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Mitchell’s Lucha Underground Report! (8/22/18)



Lucha Underground cover image

The feud of Pentagon and Cage for the Lucha Underground Championship has escalated to the point where it comes down to the Last Man (Or Machine) Standing!


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  • Haunted House Match: The Mack VS Mil Muertes; Muertes wins.
  • Aerostar VS Jake Strong; Strong wins.
  • Lucha Underground Championship Last Man Standing Match: Pentagon Dark VS Cage; Pentagon wins and retains the Lucha Underground Championship.


Melissa Santos prepares for the night.

She finishes her make-up as El Dragon Azteca Jr. walks in. He asks how she’s doing, in reference to losing Fenix in the Three Way to the Grave Casket Match. Melissa says she’s doing great, but he can tell. The Believers need her to have a happy face, but she can be honest with Azteca. She misses him. She does. But then Azteca spots the medallion Catrina gave her. He helps Melissa put it on. Her missing Fenix just shows that he’s alive and well, in her heart. “The more you grieve, the more you loved.” She gave Fenix’s life meaning, and he was lucky to have her. And she’s lucky to have such a great friend in Azteca. Showtime! But perhaps, was Azteca hoping for more than friendship?


Haunted House Match: The Mack VS Mil Muertes!

The Man of 1000 Deaths doesn’t forget nor forgive what is done to him. The Mack eliminated him from the Gift of the Gods running first, and brought the wrath of the undead upon him. Now Mack must battle Muertes in this first-ever for the Temple! Can he survive the things that go bump in the night?

Granted, this “haunted house” is more like a Halloween party, but this does set the mood just a little. Catrina also walks right up to Melissa. “Now I know you’re not that smart, sweetheart. But you forgot to introduce me.” Do it right, bitch. Catrina shoves the mic back at Melissa, and Melissa stands up. “No!” Catrina claws Melissa, then bounces her off the steel! Melissa crawls away, but Catrina gives her a Lick of Death before smashing her face into a vase! The Lady in Red leaves Melissa for dead, and we go to break.

Lucha Underground returns and Catrina eagerly watches the match officially begin. Fans duel while Mack and Muertes circle. Mack dodges Muertes, but he can’t go too far with the cage around them. Mack dodges again, to then SMACK Muertes with a haymaker. But it does nothing! Muertes takes another, and another, and still no effect. Mack runs, ducking Muertes’ clotheslines, to then leg lariat! But Muertes still stands! Muertes gives Mack a BIG choke slam! He then rains rights and lefts, and even stomps, before SMACK with the kendo stick! Muertes puts a trash can on Mack’s head before SMACK against the steel!

Muertes looks at the selection of weapons hanging from the steel, and chooses the crowbar. He jams it into Mack, then slams the trash can on Mack over and over. Mack writhes, but Muertes drags him up. Muertes whips Mack but runs into his boot. Mack back elbows, too, then boots him again. Mack sunset flips but Muertes stays standing. Muertes punches but misses, and Mack runs, but into the powerslam! Fans duel again as Muertes goes for the pumpkin. Muertes brings it over, to slam it on Mack’s back! Muertes pulls and stretches the mouth of Mack, then brings him up for a whip. Mack slides under, then kicks and kicks, for the satellite DDT! Both big men are down, but Catrina isn’t worried for her undead soul mate.

Mack climbs up, going for an item way up top. But Muertes stops him with a clubbing forearm on the back! Mack tumbles between ropes and steel, and Muertes fires off forearms and chops. Muertes runs, to SPEAR Mack into the steel! The Reaper’s Trident rips that wall open! Muertes runs again, to SPEAR Mack again! Mack is limp as Muertes scrapes him to the outside. This battle spills outside the cage, for a DDT to the floor! Fans rally up as Muertes pushes Mack through the opening. Muertes puts a table through the hole! Mack crawls while Muertes climbs his way up and in. Muertes aims from the top rope, for a flying crossbody! Cover, TWO! Mack lives, but Muertes still has many morbid ideas left to use.

Muertes sets the “haunted” table up in the corner, then brings the “spooky” table up into the other. He returns to Mack while Believers chant “Spooky! Spooky!” Muertes takes the knife! The referee begs Muertes show mercy to Mack, but he doesn’t! He jabs the edge into Mack’s face! Mack is bleeding profusely, but Muertes simply takes a taste. Muertes keeps jabbing Mack with the knife! The wounds grow worse, and Believers start to feel sick. But Catrina adores this gore as Muertes brings Mack up. He whips Mack but Mack stops himself. Mack dodges, Muertes stops himself, then he dodges Mack. Mack sees Muertes coming, and Spinbusters Muertes through the “haunted” table! Believers fire up for the bloody underdog, but Muertes SPEARS him through the “spooky” table! Cover, TWO!? Mack survives!

Believers declare “This is Awesome!” but Muertes brings in another “haunted” table and sets it up nearby. Mack drags himself up, blood making a crimson mask on his face. Muertes drags him over, prepares a finish, but Mack fights out. Mack gives elbow after elbow after elbow, then the Mack Stunner! Muertes still stands, so he gets a second stunner! And a third! Believers fire up as Mack brings Muertes up again. He sets Muertes on the table, then climbs up top! Muertes sits up! And uppercuts Mack back! Muertes climbs up, grabs Mack, SUPER FLAT LINER through the table!! Cover, Muertes wins!!

Winner: Mil Muertes, by pinfall

Melissa can’t make an announcement, but everyone knows what just happened. The inhumanity of Muertes & Catrina grows, but when Muertes wants her to get her taste, she tells him “No.” Will Muertes ever get satisfaction now that Catrina’s rejoined the Land of the Living?


Famous B is on the mic.

Given the CEO of Infamous Inc. got his leg broken by The Savage, Jake Strong, he thanks everyone who called 423-Get-Fame and wished him well. That’s not many. He has seven screws and needs three surgeries, but he’ll be good soon. And seeing as how Melissa isn’t here, Famous B will introduce the next match. Famous B would never leave the Believers. However, he has to introduce “The Savage” himself!

Aerostar VS Jake Strong!

The Space Age Luchador recently got his friend, Drago, back after helping the Worldwide Underground defeat the Reptile Tribe. How will his return go against the ruthless All-American American?

