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Roman Reigns Tapout Wrestling


A Few Words

Doesn’t have any fans.

OK, he has fans but they’re all women and children.

Only casual fans like him.

All those YouTube views come from overseas.

He sells so much merchandise because they have so much available.

It’s all kids buying it anyway.

We like him just fine, we just don’t like his booking.

He shouldn’t play underdog in his promos; that’s not realistic.

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He shouldn’t be so smug and confident in his promos, it’s heelish.

He’s a Vince guy.

He tried football first, so he must not love the business (you can tell by looking at him!).

He didn’t pay his dues on the indies.  

I would cheer him, but his push needs to be more organic.

They put him in the main event too soon.

They waited a year too late to put him in the main event.

If they just didn’t put him in the main event all the time, I wouldn’t try to hijack it.  

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If they put him in a match with someone more important than Jinder, I wouldn’t try to hijack it.

Can’t wrestle.

Only does three moves.  

Needs to just dominate people.

Wins too much.

Doesn’t win enough to be believable as the top guy.

Turn him heel so we can cheer him.

So what that they got $1 billion with him on top?  The brand is what sells.

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It’s all been said, and some of the things that are the opposite of one another were both said by the same people.

Three years of listening to, and reading this kind of stuff.  Little of it made sense, most of it was flat out false.  Three years of people jumping into your social media threads uninvited because they just had to tell you that he sucks.  Three years of ‘hey, cool t-shirt…yeah man, he isn’t bad, it’s not his fault, they ought to just turn him heel’.  Three years of ‘real fans don’t like him, you just take whatever Vince gives you!’  Three years of ‘They need to put (insert name of wrestler they ignore when they’re in the main event) on top!’

You told us we didn’t exist, then you told us we don’t count, then you tried to make us be quiet.  We didn’t listen.  You thought if you kept booing, even as you went to get pictures with the guy and got in line for his meet and greets, that Vince would shut it down.  He didn’t listen.

I think I got everything…….did I leave anything out?

Oh yeah, I did.

Four WrestleMania Main Events.  See you at number five.

And oh yeah….


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