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Has WWE RAW Become Unwatchable?



Watching the ‘’A show’’ of WWE has become a hard pill to swallow every Monday night. Seeing three hours of some of the worst booking ideas is really hard for any fan of the WWE product nowadays.

Since the announcement of RAW staying with the USA network and SmackDown Live going to FOX during 2019, the booking of especially RAW has become some of the worst written TV WWE has offered lately meanwhile SmackDown since has been the most consistent show and watchable of the two main brands of WWE.

The first problem of RAW currently has is the terrible condition that the tag division of the red brand has with only three teams being booked somewhat consistently while the rest of the division is barely used or are simply relegated to the show Main Event. The big problem is that Deleter of Worlds have been mediocre champions in terms of booking and with no real contenders for now and it looks like WWE is not interested in elevating a tag team like The Revival, who were consider one of the best tag teams in the world just a few years ago while they were in NXT.

The single belts are also booked not that great either. The Universal title in the hands of Brock Lesnar has become a worthless title and Vince booking Brock Lesnar Vs Roman Reigns in the same boring match every time Brock returns does not help either competitor to get over with the crowd or get them excited for the match. The Intercontinental title has ups and downs most of times and depending on who is holding it the title becomes either just prop or the main title but most of times the title is just prop because of the inconsistent booking.

The women’s division right now has been stocked with Alexa Bliss as champion for a while, and when she lost the title to Nia Jax most of people and I include myself here, thought this would help the division so we could see the title in new hands and rotate with other competitors and also give a little break to Alexa’s run on top so fans don’t turn on her but it seems fans are starting to say she is overrated and are calling her the Roman Reigns of the women in RAW.

Braun Strowman who at first was this parody of a movie slasher monster has now become a goofy giant that is always doing above average stuff like turning cars over but in the ring his matches are this squash matches with some of the best talent in the world and people are getting tired of Braun’s character and limited ring ability.

And for last we have Roman Reigns, ‘’The Big Dog’’ as Michael Cole likes to call him is one of the worst parts of RAW every week in a consistent basis. Roman gives dreadful promo after another with no spirit and the worst of all he is booked on boring feuds with competitors like Lesnar, Mahal or recently with Bobbly Lashley. In the ring Roman seems not care at all on his performance and people who once were fans of him are turning against him because of his lack of passion in the ring or delivery on promos.

At the end we can only wait for Triple H to take over creative and make some big change so wrestlers like Finn Balor, Bobby Roode, Sasha Banks and others who are in RAW can have better things to do than what WWE’s creative has for them now, but until that day comes more people are going to turn their back on WWE and watch promotions like ROH, NJPW, and NXT who are delivering on what fans truly want in wrestling.

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