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Chairshot Classics- WWE SummerSlam 2012



Up next is a peak at the annual SummerSlam Axxess. If you aren’t familiar with this concept it is basically like a comic-con of wrestling. Think the upcoming Starrcast, but with WWE talent. They also showcase the WWE anti-bullying campaign, Be A Star. Being that this takes place in Hollywood, it is a star studded event, including an appearance from former WCW Heavyweight Champion, David Arquette.

Up next we relive the WWE Championship run of CM Punk that started a Survivor Series the previous year when he beat Alberto Del Rio by submission. We see AJ Lee set-up this Triple Threat Title match that also features The Big Show and John Cena. We see Punk give The Rock a GTS on the 1000 edition of RAW, and cuts of some of his great promos during this Title run. There is also a great clip of Cena and Punk on the same team versus Daniel Bryan and The Big Show were they duplicate each others move sets. Cool stuff. This is an amazing package here and worth a watch.

John Cena is the first challenger out and receives a big pop full of mixed reactions. It’s hard to say for sure, but it seems as the boos are louder than the cheers here. “Well, It’s The Big Show” out next and he gets nothing but heat from the crowd. The Champion is the last man to enter this Triple Threat affair and CM Punk receives nothing but an electric pop from the fans. It is easy to tell who the fan favorite is here. The “Cult of Personality” pumps the fans up some more by hitting the corners and raising the strap high above his head. Punk is wearing his starred trunks here, which are an homage to “The Macho Man” Randy Savage. The Big Show gets the early advantage when the bell sounds by clubbing away at the other two. He takes Cena to the mat first with a headbutt then does the same to Punk. Cena is viciously whipped to the turnbuckle by Show and crashes back to the mat. Punk tries to jump onto the big man, but Big Show easily tosses him right back to the mat as well. Big Show then places Cena onto the ropes and “Shhs” the crowd. This is done so they can really hear the chop he delivers to the chest of Cena. Once again, he does the same thing to CM Punk. And guess what, they each get one more. Cena and Punk start to work together and overpower The Big Show with a flurry of punches and kicks. This leads to them attempting a double suplex. This is reversed and The Big Show suplexs them both instead. He hopes to his feet fired up but is still receiving only heat from the fans.

John Cena is whipped into the corner and Big Show meets him there with a back body splash. This rattles Cena and he rolls from the ring to recover. Show now turns his attention to Punk, who is dazed in the corner. The Big Show charges and give him a splash as well. He hits the ropes but Punk explodes out of the corner and dropkicks The Big Show in the knee. This sends the big man crashing to the canvas. Punk unloads a series of kicks onto the chest of Show before making the patented “Go To Sleep” motion. This sends the crowd into an absolute frenzy. He is able to get the 470 pound Big Show off the ground, but not all the way, before Big Show overpowers him. Big Show lands on his feet and delivers a colossal chop to the chest of Punk. Cena enters the ring and he is able to put The Big Show right up on his shoulders. Punk hits Cena in the back and they all crash to the canvas. CM Punk tries to capitalize on the situation and cover Cena. He get a two and a half before Show breaks it up. Punk is clubbed to the ground by Show, who then uses the ropes for leverage as he stands on Punk’s back. The attention is still on Punk and The Big Show tosses him into the corner. After a punch to the gut, The Big Show delivers yet another chop to the chest of Punk. Show then charges Cena and knocks him from the ring, as he was standing on the apron and into the security wall. Punk is whipped to the opposite corner but when The Big Show splashes Punk is able to avoid it. Show collides with the turnbuckle and Punk tries for a springboard crossbody. He is caught by The Big Show and driven to the mat with an elbow drop. The crowd turns the heat to high when Big Show raises the big right hand and is calling for his KO punch. Cena re-enters the picture and saves Punk from the Weapon of Mass Destruction. He unloads on Show and hits the ropes. When he returns he is flattened by a Spear from the big man. The Big Show hooks a leg but Cena digs deep and gets a shoulder up.


