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Impact Coverage

Ja’Von’s IMPACT Live Report (8/9/18)



Official Results:

The Desi Hit Squad vs Taji Ishimori & Petey Williams: Taji Ishimori & Petey Williams via pinfall 

Alisha Edwards vs Tessa Blanchard: Tessa Blanchard via pinfall 

Matt Sydal vs Pentagon Jr: Pentagon Jr. via pinfall 

Austin Aries(c) vs Eddie Edwards( IMPACT World Championship): Austin Aries via pinfall

Play by Play:

IMPACT kicks off with the OGz and LAX brawling backstage.

The brawl goes all over the place and everything is being thrown at each other including hangers. Security finally shows up to stop Hernandez from dropping Santana over the stairwell railing but they get beaten up and the show finally starts.

The Desi Hit Squad vs Taji Ishimori & Petey Williams:

Gama Singh is in the ring and introduces The Desi Hit Squad as they come to the ring for the match. “The Bone Soldier” Taji Ishimori makes his way out to the ring and followed by his partner Petey Williams.

The bell rings and here we go. Gursinder gets the advantage on Taji by hitting him with a kick but Ishimori fights back and makes it yo the apron and takes down Gursinder. Williams tags in and hits a slingshot codebreaker on Gursinder. Rohit comes into the ring to save his partner but gets taken down by Petey. Williams then hits a low dropkick senton maneuver on both guys. Gursinder fights back and gains conteol of the match. Rohit tags in a they irish whip Williams and as he comes off the ropes Gursinder hits a low dropkick on his knee and Rohit stays on the attack. Rohit brings him to his corner and tags in Gursinder. Gursinder wears down Petey in the corner then tags back in Rohit. Rohit brings him to the center of the ring and hits a front face slam on Petey. Rohit then drags him back to his corner but Petey fights back out of the corner and takes out both guys allowing him to tag in Ishimori. Taiji hits a huge missile dropkick on both men. Taji stays on the attack but Rohit is able to fight back and regain control of the match abs sweeps the legs of Taji. Rohit then follows up with a double stomp to the chest. Petey comes in to help Taji and looks to hit the candian destroyer but to no avail. Gursinder would take out Petey and Rohit stays in control but down the stretch Petey is able to hit the Canadian Destroyer and Taji hits a modified DDT for the win.

Winners: Taji Ishimori & Petey Williams via pinfall 

We hear from Pentagon Jr eho says that Matt use to be a chsmpion but no he is not and questions everything including the universe. Pentagon says he is going to take Matt to his universe and the only thing that exist is pain.

Allie and Keira are interviewed backstage and they are talking about how Allie pinned Su Yung to win the tag match last week. The interviewer talks about how Tessa atfacked her after the match. Allie says that all she wants Su Yung she doesn’t care if its a non-title match. Allie promised to take out Su and Keria says that Su can bting all the bridesmaids and Tessa can join the party too. They say that Su’s time is up.

We see a video package showing the transformation of Eddie Edwards into who is today and how we got to this world title match tonight between him and Austin Aries.

Austin Aries is interviewed backstage abkut his world title match tonight against Eddie Edwards.

Austin Aries calls Eddie a carzy man carrying a kendo stick. He says that he has known Eddie for ten plus years. He wishes that he was wrestling the old Eddie tonight even though he is still better he says tonight’s match is going to be unpredictable and dangerous but he is still going to come out on top.

We see Grado, Joe Hendry, and Katerina backstage amd talk about what happened during their tag match last week. Grado asked if they were hugging and that’s why Joe couldn’t make the tag. Katerina says she was protecting Joe. Katerina then asked if he can’t beat Rli on his own cause Joe did. They then make up and leave together.

Alisha Edwards vs Tessa Blanchard:

Alisha Edwards makes her way tk the ring for the match. Tessa then makes her way tk the ring for the match.

The bell rings and here we go. Collar and elbow tie up and Tessa pushes her tk the corner. Alisha fights bsck and lays in the forearms but Tessa fights back and knocks her into the ropes. Tessa then hits Alisha with a gorilla press.

