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Jordan Fox Blog: My Cat Almost Killed Colt Cabana



Wednesday August 8th, 2018 – My Cat almost killed Colt Cabana

I just want to tell everyone, I live such a blessed life getting to work in wrestling & that is why i started this blog. I wanted a platform other than my DAILY wrestling podcast, Indy Wrestling Radio. I want to tell short, kinda funny, kinda inspiring stories like this one that I’m about to bore you with lol.

PS – Sometimes you might wonder what the point of the stories are… I’ll be honest, sometimes there isn’t going to be any meaning to what I’m blogging. I just simply want to share these really cool moments I get to experience. I get to experience these wonderful moments because I work in “The Business.” I work in wrestling, that might not mean much to a non fan, but to wrestling fans, being a full time wrestling employee, like i am, is the Holy Grail.

I don’t have a “shoot” job. The wrestling business is my job & this blog details the fun I experience in our wacky world of wrestling… ENJOY!

I had only been working in wrestling for a few weeks when i showed up for our second of three shows on the weekend of April 21st, 2018.

I showed up to help put the ring up but as fate would have it they had bigger plans for me.

When i come up to the ring I met one of the veterans of the promotion that i worked for at the time. He said that he wanted to work on some stuff for his match tonight & wondered if I’d mind driving about 35 minutes away to pick up Colt Cabana… Come on bro, what wrestling fan is going to say no to that?? So, of course I said yes. I quickly hit the road & got to his hotel about a half hour later. I walk into the lobby & there is Prince Mahalli, a great Indy Wrestler in Oklahoma, sitting with Eugene!

I go over and introduce myself to Eugene (per wrestling protocol) & then take a seat with Mahalli to wait for everyone else to come down. I shoot the shit with Eugene A LITTLE but he was kinda in the zone on his phone so i took the hint that he didn’t wanna talk to anyone just yet. Five or 10 minutes go by & up walks Colt Cabana. He walks up like an angel with the big white light behind him and the harp playing in the background.

Lol ok, that’s not all true, but he did walk up to me… He comes over & shakes my hand… I’m in heaven… He introduces himself by his shoot name but we all know that I’m going to be calling him Colt.

We then wait a little longer for Eli Drake to come down then we all start headed to our vehicles. I help get Colt’s bag in my trunk and then we are off.

About 2 minutes into the drive Colt sits straight up and in a very serious voice looks at the dash and says “is that cat hair or dog hair?” I look around because I have no idea what he is talking about & then i see maybe 3-4 hairs on my dash about the radio controls, he must of seen the hair when he was looking for the A/c controls. I tell him it’s cat hair & I immediately see him get uncomfortable for a minute & he rolls down the window. He says “I’m deathly allergic.”

OMG, I’m thinking “damnit, I’m about to accidently kill Colt Cabana!” How the hell would i explain that one?? luckily, about 2 minutes later he says, “Well it doesn’t seem to be bothering me, luckily.” luckily is right lol.

Geezus, I can’t stress enough how scared i was in that moment. What would i of done? THEN, how luckily am I that he isn’t a premadonna like so many other celebs & make me pull over to wash the car, or go and complain to my boss or a ton of other shit he could of done.

So anyway, I’m not off to the best start with meeting & hanging out with “The Godfather of Wrestling Podcasts” but at least I didn’t kill him lol. We stop at Subway (He buys my Subway sammich BTW, which I’ll never stop telling people lol) & we are chatting. He asks me what I do for a living & I tell him that I actually am a wrestling podcaster & publicist for the promotion. He seemed to think that that was cool because I told him “Man, I know you’ve heard this a 10,000 times before but you are a HUGE part of the reason I have a wrestling podcast. you paved the way for so many of us in my generation to host our own wrestling podcast.”

You could tell he was genuinely flattered by what I had said. We go on to talk about a ton of other stuff, my military background, which led to him thanking me for my service & giving me a fist bump in appreciation.

It was around this time that he asked me how i got into wrestling. I told him the cliff notes version but you know, it felt so weird to tell him the story, almost uncomfortable. It was because i felt like he thought i didn’t belong in “The Business” because I was not a wrestler. I knew there were wrestlers out there that don’t think you should be in the business unless you are a wrestler or were a wrestler. So i was nervous to tell him.

It was like he knew what I was thinking, he knew in a weird way i was looking for his approval & guess what, HE GAVE IT TO ME! The host of one of the most successful wrestling podcasts of all time just gave me his stamp of approval.

