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Chairshot Classics: WWE SummerSlam 2015



Backstage: Jon Stewart & his son are talking with Neville & Stephen Amell, Jon stating he’s looking forward to their match. Stewart claims to be friends with Undertaker, saying he calls him all the time. The lights go out and Taker’s silhouette walks across the screen.

Match #3: Dolph Ziggler w/Lana vs. Rusev w/Summer Rae
Rusev has some words for Dolph, Ziggler with a headbutt and right hands, The Bulgarian Brute combats it with a shot to the midsection. He attempts a vertical suplex, Dolph countering and planting Rusev to the mat, then connecting with right hands from the 2nd rope in the corner. Rusev pushes Ziggler off, side-stepping a corner splash and taking control with stomps and elbow drops for a count of 2. The Bulgarian Brute keeps the advantage with more boots, choking Ziggler on the bottom rope and delivering a big kick to the chest. He trash talks The Show Off, then locks in a bearhug to drain Dolph’s energy.

Ziggler battles, breaking Rusev’s grip and hitting a dropkick, hits the ropes and gets caught, The Bulgarian Brute connecting with a spinning side slam for a near fall. “U-S-A” chants anger Rusev, Dolph with right hands, but The Bulgarian Brute stops the momentum quickly. He lifts Dolph in a military press, Ziggler counters and spikes Rusev with a DDT, both men struggling to their feet. Dolph blocks right hands, firing away with his own, Rusev pushes him into the corner, Ziggler side-stepping a splash.

Dolph with running clotheslines, hits a corner splash and then a neckbreaker, following with a jumping elbow drop that only gets a 1 count. Dolph attempts the Fameasser, The Bulgarian Brute avoids it and follows with a spinning heel kick, covers and gets a count of 2. Rusev starts to ascend to the top rope, Ziggler springs to his feet, charges and scales up top, planting The Bulgarian Brute with a facebuster for a near fall. The Show Off goes for a superkick, Rusev catches the foot, hits a Saito suplex and then a somersault senton, but still can’t get the 3 count. The Bulgarian Brute looks for a superkick, Dolph ducks it, gets caught on the shoulders trying the Fameasser again, but turns it into a roll-up and he gets a 2 count.

Ziggler ducks a Rusev kick, hops on the back and locks in a sleeper hold. The Bulgarian Brute backs him into the turnbuckles to break it, charges for a splash, The Show Off avoids it and finally hits the Fameasser, but can’t get 3. Dolph attempts the Zig Zag, gets thrown off, tries the jumping DDT and gets thrown off again, Rusev landing with a superkick and then locking in The Accolade. Lana pleads with Ziggler to fight out, Summer goes for The Ravishing Russian and gets slapped in the face for it.

The distraction causes Rusev to break The Accolade, Ziggler rolls out to the floor and The Bulgarian Brute follows. Rusev distracts Lana, Summer from behind to floor The Ravishing Russian. Dolph springs to life with a superkick, crawls back toward the ring, but the ref’s count reaches 10.
Winner: Double Count-Out

  • After The Bell: Rusev is irate, sending Ziggler back in the ring, Dolph fires back and takes down Rusev. Summer gets in the ring after Dolph, thus prompting Lana and Summer to fight it out. Ziggler & Rusev have to break them apart, Dolph and Lana holding the ring.
  • EA’s Take: I half-expected some kind of a screwy finish with the ladies getting involved. Surely the finale of this rivalry has to lead to Lana getting into a match for the payoff. The match itself was nothing better than anything we’d see on Smackdown or Raw.

Match #4: King Barrett & Stardust vs. Neville & Stephen Amell
Neville & The King to start, Barrett backing Neville into the corner off the lock-up, tries a right hand and Neville ducks it. Barrett scores with a shot, sends Neville across and charges, The Man That Gravity Forgot hops over, somersaulting across the ring and catching The King with a 2nd rope crossbody. Neville hits the ropes, scoring with a headscissors and Barrett gets into the ropes to create a break before tagging Stardust. The Cosmic One calls for Amell, Neville makes the tag and Amell springboards in the ring, a la Stardust. He shoves Amell down, Amell with a kip-up and he returns the favor to Stardust with a boot.

