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Chairshot Classics- WWE SummerSlam 2012



We re-enter the arena and we see Kevin Rudolf perform the theme for the show, “Don’t Give Up”. This is terrible in my opinion and they make Cee Lo Green’s performance last year not feel so bad…

For the eighth PPV in a row we get a Main Event that doesn’t feature a World Title. It is being booked as “The Perfect Storm” and features the authority in Triple H facing off with Brock Lesnar, who is trying to get a change in contract and become more like the Superstar he is today. The video package features highlights of this angle, including Triple H tearing up the new contract that Lesnar is offering. Of course when this contract dispute happens Lesnar attacks the suited Triple H. Triple H would then set the match up and we see the rest of this angle. HBK getting his arm broken and Paul Heyman talking about Stephanie and Hunter’s children, amongst other things. A good package here but the Punk/Cena/Big Show one was much better.


Brock Lesnar is the first man out, and of course he is joined by his “advocate” Paul Heyman. The two get mostly heat from the fans as they enter the ring. The place explodes when the lights go dark and the thirteen Time World Champion, Triple H enters. It is worth noting that he has switched back to “The Game” as a theme song at this point. He spits the water from the apron before entering the ring to face Brock Lesnar for the first time in his career. The ring announcer reintroduces the two and Lesnar gets nothing but heat. Triple H on the other hand receives nothing but praise from the fans. The two start out fast with Lesnar driving Hunter into the corner with his shoulder. Hunter fights his way out, but Lesnar drives him right back into it. This happens a few times until Lesnar applies a standing Kimora on Triple H. It isn’t locked in long and Hunter shoves him to the mat. They wind up right back in the corner and Brock again locks in a standing Kimora. This time he mounts Hunter by wrapping his legs around Triple H’s waist. Triple H is able to drive Brock into the corner and after some midsection knees, he gets free from the hold. A big clothesline is next from Hunter and this sends Lesnar toppling over the top rope. Lesnar wastes no time returning to the ring and tackles Triple H right back into the corner. After a clothesline, Lesnar takes a few steps back and charges. Triple H meets him in the middle of the ring with a kneebuster. Triple H clobbers Brock with another clothesline that, once again, sends Lesnar crashing to the outside. Triple H taunts him to return to the ring as the crowd are in a frenzy. Triple H is screaming “Come on this is the WWE not the UFC, Come on!”.

It takes a moment, but Lesnar uses the ring steps to return to the ring. Before they can go at it, Lesnar removes his gloves and the two Superstars put their dukes up. No punches are thrown, though, and Lesnar tackles Triple H to the mat. This is when Lesnar hits Triple H with a quick punch to the back of the head. Triple H leaves the ring and Lesnar follows him right out there. After they trade some knees to the midsection, Lesnar uses a hammerlock to scoopslam Hunter onto the announce table. Brock returns to the ring and starts to taunt Hunter and the fans by saying “This is my ring” a few times. When Triple H returns to the ring they trade some punches in the center of it. Again, Lesnar comes out ahead and uses the same Hammerlock slam on Triple H. Lesnar uses another standing Kimora Lock, and this time when Hunter escapes, Lesnar wrenches the same arm around the top rope. Triple H hits the mat and Lesnar continues to target the arm with stomps. It isn’t long before Lesnar has the lock applied once again, and this time it is let go it is of his own accord. When he releases, he tosses Hunter into the top turnbuckle face first. Lesnar tries for the F5 but Triple H is able to avoid it and instead he receives a German suplex from Lesnar. After Lesnar stomps his arm some more, Triple H rolls from the ring. Lesnar is quick to lift him back to the apron but this backfires and Triple H hotshots him with the top rope. Triple H slides into the ring and tries to go on the offensive. After a few quick kicks to the midsection, Triple H is able to hit Lesnar with a DDT. Both men stagger to their feet, but once again Lesnar comes out ahead with another Kimora Lock. He then slams Triple H to the mat with a hammerlock slam again. Triple H leaves the ring, but is quickly thrown into the ring steps. He then picks Hunter up and rams his lower back into the announce table. The Beast Incarnate then jumps off the table to drive his elbow into the top of Triple H’s skull. Lesnar returns to the ring with Hunter in hand after they trade a few punches Lesnar tries for a small package pin. Lesnar releases the hold too early and you can hear some fans boo this.


Triple H tries to use some midsection knees to rally, but Lesnar is able to reverse the Irish whip. The clothesline that Lesnar uses here is stiff as hell to say the least. Lesnar goes for a powerplex but Triple H is able to reverse this into a suplex of his own that leaves both men prone on the mat. They both stagger to their feet with Triple H in the corner. Lesnar charges, but Triple H avoids the running clothesline. After a kick to the midsection, The Game goes for The Pedigree. Lesnar escapes and violently whips Hunter into the turnbuckle. The collision is so hard that Hunter flips over it and crashes to the floor outside. Lesnar is wincing in pain and takes his time to join Hunter on the outside. Triple H is able to pull Lesnar by the trunks into the announce table gut first. After Triple H lands a few more gut punches from the kneeling position, Lesnar rolls back into the ring. When Triple H joins him on the inside Lesnar is quick to go for another Kimora Lock. Triple H uses some knees to the midsection to escape, and once free, nails Lesnar with the running gutbuster knee. Lesnar takes about ten more knees to the midsection before Triple H drives him to the mat with his patented spinebuster. The Pedigree is locked on but Lesnar powers through and lifts Hunter into F5 position. Hunter escapes the finish, and this time The Pedigree is successful. Triple H makes the cover but Lesnar narrowly gets the shoulder up.

Triple H tries for a second Pedigree but this is when Brock delivers a low blow. The men take a moment to stagger back to their feet with Lesnar on them first. He waits for Triple H to rise, and when he does, delivers the F5. Lesnar hooks the leg and it is Triple H’s turn to narrowly escape. Hunter escapes yet another Kimora Lock and gets Lesnar with another Pedigree. When Triple H tries to roll Lesnar over for the Cover, Lesnar strikes and gets another Kimora locked in. This one eventually leads to Triple H tapping out. After Lesnar leaves the arena the crowd invoke “You tapped out” chants at Triple H. When he mouths “I’m Sorry” to the them it suddenly turns to cheers. The teary eyed Triple H then exits the arena to a standing ovation. What a great finish to an amazing match. For Lesnar just coming back from his UFC lose to Alastair Overeem he was excellent. I can’t put this one over enough. The bumps were hard and the action never dulled. This right here is what Wresting is all about. Match Time-18:45

Well that wraps up SummerSlam 2012 and overall I would say this was a highly successful edition of the annual summer event. My three must watch matches are as follows. The Main Event is must see stuff as is the Triple Threat Match. I am going to have to say the opener between Ziggler and Jericho is my next favorite but you really can’t go wrong by watching the whole card. As I always do lets see how Dave Meltzer rated the matches. These star ratings are acquired via Dave has the Main Event tied with the open at 3.5. The only other match to break a 3 was the Alberto Del Rio and Sheamus bout. The rest of the card faired ok receiving between 2 and 2.75 stars. I usually agree with Dave’s assessment of matches but not here. I really like this show and I think you will too.


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