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Mitchell’s WWE Monday Night Raw Report! (7/2/18)



With the Huggable Bayley going berserk on The Boss (and her supposed friend) Sasha Banks, Raw GM Kurt Angle has demanded they BOTH go to anger management! Can therapy bring these two back around? Or will it only make things worse? Plus, will Seth Rollins & Roman Reigns have something to say about Ziggler & McIntyre?


All images courtesy of the WWE’s official Twitter



  • Woken Hardy VS Curt Axel w/ Bo Dallas; Axel wins.
  • Titus Worldwide VS The Authors of Pain; The Authors of Pain win.
  • Seth Rollins & Roman Reigns VS Drew McIntyre & Dolph Ziggler; Roman & Rollins win, by disqualification.
  • Ember Moon VS Liv Morgan w/ Sarah Logan; Ember wins.
  • Bobby Lashley & Roman Reigns VS The Revival; Lashley & Reigns win, by disqualification.
  • Mickie James w/ Alexa Bliss VS Nia Jax; Nia wins.
  • Kevin Owens VS Braun Strowman; Strowman wins, by count out.


Roman Reigns heads to the ring!

The Big Dog opens Raw in Sioux Falls, coming off a loss to The Revival alongside Bobby Lashley, but also saving his Shield Brother, Seth Rollins from Dolph Ziggler & Drew McIntyre. Roman speaks on the “extremely talented” duo, and admits he never thought he’d lose to The Revival. He did have the worst tag team partner of all time, though, in Bobby Lashley. For whatever reason, Kurt Angle wants Roman to team with “Bob” again. But Roman just wants to fight “Bob.” And if he doesn’t get to fight at Extreme Rules, he’ll fight him tonight! “Bob” is a fool, thinking he’s The Guy, when 10 years ago he wasn’t because he couldn’t handle it. And 10 years from now, Lashley still won’t be The Guy because ROMAN is the Guy! Roman is the Big Dog how runs the Yard!

But wait, here comes Ziggler & McIntyre! Ziggler wants to understand something: Roman is someone else is an egomaniac. The guy who makes it all about him, walking around like he owns the place. Roman calls Ziggler’s ring His Yard. Roman acts like the world has to go through him. McIntyre says Roman couldn’t help himself in “playing the hero”, even for Rollins. The former Intercontinental Champion, Seth Rollins. But that’s what brings them out here. If Roman wants to make all of this all about him, “that’s fine by us.” He stuck his nose in their business, so it’s their turn. Roman fights both Ziggler & McIntyre! But that’s 2v1 and they get Roman down on the mat. So here comes Seth Rollins!

Rollins evens the numbers, and kicks McIntyre out of the ring. Rollins gets Ziggler down but McIntyre saves the Show-Off. McIntyre & Ziggler are in retreat while the Shield Brothers regroup. Roman is getting pulled in different directions, where will he put his focus?


Rollins & Roman find Angle backstage.

They want to settle this with Ziggler & McIntyre asap! Angle will accept their request, and schedule a match for next week. Next week? That doesn’t sit right with Roman. Just do it now! No, Roman has to team with Lashley against The Revival. Well, okay, since they want it so bad, they’ll get it tonight. Roman & Rollins get a chance at revenge, will it go their way? And what of Lashley and the #TopGuys, Dash & Dawson?


WOKEN Hardy VS Curt Axel w/ Bo Dallas!

The WOKEN Wisdom is without the Eater of Worlds, who was in an accident of automobiles over the previous day of Frige. But WOKEN Axel says last week’s WONDERFUL battle will forever be etched in the multiverse. But a galactic glitch will bring a new Twist of Fate. Bo Wyatt adds that his Woken Wisdom Friend must face the ferocious B Team all by his lonesome. Wait, the song! “You may never truly be alone, because he’s got the whole~ world~, in his hands.”

For those unclear on what’s happening, yes, it is a rematch from last week’s match where a simple ACCIDENT cost Woken Hardy the win. Can Axel keep his team “undefeated” another week? Or will he be DELETED?

They tie up, Hardy gets the headlock, then shifts to a roll up. ONE, and Axel backs away to a corner. Axel and Hardy circle while fans chant DELETE. Axel gets the headlock and the takedown to a facelock. Bo coaches Axel, but Hardy reverses to DELETE Shoulder Breakers. Hardy wrenches the wrist, then whips Axel to ropes. He runs Axel over with a back elbow, covers, TWO. Hardy brings Axel up again, for haymakers. He keeps on Axel with those makers of hay, then whips him again. Axel reverses for a back elbow of his own. Axel brings Hardy up for buckle bumps and stomps. He grinds a forearm into Hardy’s face, then backs off at 4.

Hardy comes out with a kick and a headlock. Axel powers out but Bo swipes at the feet. Hardy fights them both off, but Axel denies the Twist. Hardy chants DELETE while we go to break.

Raw returns and Axel has Hardy in a lock of the arm. hardy fights out while fans rally. Axel knees low and whips for a dropkick. Axel brags but fans boo. He stomps Hardy to a corner, then clubs him in the back. Hardy hits back, backs Axel down, but Axel kicks him low. Axel lifts for the breaker of back, covers, TWO. Axel snapmares and neck snaps Hardy, then covers, TWO! The B Team grows frustrated, but Axel follows Hardy to the apron. Hardy hits back, Side Effect on the apron! Hardy powers up and goes after Axel with DELETE forearms and buckle bumps. He backs off while Bo throws a fit, then comes back for a clothesline and second Side Effect! Cover, TWO! Hardy climbs up, and drops the ax handle. He climbs up again, and drops an elbow! Cover, TWO!

Bo is relieved, but Hardy prepares the Twist. Axel stands up but Bo distracts from the apron. Axel hits back, whips but is reversed. Hardy ends up going up and into the post! Axel then hits his twisting neckbreaker! Cover, Axel wins!

Winner: Curt Axel, by pinfall

Just a couple weeks away from Extreme Rules and their Raw Tag Team Championships, and The B Team is on a WONDERFUL roll! Will they dethrone the Deleters of Worlds as easily as they won tonight?


Rollins and Roman prepare backstage.

Not only is Roman having two matches tonight, but he still doesn’t have an Extreme Rules match. Meanwhile, Rollins has a 30-Minute Ironman Match against Dolph Ziggler for the Intercontinental Championship. Speaking of the double header, Lashley comes in to talk with Roman alone. “You have some huge brass ones calling me an egomaniac.” Is Roman Superman or something? No, he’s a heat magnet, and expect for his “brother”, no one likes him.

Lashley doesn’t like Roman, either. And as much as he’d rather fight Roman at Extreme Rules, they have to work together. Roman tells Lashley to shut up. Roman wills tart and finish the match because he’ll win it. All Lashley has to do is flash that fake smile and collect the check. He better, or Lashley will hold him responsible again. Is that a threat? Yes, it is. Can these two work together at all tonight?


Raw has footage of Sasha’s & Bayley’s first counseling session.

The Legit Boss and Huggable One both have 10 o’clock meetings with whoever is in 6A. They argue over who actually has the appointment, but it’s DR. SHELBY! He’ll be helping them in their paired friendship counseling. Let’s enter the Friend Zone!

To start, Shelby calls it the Friend Zone because the only rule is to be accepting. Love, helping, joy, sharing, time, honesty, respect. Those are the principles of friendship. Can Bayley & Sasha survive each other long enough to pass the class?


Titus Worldwide VS The Authors of Pain!

While veterans Titus & Apollo were just trying to give the younger Akam & Rezar advice, the former NXT Tag Team Champions didn’t want it. Then when AoP brutally beat down the Gibson Brothers, Titus Worldwide came to the rescue. Now these two teams will battle directly to see if the main roster rookies really do have something to learn.

The bell rings and Titus starts against Rezar. They power up and Titus puts Rezar in a headlock. Rezar powers out and collides with Titus, and is actually staggered to the corner. Apollo tags in and hits a big splash in the corner. But Apollo is put in the AoP corner and Akam tags in. Akam throws Apollo, then whips. Apollo goes up and over, impressed as always. Things speed up and Apollo dropkicks Akam. Akam staggers and tags in Rezar, then lifts him up for Rezar to throw down. Rezar trash talks in Albanian, then stalks Apollo to a corner. Rezar brings Apollo up to ram shoulders into his back, then throws him out to another corner. He trash talks Apollo, then throws him again! Rezar covers, ropebreak.

Apollo rolls away but Rezar is on him with neck wrench. Fans rally for Apollo, and Apollo gets up, but Rezar just powers him to the AoP corner. Akam tags in, and the AoP go for another suplex into the powerbomb neckbreaker! Titus breaks the pin, then goes after Rezar. Rezar blcoks him, and Akam helps Rezar throw Titus into a post! Apollo rolls up Akam, TWO! Powerslam from Akam, then tag to Rezar. They drag Apollo up, LAST CHAPTER! Cover, AoP win!

