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Mitchell’s Monday Night Raw Report! (8/6/18)



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Raw gets Rowdy, and a little crazy, as Ronda Rousey makes her television in-ring debut against Alicia Fox! Can Ronda clear out the Goddess’ newest sidekick?



  • Roman Reigns VS Baron Corbin; Roman wins.
  • Bobby Roode VS Mojo Rawley; Roode wins.
  • Rezar w/ Akam VS Titus O’Neil w/ Titus Worldwide; Rezar wins.
  • Braun Strowman VS Jinder Mahal w/ Sunil Singh; Mahal wins, by disqualification.
  • Dolph Ziggler & Drew McIntyre VS Seth Rollins & Roman Reigns; becomes…
  • 2v1 Handicap Match: Ziggler & McIntyre VS Rollins; Ziggler & McIntyre win.
  • The Revival VS The B-Team; no contest.
  • The Riott Squad VS The Boss & Hug Connection; The Riott Squad wins.
  • Ronda Rousey w/ Natalya VS Alicia Fox w/ Alexa Bliss; Ronda wins.


Raw reviews the shocking turn of events from last week.

Kurt Angle gave Paul Heyman an ultimatum for both him and his client. Heyman tried his hardest to convince Lesnar to care, but Lesnar just wouldn’t hear him out. Commissioner Stephanie McMahon, in the “interest” of maintaining the Summerslam main event, made sure Angle made sure Roman Reigns was nowhere in the building. The Big Dog was kicked out of the Yard, but not without giving the Lone Wolf a shot in the chops first.

The end of the night came, Heyman told Lesnar what was on the line, and asked as Lesnar’s friend to do this. But Lesnar told Heyman they’re not friends. Lesnar sent Heyman out for him, but that only angered Angle more. Angle called Lesnar the “worst Universal Champion of all time”, and declared both Heyman and Lesnar were fired! But then The Beast would appear! Does management have a problem with Lesnar? Before they could answer, Lesnar gave Angle an F5! And he made Baron Corbin back down with a look. Then he’d grab his Advocate by the jaw! Lesnar made Heyman look at Angle, then almost choked him out. The Conqueror has become The Tyrant, but can anyone hope to dethrone him?


Kurt Angle heads to the ring!

The Olympic Gold Medalist GM has the Constable in tow as he welcomes Jacksonville to the show. Angle reminds us that tonight is Ronda Rousey’s TV wrestling debut! Angle appreciates Ronda likes competing on Raw and with no complaints. Whether Ronda wins or loses at Sumemrslam, she’s a champion in Angle’s eyes. Unfortunately, the same can’t be said about Lesnar. Constable Corbin warns Angle to watch his words, but Angle has to get this out. Lesnar doesn’t care about the fans, the championship or Angle. Heyman managed to get Lesnar out before Raw went off the air, so Heyman’s job is still secure. But Lesnar and his attack on Angle has– Well first, here comes Roman Reigns!

The Big Dog is back, and he joins Angle & Corbin in the ring. Roman tells Angle that while he has a lot of respect as GM, Angle should’ve known better. If you kick the Dog out, who protects the Yard? It’s how Lesnar was able to rag doll Angle last week. Corbin shouldn’t be smiling, he didn’t do a damn thing! Actually, Corbin ran like “a scared, little old-” Angle knows no one likes what Lesnar did, from top to bottom. Oh really? Is Angle about to say what he’s about to say? Lesnar gets indefinitely suspended to keep the match off? No, far from it. Lesnar will defend his Universal Championship against Roman Reigns. And Angle really wants Roman to kick Lesnar’s ass.

Wow, that’s a sound bite. Corbin says that’s unprofessional, there are no favorites in management. And if Lesnar was here, he’d– He’d what? Look at Corbin to make him run away again? Corbin didn’t run away, he was the bigger man. And Corbin was tired from beating up “little tiny Finn Balor.” Y’know, someone who was already Universal Champion? Corbin does so much, what else could he have done. Acted like a man, for one. Oh and Angle is an example? He comes out acting like this is his show. All he does is make matches. Stephanie McMahon and Triple H are in charge, and put Corbin in charge to watch Angle, because Angle can’t be trusted. Angle admits to that, he just makes matches. But here’s a match idea: Roman Reigns VS Baron Corbin, RIGHT NOW! The only one who hates the idea is Corbin.

Roman Reigns VS Baron Corbin!

Corbin sucker punches Roman! The referee is slow to appearing, but Corbin waits for Roman to stand again. SUPERMAN PUNCH! Corbin goes down, Roman covers, TWO!! That was almost a quick finish and everyone knows it. Corbin bails out of the ring to clear his head, but we go to break.

Raw returns and Corbin has Roman in a chinlock. Roman stands up and powers out, then things speed up. Roman scoops but Corbin slips off to shove him. Corbin runs, slides out but slides back in to clobber Roman! Cover, TWO! The Big Dog gasps for air while the Lone Wolf works to keep his cool. Corbin grabs Roman by his hair and puts him in a corner. Corbin throws heavy hands, then whips Roman corner to corner hard. Roman hits buckles then the mat, and Corbin mockingly applauds. Fans boo and jeer the cocky Constable while he trash talks Roman. Corbin drags Roman up and Roman fights back with body shots. Roman runs, but into a big back elbow! Cover, TWO! Corbin puts Roman in a half-nelson chinbar. Roman endures the twisting while fans build to a rally. Roman stands up, but Corbin throws him down.

Corbin sneers as he looms over Roman. He stomps on Roman, then drives elbows into Roman’s forehead. Corbin reapplies the half-nelson chinbar and bends Roman back. Fans rally up again and Roman reaches for ropes. Roman stands up, and fights out with haymakers. Corbin shoves Roman but gets a kick for it. They collide with clothelines but Rmoan stays standing. Roman whips but Corbin reverses and ducks the leaping lariat. Roman anticipates Corbin and clotheslines him out! The fans fire up while Roman pursues Corbin. Drive-By! Corbin goes down, but Roman brings him back up and in. Corbin rolls back out, then uppercuts Roman at the ropes! He shoves Roman into a post, and has control while we go to break.

