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Mitchell’s WWE Monday Night Raw Report! (7/9/18)



It’s the last Raw before Extreme Rules! With the Monster Among Men torturing Kevin Owens week after week, will the Prizefighter even make it to this Sunday?



  • Alexa Bliss & Mickie James VS Nia Jax & Natalya; Nia & Natalya win.
  • Mojo Rawley VS No Way Jose; Rawley wins.
  • WOKEN Hardy w/ Bray Wyatt VS Bo Dallas w/ Curt Axel; Dallas wins.
  • Ember Moon VS Liv Morgan w/ Sarah Logan; Ember wins.
  • Baron Corbin & Elias VS Finn Balor & Bobby Roode; Corbin & Elias win.
  • Seth Rollins VS Drew McIntyre w/ Dolph Ziggler; McIntyre wins.


The Big Dog wants to be Universal Champion.

He feels he should be, even though he isn’t. “Yet.” Roman Reigns will never lose faith in his ability, because this is his Yard. But Bobby Lashley disagrees. Roman doesn’t have what it takes, compared to the “Dominator”. He needs to move on. Like Lashley did 10 years ago? The main event player “moved on” to be a big star in MMA. Lashley won’t let his past be downplayed. Lashley has the legit tools, and wants to prove it against Roman most of all. They’re set for a match at Extreme Rules this Sunday, who will grab bragging rights and the right to call themselves “The Guy… who can beat Brock Lesnar”?


Roman Reigns walks the halls.

He then encounters Lashley. Lashley stands in Roman’s way, but Roman says Lashley better get out of the way. Lashley suggests Roman calm down. He was waiting all day to be called out. Because if Roman does, Lashley won’t go out there to talk, but to tear Roman apart. Lashley steps aside for Roman, this time.

Roman heads to the ring.

Boston is Raw, and is Roman’s Yard as the show opens. Roman hears the fans both boo and cheer, then speaks. “After this week, there’s a whole lot I could come out here and talk about,” but that was the first time he was ever dared to call someone out. He’s curious about what “Bob” can do, so he does call Lashley out! Lashley gets what he wants, but will he give what he promised? Lashley heads to the ring, laser focused on Roman and the ring. Roman stares back all the same, but Kurt Angle appears to stop this. Baron Corbin is in tow as Angle tells Roman and Lashley to “save it for this Sunday.” They don’t! It’s a fast and furious brawl!

Angle and Corbin shout for reinforcements, and the Raw locker room floods the ring! They work to keep Roman and Lashley apart, but Roman breaks his way out. Lashley does, too, and they collide again! The others continue to push the two apart, but fans want the fight to continue. Lashley breaks free and throws more hands on Roman! Roman goes down and slides out of the ring, but the other superstars work to keep him and Lashley apart. Finn Balor gets a shot on his new nemesis in the Lone Constable, but that’s a different story. More superstars come out to reinforce the reinforcements, but that’s not enough! Lashley gets loose and gets at Roman! Fans love this, even as the two are separated again. But then both men get loose, only for Lashley to lariat Roman down!  Lashley ground ‘n’ pounds, but he’s pried off Roman.

The other superstars do anything and everything they can to back Lashley down while checkign on Roman. Lashley gets loose yet again, and he still wants at Roman. Roman still wants at Lashley, too, even after getting run over. They end up back in the ring, but the other superstars manage to get Lashley around to the ramp side. But Roman revives, builds speed, and FLIES! He bowls over everyone!

The Big Dog wants more, but with Lashley down, the fight settles down. Lashley gets up, and Roman returns! The other superstars again pry them apart, even as Roman and Lashley swing on each other. They will have it out in the ring this Sunday, will either man survive to call themselves “The Guy”?


Alexa Bliss and Mickie James see that chaos.

That was crazy! But that will be nothing compared to what these two besties will bring on Nia Jax & Natalya later on. Of course, they forget Nia and Alexa will have an Extreme Rules match this Sunday. Or, is that exactly their point? What are they scheming?

Alexa Bliss & Mickie James VS Nia Jax & Natalya!

The Goddess and 6-time Women’s Champion best friend go up against a pair of good friends in the Irresistible Force and Queen of Harts. With an extreme Raw Women’s Championship match this Sunday, can these two mean girls soften up the former champion before their rematch?

The bell rings, and Nia starts with Alexa. Alexa looks ready to go, but then tags to Mickie. Mickie enters and circles with Nia. They tie up and Nia shoves Mickie to her corner. Nia then carries Mickie and tags in Natty, for a shout-out to the Hart Special! Natty wants a sharpshooter, but Mickie scrambles away. Tag to Alexa, but Alexa just runs into the discus lariat! Natty wants the sharpshooter again, but Alexa scrambles away. Alexa and Mickie regroup on the outside, but Natty wrecks them with a dropkick! Natty drags Alexa up to throw into barriers, then runs Mickie over! She puts Alexa back in, but Alexa rolls back out. Natty waits for Alexa to return while we go to break.

Raw returns and Mickie stalks Natty. Mickie bounces Natty’s head off the mat a couple times, then brings her over. Mickie mudhole stomps, then tag to Alexa. Alexa taunts Nia, then is whipped into the corner for a SLAP to Natty! She grinds her foot into Natty’s throat, but fans rally up for Natty. Alexa snapmares Natty into a chinlock, but Natty endures while we go picture in picture. Natty endures while fans rally. She reaches for Nia, but first stands up. Natty snapmares out but Alexa runs her over. Cover, TWO, so Alexa throws fast hands. Cover, TWO, and Alexa grows frustrated. Alexa brings Natty over for a buckle bump, then tag to Mickie. Mickie whips Alexa in again, but Natty back elbows out! Natty dodges Mickie, then crawls for Nia! Hot tag to Nia, and she rallies on both Mickie & Alex!

Nia rams her shoulder into Mickie, then tosses her across the way for a big corner splash. She keeps going, whips but Mickie kicks her away. Mickie runs into a headbutt, then the body attack! Nia lifts Mickie up, trophy lift to drop! Then she runs for the leg drop! Nia & Natty win!

Winners: Nia Jax & Natalya

But Alexa brings out a kendo stick to SMACK Nia! And SMACK Natty! Then SMACK for Nia again! Alexa grins as she smacks away on Nia’s back. But then Nia snatches teh stick away and swings it at Alexa! Alexa runs away, but Nia breaks the stick.

Mickie and Alexa regroup to retreat together as Nia comes storming up the ramp. Alexa angered the wrong woman ahead of the wrong stipulation. Will Nia finally destroy Alexa to end their championship feud?


Backstage interview with Nia Jax.

After both physical and emotional bullying, it’s clear Alexa will try anything to wear Nia down. But Nia is unbreakable, unlike Alexa. Nia’s gonna snap Alexa in half, because anything goes. Nia hasn’t forgotten everything Alexa has said and done, and it will be paid back “inch by crushing inch” as she takes back that Raw Women’s Championship.


Raw ended badly last week, for Kevin Owens.

The Monster Among Men has run Kevin over every match they’ve been against each other in, and even flipped the Prizefighter’s rental car. But when Kevin was told he’d get a chance to get revenge on Braun Strowman in a match, that didn’t really sit well with him. Kevin gave up on the match to literally run and hide. But he made the mistake of hiding in a porta-potty. Strowman saw through that, and took Kevin on a ride he’ll never forget. Strowman brought the potty to the stage, and then shoved it off! Kevin felt–and likely smelled–like crap, but will it be worse this Sunday when they properly have a match?

Angle finds Kevin has arrived for work.

Despite this vendetta Angle has or the obsession Strowman has, Kevin does his job. Angle can fire him, but Kevin has connections. Or are those connections why Angle lets Strowman do what he wants? Kevin decided to be the bigger man tonight, because he has a doctor’s note that keeps him from competing tonight. But while he’s here, he’ll hang out where he’s most safe from Strowman: Angle’s office. So if Angle needs him, he’ll be right here, all night long.


Mojo Rawley VS No Way Jose!

The man with #KillerInstinct no longer has a choice. He will take this rematch against the Fighting Fiesta, whether he likes it or not. Will Mojo get the win he doesn’t even want?

The conga line smartly leaves so that Mojo can’t bully them anymore. The bell rings, and Mojo carries Jose to ropes. Mojo honors the break, but with a pie-face. Jose fires off forearms and a pie-face of his own. Mojo doesn’t like that, but he runs into a facelock. Jose keeps Mojo down, until Mojo powers up to throw Jose. Mojo whips Jose then runs perpendicular, for the POUNCE! Cover, TWO! Mojo tries again, ONE. He hammers away on Jose out of frustration, then looms over Jose. Mojo brings Jose up and puts him in a corner, but runs into an elbow. He still comes back for a shoulder tackle, then a gutwrench overhead suplex. Cover, TWO! Mojo keeps on Jose with a half nelson chinbar and brings Jose to the mat. He sits Jose up to throw him down and repeat, then puts the half nelson back on.

Fans rally and Jose feeds off the energy. Jose arm-drags out, then dodges Mojo to send him outside. Mojo jumps back in, and hits a corner splash! He keeps going for a big clothesline! Cover, TWO! Mojo keeps his focus as he returns to the half nelson. Fans rally up again, and Jose gets to ropes. Mojo honors the break, but then runs into an elbow. He comes back but gets a knee. Jose throws right hands then forearms and knees. Jose picks up speed, Mojo pushes him, but Jose comes back with a clothesline of his own! Cover, TWO! Both men get up, but Jose is on Mojo in the corner with punches. Mojo gets Jose in Alabama position, and hits the slam!

Cover, Mojo wins!

Winner: Mojo Rawley, by pinfall

There is a load of intensity inside Mojo, having showed Jose he was right all along. Will Mojo keep going to find his way to a title in the near future?


Bayley & Sasha got a new therapist for their counseling.

Whether partners or opponents, they’ve always been friends. Bayley didn’t let anything come between them, but Sasha did. Bayley grew tired of it, and grows tired of Sasha only ever caring about Sasha. A rocky start to round two, will these two ever get back to a good place?


Jinder Mahal finds Seth Rollins backstage.

The Maharaja and Man of Peace wishes to give The Architect advice. Do not #BurnItDown but embrace life. Rollins will find peace, if he chants Mahal’s mantra. Rollins never thought about this, but maybe he’s burning himself away. Mahal, please help him. Take a deep breath and… “Shanti.” Rollins takes this moment to slip away. There is no room for peace in a 30-minute Ironman match like the one he’ll be in on Sunday. How will Rollins prepare himself for the Show-Off?


Seth Rollins heads to the ring!

The Architect has the fans all fired up and hears the standing ovation. “Boston always knows how to party, baby.” Over the years, Rollins has gotten some sweet nicknames. Mr. Money in the Bank, the Kingslayer, the Architect, the Man, but now, the only title that matters is “former Intercontinental Champion.” But good news: Rollins has an opportunity to change that. Extreme Rules pits him 1v1 against Dolph Ziggler for no less than 30 minutes, and the man with the most falls becomes The Ironman and Intercontinental Champion. Ziggler’s no walk in the park, between his speed and his savvy, but Rollins loves testing himself against the best. The problem is, Ziggler will have the overgrown Scotsman, Drew McIntyre.

But Rollins is still Seth Freakin Rollins, and when it comes to Dolph & Drew, none of that matters. But wait, here they are! Ziggler & McIntyre appear on the stage and look at Rollins in the ring. Ziggler thanks Rollins for those compliments, but don’t be fooled. He’s not just bringing speed, agility, good looks and his giant psychopath, he’s bringing the belt.