Winners: The Authors of Pain, Rezar pinning

That’s all Akam & Rezar wrote on Titus Worldwide! They have more than enough to defeat a veteran tag team, how long until they’re tag team champions?


Roman and Rollins talk again.

How did the talk with “Bob” go? Roman doesn’t really know, he didn’t listen to the guy. That aside, these two are on the same page for their match up next.


Kevin Owens arrives a little late.

Perhaps it has to do with needing a new rental car after Braun Strowman flipped the last one as more of a prank. The valet says Kevin can’t park here, he’ll need his keys to relocate. Kevin says “No chance.” Then he puts up his hood, in hopes Strowman won’t spot him. Will he make it through the rest of the night? Or will he #GetTheseHands all over again?


Seth Rollins & Roman Reigns VS Drew McIntyre & Dolph Ziggler!

The Architect & The Big Dog are united in wanting to shut up and shut down the Show-Off & The Scottish Stud. Ziggler and Rollins will meet again 1v1 in an Ironman match at Extreme Rules, can their friends help them gain momentum before then?

The teams sort out and it’s Rollins starting against Ziggler as a sampler for their coming rematch. They circle, tie up, and Rollins gets a waistlock. Rollins brings Ziggler to the mat, but Ziggler turns it around. Rollins turns that back around, but Ziggler resists. Ziggler gets out and around, and rolls Rollins, ONE. The two back off, then tie up again. Rollins gets the armlock, but Ziggler has the counter. Ziggler switches to a headlock, but Rollins powers out. Things speed up and Ziggler counters the hip-toss to a roll up. TWO, and Rollins dropkicks Ziggler down. Ziggler gets to his corner, and tags in McIntyre. McIntyre steps up to Rollins, and now they tie up. McIntyre wrenches Rollins with a headlock, then brings him down to his knees. Fans rally, and Rollins powers out. McIntyre runs Rollins over with a shoulder, and fans boo.

McIntyre runs, things speed up, but the hip toss doesn’t work as McIntyre shoves Rollins. Rollins evades, and gets to his corner. Roman nods, and Rollins tags him in. The Big Dog steps to McIntyre, but McIntyre grins. McIntyre welcomes the challenge, and fans duel. They circle, tie up, and are even in strength. But McIntyre starts pushing Roman to a corner! McIntyre throws knees, haymakers and stomps! He backs off at 4, then comes back, but Roman turns it around for a flurry of right hands! Roman backs off, but comes back with corner punches. McIntyre shoves him away, but runs into the fireman’s carry. McIntyre slips out, but gets an uppercut! Roman sees Ziggler coming, but McIntyre headbutts Roman! Lashley is watching, and doesn’t like Roman’s lack of focus.

McIntyre rains down rights on Roman, then tags in Ziggler for a SUPERKICK! Roman is down, and Ziggler covers, TWO! Ziggler grows frustrated, but he keeps on Roman at the ropes with a choke. He backs off at 4, and Roman coughs and gasps. Ziggler drags Roman back up, bumps him off buckles, then tags McIntyre. McIntyre kicks Roman’s ribs, then chops him across the chest. He drags Roman out for a neckbreaker. Cover, TWO, so McIntyre tags Ziggler in. McIntyre holds Roman for Ziggler to stomp. Ziggler drags Roman up, and bumps him off buckles. Ziggler throws hands, then backs off to shout how he’s the best. He runs in at Roman, but the uppercut intercepts the splash! Both men are down and fans rally up. Roman and Ziggler crawl, hot tag to Rollins!

Rollins rallies and jumps around, Slingblade for Ziggler and a dropkick for McIntyre. Rollins runs to DIVE! McIntyre hits the barrier, Drive-By from Rollins to Ziggler! Rollins climbs up, Frog Splash!

Cover, but McIntyre breaks in. Roman returns but McIntyre clotheslines him back out. Rollins knees McIntyre out but Ziggler rolls up. TWO, Rollins covers, TWO. Rollins blocks the superkick into a catapult that sends Ziggler to the outside! Rollins fires up again as he climbs up, and LEAPS! The super crossbody wipes both Ziggler & McIntyre out while we go to break!

Raw returns and Ziggler keeps Rollins away from Roman with a sleeper hold. Rollins reaches for Roman as well as the ropes. Roman reaches, too, but Rollins falls to the mat. Ziggler squeezes with body scissors, but Rollins gets a second wind. Fans duel as Rollins stands up and backs Ziggler into an open corner. The hold breaks, and Rollins crawls, but Ziggler intercepts with a Famouser!

Cover, TWO! Ziggler drags Rollins over and tags McIntyre. McIntyre stomps Rollins’ right hand, then drags Rollins up for a chop. Rollins staggers to ropes, but McIntyre stretches him back against the ropes. The ref coutns and McIntyre lets go. Rollins chops back, but so does McIntyre. Rollins slips out of teh suplex and throws McIntyre out! McIntyre trips Roman! McIntyre then powers Rollins to his corner for him and Ziggler to mug. Ziggler tags while Rollins is sent out of the ring.

Ziggler drags Rollins up and rakes the eyes, then whips, but Rollins reverses! Rollins sends Ziggler into barriers, but McIntyre helps Ziggler up. Tag to McIntyre, and he denies another tag to Roman,. SUPERKICK from Rollins sends McIntyre down and out! Rollins crawls, fans are thunderous, but Ziggler returns! But he runs into a powerbomb! Rollins crawls again, and Roman reaches, but The Revival attack!! They go right at Roman!

Winners: Roman & Rollins, by disqualification

Now Roman and Rollins fight off the #TopGuys, but McIntyre & Ziggler add on to make it 4v2!

Dash & Dawson aren’t waiting for later, they want revenge now. Meanwhile, Ziggler & McIntyre put Rollins in the ring. The Revival whip Roman into steel steps, but Rollins works to fight off McIntyre and Ziggler! He can’t, it’s still 2v1. Dash & Dawson keep Roman down while Ziggler & McIntyre hit Rollins with Zig-Zag Claymore! Then Roman is brought into the ring by The Revival. Fans boo while they bring Roman up, for SHATTER MACHINE!

Will Rollins be okay in time for the Ironman match? Will Roman be okay for his second match later tonight?


Kevin meets with  Angle backstage.

Something has to be done about Bruan Strowman. They cant have someone running around doing whatever they want! Well, they settle things in the ring, so does Kevin want a match? No! He just wants Strowman to go away. Put him in counseling! No, suspend him! No, FIRE him! Actually, Angle feels like Kevin should face Strowman tonight. The worst case scenario for Kevin has happened, will he survive Strowman tonight?


Constable Baron Corbin heads to the ring.

After their tag team dysfunction led to a loss, “Stephanie McMahon’s personally appointed” Constable Corbin has words for the Extraordinary Finn Balor. He is here to help. It doesn’t matter who they are or who they are, everyone needs help to reach their full potential. If a boss chews you out, they’re trying to help. If a teacher sends you to detention or a police officer gives you a ticket, they’re just helping. Corbin is constable to help Angle be a better GM and all the superstars reach their full potential.

Though, there’s always someone to proud to accept the help. Finn was exhausted so Corbin tagged in, yet Finn kicks him down. That’s why Corbin pulled him from the ring to talk strategy. They ended up fighting, and they got counted out. Such behavior is “inappropriate and unprofessional.” Therefore, Corbin invites Finn out here so Finn can apologize to Corbin. Finn accepts the invitation and does head to the ring.

Corbin thanks Finn for cooperating. This doesn’t have to be hard, just admit you were wrong and that you’ll never do that again. Finn doesn’t speak, so Corbin apologizes first. When he hit Finn, he was just trying to communicate. He forgets he’s so much bigger, stronger and tougher, so he’s sorry. Finn’s turn. Finn says he’s sorry, that his comments about the vest got Corbin fired from TGI Friday’s.

Corbin gets it, Finn is angry over a loss two weeks ago. Corbin will be the bigger man, because he actually is. Finn, say you’re sorry. Finn does feel Corbin needs an apology. Form whoever gave Corbin that haircut. “Listen, you little twerp!” He knows it’s hard out there for guys like Finn, who doesn’t get the opportunities or the pay like Corbin does. Stephanie made Corbin a constable for a reason, so give him the respect he deserves! Fans say “No! No!” but Finn says, “I’m sorry. But you stopped deserving anyone’s respect the day you became Stephanie’s stooge!” Corbin hits Finn! He drags Finn up, then whips Finn, but Finn dodges to Slingblade! Then to wreck Corbin with a dropkick! Finn climbs up, takes aim, but Corbin retreats. This isn’t over between them, who will be the sorry one when it’s all over?