Raw returns again, and Corbin has Roman in the half-nelson chinbar again. Fans rally up again and Roman feeds off the energy. Fans duel as Roman stands up and fights back again. Corbin shoves Roman, but Roman holds ropes. Corbin runs into an elbow, but reverses the whip, only to get the leaping lariat! Roman boots Corbin, then shoves him for the Samoan Drop! Cover, TWO! Roman keeps his cool as he stalks Corbin to a corner. He gives the close-range clotheslines, and gets all 10. Roman runs, and boots Corbin down! Fans fire up as Roman locks and loads. Roman runs out, but Corbin blocks the Superman punch. Roman gets out of the Choke Slam, but runs into DEEP SIX! Cover, TWO! Corbin is furious over Roman surviving. He and Roman slowly stand while fans rally up.

Roman gets to a corner, and Corbin runs in for a big clothesline. Corbin gives another, and another, then reels Roman in. Roman fires forearms to stop, then whips Corbin. Corbin slides out, accidentally knocks over a cameraman, then slides back in, for a SUPERMAN PUNCH! Cover, TWO! Roman is shocked, but Corbin still lives. Both men are down but Roman has energy to give. Fans fire up as he gets to a corner. Roman lets out the howl, but Corbin has escaped to the apron. Corbin walks away, not feeling the need to finish this. But here comes Finn Balor! The Extraordinary Man walks down the ramp and Corbin finds himself stuck. Corbin protests, but gets a FLYING Superman Punch! Roman puts Corbin in the ring, lets out the howl, and SPEAR! Cover, Roman wins!

Winner: Roman Reigns, by pinfall

An assist to Finn for keeping Corbin caged in, but Roman wins again! Can Roman finally get it done on The Beast at Summerslam? That’s yet to be seen, but for now, Roman gives Finn the nod and fist bump. Finn gets in the ring, takes off the jacket, and looks to give the Constable some payback. He hits the blasting dropkick! Then he climbs up top, COUP DE GRACE! The double stomp leaves the big bad Lone Wolf wincing. Will these two settle this grudge in the near future?


Kurt Angle meets with Seth Rollins.

The Architect’s focus is on the Intercontinental Champion, but points out how Drew McIntyre always rears his ugly head to help out Dolph Ziggler. And how when Rollins aims for McIntyre, he has to worry about Ziggler. Rollins wants to know how he can take care of both of them. Angle suggests he find a partner to take those two on in a tag team match. Rollins accepts the terms, can he find someone to stand up to the Show-Off & The Scottish Terminator tonight?


Bobby Roode VS Mojo Rawley!

The Glorious One took offense to being called all hype from the former Hype Man. When push came to shove last week, Roode would start a fight with Mojo backstage in the locker room. Can Roode show Mojo which one of them is really just hype? Or will Mojo prove he’s better than Absolutely GLORIOUS?

The bell rings and the two tie up right away. Roode gets a headlock, then spins around to a hammerlock. Mojo elbows out, then headbutts Roode to a corner. Mojo bumps Roode off buckles, then stalks behind him. Roode checks his face, then throws haymakers on Mojo. Roode whips Mojo corner to corner but Mojo reveres, only for Roode to run out with a lariat. Mojo crawls now, but turns around into a kick. Mojo denies the DDT, Roode gets a waistlock but Mojo standing switches. Roode throws Mojo out then dropkicks him down. The Killer Instinct is on the defensive while we go to break.

Raw returns and Mojo has Roode in a rear bearhug. Mojo taunts Roode while squeezing the ribs. Roode endures while he works out of the hold. Roode pries Mojo’s hands apart, but Mojo knees low. Mojo gut wrenches Roode for a throw, then covers, TWO! Mojo keeps his cool while Roode clutches his back. He rams forearms into Roode, then covers, TWO. Mojo puts Roode in another bearhug, but Roode works against it. Fans rally up for Roode, and Roode feeds off it. Roode powers his way up but Mojo squeezes tighter. Roode endures but Mojo keeps taunting him. They stand up, fans rally again, and Roode elbows his way out. Roode runs, but into a sidewalk slam! Mojo watches Roode intently while he’s on the mat. Mojo moderately mocks the Glorious pose, then lifts Roode. Roode sunset flips, TWO!

Roode blocks right hands to give right hands, but Mojo knees low. Mojo whips but Roode kicks him away. Roode ducks, runs and rallies with forearm smashes and lariats. Mojo gets to a corner but Roode gives him a clothesline to neckbreaker! Fans fire up with Roode as he hops up. Roode takes aim, GLORIOUS Blockbuster! His back slows him down but he doesn’t stop. Fans fire up again as he winds it up… GLORIOUS! He kicks, but Mojo powers him to a corner. Mojo rolls out but runs into boots. Roode up again, but jumps to be caught into a fireman’s carry. Mojo pops Roode, GLORIOUS DDT! cover, Roode wins!

Winner: Bobby Roode, by pinfall

A win out of nowhere, that is the ability of Roode’s intellect. Has Roode’s GLORIOUS talent shut Mojo down? Or will Mojo rise again for more?


WWE staff goes over tonight’s details with Elias.

But The Drifter doesn’t want to worry about that, he’s already seen it all in his head. They just need to do their jobs, and it’ll be perfect. What will Elias have to say when he hits the stage?


“Ladies and Gentlemen: Elias.”

