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Ja’von’s Weekly IMPACT YouTube Report (8/16/18)



This week’s episode of IMPACT featured LAX defeated The OGz in a street fight and reclaimed their tag team titles. This week also saw an increase of viewership even though they were up against the second week of the NFL Preseason (You can read about it here).

Here is this week’s YouTube Report (Numbers collected at 5:50pm EST):

  1. LAX vs The OGz: STREET FIGHT: 65K views
  2. Su Yung vs Allie: 61K views
  3. Austin Aries & Killer Kross Make an Example of Eddie Edwards: 52K views
  4. Johnny IMPACT vs Jimmy Jacobs: 46K views
  5. “The Smoke Show with Scarlett Bordeaux: 34K views

It’s a no brainer that the street fight takes the top spot this week. IMPACT was hyping up the anticipated street fight all week leading up to it. This LAX civil war has gone over well with the fans and dominated the tag team divison. The tables have finally turned on the OGz this week as LAX was able to send them packing and reclaim their tag team titles back.

A couple of weeks ago Allie made her return to IMPACT and picked right were she lefted off with Su. Allie has vowed to take her out not just for her but for Rosemary, Madison and the rest of the Knockouts Division. Allie did just take with the help of Keira Hogan Allie defeated Su. This rivalry has been very interesting will all the twist and turns that has happened so no wonder it’s comes in at number two this week.

Coming in at number three is the world title scene this week. Last week Killer Kross came to the aid of Austin Aries to help him retain his world championship. This week they explain their actions and Aries confrimed that Kross is his insurance policy. Eddie didn’t sit idly by though as he tried to get some sort of revenge but ended up being the victim of the numbers game. It seems like the fans are all behind Crazy Eddie Edwards and proof is in the numbers.

Coming in at number four is Jimmy Jacobs debut match. This week was the first time that we got to see wrestle on IMPACT TV. I was honestly surprised to see that it put this high of numbers because fans for sometime now haven’t been behind Jimmy Jacobs and Kongo Kong but I guess it’s the IMPACT factor of Johnny. Seems like he can make anyone look good.

Closing out the top five is the Smoke Show from Scarlett Bordeaux. When it debuted this week I didn’t really know what to think about it and doesn’t seem to have much depth to it. I feel the only reason it made the top five is because of her looks. Many have reported that Scarlett could he the new Sable and maybe that has something to do with her being a draw.

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