Tssaa stays on the attack but Alisha fights back and hits a couple of forearms and hits the ropes but hits checked by Tessa and hits her with a tilt a whirl backbreaker. Tesa then hits a suplex for a nearfall. Alisha fights bsck and gets a crucfix pin on Tessa for a two count. Tessa is done playing with Alisha and hits her with a couple of forearms to the back and takes her down for a two count. Alisha tries to get away but Tessa stays close to her and hits her with a knee to the gut. Alisha is able to escape and get Tessa’s arm caught on the ropes giving her some space. Alisha stays on the attack and hits a flatliner and both knockouts are down. They both eventually get back up but Alisha stays on the attack into a bulldog for a two count. Alisha still fighting and takes Tessa down for another nearfall. Tessa then fights back and grabs Alisha and hits a slingshot spinrbuster leading into the hammerlock DDT for thr win.

Winner: Tessa Blanchard via pinfall 

Aftet the match Tessa grabs a mic and says she just made an example of Alisha. She says that Allie may have everyone else fooled but not her. She says that the only thing Allie cares about is the knockouts championship. Tessa says if Allie is going after Su and the knockouts championship then she is coming for her.

Matt Sydal was interviewed backstage and ask him about his match tonight. Matt says that he may have lost the belt and the material piece but he still has the spirt of the X-Division Champion. He says he is going to use that to beat Pentagon Jr tonight. He says that he is going to get everyone tuned in and turned on and open our third eyes.

We see KM and Fallah Bahh backstage and they talk about what happend last week. While they were arguing they run into Scarlett Bordeaux who says their looking good. KM and Fallah Bahh are mesmerized by her.

Back from break and we see Scarlett Bordeaux meeting with IMPACT Mangement. She says the girls are mean to her and doesn’t feel safe getting in the ring with her. They give her own show call it the smoke show. They call her one of a kind.

Matt Sydal vs Pentagon Jr:

Matt Sydal makes his way to the ring for his match. Pentagon Jr makes his way to the ring for the match. The bell rings and here we go. They jaw jack for a while and Sydal tells Pentagon to open his third eye. Sydal then takes Pentagon down to the mat and begins to wear him down. Pentagon fights back and takes down Sydal with a huge kick to the chest. Pentagon then attacks the reconstructed knee of Sydal. Matt gets back up and props himself up in the corner but Pentagon stays on the attack attacking all the joints of Matt. Pentagon then kicks Sydal on the side of the head then rolls him up for a nearfall. Sydal then regains control of the match and attacks the leg of Pentagon. Sydal continues to tell him to open up his third eye and that he isn’t afraid of him. Pentagon fights back and hits two slingblades on Sydal.

Matt is able to escape and slide under the ring. Matt comes out on the other side and lures him to the floor and takes him out with a running knee. Sydal stays on the attack and focuses on the legs and knees of Pentagon. Pentagon is still on the ground and Sydal stays on the attsck and tells Pentagon that he is fearless. Pentagon fights back and hits a superkick on Sydal then eats a huge chop. Sydal fights back and hits a running knee on Pentagon off the apron with his reconstructed knee as we go to break.

Back from break Sydal is in control and goes to the top but gets caught by Pentagon. Sydal fights back and nails Pentagon with a spinning heel kick for a two count. Sydal sets Pentagon innthe corner and looks for the mount by Pentagon slides out and knocks him down and takes him out for a two count. Pentagon then looksto try and break Matt’s arm but Sydal escapes snd takes fown Pentagon for a two count. Sydal grabs and picks up Pentagon but he counters and hits a big chop and they trade and few chops before Sydal catches him with a knee then Pentagon regroups and hits the Pentagon Driver for a two count.

Sydal is in control and forces Pentagon into the corner snd hits a big splash to the back. Sydal then looks to hit the shooting star press but Pentagon gets the knees up and rolls him up for the nearfall. Pentagon then hits the fear factor for the pinfall victory.