Stardust goes to the midsection with a knee, mocks Amell and tries a back suplex. Amell lands on his feet, ducks a right hand then hits a hip toss, much to Stardust’s shagrin. The King calls for a tag and gets it, backing Amell into the corner and unleashing right hands. He gets Amell on his shoulder, Amell slips out and leapfrogs Barrett, but turns around into a kick to the midsection. Stardust back in, stomping away at Amell in the corner, then choking him with the bottom of his boot. The King re-enters, heavy right hand to the gut, then chokes Amell on the 2nd rope, ties him up and unloads with kneelifts, then a running boot that sends Amell spilling to the floor.

Barrett rolls him back in the ring, Stardust tags and keeps the advantage, dropping Amell with a front suplex and covering for a count of 2. Stardust with more trash talk, Amell pops up and connects with an enzuigiri, crawls to the corner and gets the tag to Neville as Barrett comes in. The Man That Gravity Forgot springboards in over The King, takes out Stardust on the apron, then lands a series of kicks to Barrett ending with a running dropkick. He clotheslines The King in the corner, lands another kick, then comes off the 2nd rope with a Phoenix splash.

Stardust breaks the count at 2, gets dumped the outside and Barrett follows suit. Neville looks for a dive, Amell stops him, heads to the top and takes out Stardust and The King with a crossbody to the floor. He rolls Barrett in the ring, Neville climbs upstairs and connects with the Red Arrow for the victory.
Winners: Neville & Stephen Amell (Neville/Red Arrow)

  • EA’s Take: I expected a decent showing from Amell and he certainly impressed. I was aware of the guy’s athleticism going into the match, so I knew he’d be able to hold his own. Everything went pretty well as expected, Neville receiving the hot tag and doing the majority of the heavy lifting for his team. This is always the case whenever a celebrity steps into the squared circle, let the veterans handle the hard work.

Match #5 is a Triple Threat for the WWE Intercontinental Championship: Big Show vs. The Miz vs. WWE Intercontinental Champion Ryback
Big Show goes right after Ryback at the bell while Miz slides to the outside. Ryback with right hands, but Show comes back with a big chop, then chokes The Big Guy on the bottom rope. Miz gets in a cheap shot, Ryback chases him around ringside and back in, both running into Show and having his hands on their necks. They fight out, attempt a double suplex to The Giant, Show countering and suplexing both of his opponents. Miz falls to the floor, Big Show climbs to the 2nd rope and hits Ryback with a somersault senton, Miz sliding in to take advantage and covering for a count of 2.

Show makes Miz pay with chops, squashes Miz & the champion in opposite corners, hits the ropes and Ryback fires out, taking The Giant out at the knee. Miz comes off the 2nd rope, The Big Guy catches him and drives him into the mat with a powerslam for a 2 count. Ryback heads to the top, connects with a splash to Miz, Big Show is back up and he Chokeslams the champion onto Miz, then covers for a near fall. The Giant calls for a WMD, The Big Guy ducks it and plants him with a spinebuster, following up with a splash. He has his sights set on the Meat Hook, runs right into Big Show’s big paw again, but counters and connects with ShellShocked on The Giant.

Miz slides in quick, hitting the Skull Crushing Finale on Ryback, but can’t get a 3 count on either man. The champion gets to his feet, grabs Miz for Shellshocked and turns around into a WMD. Show covers, Miz breaks it at 2, then makes a cover himself and The Giant breaks up that one. Show looks for a Chokeslam, Miz fights out of it, hits the ropes and runs into a WMD. Ryback disposes of The Giant to the outside, covers Miz and retains.
Winner and STILL WWE Intercontinental Champion: Ryback (WMD)

  • EA’s Take: When Miz hit the Skull Crushing Finale, I thought we were going to get the surprise finish. It didn’t end up that way though, however I thought Ryback would retain by pinning Big Show. To me that says this feud may not be over, which is unfortunate because I think it’s dragged on long enough due to the time The Big Guy missed with injury.

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