The bell rings and the two stand face to face. Strong brings up their height difference, but Aero fires off! Strong pushes Aero to a corner but misses in the corner. He blocks Aero’s punch to punch back, then suplex Aero all the way into the ring! Fans chant “Strong! Strong!” as he puts Aero in the corner. Strong whips Aero corner to corner but runs into boots. Aero tilt-o-whirls and headscissors, then builds speed to crucifix! Cover, TWO!

Strong and Aero stand and fans rally behind the smaller wrestler. Aero is put in the corner again but he boots Strong away. Aero double jumps and missile dropkicks Strong down. He keeps going, runs the ropes and front dropkicks Strong again. Cover, TWO! Fans rally as Aero runs at Strong. Strong puts him on the apron, but gets the swing kick. Aero climbs again, but Strong throws him off! Strong grabs the leg, and has the Ankle Lock! Aero taps, Strong wins!

Winner: Jake Strong, by submission

But savage as ever, Strong holds on past the bell. Here comes Drago! Strong backs away as Drago swings his nunchaku! The Temple’s Dragon protects his Super Amigo, and are united against Strong. Will Drago & Aerostar overcome Strong’s personal warpath? Or will he take their ankles along with some souvenirs?


The Worldwide Underground hold a “Jack & Jill” wedding shower.

The locker room is decorated in green, gold and white, which are clearly the colors the future Mr. & Mrs. Mundo have chosen. PJ Black and Jack Evans are there to present their presents to the lovely couple. A gift certificate to the Slam Town Spa & Resort? They love that place! Thanks, Darewolf. But before they get to Jack’s, Taya has one for Johnny~! He opens it up, and it’s a panting of himself! “This is the most beautiful thing I’ve ever seen.” But it also reminds him of when his title was stolen from him way back at Ultima Lucha Tres.

But Taya promises he’ll “steal it back”. She talked to Antonio Cueto, and they came to the agreement that the week after their wedding, Mundo faces whoever is the champion 1v1 for the title! “You truly are the perfect woman!” Mundo takes her hand in marriage next week, then the week after that, he takes back his Lucha Underground Championship! But while WWU celebrates, their manager, Benjamin, arrives. However, Ricky acts as the bouncer, and claims he’s not on the list. Actually, he is, because he was invited, because he’s actually useful to the WWU, unlike Ricky. But Rosa says no one talks to Ricky like that! Show him how useful you are, Ricky! Like you did Angelico. What? Ricky says “Benji” can come in, but first…

Oh a nice pen. Is this for Johnny to sign all Ricky’s autographs? “Not anymore!” Because he grabs Benjamin by the head, and stabs the pen into his throat! REPEATEDLY! Rosa laughs and Ricky grins as the blood flies everywhere! Taya screams, but because of Jack’s amazing gift. Matching bandannas! The WWU is completely unaware of the horrors around the corner. Will any of them learn of the blood on Ricky’s hands?


Lucha Underground Championship Last Man Standing Match: Pentagon Dark VS Cage!

It has been a back and forth war between these two ever since the challenger attacked the champion just because he could. Pentagon would retaliate, but he was unable to break The Machine. Now it will take this Last Man (Or Machine) Standing Match to settle it once and for all! Who will walk out of the Temple with the title?

Lucha Underground returns and Cage hits Pentagon already! He throws forearms as the bell rings, and they go around the ring just like they did last week. Pentagon staggers back into the ring but Cage drags him back out. Cage rocks Pentagon with a European Uppercut, then scoop slams him on the mat. The Terminator Drums echo as Cage rips at the mask! He’s all but exposed Pentagon before pushing him into a post. Fans let him know what they think of that, but Cage doesn’t care. Pentagon SMASHES a bottle on Cage’s head! But Cage barely flinches before giving Pentagon a clothesline! Cage smashes a bottle, but on a post, to use the jagged edge on Pentagon’s face! He digs it in until Pentagon bleeds!

Cage drags Pentagon back into the ring, then throws fist after fist into the wound. Pentagon is down and a count begins, but Cage isn’t satisfied with the damage done. He brings out a table! Pentagon bleeds and stirs but Cage has that table in the ring. Cage sets the table in the corner, then brings Pentagon up. He puts it out on Pentagon’s back, but Pentagon fights back. Pentagon tries a superkick but Cage blocks it. Cage swings a discus but Pentagon ducks it. Pentagon fireman’s carry, to Death Valley through the table! Believers love this already as Pentagon flounders his way out of the ring. Cage is down and a count begins, but Pentagon isn’t satisfied with this much, either. He brings in chairs!

Cage stands at 5, but SMACK, chair to the head! Pentagon fires up and watches the referee count. But then he drags Cage around at 6, to place the chair on Cage’s body. Pentagon then climbs up as fans change the song to “Ole~ ole ole ole~! Cero~, Miedo~!” Pentagon aims, and hits double stomps onto the chair! Cage’s rib cage is crushed, and he gets out of the ring, writhing and gasping. Pentagon hears the Believers chant for him, so he goes to the apron to kick. Cage blocks it to powerbomb Pentagon at railings! Fans lose their minds while Cage steadies himself. Cage brings out another table, then another. He sets them up together, but Pentagon has a trash can! Pentagon SMACKS Cage in the head with it! Believers love both of these men and their thirsts for violence.

Pentagon aims at Cage, but Cage smacks Pentagon with the can’s lid. Cage drags Pentagon back over, aims for the tables, and deadlift SUPERPLEXES Pentagon through them! It’s a double-edged crash and burn, and now both men are vulnerable to the count. Fans lose their minds all over again as Pentagon manages to stir. Cage stands at 5! Pentagon drags himself around while fans say “This is Awesome!” Cage drags Pentagon up, breaking the count. He puts Pentagon in a seat, then comes back with yet another table. He sets it up while fans rally up for Pentagon. Cage drags Pentagon over and into the ring. He lifts Pentagon, but Pentagon fights out. Pentagon kicks, but Cage lifts! Pentagon fights out, and SMACKS him with a chair! Cage is dizzy, Pentagon fireman’s carry for a Death Valley through THAT table!