He introduces himself to Jacksonville, plays his guitar, and as always, he asks “Who Wants to Walk with Elias?!” Jacksonville seems into that idea. The album is out, he is changing lives on a daily basis. If you don’t have it yet, you’re one of a very few. Big names in music are afraid, because Elias is on top of all the charts with only four songs! Can he get an amen? Amen! Now, Elias’ document came out on the WWE Network, aka the Walk With Elias Network. They tried but they got it wrong, so Elias has his film crew here to do it the “real” way, Elias’ way. So please silence phones and hold applause until after he finishes.

Actually, move over, cameraman. Get a close up on the fingers, that’s the magic. Elias plays while the crew moves over, but then he gets an idea. Circle him! Like they’re orbiting around the center of the WWE Universe. The crew moves, but a bit slow for his liking. Slow like Bobby Lashley, actually. But wait, hold on, the audience is the problem. Jacksonville takes offense. Can they use CGI or something to blur them all out? Better yet, copy and paste in a better crowd. Fans boo louder now. Elias keeps his camera crew in mind. That nobody, Bobby Lashley, ruined everything last week, that’s not happening this week. Elias plays his guitar while the crew moves together around him. But speaking of Lashley, here he comes!

The Dominator heads to the ring, much to Elias’ chagrin. Lashley likes Elias’ jokes, but once again his name comes out of Elias’ mouth. He heard Elias complain about his documentary. Lashley liked how brilliant that documentary was, what’s he complaining about? Elias admits it had its moments, but it portrayed him as egotistical and out of touch. As opposed to what? Elias gets it now. Lashley is making jokes, too. But keep the camera on Elias. Fans boo, Elias tells them to shut up. Elias knows Lashley is out here to steal the spotlight, but it’s not happening. Lashley has tried to steal the spotlight but it ain’t happening. Lashley’s comeback has been a joke. No, the joke is Elias, from his boot, to guitar, to scarf to documentary to music! The next time Lashley’s name comes out Elias’ mouth, what happens to him won’t be a joke.

Elias has his crew start moving out of the ring. They can film somewhere else, like in the back where they won’t be interrupted. Don’t worry about anyone else. Elias checks the clipboard, but sues it as a decoy on Lashley! He stomps away on Lashley at the ropes, then asks who the joke really is. Elias runs, but into a SPINEBUSTER! Lashley isn’t smiling, but he does want Elias’ crew to document him. Fans love Lashley as he gives Elias the Vertigo Suplex slam! Is that going to make it into the second Elias documentary? Is Elias going to make it to a second album if he keeps mocking the Alpha Male?


Seth Rollins stretches backstage.

In walks Tyler Breeze. Prince Pretty heard about how he needed a tag team partner, and he’s without a partner of his own. Tyler’s gorgeous while Rollins is… passing. Y’know, if you’re into that #CrossfitJesus thing. So how about it? Crossfit Breezus? Yeah? Let’s do this before Breeze changes his mind. Roman walks in, seeing Breeze do the shield fist. Is this serious? Everyone wants in. Nah, Roman’s got this. The Shield Brothers reunite once again, can they finally shut Ziggler & McIntyre up?


Rezar w/ Akam VS Titus O’Neil w/ Titus Worldwide!

Last week, Apollo Crews proved one half of the Authors of Pain aren’t as dangerous if they’re all alone in a match. Can the Real Deal Titus Brand President prove the same about the other half? Or will the ending be changed this time around?

The bell rings and the two big men tie up. Rezar powers Titus to a corner, then backs up at 4 only to knee Titus low. He stalks Titus to give him more body shots. He trash talks in Albanian before clubbing Titus down to the mat. Rezar trash talks Apollo, too, but Titus throws hands! Titus whips but is reversed into another low knee. Rezar doesn’t let up in trash talk, nor in the attack as he rams his shoulder into Titus in a corner. He backs up at 4, and fans boo and jeer. Rezar grinds his boot into Titus, then backs off at 4 again. Dana and Apollo coach Titus up, even as Rezar shouts at them all. Rezar grinds Titus into the corner, but still lets up at 4. Titus manages to kick back, then throw hands.

Titus powers back, then whips Rezar into a corner. Now Titus gives shoulders and chops to Rezar. He whips but Rezar revesres. Titus goes up and over, to boot Rezar down! The Gator fires up, as does Jacksonville. Titus barks, runs in, and hits a big corner splash. He keeps moving, but now Akam talks trash to distract. Rezar boots Titus down! Rezar glares as he picks Titus up, SPINEBUSTER! Cover, Rezar wins!

Winner: Rezar, by pinfall

The AoP tie things up in 1v1 competition, with some indirect teamwork. Will they continue to write a story of dominance in the Raw Tag Team Division? Or are they setting themselves up for a bad ending?


Kevin Owens talks with Jinder Mahal & Sunil Singh backstage.

The Prizefighter and Modern Day Maharaja seem to be going over flashcard notes. The Kevin Owens Show returns, next!

It’s the Kevin Owens Show!

Yes, it’s back after a long hiatus, and now it’s set up on the stage instead of in the ring. Kevin welcomes everyone to this return edition, and asks we help welcome “a man who has been instrumental” in helping Kevin handle all the stress caused by Braun Strowman. Welcome Kevin’s personal guru, Jinder Mahal! Mahal comes out, with Sunil behind him. They take their seats, and Kevin thanks Mahal. Kevin was skeptical about the methods, the breathing and chanting and “crap”, but Kevin has felt so much better. At Extreme Rules, Kevin was thrown off the steel cage onto the announce table, and he thought he would live his life in pain. But now, he’s pain free! He can play with his kids without feeling his spine shifting.

Kevin has Mahal out here for that, but also because they share something special. They’ve both accomplished something rare in the WWE. When someone sees Braun Strowman, they usually see a monster. Speaking of, fans would like to see Strowman themselves. Strowman is seemingly impossible to defeat, but Kevin has achieved the impossible! Kevin defeated Strowman! And so did Mahal! Granted, Kevin did it in a “grueling steel cage match” while Mahal got a count-out, but wins are wins. In fact, if Kevin wins at Summerslam, he’ll get that Money in the Bank contract. Strowman tried to take everything from Kevin, but Kevin will do so in return. And when Kevin wins, he’ll be #KOInTheBank! A guaranteed title shot whenever and wherever, which guarantees Kevin will finally reclaim the Universal Championship!

