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Roman Reigns

So it looks like, at least for the time being, that our Summerslam main event will be Roman Reigns challenging Brock Lesnar for the Universal Championship.  Those sounds you just heard were the simultaneous groans and cheers of the WWE Universe.  Some of us are happy for Roman to get another shot and hopefully win it this time but a lot of you are upset that he’s getting another shot at it.

In 1998 from June through October here were your Pay Per View main events:

  • June: Austin vs Kane, Undertaker vs Mankind
  • July: Austin and Undertaker vs Kane and Mankind
  • August: Austin vs Undertaker
  • September: Austin vs Undertaker vs Kane
  • October: Kane vs Undertaker with Austin as referee

Then from November 1998 to February 1999 we got four straight Pay Per View World Title matches between The Rock and Mick Foley, along with 3 more on USA Network.  And I can tell you in both of those instances two things you never heard were “Overkill” or “Forced down our throat”.  A lot of the same people who think four one on one matches spread across three and a half years is too much had no problem with either of those.  And let me remind you that Austin was banged up and past his prime during those matches while the Rock still couldn’t be trusted to work a straight up one on one main event length match without run ins or it being some kind of No DQ situation.  Let’s make no mistake here: most of those matches were not very good, and some were were flat out bad.  And even going forward from there several times where the spring would consist of WrestleMania main event, rematch of said event, and then a final confrontation.  This is nothing new, folks.

So your problem really is with Roman Reigns being in the match.  OK, here’s why I don’t care.  For one, he’s the top money maker in the company among full time guys.  Who gets the main events has always been a business decision be it speculative or based on current receipts.  You can keep crowing about televised crowds booing him, but while they’re doing that the people who are fans of his are putting money in the WWE’s coffers.  Cash register > noise everytime.  And second, for the millionth time, you guys don’t support all the people you say deserve a run up there.  Seth Rollins and Finn Balor work their asses off every week, and they deserve the kind of support from you that can get them in the main event.  But y’all keep acting stupid when you get the chance.  Chanting about a belt, throwing around the beach ball, counting with the clock, and otherwise not putting your money or viewing time where your mouth is.  There is no reason to put Seth Rollins in a main event for the Universal Title when they can get more attention and make more money doing that with Roman Reigns.

And lastly, I’m tired of you guys.  If y’all would have just let it go Roman could have won the title at WrestleMania and might be dropping it at Summerslam.  Or he may have gotten it last year and dropped it at WrestleMania this year.  And then some of the other guys you want to have chances for it would be getting them now.  But as long as we have this strange nexus of you guys poo pooing him while his fans support him in big ways that bring in money for WWE, all while you don’t support any of your preferred alternatives enough to get them over the top, then we’re going to be stuck here and no one is going to be totally happy.  You guys could easily shut this down by either supporting your guys more or just letting this ride long enough for him to get the title off of Brock and end that whole thing.  And just think, once the belt is off of Brock then all of your favorites probably will get Universal Title shots!  But they damn sure aren’t booking Finn or Seth with Brock, and if they did I really doubt you want to watch them get ragdolled for 15 minutes before eating the pin.

So do us all a favor.  Accept that this is the best possible path, and Roman winning, is just that.

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