Winner: Pentagon Jr. via pinfall

After the match on the titantron we see oVe and Sami is sicknof losing and says there will be some consequences. He says he looks like and idiot and people are talking about him online. Sami says one of them has to get their head shave. They both refuse but Sami choses Dave and makes Jake save his head. Sami says they are looking more like a family.

LAX Promo Segment:

Back from break and LAX and Konan make their way to the ring. Konan talks about how they beat the OGz at Slammiversary in a 5150 street fight a match they are undefeated in. The OGz appear and King says they don’t tell them watch to do. Konan calls him names but King says all they do is tell jokes while they have their titles. King admits that it was a setup. King wants this to be taken to the concerte jungle and ask if Konan is scared. Konan says that he made them who they are and says that their is only one group that runs the streets and that’s LAX.

We see Eddie Edwards backstage with his kendo stick and says it’s time to play.

Next Week:

Austin Aries(c) vs Eddie Edwards( IMPACT World Championship): 

Eddie Edwards makes his way to the ring to challenge for the world championship. Austin Aries makes his way to the ring to defend his world title against Eddie Edwards.

The bell rings and here we go. Collar and elbow tie up and A u.k stin Aries gets the advantage for a bit with a sideheadlock and Aries stands tall showboating. Back and forth with go and Aries gets caught with an overhead belly to belly suplex. Eddie then lays on the canvas making snow angles.

Eddie then chases him looking to shake his hand. As we go to break we see Aries trying to getback in the ring but Eddie walks up to him still trying to shake his hand. Back from break and Eddie Edwards is still holding the ring with Aries on the outside. They finally lock up again but Aries gains vontrol and boxs the ears of Rddie then looks to go for a suicide dive but gets caufht by a foream frkm Eddie. Eddie is in control and attacks Aries with multiple chops. Eddie rolls back in the ring to break the count. Aries begins to stumble away but Eddie follows him back in the ring. Aries looks for a brain buster but Eddie counters intona front face slam. Aries fights back and sends Eddie to the floor and finally hits the suicide dive. Aries brings Eddie back in the ring for a two count. Aries then floats over and takes down Eddie again for a two count. Aries then hits a huge chop on Eddie but Eddie enjoys it and ask for more. Aries looks to hit another chop but gets caught and Eddie hits him with a blue thunder bomb.

Back and forth we go and Eddie gets the advantage and hits Aries with a tiger driver for a two count. Aries fights back and locks in the last chancery but Eddie bites his fingers to escape the hold. Aries is mad now and looks to hit Eddie with the belt but the referee stops him which allows Eddie to hit a lowblow on Aries and roll him up for a two count. Things break down as Eddie accidentally hits the referee with a spin kick. Eddie then takes out Aries with a DDT and goes for the pin but the ref is still down. Eddie grabs the kendo stick and hits the referee. Aries then looks for the brain buster again but Eddie counters and hits him with the kendo stick. Eddie then begins to choke out Aries in the corner. Killer Kross comes out and hits doomsday on Eddie then Aries hits the brain buster on Eddie for the pinfall victory.

Killer Kross lays the calling card on Eddie. Aries and Killer Kross stand tall to close the show.

Winner and STILL IMPACT World Champion Austin Aries via pinfall 

My Score: 8/10

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Andrew’s IMPACT Results & Match Ratings: 2.2.2023

Impact has a new number one contender, a few new signings and setting up for No Surrender. Lets see what happens tonight!



We’re coming off of Rich Swann becoming the number one contender, Joe Hendry creating another banger of a parody song and Bully Ray…being more like Bitchy Ray.

Also lets not overlook the fact that Dirty Dango officially signed with IMPACT as well. Which may not be huge, but with the current addition of Santino Marella, Dango being involved in storylines for the foreseeable; there could be some good comedy in store.

There we go, a bunch of stuff got set in motion; but we could always see some interesting wrinkles or just straight forward boredom. Only one way to find out! BUT FIRST! Raven is getting The Flock back together…maybe?