Elias plays when the Riott Squad appear.

Is the Drifter performing tonight? For Sioux Falls? No. But for Liv & Sarah, he has a song in mind. Liv & Sarah like it, they #StartARiott! Thanks, Elias! These two are headed out, even with their Squad Leader down with injury. Can they represent for Ruby to the fullest tonight?


Ember Moon VS Liv Morgan w/ Sarah Logan!

The Prophecy of Flame has been on fire since coming to Raw, but so has the Riott Squad since the Superstar Shake-Up. Team leader Ruby is out with a leg injury, but that doesn’t mean the riot has to end. Will #LivStrong win strong against the rising War Goddess? Or will Ember Eclipse the wild ones tonight?

The bell rings and Ember ties up with Liv. Liv powers Ember to ropes but Ember standing switches. Liv gets a headlock, but Ember powers out. She still gets whipped but counters the hip-toss with an arm-drag. Ember sweeps then kicks Liv down, cover, ONE. Ember grabs Liv in a facelock, but Sarah coaches Liv up. Liv slips out to rock Ember with a right! Liv puts the headlock back on, and gives a noogie. Ember endures, but Liv gets the takeover. Ember sits up and rolls Liv off. Liv sings but Ember springboards to crossbody! Cover, TWO! Liv rolls away while we go to break.

Raw returns and Liv thrashes Ember around in a full nelson. Fans rally and Ember gets up. Ember breaks free with butt bumps, then slips down to roll Liv into an ankle lock! But Liv throws Ember into ropes! Then she rocks Ember with an enziguri! Cover, TWO, and Liv grows frustrated. She slams Ember’s face off the mat, then drags her back into the full nelson. Liv thrashes Ember around again, but fans still rally. Ember powers up again and arm-drags Liv off. Liv comes back with a forearm, but so does Ember. Liv backs Ember down and knocks her off her feet! She stalks Ember, then drags her up. “You are nothing!” Liv goes for a bulldog, but Ember puts Liv into buckles, then STOMPS her! Ember throws Liv to the center, then climbs up. Sarah panics, ECLIPSE!! Cover, Ember wins!

Winner: Ember Moon, by pinfall

Sarah rushes the ring, but Ember gets away. The Squad is furious, but the Moon rises higher and higher. Can Ember reach the top and challenge the champion in the future?


Raw looks at more of the friendship counseling between Sasha, Bayley & Dr. Shelby.

The doctor seems to be at his wit’s end already, and this is just the first day. They spent hours, can they just go? It’s clearly not working. Shelby says we know how Sasha feels, but how doe sBayley feel? But Bayley can’t answer, it’s Sasha’s role to play. It will be role-playing, Sasha is Bayley and Bayley is Sasha. So how doe s”Bayley” feel? Sasha puts on her best Bayley and says “when I grow up, I’m gonna be a champion! Not because I deserve it, but because I collected a bunch of autographs!” Bayley acts like she’s five and is everyone’s friend, and loves hugs, yay~! Okay… So how does “Sasha” feel to hear that?

Bayley puts on Sasha’s jewelry and says that if no one calls her the The Boss, she’ll stab you in the back. If you get ahead of her, she stabs you in the back! It doesn’t matter, she’ll just stab you in the back! And her neighbor’s mailman’s cousin is Snoop Dog! The Boss~! Is that funny? They argue again, but Shelby tries to bring up the principles of friendship. They both tell him to shut up, so he loses his cool! Will this ever sort itself out?


Bobby Lashley & Roman Reigns VS The Revival!

It may be the third time around, but that’s just to prove the #TopGuys didn’t win on a fluke. Of course, this time won’t exactly be fair with Dash & Dawson beating Roman up earlier. Will they get a guaranteed win tonight over Roman & Lashley? Or will Roman personally see to them not making it out of the ring?

Lashley lets Roman start, and Dawson circles with The Big Dog. Fans duel again as Roman and Dawson tie up. Roman powers Dawson to a corner, but then Roman gets back as Dawson tries to sucker punch the ribs. Dawson talks strategy with Dash before getting Roman in a waistlock then wristlock. Roman reverses, and puts on a headlock. Dawson fights back with body shots, then kicks. Dawson keeps on Roman’s ribs, which he and Dash beat up to begin with. Roman hits back with uppercuts and haymakers, sending Dawson out of the ring. The #TopGuys regroup, but Lashley wants in. Roman refuses, his pride/ego won’t let him. Dawson returns, and Dash flanks him from the outside. The ref keeps Dash back but Dawson gets Roman with body shots!

Dawson tags Dash in but Roman fights back. Roman throws Dawson out, but Dash drops him with a dropkick. Dash knees Roman in the ribs at the ropes, and Lashley knew this was going to happen. Dash stomps away, then tags Dawson. They drag Roman to the apron for Dawson to club away at those ribs. Dawson brings Roman back up and in, then kicks the ribs. Fans chant for Bobby, but Dawson puts Roman in body scissors. Dawson also grinds his forearm into Roman’s face and traps the arms so Roman can’t grab ropes. Roman endures the squeeze, but he won’t give up. Fans rally, and Roman gets up. Roman hits back, but Dawson shoves. Dawson’s hip-toss is blocked, so he lariats Roman down. Tag to Dash, human weapon leg drop! Cover, TWO, but very close. Lashley grows concerned, more for his own win-loss record than Roman’s ribs.

Dash keeps on Roman, then tags Dawson in. Dawson kicks but Roman blocks to throw a haymaker. Roman keeps throwing hands, then whips. Dawson reverses the whip and kicks Roman in the ribs again. Dawson whips but Roman reverses to send Dawson into buckles! Fans cheer for Lashley, but Roman refuses to tag. Dash tags in but runs into the leaping lariat. Dawson gets a guillotine leg drop before he can get in! Roll up on Roman, TWO! SUPERMAN PUNCH! Cover, but Dawson breaks it. Lashley decides to just come in! He gives Dawson a spinebuster, then throws Dash out before giving Dawson another spinebuster! Lashley returns to the corner and wants the tag, but Roman still refuses. Roman aims at Dash, goes to howl, but Dawson grabs his leg! The Revival swarm on Roman in the corner! The referee rings the bell!

Winners: Reigns & Lashley, by disqualification

Dash & Dawson keep stomping Roman, but Lashley leaves him?! Lashley told Roman his ego would do this to him, so he lets it happen. Roman gets another SHATTER MACHINE! Then, a SUPER Splash! The Alpha Male lets the Big Dog suffer for his own ego. He and Roman still get the win in the record books, but we all know the truth. Can Roman recover if he ever wants to run His Yard again?


Kevin brings the “chaos” up to Angle.

This can’t keep happening. The first thing to do: cancel his match with Strowman. He’s right, right? No, that match is still on. Kevin can help Angle organize his office! Or get him Shania Twain tickets! He’s friends with her, you know. Kevin is not getting out of his match. Fine! You don’t deserve Shania tickets. Kevin storms off, preparing for the worst.


Angle meets with Roman.

Roman wants to know what he has to do? Don’t worry, the match is set. Lashley asked for this match, too. Then they better start looking for a replacement, because Roman is going to lay Lashley’s “punk ass” out.


Mojo Rawley VS No Way Jose!

The man with #KillerInstinct refused this rematch last week, but after sucker punching the Fighting Fiesta, seems both men have no way around it. But Mojo says he made himself clear last week. Mojo paid the price already just to lace up his boots in a WWE ring. And what does Mojo do with the same opportunity? He dances and dances. So they’re just supposed to have a rematch? No way, Jose. Jose swings but Mojo knocks him down again! Then he goes up to the conga line, grabs the guy in a cheeseburger costume, and throws him! Then the POUNCE! That wasn’t Todd, but still.

Jose goes after Mojo again, but is rammed into the LED apron again and again and again! Mojo finishes it with a choke slam to the apron! He leaves Jose and the cheeseburger down and out. Will Mojo continue to show no mercy to anyone undeserving?


Exclusive interview with Ronda Rousey.

While the Baddest Woman on the Planet is suspended for 30 days, she can still talk. She’s excited to hear Alexa Bliss has to defend against Nia Jax. Ronda won’t have to stay away from a PPV, she promises to be front row at Extreme Rules!


Mickie James w/ Alexa Bliss VS Nia Jax!

The Goddess is running out of time before having to face the Irresistible Force, as well as having Ronda on the sidelines from the suspension. Can the six-time former champion soften the challenger up for Alexa? Or is she just a lamb being led to slaughter for the Goddess’ sake?