Colt told me You know, at least once at every single show I’m working the merch table & someone will come ask me “How do I get into wrestling?” & i just want to say to them “BRO, a wrestling promotor isn’t going to just pluck your resume out of thin fuckin air, you have to put yourself out there!” & that’s the truth, you have to make your voice heard. You have to be a hustler. You have to hussle to get into this business without being a wrestler. I’m sure you’ve seen that already. You have obviously hussled to get to where you are, I can tell. If you are podcasting every single day on top of working for the promotion, you’re a hustler.

That one paragragh is what this entire blog entry is about. “You have to be a hussler.” When he told me that, it was like it was a turning point in my life. Not only had he told me that i was a hussler, but he told me you had to hussle to get into this business.

It was confirmation that I belonged in “The Business.” up until that point i was unsure how some of the bigger names were going to accept me. Colt was the first big name that I spent time alone with & he being so open & accepting of me coming into the business is what gave me the confidence to openly talk to guys on car rides. Guys like Matt Striker, MVP, Matt Sydal, Juvie, Lisa Marie Baron, The Von Erich’s and probably a dozen more.

If Colt hadn’t made me feel like i belonged in this business, I might not of ever applied for the Wrestling Training Academy! He barely knew me but he saw my worth, my passion, my drive, he could tell that I bring something to the table.

Thank you guys & gals so much for reading todays blog post. I’m still learning guys so if yall have ANY constructive criticism about my blog entires, please dont be afraid to email me and tell me. i would LOVE to hear from you guys on how to improve the content i put out into the universe.

Stay Strong & Too Sweet!



“The Sly One” Jordan Fox

Podcast – Indy Wrestling Radio
Twitter, Facebook & Snapchat handle for podcast – @IWRdaily
my personal Twitter & Instagram handle – @FoxThePodcaster
Email –

Let us know what you think on social media @theCHAIRSHOTcom and always remember to use the hashtag #UseYourHead!


#RAWisDVR: Greg DeMarco’s ACCELERATED Look At WWE Raw for 2/18

How much of Raw was Fast Forward worthy on Monday? (A lot.)




Greg DeMarco watches WWE RAW on DVR, and you get to see how much time he saved! In the process, he’s highly entertaining, because it’s Greg DeMarco!

The experiment continues! Monday’s Raw follows up WWE Elimination Chamber, but it’s also a holiday Raw. What will happen? Will Greg skip too much? Let’s see!

Triple H is in entering the ring

  • Raw is weird again–not showing entrances
  • Promo in a nutshell: this is a holiday Raw, and nothing of consequence will happen–but we will try to make you think it is!
  • FAST FORWARD some talking
  • NXT?
  • Having Ricochet, Aleister Black, Johnny Gargano, and Tommaso Ciampa appear on Raw is great, but it immediately makes the 6 stars awaiting assignment look small time
  • No Velveteen Dream? I wonder if this is a set-up?

FAST FORWARD the entrances

Braun Noveltyman vs. Baron Corbin Sucks in a Tables Match

  • I FAST FORWARDed it, but they spent WAY too much time on Corbin walking.
  • He sucks at walking, too.
  • Corbin also sucks at sliding tables under rings.
  • Why would he do that, anyway? He needs a table to win!
  • The flaw in a Tables Match, at least for this experiment, is that you can FAST FORWARD when a table isn’t involved.
  • FAST FORWARD commercials, we’re already saving tons of time tonight!
  • I wonder if Abyss is the agent for Baron Corbin’s matches? I mean, that’s the Vortex Of Suck!
  • Strowman wins. You’re shocked, I know.
  • Paul Heyman is on the stage, as WWE tries to keep you from changing the channel.

FAST FORWARD the commercials
Timestamp 15:39 (Show time: 35:43)

Paul Heyman is on the stage

  • Heyman didn’t give us the proper intro, and it hurt the segment.
  • FAST FORWARD the video
  • Heyman is right, Brock Lesnar is a force of nature that we can’t do anything about. That’s why him as champion works so well.
  • This crowd doesn’t really seem to care all that much about Seth Rollins
  • ANOTHER INTERRUPTION – #FinnBalorsDick is out and dressed to fight

Alternate Names For This:

  • #PleaseDontChangeTheChannel

FAST FORWARD the commercials and video

Finn Balor & Ricochet vs. Bobby Lashley & Lio Rush

  • “One of these championships” isn’t a great way to describe everyone’s favorite title
  • Lio Rush is here, presumably to distract Balor so Lashley can attack him (because WWE)
  • And there he is!
  • BTW, you don’t FAST FORWARD when Lio Rush is talking
  • Which NXT star saves Balor? Ricochet? Black?
  • Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaand it’s Ricochet.
  • FAST FORWARD the commercials
  • Ricochet really needed an introduction for this audience
  • Evan Bourne mention by Renee Young?
  • Renee is basically telling us that no one watches NXT.
  • This crowd could give a shit about Ricochet.
  • Four amazing athletes and there’s enough stalling for me to FAST FORWARD?
  • FAST FORWARD the commercials, again?
  • If you’re worried about Ricochet on the main roster…your fear is warranted.
  • FAST FORWARD the talking, but I stopped to see what Drew McIntyre was