  • Bullet Club (Ace & Bey) vs Kevin Knight & Kushida: Ace & Bey win via 1-2-Sweet – ***
  • Gisele Shaw w/Jai Vidal vs Savannah Evans: Gisele wins via Denouement – ** 1/4
  • Crazzy Steve w/ Black Taurus vs Sheldon Jean: Steve wins via King Kill 33 – N/A
  • Johnny Swinger w/Zicky Dice vs Kenny King: Kenny wins via Royal Flush – N/A
  • The Design (Kon, Deaner, Angels & Callihan) vs Josh Alexander, Frankie Kazarian, Yuya Uemura & Rich Swann: Callihan wins via Cactus Driver ’97 – ** 1/2



Bullet Club (Ace & Bey) vs Kevin Knight & Kushida

As much as I like Ace & Bey, a part of me would like MCMG versus Kushida and his new partner.

Early on its just counters, posing to the crowd and getting themselves over until Bey manages to sweep the leg, slingshot over the top rope for a stomp and take over a little. Knight manages to avoid a corner move, one legged Springboard Body Press, Jumping Frog Splash, and then a quick tag to Kushida. Some tandem moves from Kushida and Knight as Knight continues to mix it up with Bey.

Ace distracts Knight before the Springboard and Bey meets him in midair with a Dropkick and gets Ace in for some tandem offense and then Ace starts setting the pace. Double Arm Wringer into a tandem Back Rake. Then they wrestle Knight to the ground and keep him down for another Back Rake. Ace continues to set the pace and keep Knight mostly on the receiving end, until Knight rolls out of a lift, Ricky to Robert roll, Kushida gets the hot tag and starts clearing the ring. Bey tries Art of Finesse, Kushida catches him in a Flying Armbar but Bey turns it into a Cradle to get Kushida to break.

Electric Chair from Kushida, but before Knight can hit his Dropkick, Ace slides in and catches Knight on his back. Chicken Fight before Kushida and Knight finally hit their Tandem move but Ace makes the save. Ace wipes out Kushida, Knight forces Ace out, tries to go for a Plancha, but Bey was crotched on the top rope. As Knight tries to Plancha, Bey hits a Cutter out of nowhere on the apron. Ace sees the opening, 1-2-Sweet for the win!

Steph De Lander video package…that’s a pretty decent grab for IMPACT.

Gisele Shaw w/Jai Vidal vs Savannah Evans

Gisele faces off with Savannah and slaps her in the face a few times and refuses to back down. Savannah of course fires back, but when Gisele gets violent is when she’s at her best. After a big toss, Gisele powders, confers with Jai and the commercial kicks in. When we get back, Gisele has the advantage. But Savannah takes the short arm pull in, Side Slam for effect and distance.

Now they start trading strikes, that Savannah wins that war. A few short Lariats, Samoan Drop, and Gisele is reeling. Retreats to the corner, tries to stop Savannah with the Back Elbow, but eats a Spinebuster when she tries to continue. Fisherman’s Suplex Hold from Savannah for 2, Full Nelson Slam attempt, but Jai hits the apron and tries to seduce the referee as a distraction. Gisele hits the Denouement (Knee Strike) for the win.

The crowd is actively booing Gisele, but she powers through for her promo. It wasn’t great, but I’ll give her some credit for pushing through. 

Crazzy Steve w/ Black Taurus vs Sheldon Jean

Sheldon Jean continues the arrogance, though he’s a nobody enhancement talent. It would be nice if some of these enhancement talent wrestlers didn’t all have that same arrogant persona. We all know Steve is going to win, this is just a storytelling tool to probably add to the Trey Miguel stuff.

Steve is entertaining, but this match is more predictable than most things. He hits King Kill 33, but apparently it’s called Belladonna’s Kiss now. Trey jumps Taurus, tries to spray paint Steve, but Steve bites him and spray paints himself causing Trey to powder out of confusion/fear.

Bully comes out to complain as has been his thing the last few weeks. But thankfully Mickie returns the favor from last week and interrupts Bully. Verbal jabs, Bully Ray insults Mickie, Mickie slaps him, Bully slams her and calls in the Good Hands to get the tables. Tommy Dreamer makes a save with a kendo stick. Good Hands vs Mickie & Tommy next week. 