But the truth is, Kevin has never been the same since losing that title. Kevin feels it within his grasp, all thanks to Mahal helping him be clear-headed. Kevin has an idea for what needs to happen tonight. They need to have Mahal VS Strowman one more time! It’ll be fine. Mahal did it once, he can do it again, and will do it again. Bring out The Monster Among Men, Braun Strowman! Kevin tries again. Oh but see? The Monster is afraid of them. Wait, what? What made the stage move? What’s tipping the stage?! It’s BRAUN!! The Monster gets another one over on the conniving Kevin, but is also here for that match Kevin promised!


Braun Strowman VS Jinder Mahal w/ Sunil Singh!

The Monster Among Men wants revenge on the Modern Day Maharaja for that count-out-with-an-assist defeat last week. Now that Strowman knows what to expect, will he make back his win before defending his briefcase against Kevin?

Kevin coaches Mahal up for this, but Mahal is still reeling from the stage-tipping. Mahal still gets in the ring as Kevin shouts “Shanti!” at him. The bell rings, and Mahal asks Strowman be peaceful about this. They circle but fans chant “Get These Hands!” Strowman fires up with the Monster’s Mantra, then dares Mahal to bring the fight. Mahal refuses, but Kevin sneaks away with the briefcase. Or tries to, because Strowman sees him again. And gives chase, again! Kevin dumps the case down, but Strowman still chases him off. Then he gets in at 8! Mahal panics, he doesn’t know what to do without Kevin’s help.

Kevin sheepishly comes back while Mahal just tries to avoid Strowman. Strowman corners him and throws him! Kevin sneaks up, gets the case, and runs away! Strowman chases him down and runs him over at the stage! Mahal comes back but Strowman hits him with the briefcase! That’s a disqualification!

Winner: Jinder Mahal, by disqualification

Another example of how Strowman could still lose his briefcase to Kevin at Summerslam! Mahal gets another win, but that only angers Strowman all over again. Strowman storms down and catches Mahal at the timekeeper’s area! Sunil Singh snags the briefcase to save Mahal, but instantly regrets it. Sunil tosses the briefcase back to Strowman, but Strowman still boots Sunil down! Mahal has escaped to safety by now, but Strowman dares someone to fight! Kevin has brains, but will it be enough to outsmart Strowman’s brawn in Brooklyn?


Baron Corbin talks with Stephanie McMahon on the phone.

He then passes her on to Angle. Angle talks with the Raw Commissioner now, and understands her orders. He tries to reason with her, but Stephanie’s orders are clear. He’ll “take care of it”, but what does that mean?


Raw shares footage of Corey Graves conducting a retrospective interview with Roman Reigns.

There’s no surprise Brock Lesnar refused to be part of this, but that’s par for the course as The Beast goes. How does Roman Reigns feel about going one more time against Lesnar after all the times he’s fallen short? This rivalry of main event proportions dates all the way back to Wrestlemania 31 in 2015. They battled for the WWE World Championship in the main event. It went back and forth, until The Architect cashed-in to snag the title away from both men. That wasn’t a defeat for Roman, but it wasn’t a victory. Fast-forward to Wrestlemania 33 just this past April. They again battled back and forth, for the Universal Championship, and Lesnar truly defeated The Big Dog. Roman vowed to simply get up and keep going.

It was only a couple weeks later that they would have their third go, inside a Steel Cage! Roman hit a Spear so strong, both men went through a cage wall! But because of a referee’s hasty decision in calling it, The Beast would remain champion. The controversy would upset Roman, because he felt like the real winner that night. But then, what is his reaction to Lesnar out and saying he doesn’t care about the WWE Universe? Lesnar went so far as to assault the GM and his own manager. “You have no leader when you have a champion like Brock Lesnar.” Roman is sick of Lesnar disrespecting this lifestyle, this business that is his family’s legacy.

Lesnar still vowed to “kick Roman Reigns’ ass”, but Roman vows to do what Lesnar doesn’t. Roman is going to actually show up, earn the belt, and set a standard. Lesnar’s the Beast, but he hasn’t conquered Roman. Roman is in a scenario where losing is not an option. Will he make good on this fourth and possibly final time against Lesnar?


Kurt Angle & Baron Corbin intercept The Shield.

Corbin has Angle tell them the bad news. Angle can’t, so Corbin speaks up. It’s admirable that Roman wants to help his “brother”, but Stephanie McMahon can’t have them jeopardizing the main event of Summerslam. Roman already competed in a grueling match, so he can’t be Rollins’ partner. Well good thing Roman doesn’t care what Stephanie thinks. Stephanie knew he’d say that, so if he defies her orders, he loses his shot at Lesnar. Rollins calms Roman down and says he can handle this for the sake of the bigger picture. Well, it’s going to be a handicap match now. Does Rollins stand a chance? By the way, Roman, how’re those ribs? Roman body shots Corbin! Get the trainer, that had to hurt.


2v1 Handicap: Dolph Ziggler & Drew McIntyre VS Seth Rollins!

The Show-Off & The Stud have an even better chance of winning now that it’s just The Kingslayer. Can Rollins survive being the one caught up in the conspiracy crossfire?