Referees check on both men while fans continue to lose their minds. The count begins again, but somehow Pentagon stands at 4. Cage stirs at 5, but stands at 9. Pentagon kicks him in the leg! They go back into the ring, and Pentagon, his blood now a crimson mask, stumbles over to Cage. Cage springs up, to discus clothesline Pentagon down! He drags Pentagon back up, for the Driller Claw, suplex to piledriver! The Terminator Drums start up again because Cage brings out a fifth table! Fans duel while Cage sets things up. Pentagon stays low while Cage fetches a cinder block. Cage brings the block, but Pentagon SMACKS him with the lid! Pentagon places Cage near the table, then climbs up. Cage kicks him back! Cage climbs, but Pentagon fights back. SUPER DESTROYER, through the table!! Pentagon sits right up, and refuses to end this here!

Pentagon fetches chair after chair after chair. Cage is down while the count reaches 5. Pentagon has half a dozen chairs and starts setting things up. Cage crawls around, but Pentagon has made a nice row of chairs. Pentagon kicks Cage’s leg but Cage hits a jumping knee. Cage lifts Pentagon but Pentagon slips out to drop toehold Cage onto the chairs. Pentagon then kicks him up the middle! Pentagon stands on the chairs with Cage, which is scary, and gives  Cage a PACKAGE PILEDRIVER! But Pentagon still isn’t done. He places a chair around that supposedly unbreakable arm of Cage’s, then grabs another, for a Con-CHAIR-to!! Cage writhes in extreme agony, but Pentagon grins and laughs. He sets Cage up for the Dark Armbar, and SNAPS the arm! Cage finally breaks, but Pentagon wants to add on. Dark Armbar to the other arm, SNAP!!

Cage has no good arm, and the count begins! The Machine crawls to his cinder block, and Pentagon CURB STOMPS him through it! The count restarts, and everyone counts along. Cage stays down for all 10, Pentagon wins!!

Winner: Pentagon Dark; still Lucha Underground Champion

The level of destruction it took to stop the Machine cannot be measured, but the unbreakable did break! Pentagon went through so much pain himself, will he be ready in time for Mundo’s honeymoon challenge?



My Thoughts:

What a great episode. The story integration in the opening segments was great. Azteca seems to have fallen for Melissa, but she still loves Fenix. Then with Catrina beating Melissa up and the history between Fenix, Azteca and Muertes, I’m expecting no less than a mixed tag to be made. Muertes & Catrina VS Melissa and a man of her choosing, and the moment Melissa is about to name Azteca, Fenix returns! Then the love triangle can lead to a jealous Azteca putting up his title against Fenix’s feelings for Melissa. Or at the very least, we need a full Melissa Santos VS Catrina match for those two to cat-fight it out. The Haunted House Match itself was a let down at first because it was just a cheesy cage match. But then it went above and beyond in the action, and I loved it again.

Ricky is starting to scare me. I can’t be sure if he’s going to ruin the wedding or the title match in two weeks, but I can tell it’ll get bloody just like his “murder” of Benjamin. Meanwhile, Famous B does pretty good in his comedic return. Clearly Jake Strong is making the shift to Heel, as he goes up against Aerostar & Drago. I feel like Strong won’t want a tag team partner, he’ll assume he can win against both Super Amigos at the same time. That should be fun, given Aero and Drago are such great high-flyers. Famous B might even try to make them part of his team, only to be rejected and sidelined with another “injury.” Then that Last Man/Machine Standing match was incredible, and I’m happily surprised Pentagon retains, and him and Mundo settling the score from Season 3 will be great.

My Score: 8.5/10



Mitchell’s WWE 205 Live Results & Report! (12/12/18)



205 Live = Cruiserweight Division

The Cruiserweight Champion and challenger are set to face off at TLC, but first warm-up in Vegas! Will Buddy Murphy or Cedric Alexander come out ahead?



  • Buddy Murphy VS Noam Dar Gran Metalik; Murphy wins.
  • Cedric Alexander VS Tony Nese; Alexander wins.


Drake Maverick sets the scene for tonight!

TLC will see Buddy Murphy defend the Cruiserweight Championship against Cedric Alexander in a long awaited rematch from Super Show-Down! The champion and challenger both have something to prove to the other, and allowed Maverick himself to choose their opponents for tonight. The Scottish Supernova was eager to step up and get back at Murphy for screwing him in a match with Tony Nese. But Noam Dar is unfortunately not cleared to compete. Therefore, it will be the Juggernaut taking on the King of the Ropes, Gran Metalik! Metalik himself is eager to show he can hang with the champion.

As for the Soul of 205 Live, he still gets his match with The Premier Athlete. Alexander and Nese have gone back and forth in their own rivalry that dates back to the beginning of this brand. Nese gave Alexander a defeat the 205 Live after Alexander lost the title, and wants to be a major road block to Alexander’s rematch. “With such a small margin for error between Cedric Alexander and Buddy Murphy”, who will make it to TLC riding high on a wave of momentum?


Buddy Murphy VS Gran Metalik!

The Juggernaut wants to show the tag team victory the Heart & Soul of 205 Live have over him means nothing by taking on anyone tonight. The King of the Ropes wants to ride the high his Lucha House Party amigos reached in their Tornado Tag victory last week. Murphy taking on this match is a huge gamble, but it is Las Vegas, after all. Will Murphy hit the jackpot or bust this close to TLC?

The bell rings and Murphy circles with Metalik. They tie up and Murphy powers Metalik to a corner. Murphy backs off but then pie faces Metalik. Metalik shoves Murphy then dodges to egg Murphy on. They circle again and Murphy waistlocks. Metalik standing switches but Murphy pries his way out to a wristlock. Fans chant “Lucha! Lucha!” for Metalik as Murphy yanks on his arm. Murphy brings Metalik to the mat and grinds an elbow into the shoulder. Metalik flips through and reverses, but Murphy reverses back, only for Metalik to reverse again, but Murphy wrangles him back to the mat. Metalik kips up but Murphy drives him back down, so Metalik headscissors. Murphy pops out but Metalik sweeps and covers. ONE and Murphy sweeps to cover, ONE. Metalik handsprings again and fans fire up.

The “Lucha! Lucha!” chants return but Murphy keeps his cool. Murphy and Metalik tie up again and Murphy kicks low. Murphy clubs Metalik then wrenches into a back suplex. Metalik slips out and speeds up to handspring past Murphy. Metalik headscissors and throws Murphy out. Now Metalik builds speed and FLIES! Direct hit on Murphy and the champ goes down! Fans chant for Metalik as he gets up and goes after Murphy. Murphy shoves him away then knees low, but Metalik sends him into barriers. Metalik stalks Murphy from the barrier’s edge, to leap for another headscissor! The fans fire up as Metalik puts Murphy in the ring. Cover, TWO! Metalik keeps the fans going as he goes to Murphy. Murphy yanks Metalik into buckles!

