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Mitchell’s WWE 205 Live Report! (7/24/18)



Tonight, TJP, Mustafa Ali, Hideo Itami and Drew Gulak compete in a Fatal 4 Way to name a #1 Contender to Cedric Alexander’s Cruiserweight Championship!


All images courtesy of the WWE’s official Twitter



  • Akira Tozawa VS Jack Gallagher; Tozawa wins.
  • Lucha House Party VS Ryan Depolo & Chris Robinson; Lucha House Party wins.
  • WWE Cruiserweight Championship #1 Contender’s Fatal 4 Way: Mustafa Ali VS Hideo Itami VS TJP VS Drew Gulak; Gulak wins and will challenge Cedric Alexander for the Cruiserweight Championship.


205 Live GM, Drake Maverick, sets the scene for tonight!

This week promises a majorly competitive and important main event match. One man earns a shot at the Soul of 205 Live and a title opportunity. Maverick made sure to carefully select the contenders based on recent in-ring records as well as their overall body of work in the Division.

The Philly Stretcher and submission specialist, Drew Gulak, has put away the picket signs and PowerPoint presentations to instead put his opponents in the punishing GuLOCK. He even swept Lucha House Party 1-2-3 with all tap-out victories. Then there’s the FilAm Flash and “Cruiser-Great”, TJP, who constantly reminds us all that he was the inaugural (New Era) Cruiserweight Champion. Despite Maverick’s personal opinions, there’s no denying that TJP has talent and always has standing in the ranks of the Division. It was his recent win over the Scottish Supernova, Noam Dar, that put him over the top and into this match.

The Japanese Legend and Innovator of the GTS, Hideo Itami, has a resume that speaks for itself. Itami beat out Mustafa Ali and Buddy Murphy but lost to Alexander in their first-ever 1v1 encounter. However, that doesn’t mean he can’t prove himself worthy in a rematch. And speaking of rematches, the Heart of 205 Live and Beacon of Light, Mustafa Ali, rounds out the field. Ali impresses over and over, especially in his No Disqualifications match with Buddy Murphy. Ali had his shot at Alexander at Wrestlemania, but he’s hungry for more. “Four men, one opportunity”, who turns this win into a shot at the championship?


Akira Tozawa VS Jack Gallagher!

The Stamina Monster lost to the Man of the Hour last week in a fast first-ever encounter. Can he recover against the Ungentle Gentleman here tonight?

Drake Maverick is ringside on commentary for this match, as well as the main event, because he wants to have a front row seat for history.

Before the match begins, we watch the selfie video of Gallagher & Kendrick. They explain that Drew Gulak isn’t the only man who wants a title. Gallagher & Kendrick have been the most menacing duo on 205 Live, but some of the WWE Universe seem to forget Gallagher is great in singles competition, as well. Therefore, Tozawa’s defeat is a necessary key to this reminder.

The bell rings and fans “AH! AH!” already for Tozawa. Tozawa grins as he circles with Gallagher. They tie up and Gallagher knees low. Gallagher brings Tozawa down with a wristlock, then brings him up for a full nelson. Tozawa feeds off a fan rally but Gallagher snapmares him. Gallagher runs Tozawa over, then runs. Tozawa jumps up but is caught into a fireman’s carry. He escapes and shoves Gallagher, but Gallagher comes back with a sunset flip. Tozawa rolls through to Penalty Kick Gallagher and hit the screaming back senton! Tozawa fires up and fans “AH! AH!” again. He stomps away on Gallagher, but Gallagher stands up to power Tozawa down. Gallagher grounds ‘n’ pounds, then brings Tozawa up. Tozawa chops, and chops, then fakes the chop to hit the jab!

Gallagher staggers out to the apron, and Tozawa knocks him down. Tozawa builds speed but ends up caught in the apron! Gallagher hammers and stomps away on Tozawa, but backs off to embrace the heat. He drags Tozawa up and into the ring, then wipes his feet before covering. ONE, but Gallagher tries again. ONE again, so Gallagher goes after Tozawa with a chinbar. Fans rally and Tozawa fights out. Gallagher clubs him and stomps him again, then drags him up for a scoop slam. Cover, TWO, but Gallagher keeps on Tozawa’s arm. Tozawa endures, and reaches for arms. Fans rally up again, but Gallagher presses him into the mat. Gallagher pulls on the fingers and wrenches the wrist and elbow! Tozawa endures the torture and manages to get the ropebreak.