Rollins has no choice but to start against Drew McIntyre. Fans want Dean Ambrose, but he’s sadly far from returning given that elbow injury. Rollins daringly SLAPS McIntyre, then leads him on a cat ‘n’ mouse chase. Rollins dropkicks McINtyre, then grabs Ziggler. He goes after the Show-Off with stomps, then dodges McIntyre to roll him. SUPERKIKC for McINtyre, then a clothesline for Ziggler. Rollins hurries up top, but Ziggler goes after him. He kicks Ziggler away, but flies into a catch! McIntyre spins around from the momentum and dumps Rollins on his side, but then deadlifts him back up for a backbreaker! Rollins writhes but McIntyre rains right hands. McIntyre glares as he drags Rollins back up. He puts Rollins in a corner, then whips him corner to corner. Rollins tumbles up and down, then Ziggler tags in.

Ziggler taunts Rollins while fans rally up for him. Rollins hits Ziggler with haymakers, but Ziggler kicks low. ZIggler puts Rollins in the corner and McIntyre tags back in. McIntyre gives body shots and swift chops. Fans keep trying, but Rollins is put in the seated abdominal stretch. Rollins endures while they continue to rally, but Ziggler likes the control he sees. McIntyre grinds and stretches Rollins more, but fans rally up. Rollins gives a jawbreaker, but McIntyre deadlift throws Rollins down. Tag to Ziggler, and Ziggler continues to rope-a-dope with Rollins. Ziggler taunts Rollins, that when Rollins is all alone, he loses. Rollins fights back with body shots, but Ziggler stops him with a haymaker. Ziggler bumps Rollins off buckles, then runs in. The splash misses! Rollins can’t tag out, he can only recover on the mat.

Fans rally up again and Rollins denies a tag with chops and haymakers. he whips Ziggler, but Ziggler dodges. Ziggler holds on and throws Rollins out. Rollins trips McIntyre! Then he baits McIntyre to run into a post! Rollins has an opening as he rushes Ziggler. Slingblade! Rollins forearm smashes, then runs for a clothesline to send Ziggler out. Fans fire up while Rollins takes aim. Rollins builds speed and DIVES! Direct hit, and Rollins puts Ziggler in the ring. Rollins springboards, flying clothesline! Rollins and Jacksonville fire up as he mule kicks, but Ziggler dodges the stomp. Ziggler kicks, but runs into a Buckle Bomb! McIntyre tags in! And clobbers Rollins! McIntyre glares again, then tags Ziggler. They bring Rollins up to finish this. McIntyre runs, but into a knee! School boy on Ziggler, but McIntyre breaks it. SUPERKICK from Ziggler, cover, Ziggler & McIntyre win!

Winner(s): Dolph Ziggler & Drew McIntyre, Ziggler pinning

It was fast, furious and chaotic. There may have been controversy, but it doesn’t really matter now. Rollins lost against both Show-Off and Stud tonight, but can he find a way to not lose again at Summerslam?


The Revival VS The B-Team!

The #TopGuys want to prove Bo Dallas & Curt Axel are anything but the “best” team. With a win here tonight, Scott Dawson & Dash Wilder can enter the Raw Tag Team Championship discussion. Will they #SayYeah to a title shot in the near future? Or will the “undefeated” champions keep their streak alive?

The bell rings and Axel starts against Dawson. They tie up and Dawson brings Axel to the Revival’s corner. Dash tags in but Axel gets away. Axel and Dash tie up and Axel gets an arm wrench. Dash fights out and gives European Uppercuts. He whips Axel corner to corner to give corner clothesline and more uppercuts. Axel comes back with his own clothesline, then tags in Bo. B-Team holds Dash in place and Bo hits a corner elbow. He fires off on Dash, then feeds him to Axel’s knee. Cover, TWO, and Dash powers Bo to a corner. Tag to Dawson and the Revival mug Bo. Dash kicks Bo for a loop, then Dawson drags Bo up to bump him off buckles.

Dawson chops Bo, then gives him a EuroUpper. He reels Bo in for a lariat, then covers. TWO, but Dawson tries again. TWO, so Dawson grabs a handful of hair. He wraps Bo in a cobra clutch and thrashes Bo around. Bo endures and fights his way up. He reaches for Axel, but Dawson denies a tag. Bo fights out and trades blows with Dawson. Dawson shoves Bo, but they collide on the rebound! Both men go down, both partners reach out. They crawl for their corners, but THE DELETERS APPEAR! They’ve replaced Axel and Dash! When?! But that doesn’t matter, the attack begins!

No Contest

Dawson gets a Twist of Fate while Bo gets Sister Abigail’s Kiss! The former champions will show no mercy until they reacquire the titles! Who will be DELETED and DEFEATED when this war on there fronts is all over?


Renee Young has a sit-down interview with Paul Heyman.

Last week, it was clear Brock Lesnar no longer considers The Advocate his advocate. Lesnar has completely cut all ties with Heyman, they have not spoken these last seven days. Heyman wants to, but Lesnar doesn’t. Heyman knows Lesnar won’t like him saying this, but they must continue the interview. Renee wants to bring up last week, but Heyman doesn’t like where this is going. Is Lesnar still a friend? Strangely enough, yes. Heyman’s family was friends with Lesnar’s family. This is not how Heyman envisioned this story ending. They were going to ride off into the sunset, Lesnar holding two championship belts while Heyman shouted “reigning, defending, undisputed” and all that.

At this point in Lesnar’s career, does he still need Heyman? Heyman holds back the tears, and tells Renee to keep going. They’ve spent a lot of time in the WWE. Does Heyman have any potential new clients in mind? That question would’ve been better a week ago. This entire situation is inconceivable. How could Heyman just replace Lesnar? Then about Summerslam, as the last question of the night. Who will be Universal Champion? Heyman has been with Lesnar for 16 years, the highs and the lows. Yet Heyman has never seen this Lesnar. This more driven, focused and more violent Lesnar. Against this Lesnar, “Roman Reigns doesn’t stand a chance.” The Advocate is a broken man, but will the Beast leave Roman the same after Brooklyn?


The Riott Squad VS The Boss & Hug Connection!

