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Chris’s IMPACT Wrestling Results & Report (8/30/18)



IMPACT Wrestling Results & Report



Chris Pinheiro brings you all the happenings on the August 30 edition of IMPACT Wrestling. Follow along starting at 8 PM eastern!

Quick Results

  • X-Division Title: Brian Cage(c) d. Fenix via pinfall – top rope powerbomb
  • Eli Drake d. Brandon Tidwell via pinfall – Gravy Train
  • Knockout’s Title: Tessa Blanchard d. Allie and Su Yung(c) via pinfall – roll up on Allie TITLE CHANGE!!
  • Rich Swann d. Petey Williams via pinfall – Standing Shooting Star Press
  • Austin Aries & Killer Kross vs Eddie Edwards & Moose – no contest

Play By Play

Welcome to IMPACT! Wrestling episode #737 “ReDefined”! Tonight, we get Eddie Edwards & Moose vs Austin Aries & Killer Kross, Rich Swann vs Petey Williams, Cage vs Fenix for the X-Division Title and a Three-Way Dance for the Knockout’s Title!!!!

One Night Will Make You Rethink Everything

Video package plays hyping tonight and all the matches I mentioned above. Moose thought about retiring due to the concussion Aries gave him, but he’s not a quitter and he’s back to defend his friend Eddie Edwards.

Josh Matthews welcomes us to the Rebel Center as we kick it off with X-Division action:

X-Division Title Match: Fenix (w/Pentagon Jr.) vs. Brian Cage(c)

“Lucha! Lucha!” chants ring out to start, Fenix off the ropes as they do a quick Lucha Libre start. Cage drops Fenix on the ropes and hits A 6-1-9!!! Lets just think about that for a moment. Brian Cage is 6′ tall and 268 lbs. and his hitting a 6-1-9!! First saintly fecal matter chant of the evening right there!

Fenix with a hurricanrana to the floor, back inside off the ropes and Cage kills him with a clothesline! Cage with a delayed suplex from the apron to the inside, holding Fenix parallel to the floor!! The Terminator clap starts now. Fall away slam from Cage, as he is dominating the early going. Fenix sidesteps a corner charge, hits a super kick and goes up stairs. Cage catches the crossbody into a F-5 for 2. Fenix blocks a clothesline, kick to the head, then runs off the ropes. Cage sidesteps and throws Fenix over the top rope onto the ramp. Fenix back inside, springboards inside to a spinning heel kick to Cage on the ramp. Fenix then dives through the ropes, summersaults for a Fenix Cutter on the ramp. Back in, hits a senton, gets a 2 count. Both men running off the ropes, Cage hits a super kick. 2 count again!! Almost had a 3 there!! “Fight Foever” chants starting now. Weapon X countered by Fenix for 2, followed by quick strikes. Enziguri from the apron by Fenix, then a springboard rollup from the out side into a double stomp gets Fenix 2 and a half. Fenix rallies the crowd, then gets a boot up to stop a Cage charge, slams Cage into the second Turnbuckle, then Cage with a HUGE slam! 1-2-Fenix’s foot is on the bottom rope. “This is Awesome” chant rings out! Cage looking for a superplex to the floor, countered, knocked to the apron, and Fenix with a double stomp to the back! Suicide Dive by Fenix, CAUGHT BY CAGE INTO A SUPLEX ON THE FLOOR!!! I can’t do it justice how Cage caught him. He stopped Fenix’s momentum perpendicular to the floor, feet straight up!!

**commercial break**

Back from commercial and Cage hits a wheelbarrow cutter for 2. Cage takes Fenix to the corner, European uppercut from Fenix, charging back an forth before an elbow from Cage and a Tornado DDT! More “Fight Forever” chants as the referee begins to count both men down. Cage up at 8, picks up Fenix. Back to the corner, Cage up top, throws off Fenix, chop and super kick to Cage, springboard, he’s shoved off, eats a boot, both men on top, and a HUGE TOP ROPE POWERBOMB for the  1-2-3!!!!

Your winner, and STILL X-Division champion: Brian Cage

oVe charge the ring and assault Fenix and Pentagon, Cage starts up the ramp then thinks better of it and returns to the ring and cleans house!! Hits the Drill Claw on Jake Crist! Cage and the Lucha Bros. stand tall!!

