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Joe’s CMLL Friday Spectacular Results & Review: 8/24/18



CMLL Coverage

This is the third to last show until the CMLL Anniversary Show on September 14th, and the course of events have changed contrary to what fans wanted. Today’s show will look to set up the new main event for the anniversary show, by pitting Rush and La Bestia del Ring, and Barbaro Cavernario against Caristico, (Former Sin Cara, former Mistico) Volador Jr, and Ring of Honor’s Matt Taven.

This is to build up to the Hair vs Hair tag team match between Rush and Cavernario vs Volador Jr and Matt Taven. It was previously thought LA Park would face Rush in a mask vs hair match but CMLL has stated legal reasons are preventing them from doing that match. They will, however, be setting up LA Park in something new.

Último Dragoncito and Ángelito vs. Mercurio and Pequeño Nitro

This match starts with Nitro and Angelito. If you were wondering, Ultimo Dragoncito is not Ultimo Dragon from WCW/WWE, he is the mini version of him. Dragoncito gets tagged in fairly quick, and he gets worked over by Nitro and Mercurio, until around the 4 minute mark where a double team splash, leg drop combo, has Mercurio pinning Dragoncito for the first fall. First Fall: Mercurio pins Ultimo Dragoncito with a leg drop/splash combo with the help of Nitro.

Nitro and Dragoncito start out the second round, and not in good fashion for Dragoncito, as Merucrio hits him from behind without the ref seeing so Nitro can start to work him over. Eventually Dragoncito gets the upper hand and tags in Angelito, and Angelito reverses Mercurio’s suplex into a stunner like move for the second fall. Second Fall: Angelito pins Mercurio with a stunner.

We’re tied 1 to 1. Dragoncito and Nitro starts out the final round again. Chaos starts to break out as all four participants are in the ring. Dragoncito and Angelito go for the double pin on Mercurio and Nitro but to no avail. Angelito hits a frankensteiner on Nitro and gets a 3 count, but this is CMLL with awful officiating so it continues, and Mercurio rolls up Angelito for a 3 count, but it continues and then Ultimo Dragoncito does a hurricanrana on Mercurio for the official 3 count, making Ultimo Dragoncito and Angelito the victors. It was basically a best of 5, but CMLL has a habit of doing extra unofficial falls. Third Fall: Último Dragoncito pins Mercurio with a Hurricanrana.

Tritón, Esfinge, and El Audaz vs. Virus, Kawato San, and Templario

This match features a New Japan young boy on excursion right now in Kawato San. Esfinge (Sphinx) starts out with Virus. They go back and forth with mat wrestling, until Virus makes the tag to Kawato San. Esfinge and Kawato continue to trade moves. Esfinge still gets the best of him but he makes the tag to El Audaz (The Bold) anyway. Soon after the team of Virus, Kawato, and Templario (Templar), attack the other team and isolate El Audaz. Chaos then ensures though, and Kawato gets Triton in the ring and pins him with a vertical suplex.

It’s lucha libre rules, so whenever someone gets knocked out of the ring the first guy back in is the legal man, HOWEVER, it’s also CMLL who has some bad refs, so this pin fall didn’t count. Esfinge comes in and Virus counters him into a submission hold, and that counts as the first fall. First Fall: Virus submits Esfinge.

The second fall starts out with… chaos on the outside. Eventually Templario, Kawato, and Virus get Triton 1 on 3 and do a few moves until he rolls out and Esfinge makes his way in. They triple team him as well and do a basement drop kick to his butt. He rolls out and El Audaz comes in. He got the “hot tag” which means he came in because Esfinge rolled out of the ring.

He tries to make a come back but is thwarted as the numbers are too much. Esfinge and Triton make the save and go to double team Virus but Virus ducks and Esfinge hits Triton. Virus and Esfinge go back and forth for a few seconds, until Esfinge locks him up in the ropes and Triton performs a leg drop from the top for the 3. Second Fall: Triton pins Virus with a leg drop.

The third fall starts on the entrance ramp. This time Templario is being triple teamed by Esfinge, Triton, and El Audaz. They have a midget manager who does a top rope move to Templario. The crowd pops for that. El Audaz sizes up Virus, to officially get the third fall going. Virus is skeptical about getting into the ring. So instead Templario gets in. Audaz gets the better of him. This leads to Kawato coming in, but Templario insists on facing Triton. This is short lived as Esfinge comes in as well to double team Templario. Esfinge gets templario in the ropes so Triton can deliver that same leg drop he won the second fall with.

Next Kawato comes in and Triton hits him with a cutter which Esfinge follows up with a body splash off the ropes. He goes for the pin but it’s broken up by Virus. El Audaz hits Templario with a tornado ddt and goes for the pin, but it’s broken up by Kawato. Kawato then gets Audaz in a pinning combination, but it’s broken up by Triton. Chaos ensues once more and Triton hits virus with a hurricanrana to the outside. And while that’s happening, Esfinge gets Kawato in a pinning combination for the win. Third Fall: Esfinge rolls up Kawato San.

Winners: Tritón, Esfinge, and El Audaz

Lightning Match
Ángel De Oro vs. Titán

For some backstory just in case some don’t know, a lightning match is a one fall ten minute time limit match. They start with a grappling exchange in the beginning. Early into the match they look to be evenly matched. As the beginning portion of the match starts to break down Titan starts to get the heat on Angel. Angel counters with a super kick to balance out the momentum. Titan hits an standing enziguri on the apron and this leads to them fighting on the outside. Titan eventually gets Angel in a submission hold in which Angel is really trying to fight out of. He finally gets to the ropes. Titan continues to get heat on Angel.

Angel fights back and hits the famed golden moonsault to the outside. Appropriate given his name of Golden Angel. He then goes for a dive in which Titan counters into a sloppy Hurricanrana to the outside. Titan then hits an Asai moonsault to the floor. They work their way back into the ring and with just one minute to go Angel gets him in this stretch like submission for the victory. It was almost like a reverse surfboard. Ángel de Oro submits Titán.

Winner: Ángel de Oro

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