Gallagher backs off at 4, then goes after Tozawa’s hand again. He brings Tozawa up to wrench the wrist, then uses his leg for leverage. Hammerlock stomp! The referee checks on Tozawa, but Tozawa won’t quit. Gallagher conducts the crowd in a mocking “AH!” Tozawa gives “AH! AH!” back, so Gallagher kicks the bad arm. Gallagher runs, but into Tozawa’s back kick. Tozawa swings, slides under and hits the roundhouse! Gallagher goes down, so Tozawa goes up. Gallagher rolls out, so Tozawa changes plans and DIVES! The Tozawa Torpedo hits! Tozawa puts Gallagher back in, then climbs up again. Gallagher stands and gets the missile dropkick! Cover, TWO! Tozawa grows a little frustrated but he keeps on Gallagher. Gallagher blocks the saido suplex to go after the arm again. Tozawa pushes Gallagher and throws him with a huricanrana. He then gets Gallagher in a tilt-o-whirl Octopus stretch!

Gallagher pries his way out for a tilt-o-whirl side slam! Gallagher grimaces as he brings Tozawa up with a gut wrench. He then makes it a falling powerbomb! Cover, TWO! Gallagher grows frustrated, but he takes aim at Tozawa in a corner. He runs in but misses the dropkick. He lands on his feet, though, and grabs Tozawa. Gallagher suplexes Tozawa back in but Tozawa slips out. Tozawa comes back with a Shining Wizard! Gallagher’s down again, so Tozawa climbs up again. Fans echo “AH! AH!” but Gallagher stops Tozawa with a forearm. Gallagher climbs up and goes after the arm more. Tozawa fights back with body shots, “AH! AH!” He tosses Gallagher down for a rough landing. Tozawa then adjusts, for the SUPER SENTON! Cover, Tozawa wins!

Winner: Akira Tozawa, by pinfall

The Stamina Monster conquers the cruel winter! But this former Cruiserweight champion has something on his mind, and walks over to GM Maverick. Tozawa tells him that “I want a rematch with Lio Rush!” Maverick says he’ll take it into consideration. Will Rockstar Spud fulfill this request and give Tozawa another chance at the 23 Year Old Piece of Gold?


TJP speaks while he lounges backstage.

“So Drake Maverick finally got it right.” Unfortunately, Maverick doesn’t score points for “figuring out the obvious”: the main event was always TJP. The best technical wrestler in the game takes out the “Loser-Weights” like he did Noam Dar. Then the Cruiserweight title comes home.


Hideo Itami speaks while warming up backstage.

The Japanese legend first speaks in Japanese, then shifts to English. He knows Cedric Alexander survived their first match, but next time, he won’t. Are both Itami and TJP getting ahead of themselves?


Lucha House Party VS Ryan Depolo & Chris Robinson!

While Gran Metalik is not in Indiana to join his amigos, the Premier Athlete isn’t here to follow through on the challenge he issued to Kalisto. Kalisto calls Tony Nese out, but the Golden Lynx knows that while Nese & Buddy Murphy have size and strength, LHS has speed and heart! For now, can Lince Dorado & the Lucha Dragon satisfy their hunger for competition with Depolo & Robinson?

The bell rings and Dorado starts against Depolo and they move in close. Dorado shows a test of strength, but he keeps changing hands. That’s because he’s actually getting Depolo to do the “Lucha! Lucha!” dance. Depolo figures it out, so he swings on Dorado. Dorado dodges and Kalisto distracts with a matraca. Depolo mocks the Lucha dance, but he turns around into Dorado’s chop! Dorado wrenches an arm but Depolo reverses. Dorado handsprings through to reverse back and puts on a headlock. Depolo powers out, but Dorado goes up and over from the corner. Dorado speeds up, ducks under, then runs again to headscissor Depolo down. Depolo swings but Dorado blocks all his strikes to then SUPERKICK Depolo to a corner.

Dorado takes aim from the other corner, for a bronco buster! He drags Depolo over and tags in Kalisto. Murphy watches backstage as Dorado helps Kalisto with the elevated splash, then adds his planking splash. Fans are fired up, as are Lucha House Party. Kalisto kicks Depolo then tags Dorado back in. Dorado whips but Depolo reverses, only to get the heel kick! Robinson jumps in but gets a Listo Kick. Dorado takes aim at both men, DOUBLE Golden Rewind stunners! Dorado runs to FLY onto Robinson! Kalisto tagged in as Dorado was on his way out, so Kalisto gives Depolo the Salida Del Sol! Cover, Lucha House Party wins!

Winners: Lucha House Party, Kalisto pinning

The fastest team in the Cruiserweight Division continues to soar, but they’ve only just begun to battle the muscular Murphy & Nese. Who will come out on top when speed goes up against strength?


Drew Gulak speaks while preparing backstage.