We get a video package hyping Edwards/Moose vs Aries/Kross and we head to commercial

a “We Want Jericho” chant breaks out in the Rebel Centre

**commercial break**

As we come back, Matthews recaps what we just saw in the match and after it.

In the parking lot, Bobo pulls up in a black SUV, but the parking lot attendant won’t let him through. Scarlett Bordeaux gets out, mesmerizes the attendant who then yells to let them through.

Hype package for Chris Jericho’s Rock N Rager at Sea and then the GWN Moment of the Week: The Impact debut of Drew Galloway! Six men in this video, and only one (Grado) still works there. Kenny King, Samoa Joe, Low-Ki, Galloway and Al Snow have all left…

Impact and Destiny Wrestling present “One Night Only: Bad Intentions” tomorrow night at 8pm Eastern, only on pay-per-view

Recap on Ritchie (the little boy who was hit by the car last week) and they say all the know is he’s supposed to make a full recover, legal action maybe pending

The OGz are arguing, Hernandez is feeling bad about the kid, but King says they can’t be soft, he’s a casualty of war. His phone rings, he says “yes sir,” and  leaves, telling the Hernandez and Homicide to stay put.

**commercial break**

We come back to a video package hyping Bound For Glory tickets that are on sale now

Now a video package hyping the Knockout’s Championship match tonight.

Backstage interview with Tessa Blanchard where she talks about the pressure of being a Blanchard. Says being a good wrestler might be good enough for some, but it’s not enough if you’re in her family, so she’s bringing home the title for her family’s sake

Eli Drake heads out to the ring in street clothes and gets a microphone. They show four guys in a VIP section chanting “Dummy. Yeah” Talks about the Cult Of Lee wanting to be his friends, said he never did, and he was testing them. He then brings out the two jobbers who defeated the Cult Of Lee last week, Mr. Atlantis and Brandon Tidwell. Crowd chants “They Are Dummies.” Drake then says he has a challenge, against himself, and Mr. Atlantis accepts. Drake then says he will face Tidwell.

Eli Drake vs Brandon Tidwell (w/ Mr. Atlantis)

punches, kicks, Gravy Train. Over.

Your winner: Eli Drake

Eli then shakes their hands and hits Mr. Atlantis with a Gravy Train, puts his clothes back on and celebrates on the turnbuckles before leaving.

**commercial break**

Backstage interview with Eddie Edwards and Moose. Moose calls Eddie and says Aries’ biggest mistake was messing with them.

Knockout’s Title Match: Allie vs Tessa Blanchard vs Su Yung(c) (w/ The Undead Bridesmaids)

Tessa starts out hitting everyone, then Allie hits a Codebreaker, then a drop kick on Tessa and a senton on Su. Bulldog/DDT combo and Allie covers Su for 2. Allie chokes Su in the corner with her foot, then Su chokes Allie on the middle rope, punches Tessa, Allie hits Su off the apron, onto the Bridesmaids. Allie launches off Tessa’s back to deliver a forearm to Su off the apron again. Tessa rolls up Allie for 2, then locks in a modified Indian Deathlock. Su then gets Tessa in an arm bar while Allie is still in the Deathlock! Allie hits chops on Su into the corner, charges in, then the Spider Crawl take down in the corner by Su Yung. Climbs up top, Tessa knocks her off. Tessa then press slams Su onto the Bridesmaids, then Allie slingshots her back in. Clothesline’s by Allie, then a corner suplex, Tessa kicks out at 2. Tessa looks for a hammerlock, Allie rolls her up for 2, hits the Best Superkick Ever, then a mandible claw from Su to Tessa, then one to Allie who breaks it up with a jaw breaker. Tessa then rolls up Allie for the 1-2-3

Your winner, and NEW Knockout’s Champion: Tessa Blanchard

Tessa backstage, celebrating her victory, saying she just exposed Allie for everything she said she was. Said she took Su’s title and there’s not a damn thing she can do about it.

**commercial break**

Another video package for Bound For Glory tickets

Recap of the Knockout’s Title match

Gama Singh is on the hunt, finds the Desi Hit Squad and starts beating them with a broom backstage. This was literally the whole segment.

Backstage interview with Austin Aries and Killer Kross. Kross is creepy… like a stalker. Aries says Kross has turned everything upside down and no one is safe.

Video package for Medicon’s Impact vs The UK, September 9th, only on Twitch

LAX backstage, celebrating their title win, but says what happened with Ritchie was wrong. Konnan then gets a phone call, says “yes sir” and tells Santana and Ortiz they need to stay put, and he leaves.

