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WCW Monday Nitro

Chairshot Classics

Chairshot Classics: WCW Monday Nitro Episode 10

WCW Monday Nitro Episode 10


Cobra vs The Giant

Cobra’s music is just a repeating morse code segment. It is absolutely terrible and incredibly annoying. Giant chokeslams Cobra and the match is over. Squash.

Winner: The Giant via pinfall


Mean Gene Okerlund and Tony Schiavone are in the individual locker rooms as the fans were able to call in and vote for the main event competitors. There are some big names(Sting, Flair, etc) and other tag teams and jobbers. I’m willing to bet this was rigged. It was a pay line too, anything to make money.


Hogan and Savage are seen in “Venice Beach” talking about staying on the dark side, but Savage wants to attack from the light side as Hulk stays on the dark side to take care of business. What did this mean? I have no earthly clue.

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Taskmaster (Kevin Sullivan) vs The Renegade

So Renegade is supposed to be an Ultimate Warrior ripoff, great. Renegade attacks quick but Jimmy Hart distracts him to give Sullivan control. Renegade comes back, but it gets cut off quickly. Sullivan hits a top rope double stomp for the win. Another sad excuse for a match.

Winner: The Renegade via pinfall


Mean Gene is back in the “red locker room” and Flair cuts a promo on Sting as we await the results of the calling polls.


Chris Benoit vs Eddie Guerrero

Another attempt to show off a dream match. Benoit in control early, coming out of the gates fast and hard. Benoit locked in a Liontamer for a bit, but then let it go, but it looked awesome. Benoit goes for a powerbomb but Eddie counters, hits a lucha arm drag and tilt a whirl slam. Chris goes outside, but Eddie comes off the top rope with a huge cross body. Nice looking brainbuster by Guerrero, and he goes to the top rope, but Benoit cuts him off and hits a top rope superplex for a near fall. Eddie gets a pin victory with assistance from the ropes. Great foreshadowing to the Lie, Cheat and Steal we all loved.

Winner: Eddie Guerrero via pinfall

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Tony Schiavone is backstage with the “blue locker room” and Sting cuts a promo on Flair as all the rest of the possible competitors look on, very confused and not interested.


The main event has been announced as expected.

Sting vs Ric Flair

Sting jumps Flair at the bell and takes advantage early. Tides turn as Sting goes for a splash on Flair draped over the barricade but Ric moves. Flair locks on the figure four and uses the ropes behind the referee’s back. Sting appears to “hulk up” and gets out of the hold as he reverses the pressure. Flair tries some strikes, but Sting no sells them to take control until Flair pokes the eyes. Flair hits Sting with a foreign object from his tights but only gets a 2 count. Sting comes back and hits a superplex and locks Flair in the Scorpion Death Lock for the victory. Sting doesn’t let go after the match and other officials come out. Bischoff says Lex Luger is coming down but he’s not at all, hilarious screw up here. You can see the entrance and there is no Luger yet. Sting’s locker room comes down to talk him down and get him to release Flair. Sting eventually lets go and comes back, and finally Luger comes down. Luger gets in Sting’s face and Sting lets go again and walks out with Lex. No one seems to know what’s going on.

Winner: Sting via submission


Gene Okerlund is in the ring with Jimmy Hart, Kevin Sullivan and The Giant. Hart rips on Hogan leaving WCW doing movies and charity work, claiming he was doing all the business that needed to be done. Hart says he signed the Halloween Havoc contract and the contract states that if Hogan was disqualified, the belt changes hands. Therefore, The Giant is the new WCW Champion. A “WCW official” is in the ring to speak on this issue. He says The Giant is not the champion, in fact the championship is vacant and will be awarded to the winner of the 3 ring, 60 man battle royal at World War 3. The belt is handed over to the official and officially vacated.

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