partners start big with a semifinals match, but the dynamic doesn’t change for Bayley. These two are more prepared than ever, and they’ll be so close to being the #30 spots in their respective Royal Rumbles! But the Singh Brothers come in to get them to slow down. No one cares about where they “think” they’re going, because they’re going home! The Maharrrrraja and Foxy will be Too Sweet. No, better: they can hug it out! Bayley boots the Bollywood Boys out, and says she and Apollo will worry about vacation destinations after the match.


Backstage interview with R-Truth & Carmella!

The FABULOUS Truth is ecstatic for tonight. They had a rough start but are on a roll. They’ll be up against the MMC Champions. Miz & Asuka were worried about every team but Truth & Carmella. Well Miz has run his mouth a long time, and Truth knows that from teaming with Miz back in the day. Truth knows for a fact Asuka carries that team. As for tonight, Mella & Truth will carry SmackDown’s flag all the way to TLC. They vow to win, and that’s the truth. Also, Miz said something about shoes? Check these! Carmella’s kicks are F A B U L O U A S! That’s not how you spell fabulous. That aside, let’s move on to choosing a vacation site. Truth likes the idea of Athens. Greece? Georgia? No, Ohio. Well on to match preparations!


Jinder Mahal & Alicia w/ The Singh Brothers VS Apollo Crews & Bayley!

Team A’n’B already meshed well together when they and The Boss, Sasha Banks, took it to #Mahalicia on Raw. However, Sasha Banks won’t be present to help cancel out Samir & Sunil, will #HugNation be able to overcome Shanti and head to TLC?

Bayley and Apollo talk on the way out, and it’s decided: once they win that vacation, they’ll go to Jamaica. “This one’s for Finn!” The teams then sort out, and the men begin. Apollo circles with Mahal and they tie up. Mahal gets a headlock and the Singhs already celebrate. Apollo powers out but Mahal runs him over with a shoulder. Mahal runs but Apollo gets up, only for Mahal to whip him. Apollo leaps over for the sunset flip, TWO! Backslide, TWO! Apollo rolls Mahal up, TWO! Mahal scrambles away and Alicia tags in. Mahal claims he had this, but Alicia doesn’t care. Vegas fires up for Bayley as she circles with Alicia. Bayley rolls Alicia, TWO! She tries again, ONE! A third time, TWO!

Alicia wants a breather and she bails out of the ring. She reprimands the Singhs and Mahal for not helping out. Alicia wants that 30th spot and vacation, but the Singhs and Mahal remind her she needs to win first. Alicia gets back in the ring, but Bayley gets her with a drop toehold! Bayley wants to put on an abdominal stretch, but Alicia resists. They go around and Bayley gets a facelock. The Singhs say that’s cheating, but Alicia drives Bayley into a corner. Alicia throws forearms then wrenches the arm. She kicks Bayley around then reels her in. Bayley reverses to a cradle, TWO! Bayley gets to a corner and flapjacks Alicia on the buckles! The Singhs coach Alicia up and she tags to Mahal!

Apollo comes in, but Mahal wants him to take it easy. Mahal kicks but Apollo blocks to counter punch. Apollo whips but Mahal hits a body shot. Mahal stomps a mudhole into Apollo, then whips him corner to corner. Apollo goes up and over and handsprings, then leaps over Mahal to hip toss him down. Fans fire up with Apollo and Apollo back flips. He lansd on his feet but walks into a hotshot and big knee! Cover, TWO! Mahal keeps his cool as he drives an elbow into Apollo’s head. He whips Apollo corner to corner hard and Apollo hits the mat. Mahal stomps away but Bayley keeps the Singhs back. Mahal drops knees then grinds Apollo down. The ref counts and Mahal stops at 4. Mahal brings Apollo up in a half nelson chinbar.