Nia knows when she defeated Alexa back at Wrestlemania, she thought she was done with Alexa. But she wasn’t. Then when she squashed Alexa at Backlash, that should’ve been the end. But wrong again. Then, the “legal” MITB cash-in brings us back to square one. “But this needs to end.” At Extreme Rules, with Ronda ringside, it will. In fact, Angle made their rematch… Oh yes, AN EXTREME RULES MATCH! But tonight, Mickie brought the little pest out here with her. Nia brought some back-up, too! It’s Natty! Will the Queen of Harts keep the “pesky” Goddess out of this match?

The bell rings and Mickie throws hands on Nia, but Nia shoves her away. Mickie kicks and throws more hands, but Nia headbutts her down. Mickie tries a third time, but Nia powers her into buckles. Nia squashes Mickie, then throws her across the way. Mickie crawls to ropes, but Nia is on her. Mickie elbows and kicks Nia back, then runs, but into the bulldozing! Nia stalks Mickie but Mickie gets to the apron. Nia swipes at Mickie but Mickie gets away to the barriers. Mickie tries to run when Nia pursues, but Nia grabs her and brings her into a fireman’s carry. Alexa saves Mickie but Natty reinforces Nia. It’s a stand-off while we go to break.

Raw returns and Mickie has Nia down and out on the outside. Nia climbs up but Mickie baseball slides Nia back down. Mickie goes after the leg with swift kicks, then gets back into the ring. Nia slowly gets in and still beats the count at 8. Mickie goes after the leg more, and Alexa mocks Nia’s pain. Fans rally while Nia endures more kicks. Nia puts Mickie in a corner but Mickie hits back again. Mickie kicks and kicks, keeping Nia down on her knees. Nia pushes Mickie but Mickie keeps kicking. Mickie runs and dropkicks Nia’s legs out! Mickie has Nia in a corner, and hotshots the leg! Nia writhes in pain, but Natty keeps the fans rallying. Mickie grabs the leg to drop an elbow on the knee. Nia endures and clubs Mickie back.

Nia grabs hair but Mickie grinds her elbow into the knee. They keep fighting on the mat. Nia gets Mickie in body scissors! Fans rally as Nia squeezes Mickie. Mickie reaches ropes and gets the ropebreak. Nia holds on but lets go at 4. Mickie throws hands but Nia gives a headbutt. Nia rallies with lariats, then pulls Mickie up. She shrieks as she puts Mickie in a corner, but she runs into boots. Mickie goes for the Mick-canrana, but Nia blocks. Mickie pops out and kicks the legs again. She aims at Nia, swings the kick, but Nia blocks it! Mickie slaps Nia, but Nia brings her up for the sit-out powerbomb! Alexa distracts the ref, so Natty trips her up! Nia sneers at Alexa, then goes back to Mickie, Samoan Drop! Cover, Nia wins!

Winner: Nia Jax, by pinfall

The Irresistible Force toughs it out, and with a little help from her friend, she stands tall. With the rules brought to their extreme, does Alexa stand a chance against her archenemy?


Kevin is trying, but it’s not working.

Why isn’t his meditating working? Jinder Mahal explains, but Kevin just can’t get it. Find inner peace. You must repeat the mantra. But he doesn’t want to. Charly comes over and asks if he’s shaken up. Kevin isn’t shaken! Just surprised by her is all. Kevin is glad he’s facing Strowman tonight! He is? Yes! Why would he be shaken up> Just because Strowman looks at him like a slab of bacon? Some people would be terrified of a monster, but Kevin’s faced the monster before. Kevin feels he knows everything about the monster now. He’ll go in that ring, and show the world how you destroy a monster! He goes back to meditating with Mahal, will it be enough to prepare for Strowman?


Backstage interview with Bobby Lashley.

How does he feel about getting Roman reigns in a match at Extreme Rules? We all saw it, Roman was feeding his own ego not tagging out. Roman got what he deserved in that tag match. The only reason Roman got what he’s gotten is because Lashley hasn’t been here. Roman’s “yard” would’ve just been a concrete patch in a trailer park. Will Lashley take over the Yard as the new Guy? Or will Roman reaffirm his Empire?


Kevin Owens VS Braun Strowman!

The Prizefighter wanted to be a friend, but when Strowman refused, he no longer wanted a thing to do with the #MonsterintheBank. The problem is, Strowman isn’t finished with Kevin, as he literally flipped Kevin’s car with his bare hands. Win or lose, will they be finished after tonight?

Raw returns one more time, and this match begins. Kevin fires up and ties up with Strowman, but Strowman just shoves him to a corner. Strowman roars, so Kevin bails out. Kevin hears the ring count begin, and he runs away! And he doesn’t come back. The count hits 10, Strowman wins!

Winner: Braun Strowman, by count out

But Strowman is now in hot pursuit! Kevin hurries to get out of the building and back to his car. But where are his keys?! He likely left them with his luggage in the locker room. Kevin isn’t sure what to do, so he tries to find a hiding place. He has no choice: portapotty. Strowman traces Kevin’s steps, but can’t find him. The valet attendant runs away, but Strowman keeps searching. Strowman walks down the parking lot, but can’t find Kevin. Fans chant “portapotty!” in hopes he hears. Strowman searches more, but that’s when he smells something. He smells Kevin’s fear! And more other things…? “Anybody in there?” “Go away.” So Strowman tapes up the portapotty! “I told you I’d find you!” Kevin panics and begs for mercy, but Strowman pulls the portapotty around, into the arena!

Kevin continues to beg, but he can’t do a thing as Strowman pulls the potty along. Strowman goes all the way back to ringside, knocking down anything in his way. Strowman shakes the portapotty, then drags it up to the stage. Kevin continues to beg, but Strowman ignores him. Strowman brings the portapotty across the stage, then makes sure Kevin is still conscious in there. He shoves the portapotty closer to the edge, but not all the way over. Strowman backs away, and fans know what’s coming next. Strowman runs at the portapotty and RAMS it off the stage!!

Kevin is likely battered, bruised and a mess… Fans fitting chant “holy sh*t!” The Monster looks down upon Kevin as security and medics drag him out of the wreckage and waste. Between the pain and the humiliation, will Kevin ever show his face around Raw again?



My Thoughts:

I think Raw has relapsed to the lackluster stuff from last year. Like, I think last Summer was just as bad for Raw as this Summer has been. As if fans didn’t have enough reason to dislike Roman being shoved down our throats, he gets a double-header tonight given his stories crossing over. Him having a match with Rollins against McIntyre-Ziggler would’ve been good instead of yet another team-up with Lashley, and to his character’s credit, Roman said as much. But Angle insisted and we got a double dose of The Big Dog. Though it also went in character for The Revival to attack. I just wish Roman had stayed out of the second match for whatever reason, like he was that beat up or Angle thought better of it. But at least we get Lashley VS Roman for the sake of pride.

The B Team is on the weirdest roll. Axel goes up 2-0 on Hardy (likely meant to be Bo VS Bray if Bray didn’t get in that car accident), but there’s still time before their title match. I still don’t think B Team will win, but if they do, holy crap that’d be shocking. Meanwhile, it was a given that the AoP were going to win against Titus Worldwide. I hope for AoP’s sake that they’re in the title scene going towards Summerslam, even if it’s in a crazy free-for-all with The Revival and I guess even Ziggler-McIntyre. Another unfortunate accident was Ruby Riott’s, hers might be a bit more serious. Liv & Sarah still hold their own as an act, but going by how Ember won tonight, their numbers game is obviously their strong suit, and being a woman down, it won’t work as well as it used to.

Hooray for having Dr. Shelby back to help Bayley & Sasha. Though, unlike Team Hell No uniting, this will (and should) have a complete meltdown and we get an Extreme Rules match. I was hoping this would be the one to be the Extreme Rules match, but that goes to Nia VS Alexa with Ronda in the front row, so that Ronda can get involved without the match being thrown out. Extreme Rules really should just be a PPV where all matches are No DQ by default, but WWE doesn’t want to risk (more) injuries. Nia and Mickie did great tonight, and if the team of Nia & Natty holds up, possible team for a possible Women’s Tag Division? Lastly, Strowman and Kevin basically save the night with that “match” and the portapotty spot at the end there. I bet they’ll have another match at the PPV that Kevin again won’t want.

My Score: 7.8/10

Let us know what you think on social media @theCHAIRSHOTcom and always remember to use the hashtag #UseYourHead!

More From Japan





Hisame dropping the NOAH knowledge bombs every week! If you’re behind, just curious, or a frequent admirer of the Emerald ways, these Newsletters keep getting better and better.