FAST FORWARD so much stuff!
Timestamp: 33:45 (Real time: 1:23:05)

The Major Brothers (Zack Ryder & Curt Hawkins) vs. Lucha House Party’s Gran Metallik & Lince Dorado

  • This isn’t where Hawkins wins, right? A throw away Raw match?
  • “Tans don’t win championships, ask Eric Bischoff!”
  • BTW, if Corey Graves is going through personal strife, he’s BURYING himself in his work, because he’s on fire tonight!
  • And of course Hawkins loses.
  • FAST FORWARD time!

Charly Caruso interviews Heavy Machinery

  • TUCKER hits the highlights, OTIS drives it home
  • Lacey Evans literally just walks the fuck around! And does nothing else? Lars couldn’t handle this?
  • We’re not having matches now, just entrances? And Bushwhacker walking? Missed opportunity for me to FAST FORWARD.

FAST FORWARD the commercials

DIY talks to Bobby Roode & chad Gable

  • Johnny Gargano looks like he’s waiting to say his lines, but Tommaso Ciampa is sitting there maintaining his gimmick
  • See Renee, The Revival watches NXT!
  • And the entrance we do get is The Revival?
  • Oh we get Ciampa and Gargano entrances, too

The Revival vs. DIY (non-title assumed)

  • The fans in Lafayette have got to feel like they did something wrong, or wonder if they’re still watching dark matches
  • Literally 6 people are chanting “NXT!” Somehow I don’t see how this was a good idea.
  • While we’re here, anyone want to talk to me about how important it is to have defined Faces and Heels? No? Didn’t think so.
  • Classic Gargano? Not Vintage? Maybe Cole really is looking to finish this up.
  • FAST FORWARD the commercials and I am 5 minutes short of an hour saved
  • A “Saints Got Robbed” sign? Let it go, brother.
  • The announcers selling what it would mean if DIY wins has to be foreshadowing, eh?
  • This match is proof that you can’t just throw matches out and expect a reaction–you need to build characters first.
  • Great match–imagine if the crowd had a reason to be invested in more than the last two minutes!

Charly Caruso talks to Ricochet

  • Damn, Ricochet looks nervous
  • I hope that was done live, and not the best take in pretapes

FAST FORWARD the commercials
(These Kevin Owens videos are boring–this is supposed to get him over upon return?)
Timestamp: 59:27 (Real time: 2:01:15)
FAST FORWARD the promo, the commentary aside, DX package, commercials, and more entrances

Dean Ambrose vs. Drew McIntyre

  • Credit to McIntyre for trying to take the referee’s directions off camera, but this was WAY off
  • I don’t want to blame Ambrose, but shit this was oddly bad

Timestamp: 1:04:24 (Real time: 2:22:23 )

Seth Rollins Talking to Charly Caruso

  • It’s about what you’d expect.
  • Whatever they’re doing with Ambrose here, it sucks.

FAST FORWARD the commercials and videos

Elias vs. Aleister Black

  • “Hello I am Eliath” Aleister Black here?
  • Elias is so good at cheap heat, and I 100% believe in cheap heat
  • And we let Aleister cut a promo? That’s totally bad for his character.
  • Black trimmed the beard, and it was a smart move
  • FAST FORWARD the commercials
  • “His tattoos tall a story about his life–dark and mean” yet I see flowers on his arm?
  • FAST FORWARD the chinlock
  • BLACK MASS is still a great finisher, even if this one was a bit awkward.
  • I really wonder if the time these guys have to work on their matches at the PC really is the key to NXT’s success

FAST FORWARD the commercials and entrances

Ronda Rousey vs. Ruby Riott

  • Holiday Raw means no Becky Lynch or Charlotte Flair?
  • Did Ronda borrow shorts from Lacey Evans?
  • Someday Ruby Riott is going to be booked like a plucky underdog babyface, and she’s going to flourish
  • Even the commentary is off tonight!
  • And there’s the “WE WANT BECKY!” chants
  • Camera work, anyone? We just saw two different conversations take place in the ring.
  • Damn, Ronda took that Riott kick square to the head!
  • And Ronda has now kicked out of Ruby’s finisher TWICE. Once off the top!
  • Ronda was terrible tonight.
  • Raw ends with Ronda standing tall and nothing else.

Final Timestamp: 1:24:44
Real Time: 3:00:00
Time Saved: 1:35:16

Overall, this was just a weird Raw. Nearly everything seemed off, and as we march towards WrestleMania, nothing that happened tonight will be remembered.