Oh good, this is exactly what I wanted from a few weeks ago! Kelly and Taylor will be a great team.

Johnny Swinger w/Zicky Dice vs Kenny King

Some goofy posturing and general Swinger antics. Eddy Gordo kick into Royal Flush, and Kenny gets the obvious win.

Bully has a segment in the back with Masha, and it seems like he’s a little smitten while he was trying to just manipulate her emotions to pick up the pieces after or during the tag match next week. 

Cardona and Myers try to make their own diss track song…and it was awful. It was supposed to be bad, and yes, it achieved that. It was like Miz and Morrison, without comedic talent.

The Design (Kon, Deaner, Angels & Callihan) vs Josh Alexander, Frankie Kazarian, Yuya Uemura & Rich Swann

Deaner barks at Callihan to start against Swann, then commands him to tag out, and a multi-man match is always a little bit of everyone gets moments. So its just odd that the heel team will be dictated by Deaner to a degree. Uemura comes in second and he reminds me so much of a young Tanahashi its crazy. Deaner calls for the tag and squares off against Josh now.

An attempted jumping in the corner, but Josh gets space and it turns into all 8 men in at once. Josh goes right after Kon and tries to assert his dominance on the “power” of The Design. After the commercial, Uemura gets rocked but Kaz saves him with a blind tag and hits some of his classic moves on Angels and Callihan. Swann comes in but Deaner and Kon manage to ground Swann and put the momentum back in the hands on The Design.

Some stupid spots take away a little from the match while Swann is getting worked over. Swann slaps his leg when he eats a Dropkick from Angels, then tries to Leapfrog Deaner and jump to his corner, Deaner grabs him away but it just looks silly and like it was never going to work to begin with. Its the optime of doing too much and hurting the match. Josh eventually gets a hot tag, tags a square off with Kon, throws him around and King Kong Knee drops Kon. Ankle Lock gives the near fall but Kon kicks off, Uemura tags himself in, Callihan gets the tag, is about to finish off Uemura; but Deaner stops the Thumbs Up – so Josh breaks up the offense and we get all 8 men pulls off high impact moves.

Cactus Driver attempt, Uemura hits the Enzuigiri to stun Callihan. Goes to the top, Deaner trips Uemura, Cactus Driver ’97 wins the match.


Overall Score: 5/10

This was a weird episode. The only match worth watching was the opening tag match, the rest were predictable, boring or just had dumb spots in them. Backstage segments however, those were pretty great. The problem though, is they built off of either inside jokes, old WCW knowledge or not shutting off cringe immediately.

So while I loved the Raven & Reese segment, Kelly & Taylor, and found some amusement in the Cardona stuff…its really subjective and not exactly friendly to an uninitiated viewer. We got an episode that catered to already existing fans, which isn’t how to grow a brand.

Even though I enjoyed things for the most part, this was a lame episode from the perspective of retaining new eyes.

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Andrew’s IMPACT Results & Match Ratings: 1.26.2023

This episode is gonna be a real dice roll. A shaky card means that the segments really need to make up for the lack of engagement on paper. Does it get there?



I have no real clue what to make of this episode. With a throw away X Division Championship match and most likely a Knockouts Tag to just perpetuate the Gisele is a shitty human concept, I don’t see a lot of hope for this episode outside of the main event.

Every now and then there’s a head scratching klunker from IMPACT because they get too wrapped up in their gimmicks and sometimes they all coalesce in the same episode. Hopefully we can salvage some entertainment in the first like 90 minutes as to not be struggle bussing to the final match.

At least the teaser for Gisele’s partner seems to have potential.