**commercial break**

The Smoke Show

Backstage with Grado and company, when the smoke begins and Scarlett Bordeaux’s music hits. It’s time for The Smoke Show. Bordeaux thinks Henry and Katarina have something going on. Hendry says next week he and Grado will be on the same page against the Desi Hit Squad. Bordeaux starts seducing Grado, Katarina freaks out and tells Bordeaux to stay out of it. Katarina says Scarlett will never break up her and her boys, to which Scarlett responds “I think I all ready have.”

Petey Williams vs Rich Swann

This will be fast and furious, I will try to keep up..

Holds and counter holds to start, Petey drops Swann onto the rope then hits a bronco buster. Codebreaker by Williams for 2. Running the ropes, dropkick by Swann, Williams outside, Swann goes for a senton to the floor, nobody home and he crashes and burns.

**commercial break**

Cover by Petey for 2, sets Swann on the top rope. Tree of whoa, and a big kick, Petey whips him across, Swann avoids and hits a clothesline, then a huge knee and a snapmare, cover  for 2. Swann then Climbs up to the second buckle, flips over Petey, Petey then gets behind. German suplex, side Russian leg sweep, enzigiri by Swann, then elbows by Petey. Stack up for 2, roll back for 2, then Petey goes for a Sharpshooter, Swann gets the ropes. Swann with an inside cradle for 2, kick, then goes for a hurricanrana, countered into a powerbomb by Petey. Swann counters a Canadian Destoryer for a bomb for 2. Swann goes for a Phoenix Splash an missed, Swann counters another Canadian Destroyer into a roll up for 2, big kick, then a standing shooting star press for the 1-2-3

Your winner: Rich Swann

Swann celebrates back stage saying a few more victories will get him that X-Division Title. Matt Sydal interrupts saying Swann is good but he doesn’t understand what it takes to be champion, but he can help him, he can open his third eye. Swann says he doesn’t need his help, he can get there on his own.

Alisha is then heard screaming, and we cut over to her trying to revive Moose who is laid out with Killer Kross’ calling card laying next to him.

**commercial break**


Killer Kross & Austin Aries vs Eddie Edwards & Moose

Don Callis wonders if we will see Moose or if Edwards can get another partner tonight on short notice. Edwards comes out alone, kendo stick in hand, and rolls into the ring, getting in the face of both Aries and Kross. Bell rings as it looks like Edwards will be going alone. Higher spinebuster by Kross on Edwards me he tags Aries. Kick to the back, cover for none. Jawbreaker by Edwards. Back elbow, and an over head belly to belly, and a mafia kick to Kross that doesn’t knock him down. Eddie backdrops Aries to the apron, then shoved him to the guardrail. Eddie attempts a suicide dive but eats a knee from Kross. Aries back in and kicking away at Edwards. Puts him in the corner, tags in Kross. Snapmare and a running boot, tags in Aries. Aries off the top with an elbow to a held Edwards. Double whip to the corner, Kross with a splash and a tag to Aries. Kross then whips Aries into Edwards. Edwards hits Aries on the top then a backpack stunner. Both men down, punches and chops being traded, then a Blue Thunder Bomb by Edwards, pin broken up by Kross. Edwards dumps Kross and hits a brainbuster on Aries, then a suicide dive on him on the outside. Rolls Aries in but Kross grabs Edwards and hits an overhead throw on the floor. Aries looks psychotic, looking for a brain buster, Eddie gets out, hits Kross, then a Tiger Bomb on Aries. Both men down again. Moose wobbles out taped up, and gets up into his corner. Tag by Edwards to Moose, and Kross drops off the apron whenever Aries tried to tag out. Moose then turned and SPEARED Edwards!!! It was a set up!!! Moose sits on top and punches away as Aries trash talks Edwards. They dump Edwards out and it’s a 3-on-1 assault. Aries wraps the chair on Edwards’ throat, and Moose slams a chair into it. Alisha comes out to check on her husband and starts yelling at Moose. She slaps Moose, who threatens her but the heels back away. Aries and crew then celebrate at ringside as Alisha sits over her husband as we go off the air!

No Contest

Thats all for IMPACT Wrestling tonight! Thanks for reading!!

Let us know what you think on social media @theCHAIRSHOTcom and always remember to use the hashtag #UseYourHead!