Murphy gets up and puts Metalik on the top rope. He climbs up to join Metalik but Metalik fights back. Metalik shoves Murphy down but Murphy’s right back up! Metalik shoves him away again, and boots him back. Murphy staggers, but catches Metalik’s leap into a suplex! Both men are down but fans fire up. Murphy crawls to a cover, TWO! Metalik shows his toughness but Murphy keeps his cool. Murphy drags Metalik up to throw him out. He leaves Metalik for dead as the count climbs. Metalik crawls back at 6, and gets in at 8! Murphy stomps Metalik out, then throws a heavy right hand! Cover, TWO! Murphy grows frustrated but he puts Metalik in a grounded stretch.

Fans rally as Metalik endures the forearm in the face. Metalik pries his way out but Murphy drives in elbows to the chest! Cover, TWO! Murphy wraps Metalik up in a chinlock, but Metalik fights his way up. Metalik rams Murphy into buckles while throwing in body shots. Metalik gets free but walks into a boot! Murphy drags Metalik up and throws him out, but Metalik stays on the apron. Murphy is annoyed as he goes back over to Metalik. He brings Metalik up but Metalik swing kicks him away! Metalik aims and springboards, big crossbody! Cover, TWO! Metalik kicks Murphy’s legs but Murphy shoves Metalik. Metalik springboards for the back elbow! He CHOPS Murphy then whips, but Murphy reverses. Metalik walks the ropes, and springboards for the missile dropkick! Cover, TWO!

Metalik keeps his cool, and starts up another “Lucha! Lucha!” He lifts Murphy in a fireman’s carry, but Murphy slips out. Murphy fires off his strike fest, but misses the knee to get a SUPERKICK! Metalik gets another fireman’s carry but Murphy slips out and shoves Metalik to the ropes, KNEE TRIGGER! Murphy runs, but into a fireman’s carry, Metalik Driver!! TWO!! Metalik almost had the Cruiserweight Champion, but Murphy’s tougher than that. Metalik drags Murphy to a drop zone, then climbs up top. Murphy revives and rolls out to the apron. Murphy goes for Metalik but Metalik shoves him down. Metalik goes after Murphy but Murphy drop toeholds him into the desk! Murphy then back suplexes Metalik right on the apron! Murphy puts Metalik in and climbs up top, for a flying meteora! Cover, TWO! Metalik shows he’s tough, too, and Murphy can’t believe it.

Both men slowly stir with the 10 count. Fans rally up as Murphy stands first. Murphy drags Metalik up but Metalik inside cradles! TWO and Metalik boots Murphy down! Metalik climbs but Murphy tucks him in, only for Metalik to pop out and mule kick Murphy away! Metalik finishes climbing, and moonsaults, onto boots! Murphy deadlifts to a sit-out bomb! TWO!? Metalik lives and Murphy is furious. But fans love this and bring back the “Lucha! Lucha!” Metalik gets to the ropes but Murphy grits his teeth. Murphy drags Metalik up and around, for the point blank knee trigger! Then, pumphandle to victory roll!? TWO! Metalik springboards, but into Murphy’s Law! Cover, Murphy wins!

Winner: Buddy Murphy, by pinfall

The Cruiserweight Champion finally finishes it off and moves on to his title defense this Sunday! If the King of the Ropes put up such a great fight, how much more will the Age of Alexander do? And what shape will Alexander be after his match later tonight?


Akira Tozawa & THE Brian Kendrick meet with Drake Maverick.

The Stamina Monster helps The Man with a Plan with his collar as the GM walks in. Maverick approves their match with Drew Gulak & Jack Gallagher, under Street Fight rules. How ironic, really. How? Well, their Street Fight match against each other. And now they’re working together in a Street Fight tag match. Yes, true. Kendrick admits he’s changed since then. When he returned to the WWE, he manipulated and cheated because he was desperate. Kendrick was doing whatever he had to in order to keep his dream, and Tozawa was one of the main targets. So Kendrick should thank Gallager & Gulak for beating that out of him. What Kendrick needs to do now is lift this Division up. Kendrick’s a changed man.

Tozawa agrees and supports Kendrick. But the problem now is that Kendrick still looks the same. Tozawa has an idea. Well, okay… What kind of makeover will Tozawa give Kendrick? And Tozawa thanks Maverick for his time, but reminds Maverick he lost those Raw Tag Team Championships. “So, you’re FIRED!” Tozawa can’t fire people, he’s not the GM or anything. But can he and Kendrick fire up and melt the cruel winter?


Drew Gulak & Jack Gallagher respond.

“A Street Fight is the perfect place to end the career of THE Brian Kendrick.” And what Kendrick needs to understand that the beating they gave him wasn’t to humiliate but to redeem Kendrick. Kendrick was fired once, twice, so maybe this isn’t for him. Gallagher & Gulak didn’t go far enough, because if they had, the team of Tozawa & Kendrick wouldn’t have existed. And that’s why a Street Fight Tag is perfect: they can go as far as they want, and anything is legal. So when they face off for the final time, you WILL tap out. Who will survive this gritty grudge match?


Backstage interview with Ariya Daivari.

The Persian Lion has beaten down local competitors two weeks in a row, what is the reason behind that? Wrestling used to be simple: find two of the toughest men, put them in a ring, and let them battle it out until only one was left standing. It was never meant to be flashy or pretty. “What’s happened to this business?” All anyone seems to care about is dressing up like their favorite superheroes or retweeting compliments. Daivari was out with an injured neck, and he watched 205 Live have a lot of flash, but no fight.

Hideo Itami walks over, and says he was watching last week. “Good job.” The two shake hands, and there seems to be mutual respect for their mean streaks. Daivari says Itami is one of the last true men in the Cruiserweight Division, and the only one worthy of respect. Will Daivari and Itami bring 205 Live back to a rougher and more “respectful” time of wrestling?


Cedric Alexander VS Tony Nese!

The Soul of 205 Live wants to rebuild his legacy starting with TLC, but the Premier Athlete says he’s not worthy. The Juggernaut already goes in tired but victorious, will Alexander be able to do the same?