Ziggler vows to walk out still champion, too. But it’s not all bad. At least Rollins will still have his other nicknames, “plus a painful, career-defining loss” where he caught a glimpse of the future. Don’t get them wrong, Rollins is still Seth Freakin Rollins, yes, “The Man”, one of the greatest to be in that ring. But he’s not Ziggler. When it comes to the Ironman match, Ziggler might even win in a sweep!

Rollins stops Ziggler, that bleach is getting to his hair. Is there a doctor in the house? Great jokes, Rollins, but you just lost that one shred of dignity. The belt got so much sweeter after being pried from Rollins’ hand. Ziggler has the reality check: you don’t win Ironman matches by doing crossfit; you win by racking up victories until the scoreboard is full. Ziggler’s not one to brag, but at Kent State, he wrapped up so many victories, he was the all-time. 121 wins! Wow, 121, congrats. Did McIntyre help in all those, too? What was his degree in? Very funny, Rollins, but it doesn’t matter where McIntyre’s been. It’s where he’s going! McIntyre is going where he belongs! Blah blah blah, we know where he’s going: wherever Dolph says. But why? Ziggler’s a pipsqueak, so why is he holding McIntyre’s leash?

Unless… Ziggler knows McIntyre’s secrets. This could be bad. Are there any photographs? It gets awful lonely in Scotland, right? There are a lot of sheep out there. McIntyre is riled up but Ziggler keeps him calm. Ziggler says they’ll leave Rollins in the dust and outside the arena begging for money! McIntyre still wants at Rollins, and challenges Rollins to prove how much of a man he is with a match, tonight! Rollins hears the fans chant “YES! YES!” Rollins accepts! But McIntyre better be careful, Rollins is a “ba-a-a-ad” man. McIntyre & Ziggler rush the ring but Rollins gets clear. Rollins has trolled McIntyre into a frenzy, will Rollins regret it by the end of the night?


The B Team prepares their parody.

WOKEN Axel is almost fooled by Bo Wyatt. The DELETION of the Interterrestial Being will be WONDERFUL~!

WOKEN Hardy w/ Bray Wyatt VS Bo Dallas w/ Curt Axel!

No less than 144 hours, it will be a DELIGHTFUL duel between the Deleters of Worlds, and the “undefeated” Best Team to prove who is truly worthy of calling themselves the Tag Team Champions of Monday Night Raw, ye-e-e-es. Axel has swept Hardy 2-0, will Bo make it a perfect three for three before Extreme Rules? Or will all momentum be DELETED in Boston?

Before the match, the the B-Leters speak on dethroning the Delusional~ ones to become the true tag team champions. They will devour the souls, with a side of rice and beans. Maybe even avocado, if it’s in season. It’ll be a buffet for sure. But the REAL Deleters are no longer amused. The time for fun and games is OVER! Laughter is contagious, but so is fear. These boys have been infected by it! At Extreme Rules, they will EAT and DELETE!

But why wait for Sunday when they’re here now? Wyatt & Hardy magically appear behind their parodies, and The B Team RETREAT from the ring. Bo and Axel regroup and this match finally begins.

Hardy glares at Bo Wyatt, then tackles him into a corner. Hardy throws in shoulders and elbows, then haymakers and DELETE buckle bumps! The ref counts and Hardy stops when he’s done dribbling. The Revival watch this backstage, studying future opponents. Hardy gives a shoulder breaker to hammerlock, but Bo elbows out. Bo throws haymakers, but Hardy hits back. Hardy whips and back elbows Bo out of the ring. Hardy doesn’t leave him alone, he snap suplexes Bo to the mat! He’s back in control while we go to break.

Raw returns and Hardy elbows away on Bo’s neck. He stalks Bo to the ropes with stomps, then wrenches the neck with a cravat. Bo endures and fights back while we go picture in picture. Hardy clubs Bo down again, then drags him up against the ropes. Hardy backs off, hissing at the ref. Bo hits back but Haryd stops him with body shots. Hardy whips Bo, to then throw him into the ropes! Bo gets clothesline’d by the ropes, and is dazed on the outside. The ref checks on Bo, as does Axel. Hardy fetches Bo himself, to run him over with a shoulder! Hardy takes off his shirt to get serious as he whips Bo into barriers! Bo bowls for a major crash, and Bray watches with amusement.

Bo boots Hardy, but manages to escape what would’ve been a lethal Side Effect on the steps of steel. He runs away into the ring, but Hardy is on him, with a neckbreaker! Hardy drags Bo back up while Bray grins, for a Side Effect! This is not over just yet, as he calls for the Twist. Fans echo “DELETE! DELETE!” while Hardy drags Bo back up. They go out to the apron, but not for a Twist. Bo resists the suplex, and Axel distracts. Bray gets Axel with an ambush clothesline! But Bo drags Hardy up, draping neckbreaker!! Cover, Bo wins!!

Winner: Bo Dallas, by pinfall

The B Team continues to conquer the Deleters of Worlds! They celebrate, but the Deleters regroup and it’s a brawl! Yurinagi for Axel, Twist of Fate for Bo! Bray vows punishment for the upstart B Team. Will Bo & Axel suffer for their incessant imitations?


Backstage interview with Bobby Lashley.

Lashley made good on his promise, but what’s his mindset for Sunday? He has respect for every opponent of his, even Sami Zayn after all that mocking. But Lashley has no respect for Roman. He doesn’t like anything about Roman, but especially how Roman keeps bringing up Lashley’s past. “Enough already.” What Lashley does like is Roman’s fighting spirit. Roman will show up, and when he walks in to fight, he won’t walk out. “Believe that.” Lashley has strong words for the Big Dog, but will he back them up again like he did tonight?


Tyler Breeze sees The Riott Squad needs his help.

These girls are in a fashion emergency. He gives them spare Breezango shirts, but they reject them. They’re not about fashion, they’re about the riot! Sarah & Liv head out to make more trouble for Raw, will they make up for the loss last week?


Alexa Bliss speaks.

She thought being Raw Women’s Champion was great, but that sound of smacking Nia with a kendo stick was really good. She’ll save the rest for Sunday to make the “over-hyped rookie” watch it happen. Nia can say what she wants now, but after Sunday, everyone will have to call Alexa the “Extreme Raw Women’s Champion.”


Ember Moon VS Liv Morgan w/ Sarah Logan!

After the Prophecy of Moon Eclipsed the “juvenile” delinquent, the Ruby-less Riott Squad was fuming for revenge. Can Ms. 201 make up for her loss last week? Or will there be two Eclipses in a row on Raw?

The bell rings and the two circle. They tie up, and Liv gets the waistlock. Ember standing switches then lifts, but Liv resists. Liv gets a headlock but Ember holds tight. Liv swings but Ember shoves her away. Ember runs, flips through the hip toss to then throw Liv. Ember just misses the superkick, but Liv scurries to a corner. Sarah helps Liv regroup and talk strategy. Ember reaches at Liv but Liv gets back tot he ropes. That doesn’t stop Ember, she yanks Liv off for a slam. Liv escapes the ring to regroup with Sarah again. Ember rushes out to scare the Squad apart. Liv is on the defensive while we go to break.

Raw returns and Liv has Ember in a full nelson. Ember slips out but Liv elbows away to then springboard bulldog! Cover, TWO! Liv keeps on Ember with a straitjacket hold, but fans rally for Ember. Ember stands up but Liv brings her back down. Liv thrashes Ember around, but Ember endures. Liv shouts for Ember to quit, but Ember gets up, only for Liv to become a backpack. Ember drops back to fall on Liv! The hold is broken while both women slowly stand. Liv is up first, then goes Matrix to dodge Ember! Liv throws Ember down by her hair, then catches her breath while clutching her back. She’s up again, but runs into headscissors that send her into buckles! Ember glares at Liv while Sarah coaches her teammate up.

Ember rallies with elbows and a sweep. She drives knees into Liv, then throws Liv with a Fall Away Slam! Springboard dropkick takes Sarah out, but Liv rolls Ember! Ember rolls through, stack and jackknife, Ember wins!

Winner: Ember Moon, by pinfall

That’s 2-0 for the War Goddess! The Squad is again furious, but without their leader, what are they to do? As for Ember, has she done enough to earn a future title match?


Backstage interview with Finn Balor.

The Extraordinary Man will face Corbin & Elias ahead of an Extreme Rules PPV match. Corbin questions Finn’s size, but the GLORIOUS Bobby Roode comes by. These two are cut from the same cloth: Good looks, great abs, great fashion. They will be unstoppable in that ring, because no one is better. They will be Absolutely… Glorious? No, no, how did Renee mess that one up? It’s “victorious”. Though, they will still be… GLORIOUS! Finn likes that. But what’s funny is that Corbin thinks he’s the brains of the operation when all he does is runs down Finn as being half as tough, half as strong and half is good. No, Finn will prove he’s twice as good. But Finn & Roode won’t just talk the night away, they’re going to speak with their actions in the ring.


Kevin is still in Angle’s office.

And Kevin sprays for the smell. The circulation is horrible. Well it didn’t smell before Kevin showed up. Maybe it’s leftover stink from that porta-potty. That aside, Ziggler & McIntyre enter. Angle wants to talk with them about the main event match. There is an added stipulation: If McIntyre loses, he’s banned from ringside at Extreme Rules. HE can’t do this! This is favoritism. That’s right, this is favoritism! McIntyre says it’s fine. Make Rollins’ life easier, because he won’t get past McIntyre tonight, anyway.


“Ladies and Gentlemen: Elias.”

Boston is actually happy to see the Drifter, and hear him play. “Now it has been two weeks since I have performed.” That feels like a lifetime, but Elias does everything with reason. He is the living truth, and he’s been in the studio recording a debut album! Yes, it is happening thanks to one universal truth: WWE really stands for “WALK WITH ELIAS!” Boston, listen up, because he has something for them.

“Bobby & Finn, I’m the man you can’t beat. You both have the personality of a toilet seat. Then I came to Boston. I can’t stand this place.” Fans don’t like that. “When I hear your Boston accent, I want to punch your face.” Fans really don’t like that, and they tell Elias “You Suck!” But Elias is starting to sense they don’t appreciate Elias for what he is. His friend, Tom Brady, warned him about this. Just do what Tom does: pretend to like them. But Elias can’t. Fortunately someone does appreciate him, and Angle could learn a thing or two from Constable Baron Corbin!

Corbin wonders if Elias would give him a try. How about a little lullaby for Finn? Yes, that sounds good. What did he have in mind? Itsy-bitsy Spider? Sure. But if they’re gonna do this, hit the lights. The spotlight returns, and they begin. “Itsy-bitsy Balor climbed up to the top rope, but Corbin came up and crushed all his hope. He’ll meet his End of Days for the whole world to see. Itsy-Bitsy Balor can’t compare to me~~!” Thankfully, Balor & Roode make their entrances to end this cruddy concert.


Baron Corbin & Elias VS Finn Balor & Bobby Roode!

The Lone Constable, as appointed personally by Stephanie McMahon, teams up with The Drifter, who is no stranger to facing the Extraordinary and The GLORIOUS opponents in the ring with them tonight. Will Corbin get the apology he thinks he is owed? Or will he be proven wrong once again against men he literally looks down on?

Raw returns as Corbin throws forearms on Roode in a corner. Corbin taunts Roode, but Roode kicks back. Roode chops and chops, then brings Corbin over, but Corbin runs him over. Corbin tags Elias, but Elias runs into a drop toehold. Roode puts Elias in a headlock and grinds the Drifter on the mat. Elias fights his way up and out, but Roode shoulders him down. Things speed up, and Roode catches Elias in the atomic drop to Russian leg sweep. Cover, TWO, but Roode keeps Corbin away with a glare. Roode bumps Elias off buckles then chops him. Elias chops back so Roode kicks and chops Elias. Roode throws haymakers, but honors the ropebreak. He whips Elias corner to corner but Elias reverses. Roode goes up and over and catches Elias into the facelock.