On the 13th January, Yoshinari Ogawa and HAYATA shook hands, and then briefly patted each other on the back for a quick hug. So far nothing more has come of this, HAYATA hasn’t turned against RATELS, and Yoshinari Ogawa is absent with flu, but HAYATA does have a singles match with YO-HEY on the 20th, and so we shall see how matters progress from there.

Interestingly, YO-HEY has also spoke of “three people” being traitors.

Hajime Ohara picked up a slight, but scary injury following a kick to the face from Keisuke Ishii, he found that his sight was blurred for a few days, but rest corrected it.

Masa Kitamiya and Atsushi Kotoge (who thinks that “Masa needs a revolution”) will face off for the number one contendership for the GHC Heavyweight on the 20th January. Kaito Kiyomiya says he does not care who wins, he will face and defend against the winner.

Naomichi Marufuji will return to the ring on the 2nd February.



RATELS came to the UK to compete in IPW’S inaugural junior heavyweight tournament. Keeping to the current situation NOAH, they pretty much stayed apart (with Tadasuke the only one visibly siding with Harada, YO-HEY appearing to go off on his own and HAYATA not appearing with anyone). However, YO-HEY was seen to be standing watching HAYATA’S match with Kid Lykos, and loving it.

The tournament was held between eight wrestlers: Daisuke Harada, Tadasuke, YO-HEY, HAYATA, Chris Ridgeway, James Castle, Ben Basden and Kid Lykos.
In the first round, Daisuke Harada and Chris Ridgeway beat the hell out of each other, YO-HEY was an instant hit with the crowd (who were disappointed that he wouldn’t be coming back), James Castle faced Tadasuke and HAYATA had a match against Kid Lykos which involved heel tactics and an attack from Chris Brookes. As far as the Noah matches went in the second round, NOAH naturally did not want to ruin the eventual Harada vs YO-HEY or the YO-HEY vs HAYATA, so we were treated to HAYATA vs Daisuke Harada.

The finals came down to James Castle vs Daisuke Harada, in which Harada was victorious and became the first IPW Junior Heavyweight Champion, he was handed the belt by Doug Williams, and bought it to the ring today in NOAH.

Chris Ridgeway has vowed revenge on Harada, he says that not only will he come to Japan to make him tap out, he would also take the belt too.

A more detailed recap of the event can be found via my podcast episode at either Soundcloud or iTunes (please see links at the end of the newsletter). 


Tokyo Sports are suggesting that as 2019 will mark Jun Akiyama’s five years of All Japan presidency, and of course NOAH will celebrate their 20 years in August, there may well be a collaboration between the two for the anniversary, NOAH of course coming from All Japan.

At the annual awards, Naomichi Marufuji picked up the award for “Outstanding Achievement”, and Kaito Kiyomiya the award for “Fighting Spirit”.
Kaito Kiyomiya (who was described by Suwama as being “dignified, well dressed, with good posture” and “very polite to the seniors”), gave a nervous looking speech:

“I have received the “Fighting Spirit Award”. Thank you very much. When I heard I was getting this award, I was very surprised. I am proud to have taken the belt last year, and this year, as champion, as NOAH’s face, I would like to run with everyone who supports me. Thank you very much”.

Naomichi Marufuji (older and more experienced, and with the benefit of having Misawa ease him into public situations such as these), was more relaxed in his:

“Thank you very much for the “Outstanding Performance Award” of 2018. 2018 was my 20th year, but this year is my 21st. I’d like to make an effort to make a further leap. As New Japan continue to monopolize the MVP Grand Prize, I want to show the best match, so not to lose receiving the assessment”

Kenoh’s column Kenoh spoke in his first column of 2019 about his loss to Kaito Kiyomiya for the GHC Heavyweight Championship. He is confident that he can beat Kiyomiya for the title, but he feels there is an element of nepotism and that in his opinion, Kiyomiya is “protected by the company.”

Kenoh’s worse fears are that Marufuji will challenge for the title when he returns on the 2nd February, and that Kiyomiya will defeat him (Kenoh wants to be the one to do it), and he has sworn he will crush them both if so. Kenoh finished by saying that his goal for this year is to get his revenge on Kiyomiya, that is his “screenplay”.


~ YO-HEY has a new t-shirt
~ Yoshinari Ogawa has been pulled from the NOAH tour from the 19th to the 26th January as he is suffering from influenza.
~ Fifty Funky Powers disco ball was out, proud and rotating at NOAH’s show on January 13th. For their entry the lights dimmed and it threw green spots around the hall.
~ NOAH are selling in limited quantities, portrait pictures of Junta Miyawaki, Yoshiki Inamura and Kinya Okada
~ There appears to be a conflict brewing between Kenoh and Katsuhiko Nakajima
~ Tadasuke was noted to be giving Kinya Okada advice during their three way match
~ Kenoh did not take kindly to being asked to join the revolution with Atsushi Kotoge, and kicked him hard after he had asked him. Kotoge also tried to ask HAYATA and Yoshinari Ogawa, HAYATA walked off (refusing to shake hands with him) and Ogawa said “seriously?”

None. He’s been too preoccupied with his new dog, and the weather has been too cold for him to be rude.

The final night of “Navigation For The Future 2019” will be broadcast on Saturday 9th February 2019 at 10pm JST on Samurai.


I will keep doing well until my daughter is adult, and my life will be full of youth, no matter how old she will be”

“Living with Cancer” is a book written in March 2018 by Kenta Kobashi. It has five chapters and details his life from his diagnosis until now. For cancer sufferers and their families, he gives advice and support, while he also details his own battle against it. The last chapter is dedicated to his family, his infant daughter and the fans.
As one reviewer has put it, Misawa taught Kobashi the importance of leaving the ring alive.

The English translation of Naomichi Marufuji’s biography “Heir To The Ark” (a work in progress), can be found here

Recommendation for 2019: Junta Miyawaki 
Tokyo Sports 2018 Grand Prix Award Ceremony 
Naomichi Marufuji’s Outstanding Performance Award for the first time in twelve years “An effort to make a further leap” 
Kaito Kiyomiya’s first Fighting Spirit Award as “The new face of Noah” 
UK Expedition Result: Daisuke Harada becomes the first IPW Junior Heavyweight Champion 
POST MATCH PROMOS ~ “Navigation For The Future 2019” Night Four ~ Esupuma Isauma (Kawagoe-shi) (Sunday, January 13th 2019) 
Naomichi Marufuji, Pro Wrestling Grand Prize, Special Prize winner, “I want to see the view that Misawa could not” 
POST MATCH PROMOS ~ “Navigation For The Future 2019” Night Three ~ Act City Hamamatsu (12th January 2019) 



Photos & gifs – credit to Tokyo Sports (group picture), Hisame (YO-HEY), (“Living with Cancer”)

Let us know what you think on social media @theCHAIRSHOTcom and always remember to use the hashtag #UseYourHead!
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Joe’s CMLL Results & Review 1/20/2019



CMLL Coverage

With CMLL having fun with New Japan, Joe lets  us see what the proper CMLL shows deliver.

Rey Samuray, Millenium, and Astro vs El Perverso, Black Tiger, and Sombra Diabolika

Astro and Perverso start the match out with some grappling. Samuray comes in next with Black Tiger and they tie up a few times until Samuray hits a snapmare on Tiger to the outside. Sombra and Millenium are in next, and Millenium hits a hurricanrana on him to the outside, then everyone comes in to trade spots on each other. Samuray hits a hurricanrana off the ropes on Perverso for the pin. First Fall: Rey Samuray pins Perverso with a pinning hurricanrana. 

Tiger and Astro start this round with Astro getting the jump on him, hitting a hurricanrana to the ramp then hitting a pose. Samuray and Perverso are in next and Samuray hits an arm drag to the outside, then does an asai moonsault into an arm drag. Perverso starts to strike Astro when he re-enters the ring. Tiger and Sombra then chop Millenium’s bare chest. They clothesline Astro on the ropes then start to team on Samuray. Black Tiger then submits Astro with a body stretch. Sombra gets Millenium in an arm stretch and submits him. Second Fall: Sombra Diabolika submits Millenium with an arm stretch.

They start the round beating on Millenium and Astro. Samuray tries his hand but suffers the same fate. They make a come back finally and Astro hits a springboard splash on Sombra, then Millenium hits a 450 on Black Tiger and Rey Samuray pins Perverso with a moonsault. Third Fall: Rey Samuray pins Perverso with a moonsault.