The Juvenile Delinquent and Country Viking want another try against the #LegitHuggable duo after last week’s defeat. Can Liv & Sarah get even with Bayley & Banks while Ruby Riott is still on the sidelines? Or will it be 2-0 for the reunited best friends?

The bell rings, the gear is put away, and it’ll be Sasha starting against Liv first. THey tie up and go around the ring. Liv pulls hair but teh referee separates them. They tie up again but Sasha gets away. Liv rocks her with a right, then stomps away in a corner. She screams at the ref for counting, but then runs into buckles. Sasha bumps her off more buckles, then gives Liv some nightshade. Bayley tags in, Sasha tackles Liv and Bayley covers. TWO, but Bayley brings Liv up. Liv kicks back, then tags Sarah. Sarah runs into a hip toss, then Bayley adds a sliding lariat and elbow drop. Cover, ONE, but Bayley is on Sarah with an armlock. Sarah endures so Bayley drags her around to a mounted position. Bayley wrenches the arm but Sarah forearms out.

Sarah whips Bayley to a corner but runs into boots. Bayley goes up, crossbody! Cover, TWO! Sarah keeps on Bayley, going after her arm in return. Sarah whips but Bayley reverses only to be reversed back, and Bayley hits buckles hard! Liv tags in to add leaping stomps! Cover, but Bayley gets out and away. The Squad has control while we go to break.

Raw returns to see Sarah grinding Bayley into the mat with a cobra clutch. Fans rally up and Bayley feeds off it. Bayley stands but Sarah wrangles her back down. Liv and Sarah both shot that Bayley isn’t going anywhere as Sarah thrashes Bayley around. Sasha rallies the fans and Bayley powers up again. Bayley jawbreakers out, then crawls. Sarah keeps wrist control and reels Bayley back into the hold! Sarah gives Bayley a backbreaker then slams Bayley to the mat, all while maintaining the clutch. Bayley powers up again and arm-drags Sarha off! She crawls for Sasha, but Sarah yanks Sasha off! Sarah drags Bayley all the way over, and both Squad members stomp away. Liv tags in and climbs up, and Sarah feeds Bayley’s face to Liv’s knees. Liv then gives Bayley a facebuster, cover, TWO!

The Squad is furious, but Liv keep son Bayley. She whips Bayley but Bayley goes up and over. Bayley can’t get to Sasha before Liv throws her into the corner again. Liv runs in, but into snake eyes! Sasha and the fans are red hot, and gets teh hot tag! Sarah tags in, too, but it’s The Boss who rallies! Sasha dropkicks Sarah, then blocks a kick to give a knee. Sarah is reeling, but she puts Sasha on the apron. Sasha knees back in, then hoists Sarah up top. Bayley tags in and takes Sasha’s place up top. Sasha tags back in for Bayley’s SUPER STEINER, then hits METEORA! Cover, but Liv breaks it up!

Bayley throws Liv out hard, then takes aim from the apron. But someone saves Liv? Enziguri for Bayley! It’s RUBY! She’s back!! The Squad is at full power as Sarah rolls Sasha up. The Riott Squad wins!

W inner: The Riott Squad, Sarah Logan pinning

The gang’s all here as the squad leader makes a surprise return! With Ruby back at the helm, can she lead her team to bigger things in the near future?


Raw quickly reviews Rowdy Rousey joining the WWE.

From a surprise appearance at the Royal Rumble to a mixed tag match victory at Wrestlemania, Ronda has taken pro-wrestling by storm. She and Nia Jax went toe to toe, strength for toughness, at Money in the Bank. But what would’ve been a crowning achievement for Ronda became the golden opportunity for the Five Foot Fury. The Goddess reigns once again, but that only pissed Ronda off. Perhaps too much, as Ronda beat down tiny Alexa Bliss and put her through a table! The only problem was she also hit Kurt Angle in her rage, so she was suspended 30 days. But those 30 days have come and gone, and in return for good behavior, Ronda has a title shot at Summerslam!

Of course, Alexa always makes sure she has someone by her side to do her bidding. Ronda is done with that, which brings us to tonight’s main event! Ronda makes her Raw in-ring debut, with the Queen of Harts by her side. Can Ronda remove Ms. Crazy Like a Fox to have a clear shot at Alexa Bliss?


Ronda Rousey w/ Natalya VS Alicia Fox w/ Alexa Bliss!

Chary Caruso quickly interviews Alicia & Alexa in the ring before the match. Alexa is “so excited” to have people talking about Ronda. Charly’s had all night to think of questions to ask, and she asks about Ronda? They’re in the presence of a trailblazer and former champion! Don’t be rude, Jacksonville. Charly, this is where you use that journalism degree to use and ask a good question.

In that case, how did Alicia prepare for The Baddest Woman on the Planet? Ronda’s “great”, but banged up. That’s points for Alicia. Even if they sit and talk about Ronda’s achievements, like UFC Hall of Fame and Olympic medals, was she the captain of the Raw Survivor Series team? No, but enough of Charly. Alexa dismisses her, and to be serious, WWE Evolution wouldn’t be possible without women like Alicia. And before the biggest match of her career, Alexa thanks Alicia for her contributions. That’s from all of the women of WWE except Ronda. Ronda isn’t grateful for anything, nor does she deserve a title shot! But Alexa will pick up the pieces in Brooklyn. Has Alicia spent the last decade sacrificing just so an overrated rookie can steal the thunder? NO! But here comes Ronda!

Ronda enters the ring and we finally begin. The bell rings, but Alicia keeps her distance in a corner. Alicia tells Ronda that this ring is her house, not Ronda’s. She is honored to be Ronda’s first, but it’s not gonna last. Alicia’s right, it won’t last. Alicia swings on Ronda, but gets taken down! Foxy runs for it, and Ronda scares Alexa back from the apron. The two regroup and Alicia returns to the ring. Only to duck out again. Alexa distracts again, but Natty trips her up! The Queen shows the Goddess what’s up, but then Alexa shoves her into a post! Alicia tries to take advantage, but Alexa does! Alexa trips Ronda, Alicia pounces. The referee backs Alicia off, but she comes back for a mudhole stomp. This only angers Ronda.