Corbin comes in to distract, Elias gets a big knee strike! Tag to Corbin, and Corbin stomps Roode out. Corbin taunts Finn, then drives elbows into Roode. He puts on a half nelson while we go picture in picture. Roode endures and feeds off the fan rally. Roode stands and fights back, but Corbin wrangles him back down. Fans keep rallying while we return single picture. Roode feeds off the energy again, fights back, but Corbin knees low. Corbin puts Roode in a corner, then runs in. Roode dodges, but Corbin slides out then in. Finn warns Roode, and it’s double clotheslines that take both men down! Hot tags to Elias and Finn!

Finn rallies on Elias, whips but Eilas reverses, only to get more forearms. Finn hits Corbin for good measure, then gets the takedown and stomps on Elias! He chops Corbin, then cltoehslines Elias out. Elias flounders around, and Finn takes aim. But Corbin swipes the legs! And Elias returns to hit a knee on Finn! Elias stomps a mudhole and tags Corbin while we go to break.

Raw returns and Corbin has Finn in the half nelson. Roode recovers on the outside while Finn fights up and out. Corbin throws Finn to run him over with an elbow, cover, TWO. Corbin grows frustrated, so he tags out to Elias. Elias drops a knee on Finn, then wraps on a rough chinlock. Elias grinds Finn to the mat, but fans rally again. Finn sits up, but Elias keeps him away from Roode. Finn throws forearms, but Elias whips Finn to the corner. Elias runs into a boot, then is tossed outside! Finn crawls but Elias hurries in to tag Corbin. Corbin tackles Finn down, denying the tag. Corbin taunts both Finn and Roode, then brings Finn up. He whips Finn, but Finn comes back with a Slingblade! Hot tag to Roode!

Roode takes out Elias, then hits Corbin. He climbs up but jumps over Corbin to knock him down with a big running forearm. Corbin gets to a corner but gets a clothesline and a neckbreaker. Roode fires up, then climbs up top. Corbin is up, and he catches Roode’s flight, for the choke slam backbreaker!

Cover, but Finn breaks it! Finn throws Elias out, then wipes him out with a dropkick. Finn keeps going, but Corbin clobbers Finn on the apron! Roode rolls Corbin up, TWO! Corbin runs into boots, then Roode climbs up for the GLORIOUS Blockbuster! Cover, Elias breaks it. Elias gets to his corner, and calls for the tag. Corbin reaches, but Finn trips Elias up. Finn glares at Corbin, egging him on. Corbin takes the bait, and they brawl! Finn swing kicks Corbin, then puts him in the ring. Finn climbs up but Corbin trips him up! But then he runs at Roode, only to get post! Roode is ready, and he winds it up. GLORIOUS pose, but SPINEBUSTER for Elias. Corbin clobbers Roode, End Of Days! Cover, Corbin & Elias win!

Winners: Baron Corbin & Elias, Corbin pinning

The Constable uses chaos to his advantage, and he gets the win for his team. Will Sunday be a repeat performance as Corbin looks to make Finn feel as small as Corbin says he is?


Kevin eats in Angle’s office.

But then Braun Strowman appears! Kevin wants Strowman to keep his distance. Kevin is excused from tonight, but Angle says he and Strowman will have a match Sunday. It’ll be a Steel Cage Match so that Kevin can’t run away. Strowman likes that, but he smells something. It’s Kevin, who reeks of fear. He sprays Lysol at Kevin, and Kevin coughs. With steel keeping Kevin in with the Monster Among Men, will he feel far worse than he ever has before?


Backstage interview with Roman Reigns.

Does he think it was reckless to provoke Bobby Lashley like that? No, not at all. it’s what Roman wanted to do. Neither man respected each other, but then that fire in Lashley’s eyes actually gave Roman some respect for him. But Lashley can’t beat Roman in mind or body, because Roman has the killer instinct. This will be different. Roman vows to beat Lashley to move on to bigger and better while Lashley goes back to being The Guy somewhere else. When these two alphas go head to head, who will come out the TOP Dog?


Seth Rollins VS Drew McIntyre w/ Dolph Ziggler!

The Architect lasted over an hour back in the #RawGauntlet earlier this year, but it was a distraction from the Celtic Colossus that cost him the Intercontinental Championship. Again, the added stipulation to this match is that if McIntyre loses, he will NOT be allowed ringside for Extreme Rules so as not to mire the Ironman match with controversy. Can Rollins get back at McIntyre for all that ahead of going the distance against The Show-Off?

The bell rings, and the two stare down as they start to circle. Rollins also knows Ziggler could be the distraction this time. They tie up and McIntyre in a corner. McIntyre talks trash as he honors the ropebreak. He lets Rollins get out, so Rollins does. They tie up again, and McIntyre throws Rollins tot he mat. McIntyre kneels and grins at Rollins as he rolls to the ropes. Rollins and McIntyre go again, but Rollins throws a quick jab. Rollins sticks and moves, then gets a headlock. McIntyre uses power to lift Rollins, but Rollins holds onto the hold. Rollins tries but fails in the takeover, and McIntyre throws Rollins off to run him over. McIntyre gets the headlock takedown, and traps an arm as well. Rollins endures while fans rally up for him.

Rollins sits up and manages to power out, but things speed up. He dropkicks McIntyre, but McIntyre comes back with a shoulder. Rollins gets up and fires off haymakers and chops, but McIntyre knees low. McIntyre grabs Rollins, for a deadlift suplex! Cover, ONE, but McIntyre drags Rollins back up for a chop. Rollins falls to the mat, but McIntyre brings him up again for another chop. Rollins is floored again, but now McIntyre is on him with an armlock. Ziggler likes what he sees, but fans support Rollins. Rollins works his way up and fights his way out. He chops McIntyre, then runs, but into an overhead suplex! Cover, TWO, but McIntyre is back on Rollins with a seated abdominal stretch. Fans chant “Burn it Down!” and Rollins feeds off it. Rollins stands, fights back, but is clobbered with a clothesline!

McIntyre stomps Rollins in the face, then toys with him. McIntyre brings Rollins up for a chop, then into a standing armlock. Rollins endures again, and fans build to a new rally. Rollins stands up and chops McIntyre. McIntyre clubs Rollins, but Rollins slips out of the back suplex. Rollins sends McIntyre out, then hits a wrecking ball dropkick. McIntyre staggers away, Rollins builds speed, but McIntyre catches the dive into an apron backbreaker! The Scottish Terminator is in control while we go to one more break.

Raw returns again, and McIntyre has Rollins back in an armlock. Fans chant “Burn It Down!” and Rollins fights up and out. Rollins whips but McIntyre reverses, to then throw Rollins overhead again! McIntyre drags Rollins to a cover, TWO. McIntyre grounds ‘n’ pounds, and Ziggler again likes what he sees. Ziggler applauds while fans boo and jeer. McIntyre drags Rollins back up, and puts him in a corner. He chops Rollins, then toys with him more. McIntyre stomps the hand that reaches for ropes, then stomps Rollins’ face. McIntyre rides Rollins with another armlock. Rollins endures while Ziggler tells him to just give up. Rollins reaches for ropes but McIntyre keeps him grounded. McIntyre also pushes on the chinbar, but Rollins powers up again. Rollins gets up and jawbreakers McIntyre away!

McINtyre drags Rollins up for another deadlift, but Rollins knees out. Rollins gets McIntyre with the buckle shot! Ziggler looks a little worried now as McIntyre gets to a corner. Rollins crawls away but McIntyre follows. Rollins chops and punches, then runs. The clotheslines aren’t enough to knock McIntyre down. McIntyre kicks, but Rollins follows the run, to Slingblade! McIntyre rolls out of the ring, and Rollins builds speed to DIVE! The tope suicida hits this time, so Rollins gives McIntyre a second! Fans fire up with Rollins, and want a third. Rollins puts McIntyre in and climbs up to the corner. He springboards in for the flying clothesline! Cover, TWO!

Ziggler is stressing out while both Rollins and McIntyre are down. Rollins crawls over to McIntyre and stands him up. He wants a powerbomb but McIntyre denies. Rollins elbows McIntyre down, then brings him up, but McIntyre backdrops out. Rollins lands on his feet to kick McIntyre back. He goes up, blockbuster! Cover, TWO! Ziggler is still worried as Rollins sits up first. Fans chant “Burn It Down!” and Rollins stomps along. Ziggler warns McIntyre, but the mule kick hits. Rollins runs, but McIntyre dodges the stomp. Rollins elbows McIntyre back, then runs, but McIntyre gets through the boot to inverted Alabama Slam!

Cover, TWO!! Ziggler is frantic and frustrated as Rollins survives. McIntyre brings Rollins back up but fans still chant for Rollins. Rollins slips out, rolls up, TWO, and McIntyre chops Rollins. McIntyre runs but Rollins follows. His enziguri misses, deadlift sit-out from McIntyre! TWO!! Ziggler is beside himself with anxiety. McIntyre has Rollins on the apron and drags him back up. He bumps Rollins off a buckle, then climbs up top. He brings Rollins up with him, but Rollins slips out! Rollins trips McIntyre up! Rollins kicks McIntyre into the Tree of Woe! He climbs up top, and takes aim, but McIntyre sits up to throw Rollins away! McIntyre aims from the corner while Rollins gets to the other corner. McIntyre runs, but into a SUPERKICK! Then, Falcon Arrow! Cover, TWO!

Both men are down, but fans keep chanting for Rollins. “This is Awesome!” as Rollins drags McIntyre back up. Rollins gets the wristlock, but McIntyre headbutts! The cover, TWO! Ziggler can’t take much more of this, but somehow Rollins can. McIntyre fires himself up as he brings Rollins into the fireman’s carry. He hauls Rollins up to the top rope, and fans sense something dangerous. Rollisn does, too, and he manages to slip out, for a running buckle bump! Then, mule kick! McIntyre is down, but Rollins climbs up. Rollins aims, but Ziggler distracts. Ziggler gets kicked down, crossbody on McIntyre! Cover, TWO! Pele from Rollins! Curb Stomp to Ziggler! CLAYMORE outta nowhere! Cover, McIntyre wins!

Winner: Drew McIntyre, by pinfall

There will be no banning the Scottish Terminator from ringside now. He will be beside the current Intercontinental Championship for Sunday’s Ironman match. Will McIntyre continue to help Ziggler survive Rollins in return for tonight? Or can The Kingslayer overcome the odds and take back the title?



My Thoughts:

This Raw felt like another relapse into the days of lazy go-home booking. They filled for time at the beginning with a recap package when that opening segment was more than enough. Whether you like Roman or not, that was a pretty good brawl for him and Lashley. Not sure we needed their interviews after, it should’ve been more both men were “sent home” so that they wouldn’t fight again. Alexa-Mickie VS Nia-Natt was good. It feeds their personal story as well as more fuel for Women’s Tag Division(s). Nia breaking that kendo stick doesn’t seem to kill Alexa’s confidence, but that selfie promo of hers should’ve been saved for the Extreme Rules Kickoff.

Kevin showing up just to hide in Angle’s office was really silly to do. If Kevin had a note, he should’ve used it only when Strowman appeared as his last line of defense against having a match tonight. For that matter, the announcement of Strowman VS Kevin in a Steel Cage should’ve been done right then and there to just get it out of the way. Mojo VS Jose finally has its rematch, and I was a bit surprised Mojo won again. This “feud” likely ends here as it doesn’t seem to be going anywhere for anyone but Mojo. Maybe Mojo will find some new rival after Extreme Rules. And I feel Raw is already killing this Sasha-Bayley with no more Dr. Shelby and no escalation from last week. I hope this slow burn gets it right come Summerslam, those two need to fight already.

