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Chairshot Classics- WWE SummerSlam 2012



SummerSlam 2012 brings a Triple Threat Match between John Cena, CM Punk and The Big Show for the WWE Championship. For the World Heavyweight Title, we get Sheamus squaring of against Alberto Del Rio. The Main Event has no Title but will feature Triple H Vs. Brock Lesnar in a No DQ affair. All this and so much more in this edition of the Chairshot Classics.

The date is August 19 and for the fourth SummerSlam in a row we are back in the Staples Center in Los Angeles, California. The 25th annual show is sold-out and jam-packed with 14,205 rabid fans. Another 358K fans purchased the PPV and this would be the last lime that SummerSlam achieved this feat, as we are on the heels of the WWE Network coming to fruition. A lot of people attribute this high buy rate to the return of Brock Lesnar from the UFC World. Another thing of note is that the WWE signed twenty year old Indy darling Mercedes KV the day before to their developmental brand. Mercedes would go on to play a pivotal part in the Women’s revolution and go on to become Sasha Banks. Kevin Rudolf would provide the theme song, “Don’t Give Up”. This is also the only SummerSlam to have a Title change on the Pre-Show. Cesaro Antonio beat Santino Marella for the United Stated Title. Enough of this. Lets head to the arena and see what “The Perfect Storm” has to offer us!

The show has a great open, as it recaps the twenty five years of the event thus far. If you would like to take a trip down SummerSlam Lane you can find our complete coverage of every one here. Up next in the package is the return of Brock Lesnar, and the highlights of his multi-faceted career, his winning of various Titles from the WWE and his UFC Heavyweight reign. This all builds to his feud with Triple H. The attack would become personal when Paul Heyman says he “feels sorry” for Hunter and Stephanie’s children. The personal attacks continue when Lesnar “breaks” the arm of Triple H’s best friend, Shawn Michaels. All this is done to hype our No DQ Main Event where the Cerebral Assassin will face off against The Beast for the first time.

Michael Cole welcomes us in for the Silver Anniversary of SummerSlam and is joined by WWE Hall of Famer, Jerry “The King” Lawler. The two tell us of the “storm on the horizon” before they are interrupted by the annoying “Excuse Me” of Vickie Guerrero. She introduces her client “The Show-Off” that is Dolph Ziggler. Ziggler enters and is carrying the blue Money in the Bank briefcase, as he is one winner from the previous month’s PPV. When the lights turn off and his opponents them begins the crowd are on their toes. Chris Jericho receives a nice pop before we cut to a video were this feud began. Ziggler attacked Jericho on SmackDown as he made his way to the ring to face Alberto Del Rio. He would then ram a scissor lift into the ribs of Jericho and is the reason Jericho has his ribs taped up for this match. This storyline seemed forced, but either way should make for a great opening affair between two great in-ring competitors.


Jericho tries to kick us off with a collar and elbow, but Dolph feels differently and rolls from the ring. He is chased around it by Jericho, but Ziggler is first to re-enter and hits the ropes. Ziggler is able to duck a pair of clotheslines, but is taken to the mat with a spinning back elbow. Jericho gives Ziggler a tour of the turnbuckles and when he gives Ziggler some chops, the crowd “woos” with each one. Dolph is able to reverse a whip to the opposite corner but is met with a springboard clothesline from Y2J. They hit the ropes, and after a leapfrog from Ziggler, Jericho strikes first and brings him to the mat with a big chest chop. The crowd pops hard when Chris Jericho raises a finger to indicate he is “Number One”. Jericho tries for a suplex next but Ziggler is able to escape it and kick Jericho in the taped-up ribs. This gives Dolph the edge, and after a backbreaker, he stomps at the ribs some more. Ziggler tries for a cover, but Jericho is able to kick-out before the count of two. They find their way into the corner with Ziggler having the advantage, punching away at the head of Y2J. Jericho is able to reverse a punch but is quickly whipped to the ropes by Ziggler. Jericho manages to grab the rope to stop, and when Dolph charges, Jericho back drops him out of the ring. Jericho takes a moment while Dolph is recovering to pump the crowd up with some Hogan-like “I Can’t Hear You” taunts. When Ziggler finally returns to the apron, Jericho springboards at him. Ziggler hits the mat to avoid the attack and Jericho crashes to the floor.