  • X Division Championship: Trey Miguel (c) vs Mike Jackson: Trey retains via Lightning Spiral – *
  • The Good Hands vs KUSHIDA & Kevin Knight: Kushida wins via Hoverboard Lock – **
  • Knockouts Tag Team Championship: Death Dollz (Taya Valkyrie & JesSICKa w/ Rosemary) (c) vs Gisele Shaw & Tara w/Jai Vidal: Death Dollz retain via Assisted Sickishi Driver – **
  • Major Players (Brian Myers & Matt Cardona) vs Bullet Club (Ace & Bey): Ace wins via Prawn Hold – ** 1/4
  • Jonathan Gresham vs Sheldon Jean: Gresham wins via Sliding D – *
  • Golden 6 Shooter Elimination: Rhino vs Moose vs Chris Sabin vs Callihan vs Rich Swann vs Eddie Edwards: Rich Swann wins via 450 Splash – *** 1/4



X Division Championship: Trey Miguel (c) vs Mike Jackson

Mike Jackson gets a few moments of Running Shoulder Tackles to knock down Trey since Trey is taking the challenge lightly. A near fall into some shoving and feigning an apology. Jackson is still a moron in his old age and takes the handshake bait to get snuck in the jaw.

Jackson does the straps down, back elbows, swinging Neckbreaker and then goes for some kind of punch combination and gets countered. Its very hard to care about this match since who’s really going to put a title on a 76 year old man. Mike Jackson does the Oldest School, Prayer Walk…whatever you want to call it – before Trey pulls him down and starts kicking him around. Jacky Bryant Kick, into Lightning Spiral…and who cares.

After the match Trey looks under the ring for his spray paint, finds Crazzy Steve already tagged up and taunting Trey. Black Taurus comes out when Trey tries to powder, and I guess Decay isn’t done with Trey yet. 

The Good Hands vs KUSHIDA & Kevin Knight

Skyler starts off for the Good Hands, Knight technically starts but very quick tags. Tandem Arm Wringers and strikes until Skyler manages to powder, get chased and find a way to tag out and start working over Kushida. Hotch pulls off a Chaos Theory German Suplex, so I’m a fan of him now…and they do the tandem cover as Skyler hits the Jacknife cover for 2.

Kushida manages to get some space, tag out and Knight comes in with a hot tag and starts flying around. Some quick work, Cartwheel Dropkick from Kushida. Electric Chair/Dropkick combo as Knight wipes out Hotch and Kushida sinks in the Hoverboard Lock on Skyler.

Knockouts Tag Team Championship: Death Dollz (Taya Valkyrie & JesSICKa w/ Rosemary) (c) vs Gisele Shaw & Tara w/Jai Vidal

Tara comes out and JesSICKa starts bowing, Tara is emotional, Taya looks a little awe struck and actually respectfully shakes hands. Death Dollz are playing the perfect babyface role early on.

It looks like Taya and Tara are going to start, but before they touch, Gisele tags her out like a good heel should. Taya and JesSICKa are both mad they don’t get to wrestle with Tara, so there moves have a little more oomph. Tara keeps holding her hand out for a tag but Gisele is ignoring her and actually says no when Tara tries to ask for the tag.

Tara is trying to be a good sport but Gisele’s ego has her refuse to tag in Tara multiple times. Gisele disrespects Tara by using her old taunt and hitting the Spider Web only for 2. She plays to the crowd asking if they want Tara and then disrespects Tara. Tara walks in to argue while the Death Dollz are…eating popcorn. This is wonderful. Gisele slaps Tara and tries to talk more shit, Tara snaps and Widow’s Peak…the Dollz throw their popcorn and look shocked. Assisted Sickishi Driver and the Dollz retain with an assist to a fed up Tara.

Major Players (Brian Myers & Matt Cardona) vs Bullet Club (Ace & Bey)

Bey gets the best of Cardona early, tags in Ace and we see some solid tandem work with sweeps, kicks, Double Sentons, a lot of fluid Junior style movement. The Majors manage to catch Ace watching both of them, Myers pulls him face first into a rope and then they start working over Ace.

Ace finally rocks Cardona after eating offense for a few minutes, Bey takes the hot tag, cleans house, does a little homage to Shinsuke Nakamura before hitting Cardona with a Jumping Uppercut in the corner. Bey is rolling until Myers scoops Ace off the apron; which distracts Bey, so Cardona catches him with a Lariat and shifts the momentum. Reboot into a Guillotine Leg Drop for 2. Bey manages to defend, Ace tags, hits a rolling Headscissors, they try to set up a 1-2-Sweet but Bey is rocked so he’s slow to the spot. Cardona blocks, a little back and forth before Ace rocks Cardona with a Triangle Kick. Bey turns it into a Victory Roll, but Bey isn’t legal, so Ace tries to pull things apart and quickly figure out a Prawn Hold of sorts to get a sloppy victory.