Winners: Rey Samuray, Millenium, and Astro

Halcon Suriano Jr, Robin, and Tigre Rojo Jr vs El Malayo, Toro Bill Jr, and Police Man

Police Man and Rojo Jr start out the match with some standing grappling which transitions to them on the ground exchanging counters. Suriano comes in next with Toro Bill and Halcon is really really small. They do some grappling on the ground. Toro Bill uses his size to his advantage. Robin gets in with Malayo but that doesn’t last long as they throw him to the ramp to team on Tigre Rojo. Police Man power bombs Halcon for the pin and Malayo submits Rojo with an arm stretch. First Fall: Malayo submits Tigre Rojo with an arm stretch. 

Robin gets taken out early and then they team up on Halcon and Rojo. Robin comes back to try and save the day but he gets taken out again. Robin does facilitate the come back, slamming Malayo by his head then hitting a hurricanrana on Toro Bill. Halcon then hits one on Police Man. Rojo tricks Malayo to the outside then hits a spinning dive over the top rope. Suriano slams Police Man then Robin hits a swanton bomb for the pin. Suriano then catches Toro Bill in a flying arm bar for the fall. Second Fall: Halcon Suriano submits Toro Bill with a flying arm bar.

Rojo and Malayo start the round off and Rojo has the momentum advantage eventually drop kicking him to the outside then posing. Suriano hits a hurricanrana on Bill then avoids a double team attack by Police Man. Suriano then feigns a dive and hits a pose. Robin comes in next and he’s got the big momentum advantage as well. Robin hits a middle rope dive on Police Man through Suriano’s legs, then Suriano hits an asai moonsault. In the ring, Tigre Rojo then gets Malayo in a flying arm bar to win the match. Third Round: Tigre Rojo Jr submits El Malayo with a flying arm bar.

Winners: Halcon Suriano Jr, Robin, and Tigre Rojo Jr

Super Muneco, Super Pinocho, and Super Raton vs Rocky Santana, El Gallego, and Romano Garcia

This match starts out with a brawl. After some brawling Pinocho hits a middle rope dive on Gallego. Raton hits multiple back breakers on Rocky Santana and pins him. Muneco then gets Garcia in some odd arm twist for the fall. First Fall: Super Muneco submits Garcia with an arm twist.

This round starts out as a brawl again. Eventually this leads to Santana, Gallego, and Garcia teaming up on their opposition. They get Pinocho in a triple team submission then do the same to Raton. Second Fall: Super Raton is submitted by a triple submission.

They try to team on Pinocho to start, but he fights back using trickery. Then there is some posturing. Raton then gets the advantage on them by making them look like fools. It’s like the three stooges. Muneco and Raton get Santana and Garcia in a double submission on the mat and then in the center of the move Pinocho tries his best to hurricanrana Gallego but can’t roll over. When he finally does he gets it for the pin. Third Fall: Super Pinocho pins Gallego with a hurricanrana.

Winners: Super Muneco, Super Pinocho, and Super Raton

Niebla Roja, Stuka Jr, and Stigma vs Mephisto, Luciferno, and Ephesto

Luciferno and Roja brawl in the crowd during the introductions. The other guys are just posing as normal. Stigma and Ephesto start out in the ring and they posture a little before they tie up and grapple. They re-engage a few times and Stigma hits a hurricanrana on him to the outside bringing in Mephisto and Stuka. Stuka takes out Mephisto and then Ephesto takes Stuka out. Roja comes in hitting a cross body. Roja hits a hurricanrana into a pin on Luciferno but Luciferno reverses it for the fall. First Fall: Luciferno reverses Roja’s hurricanrana into a pin.

They team up on Stigma to start the round off. After they take out Stigma they move to Stuka and so on. They get the heat on these guys for like 5 minutes until Roja finally hits a hurricanrana on Luciferno and then hits a dive. Stuka hits a swinging neck breaker on Ephesto and Stigma gets Mephisto in a small package for the fall. Second Fall: Stigma pins Mephisto with a small package.

There’s some posturing to start this round off. Finally after a few minutes of posturing Stigma and Ephesto square off. Stigma takes out Mephisto and Ephesto and wants a piece of Luciferno but Luciferno doesn’t want any. So Roja comes in and Luciferno retreats up the stairs. Stuka takes out Mephisto and then hits a monkey flip on Ephesto. Stigma hits a middle rope dive on Ephesto. Finally Roja and Luciferno are in the ring. Luciferno hits a Styles clash and pins Roja for the win. I guess this will be a future feud. Third Fall: Luciferno pins Niebla Roja with a Styles Clash.

Luciferno post match challenges Niebla Roja for his championship. Roja raises the steaks saying mask vs hair.

Winners: Mephisto, Luciferno, and Ephesto

Rush, Villano IV, and Vangellys vs El Valiente, Euforia, and Kraneo

Match starts with a brawl during Euforia’s entrance, which was also the last one. Rush goes for Euforia’s mask and Kraneo and Valiente get taken out, so this causes them to team on Euforia. They drop Mije on top of Kraneo while he’s down. They beat on the other guys until Vangellys hits Valiente with a spear and Villano IV gets Valiente in a single leg crab for the fall. First Fall: Villano IV submits Valiente with a single leg boston crab.

This round begins with them teaming on Euforia some more. They all hit drop kicks on Euforia then Rush goes for his mask again. Rush is now beating on Valiente and Valiente hits a hurricanrana on Vangellys to make a come back but Rush stops it immediately by kicking him. Euforia makes a come back hitting clotheslines on everyone. When Rush gets up Euforia kicks him in the groin as pay back for all the times Rush does it. Second Fall: Rush wins via DQ.

Euforia wants a one on one match with Rush. Euforia beats up Rush in the crowd area.

Winners: Rush, Villano IV, and Vangellys


Arena Mexico Tuesday

Aereo and Acero vs Pequeno Nitro and Pequeno Violencia

Acero starts off with Nitro and they engage on the ground and trade pinning combinations to start. They re-engage a few times until Aereo and Violencia come in. They tie up and then start to grapple as well. Aereo hits a hurricanrana on him which leads to Nitro hitting a cross body on Aereo. Acero comes back in hitting a hurricanrana on Nitro. Violencia and Nitro team up on Acero to gain the advantage. Nitro hits a back stabber on Aereo for the pin. Violencia hits a slam and senton on Acero for the fall. First Fall: Violencia pins Acero with a senton splash.

Nitro and Aereo start and Aereo goes for an arm drag but Nitro throws him on his face. Acero gets greeted by a double team when he comes in. When they take out Acero, Aereo comes back in to try and fight them off. Finally a come back gets made when Nitro falls out of the ring. Aereo hits a flying elbow smash off the top on Violencia for the pin. Acero then gets Nitro is a body stretch. Second Fall: Acero submits Nitro with a body stretch.

Aereo starts out hot in this round disposing of Nitro rather quickly. Acero comes in next with Violencia and Acero gets the advantage on him but Nitro comes in to stop his momentum. Acero eventually gets Nitro on his shoulders and Aereo hits a drop kick off the top for a pin. Acero hits a lionsault on Violencia for the win. Third Fall: Acero pins Violencia with a lionsault.

Winners: Aereo and Acero

Star Jr, Oro Jr, and Retro vs Nitro, Metalico, and Sangre Azteca

Oro starts with Azteca and right when they engage Metalico attacks Oro from behind. As they are grappling and engaging every time Oro has the advantage Metalico interferes. Retro comes in and slaps Azteca’s chest until Metalico comes in. Right when he does Oro wants a piece of him. Metalico gets the advantage continuously clotheslining him. Finally Star comes in with Nitro and they go at it doing acrobatic spots. Oro and Metalico find their way back in the ring and Oro submits Metalico with a head scissors. Retro gets in with Azteca and catches him in an abdominal stretch. First Fall: Retro submits Azteca with an abdominal stretch.

There’s a bit of posturing to start the second round off. Oro and Azteca finally start going at it then they go to the outside to fight and this leads to Star coming in and taking out Metalico and then taking out Nitro. Retro enters with a returning Azteca and it doesn’t last long as Metalico is back in. Retro goes for an inverted bear hug but it gets broken up. Azteca gets Retro in a camel clutch and Nitro hits him with a drop kick. Then Nitro holds him and Azteca hits a double stomp to the inner thighs for the pin. It really looked like the groin. Then they get Oro in the ring and Nitro hits an elbow drop from the top to the inner thigh, or groin and Metalico pins him. Second Fall: Metalico pins Oro Jr after Nitro hit an elbow drop to the inner thigh.

Oro gets laid out on the ramp in between rounds and Retro gets thrown into the ring to get teamed on. They do the typical triple teaming, going from wrestler to wrestler to isolate each. Oro tries to make a come back hitting an elbow on Metalico and a moonsault on Nitro but foolishly goes for the pin and gets stomped out. Star almost pins Metalico with a cross body but it gets stopped. Retro goes for a cross body and Azteca drop kicks him for the pin. Star goes for a head scissors but Nitro slams him into a leg lock for the win. Then once the match is over Metalico steals Star’s mask. Third Fall: Nitro defeats Star with a leg lock.