The B Team continues to shock with their wins over Hardy in singles matches, but with that nod to The Revival, the B Team isn’t winning so that the #TopGuys can challenge them next. While B Team plays around and copies the gimmicks, I bet the Revival will call it out for being smoke and mirrors and special effects, only to be the team dragged into the WOKEN Universe for the second WWE Deletion special. Ember does great in another win over Liv, and Liv does great even in defeat. Their troubles continuing without Ruby will make for a great story for them, especially if the Women’s Tag Division forms in the meantime. As for Ember, if Ronda is up next for the title, then perhaps Ember can take on Alexa assuming she loses at Extreme Rules for Goddess VS War Goddess.

Elias and Corbin do great as a team over Finn and Roode, and obviously the point of Corbin singing horribly is to add that his ego makes him oblivious to how bad he is. Corbin won tonight, but I would think Finn wins Sunday to even things out. Plus, Finn hasn’t won too many things lately, this grudge match would be good for Finn to head towards a title. Rollins has a good promo, as do McIntyre & Ziggler. Rollins VS McIntyre was a really great match, but the crowd was so numb after sitting through nothing much at all. McIntyre wins to put the pressure all on Rollins, but I bet Rollins out in the end. McIntyre might even be Rollins’ next opponent to lead towards Summerslam.

My Score: 7.9/10

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Mitchell’s WWE NXT Report! (7/18/18)



Who will challenge the Queen of Spades for her NXT Women's title?

The EST goes down with injury, so the odds go up for Mrs. Wrestling, the Pirate Princess and the Loony Lass to win and challenge the NXT Women’s Champion!


All images courtesy of the WWE’s official Twitter



  • Dakota Kai VS Lacey Evans; Lacey wins.
  • Kassius Ohno VS Rick Ramirez; Ohno wins.
  • NXT Women’s Championship #1 Contender Triple Threat: Candice LeRae VS Nikki Cross VS Kairi Sane; Kairi wins and will challenge Shayna Baszler for the NXT Women’s Championship at TakeOver: Brooklyn IV.


Dakota Kai VS Lacey Evans!

The Captain of Team Kick has gotten over her fear, but that doesn’t mean she’s gotten past being looked down on. Will the Lady of NXT use her Woman’s Right to knock Dakota out of the Women’s Division? Or will Dakota kick Lacey to the curb?

The bell rings and Lacey starts by mocking Dakota’s kicks. She then pie-faces Dakota, so Dakota trips her up and jackknife covers. ONE but Dakota throws Lacey around with arm-drags. Dakota runs and dropkicks Lacey, then whips her into a corner. Lacey reverses but Dakota goes up and over to then slip up and around for a roll up. TWO, but Dakota keeps on Lacey with a snapmare and kick! Dakota runs, for another kick! Cover, TWO! Lacey flounders to a corner but Dakota takes aim. Dakota runs Around the World, but misses! Lacey retaliates with her own kick, then sets Dakota up in the Tree of Woe. She ties Dakota in with the tag rope! Dakota is trapped but Lacey backs off at 4, to come back with the swinging bronco buster. Dakota is freed but Lacey mocks her while she’s on the mat.

Lacey watches Dakota crawl to ropes, then says “What’re you gonna do? Nothing.” Dakota stands while Lacey mocks the kicks. Lacey throws Dakota down to stomp her out. Fans boo and jeer as the Model Soldier covers. TWO, and Lacey gets frustrated. Lacey drops knees into Dakota’s back, then pulls her up by her hair. The ref reprimands her, and Dakota kicks back. Dakota rolls Lacey, TWO. Dakota kicks but Lacey blocks, takedown and gut punch! Lacey yanks Dakota around for an elbow drop. She keeps on that leg with a deathlock, then pulls on Dakota’s head and neck. Lacey pulls Dakota back, then slaps her on the side. Dakota endures while fans rally up. Lacey grimaces, then grinds her chin into Dakota’s head for added attack. She switches to her forearm across Dakota’s face, but stops at 4. Fans keep rallying for Dakota, and Dakota pries her way out.

Lacey comes back with a kick, then grinds Dakota back down in the arm-half of a surfboard. She grinds Dakota into the mat, then drops knee after knee into the back. Dakota refuses to quit, and fans rally up again. Dakota fights her way out with her legs, but Lacey pulls harder with full extension of her leg. Lacey uses both feet, but Dakota stands up to make it a cover! TWO, and Lacey kicks away on Dakota’s back. Dakota endures the stretching and bending, so Lacey just slingshots her down. Lacey sits for a cover, TWO. She drags Dakota up, then over to ropes to give her a knee and a sweep. Lacey slingshots out for more stomps. She literally walks all over Dakota, then salutes herself. Dakota rolls in but Lacey slingshots for the elbow drop.

Cover, TWO! Lacey grows further frustrated, and makes Dakota pay for it with stomps. Lacey climbs up, but her moonsault flops! Dakota grits her teeth and drags herself up. Fans fire up for her as she aims at Lacey. Lacey hits hard with that body shot, but Dakota kicks and kicks and kicks back! Dakota takes aim as Lacey crawls away. Kiwi Around the World! Then ANOTHER! Dakota scrapes her foot on Lacey’s face over and over, then gives the boot wash! Cover, TWO!!

Lacey makes sure her jaw is still there, but Dakota is on her again. Dakota’s kick misses, and Lacey pumphandles to a scoop slam! Lacey can’t cover, because her face hurts too much. Dakota slowly stirs while Lacey drags herself back up. Fans fire up again, and Dakota scorpion kicks! Dakota runs but into a drop toehold. Lacey grabs the leg and ducks the enziguri to hit the Woman’s Right! Cover, Lacey wins!

Winner: Lacey Evans, by pinfall

That’s all it takes for things to go the Model Soldier’s way. Then she gets in Dakota’s face, shouting “You will NEVER be a lady! I AM a lady!” Lacey wins big, but with the contenders match tonight, how long will she have to wait for her chance at the NXT Women’s Championship?


Backstage interview with Ricochet.

The One and Only lost to the Undisputed Era a couple weeks ago in a Six Man Tag with Mustache Mountain. Mustache Mountain then lost to the Undisputed Era 2v2 with the NXT Tag Team Championships on the line. Ricochet speaks up there. It’s no secret he doesn’t like the Undisputed Era, but he knows they’re still fighting champions and will defend those belts again. In fact, the Undisputed Era loves to do just that. Except for Adam Cole, who barely defends his North American Championship. Ricochet was this close to being the NAC, but Cole stole it out from under him. Cole hides behind his title and his team, everyone knows it. But Ricochet will not stop until he gets 1v1 with Cole, and then you’ll see the next NXT North American Champion.


The Street Profits return!

And they return home, too. They ball on the court. “You dust yourself off, you get back up.” That’s how Deangelo Dawkins & Montez Ford do. They’re motivated by what The Mighty did to them the last time they faced off. They won’t fall for those tricks again. The #CurseofGreatness is on its way back, will they give Shane Thorne & Nick Miller the payback they deserve?


NXT Media catches up with EC3.

The Top One Percent made his entrance just as Velveteen Dream was celebrating a win, what was that about? Just a “non-friendly reminder” that EC3 isn’t about to forget the betrayal at the Royal Albert Hall tag match against Ricochet & Aleister Black. It also means EC3 is always watching. A fan wants a selfie, EC3 is nice enough to give it to him. EC3 gets a compliment and gives a compliment back. He even gives away a free EC3 t-shirt, just like the one on sale at the WWE Shop! EC3 doesn’t need this guy’s money, he’s already rich.

But then The Finest, Kona Reeves, comes along. He admits that random “dirtbag” is right, EC3 has a really nice outfit. Custom? Yes. Of course, yes. But it’s not The Finest. But that watch, sick watch. Just not The Finest. And that tan, that’s real good. Though, Kona’s is all natural. Yes, okay, we get it, it’s not The Finest. But look at him with those glasses covering up those “dead, creepy eyes” while wearing the buy-one-get-one suit, and is that cubic zirconium? How many arcade tickets did it take to get that chain? If Kona is gonna banter, bring your “A” Game or else EC3 will chew you up, spit you out and feed you to his cats! Do you understand him?

The Finest should just fight the Top One Percent. Do it, fight him. Fight him, fight him. Kona doesn’t want to. Yeah, because he knows he’d get a Top One Percent beating! EC3 leaves The Finest behind, but only now does Kona man up. Kona was thinking they’d be the Finest Friends, but now they’re worst enemies. Who will put their money where their mouth is with a win?


NXT takes a look at Aleister VS Ciampa.

The Embodiment of the End makes his opponents #FadeToBlack, but the Psycho Killer has darkness in his heart. The champion defeated the Leviathan the same night Ciampa brutalized and cheated his former friend out of victory. “And now you have something that I want.” Aleister believes how you deal with adversity is what makes you a champion. Ciampa believes that in Aleister’s case, the belt makes the man. Ciampa got to main event two TakeOvers in a row, but wants the “boy” to be careful waht he says. He then took his shot with a sneak attack and draping DDT.

Aleister says that Ciampa may see himself as a devil, but Ciampa knows nothing of the devil on Aleister’s back. Ciampa brushes that off as smoke and mirrors. He promises to snuff out the mystique like a candle. Aleister tells Ciampa he’s lost and confused, but Ciampa has his path to the title. Whose darkness will envelope the other to take the NXT Championship for their own?


Kassius Ohno VS Rick Ramirez!

The Knockout Artist returns! He hasn’t had the best string of matches lately, but that won’t slow him down. Will he get back on track tonight against an impressive looking prospect?

The bell rings and fans are behind Ohno as he approaches Rick. They circle, and Rick gets a waistlock. Ohno standing switches and tosses Rick down. Ohno barrels in with the discus! Cover, Ohno wins!

Winner: Kassius Ohno, by pinfall

That was fast! Ohno looms over Rick, as if he didn’t want to do what he just did to the younger wrestler. Will this be the first of many wins that help Ohno get back towards the NXT Championship?


The Undisputed Era speaks.

The NXT Tag Team Championships are back where they belong. Was there any doubt. Just look at them! North American, Tag Team and Dusty Rhodes Tag Team Classic, they might as well be champions of the world! The loss to Seven and Bate no longer counts. Cole asks if they want to hear a joke. Sure. “Ricochet.” He talks smack about being so close to being a champion. “This close, this close”, who talks like that? They don’t speak loser. Cole is a champion and Ricochet isn’t. But Cole is a fighting champion, because when you anger the Undisputed Era, you’ll regret it. Ricochet needs to back off before he gets hurt. And that’s Undisputed. Will Cole keep Ricochet frozen out of the North American Championship scene? Or will GM William Regal have something to say about it?


NXT looks at the 21st century Vikings, the War Raiders.

Hanson & Rowe have come, and “the raid has begun.” Their warpath has already steamrolled Heavy Machinery and made The Mighty fall. “There’s no secrets, there’s no tricks, it’s the same story everywhere we go!” From Japan to Mexico to the UK and all over the United States, they’ve been tag team champions. Back in 2014, they were on opposite sides of a tournament. They were in the business 10 years each before this, without ever meeting, but in that first encounter, they “beat the snot” out of each other. There is no respect greater. And then they thought, what if they took that fight to everyone else? And thus, one of the most powerful tag teams was born!

This alliance changed their lives forever. Through blood, sweat and tears, respect was earned around the world. Rowe & Hanson shocked, destroyed, and dominated ever since. Their inspiration was the Viking culture that took what they wanted when they wanted. They embodied that in every promotion they ever competed in, and there’s no one on Earth who can stop them. In fact, it was only a motor cycle wreck that could’ve ended Rowe’s life that stopped them. His arm was rebuilt, and he overcame fear. With that behind them, no one can overcome these two. They bring that same spirit to NXT now, and defy expectations. Rowe has strength beyond his size, while Hanson has agility beyond his. They’ve earned the right to raid NXT’s Tag Team Division, and they’ve only just begun. “We take gold, we break EVERYONE!” The war is here, who can hope to survive?