Andrew’s Impact Wrestling Uncaged Ratings & Review

With the tag titles changing hands last week, do we see more changes with Impact Wrestling Uncaged?



With the tag titles changing hands last week, do we see more changes with Impact Wrestling Uncaged?

The pseudo-PPV atmosphere is sure to bring in more consistent viewership, but they’re in an interesting spot. Taya and Tessa are really the only two credible Knockouts unless Gail comes out of retirement (since Rosemary, Su and Jordynne are in the same storyline), so we’ll probably see this get extended somehow. As for the other title match, The Machine has a lot of support and wrestling fans all know the money is in the chase. So I could see Cage getting “screwed” again, but I’d much rather see Cage with the title.

So let’s get hype for the show with a video package of the returning Reno Scum!


  • Knockout’s Championship Street Fight: Tessa Blanchard vs Taya Valkyrie (c) – Taya retains via Double Footstomp through Table – *** 3/4
  • ‘All Ego’ Ethan Page vs Willie Mack: Mack  wins via Stunner – ** 1/2
  • Elimination 4v4: Team Impact (Fallah Bahh, Sami Callihan, Eli Drake & Eddie Edwards) vs Team AAA (Puma King, Psycho Clown, Hijo del Vikingo & Aerostar): Team AAA 4-3 – *** 3/4
  • Fatal 4 Way Impact World Championship: Killer Kross vs Moose vs Johnny Impact (c) vs Brian Cage: Johnny retains via Starship Pain on Moose – *** 1/4

Review Notes:

Both women come out with throwback shirts. Tessa comes out with the old school Four Horsemen shirt and Taya comes out in her Perros de Mal shirt (old Triple A stable she was in with Perro Aguayo Jr). This match was a little awkward at times, and the first table they had ” La Wera Loca vs Diamond” painted on, didn’t break after two spear attempts. Really good hardcore style action, with chairs, insults, ring posts and another table. Definitely more of a brawl than wrestling, but after the table didn’t break the subsequent spots seemed to be a little off. Still a solid match, entertaining to watch, good way to start off the Uncaged show. Dios perdona, los perros no.

After a quick promo with Team Impact, Scarlett joins Melissa during the commercial break moment and she’s barely dressed and her and Melissa start doing squats. I mean they’re doubling down on sex sells, and I’m not even mad.

Mack and Page was a solid match. Good brawling, Willie’s agility outlasted Page’s strikes. One would assume the winner should be closer to an X Division title shot at least. So it should be interesting where this leads.

Killer Kross follows that with his typical chilling, slightly unhinged promo, and damn it was well done.

The interesting thing about the commercial break stuff tonight is Melissa doing live interviews with different people. It’s kinda neat, like extra content.

Team Triple A has a clap back promo after the commercial, which says the Cup is staying in Mexico. If memory serves, Team Triple A beat Team TNA in the first World X Cup, so I’m curious if they’ll pull from that for a storyline.

Sami Callihan calls out Swann one more time, Swann throws the shirt at Callihan, so a fight ensues. Swann gets the best of things momentarily, but an eye gauge allows Sami the opening to toss Rich around a little, Piledriver him on the stage and then Powerbomb him off the stage through a table. So I guess Sami will get the X Divison shot, but might have to go through Willie Mack first in the following weeks before Rebellion.

A lot of fun fast paced action, good dives, good strikes, nice story telling and only one slip so far from Aerostar. Eli Drake is the first one eliminated by Puma King because he tries to tell Eddie to not use the kendo stick, but tries to use it himself, Eddie catches him and takes his stick back, then pushing Eli. So one Gedo Clutch later, Eli is eliminated by pinfall. Fallah Bah eliminates Vikingo after a Twisted Running Powerslam. Aerostar eliminates Bahh after a Crucifix Pin when Bahh misses the Banzai Drop. Boston Knee Party from Eddie eliminates Aerostar. Piledriver from Sami eliminates Puma King. Two on one advantage with Sami and Eddie against Psycho Clown. Eddie hits a Boston Knee Party lays out Psycho Clown, but Sami pushes Eddie off and tries to steal the spotlight, only a two count, Psycho Rolls Up Sami for the pinfall elimination. Eddie has Psycho on the ropes, but Eli returns, takes Kenny the Kendo Stick and distracts Eddie. Then he hits Eddie to give Psycho a shot to hit a Backstabber, followed up the La Magistral for the victory. So Impact kinda played themselves, but it was a damn good match with a lot to unpack.