“Tonight’s Fatal 4 Way will be a chaotic free for all.” It basically embodies everything he sees wrong in 205 Live. Matches like this can be unpredictable, but Gulak promises that the result will be as always: someone WILL tap out.


Mustafa Ali speaks from the shadows.

All Ali has to do to earn a Wrestlemania rematch is “eat a few rib-breaking kicks from Hideo Itami.” Then he’ll hobble around on one leg after TJP twists it off with that Kneebar. And after that, he’ll survive “whatever horrendous torture Drew Gulak puts me through.” Lastly, he’ll climb up to the top rope, and hit his 0-5-4 on someone and win.  “Should be a piece of cake.”


WWE Cruiserweight Championship #1 Contender’s Fatal 4 Way: Mustafa Ali VS Hideo Itami VS TJP VS Drew Gulak!

From the Beacon of Light to Don of Nihon to FilAm Flash to Philly Stretcher, each man in this match has had at least one match against Cedric Alexander. Which man will overcome the other three to then get their desired rematch with the Cruiserweight title on the line?

The bell rings and the four men stare each other down. They circle counter clockwise, and both Gulak and Itami go after Ali! But TJP stays back, letting them do the work for him. However, they notice he’s alone, so instead of ending up 2v1, he agrees to help them. They move aside and TJP runs in at Ali, but Ali goes up and over! TJP hits buckles while Ali hits Itami. Gulak hits Ali, then whips Ali to ropes. Ali kicks Gulak away, but TJP kicks Ali. TJP whips Ali but Ali reverses. Gulak side steps to send TJP to the ropes, but TJP goes Spider-Man to stay on the apron. Gulak swings on Ali but Ali ducks under to hit TJP. Ali then trips up Gulak, and catapults him at TJP! TJP goes down while Ali rolls Gulak, but Itami breaks the cover with a kick.

Itami demands respect while he stomps out Ali. Itami drags Ali up and whips him corner to corner. Ali boots Itami back, but then Gulak comes up. Ali knocks Gulak away, then springboards backward at Itami, but Itami kicks him out of the air! Itami embraces the heat while Alexander watches from backstage. Itami drags Ali up to whip, then give him the kitchen sink knee. Cover, but TJP breaks it with a shove. Itami glares at TJP now, but TJP runs away. Ali rolls Itami, TWO. Itami swings but Ali ducks as he runs. Ali tilt-o-whirls on Itami but transfers to TJP to throw TJP with the headscissors! Itami kicks but Ali blocks to counter with a kick of his own. Gulak returns to clobber Ali with a clothesline!

Gulak looms over Ali, then drags him up for a neck wrench. Ali endures while fans rally up. Ali fights with body shots but Gulak throws him down by his hair. Gulak brings Ali back up for a gord buster! Cover, but TJP breaks it again. TJP wants mercy from Gulak and Itami, and Gulak keeps the peace. They agree to beat up Ali first, and bring Ali up. They double whip and TRIPLE back drop Ali! TJP gets them to coordinate, and they double whip Itami into Ali for a corner clothesline. Then Itami feeds Ali to them, for a double suplex. They hold him up, but TJP leaves Gulak to do that alone as he rolls Gulak up! Itami kicks the cover apart just in time. TJP gets mad at Itami, but Itami and Gulak are mad at TJP for being a sneak.

Meanwhile, Ali climbs up top, to FLY in with a crossbody! He gets all three at once! Ali fires up while Gulak slumps out of the ring. Ali chops away at TJP, then whips him to ropes. TJP reverses to a standing abdominal stretch. TJP wrenches a wrist while fans rally up, but he sees Itami coming. He manages to evade Itami’s attack to then trap Itami into a separate standing abdominal stretch! He brings them together for an amazing submission fusion! But look who’s lurking in the background…

Gulak creeps ito the ring while TJP waits for a tap, and he grabs TJP into his Gory Gulak Special! He bends TJP’s arms way back, then brings him down for a backslide. TWO by just inches. Another try, another TWO. Gulak keeps trying, but TJP pops him into a cover for TJP! ONE and Gulak sits on a cover. ONE and it goes back to TJP, but ONE and Gulak goes for a high stack cover. TJP sidewinds the headscissors, but then Gulak gives a headscissors hold of his own. TJP pops out but Gulak sweeps the legs. Gulak covers but TJP kicks out. TJP returns the sweep and cover, but Gulak kicks out. The two stand off and fans applaud the technical exchange. But then Itami barrels into TJP and knocks him into Gulak. Gulak rolls out while Itami stalks TJP to a corner.