The bell rings and Nese flexes on Alexander. Alexander ignores it as he circles with Nese. Fans rally up as the two tie up. Alexander pushes Nese back to a corner but backs off at 4. Alexander flexes back and circles with him again. Vegas is on Alexander’s side and that annoys Nese. Nese and Alexander tie up and Nese gets a waistlock. Alexander tries to break out but Nese rolls him. Nese flexes again but Alexander shrugs it off. Alexander and Nese tie up again and Alexander gets the wristlock. Nese pulls hair and gets the reversal. Alexander rolls and handsprings to reverse back then get a takedown. Nese shoves Alexander back and gets his own takedown, but Alexander pushes him away. Alexander rolls, handsprings and headscissors but Nese handsprings through!

Alexander runs into Nese’s back elbow, but Alexander gets under Nese’s moonsault! Nese goes Matrix to dodge Alexander, but Alexander hits the dropkick! Fans fire up as Alexander covers, TWO! Alexander checks his teeth while catching his breath before going back to Nese. He bumps Nese off buckles and then CHOPS. Alexander CHOPS again, then follows Nese to ropes. Nese mule kicks and then goes to backslide, but Alexander hooks ropes to stay grounded. Alexander reels Nese in to toss him out! Fans fire up as Alexander builds speed, but Nese slides in! Alexander barely grabs the rope in time to stop himself, and he manages to shoulder Nese back. Nese rolls as Alexander springboards to SHORYUKEN! Cover, TWO!

Nese keeps on Alexander with stomps, then he flexes again. Fans boo as Nese clubs Alexander. Alexander chops back, but Nese kciks him to a corner. Nese whips corner to corner hard, then covers, TWO! Nese keeps his cool as fans duel. Alexander chops back again, then boots from a corner. Alexander runs into a throat chop! Nese runs and hotshots Alexander down! Then triangle jump moonsault! Cover, TWO! Nese argues the count but the ref says it was two. Nese stomps away on Alexander then brings him up for a scoop slam. Cover, TWO! Nese sits Alexander up for the body scissor squeeze. Fans rally while Alexander endures. Nese grabs for an arm but Alexander resists, so Nese clubs him. Nese gets the arm and CHOPS Alexander. Alexander punches back and breaks free!

Alexander throws more hands, then runs, but into a big clothesline! Cover, TWO! Alexander survives and Nese is surprised, but Nese keeps his cool. Nese wraps on a chinlock and drives a knee into Alexander’s back. Fans rally and Alexander feeds off the energy. Alexander gets up but Nese throws him to the apron. Alexander boots Nese back, then springboards. He fakes out the uppercut to step-springboard for a complete shot! Nese gets to a corner and fans rally up. Alexander takes off the elbow pads and rallies on Nese. He gives Nese an uppercut now, but msises in the corner. Nese runs into the dropkick and hits buckles. Alexander goes to the apron to kick Nese back in! Nese staggers, Alexander springboards, flying lariat hits! Cover, TWO! Nese is dazed but he survives.

Alexander fires up with the fans as he stalks Nese. He brings Nese up but Nese mule kicks and knee lifts. Nese roundhouses but misses the sweep to get a buzzsaw! Cover, TWO! Alexander grows frustrated and gets a wild look in his eyes. Alexander goes back to Nese and brings him up. Nese clutches ropes and Alexander has no choice but to let go. Alexander walks into a gutbuster! Cover, TWO! Nese keeps on Alexander with a shove and a back elbow. Then Nese runs for big forearms! Cover, TWO!! Alexander barely gets out and Nese grows frustrated. Nese drags Alexander up, saying “I’m better than you!” He slaps Alexander as he repeats that, but Alexander slaps back!

Alexander blocks the kick to give an elbow, then runs to handspring. Nese catches the Neuralizer into a Samoan Drop! But Nese can’t cover, he’s too exhausted. Nese forces himself to stand and bring Alexander up. He whips but Alexander reverses. Nese grabs ropes then dumps Alexander out. Nese runs to FLY! Direct hit folds Alexander up! The referee checks on both men, but they’re both okay to continue. Nese drags Alexander up and in, then goes to a corner. Nese climbs up, leaps, but his 450 flops! Alexander goes to cradle but Nese blocks it, TWO!! Michinoku Driver outta nowhere! TWO!! Alexander can’t believe Nese survives, but fans are fired up!

Vegas cheers Alexander on as he stalks Nese. Alexander brings Nese up but Nese sprawls to block. Nese elbows Alexander but walks into a roundhouse. Alexander lifts but Nese slips out to a cover, TWO! Neuralizer! Then Lumbar Check!! Cover, Alexander wins!!

Winner: Cedric Alexander, by pinfall

The Premier Athlete pushed Alexander to his limits but it wasn’t enough, the challenger keeps pace with the champion. Speaking of, Buddy Murphy returns to stare Alexander down. Alexander dares Murphy to bring the fight, there’s nothing but “space and opportunity” between them! Murphy takes a look at his belt, and puts it down so he can rush the ring! Murphy gets in but Alexander gets him down! The champion and challenger brawl on the mat, but then Murphy bails out. Alexander doesn’t let him go as he FLIES out! Fans fire up as Alexander gets back in the ring. Alexander dares Murphy to keep the fight going, but Murphy reconsiders. The Soul of 205 Live is fired up, but will he be able to reclaim his throne? Or will he be stopped by the unstoppable?



My Thoughts:

A great go-home for 205 Live that also feeds a bit into next week’s episode. I do like the full circle Kendrick is going through having another Street Fight based match for a blow-off. I just hope Tozawa’s new wardrobe ideas don’t make Kendrick reconsider the partnership. We still need more teams for the potential Cruiserweight Tag Team Division. And in which case, Daivari’s promo about joining forces with Itami started to sound more like a reason he’d join up with Gulak & Gallagher. But I suppose more than one Heel team can have the motivation of wanting a more brutal and less flashy style of wrestling to prevail. But where Gulak & Gallagher love ground game and grapples, Itami & Daivari can be about strikes and drivers. A match between those four might be pretty good, too.