Apollo endures as fans rally up, and Apollo fights out. Mahal shoves Apollo and runs him over with an elbow! Cover, TWO! Mahal puts Apollo back in the half nelson, but Apollo endures. Fans rally up and Apollo fights back. Mahal shoves but Apollo kicks back. Apollo runs but into a clobbering clothesline! Mahal pulls back with a camel clutch. Fans rally again but Mahal wrangles Apollo back down. Mahal wrenches back on the chinlock, but Apollo endures. Fans rally up and Apollo gets moving. Apollo arm-drags out and enziguris Mahal down! Both men crawl for their corners, hot tag to Bayley!

Alicia comes in but Bayley rallies! Bayley puts Alicia in a corner for the back elbow, and corner punches! She gets 8, but Alicia slips out. Bayley jumps over to hit a big back suplex! Bayley runs in for the big knee, but Alicia gets to the apron. Alicia bumps Bayley off buckles, but Bayley hotshots her back! Bayley2Belly! Cover, but the Singhs drag Alicia out! The referee reprimands them but Apollo wipes them out with flying clotheslines! Apollo then leaps up again, asai moonsault takes them out again! He feeds Samir to Bayley2Belly! Then the same for Sunil! Bayley fires up but Mahal boots Apollo down! Bayley DIVES on Mahal! She puts Alicia back in, but walks into a boot!! Cover, Mahalicia wins!!

Winners: Jinder Mahal & Alicia Fox, Alicia pinning; advance to the MMC Finals at TLC

The dysfunctional duo makes it work! Granted, they succeeded against teams that had substitute members, such as how Curt Hakwins stepped in for Braun Strowman last week. But a win is a win, and now Mahalicia will represent Raw in the Finals! Who will they face in their shot at the 30th spots and the all-expenses-paid vacation?

Backstage interview with Mahalicia.

Did they ever think this day would come? Of course they did! Mahal meditated and visualized, and he sees himself, Alicia, and the Singhs on the beach. Alicia agrees with winning, but NOT with letting the Singhs joining them. They’re successful because SHE is the Captain! She’s driving this ship into Port Victory, without them! But Asuka comes over, laughing at how Mahalicia thinks they’re gonna win. It doesn’t matter what happened on tonight’s SmackDown, Asuka says she’s gonna win, because her match is next!


The Miz & Asuka VS R-Truth & Carmella!

The Season One champions are on the rocks right now as The Empress doesn’t appreciate The A-Lister trying to take credit for her work. Meanwhile, the fourth seed FABULOUS Truth have put in the work to make it back up from the bottom. Will we see another historic upset from Truth and the Princess of Staten Island?

“Las Vegas, make some noise! What’s up!?” The Miz and Asuka aren’t impressed, and aren’t in the mood for that Dance Break the fans are cheering for. The teams sort out and both Miz and Asuka say “I’ve got this.” Fans are on Asuka’s side. Miz concedes, and Asuka starts with Carmella. But then Miz calls over to tag in. Asuka refuses, because she’s got it. But then she chops him, which counts for a tag! Truth comes in and Asuka is annoyed. Truth rolls Miz up! TWO, but Truth stays on Miz. Miz powers out but Truth runs him over. Truth does his bunny hop dance, then things speed up. Truth holds ropes to do the rest of his dance. Miz runs in but Truth dodges to tilt-o-whirl Miz to a corner. Truth runs in to haymaker Miz. The ref backs Truth up and Miz kicks low.

Miz bumps Truth off buckles, then stomps him. Miz whips corner to corner but Truth goes up and over to dab on ’em! This annoys Miz and he runs back in, but Truth does the splits to dodge, then hip tosses Miz down! Truth clotheslines Miz out, and Carmella comes in, for the DANCE BREAK~! Asuka is furious at Miz while Truth and Carmella floss and twerk. Carmella calls out Asuka, so Asuka shows off her moves on the apron. Miz is annoyed but Truth hip tosses Miz back in! Truth throws hands then climbs up for corner punches. He gets 8 before Miz pushes him away and boots Truth down. Miz chokes Truth on the ropes, then hits his straddle attack. Cover, TWO!