Winners: Nitro, Metalico, and Sangre Azteca

Drone, Pegasso, and Stigma vs Misterioso (Disturbio), Kawato San, Universo 2000 Jr

Unless my eyes deceived me when writing down the line up, Distrubio is replacing Misterioso. Stigma starts out locking up with Disturbio. They do some acrobatic grappling to start. Pegasso and Kawato are in next and they trade holds and submissions. After them Drone and Universo make their ways into the match for the first time. Drone hits an arm drag and gets the better of Universo in another exchange. Universo whips him to his corner and Drone gets stomped out. Drone then whips Universo to his own corner and then Universo gets stomped out. Stigma is in there getting teamed on and goes for a sunset flip on Universo but Universo counters with knees to the face for the pin. Disturbio then hits knees to the face on Drone in the corner for the fall. First Fall: Disturbio pins Drone with knees to the face.

They start this round teaming on Drone and then taking out Pegasso when he tries to help. Afterwards they work over Stigma. Pegasso re-enters but Kawato hits him with a big drop kick bringing Drone back in who just gets stomped out. Drone then avoids a double team attack and hits a middle rope dive on Universo. Pegasso hits a cross body on Kawato and then gets a school boy for the pin. Distrubio gets placed on the top rope and Stigma hits a jaw breaker on him for the fall. Second Fall: Stigma pins Disturbio with a jaw breaker.

Kawato and Pegasso start this round out exchanging strikes. Pegasso wins that battle which brings in Drone and Universo. Drones rolls out of a sunset flip and kicks him. Then hits a drop kick on him taking him out. Disturbio tries a monkey flip on Stigma but he lands on his feet. Stigma then counters Disturbio’s attacks hitting an arm drag to take him to the outside. Universo gets Pegasso in a half crab but Drone breaks it up with an enziguri. Stigma then hits a hurricanrana off the apron on Universo. In the ring Drone hits a lionsault on Kawato for the pin. Drone then slams Universo and then Pegasso hits a 450 for the win. Third Fall: Pegasso pins Universo with a 450 splash.

Winners: Drone, Pegasso, and Stigma 

(Match Relampago) El Sagrado vs Tiger

They start out this lightning match doing some standing grappling. They bring their grappling to the ground finally. Tiger clotheslines him and then he rolls out of the ring causing Tiger to hit a rotating dive to the outside. They go back into the ring and then find themselves back on the floor. Sagrado rolls out of an attack and then hits a power slam on the floor. When they get back into the ring Sagrado continues to get the heat on Tiger. Tiger hits a pop up power bomb finally, then goes for a hurricanrana but it’s counter into a power bomb. Tiger tries to roll into a submission combination but Sagrado counters. Sagrado then gets Tiger in a pinning combination and wins. El Sagrado pins Tiger with a pinning combination.

Winner: El Sagrado

Blue Panther, Black Panther, and Blue Panther Jr vs Luciferno (El Coyote), Polvora, and El Felino

Coyote is replacing Luciferno in this match. Panther Sr starts out with the aforementioned Coyote. They start with some grappling until Panther Jr and Polvora come in. They trade spots and counter each other some. Felino and Black Panther are in shortly after. Panther quickly and slickly gets Felino in a pinning combination for a surprise first fall. Felino’s teamed look stunned. Nice flash finish. First Fall: Black Panther pins Felino with a pinning combination.

They start this round beating on Blue Panther Sr. When Jr tries to save him they gang up on him. They take out Sr and continue to work on Jr. Felino gets Black Panther in a stretch submission and he taps. Polvora hits Jr with a sit out face buster and Felino steals the pin. Polvora is upset and confused by this. Second Fall: Felino pins Blue Panther Jr after Polvora hit a sit out face buster.

They start the round teaming on Blue Panther. The midge that goes to the ring with Felino did a few moves on him. Black Panther makes a come back, feigning a dive then diving on Felino. Panther Jr continues the momentum hitting multiple back breakers. Sr and Jr go to pin the downed opponents and the ref takes long to get into position and this causes Panther Sr to complain to the ref. Black Panther hit a hurricanrana on Felino to the outside and hit another middle rope dive. Polvora and Coyote work on Sr in the corner but when Coyote comes out Panther Jr hits a victory roll for the pin. Panther Sr collides with Polvora and then Jr hits a double leg take down into a stretch submission for the win. Third Fall: Blue Panther Jr submits Polvora with a stretch submission.

Winners: Blue Panther, Black Panther, and Blue Panther Jr

Niebla Roja, Kraneo, and Volcano vs Shocker (Luciferno), Mephisto, and Rey Bucanero

Well there’s Luciferno. Replacing Shocker. Volcano starts out with Luciferno and Luciferno tries to knock over Volcano by running into him but he can’t. Volcano hits a few arm drags then feigns a dive. Bucanero is in his bullet club shirt so I guess since there’s the Fantastica Mania tour he’s reminding people he’s kind of in there. Kraneo gets in with Bucanero and Bucanero tries and fails to slam Kraneo. Mephisto gets in with Kraneo and tries to work him over but Kraneo hits him with a splash. Mephisto rolls to the outside and Roja hits a dive on him. Kraneo throws Mije on top of Luciferno. Then Volcano hits a handspring splash on Bucanero and Kraneo hits a leg drop on Luciferno for the fall. First Fall: Kraneo pins Luciferno with a leg drop.

Roja chases Luciferno up the ramp to start this round. Bucanero and Mephisto met Luciferno and they regroup on the ramp. There’s a ton of posturing nobody wants to get in there with Kraneo. So Volcano comes in and he gets the advantage on Luciferno. Volcano tries to do a bounce off the ropes double arm drag but slips and fails and then gets stomped out. Bucanero ends up in the crowd after Volcano fights back and sits on a girls lap and talks to her. Roja gets in there with Mephisto and they exchange strikes. This has been a pretty sloppy match. They team on Roja to get him out of there as he got the leg up on Mephisto. Volcano and Kraneo sandwich Bucanero and Luciferno, then hit running attacks in the corner. They go to do a double team move on Mephisto but he moves and they collide. Mephisto launches Roja in the air and then kicks him in the groin. He goes for the pin but the ref pulls him off and declares Roja the winner. He couldn’t have possibly thought he’d get away with that. Second Fall: Niebla Roja wins via DQ from Mephisto

I believe Roja has challenged Mephisto to a one on one match come Tuesday. He challenges him mask vs hair. I’m pretty sure that won’t happen. Bucanero knows all about losing to Niebla Roja in Apuesta matches. They start to answer him, then corner Roja and stomp him out.

Winners: Niebla Roja, Kraneo, and Volcano

Arena Mexico Friday

Magnus, Arkalis, and Astral vs Akuma, Espanto Jr, and Metalico

Magnus starts with Metalico and they do some grappling to begin. Metalico complains some to the ref during the exchanges. Arkalis gets in with Metalico and drop kicks him to the outside. Espanto gets in and runs over Arkalis a few times, then drop kicks him off the apron. Astral uses his speed to hit a hurricanrana on Espanto. Akuma comes in and takes out Astral, which brings Magnus in to take out Akuma. Magnus and Metalico trade acrobatic spots until Metalico hits a DDT. Astral re-enters and Akuma hits a code breaker into a german suplex by Espanto for the pin. Arkalis comes in and gets thrown in the air and kicked by Akuma. Metalico then submits him with a stretch. First Fall: Metalico submits Arkalis with a stretch.

They team up on Magnus to start this round. Arkalis comes in to try his hand and Espanto pulls his mask. They continue their team up attack on Astral. They make a come back, Astral hits a hurricanrana on Akuma on the ramp. Arkalis hits a hurricanrana on Espanto then pins him with a blue thunder bomb. Magnus then hits knees to the corner on Metalico for the fall. Second Fall: Magnus pins Metalico with knees to the corner.

Astral and Metalico go back and forth to start. Astral gets him to the outside then poses. Arkalis and Espanto go back and forth until Arkalis hits a drop kick off the top. Akuma and Magnus botch a spot which Akuma immediately is upset by. Arkalis goes for a hurricanrana on Metalico but it’s reversed into a power bomb in which he bumps weirdly for. Astral gets hung up in the barricade and Akuma hits a drop kick off the apron. Metalico hit a DDT on Magnus and Espanto hit a splash off the top for the win. Third Fall: Espanto pins Magnus with a splash off the top.