TJP warns him about Ali, and Itami does see Ali crawling. Itami kicks and stomps Ali, then tells TJP to climb. TJP cooperates while Itami picks Ali up in an electric chair. But Ali slips out the back to shove Itami into TJP! Ali then runs in, SUPER STEINER sends TJP into Gulak! Fans fire up with Ali, but Itami grabs him. Ali ducks the attack to then rally with lariats. He whips but Itami reverses, to flapjack dropkick Itami out. TJP kicks Ali low, then whips. Ali slides to a stop then slides out to roundhouse TJP away. TJP staggers and Ali takes aim, somersault X-Factor! Gulak returns but Ali builds speed to tilt-o-whirl satellite DDT! Cover, but Itami and TJP both break it just in time. All four men are down but the fans know “This is Awesome!”

Fans rally up as all four men stir. Gulak and Ali are up first, and Gulak shoves his familiar foe into a flapjack. TJP kicks Gulak down but Itami boots TJP down, only for Ali to SUPERKICK him down! All four men are down again, and now fans really like it. Ali drags himself up with the ropes while the others barely stir. TJP sits up next while the others get to corners. TJP fireman’s carry but Ali slips out. They speed up, double crossbodies! Ali and TJP are down again while Itami drags himself. Gulak follows and stares down with the sinister striker. Gulak says “I respect you.” He does? Yes, now shake his hand! Itami trusts Gulak, but gets a slap for it! Itami slaps back, so now it’s a brawl!

They go back and forth with forearms, but Itami runs to boot Gulak. Gulak runs to boot Itami, but Itami boots back. Itami boots Gulak again, but it’s Gulak who suplexes Itami! Cover, ONE, and Gulak is shocked. Itami crawls but Gulak brings him up for another suplex. Itami knees out and fires off a kick. He suplexes Gulak, Falcon Arrow! Cover, ONE and now Itami is a bit shocked. Both gritty gladiators glare at each other as they crawl over. They brawl on their knees with elbows and forearms. They put their full weight into each other, but end up outside the ring. The fists keep flying as they go around the corner. Gulak chops Itami, but Itami slaps and kicks Gulak. Ali takes aim at them both, but TJP intercepts Ali with the low dropkick!

Ali hits ropes, and TJP hits a triangle wrecking ball. But Gulak & Itami yank him off the apron to put him into barriers. Then it’s back to the brawl! Ali recovers and climbs up quick to SUPER CANNONBALL! He wipes Itami & Gulak out, then puts TJP back in. Ali runs, springboards, tornado DDT! TJP is down in the drop zone, so Ali climbs up again. 0-5-4!! Cover, but Itami drags him out the side! Itami smacks Ali’s face off steel steps, then dropkicks Ali’s head into them! Itami drags Ali up and around to throw him into a post! Ali is down and out, but Itami isn’t done with him. He drags Ali around by his hair and into the ring. Gulak pounces, putting Itami into post! Gulak puts on the GuLOCK!! Ali is OUT, Gulak wins!!

Winner: Drew Gulak, by submission

Cedric Alexander sees this shrewd and sadistic bit of opportunism from backstage, learning who he faces next first hand. Jack Gallagher & THE Brian Kendrick join their triumphant ally in celebrating, as well. Will they and Gulak be celebrating after he makes the Age of Alexander tap out? Or will the Soul of 205 Live keep from being GuLOCK’d down?



My Thoughts:

A really good night for 205 Live from top to bottom. Maverick’s tradition of opening video packages was great this week with the four contenders featured. Then we go right into a solid opener with Tozawa and Gallagher. Gallagher makes a good point that he and Kendrick aren’t just giving up on being champions in the Cruiserweight Division. Tozawa wins and wants another go at Lio Rush, but Gallagher & Kendrick can still go after the impending Cruiserweight Tag Team Championships. They’ll obviously be joined by Lucha House Party, and Nese & Murphy. Hopefully WWE invests in a fourth team because three isn’t enough. I’m still hoping it’s the Daivari Brothers and even Lorcan & Burch.

The four individual promos from TJP, Itami, Gulak & Ali were well-done, and that Fatal 4 Way was amazing. I like the element that the Heels were working together to go after the one face, only for TJP to be the one to break that alliance. It really fits his character to be the opportunistic one, but then just as I thought that was going to bring him the win, it goes the other way. Gulak getting the win through Ali is a great callback to their feud way back in the early days of 205 Live. And speaking of callbacks, we finally get Gulak VS Alexander for the title, like what I expected back in those dark Enzo Amore days. I can’t be sure who wins, but I’m pretty sure the match will be just as amazing as this Fatal 4 Way tonight.

My Score: 8.5/10

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