Jonathan Gresham vs Sheldon Jean

Still surprised Gresham lost to Eddie, but I guess more enhancement matches are how to get right.

As much as Hannifan is trying to go over Sheldon’s resume, no one is buying it. He’s enhancement talent who’s acting cocky but getting relatively worked over. Gresham shows Sheldon what a chainsaw does to a tree, hyperextends his tree, Sliding D to the back of the head…Gresham wins.

Golden 6 Shooter Elimination: Rhino vs Moose vs Chris Sabin vs Callihan vs Rich Swann vs Eddie Edwards

Early tie ups, turn into Moose and Rhino standing off, then Sabin and Rhino…and we just get a little bit of revolving door of square offs. Definitely a little silly to try and go through the play by play here since it’s just different pair offs and a handful of high spots. Callihan gets set up for a Gore but Moose takes the shot to hit Rhino with Lights Out before the Gore. Callihan wipes out Moose and pins Rhino, to eliminate him first.

Moose stacks Swann and Sabin on the top corner, Okada Dropkick hits both, Eddie attacks Moose, Sabin takes advantage of the distraction for a Tornado DDT, but only 2. Sabin keeps the momentum against Eddie and Callihan before we get more interesting spots from everyone taking out 2 people. Swann looks to take out Callihan but Eddie crotches Swann, Gamengiri, Backpack…nope, Swann slips it, face kick, Sabin tries something but Eddie with the Inside Out Side Slam, Powerbombs Swann into Sabin for 2. Eddie looks to Tiger Driver Sabin but no, counter backslide, rope run, Pop Up Flapjack, Tiger Driver finally hits…but only 2. Eddie lines up Boston Knee Party but PCO’s music hits and PCO is pointing at Eddie through the sea of security. Distract Eddie eats a Yakuza Kick from Sabin, Head and Arm Cradle to eliminate Eddie Edwards.

Moose clocks Sabin, a few big strikes and an Uranage for 2. Moose is trying to put Sabin away quickly. Corner charge, Sabin moves, Flying Enzuigiri, Tornado…nope…Lights Out, Chris Sabin is eliminated. Callihan, Swann and Moose are now all in and just trading strikes and headbutts. Back and forth, Callihan throws Swann into the ropes, Lethal Injection…but Callihan powders. Moose kicks out Swann’s leg and starts trying to work over the leg. Great limb work…damn Moose even breaks out a Dragon Screw and then starts just punching the right knee relentlessly. Moose locks in some Stump Puller variation to continue the torture. Moose gets a little cocky, keeps trying to lift on the leg but Swann tucks, rolls and hits the Victory Roll to eliminate Moose.

The Design walks out to tell Callihan to take out Swann as the last step. Callihan goes for a Stretch Muffler on the good leg, Rich counters with a Cradle variation for 2. Swann then starts rocking Callihan with Vader Hammers, Swann tries to fire, kick to the gut, Powerbomb into an Ankle Lock on the back leg. Thumbs Up, Thumbs…kicked in the face. Rich keeps throwing kicks, finally drops Callihan, 450 Splash to eliminate Callihan.


Overall Score: 6/10

Only one decent wrestling match, but a few high points through the show. Death Dollz eating popcorn as Tara snaps to the disrespect, Tasha and Savannah finally breaking up, Maclin with a solid point in his promo and of course Hendry’s new song. Major Players will always be Edge’s Bitches to me as well Joe.

Aside from that, the show was a little slow and with predictable matches, the little moments had to really hit to keep some of the entertainment investment. Mike Jackson may be an amusing story, but it was totally worthless. Zero suspension of disbelief.

Not a terrible episode, but not a super strong one either. If you’ve been following IMPACT for a while, the show was better than a purely uninitiated perspective.

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