Alicia sees the glare, and gets the fists! Ronda whips and reels Alicia in for a SWIFT takedown, then another. Ronda gives Alicia a third, and Alicia has no choice but to get out now. Jacksonville is fired up as Ronda fetches Alicia, to put her into the barriers! They go back in the ring, so Alexa tries once more to distract Ronda. Ronda sees Alicia coming, though, and throws her! Alicia might be regretting her choice to side with Alexa. Ronda grabs the arm, and shows Alexa what waits for her in Brooklyn. ARMBAR! Alicia taps, Ronda wins!

Winner: Ronda Rousey, by submission

The Baddest Woman on the Planet has put fear in the eyes of the Raw Women’s Champion. Natty celebrates with Ronda while Alexa regroups with Alicia. Charly returns to interview Ronda on her first Raw TV victory. Ronda thanks everyone for supporting her, and she feels great for being able to focus on Sumermslam. Alexa tries an ambush, but it doesn’t work! Ronda throws her right off! It doesn’t matter how tightly Alexa holds onto the belt now, because it’ll be Ronda’s soon enough! Ronda doesn’t just drop the mic, she bashes it. Will Alexa be down a belt and one arm after Brooklyn?



My Thoughts:

This was a rather lackluster Raw that had one of the more fun and energetic endings as of late. The opening was standard Raw formula: someone in the authority talks; Roman comes out; something something “impromptu match”. But given it was Roman VS Corbin, in Roman’s home state, Roman was “over” by default. He and Corbin have a decent match, but hey, Finn Balor made sure it wasn’t a count-out win and a pinfall for Roman. This gives us Finn VS Corbin at Summerslam, even though I was personally hoping this ended with Extreme Rules. Maybe now Finn can win to get to a true title program. Then comes a wave of filler as Roode beats Mojo, Rezar beats Titus, and Mahal “defeats” Strowman. I really hope that all this trickery from Kevin Owens means Strowman keeps that briefcase to keep our hopes alive.

I’m also not liking the development with Roman that’s happening. I get Roman wants to help Rollins, but now it’s just ridiculous that Stephanie is keeping him out of things because it’s #BestForBusiness. There was talk WWE (aka Vince McMahon) wanted to make Roman some sort of Daniel Bryan meets Stone Cold in his “fight against authority”, but it’s not working at all. Though, him giving Corbin the swift shots he deserves is fun. However, as fans were sensing, the rest of the segment has to be leading to Ambrose making a surprise return to help Rollins out against McIntyre-Ziggler. Changing The B-Team’s theme to something generic was insult to injury tonight, but at least we’re getting that triple threat tag title match out of the way now rather than at Summerslam. The AoP will likely defeat Titus Worldwide once more and finally get at those titles.

Paul Heyman did amazing again, but now as the depressed and confused confidant of Lesnar rather than the usual boastful blowhard he’s been. His eyes were so red, and the tears were coming down, he was perfect. He even managed to put Lesnar over one more time. It’ll all still go to putting Roman that much higher when he finally wins, but that’s not something Heyman can help. The newest rematch of Riott Squad VS Bayley-Banks was a good match, but I really did like the surprise return of Ruby herself. The Women’s Tag Division is clearly coming with them pushing that mouthful of a name for Sasha & Bayley, but I wonder if the Riott Squad will try to Freebird the titles like The New Day does.

And Ronda was the best part of the night, by miles. While Vince is trying to make Roman Reigns some sort of Stone Cold meets Daniel Bryan with the blatant “look, The Authority is picking on him!” so we’ll like him, Ronda Rousey is the female and GENUINE fusion of those characters, which is why we LOVE her. She will no doubt win that title at Summerslam to then take it on through Hell in a Cell and to WWE Evolution, because she is that popular, she is that good, and is only improving. She may have thrown Alicia around a bit too hard, but Alicia definitely earned some time off on her own end.

My Score: 7.8/10

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Mitchell’s Lucha Underground Report! (8/15/18)



Lucha Underground cover image

Lucha Underground Season 4, “A Snake Scorned”

The Lucha Underground Trios Champions either need to make up or break up, because their titles are on the line against their most dangerous challengers yet!


Gifs can be found courtesy of



  • The Rabbit Tribe VS ???; rescheduled as…
  • Sacrifice to the Gods: Matanza Cueto VS Saltador; Matanza wins and Saltador is sacrificed.
  • Gift of the Gods Championship: El Dragon Azteca Jr. VS Killshot; Azteca wins and retains the Gift of the Gods Championship.
  • Lucha Underground Trios Championships Tornado Tag: The Mack, Son of Havoc & Killshot VS The Reptile Tribe; The Reptile Tribe wins and become the new Lucha Underground Trios Champions.


Antonio Cueto reads a letter.

He is cordially invited to the wedding of Johnny Mundo & Taya Valkyrie. “It’ll never last.” But then he’s visited by Kobra Moon. The Reptile Tribe demands a rematch for the Lucha Underground Trios Championships. They never got their rematch from Ultima Lucha Tres. “And those titles are rightfully ours.” Antonio sees the Queen has fire after her loss last week. But according to his records, they’ve been losing since Ultima Lucha Tres. But the Reptiles are deadlier than ever. Oh? Because last week, Drago is dra-gone. Kobra doesn’t need Drago! She’ll prove it tonight. But she demands what her tribe is owed. “A woman is scorned is a sight I love to see.” Antonio gives her the match she wants. Now please, be dra-gone! Kobra slithers away, but will she really get what she wants?


The Rabbit Tribe VS ???

