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Joe’s CMLL Friday Spectacular Results & Review: 8/24/18



CMLL Coverage

The entire roster came out to pay tribute to Villano III. The entire Villano family came out. Villano III jr, Villano IV and V who WCW fans would be familiar with. The whole family is there. They had a remembrance on the Tuesday show, but the Friday show is their big weekly so it was appropriate to do it again.

Negro Casas, Mephisto, and Hechicero vs. Soberano jr, Flyer, and El Hijo De LA Park

No entrances for these guys, they just stayed in the ring after the Villano III tribute. Naturally they’re introduced before the match though. El Hijo Del LA Park starts with Henchicero (Sorcerer) It’s interesting to see the contrast between LA Park and his son. Park and Henchicero have a nice back and forth until Mephisto and Soberano come in. They have a short back and forth until Mephisto goes to the outside and Soberano hits a beautiful back flip over the top. Negro Casas comes in now to face Flyer. He gets the biggest pop on the show so far except for the Villano III tribute. They continue the pattern of this match of having a nice back and forth.

The crowd goes into an uproar as Negro tells Flyer to hit him. Now that everyone is done showing their skill the chaos starts. Soberano hits a beautiful hurricanrana off the top. Hechicero hits a weak dive on Park and we’re back to Negro Casas and Flyer in the match. Negro goes for a hurricanrana but Flyer reverses it into a power bomb for the first fall. But it’s CMLL so that pin didn’t count for reasons only known to the referee. Hechicero comes in quickly after to attack Flyer. Flyer counters and hits a dive to the top. Sobernao then hits a twisting dive where he spun about 4 times, and pins Mephisto officially for the first fall. First Fall: Soberano pins Mephisto with a dive.

Before the next fall they plug Los Ingobernables De Japon coming next week. Each luchador starts posing to the crowd now, they cheer and boo who they like. Soberano starts with Mephisto this fall, but he soon takes out everyone and feigns a dive to do a pose. The crowd pops. Hijo Del Park comes in now to face Negro Casas. Negro gets cheers, Park looks utterly shocked, which he shouldn’t be. They start to chop each other on the apron until Park hits him with a DDT on the apron. One hell of a bump for 58 year old Negro Casas to take. Park then performs a hurricanra to the outside on Hechicero while Hechicero was on the apron.

We are back to Negro Casas and Flyer in the ring for the third time. Flyer hits a spring board basement drop kick on Casas and this allows Hechicero to come in to face Flyer. Flyer gets the best of him, and then Mephisto comes in to try his hand. Flyer does a hurricanrana that sends Mephisto to the outside and then Flyer poses for the crowd. Not much reaction. He tags in Soberano and he squares off with Negro Casas. They start to triple team Soberano but he counters them until he can counter no more and Hechicero hits him with a power bomb for the second fall. Mephisto attacks Park and Flyer on the apron so they can’t break up the pin.Second Fall: Hechicero pins Soberano with a powerbomb.

The third fall starts with, Flyer and Negro Casas again. If you’re counting as I am this is the fourth time they’ve squared off. Hechicero attacks Hijo Del Park on the outside. Flyer and Casas move to outside the ring and this leads to Soberano and Mephisto in his tribute to Villano III ring gear, to take charge in the ring. Soberano hits a huricanrana which leads to him doing his quadruple spin to the floor on Mephisto. Once again we get Flyer and Negro Casas in the ring together.

As that’s happening Park hits a dive off the stage to Hechicero. Total chaos in this third fall now. Negro Casas goes for a pinning combination on Flyer which Park breaks up, and now he’s facing Negro Casas. Negro hits a DDT and goes for the pin and Soberano breaks it up. He rolls out and this leads to Soberano and Mephisto going at it. Mephisto hits a canadian destroyer on Soberano to take him out. Hechicero and Flyer begin to smack each other around in the ring after Soberano fell to the outside and Mephisto tagged in Hechicero.

Once Flyer gets disposed of by Hechicero, Park comes in to try his luck. Park hits a top rope code breaker on Hechicero but he kicks out. Hechicero then hits Park with a spinning back breaker and goes for the pin but it’s broken up by Flyer. Flyer knocks out Hechicero to the outside and what do you know Flyer and Negro Casas end up in the ring together. They both end up pinning each other with a pinning combination but it doesn’t count since there needs to be a winner. More chaos ensues there afrer. Park hits a dive on Hechicero and this leaves Sobernao and Mephisto in the ring. He hits a flapjack on Soberano from the top rope, and goes for the pin and gets the three count. Third Fall: Memphisto pins Soberano with a top rope flapjack.

Winners: Negro Casas, Mephisto, and Hechicero

They promote next weeks show during the short break. LA Park will be on it again.