Velveteen Dream sets the scene.

The Experience hears it. He hears the people buzzing about what the next experience will be. TakeOver: War Games, the people and Aleister Black said his name. Philadelphia, Dream had a knockout performance. New Orleans, the Dream rose to unimaginable heights. Chicago, a MOTY candidate to say the least. And come Brooklyn, the spotlight will still shine on Dream.


NXT Women’s Championship #1 Contender Triple Threat: Candice LeRae VS Nikki Cross VS Kairi Sane!

This was meant to be a Fatal 4 Way, but Bianca Belair is unfortunately not medically cleared to compete. Her bad luck becomes good luck for the other three, who go from having a 25% chance to a 33% chance of winning. Will it be a rematch between The Queen of Spades and Mrs. Wrestling, the Loony Lass of SAnitY, or the Pirate Princess?

Nikki is rocking in a corner while fans cheer her on. But then Shayna Baszler makes her presence known, and Nikki smiles with wild eyes. Nikki waves at Shayna as the champion joins commentary. The bell rings and we begin.

Kairi and Candice aren’t sure what to make of Nikki, but then she blasts out of the corner at the two of them! Candice sends her into Kairi then rolls Nikki up, TWO. Kairi rolls Candice, TWO and Nikki rolls Kairi. TWO, and Candice throws Nikki with an arm-drag. Kairi arm-drags Candice, but then Nikki runs in again and crossbodies Kairi! Candice runs in but Nikki puts her on the apron. Candice hits Nikki away, but then Kairi runs in, and Nikki sends her into Candice! Kairi dodges Nikki to give double chops while fans duel between all three of them. Kairi keeps on Nikki in a corner, chop after chop after chop, then she runs in. Nikki dodges Sliding D to swing Kairi sideways! Kairi hits the post, and Nikki grins.

Candice gets back in the ring, builds speed, and DIVES on Nikki! Nikki seemed to welcome that. But Candice isn’t done, she builds speed again, but runs into Nikki’s elbow! Nikki puts Candice under the apron skirt and–after snuggling up to her like a kitten–clubs away on Candice’s back! Shayna says she doesn’t care who wins, she’s beaten all of them at least once. Nikki rams Candice off the apron while fans duel again. Nikki thrashes and grinds Candice into the mat, then hooks the nose. Cover, TWO, but Nikki keeps on Candice with a Rings of Saturn! Candice rolls but ends up in a crucifix, TWO!

Nikki puts Candice on the top rope and into a Tree of Woe for manic mudhole stomps! Kairi comes in and SPEARS Nikki! But Kairi goes after Candice with the Woe Stomps! Cover, TWO! Kairi keeps on Candice with the Anchor Lock! She bridges back and bends Candice, but Nikki breaks it up. Nikki hops on Kairi with a psycho sleeper hold, but Candice dropkicks them both down! Candice crawls after Nikki and chops away. She fires off furious htis from both sides, then runs in for a back elbow. She CANNONBALLS onto Kairi! Candice drags Kairi up while fans chant “NXT! NXT!” Nikki goes after Candice on the outside, for an inverted DDT on the ramp! Candice hits steel, and Nikki crawls away, only for Kairi to hit a flying kabuki elbow! “This is Awesome!” but Shayna is not amused.

Kairi stands first, all fired up, and she puts Nikki in the ring. Kairi prepares that elbow as she climbs up top. Nikki hits Kairi first, then climbs up to fight her on the top rope. Kairi fights back, but Candice returns to add on! TOWER OF DOOM!!

All three women are down but the fans are fired up to a fever pitch. Kairi gets to ropes while Nikki and Candice slowly sit up. Candice hits Nikki, but Nikki hits back. Kairi comes over while those two brawl, and then joins in with her own forearms. Nikki hits Kairi, but Candice hits Nikki. Nikki hits back but Kairi does, too. They all stand, Candice ducks and sends Nikki at Kairi. Candice enziguris Nikki, but Kairi backhands Candice! Kairi goes at Nikki but Nikki headbutts. Candice grabs them both, DDT and Complete Shot, 2-for-1! Candice springboards, LIONSAULT! Cover, but Nikki drags her off by the hair! Nikki gives Candice a draping, swinging neckbreaker!! Candice hits the floor while Nikki fires up.

Nikki goes at Kairi in the ring, but she takes her time letting the madness take over. She drags Kairi up, and hits a back suplex. She drags Kairi up again, for another! Then another! Nikki gets a hat trick but she’s not done yet. She grins as she drags Kairi up one more time. Nikki has the fisherman, but decides to up the ante! They go to the top rope again, but Candice crawls back in. Nikki stomps Candice then drags her up, small package! TWO! Nikki kicks but is blocked into the Unprettier! LIONSAULT! INSANE ELBOW! KAIRI WINS OUTTA NOWHERE!!!

Winner: Kairi Sane, by pinfall; challenges Shayna Baszler for the NXT Women’s Championship at TakeOver: Brooklyn IV

The Mae Young Classic finals are revisited once more, as this will be the tiebreaker between Pirate Princess and Queen of Spades. This rematch will mean so much more with the title on the line, who finishes the series with the gold?



My Thoughts:

What a great NXT! Not much time was wasted getting to the opening match, and it was really good. Lacey has really improved during her time as this Lady of NXT character, and she gets a surprising win over Dakota. As said earlier, Lacey will have to wait a bit before challenging the NXT Women’s Champion, but she will definitely reach that some day. Dakota will, too, even though she’s currently jobber to the stars. Good promos from Ricochet and the Undisputed Era, as well as videos from the Street Profits, EC3 and Kona Reeves. I am so excited EC3 is going to face Kona and more certainly beating him, in both the ring and in gimmick.

That War Machine/Raiders video package was great, and it drives home the point that those two are aimed right at the NXT Tag Team Championships. That makes for more great ROH-in-NXT action that will certainly please the fans. Ohno surprises with that extra fast squash of “Rick Ramirez” who has Rayne on his pants. I wouldn’t mind if this leads to either an edgier or even full Heel Ohno, he needs something that either brings him up to title contention or finally to main roster. The Aleister-Ciampa package was also great, as was Dream’s stylized video promo. The NXT Championship match is going to be great, as will Dream VS anyone in Brooklyn. Then the Women’s Triple Threat was incredible, and just when I thought Candice was getting her shot, Kairi literally comes in outta nowhere. Shayna VS Kairi 3 is going to be great and can go either way.

My Score: 8.5/10

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Mitchell’s WWE 205 Live Report! (7/17/18)



Can the Man of the Hour overcome a former Cruiserweight Champion?

Akira Tozawa is a former Cruiserweight Champion, but can he keep up with the ultra-fast Man of the Hour, Lio Rush, in their first-ever encounter?


All images courtesy of the WWE’s official Twitter



  • TJP VS Noam Dar; TJP wins.
  • Drew Gulak w/ Jack Gallagher & THE Brian Kendrick VS Danny Garcia; Gulak wins.
  • Akira Tozawa VS Lio Rush; Rush wins.


Drake Maverick reviews last week’s Cruiserweight Championship match.

The Japanese legend, Hideo Itami, put up a fight against the #AgeOfAlexander, but the Soul of 205 Live was tougher than even Itami expected. But not one to rest on his laurels or take it easy on himself, Cedric Alexander wants yet another challenger on this road to Summerslam. GM Maverick promises to address the state of the Cruiserweight Championship before the night is through. Who will Maverick choose to put before the champion as summer heats up?

Meanwhile, conflict is settled in the ring as the 23 Year Old Piece of Gold gets to main event against the Stamina Monster. Is the Man of the Hour ready for prime time as he goes up against a former champion? Though, Lio wonders what has Akira done lately? And before all of this, we open with the “Cruiser-Great” taking on the returning Scottish Supernova in a rematch from that surprisingly quick defeat a couple weeks ago! Can TJP get back the loss Noam Dar gave him? Or will Dar make it a quick 2-0 on the FilAm Flash?


TJP VS Noam Dar!

As he makes his way out to the ring, the inaugural (New Era) Cruiserweight Champion speaks to Wilkes-Barre. “What a treat!” Maverick lets TJP know who his opponent is beforehand. He’s feeling so spoiled getting his entrance music and ring gear of his choice, too! It’s like Christmas! Okay not really, because if it were, he’d be getting his chance at the title. Instead, he’s a “curtain jerker” in the “diaper storm” town of “Wilkes-Boring”. Do the people here admit they’re from here? Or do they pretend they’re from Philly? But TJP gives Dar credit for coming back from his knee injury. At least this match will be twice as handsome than TJP wrestling a local. But this comeback story will be just a comeback sentence. TJP is the one constant in this Division because he is still the best technical wrestler today. Dar makes his entrance, and we begin.

TJP rushes Dar but Dar sees it coming. Dar sweeps the legs out, then aims for his finisher, but TJP scrambles out of the ring. TJP takes his time recovering, but then Dar leaps in outta nowhere! Dar rocks TJP with a right, then a left. TJP is floundering as Dar puts him in the ring. Dar ducks and then tosses TJP, covers, TWO. Fans are behind Dar as he brings TJP up for another left. Dar whips TJP but TJP gose Spider-Man to then slide under and waistlock. Dar standing switches but TJP switches back. TJP trips up Dar but Dar resists. Dar pries free but TJP rolls Dar around for an armbar. Both men fight for control, and Dar slips free! He wants an STF but TJP gets the ropes.

Dar lets TJP go, but TJP gives him a kick. Dar rushes in but is sent into the ropes, then TJP springboards for the wrecking ball dropkick! TJP takes his time going over to Dar, then quickly runs him into buckles. TJP keeps going, throwing shoulders and elbows in the corner. He brings Dar up for a boot into Dar’s throat. Maverick watches backstage and disapproves of TJP’s attitude. TJP backs off at the ref’s count, but Dar comes back at him with a kick and a forearm. TJP European Uppercuts Dar down, then brings Dar up again. He scoop slams Dar fast, then slingshot sentons. Cover, TWO, but TJP keeps his cool.

Dar gets to a corner but TJP is on him again. TJP Northern Lights then rolls through to hammerlock an arm and go for more limbs. Dar resists, but TJP gets the other arm and pulls on it. Dar endures as TJP wrenches and pulls the wrist and fingers. He gets around with his legs for a ropebreak, and TJP lets him go again. TJP brings Dar up but Dar throws elbows from both sides. TJP gives Dar a swift elbow of his own, then whips Dar. Dar comes back with a backslide, TWO! And TJP goes for the armbar! Dar tries to get to ropes, so TJP changes it up with an Indian Deathlock. TJP grabs at arms to then shift into the hammerlock, and he YANKS on that opposite arm!

Dar writhes while TJP catches his breath. TJP drags Dar back up, then suplexes. That’s one amigo, and he makes the second amigo a back suplex. Cover, TWO, but TJP goes right at the legs. It’s another deathlock variation, and TJP grabs at Dar’s arms again. TJP wrenches Dar’s arm from elbow to wrist, but fans rally up for Dar. Dar fights out of the hold and small packages, TWO! Dar runs in but TJP goes up and over, only to miss his crossbody! TJP and Dar slowly stand up, but Dar runs into a boot. TJP goes up but Dar sweeps the legs again! Dar takes aim, and he fires off a throat chop, headbutt and EuroUpper to TJP! TJP gets to a corner, but Dar runs in with the back elbow and suplex! Cover, TWO!