The two matches we got tonight were the only matches we needed. It’s a shame Noam Dar didn’t get to go against Buddy Murphy, but Murphy VS Metalik was still an incredible opener. The styles went well together, and Metalik still looks really strong in losing. Alexander VS Nese was incredible again, even after the many other times we’ve seen it. I was curious as to why it wasn’t Alexander VS Ali, but not only would it be too soon, we know now Ali VS Bryan was in the works. I was surprised Murphy agreed to brawl against Alexander for even that little bit. As the Heel, he should’ve just stayed back rather than fight to retreat. It still got the fans fired up, but maybe this is so Alexander can stand tall and give the math to Murphy.

My Score: 8.8/10

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Mitchell’s WWE NXT Results & Report! (12/12/18)



NXT cover image

Ricochet puts up his NXT North American Championship on the line, but against who? Plus, EC3 wants payback on Bobby Fish for that vicious chair attack!



  • EC3 VS Bobby Fish w/ The Undisputed Era; EC3 wins.
  • Oney Lorcan & Danny Burch VS The Mighty; Lorcan & Burch win.
  • NXT Women’s Championship #1 Contender Fatal 4 Way Qualifier: Mia Yim VS Reina Gonzalez; Yim wins and joins the NXT Women’s Championship #1 Contender Fatal 4 Way.
  • NXT North American Championship: Ricochet VS ???; Ricochet wins and retains the NXT North American Championship.


EC3 VS Bobby Fish w/ The Undisputed Era!

The Top One Percent looks to keep it 100 as he goes for payback against the Infamous One for what he did weeks before TakeOver: WarGames II. But Fish has his friends by his side as always, will EC3 be able to win with Kyle O’Reilly, Roderick Strong and Adam Cole lurking?

Adam Cole says the holidays have come early because now Fish gets to humiliate the “Top One Percent of Morons”. EC3 was dumb enough to think he’d elevate his career to new heights. But with the help of a chair, Fish showed EC3 that NXT is their world! The Undisputed Era is the center of the NXT Universe, and everything revolves around her. This has been a career year and is just the beginning of an entire decade! And in 2019, the four of them will be “draped in gold”. That’s not a threat, “that is Undisputed.” But EC3 makes his entrance and we begin this grudge match!

Fish and EC3 are ready to go with the bell. Fish moves around but EC3 corners him, so Fish bails out. The Undisputed Era cheer Fish’s mind games on, and so do some fans. Fish returns but wants EC3 to stay back. EC3 doesn’t and he hip tosses Fish in! Fish scrambles to a corner and EC3 fires off hands and stomps! EC3 whips corner to corner but Fish ducks down to go after the leg. EC3 powers Fish off and hits a BIG powerbomb! Fish staggers about and EC3 clotheslines him right out! EC3 goes out with him, but gets back in the ring, all fired up! Fish is reeling and the Era coach him up, but EC3 comes out. EC3 fetches Fish into the ring and puts on a half nelson. Fish gets up but EC3 makes it a nerve hold to keep him down.

Fish gets up and powers EC3 to a corner, but EC3 turns it around. EC3 CHOPS Fish, and again! Then he biels Fish across the way. Roddy and Kyle distract, and Fish chop blocks the bad leg! Fish rains down rights but EC3 pushes him off. Fish stomps EC3, then kicks him. The Era is rabid as Fish throws hands and puts EC3 in a corner. Fish throws body shots and forearms, then kicks away at the back leg. Dragon screw throws EC3 for a loop! Fish grabs the bad leg and pulls on it, standing on the other leg to keep him down. Fans rally and EC3 pushes Fish off! EC3 runs in but misses, and then turns around into an exploder! Cover, TWO! Fish is furious, but he goes back for more.

Fish brings EC3 up but it’s EC3 who hits the suplex! EC3 grits his teeth as he gets up, and he counter punches Fish. He fires off lefts and rights then whips, but Fish snaps against the ropes awkwardly. EC3 takes advantage with a scoop slam, then wants Fish to “Say My Name!” Name Drop elbow hits! Roddy and Kyle distract again but EC3 hits them for it. But Fish still gets the chop block! Fish goes for a leg but EC3 cradles! EC3 WINS!

Winners: EC3, by pinfall

But The Era attack! All four of them stomp away like rabid dogs, but here come Heavy Machinery! Tucker Knight & Otis Dozovic use size to even up the numbers! Dozer clobbers Cole and Strong while Tucky gets rid of reDRagon! Kyle tries to escape but Heavy Machinery drag him back in. EC3 gets Kyle up for the One Percenter! Fans are thunderous for this trio as EC3 gets Dozer pumping up. Dozer gets going with the Caterpillar elbow! Will Heavy Machinery help the Top One Percent end this Undisputed Era once and for all?


NXT Media catches up to Dakota Kai and Io Shirai.

They fought together to stop The Horsewomen from ganging up on Captain Kick. Jessamyn Duke & Marina Shafir keep sticking their noses in Shayna Baszler’s matches, so these two are going to stop that personally. The Genius of the Sky don’t want her friends getting bullied, so all that’s left is a match. That’ll happen next week, who takes a victory in this Women’s Division war?


Oney Lorcan & Danny Burch VS The Mighty!

The One Two Combination defeated Shane Thorne & Nick Miller already, but this is about the sore loser sneak attack after the match! Will Thorne & Miller regret punking out this pair of pugilists? Or will Lorcan & Burch finally make The Mighty kneel?

Lorcan & Burch are raring to go but they still wait for the bell. Thorne starts with Lorcan and Lorcan fires off! Then Miller and Burch get in and it’s a pair of brawls! Burch throws Miller out then Lorcan throws Thorne out. Burch goes out and Miller shoves him into the apron, but Lorcan FLIES! Lorcan wipes The Mighty out and fans fire up! Lorcan puts Thorne in and then runs into the corner for a big elbow. He gets moving but Thorne follows with a European Uppercut! Thorne runs but Lorcan follows to rock him back! Lorcan suckers Thorne into an elbow and a powerbomb! Then the Half Crab! Miller comes in but gets CHOPS! Thorne gets Lorcan with the saido suplex! Tag to Miller and he whips Lorcan. Miller hits a big corner clothesline, then whips into a SPINEBUSTER! Cover, TWO! Lorcan lives but Miller keeps on him.

