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Interesting Note On Neville’s Whereabouts Last Week

As was noted over the weekend, WWE has finally released Neville from his contract after the company froze his deal with he walked out of Monday Night RAW last October (read about that here). It was later revealed that the multi-time Cruiserweight Champion was now a free agent and could work for any company he chooses, although it’s still unclear when exactly his release was granted (check that out here).

Today, PWInsider had some interesting news, noting that Neville was spotted in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania last week. While this may not seem like much, Pittsburgh is where WWE sends all of its talents for medical testing. Additionally, as of today Neville’s profile on has still not been removed.

EA’s Take: To be totally transparent, this whole thing really stumps me. So I’m going to have to take the approach of presenting multiple reasons why he could have been in Pittsburgh. The first and most obvious one to me is that maybe WWE wanted to make sure he was healthy before giving him his release. It may not seem like that big of a deal, but had he for some reason been using drugs or any substances in his time away, it still wouldn’t be the best look for them to release a guy that might have a substance issue. Secondly, could he have been meeting with Ring Of Honor officials? ROH was in Philadelphia over the weekend, so that’s also a possibility that they wanted to have a “quiet/secret” meeting with him. The only thing I could say against that theory is the distance, as Philly is nearly five hours away from Pittsburgh. There are some other promotions in the Steel City, but with him likely being a hot commodity, I can’t imagine they’d be anyone he’s talking to right off the bat. I also find it very intriguing that WWE has yet to give any kind of statement about Neville’s release and STILL has left his profile on Like I said before, they may want to do this as quietly as possible because a lot of fans empathize with Neville. Lastly, while I find it to be unlikely, my final theory is that despite multiple outlets confirming he’s been released, maybe he actually hasn’t been and this is all some elaborate work to bring him back. Again, that could be a real long shot, but we can’t entirely rule it out.


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