Dar works to keep focus as fans rally up again. He drags TJP up, but TJP fireman’s carry! Dar slips out but TJP elbows back. TJP runs, but Dar sweeps the legs once again. TJP staggers up but ducks one lariat, only to get the other! Cover, TWO! Dar gets up again, he still wants that finishing kick. TJP sees it coming again and manages to roll out of the way. Dar walks over but gets caught into a small package! TWO! TJP fireman’s carry but Dar slips out again. Dar runs into a drop toehold that sends him into ropes. TJP goes for but misses the wrecking ball to get a basement dropkick from Dar! Dar fetches TJP on the outside, but TJP throws him into barriers.

TJP drags himself up to the apron but Dar is there quickly. Dar wants a suplex but TJP resists. TJP hops down and sweeps Dar’s leg! Dar clutches that leg, and fights TJP off. Dar crawls away but TJP gets back up and in. The referee checks on Dar, but TJP doesn’t care, he chop blocks the leg! TJP shows no mercy as he stomps away on the leg. He drags Dar up to throw him to the apron. TJP keeps stomping Dar, then Half Crabs him through the ropes! He lets go at 4, and Maverick still doesn’t approve. TJP gets back in the ring and stalks the crawling Dar. He stands on the bad leg to torture Dar, then puts on the Knee Bar! Dar taps, TJP wins!

Winner: TJP, by submission

The Cruiser-Great tortures Dar by holding on after the bell, but lets go so he can boast about the ring. His attitude may not be so great, but has TJP earned that big opportunity like he’s been demanding?


205 Live takes a closer look at Alexander VS Itami.

The Don from Nihon demands respect, whether he deserves it or not. The Soul of 205 Live worked way too hard for way too long to earn that Cruiserweight Championship. It wasn’t about what Itami thinks he deserves, but Alexander adding Itami’s legend to his own legacy. The best striker in the Cruiserweight Division gave Alexander’s body bruise after bruise, but the agility and aerial attacks evened the playing field. Itami was merciless with those hands and feet, but Alexander would not die. All it took was the right opening to hit the Lumbar Check for Alexander to win #AndStill be the Cruiserweight Champion. The Age of Alexander continues, who will be the next challenger added to the legacy?


Mustafa Ali speaks.

“They told me it was dangerous. They said it was impossible.” The Beacon of Light means the No Disqualification match he had with Buddy Murphy two weeks ago. Ali admits it was dangerous, but he didn’t quit. He found a way to win, because he was fighting for millions. Ali vows to fight all the way until he’s Cruiserweight Champion. How long and how hard will his fight to the top be?


Drew Gulak w/ Jack Gallagher & THE Brian Kendrick VS Danny Garcia!

If Alexander is the Soul and Ali is the Heart, then perhaps the Philly Stretcher is the Brain of 205 Live. The self-proclaimed best submission specialist in WWE today looks to build more momentum for his Ungentlemanly Alliance tonight. Will the smartest Cruiserweight in the room be named the next challenger to the title?

Kendrick gives Garcia a handshake hello before he and Gallagher exit the ring. The bell rings, and Gulak clobbers Garcia right away! Gulak drags Garcia up for a STIFF back suplex, then into the GuLOCK! Garcia fades, Gulak wins!

Winner: Drew Gulak, by submission

The best and most dangerous submission specialist proves his word tonight with a fast and furious finish. But Gulak isn’t done, as he wishes to speak.

“Well you can’t always get what you want, but if you try some time, you just might find, you get what you need.” Gulak isn’t a big fan of “the rock ‘n’ roll” but Mick Jagger had a point there. The 205 Live Universe has been subjected to two years of “unworthy champions. But not anymore!” They’ll have the champion they need in Drew Gulak. And speaking of, that Danny Garcia reminds him of Alexander. Not physically, but in spirit, because when you step to Gulak, you WILL tap out. Will Gulak grind the rest of the Cruiserweight Division into dust in his pursuit of giving us all a #Better205Live?


Backstage interview with Tony Nese & Buddy Murphy.

The Cruiserweight Juggernaut lost his cool with Lucha House Party spinning their matracas last week, and that cost the Premier Athlete his match. Murphy just doesn’t like losing, but the luchadors were the wrong guys in the wrong place at the wrong time. He doesn’t regret what he did, just that Nese didn’t get to properly showcase himself. Nese can defeat a former champion on Kalisto. And Kalisto knows better than anyone that he was going to lose. But Nese is willing to give Kalisto a chance to prove him wrong. In fact, next week can be a match where the teammates are left behind to settle this 1v1. Will Nese and his eight abs be enough to show the Lucha Dragon who is worthy of moving up the ranks?


Akira Tozawa VS Lio Rush!

The Man of the Hour told the Stamina Monster that, at least from his perspective, the former champion hasn’t done much since losing that belt. Of course, Tozawa pointed out Lio hasn’t done all that much in just showing up in the Cruiserweight Division, either. Who will make something of this first-ever encounter of high-speed superstars?

The bell rings and “AH! AH!” echoes out already. Lio admits, the people love Tozawa. He circles and approaches Tozawa, but then backs off. They feel things out, but Lio always keeps just out of reach. Tozawa keeps chasing, but Lio is just playing with him as he gets to the ropes. Lio then rushes and gets a headlock. Tozawa powers out but Lio goes up and over. Tozawa tries to trip him up but Lio sees it all just in time to change direction. Lio keeps things moving, then counters Tozawa’s whip with a springboard huricanrana! Lio grins at Tozawa while lounging on the top rope. Maverick watches this, too, and is slightly amused with Lio’s swagger. Tozawa rushes Lio but Lio bails out. Lio takes a breather but Tozawa chases him down!

They go around the ring and back in, but Tozawa dodges Lio now. Lio sunset flips but Tozawa rolls through, to Penalty Kick! Tozawa has Lio now as he hits the screaming back senton! Tozawa copies the lounging to show anything Lio can do, he can do better.

Lio runs in but gets a chop for it! Tozawa chops Lio again, then stalks him to the ropes. Lio throws Tozawa out then fires off hammering hands. The referee backs Lio off, but Lio handspring kicks Tozawa down! Lio wants time to recover, “Count him out!” Lio swaggers about in the ring, though his chest is still stinging. Tozawa gets up at 6 and in the ring at 8, but Lio is on him with more hammering hands. Lio toys with Tozawa as he stomps away in a corner. They look like Tozawa’s shouting stomps. Tozawa hits back with body shots, but Lio stomps Tozawa down again.

Lio grins as he says Tozawa’s done already. He drags Tozawa up, suplexes him down, then covers. ONE, but Lio just grins. Lio kicks Tozawa while he’s down, then drags him up. Tozawa hits back, and now it’s a brawl of forearms. Lio gets some in, but Tozawa hits back. Tozawa runs but Lio runs Tozawa over with an elbow! Lio drops an elbow, then another, taunting Tozawa every time. The fans “AH! AH!” for Tozawa but Lio wraps on a chinlock. Tozawa feeds off the “AH! AH!” and stands back up. Tozawa hits Lio but Lio hits back. They brawl again, hitting each other back and forth. Tozawa chops, chops, feints, then jabs! But Lio saw it coming! Lio fires off a strike fest, but his kick is blocked. Tozawa flips Lio but Lio lands on his feet, only to get that jab!

Tozawa kicks, swings, slides under, and hits the kick. Lio is rocked all the way out of the ring. Tozawa builds speed to DIVE! The Tozawa Torpedo hits Lio right into the desk! Then they go back in the ring. Lio flounders while Tozawa climbs, for a missile dropkick! Cover, TWO! Tozawa is surprised by the young upstart, but he isn’t done. Fans rally up and Tozawa feeds off the energy. Lio crawls to a corner but Tozawa pursues. Tozawa brings Lio up but Lio kicks again. Tozawa catches the kick, but Lio SLAPS the mouth piece out of him! Lio runs in, but into a saido suplex! Tozawa climbs up, “AH! AH!” from the fans at a fever pitch.

But Lio gets out of the ring. Tozawa goes to dive again, but Lio ducks, so Tozawa aborts the launch. Tozawa pursues Lio directly, but Lio throws him at steps. Lio gets away while Tozawa stops himself. Tozawa grabs at Lio, rocking him with a right. Lio staggers, comes back, but misses the shoulder tackle to get a kick. Lio goes down, Tozawa goes up. But Lio trips Tozawa up! Tozawa hits buckles, and now Lio climbs. FINAL HOUR FROG SPLASH! Cover, Lio wins!!

Winner: Lio Rush, by pinfall

He came to collect, and collect he did! The Man of the Hour gets the upset victory to add a big name to his short undefeated streak in the Cruiserweight Division. Will Lio make the entire Division, and the Cruiserweight Champion, #FeelTheRush soon enough?


Drake Maverick meets with Cedric Alexander.

Everyone heard from the 205 Live GM that there would be answers as to who is next for the champion to face. So who is it? Maverick has thought it over all night. Just look at tonight’s show! The best talent in the WWE is right here in 205 Live. That said, Maverick has narrowed it down based on each man’s “overall body of work” in the Division. Therefore, next week, Drew Gulak VS Hideo Itami VS TJP VS Mustafa Ali, Fatal 4 Way #1 Contender’s match! Alexander likes the sound of that. May the best man win. Who will be that best man to best the other three and go on to face the Cruiserweight Champion?



My Thoughts:

A very good episode of 205 Live from top to bottom. TJP VS Dar was great with TJP showing off those technical skills again. I figured he’d get the win this week to even things with Dar. Dar is fine, because he’s still promised a United Kingdom Championship match, so the Cruiserweight Division isn’t as crucial for him right now. Ali has a great promo and Gulak makes quick work of his jobber. Learning that these three plus Itami will be in a Fatal 4 next week is great, because all four options make for a great match with Alexander. All four men have had a match or two with Alexander in the past, but I don’t doubt the possible rematches will be even better than the originals.

Buddy Murphy & Tony Nese already take an interesting turn in their teaming together as Nese insists he doesn’t need a corner man to face Kalisto. I would hope Murphy honors the agreement so that there isn’t reason for this duo to break up already. And whether Nese wins or loses, the muscular pals going against Lucha House Party in tag team matches should be good to bolster the idea of a Cruiserweight Tag Division. Though, if they get a third guy on their side, I’m starting to think it’ll be a Trios Division. Then the main event, Lio VS Tozawa, was very good for their first time out, but with neither man at the championship level yet, I expect a rematch to give this feud plenty of fire.

My Score: 8/10

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Mitchell’s WWE SmackDown Live Report! (7/17/18)



Will Hardy reclaim his title on SmackDown tonight?

After a low blow got Shinsuke Nakamura the win, SmackDown GM Paige wants to make it right by giving Jeff Hardy his rematch tonight! Will Hardy get revenge?


All images courtesy of the WWE’s official Twitter



  • AJ Styles VS Andrade “Cien” Almas w/ Zelina Vega; Styles wins.
  • Becky Lynch VS Mandy Rose w/ Sonya Deville; Becky wins.
  • Samoa Joe VS Tye Dillinger; Joe wins.
  • Kofi Kingston w/ The New Day VS Eric Young w/ SAnitY; Young wins.
  • WWE United States Championship: Shinsuke Nakamura VS Jeff Hardy; Hardy wins by disqualification, Nakamura retains the WWE Untied States Championship.


Jeff Hardy heads to the ring!

The Charismatic Engima is feeling very, very sore after Extreme Rules in Pittsburgh. He got beat, but not the way he or the WWE Universe would’ve wanted. The King of Strong Style made sure to get a quick low blow while the referee’s back was turned, then gave Hardy a #Knee2Face. Hardy lost his title, but gets a chance to win it back later tonight. But for right now, Hardy speaks to Wilkes-Barre, who is happy to see him.