Winners: Akuma, Espanto Jr, and Metalico

Marcela, Princesa Sugehit, and La Jarochita vs Dalys, Amapola, and La Metalica

Jarochita starts grappling with Metalica. Sugehit is in next with Amapola and Amapola tries to use her size but Sugehit uses her speed to counter. Dalys gets in with Marcela and they stare each other down. They go back and forth with attacks and strikes. Marcela hits a hurricanrana off the top then a back breaker. Chaos breaks out and Sugehit gets Dalys in a submission, and Marcela gets Amapola in a submission and Jarochita submits Metalica all at once. First Fall: Sugehit lead a triple submission for the fall.

Round starts with Jarochita and Metalica. They go back and forth for a bit until Jarochita knocks her off the apron. Marcela comes in and Dalys and Amapola team up on her. They hold Jarochita in the ropes and drop kick her. Marcela gets held down and Metalica hits a swanton bomb for the pin. Sugehit was a split second late to make the save. Second Fall: Metalica pins Marcela with a swanton bomb,

The rudos start this round continuing to team up on Sugehit, then Marcela. Taking out Jarochita whenever she interferes. Sugehit dodges an attack leading to a Marcela drop kick on Dalys. Sugehit and Marcela go for a double suplex on Dalys but Dalys reverses them. Dalys rolls to the outside and Sugehit hits a flip dive off the apron on her. In the ring Metalica goes for a power bomb on Jarochita but Jarochita reverses it into a pin. Marcela then hit a michinoku driver on Amapola for the win. Third Fall: Marcela pins Amapola with a Michinoku driver.

Winners: Marcela, Princesa Sugehit, and La Jarochita

Guerrero Maya, Esfinge, and Rey Cometa vs Dragon Rojo, Polvora, and Virus

Esfinge starts with Rojo and they lock up and start to fight for position. Esfinge hits a hurricanrana to the outside then feigns a dive. Maya comes in next with Virus and they start to trade holds fighting for position. Polvora is in next and Rey Cometa great him with a cross body splash. Cometa fast gets teamed on, however. Cometa then gets Polvora in his corner and then they beat on Polvora. Everybody gets in the ring and they fight until Roja gets Esfinge in a neck stretch submission and Virus gets Cometa in a leg arm stretch. First Fall: Virus submits Cometa with a leg arm stretch.

We start this round with Virus working over Esfinge. Esfinge gets teamed on and stomped out of the ring. Next on the menu is to team Cometa. Polvora hits Cometa with a very close to a groin shot drop kick in the corner. Maya baits Polvora on the outside and then Cometa hits him with a hurricanrana. Esfinge slams Rojo and Cometa hits a 450 on him for the pin. Esfinge hits a springboard frog splash on Polvora. Second Fall: Esfinge pins Polvora with a springboard frog splash.

Esfinge and Rojo start the third round posturing to the crowd. Esfinge starts out hot, making Rojo and Polvora miss their double team attacks. He hits a 619 on Rojo then a hurricanrana on Polvora to the outside. Maya comes in and hits a cross body on Virus followed by an arm drag. Cometa uses his acrobatics to his advantage but Rojo eventually catches him. Everyone trades spots with each other until Maya hits a dive on Virus. Something must have went wrong because they quickly switched camera angles. Esfinge then hits a moonsault on Rojo then Cometa hits a step up tornado dive on Polvora. In the ring Maya hits a neck breaker on Virus for the win. Third Fall: Guerrero Maya pins Virus with a neck breaker.

Winners: Guerrero Maya, Esfinge, and Rey Cometa

Kraneo, Volcano, and Stuka vs Shocker (Vangellys), Rey Bucanero, and Hechicero

No Shocker here. Bucanero and Stuka started the match but weren’t even in there for a minute so Volcano and Hechicero make their way in. Hechicero starts to work over Volcano’s lower half. Volcano gets offense in hitting a few back breakers. Kraneo and Vangellys come in now. Kraneo hits an elbow drop and Bucanero comes in to take him on but gets caught with a leg drop. Mije dives on Hechicero then Vangellys attacks Kraneo and works on Volcano. Hechicero beats on Volcano on the outside now. Stuka hits a hurricanrana on Bucanero to the outside and then he hit a middle rope dive. Volcano and Kraneo sandwich Vangellys and Hechicero. Kraneo and Volcano hit middle rope splashes on Hechicero and Vangellys respectively for the fall. First Fall: Kraneo and Volcano hit middle rope splashes on Hechicero and Vangellys.

This round starts with Stuka monkey flipping Bucanero. Volcano fights off a double team of Bucanero and Hechicero and then Volcano drop kicks Vangellys to the outside. Stuka and Hechicero get in and exchange attacks. Vangellys and Volcano go to the outside and Volcano hits a back breaker on him. Hechicero drop kicks Kraneo into a sunset flip by Bucanero for the pin. But Stuka hits a splash on Hechicero for the pin. Stuka goes for a splash on Bucanero but Bucanero gets up and pulls his mask off. Second Fall: Stuka wins by mask removal by Bucanero.

Winners: Kraneo, Volcano, and Stuka

Gilbert El Boricua, Mephisto, and Ephesto vs Diamante Azul, El Valiente, and Niebla Roja

Valiente starts out with Ephesto and they trade submissions to start. Roja is in nest with Mephisto and Roja is working fast hitting a few drop kicks on Mephisto. Gilbert and Azul square off chest to chest. Azul hits a big judo toss. Crowd went crazy over that sequence. Gilbert leaves the ring and Azul chases but he gets jumped by Ephesto and Mephisto. This causes a brawl. Ephesto hits a shoulder breaker on Roja for the pin. Mephisto hits a face buster on Valiente for the fall. First Fall: Mephisto pins Valiente with a face buster.

This round starts with everybody brawling on the outside of the ring. After the brawling Roja gets teamed on. Once they’re done with him they move to Valiente. Azul comes in to square off with Gilbert but they end up jumping him. Azul makes a come back and slaps Gilbert then clotheslines the other two. After that he hits a middle rope dive on Gilbert. Roja gets Ephesto in a pinning combination and then Valiente pins Mephisto with a lung blower. Second Fall: Valiente pins Mephisto with a lung blower.

Valiente and Mephisto start the round going back and forth but Valiente ends up having the advantage. Roja comes in with Mephisto and Roja throws him in the air and kicks him in the gut. Gilbert comes in and runs over Roja. Roja fights back getting him to the outside then faking a dive. Azul avoids a double team attack and hits a big arm drag hip toss on Mephisto. Valiente dodges Mephisto’s attack leading to him falling out of the ring. Roja then hits a dive on Ephesto and Valiente hits a middle rope dive on Mephisto.  Azul catches Gilbert with a german suplex to win. Crowd was into this match. Third Fall: Diamante Azul pins Gilbert with a german suplex.

Winners: Diamante Azul, El Valiente, and Niebla Roja

Rush vs Euforia

Rush attacks Euforia on the ramp during his entrance. Rush poses then Euforia capitalizes. Euforia throws him into the barricade. In the ring Euforia hits a hurricanrana on Rush and then hits a middle rope dive. When they get back in the ring Rush gets Euforia down in the corner and hits a running drop kick for the fall. First Fall: Rush pins Euforia with a corner drop kick.

Rush steals the ring girls card and hits Euforia with it while the ref isn’t looking. Rush beats on him in the crowd then poses on top of the announce table. He then throws a beer at Euforia. Be warned those in the front row. Rush starts to tear at his mask now. Rush rips his mask off. Well there’s that. Second Fall: Rush rips Euforia’s mask off for the DQ.

Euforia goes to the back to get a new mask. Euforia has his green mask. He was in his blue colored gear. Euforia fires up a come back clotheslining Rush. Bringing him into the crowd area and throwing him into the announcing area. Euforia then throws a beer at Rush. Rush dodges Euforia’s corner attack bringing him to the outside then Rush performs the rare over the top rope dive. He grabs a fans beer and pours it on himself then flips his hair. In the ring Rush hits a belly to belly for a two count. Euforia counters Rush and hits a power slam for a two count. Rush rolls to the outside and Euforia then hits a middle rope dive. Back in the ring Euforia goes to the top and Rush meets him hitting a superplex. Rush places Euforia on the top rope and goes for a hurricanrana but Euforia reverses it into a power bomb. Rush kicks out and then gets Euforia in the corner for knees to the corner. Euforia kicks out. Euforia hits a lash ride power bomb for a two count. Rush then gets Euforia in a Jay driller for the win. Third Fall: Rush defeats Euforia with a Jay Driller. 

They’re taking Euforia out on a stretcher. Rush comes back out and attacks Euforia on the stretcher.

Winner: Rush

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