Miz keeps on Truth with a camel clutch but Carmella rallies the fans. Truth gets up and fights back. Miz pulls hair to throw Truth down and deny the tag. Miz stalks Truth, to boot him down! Cover, TWO! Truth survives and Miz argues with the ref. Miz hears the fans rally and say “We Want Asuka!” Miz ignores that but gets rocked by haymakers from Truth! Truth back suplexes but Miz lands out to kick low and hit the basement DDT! Cover, but Carmella breaks it! Carmella goes back to her corner, but then Miz mocks the moonwalk. It wasn’t very good, but Miz stomps Truth down. Miz brings Truth up and uses his It Kicks. Miz winds up but misses, Truth rolls him up! TWO, and Miz clobbers Truth with a clothesline!

Fans rally but Miz grins as he runs corner to corner at Truth. He hits the dropkick, then keeps going to hit another. Miz soaks up the heat before running back in, but Truth clobbers him! Both men are down but fans are fired up. Truth and Miz crawl, hot tag brings in the ladies! Carmella rallies with lariats and a kick. She brings Asuka over for a bump off her boot. Asuka’s down but she dodges the bronco buster to then lift Carmella in a waistlock. Carmella screams and shouts to be let down, so Asuka gently sets Carmella back on her feet. To then lift her back up! Carmella fights out but gets the pop-up knee! Asuka runs, sliding wizard! Cover, TWO!

Carmella survives and Asuka grows frustrated. Miz is also frustrated but Asuka stays on Carmella with knees. Carmella jawbreakers and shoves Asuka away, Miz tags in! Miz goes after Truth but Truth punches him away. Truth rallies with the Lie Detector elbow! Cover, but Asuka breaks it! Carmella throws Asuka into buckles, and tunes up the band. She aims at Miz, but Miz uses Asuka as a shield?! The FABULOUS Kick hits Asuka, then Miz shoves Truth into Carmella before rolling Truth up! TWO!! FABULOUS KICK, to Scissor Kick! Cover, TWO!? Miz lives?! Fans are stunned but loving this!

Asuka throws Carmella out, then Miz dumps Truth out. Miz and Asuka catch their breath, but Asuka locks eyes with Miz. She knows what Miz just did, and he tries to say it wasn’t him. Asuka doesn’t believe Miz, she knows what she saw. Miz is afraid of what she’ll do, and says that they’re still a team. They can still win this together! Okay? No! Asuka fires off on Miz!! Buzzsaw! Miz is rocked, and Asuka ditches him! Truth gives Miz an Unprettier! Cover, Fabulous Truth win!!

Winners: R-Truth & Carmella, Truth pinning; advance to the MMC Finals at TLC

The Season One Champions are no longer in the tournament! The A-Lister made a major mistake thinking he could manipulate the Empress of Tomorrow, and now the FABULOUS Truth capitalize! It will be Truth & Carmella VS Mahal & Alicia at TLC, who wins to become the new Mixed Match Challenge Champions?



My Thoughts:

Last episode, last time for one of these. Admittedly, we all should’ve known, me especially, that this was not going to end with an amazing match up of top stars in the Finals. The big names like Finn Balor, Braun Strowman, Charlotte Flair, AJ Styles, etc were only in this second MMC to hook fans. WWE needs people to use Facebook Watch because of the deal they made, so that’s why we got great combinations to start. But naturally, it was all bait and switch, considering how those same big names would inevitably end up in more important stories like the titles and grudges we’re getting at TLC. Rest in peace, my dream of Bullet Club leaders and NXT Four Horsewomen members all in one match.

As for the bracket we did get, I knew it was going to end up this way. I thought Apollo was going to be Bayley’s second chance at that 30th spot after Finn had to step down for the sake of his match against Drew McIntyre. Then San Jose could cheer on their hometown girl as she goes against SmackDown’s finalist. However, Mahalicia still wins so that they are the Heels of the Finals. And while I knew Truth & Carmella were going to go in once Asuka ended up in the TLC Triple Threat, I really enjoy how they wrote it for the match. It was only a matter of time before Asuka got fed up with Miz’s ego, and this was the breaking point. Truth and Carmella will certainly benefit the most from being the 30th entrants, even if they aren’t destined to win the Rumbles.

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