Let us know what you think on social media @theCHAIRSHOTcom and always remember to use the hashtag #UseYourHead!
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Greg DeMarco’s 205 Live, NXT UK, and WWE NXT Star Ratings (2/12-2/13/19)

The WWE Network brands delivered in a big way this week!



Noam Dar Tony Nese wwe 205 Live

Greg DeMarco rates this week’s WWE Network shows, and they deliver in a very consistent way!

Three shows. One week. I was a busy man this week with the new job and the birthday, but I finally got the rest of NXT hammered out! I hope you enjoy the ratings as much as I enjoyed the shows because they delivered in all three this week.

WWE 205 Live

Lince Dorado vs. Jack Gallagher – ***1/4

Underrated match here. Great mix if styles and both men had a chance to shine. Loved the finish. Don’t sleep on this one. I like that the match was left open-ended. I feel like we’ll see Gulak/Gallagher/Humberto Carrillo vs. Lucha House Party, and I’m not upset by that.

No Disqualification – Noam Dar vs. Tony Nese – ****

I’ve been wondering out lout about who steps up to challenge Buddy Murphy at WrestleMania. Now, the answer is really simple. That challenger should be Noam Dar. Hell of a match here, both men kicked each other’s ass, but told a story while doing it. I’ve never been the biggest Tony Nese fan (in WWE, I loved him on the independents), but he delivered every bit as much as Noam Dar. This could have sold a crowd on a main roster show.


Noam Dar vs. Jordan Devlin – ***3/4

One hell of a match between Dar and Devlin. From a televised perspective, Noam Dar low key had a hell of a week. I won’t get off of my Dar vs. Murphy idea anytime soon, and Jordan Devlin would be a fantastic addition to 205 Live. The Travis Banks involvement didn’t hurt it for me, as that story is a big part of 205 Live. Plus it keeps Devlin strong in the loss.

Jinny vs. Mia Yim – ***1/4

I enjoyed this way more than expected, since Jinny is in it. The match built from the start, kicking it up another notch in the middle and finding a third gear in the end. Can Jinny win me over? The jury is still out on that, but I highly recommend this match.

WWE UK Championship Match: Pete Dunne vs. Wolfgang – ***1/2

Gallus is a vastly underrated heel stable. Dunne should be in NXT Takeover main events with Tommaso Ciampa. I would love to see that match at Takeover: New York. This match delivered, yet another in a great week.


Dominik Dijakovic vs. Shane Thorne – ***

Good match that, for me, did way more for Shane Thorne. Don’t sleep on Thorne, he deserves a chance. As for Dijakovic, it’s gotten to the point of repetition. Give this man something more to do.

Side Note: Interesting that they basically declared that Bobby Fish and Kyle O’Reilly were a tag team again, and Strong and Cole were going after singles gold. Could Undisputed Era hold all the (men’s) gold at some point this year? I’d be shocked if that happened.

Side-Side Note: Kassius Ohno, who I love, still looks like a fat dude wrestling in his pajamas.

The Street Profits vs. Humberto Carrillo & Stacey Ervin Jr – ***1/4

This match, for me, might end up being viewed as the night The Street Profits “got it.” They turned up the intensity in all aspects, from character to ring work, and it really enhanced the match. Carrillo is also a star in waiting, and Ervin shows some promise as well. This was really good.

Taynara Conti vs. Aaliyah – **3/4

Aaliyah being paired with Vanessa Bourne is…odd. But for me, this is the best Aaliyah has ever looked in the ring. Props to WWE for being patient. Conti is a missed opportunity. When she helped Undisputed Era (that one time lol) she should have become a member. That would have done wonders for her, and given them yet another wrinkle. Outside of the post-match attack, this felt like an NXT Florida house show loop match (which it probably has been in the past).

Ricochet vs. Adam Cole – ***3/4

If you know me, you know my Adam Cole man-crush runs deep, BAY BAY. So I am obligated to tell you that the wrong guy won here. But if I set that love aside, it makes total sense for Ricochet to win while Undisputed Era stands tall at the end. It was all set up during the earlier promo.

That said, both men delivered another Takeover quality performance in this match.

The WWE Network shows (205 Live, NXT UK, and WWE NXT) had a total of 9 matches this week. One of them had 4 stars, one was below 3, meaning we still had seven other matches in the 3 star range. This was an entertaining three hours of content, and one of the most consistent weeks I have ever seen. Good on the fine folks on all three WWE Network brands, both on and backstage.

Let us know what you think on social media @theCHAIRSHOTcom and always remember to use the hashtag #UseYourHead!
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