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Greg DeMarco Show: Steve, Greg, (Talking About) Scarlett, ALL IN & More!



This week Patrick is way with the real job, so the best friends are broken up and Steve Cook joins in the fun to discuss some of the top wrestling topics of the week!

Greg DeMarco picks the Song Of The Week!
What secret meaning does this this week’s song have?

The Impact of Scarlett Bordeaux on our Thursday night viewing experience…
Fans are torn on the character being put out by new IMPACT Wrestling Knockout Scarlett Bordeaux. Are people over thinking the gimmick? Is it “too 2018” to not like what she’s doing?

Is it possible for the internet to be too “ALL IN” on September 1st?
The Internet Wrestling Community is on fire for ALL IN, the independent super show being fronted by Cody Rhodes and The Young Bucks. But with the ticket prices, PPV price tag and all the “extras” competing for fan dollars, is it time for fans to realize they are being had?

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