Melissa finally returns after a few commercial breaks off, with Sami Callihan and David Crist. This was ridiculous but great. Just erratic idiocy, they steal Melissa’s sandals at some point, David sings “Hey there Samuel” and Sami does a pitch like a dating service while Melissa is getting her sandals. So dumb, but great.

Small promotional video package for Reno Scum. Returning to Impact for the first time since the first wave of GFW “invasion” (nearly 2 years).

A quick little moment with Dark Allie, Su Yung and Rosemary, followed by a commercial with Melissa and KM & Fallah Bahh. Very funny, Melissa plays off the wrestlers well. She needs to stick around since she’s got a nice personality and seems to work well with most of the guys.

Scarlett with a weird video package, her in a bed, a little moan and showing cleavage is her formula. So if it ain’t broke, I’m not gonna fix it, shut up, stop judging me!

LAX joins Melissa before the main event and the Latina comes out in her. She’s more animated that usual, very fun and entertaining. She even busts their chops a little, but they take it in stride and seem to enjoy each other’s company.

Since the match starts with only about 12 minutes before time limit the match wasn’t going to be a technical masterpiece, but for what it was it was fun. It was more of a brawl, since there were 3 bigger guys. Kross had a bunch of moments looking like a beat, Cage looked like a million bucks hitting the Drill Claw on both Moose and Kross. But Johnny pulled the opportunistic thing, and while Kross and Cage were tied up, Johnny pulls Moose to the corner, barely hits Starship Pain and sneaks in a pinfall before Cage finishes the Drill Claw + pin on Kross.  So Johnny retains while looking like a punk, and the crowd wanted nothing to do with him. Terminator claps most of the match.

Overall Score: 7.5/10

Solid solid show from start to finish. Tessa and Taya got things kicked off well, Melissa doing backstage interviews as the Twitch commercial break stuff was great. World Cup match was fun and set up a few storylines for the Impact stars while Team Triple A got the home field advantage win. Main event was a little disappointing to be honest. Johnny has worn out his fan support both in Mexico and on Twitch chat. Granted yes, I’m hopeful this is building towards a big blow off at Rebellion, maybe with Cage going over and Austin Aries returning, but I guess we’ll have to see.

Also from the main event, we see some cracks in the Moose and Kross alliance, so that could definitely be an interesting match in the near future.

So yeah, we have a lot to chew on moving into TV tapings for the shows leading up to Rebellion, but from a completely playlist mentality view point, Cage got screwed. Brian Cage better be getting this damn title soon, or I want him to put Don Callis through the announce table.

Now the weekly Twitch viewers portion:

  • Week 1: High – 10,350 / Low – 8,500
  • Week 2: High – 8,000 / Low – 6,500 
  • Week 3: High – 8,500 / Low – 7,900  
  • Week 4: High – 7,100 / Low – 5,300
  • Week 5: High – 7,450 / Low – 5,650
  • Uncaged: High – 9,000/ Low – 8,000

Well it looks like people just need a reason to tune in. Not only was this week mostly main event talent, but since the event had was named, I feel like people just expected better quality. So still no record breaking high, but solid numbers throughout the entire show.




Let us know what you think on social media @theCHAIRSHOTcom and always remember to use the hashtag #UseYourHead!
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Impact Coverage

Andrew’s Impact Wrestling Ratings & Review (2/8/2019)

Impact Wrestling, coming off the worst Twitch viewership, and worst rated show of the year…do we see a bounce back leading into Uncaged?



Impact Wrestling, coming off the worst Twitch viewership, and worst rated show of the year…do we see a bounce back leading into Uncaged?

With my assumed direction for the main event to become a 4 way, Allie’s ongoing struggle with Demons and Zombies, Team Impact vs Team AAA and Sami’s history with Rich Swann, Uncaged has a lot to build towards.

Let’s not overlook that we’re getting an Impact Tag Team Championship rematch between LAX and the Lucha Bros. So it’s gonna take some impressive fail for this episode to fall short.

Time to find out.


