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Colt Cabana Files Lawsuit Against CM Punk



It appears as though the news surrounding the recent lawsuit by WWE Doctor Chris Amann against Colt Cabana and CM Punk has spurned some more issues for the former WWE Superstars, as The Chicago Sun Times reports today that Cabana has now filed suit against Punk.

According to the report, Cabana, real name Scott Colton, has filed a lawsuit against Punk for a breech of contract and unpaid legal fees stemming from the court case filed by Dr. Amann. Cabana claims that Punk, real name Phil Brooks, told him via a text message that all legal fees stemming from Dr. Amann’s lawsuit would be taken care of by Punk himself. Reportedly, the legal fees rack up to a whopping $513, 736, which Punk then allegedly asked Cabana to cover half, then told him he was “on his own”.

Additionally, the suit claims “Brooks acted with fraud, malice and oppression toward Colton, with the deliberate intention of causing Colton harm”. Previously, both Punk and Cabana had the same legal representation for the Amann case, however Cabana has since acquired his own attorneys as he seeks $200,000 in general damages on top of $1 million in punitive and exemplary damages.

EA’s Take: Holy crap. I guess it’s safe to say they’re no longer friends and based off of Punk’s history with other people, they never will be again. I can’t give too much of my opinion on this because I do not have positive views on Punk, just based off of all the stories I’ve heard from fans and other wrestlers. This is certainly an interesting twist however. I’ve often said that the wrestling business can do crazy things to even the best of people and while I’m certain many people will cry out, “Look what WWE has done to these guys!”, you can’t blame WWE for Punk’s actions if this all turns out to be true.


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