“I may look like Jeff Hardy. I may make an entrance like Jeff Hardy and wear face paint like Jeff Hardy. But I do not feel like Jeff Hardy. I feel like something’s missing. I feel incomplete. My heart… is BROKEN!” Hardy isn’t United States Champion anymore after what Nakamura did to him. Nakamura continues to prove “he is the embodiment of moral turpitude.” That’s a fancy way of saying he’s just a jackass! Nakamura uses a low blow because that’s the only way he can win. Hardy wasn’t thinking clearly Sunday, but now he’s mega clear. And Hardy wants to make sure Nakamura feels pain, to make Nakamura OBSOLETE, and to take back the United States Championship! But until then, enjoy SmackDown! Hardy is ready for Nakamura, but what about Nakamura being ready for him?

Backstage interview with Shinsuke Nakamura.

His response to Hardy is “Jeff Hardy is a sad clown.” He wears the paint to hide his tears. Nakamura cries his own crocodile tears over Hardy losing his title, because now it’s Nakamura’s title! That is a reason to smile. Smile, Renee, smile. Okay… And tonight, Nakamura gives everyone a reason to smile. He’ll make the clown cry. God Bless America.


AJ Styles VS Andrade “Cien” Almas w/ Zelina Vega!

SmackDown is STILL the House that AJ Styles Built, because The Phenomenal One is STILL WWE Champion after a stellar match with the Bulgarian Brute. But after an encounter with Vega backstage, the Champ that Runs the Camp is willing to give El Idolo a go in the ring. Will Almas shock Styles with a major upset victory? Or will Styles show Almas that he’s not quite phenomenal yet?

The bell rings and we begin. They tie up, and Almas gets a waistlock. Styles works to get out but Almas arm-drags Styles down. Almas eggs Styles on, and they circle again. Styles gets a waistlock now, but Almas pries his way out to a shoulder breaker and standing switch. Almas arm-drags Styles again and confidently dusts himself off. They go again, Styles gets another waistlock. Almas elbows out then puts on a headlock. Fans rally for Styles as he powers Almas to a corner. Almas dirties the break with that kick. Almas gets a headlock again, and Styles can’t power out. Styles rolls it, ONE, and Almas grinds Styles on the mat. They stand up again and Styles fights out. Styles pwoers out of the hold and things speed up. Almas Tranquilo while Styles goes for a dropkick. The mind games begin while we go picture i picture.

Almas stays on the apron to embrace the heat, but Styles gets him with a sweep of the legs. Styles throws Almas into barriers, then puts him back in the ring. Alma sis up and ready, and he gets Styles with the back elbow. Almas runs in for a knee into the corner, then covers. TWO, but Almas keeps his focus. He drags Styles up for a forearm that floors Styles. Almas stomps away as Vega commands. Styles chops back hard, but Almas throws more strikes into him. Almas whips corner to corner, but Styles dodges and Almas tumbles out! El Idolo hits the floor, but Styles hits him with a slingshot forearm! Almas checks his jaw while Styles drags him up. They go into the ring, and Styles brings Almas up. Almas kicks but Styles blocks to dragon screw! Almas rolls out but Styles follows.

Vega stands in Styles’ way, and Almas gets Styles with a sucker punch! Almas chops Styles, then walks off the damage before putting Styles in. Almas chops Styles more, then brings Styles up for an arm-lock. Styles endures while Vega coaches Styles on. Styles gets up, fights out with forearms, then gets Almas with a wheelbarrow facebuster! Both men are down and Vega is upset. Almas and Styles stir, then stand up. Styles throws hands while blocking Almas, then clobbers him as we go single picture. Sliding forearm! Then a corner clothesline! He lifts Almas but Almas dropkicks him down. Both men are down again, and Vega coaches Almas while fans are behind Styles. Styles fires off the Phenomenal Blitz, but Almas stops it short. Almas throws elbows from both sides, then turns Styles sideways for the draping backbreaker and elbow drop DDT! Cover, TWO!

Vega grows frustrated for Almas, but Almas keeps his cool. He stomps a mudhole into Styles, then throws more elbows. Almas hoists Styles up top but Styles throws hands back. Almas triangle dropkicks Styles! Then he dumps Styles down, preparing the knees. He runs corner to corner, but into the USHIGOROSHI! Cover, TWO! Styles is a bit surprised by Almas, but he gets up again. He brings Almas up for the Clash, but Almas powers Styles to the apron. Styles knocks Almas away, then springboards, but Almas disrupts it with an elbow! Almas gets over to Styles and positions him. He climbs up top while fans rally up for Styles. Almas moonsaults, but Styles rolls, standing moonsault follows through! Cover, TWO!! Vega is beside herself with how close that was.

Fans are fired up as both men slowly stand. Almas grabs Styles, but Styles slips out of the suplex to enziguri! Almas staggers to a corner, but he boots Styles back. He climbs up and drags Styles with him, but Styles PELE! Styles climbs up to join Almas, and quickly adjusts, but Almas trips him up. Tree of Woe STOMPS! Vega wants him to finish, CIEN KNEES!!

Cover, TWO!! Almas was that close to pinning the champ! But Almas refocuses as he brings Styles up. styles blocks the DDT, Calf Crusher! Almas taps, Styles wins!

Winner: AJ Styles, by submission

The Phenomenal One found a fight in El Idolo, but he finds a way to win out! Almas stands back up, but before Styles has a chance to respond, Almas and Vega leave. Is this just the first of many matches between these two? Who will step up to be Styles’ new #1 contender come Summerslam?


Aiden English meets with someone backstage.

MC Artiste apologizes. To Lana. She must be so angry with him for the mistake he made. That was Rusev’s moment, and English ruined it. So please, talk to Rusev for him. Lana confirms Rusev is angry and disappointed, but needs his space. Why did he come to Lana about an apology? English needs to think hard and long if he’s what’s best for Rusev. English says he’s always had Rusev’s best interests in heart. He owes so much to Rusev, so he just wants a second chance. Don’t we all deserve that? Lana will take that into consideration. Will an apology passed on through the Ravishing Russian be enough for Rusev to forgive English?


Becky Lynch VS Mandy Rose w/ Sonya Deville!

The Lass Kicker defeated the Gladiator Gal last time, but can God’s Greatest Creation get even for the duo formerly known as Absolution?

The bell rings and Becky ties up with Mandy. Mandy gets the wristlock but Becky reverses to her own. Mandy gives Becky a right, then runs, but misses the knee. Becky kicks then whips, but Mandy reverses. Becky dodges for the jump kick. Sonya distracts but Becky swipes at her. Mandy runs in and blocks the second jump kick to yank Becky down. Mandy covers, TWO, and she’s shocked. She bounces Becky’s face off the mat, then puts Becky in a corner. Mandy gives Becky stomps, then embraces the heat. She drags Becky up and Becky fights back. Mandy clubs away on Becky, then suplexes her over. Float over to cover, TWO. Mandy drags Becky up and puts Becky in a standing chinbar. Fans rally for Becky as she fights her way out. Mandy whips her then dropkicks her, then hits the big knee! Cover, TWO!

Mandy keeps on Becky with heavy rights, then covers again. TWO, and Mandy grows frustrated. She drags Becky up, and back into that standing chinbar. Fans rally up again, and Becky pries her way out again. Mandy reels Becky in but Becky reverses to roll her up, TWO. Becky boots Mandy, then rolls Mandy up again, TWO. They run, and Becky hits double forearms and a calf kick. Becky fires up with the fans, and throws Mandy with a Becksploder! She grabs the arm, Disarm-Her right away! Mandy taps, Becky wins!

Winner: Becky Lynch, by submission

That’s another win and another arm taken, Becky gets an Absolution Sweep! Becky speaks to Wilkes-Barre and the WWE Universe, thanking them for their support. Winning feels good, it feels “freakin’ great!” Becky says she’s been waiting, patiently and impatiently, but has never stopped working as hard as she can for the fans. But this is her just getting started. Hear that, Carmella? Straight Fire is coming for you. Becky Balboa needs to become SmackDown Women’s Champion again! What do the fans think? “YES! YES!” With Becky burning up the competition like she has, will she be given a Summerslam championship opportunity?


SmackDown GM Paige likes what she sees.

Carmella is with her as they watch Becky. The WWE Universe cheered her, which Carmella doesn’t normally hear. They love Becky! Yeah well people love British accents, but Carmella just finds they give her a headache. Speaking of headaches, how is her boyfriend, James Ellsworth, doing? Ew, he’s not her boyfriend And she doesn’t care, so moving on. Carmella has beaten Carmella and Asuka twice, so she wants another FABULOUS Mellabration. Paige loves parties, and will throw the biggest party of all for her. If she wins against Becky Lynch next week. No, she’s not defending her title already. Don’t worry, it’s not for the title. But if Becky does win, then they’ll have a title match at Summerslam!


R-Truth checks in with Tye Dillinger.

Is he ready? Yeah, he’s good. C’mon, are you ready? Is this one of those motivational speeches? Tye doesn’t need it. Truth can’t hear you. Okay! Yes, Tye gets his shot at Samoa Joe. Good talk! Wait, no, Truth was talking to someone on the phone. He wouldn’t have told Tye to take on Joe! But the Perfect 10 is, next!


Samoa Joe VS Tye Dillinger!

The Perfect 10 got a perfect blindside from Samoa Joe while cameras were to commercials last week. The Destroyer doesn’t respect Tye much at all, but he’ll have to take this match now. Will Joe come to regret what he did? Or will he put Tye to sleep all over again?

The bell rings and Tye fires off furious hands and feet on Joe! He backs off at 4, and Joe gets out of the ring. Joe drags Tye out to join him but Tye shoves him to the announce desk. Tye barrels Joe into the desk, then into barriers. He fires off more hands, then bares his knee to ram it into Joe’s face. Tye won’t back down, but then Joe throws him into a post! Joe drags Tye up and into the ring, then throws those swift jabs. Joe whips Tye into a corner, hits a back elbow and the Pele! Tye drops while Joe asks him, “Is this what you wanted?” Joe drags Tye up but Tye denies the Coquina. Joe makes him pay with swift kicks, then gets the Coquina Clutch! Tye flails but fades fast! Joe wins!

Winner: Samoa Joe, by submission

The Destroyer is not someone you want to anger. Tye showed courage but Joe showed everyone what they can expect if they get on his bad side. Will Joe carve a path of destruction to a title in time for Summerslam?


The Miz holds a memorial service for Team Hell No.

Daniel Bryan & Kane failed to win the SmackDown Tag Team Championships from the Bludgeon Brothers at Extreme Rules, but that was mostly because Harper & Rowan attacked backstage before the match. Details aside, pallbearers bring out Kane’s mask on a mannequin head. The four of them quietly go out to the ring, Miz shaking hands of “mourning” fans.

Miz takes the masked mannequin head and sets it on a pedestal. He picks up the mic and speaks. “Thank you all for being here tonight.” Miz is as saddened as they are, but we are all gathered here not to discuss the real news, Miz & Mrs. debuting in a week. No, that’s not what tonight is about, even though Miz was also in the MLB Legends & Celebrities All-Star Game, on the winning American League team and the game’s MVP. Tonight is about paying respects to “two of the worst friends ever”. In the words of N*Sync, Bye Bye Bye Team Hell No. They were polar opposites yet were once tag team champions. That was five years ago. But even so, their unlikely friendship inspired unity around the world, until Kane tombstone’d Bryan three consecutive times.

Any sane person would’ve thought that was the end. But “Hell No” it wasn’t, because Bryan made the same mistake by reuniting with Kane. But then Harper & Rowan destroyed them, and Team Hell No is six feet under. Everyone, please stand up and join Miz in a moment of silence. Miz raises his hand, but fans do not respect the moment of silence. Do they want to be treated like children? Now give him silence. Miz will wait as long as it takes. Fans do not quiet down, they chant “YES! YES!” Okay, that’s a good point, that was a better choice.