Ziggler rolls into the ring and the referee begins his count. The ref only makes it to five before Dolph decides to join Jericho back outside. He quickly returns Jericho to his feet and whips him into the ring apron. Jericho smashes the taped ribs into it, and falls to the mat writhing in pain. Ziggler returns him to the ring and hooks the leg. Jericho barely is able to kick-out before the three is counted. The facial expressions of Jericho are great here and he is really selling the rib pain. After some stomping and choking, Dolph returns Jericho to his feet. Only to dropkick him in the ribs and when Jericho hits the mat, Ziggler tries for another cover. When Jericho kicks out again, Dolph puts him in a stretch focusing on the ribs some more. This is when the crowd starts to rally behind Jericho and he is able to escape the hold. They make it to their feet and start to trade punches in the center of the ring. Dolph gets the advantage after a midsection kick and pounds Jericho into the corner once again. Ziggler leaps high and nails Jericho with a running splash that leads to another cover by Dolph. Jericho kicks out again and Vickie starts yelling at the official from the outside. Up next is a Rude Awakening from Ziggler, which he does in the exact fashion of Rick Rude, hip wiggles and all. When Ziggler does the Jericho pin, by standing on his opponents chest and flexing, he gets some nice heat from the fans. Jericho easily kicks out, but this is still great. Once Jericho returns to his feet, the two begin to trade some punches. Ziggler’s Irish whip is reversed and Jericho hooks the tights for a quick roll-up pin. Ziggler quickly kicks out and they hop to their feet, hitting the ropes. Ziggler comes out ahead with a seated clothesline. Jericho finds himself in the corner again but is able to avoid the splash this time. Ziggler’s face hits the turnbuckle and when he falls to the mat, Jericho dropkicks him. They quickly return to their feet and after a few shoulder blocks from Jericho, Ziggler comes out ahead with a kick to the midsection. Jericho is whipped to the turnbuckle, but is able to land a big boot into the face of the charging Ziggler. Jericho’s momentum is short lived and he is soon met with a Fame-Asser. Dolph is slow to hook the leg and this allows Jericho to kick-out.

Vickie is pounding the mat and Ziggler is first to his feet. He starts to stomp away at Jericho but he is able to grab the foot of Ziggler and try to lock in The Walls of Jericho. Ziggler manages to escape by pulling his foot in and flipping Jericho over. A quick enziguri from Jericho allows him to make a cover that Ziggler narrowly escapes. After he is whipped to the corner, Ziggler is able to leapfrog Jericho and get him in his patented sleeper-hold, where he jumps onto the back of his enemy. After some time Jericho is able to ram Ziggler into the turnbuckle, thus breaking the hold. This leads to both men on the top turnbuckle and Jericho delivering the ten-count punch sequence. The crowd counts along and after the tenth punch, he hurricanranas Ziggler to the mat. Both men hit the canvas hard and it takes Jericho a moment to make a cover. The delay allows Ziggler to kick-out, but both men lay prone on the mat for a second. They slowly return to their feet and Dolph strikes first, nailing Jericho with a leaping DDT. He hooks the leg, but Jericho still kicks out. They pop to their feet and trade some punches. Jericho comes out ahead and lands a running bulldog. He tries for the Lionsault, but Ziggler is able to get the knees up and drive them into the injured ribs of Jericho. The Zig-Zag follows and when Ziggler hooks the leg it appears to be over. But Jericho manages to kick-out one more time. The crowd is just as shocked as Ziggler and Vickie by this. Dolph is slowly returning to his feet, when out of nowhere Jericho hops to his feet to hit the Codebreaker. This causes Dolph to roll from the ring and leaves Jericho grasping his ribs in pain. Jericho leaves the ring and returns Dolph to it. When Jericho re-enters, Vickie grabs his foot while he is on the apron. This distraction allows Ziggler to quickly roll-up Jericho for a pin. Jericho kicks the school boy out, and when Ziggler charges, he is able to avoid him. Ziggler rams his own shoulder into the ring post and when he hits the canvas, Jericho applies The Walls of Jericho. It doesn’t take long and Ziggler is soon tapping out as the crowd explodes. Ziggler is the man when it comes to kicking off a show, and this match was no exception. I am a big fan of these two individuals and this match reassured that fact. This is an awesome match, so check it out. Match Time-13:05 

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