  • Rich Swann & Willie Mack vs Dave & Jake Crist: Swann wins via 450 Splash – ***
  • Kiera Hogan vs Allie: Hogan wins via Face the Music – ** 1/4
  • Rohit Raju vs Trey: Trey wins via Meteora – ***
  • Sami Callihan vs Puma King: Callihan wins via Piledriver – *** 1/4
  • Impact Tag Team Championship: LAX (c) vs Lucha Bros: Lucha Bros win via Spike Fear Factor – *** 3/4TITLE CHANGE!!


Review Notes:

Tag action starts us off. The Crists come out to continue the story with Swann and Sami Callihan. We get a solid match. Crowd was asleep, so that did make it come off a little flat, but lots of good action from both the Crists and Mack/Swann. So it’s a good start.

Lucha Bros promo, followed by the announcement that the Uncaged main event is now a 4 Way match. Johnny vs Cage vs Moose vs Kross. Obvious twist with how things have been going, but no complaints.

Flashback moment is the last few minutes of Pentagon’s World Championship victory against Austin Aries and Fenix at Redemption 2018.

We see the storyline move forward with all the Darkness, Su Yung gets wiped out and Allie has a fit thinking Su disappeared and Rosemary might show up. So because she freaks out and doesn’t just grab the bloody glove, Kiera takes the opening to hit her Cradle Neckbreaker finish. No appearance by Rosemary though.

They announce RVD & Sabu vs Lucha Bros for United We Stand.

Allie and Su are seen in the back, with Allie muttering “she’s here”. Screen flickers and a message is seen ” The witching is upon us. Don’t say we didn’t warn you.”

The contrast in styles between an old school heel and the new school “flippy” guy, worked fairly well. Old heel tactics kept Trey grounded for the most part, but he still pulled off a Triangle Enzuigiri as well as his Head Tucked in the Turnbuckle Tiger Feint ( think Will Ospreay’s Cheeky Nandos Kick, but tucking the head and then hitting a 619 instead). Trey winning with the Meteora off the top, punctuated the shenanigans more than looking cool.

Quick Scarlett bumper about her in-ring debut next week.

Sami and Puma King starts off with a lot of Sami brawling with some nice heel work. Puma King has a nice Headscissors out of a Tree of Woe, and then starts putting some offense together. After a huge miss on the dive to the outside, Puma King is on the back foot, but they do put together a nice sequence to pick things up a little. We get an odd Drop Toe Hold into La Magistral spot, but the finishing sequence is solid. All in all in the best match on the show so far, a damn solid episode already.

Video hype package for Taya versus Tessa.

Eli confronts Eddie Edwards about next week’s match, trying to convince him to drop the hardcore style.

Melissa Santos interviews Moose and Kross. Moose turns on a little more goofiness, trying to say it’s unfair to the others because they’re a team and have one another’s blind sides. Moose says “Just like Bill Belichick says, there’s no I in team” and Kross nods, ” That’s good. But I prefer the one with the Frog and the Scorpion”. Moose doesn’t get the reference, but it alludes to Kross using Moose to get to a goal. So we’ll see if it falls apart next week.


They had a lot to follow after their Homecoming match, but this wasn’t bad. It starts quick again, and this match had the same issue the last one did, where it felt too fast. Moves weren’t hitting flush, double clutching or waiting too long to take a spot hurt the match a little. Both tag teams kicked out of the respective finishers, so no one looks bad. Lucha Bros have to hit a second Spike Feat Factor, as Fenix lays out Ortiz with a tope. Konnan makes them shake hands, but there’s still a little heat.



Overall Score: 7.25/10

Nothing about this show was bad. Stories moved forward, big announcement for United We Stand with the RVD & Sabu vs Lucha Bros main event. Also coming off of the AEW news that Lucha Bros will show up there, winning the Impact Tag Championships could lead to some interesting cross over. Who knows.

But like I said, good show. Nice to see Impact bounce back a little from the lack luster show last week.

  • Week 1: High – 10,350 / Low – 8,500
  • Week 2: High – 8,000 / Low – 6,500 
  • Week 3: High – 8,500 / Low – 7,900  
  • Week 4: High – 7,100 / Low – 5,300
  • Week 5: High – 7,450 / Low – 5,650

As you see, the overall numbers were a little better than last week when it comes to Twitch audience, and it held steady at 6,000 for most of the show. So the product was a little better, as the ‘Go Home’ to Uncaged. So maybe we’ll see a spike next week for the bigger show.

Let us know what you think on social media @theCHAIRSHOTcom and always remember to use the hashtag #UseYourHead!
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