But one final note: Miz told you so! Miz told everyone how this would end, in the middle of this ring, and he was proven right! He’s also right about the “bogus hero”, Daniel Bryan! Bryan was never, ever an amazing wrestler, just a glory hound obsessed with impossible goals. Bryan threw a Hail Mary to stay relevant. It wasn’t about tag titles, it was so Bryan could roll out his greatest hits. News flash: no one’s buying the album. And as said as this whole thing has been, Bryan is the saddest. Bryan may not want to accept it, but he knows the truth. The truth: Bryan’s return has been a bust! Every week is another week Bryan destroys his own legacy, and no one will tell him. Miz will tell Bryan that his days of headlining are over! Bryan’s career is as dead as Team Hell No!

But here comes Bryan to respond! From behind! Bryan throws forearms on Miz then on the pallbearers! Miz gets away but Bryan isn’t done. Bryan tips over the pedestal and the pictures, to join in the “YES! YES!” chant. Knee Plus for the pallbearer!

Miz smirks at the angry Goat, but will Miz be smiling after Bryan gets done with him?


The New Day is fired up.

SAnitY? More like Unsanitary! Kofi Kingston prepares to get payback on the erratic Eric Young in the ring tonight!

Kofi Kingston w/ The New Day VS Eric Young w/ SAnitY!

The power of positivity wasn’t enough in Pittsburgh to keep the high-flying veteran from going through a table. Can positivity do better against the forces of chaos in Wilkes-Barre?

The bell rings and Young circles with Kofi. They tie up, and they push each other around the ring. Kofi gets a waistlock but Young gets the armlock. Kofi rolls and spins around to reverse it, but Young reverses it back. They go to a corner and Kofi dodges Young to kick the leg. Kofi grins at the fuming Young then dropkicks him down. Cover, TWO. Kofi gets a headlock then waistlock, but Young turns him around to club him down. Young drops more elbows, then haymakers. He has Kofi in a corner as he drives in more elbows. Kofi stands but Young runs, but Kofi sweeps the legs. Kofi gets back up, springboards and ax handles Young down. Young flounders up but is clothesline’d out. SAnitY regroups while we go picture in picture.

Kofi and the New Day rally up with the fans, and Woods plays the trombone. Kofi fakes Young out, but Young waits for Kofi to back up. Young returns but bails out again as Kofi draws near. They go again and Young shoulders in then slides under. Kofi throws him back out! Young dodges the baseball slide to bounce Kofi off the apron. He puts Kofi in, then covers, TWO. Young drives more elbows into Kofi then runs him over, then things speed up. Kofi hits a back elbow and covers, TWO! Young gets up and backs Kofi into a corner, then gets a cheap shot as we go single picture again. He runs back in but Kofi dodges. Young hits buckles, but he sweeps Kofi’s legs. The New Day glare at Wolfe & Dain while Young puts Kofi on the apron for clubbing forearms.

The New Day coach Kofi but he gets a kick while he’s down. Young catapult guillotines Kofi on the ropes, then covers, TWO. Young drags Kofi up for a stiff neckbreaker. Cover, TWO, but Young keeps on Kofi with a neck wrench. Kofi endures the twist, and fans rally up for him. He stands and fights back, then throws haymakers. Young throws a knee, then drags Kofi up for a buckle bump. Young throws a stiff right, then climbs up for a hanging dragon sleeper! He lets go at 4 and embraces the heat before leaping at Kofi. Kofi dropkicks Young down! Woods rallies the fans with his trombone. Kofi stands and rallies with double chops. He dropkicks Young down, then hits the leaping ax handle. He’s all fired up now, for the “New Day~!” Boom Drop!

Kofi calls for the finish, but Young dodges Trouble in Paradise to roll him up! TWO! Young is whipped to a corner but he tumbles up and out, only for Kofi to SUPER Belly2Belly suplex! Cover, TWO!! Young bails out to regroup with SAnitY, but Kofi builds speed to FLY! He leap frogs the ref to wipe out all of SAnitY!

Woods coaches Kofi up as he puts Young in. SOS! Cover, TWO! Frustration creeps in a bit but Kofi runs in at Young. Young dodges the splash, but Kofi swing kicks back. Kofi climbs, but Wolfe climbs up. BIg E gets him, but Dain is a distraction. Woods SUPERKICKS Dain while Kofi goes after Young. Young ducks under, but Kofi rolls, TWO! Dain throws Woods into Kofi! Wheelbarrow neckbreaker from Young! Cover, Young wins!

Winner: Eric Young, by pinfall

Give an assist to the anarchy on the outside, but a win is a win. SAnitY won as a team, and their fearless leader won 1v1. Will the trio of turmoil throw the SmackDown Tag Team Division into utter chaos?


WWE United States Championship: Shinsuke Nakamura VS Jeff Hardy!

It was a blow below the belt that brought victory to the King of Strong Style, and the Killer of Legends, Randy Orton, only added insult to injury with his return. But now, the BROKEN Enigma has his rematch courtesy of the Glampire Manager honoring his request. Will the painted visage of Jeff Hardy be smiling with a victory tonight? Or will he fall to more tricks from the nefarious Nakamura?

The introductions are made, the belt is raised, and the bell rings. Hardy unleashes upon Nakamura! Nakamura shoves him away then gets a waistlock. Hardy saw the low blow coming, he won’t let Nakamura get away that easy. Hardy stomps Nakamura in a corner to almost copy Bad Vibrations. Nakamura bails out but Hardy LEAPS onto him and into the barriers! He puts Nakamura back in, then climbs up, but Nakamura scrambles away. No Swantons yet, but Hardy has the champ reeling while we go to break.

SmackDown returns, and Nakamura has Hardy down on the mat. Nakamura toys with Hardy as he slowly stands. Nakamura kicks away on Hardy, but Hardy catches on, only to get the enziguri. Cover, TWO, but Nakamura tires again. TWO, and again, TWO. Nakamura grimaces, but then digs a knee in for a chinlock. He digs his fingers into Hardy’s chin, but Hardy works his way up and out. Hardy elbows out, but Nakamura throws him down by his hair! Nakamura drags Hardy back up, then bumps him off buckles. He mocks the DELETE hands, then gives Hardy truly Bad Vibrations! Nakamura backs off to then come back with stomps. He drags Hardy up while fans rally for Brother Nero. Nakamura squeezes Hardy with the facelock but Hardy fights back. Nakamura denies the lift, then grinds Hardy to the mat.

Fans keep cheering for Hardy, and Hardy fights back with body shots. Nakamura knees and snapmares, but misses the knee drop! Hardy fires up with DELETE, then gives Nakamura buckle bumps in one corner, another corner, and a third corner. He goes for the fourth and completes the set. Hardy brings Nakamura out for a jawbreaker, then runs for a splash. Cover, TWO! Hardy gets the fans going again but Nakamura throat chops! Nakamura back suplexes but Hardy slips out to Russian leg sweep and leg trap cover! TWO, but barely! Hardy gets to ropes and drags himself up. Off comes the shirt, and he ax handles Nakamura. Nakamura denies the Twist, then heel kicks Hardy in the head! Hardy is out, but Nakamura hurries to give him an apron knee strike! Hardy slumps down while we go to break.

SmackDown returns once more, and Hardy fights out of a sleeper. Nakamura kicks him then whips him, but Hardy elbows back. Hardy haymakers and boots, then climbs up, WHISPER IN THE WIND! Cover, TWO! Hardy keeps his cool as he and Nakamura stand. He throws hands on Nakamura, then kicks. He whips but Nakamura reverses, only for Hardy to knock him down. Hardy hits the atomic drop and the leg splitting leg drop, then dropkick! Cover, TWO! Hardy slowly stands up again, DELETE echoing out. He kicks and prepares but Nakamura denies the twist again. Hardy still gets the spinning back kick! He climbs up, Hardyac countered with boots. Nakamura hoists Hardy up, for the Top Shelf Knee! Cover, TWO! Nakamura drags Hardy up, but Hardy denies the suplex with elbows. Hardy reaches for ropes but Nakamura gives him a backstabber! Sliding Wizard, TWO!

Nakamura can’t stand it. He is frustrated with Hardy as he rams in knees to shoulders and ribs. Nakamura goes to a corner and takes aim, but Hardy sees it coming! Slingblade! Hardy hurries up top, but Nakamura trips him up. Nakamura kicks Hardy in the face and Hardy drops down. Nakamura takes aim again, fires it up… But Hardy gets the Twist of Fate!

Hardy hurries back up, takes aim… SWANTON!! Cover, but RANDY ORTON drags Hardy out!?

Winner: Jeff Hardy, by disqualification; Nakamura retains the United States Championship

And Orton isn’t done with Hardy, either! He throws Hardy into steel steps, then asks Hardy “Do you want to know why I’m doing this?!” Orton keeps ramming Hardy into steel steps, then gives him European Uppercuts and forearms. Nakaura is the one most in shock over this turn of events. Orton clears the steps but Hardy fires back! Orton rakes Hardy’s eyes, then throw shim into the other steps! The Viper drags Hardy over to the first set, and stomps Hardy’s head!!

Hardy is down and Nakamura is confused as anyone as to why. Orton asks Hardy again “You wanna know why? You’re gonna have to wait to find out.” Then he pulls at the open earlobe!! Referees try to get Orton to stop, but he won’t! He throws hardy over the announce desk! Security has to come out now to keep Orton back. But Orton won’t stay back! He clears off the top of the desk to drag Hardy onto it. Orton rains down rights, then drags Hardy out for the draping DDT! Referees and security tell Orton get out of the arena. Orton leaves, but not because they told him to. Those voices in Orton’s head are violent as ever, but will there be hell to pay for what he’s done?



My Thoughts:

SmackDown redeems the main roster after the off-target Extreme Rules and filler Raw. Almas VS Styles was a sudden but amazing opener, and it really helps TV-only fans understand how great Almas is in the ring. Styles still wins because it’s too soon for Almas to defeat the WWE Champion. Joe wins against a very game Tye, which furthers my confusion as to why the advertised this before just to delay it. SmackDown plans to announce what Styles has in store for him at Summerslam, so I’m betting Joe is at least one superstar named as contender. Bryan and The Miz are likely, too, and it can also be part of their own story against each other. That “memorial” was a great segment in itself, too, so this is going to be the summer blockbuster Miz has been looking for.

Becky continues to win, and with her match against Carmella next week, I think we’re getting that championship match we were expecting months ago. If Ellsworth stays out during this time, Becky might actually get that belt back so that she can be the one going up against Asuka and Charlotte down the line. Kofi VS Young was great, and being the Heels, SAnitY wins thanks to distraction and number games, something The New Day were masters of when they were Heels. They already had a Six Man Tag, but maybe another one will decide who challenges the Bludgeon Brothers at Summerslam. English groveling to Lana worries me. They were teasing a Rusev Day break-up, and it might be coming back around. Vince can never let us have nice things, can he?

Hardy VS Nakamura was great, so it’s fine we got the six-second screw-job last night. Nakamura’s Heel game is strong, but I’m liking the idea that Hardy is becoming more and more Broken. His promo implied it, and after the beating Orton gave him, I’d love if next week we got the full Brother Nero. Nakamura’s reactions to Orton have also been great, and Orton saying we’re going to learn why he’s doing this is something to look forward to for next week. Hardy is still dealing with leg problems, so this either gives him a few weeks to be away from the ring and recover, or we just turn it up a notch and we get Hardy VS Orton before getting a Triple Threat for the title at Summerslam.

My Score: 8.5/10

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