Tag to Thorne, and Miller whips Thorne at Burch. Miller then whips Thorne back but Lorcan dodgse to tag Burch! The Governor rallies on The Mighty, and tackles Thorne with a Thesz Press! Burch rocks Miller with a right, then goes right at Thorne with a clothesline and kick. Miller runs but is sent into Thorne, and then Burch deals out more kicks! Burch hops up and leaps for a missile dropkick! And he kips up! Tag to Lorcan, and the One Two coordinate at a corner. Burch lifts Thorne but Thorne fights out. Thorne dodges Burch to SHORYUKEN Lorcan. Then he clobbers Burch. Miller returns and helps Thorne get up top quick. SUPERPLEX BOMB! Miller puts Thorne on top to cover, but Burch barrels through Miller to break it! Burch gets thrown out, and Thorne tags Miller in.

The Mighty go after Lorcan but Burch saves him from Thunder Valley. Miller tackles them both, and then scoops Lorcan. Powerslam, to Poetry in Motion cannonball! Cover on Lorcan, TWO!? The Mighty are shocked by this double toughness! Miller tags Thorne, and they again go after Lorcan. They lift Lorcan up, but get double DDT’s! Lorcan has a wild look in his eye and fans rally behind it. Lorcan takes Miller’s face and SLAPS away! Then he SLAPS away on Thorne! they BOTH slap Lorcan, but then he ducks and they slap each other!! Lorcan sends Miller into a post, then tags in Burch. Burch headbutts Thorne, and with Lorcan’s help, London Tower! Cover, Lorcan & Burch win!

Winners: Oney Lorcan & Danny Burch, Burch pinning

They did it again! The Mighty fell to the One Two Combination, who continue their hot streak since returning to action. While the Undisputed Era has Heavy Machinery to worry about, will Lorcan & Burch move up the ranks towards those NXT Tag Team Championships?


NXT Media has another video from Johnny Gargano.

“Aleister, you thought our story ended in Los Angeles when you ‘absolved’ me of my sins.” But Gargano never said he did nothing wrong. This is about the greater good. The ends justify the means. The end: becoming NXT Champion, and the world celebrating! So if the means meant beating someone up, Aleister was just in the wrong place at the wrong time. That’s why their story continues. Gargano says Aleister can put Gargano in a cage with the devil himself, and he’ll do whatever he has to to make sure the story ends the right way. Gargano won’t just turn the page, he closes the book on Aleister Black. Will Gargano keep his word to end the Embodiment of the End? Or will his happy ending simply #FadeToBlack?


Dominic Dijakovic speaks.

“The bond of blood is sacred. The roots of our tree are unbreakable. They keep us grounded.” He will fight for them, and die for them. This is “our vision”, and you will #FeastYourEyes on his debut, next week.


Backstage interview with Shayna Baszler and the Horsewomen.

She, Jessamyn and Marina have heard about the Fatal 4 Way #1 Contenders match. But Shayna doesn’t care, because it will always end the same way: she goes home with the title, her opponent goes home with nothing. As for the challenge issued by Dakota & Shirai, Marina & Jessamyn laugh it off. They’re ready for the “challenge”. The Horsewomen roll out, but who will have the last laugh when it’s all said and done?


NXT Women’s Championship #1 Contender Fatal 4 Way Qualifier: Mia Yim VS Reina Gonzalez!

The Queen of Spades awaits a challenger at TakeOver: Phoenix now that she’s moved the Pirate Princess out of the way. The Un-De-Fea-Ted Bianca Belair is already one participant, and William Regal announces via Twitter that Lacey Evans will be the other. Both women have put together impressive wins, so it’s up to the Blasian Baddie and the Daughter of the Desperado to impress the GM this week. Who joins the EST and the Lady of NXT in a fight for the right to challenge #ShaynaTwoTime and her reign of terror?

The bell rings and Mia ties up with Reina. Reina powers Mia to a corner, but Mia dodges the swing to jump on for a guillotine! Reina powers out but Mia slips away. Mia leaps back on for the guillotine! Reina powers out but Mia dropkicks her back. Mia goes for Sole Food but Reina pushes her away. Reina swings but Mia dodges, and puts the guillotine back on! Reina powers out again, but to a suplex! And she hangs Mia out to dry on the rope, before throwing her down! Reina stomps a mudhole into Mia, but backs off at 4. She drags Mia out to a cover, TWO! Reina grows frustrated but fans rally up for Mia. Mia hits back, but gets clobbered! Reina runs, and boots Mia right down! Cover, ONE! Reina tries again, TWO!

Reina grows frustrated but she talks trash in Spanish. She dares the Baddie to get up, then pulls her into a Canadian torture rack! Mia endures the stretch and Reina even fish hooks. Reina jumps around to add torque, but Mia fights out. Mia arm-drags Reina into ropes, then gets space. Reina staggers over but into CHOPS! Mia throws body shots and even more chops! Mia throws palm strikes and kicks, then knees and a Pele! Reina staggers, time to Eat Da Feet! Cover, Mia wins!

Winner: Mia Yim, by pinfall

Reina eats Sole Food and Mia now sits at the winner’s table! Can the Baddie beat out the Model Soldier and EST? Who will join them as the fourth and final contender?


Aleister Black speaks.

“What I find interesting about the human race is that everything they do revolves around how they are feeling.” Everyone keeps asking, “What do you feel about your match with Johnny Gargano?” How does he feel about a Steel Cage Match with Gargano? He doesn’t feel anything. He just knows he has to win. “It’s come to my attention that you are far, far beyond absolution. You are far beyond redemption. And the only thing left is the total annihilation.” It will happen in that steel cage. There won’t be any running or hiding, there will simply be Gargano and his sins, and they will all #FadeToBlack! Will Aleister leave Gargano for dead inside the steel?


NXT North American Championship: Ricochet VS ???

The One and Only is eager to prove he’s a fighting champion and a worthy champion at that. He left it to NXT GM William Regal to choose his opponent, and Regal promised “something special” for this match. But who is it that answered this open contract challenge?

Ricochet makes his entrance and awaits his mystery challenger. The “something special” turns out to be… “Look everyone, it’s Tyler!” Prince Pretty returns to NXT in a major way! Tyler Breeze brings back the selfie cam titantron feed, and looks to revitalize himself with a new belt! Will Breeze shock everyone by becoming the third-ever North American Champion? Or will Ricochet add Breeze to the highlight reel?

