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All In News: Highlights From Today’s All In & Starrcast Conference Call



All In Cody Rhodes

We’re now just ten days away from the highly anticipated All In event from the Sears Centre in Chicago on September 1st, coupled with four day long Starrcast fan fest taking place over the same weekend. Today, a conference call for all the events took place that featured Cody, Conrad Thompson, Jeff Jarrett, Eric Bischoff and Bruce Prichard speaking on all thing All In and Starrcast. Here are the highlights of that call:

  • Conrad starts the call speaking about being a first time promoter and says all 40 hours of content will be available on FITE and video on-demand, then spoke about the debate that will take place between Bischoff and Prichard
  • It was noted that Frankie Kazarian will be playing bass during the Papa Buck Jam Session
  • On display as part of the WrestleCrap event will be the original Oz robe, as well as the original Katie Vick outfit among other items
  • Conrad says the hardest thing for him was getting WWE’s former music man Jim Johnston to appear
  • Jeff Jarrett jumps in and speaks about hosting a TNA panel that will feature Don West, Scott Steiner and rotating X-Division and Knockouts competitors
  • Jarrett believes FITE was the perfect format to broadcast Starrcast as viewers can watch live or on-demand later on
  • Jeff compares All In and Starrcast to the AWA Superclash III, but on a much larger and grander scale
  • Jarrett says he’s really looking forward to the Bischoff/Prichard debate, Konnan’s podcast and the Roast of Prichard
  • Jeff also speaks about the state of the wrestling business, saying it’s very healthy with other promotions such as World Of Sport, Japan and AAA doing so well
  • Jarrett then compares today’s industry to the territory days
  • Eric Bischoff jumps on the call and speaks about his debate with Prichard, how they’re friends now and how he hopes it stays that way once their debate is over
  • Eazy E discusses misconceptions about WCW stealing WWE talents when the reality is those talents came to him for jobs, more money and lighter schedules, believing WCW pushing the WWE to become as successful as they did/have
  • Bischoff talks about how much respect he has for Cody and The Young Bucks for putting all of this on and how they’re making wrestling “cool again”
  • Eric talks about the length of the four day event and how fans still may come out of it wanting more
  • Bruce Prichard joins in and talks about not knowing what to expect from his roast
  • Bruce talks about how people might be surprised to hear how much he and Bischoff agree on during their debate
  • Prichard reiterates that he has no idea what to expect from his roast
  • Bruce speaks on today’s independent wrestling scene and how it gives opportunities for more talents to make money and a name for themselves
  • Prichard talks about All In selling out and believes it speaks volumes on the overall health of the wrestling business today
  • He then compares today’s wrestling industry in the big companies, saying that it’s become much more like an actual business, even in how talents carry themselves
  • Prichard says that he really enjoys Tom Lawlor’s work and thinks he will be a future star
  • Bruce talks about the karaoke event, naming Jarrett’s ‘With My Baby Tonight’ and anything from AC/DC as his go-to’s
  • Prichard states he’s not surprised that All In sold out as he years ago he believed that Cody would be the type of star to sell out stadiums
  • Cody joins in, says he’s been listening the whole time and is blown away by the kind words from everyone
  • Cody discusses speaking with Conrad to put on Starrcast and always believed it would be as big of a deal as it’s become
  • Cody talks about learning from the Bullet Club that you can’t force things on fans and how it’s changed his perspective on the relationship between fans and wrestlers
  • Cody reveals an early conversation with NJPW officials on talent availability and how they came to the conclusion that September 1st and Chicago were the best date and location to access as many of the talents as possible
  • He talks about discussions on the future with Adam Page, Kenny Omega and The Young Bucks about the next step and how they have agreed that they will all take it together
  • He goes on to speak about airing the All In: Zero Hour on WGN America and how it gives more people the chance to see what they’re trying to accomplish
  • Cody talks about his relationship with Goldust and how they became close when they were a tag team in WWE, stating that they’re very competitive with one another
  • Cody says the initial thoughts about All In came about during the ROH War Of The Worlds tour in Buffalo or Pittsburgh and how the fans didn’t want to leave when the show was over. Then when Hot Topic and Funko deals came through, he realized he could draw 10,000 for an event
  • He says the match he’s most looking forward to changes everyday for him, speaking about Omega vs. Pentagon and The Young Bucks & Kota Ibushi facing Fenix, Bandido & Rey Mysterio
  • Cody talks about booking the card, revealing there were two booking meetings and everyone involved with Being The Elite made the show, then specifically talks about Kazuchika Okada’s loyalty due to his relationship with Nick Jackson that stemmed from their TNA days
  • The call ends with Cody speaking about Chicago being a historical wrestling city and how they made it a point to make it the first show because of the passion of the fans

Highlights c/o PWInsider


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