LA Park, Último Guerrero, and Gran Guerrero vs. Ciber the Main Man, The Chris, and Scharly Rock Star

LA Park comes out first to a nice ovation. He too, is dressed in a Villano III tribute over his normal gear. He kinda looks like Barney right now. He has the Darth Maul inspired red mask on today. The outsiders group, makes their entrance after Los Guerrero’s and they immediately start brawling, which is per the usual for any match involving LA Park. Rock Star is beating up Park in the ring as everyone else is brawling on the outside. Ciber the Main Man or known as Cibernético is attacking Ultimo Guerrero and The Chris is attacking Gran Guerrero. Park gets disposed of and now The Chris and Rock Star are double teaming Ultimo Guerrero.

Park finally comes back in to make the save but now he’s getting triple teamed as his two partners are on the outside. Gran Guerrero comes back in after Park is again disposed of with a double team attack in the corner. A double team attack takes Gran Guerrero out of the picture, and now it’s time to triple team Ultimo Guerrero. Ciber the Main Man hits a spine buster to pin Ultimo Guerrero. Park tried to make the save but The Chris stopped him. First Fall: Ciber the Main Man pins Ultimo Guerrero with a spine buster.

They once again plug LIJ being in Arena Mexico next week in between falls. Second fall starts with all three of them trying to get Gran Guerrero’s mask off. Doing so would be a DQ for that fall. But they’re stopped by LA Park. He’s triple teamed and knocked to the outside, and now it’s Ultimo Guerrero’s turn to get triple teamed. Finally, Park and Gran get a hold of two guys and this leaves Ultimo Guerrero to square off with Ciber the Main Man. It’s time for them to get the heat on these outsiders, Ciber, The Chris, and Rock Star now. Gran Guerrero hits The Chris with the guard board.

Park throws Rock Star into the turnbuckle pole on the outside of the ring. Ultimo Guerrero disposes of Ciber to the outside. Which leaves Park and a fast recovered The Chris in the ring. Park lays him out and then hits a middle rope dive on Rock Star. After this Gran and Ultimo Guerrero both roll up The Chris and Ciber. Ultimo Guerrero pinning Ciber is the fall that counts. Second Fall: Ultimo Guerrero rolls up Ciber the Main Man.

The third fall starts with Gran Guerrero and Ciber. They keep chopping each other. Los Guerrero’s and LA Park seem to have the momentum now. Ultimo Guerrero goes wild and then postures to the crowd about 5 times until he tags in Park who squares off with Rock Star. Rock Star starts to get the better of Park to the crowds dismay. Rock Star points the middle finger at the crowd. Gran Guerrero comes in and gets Rock Star out of the ring and then does a dive over the top. Park comes in and hits a drop kick on The Chris. This leaves Ultimo Guerrero in their with Ciber the Main Man, who hits him with a low blow when the ref wasn’t looking for the pin. Third Fall: Ciber the Main Man pins Ultimo Guerrero with a low blow.

Winners: Ciber the Main Man, The Chris, and Scharly Rock Star

Main Event
Caristico, Volador Jr, and Matt Taven vs. Rush, Barbaro Cavernario, and La Bestia Del Ring

If you’re a WWE fan you know Caristico as the original Sin Cara, and as the original Mistico. When he left Mexico someone else took over the Mistico role, and when he came back he obviously couldn’t take it back so he adopted a new name. Matt Taven has been working CMLL a lot lately. I wonder how that affects whatever is happening in Ring of Honor. The match starts with them brawling. Very fast into the match Volador low blows Rush leading to a DQ for the first fall. First Fall: Rush gets low blowed by Volador Jr for the DQ.

Second fall starts with Matt Taven doing a lot of selling until Caristico tries to save him. After the dust settles we get La Bestia beating up Caristico. Rush and Matt Taven are just somewhere on the outside brawling. There is a lot of fighting going on the outside of the ring. This might as well be a tornado tag match, there are absolutely no tags being made. The biggest pop in this match has been when Rush took his shirt off. All the women cheered.

They’re trying very hard to get heat in this match since 4 of the 6 people in it are in the main event of their biggest show, but the crowd is really not into it. They really want LA Park and Rush. Volador is getting triple teamed now. Rush hits a move on Taven on the outside and then Cavernario does his big body splash dive that he’s famous for to the outside on Taven. To not much reaction either. Eventually we see Cavernario in the ring with Taven and Cavernario gets him in a pinning combination and holds the ropes for the 3 count. Second Fall: Cavernario pins Matt Taven by holding the ropes.

Winners – Rush, Barbaro Cavernario, and La Bestia Del Ring

After the match Matt Taven challenges Cavernario to a match next week. Rush throws a drink at Matt Taven as Cavernario stands on the announce table to cut a promo. He asks Taven in English if he wants to face him one on one. Cavernario says this is his house and these are his people. He jumps down from the table and goes to attack Taven. Bestia and Cavernario lay out Taven. Rush, Cavernario, and La Bestia get into the ring to pose. Not much of a reaction. Rush feigns a dive on Volador and Taven but does the tranquilo pose, which Naito took from him and has made a bit more famous worldwide.

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