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Chairshot Classics: WCW The Great American Bash ’91



Backstage: Eric Bischoff is looking to get an interview with Missy Hyatt and walks into her locker room. The shower is on as Bischoff opens the door, he startles Missy Hyatt who screams and throws her shower items at him.

Match #7 – Lumberjack Match: Big Josh vs. Black Blood
Black Blood goes on the attack early with rights and he tosses Josh outside. The Lumberjacks beat him up and throw him back in. Blood tosses him out again, but into the hands of the babyfaces who do their job correctly and just roll him back in. Josh stops the attack and delivers chops, forearms and a hiptoss. Big Josh with a dropkick and Blood rolls out on the heel side and they’re much more forgiving this time. Snapmare by Josh and they exchange chops. Josh gets the upperhand, Irish whip followed by a knee and a log roll. Black blood is rolled out and he’s rolled back in.

Josh chops him down and throws blows in the corner. Blood reverses it by hot shotting him on the turnbuckle. Black Blood removes Josh’s flannel shirt and kicks him to the mat. Josh is once again rollled out to the babyface side of lumberjacks and all the men on the outside show some tension because the heels want to attack. Big Josh is brought back in by a vertical suplex and an all out brawl occurs on the outside. Knee to the back of the head followed by a leg drop by Black Blood. He attempts another knee but Josh gets his boot up.

Josh chops and strikes his opponent, sends him for the ride and elbow. Irish whip by Josh and Blood gets his boot up. More brawling ensues on the outside and Blood hits a German suplex. Black Blood has his ax, but Dustin Rhodes strikes him in the knee with a literal axe handle. Big Josh rolls up with an inside cradle and gets the win.
Winner: Big Josh (Inside Cradle)

  • EA’s Take The fact that the commentators sounded surprised that Josh hit a dropkick says something. The crowd got more of a rise out of the lumberjacks brawling than anything else with this one and for those unaware, Black Blood is former WWF Superstar Billy Jack Haynes. That’s all I’ve got folks!

Match #8: One Man Gang w/Kevin Sullivan vs. El Gigante
Gigante is accompanied by four midgets to the ring. They scramble as the One Man Gang chases them. OMG heads back for the ramp but Gigante turns him around. He clubs him with rights and cannot be moved by shoulder blocks. He rolls to the outside of the ring and Gigante gives chase. OMG rolls back in the ring, he ducks a clothesline but eats a hip toss. Shoulders to the midsection delivered by Gigante. OMG moves from the Irish whip and he clotheslines the big man from the 2nd turnbuckle.

Gigante drops to a knee and it Gang strikes him with a wrench. The ref back him off temporarily but Gang goes back to work. He chops down Gigante’s left knee and he strikes it with the wrench. Sullivan backs the camera away so they don’t see his shenanigans. Gang stomps away at the knee, the ref breaks it on the ropes, but Sullivan cheapshots him by hitting him with a wrench on the sternum. Gang rakes the eyes and elbows Gigante’s lower back. Gang hits his 747 splash but Gigante kicks out and OMG falls out of the ring. Gang returns to the apron and goes for the top rope. Gigante catches him with a military press.

Gang is sent for the ride and he gets a big elbow. Sullivan is up on the entrance ramp and Gigante knows he’s there. Irish whip and a big right by Gigante. He lifts OMG for a snap suplex. Sullivan climbs the top rope but he’s caught in the act. Gigante bashes their heads together. He applies the claw on Sullivan but Gang breaks it up. Sullivan sneaks OMG some powder, but he turns around and Gigante kicks it into his own face. He hits Gang with a clothesline from behind and gets the win.
Winner: El Gigante (Clothesline)

  • EA’s Take I know it was the first line in the play by play, but El Gigante was accompanied by four midgets when he came to the ring. Seriously. No, seriously. Let that sink in for a second. Good thing Sullivan is entertaining because I never have interest in big men who can’t work. One Man Gang can do some things, but he needs a solid dance partner, which Gigante is so very not.

Match #9 – Russian Chain Match: Sting vs. Nikita Koloff
The men are tied to the chain and size each other up. They go face to face before exchanging kicks. Sting takes control and rams him into the ring post. On the outside, he hot shots Koloff twice on the guard rail. Koloff’s face meets the steel and he’s rolled back in. Sting rams Koloff’s head into the turnbuckle who stumbles outside. Stinger chokes the Russian on the outside. Blow to the midsection and a right hand by Sting. He makes his first attempt to get the four turnbuckles. Koloff resists after two and kicks him away. Big clothesline from Koloff and he’s kicked to the floor. It’s Sting’s turn to feel the guard rail, and Koloff uses the chain to clothesline him to the mat.

Koloff rolls the chain around his fist and he abuses the former world champion. Sting blocks a head shot to the guard rail and returns the favor instead. Koloff is sent shoulder first into the guard rail and Sting rolls him back into the ring. Koloff desperately fights back and he’s able to regain some momentum. He drops some elbows with the chain wrapped around. Koloff chokes Sting and Randy Anderson tries to back him off. Another elbow by Koloff, on his second attempt Sting moves. Big right hands from Stinger who uses the chain for a low blow. Sting rakes the eyes, but Koloff is feisty.

An eye rake back and a snapmare by Koloff who is making his first attempt. Sting struggles as Koloff drags him. He gets to the third turnbuckle but Sting kicks him in the mid section. They lock up in a mutual bear hug. Both men touch the first corner and then a second. They wrestle around and exchange low blows. Since momentum is equal, the referee is still holding up 2 fingers on each hand. Both men are slow to get up and they simultaneously dive for corner 3. Sting beats Koloff down with rights. He tries to drag Koloff but Nikita hangs on to the rope for dear life. Sting stretches but can’t get there.

Koloff rakes the eyes and hits the Russian Sickle. Koloff doesn’t immediately go for the fourth turnbuckle. He points to the corner to confirm that’s the one. He walks slowly toward it, Sting bounces back up and tries to dive over his back. It’s a photo finish, but the ref decides Koloff hit first.
Winner: Nikita Koloff

  • After The Bell: Koloff gets his comeuppance as Sting uses the chain to his advantage and beats Koloff down to the mat.
  • EA’s Take: Here’s another gimmick match I’m not particularly fond of, which WCW seems to be rampant with. That being said, this was probably my favorite I’ve seen on this timeline thus far with one hang up. If the count is supposed to stop when momentum is stopped, how would it not have been stopped when Sting was in clear control and Koloff was struggling to hold onto the ropes? I’m not trying to take things too seriously, but for me it’s in the same category of a tag team picking up the win with a partner who wasn’t legal and it isn’t acknowledged as cheap. Also, didn’t it seem like not long ago this would have been pegged for Luger vs. Koloff? I digress. It’s hard to have too much action in these types of matches, but I felt these two made the best of it.

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