The belt is raised and fans chant “Welcome Back!” for the NXT alumni. The bell rings and fans are already dueling. Tyler and Ricochet take a moment to enjoy it before circling. They tie up and go around, and Breeze arm-drags Ricochet. Breeze backs off to lounge on the top rope. Ricochet nods respect as Breeze comes back. They tie up again, and Ricochet gets around to a headlock. Breeze powers out but Ricochet rolls and speeds things up. Ricochet rolls off the back then ducks under to handspring and headscissor and dropkick! Breeze bails out to catch his breath, but Ricochet comes out. Breeze hurries back in, but Ricochet doesn’t give him time to rest. Ricochet and Breeze go around, Breeze goes for a Half Crab. Ricochet gets to ropes and pushes Breeze away. Breeze kicks Ricochet then runs, but into a somersault lariat!

Breeze bails out, but Ricochet fakes him out on the apron. Ricochet boots Breeze then leaps, into a dropkick! Both men are down, but fans are loving this! The fans still duel while Breeze checks his teeth. Breeze puts Ricochet into the ring, then into a corner. Breeze stomps a gorgeous mudhole into Ricochet, then shouts at the ref when he’s pulled away. Ricochet flounders but Breeze is on him with a scoop. Breeze puts Ricochet on the top rope and climbs up, but Ricochet fights him off. Breeze falls back and Ricochet is on him, but Breeze shoves. Ricochet comes back to knee Breeze back. Ricochet then somersaults from a corner to dropkick Breeze! Breeze crawls to a corner and Ricochet runs in, for a big back elbow to back hand.

Ricochet throws Breeze into buckles but misses the tiger feint kick. Breeze German Suplexes but Ricochet lands on his feet! Ricochet sends Breeze into buckles again and hits the tiger feint! Ricochet springboards for a flying uppercut! Standing shooting star! Cover, TWO! Breeze survives, showing his toughness. Fans rally up as Ricochet gets back up. Ricochet puts Breeze in a drop zone, then climbs up top. Ricochet leaps, but has to roll through the Phoenix Splash when Breeze moves. Breeze hits back with haymakers, but so does Ricochet. They brawl back and forth, and fans are divided.

They hit each other at the same time, and same goes for kicks. Ricochet turns around but both men clothesline. Breeze blocks Ricochet’s boot but Ricochet dodges Breeze’s Super Model Kick. Both men run, and collide with double crossbodies! Fans fire up for “NXT! NXT!” while both men are down. A 10 count begins and the fans rally up. Breeze and Ricochet sit up slowly, and brawl on their knees. Ricochet gives an uppercut, but Breeze clubs him on the back. They continue as they stand up and Ricochet fires off forearms. Ricochet suplexes but Breeze resists. Breeze suplexes but Ricochet resists. They repeat the cycle but Ricochet slips out. Ricochet back suplexes but Breeze slips out. Breeze waistlocks but Ricochet elbows out.

Ricochet runs, springboards, but misses, SUPER MODEL KICK! And Reverse-Rana! Cover, TWO!! Ricochet survives and Breeze is shocked. Fans declare “This is Gorgeous!” rather than awesome, but it’s still awesome, too! Ricochet and Breeze go to opposite corners, then approach. Ricochet says NXT is his now, but Breeze mule kicks. Breeze throws haymakers, then aims a kick, but Ricochet hits with a boot first! Ricochet walks over, into a jumping knee! And an enziguri! Breeze leaps but he’s caught, into the fireman’s carry, and Samoan Driver! Cover, Ricochet wins!

Winner: Ricochet, by pinfall; still NXT North American Champion

That wasn’t just special, that was spectacular! Prince Pretty gives the King of Flight a fight he wasn’t expecting, but Ricochet shows Breeze the respect he deserves, and the two handshake. Will Breeze stick around to give it another try? Will Ricochet’s reign extend to be one of the most impressive in NXT history?



My Thoughts:

An incredible episode right here! We waste very little time getting into action and I am really impressed that EC3 pulls off another surprise win on an Undisputed Era member. He and Fish had a great match, and I really liked that it was Heavy Machinery backing EC3 up in that brawl. I think it should be a Six Man of EC3 & Heavy Machinery VS Roderick Strong & reDRagon while Adam Cole likely distracts or interferes. And while his story with the North American Championship likely isn’t over, I don’t know if NXT would want to create a secondary WarGames scenario where now it’s just EC3 and Heavy Machinery standing in for Pete Dunne & War Raiders. Cole can hang about as the leader of Undisputed Era while waiting for title scenes to change.

I’m a touch disappointed we’re only getting 2v2 next week, but Dakota & Shirai VS Jessamyn & Marina should be a great match for the last two MMA Horsewomen to make an in-ring debut with. Now in real-time, we have learned Dakota Kai is injured, but that shouldn’t affect next week’s match. Sadly it’ll mean she won’t get to be part of TakeOver: Phoenix or anything else after that, and we wish her a speedy recovery. Meanwhile, Mia and Reina have a great match. Reina having a bull rope and cowbell makes me want a Women’s Bull Rope match for the hell of it. If Reina sticks around, she should be able to gain some ground once things clear up. As it stands, Mia looks like a front runner as the Face in that Fatal 4 Way. I wonder if they’ll use a battle royal to determine the fourth participant.

That tag team match of Lorcan-Burch VS The Mighty was incredible! NXT Tag Team wrestling is getting back up there and the scrappy One Two Combo is a large part of that. Get those two on SmackDown AND 205 Live, they’ll be great tag title contenders at least. Gargano and Aleister have great promos going towards their Steel Cage match, but I hope they use the cage in different ways of physicality than we usually see. Throwing the opponent into steel is one thing, but I think NXT can use these two for something really gritty.

For me, it’s a bit of a mixed bag on Tyler Breeze’s return. It’s a bit sad that he was sent back, but it was a great surprise and Full Sail got behind him. The bottom line is this is the wrestling quality main roster should’ve given Breeze, but Vince just insisted on overemphasizing gimmick and comedy. Granted, Breeze does great with comedy, but if the Fashion Police were doing matches on this level, they’d be champions. Breeze gave Ricochet a hell of a match, and it really elevates Ricochet in winning. It’ll really take something insane to dethrone Ricochet, if Breeze got to be this strong. As for Breeze, I’m not sure what he’ll do now that he’s back. I was hoping he’d go to 205 Live, but I know HHH will treat Breeze right either way.

My Score: 8.8/10

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