The Big Show sets both men in his landing zone and takes to the second turnbuckle for a double Vader Bomb. Punk is able to avoid it and Cena receives the whole load. The Big Show covers but Punk hits him with a springboard double stomp to break it up. While Cena rolls from the ring, Punk attacks Show with some forearms to the face. Show no-sells them and grabs Punk by the throat. He then drives Punk to the ropes, still by the throat, and shoves him over the top rope. I don’t know if Punk hit Show a little hard, but the way Big Show shoves him here looks like a shoot. The Big Show leaves the ring but his attention is on Cena. Right after Show delivers a big headbutt to Cena, CM Punk comes flying through the ropes for a suicide dive. The Big Show is able to catch him by the throat. This looks just crazy. Great spot. But it gets better. Show then tosses Punk into the ropes, which Punk slingshots off of, and crashes to the mat. This leaves Cena and Show returning to the ring and Cena receives a quick sidewalk slam. Punk returns to the ring now and Show tries to lift him into the ring by his head. Punk counters and hotshots Show on the top rope. Cena strikes from behind and slams Show to the mat with a side suplex. The crowd have a pop of mixed emotions when Cena begins the “You Can’t See Me” hand motion and hits the ropes for a Five Knuckle Shuffle. The boys do some great camera work here, because we don’t even see Punk re-enter until he is right on Cena with a flying clothesline. Punk then gets the crowd fired up with a “You Can’t See Me” of his own. You’re right, Mr. Punk, I did, in fact, not see you.


With Big Show halfway across the ring, CM Punk takes to the skies and delivers a beautiful elbow drop that The Macho Man would be proud of. Punk makes the cover but with the leg not hooked The Big Show easily tosses him off of him. Punk is able to lock in the Koji Clutch, but Show powers his way free and delivers a huge chop to the chest of the prone Punk. Cena makes his way back into the ring, and after he floors Show with a shoulder block, Cena puts him in the STF. Show is able to power his way out of this too, and stands up with Cena on his back. He lazily rams Cena into the corner. This barely phases Cena and he jumps from the second turnbuckle for a crossbody. The Big Show catches him and scoopslams Cena to the canvas. Once again, we didn’t see Punk as he takes Show off his feet with a clothesline of the top rope. Show finds himself in the corner and in prime position for Punk’s patented running knee strike. Punk lands two more but when he tries for the follow up, a running bulldog, Show shoves him to the mat. This is when we can see Cena take to the top turnbuckle. He gets airborne and hits the Fame-Asser on The Big Show. Punk is the first to take advantage and place Show in the Koji Clutch. Cena then comes from behind and places the STF on Show as well. And of course this is were The Big Show taps out. Both men hop off of him and begin to celebrate before they start to argue. This is were RAW General Manager AJ Lee enters and comes bouncing to the ring. She has only a few words to say as Punk and Cena confront her, and they are “Restart the match,” When they turn around, The Big Show greets them both with a double chokeslam. Show hooks the leg of Cena and the crowd gasp when Cena kicks out. Show then covers Punk who also kicks out. The Big Show waits for Cena to rise and goes for the Weapon of Mass Destruction. Cena is able to duck this and lift Show up for an Attitude Adjustment. Cena slams the big man to the mat and this is where Punk strikes. He throws Cena from the ring and covers The Big Show. The ref counts the three and the crowd explode as CM Punk retains his WWE Championship to continue his 293 day run. Punk hits the corners and raises the Strap high as Cena looks on in disappointment. Nothing much to say here other than this is must watch stuff and you should take the time to watch it. Match Time-12:34


We see the Walk of Fame and people gazing at Vince McMahon’s star on it. When we re-enter the arena tells us that Fred Durst is in the house. We don’t see this because Durst flipped the live camera off, and was escorted from the arena for doing so. He would say in a 2015 interview that he was “still a wrestling fan but not a WWE fan” since in his words, not mine, it had “become Pussified”. We do see legendary music producer Rick Rubin and David Arquette in the crowd. Arquette, of course, is holding a WCW Championship belt. Up next is a preview for the latest WWE film at the time, “The Day.” This is a film that I’ve never seen but here is what I gathered from the Google machine. “Ten years after the collapse of society, five survivors battle raging cannibals at an isolated farmhouse.” The film received a 29% from Rotten Tomatoes and a 5.2/10 from IMDB.

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