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WWE Rumors: WWE Possibly Discussing An All Women’s Event In The Fall

There was a ton of controversy back in late-April surrounding the WWE Greatest Royal Rumble in Saudi Arabia when none of the company’s female talent were allowed to perform at the show due to Saudi Arabia’s culture, which has slowly begun to make steps towards equality (as we’ve seen with women finally being allowed to drive). On a somewhat related note, there’s been a lot of talk among the WWE Universe about the female Superstars possibly getting their own show or even pay-per-view and today, there’s a new rumor that might add some fuel to that.

According to ProWrestlingSheet, the WWE is internally discussing an all women’s event some time in the Fall that would include talent from both RAW and SmackDown Live. It’s being said that this would be to “make up” for the women not being allowed to work the Greatest Royal Rumble. Additionally, it isn’t known if this could also include former Superstars or WWE Hall Of Famers like we saw in the first-ever Women’s Royal Rumble back in January.

EA’s Take: This wouldn’t surprise me, but I’m not so sure it would be to “make up” for them missing the Greatest Royal Rumble since the talk of this among the fans has been happening since at least last year. I’d be fine with it, but I think one thing you would absolutely HAVE to have on the show is Ronda Rousey. Nothing against the ladies because they’ve absolutely made massive strides the last handful of years, but I’m just unsure if they can carry a pay-per-view all on their own. The other thing I find interesting is when it may take place. We just saw TLC get moved from October to December and Clash Of The Champions dropped altogether (at least for now). I speculated that perhaps the Super Show-Down in Australia could act as the WWE’s October PPV, but now I’m starting to wonder if TLC was moved to make room for an all women’s show. Just food for thought.


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