Antonio is surprised to see The Mad Hatter and his jumpy friend back again. Paul London says that Mala Suerte proved he does not do it like a rabbit. Because a true rabbit would never have taken a beating like that. Therefore, London hopes for a chance at retribution. Saltador will show us what a true rabbit can do. “Salty, don’t let us down.” Antonio says Saltador isn’t jumping anywhere. He’s the next… SACRIFICE TO THE GODS!!

Sacrifice to the Gods: Matanza Cueto VS Saltador!

Paul London, what have you done?! The Jumper has no choice but to fight the Monster God! Matanza storms the ring, and Saltador tries to run away. London keeps Saltador n the ring, then feeds him to Matanza. The bell rings and Saltador does whatever he can to beat up Matanza. He runs and htis a flapjack dropkick. He slides under Matanza, then shoulders him. Saltador springboards, but into teh cradle suplex! Matanza whips Saltador, for WRATH OF THE GODS! Matanza covers, Matanza wins!

Winner: Matanza Cueto, by pinfall

The Monster God is 5-0 since starting on this path of divine destruction. Saltador is sacrificed, yet London is still pleased? His Tribe is down to one, what is the purpose of his thinning the herd?


Son of Havoc and The Mack prepare backstage.

The Man from the Open Road wonders what Killshot’s up to, but The Mack has faith in his friend. Speaking of, it doesn’t seem like Killshot wants to be friends with Havoc at all. Killshot laughs as he comes in. That’s not it. Killshot likes Havoc, he just doesn’t respect him. Killshot doesn’t respect a man who was handed a title on a silver platter, or someone who tries to turn The Mack against Killshot.

The Mack tries to keep the peace, saying he hasn’t sided with anyone. Killshot begs to differ, seeing as how Mack chose Havoc to join the Gift of the Gods field over Killshot. “But guess what? You two failed to capture that title.” Killshot won’t. Havoc and Mack just now learn about Killshot’s double duty. But he feels they only care about gold. Havoc promises he’ll help them retain these titles, once he’s gotten the Gift of the Gods. And turns out, Havoc was right: Killshot doesn’t like him.


Antonio Cueto makes a huge announcement!

As reported via Matt Striker and Vampiro on commentary, El Padre del Jefe has decided that, with the animosity still strong between Pentagon Dark and Cage, they will have another Lucha Underground Championship match next week! And it will be in a Last Man (Or Machine) Standing Match! Antonio gives us the best for last, so which luchador will outlast the other?


Gift of the Gods Championship: El Dragon Azteca Jr. VS Killshot!

The Heir of the Eagle Tribe vows to take his title all the way to the main event of Ultima Lucha Quatro, but the Luchador of Mass Destruction seems to be going into business for himself. Killshot still has to defend his Trios Championship alongside Son of Havoc and The Mack. Will there be enough of him left to stand beside his partners in the main event? Or is he planning on becoming Lucha Underground’s first dual champion?

The belt is raised and the bell rings. The fans are fired up for Azteca as he circles with Killshot. Azteca and Killshot approach, and Azteca kicks low. Azteca chops swiftly, then whips. Killshot reverses but Azteca rolls through to then get a double wristlock. He hops up onto Killshot’s shoulders, for a spinning huricanrana! Killshot rolls out and walks it off, but Azteca builds speed. Azteca slides but Killshot goes up. Killshot waits for Azteca to slide back in and double stomps his back! Killshot then builds speed, to FLY! He wipes Azteca out, then puts him in the ring. Cover, TWO! Killshot stalks Azteca, brings him up, but Azteca fires forearms. Azteca whips but Killshot reverses and spins around to wring Azteca out. Killshot goes after the arms with a modified Rings of Saturn! Azteca endures as both arms are bent back by Killshot’s long legs!

Fans rally up and Azteca pops out. Killshot rolls him into a crucifix, TWO! The Believers are thunderous as Azteca is put in a corner. Azteca slips out and Killshot hits the post. Killshot goes down, Azteca builds speed, but Killshot hits back with a haymaker. Azteca blocks a bump to give one, then roundhouse Killshot. Azteca climbs, leaps and headscissors Killshot to the floor! Believers are fired up as he puts Killshot in the ring. Cover, TWO, but fans are dueling with all their heart. Killshot is in a corner, Azteca runs in for the spinning clothesline. Azteca slaps Killshot, but Killshot comes back with a corner back elbow! Killshot runs, but gets a super forearm! Azteca whips but Killshot reverses. Azteca slides out, Killshot follows, and they go around the corner, but Azteca hits a leg drop! Cover, TWO! Both men stir while fans rally up again.

Azteca bumps Killshot off buckles, then hoists him up top. Fans encourage him to speed up as he climbs up. Killshot fights back, and he puts Azteca on the apron for a kick! He joins Azteca on the apron but gets a kick in return. Killshot throws a haymaker but Azteca gives back. They brawl on the apron, Azteca jumps, but into a Death Valley Driver on the apron! They go back in the ring, Killshot climbs up and… KILL STOMPS! Cover, TWO!? Killshot is furious! How did Azteca survive? The Believers don’t care, they’re loving this!

Killshot shouts that this is his time to shine, then he slaps Azteca. Azteca slaps, Killshot slaps, back and forth, faster and faster. Killshot fires off more strikes, but his discus misses. His back elbow doesn’t, but neither does Azteca’s roaring elbow. Azteca runs, but into Killshot’s knee trigger! Killshot runs, but Azteca follows. Tilt-o-whirl DDT! Cover, Azteca wins!!

Winner: Dragon Azteca Jr, by pinfall; still Gift of the Gods Champion

The Eagle Tribe’s Heir continues to impress fans and shock his opponents. Can he continue his streak of defenses all the way to Ultima Lucha 4? As for Killshot, can he refocus for his Trios Championship defense in the main event?


Aerostar finds Drago on the roof.

The Luchador of Time & Space was given his wish of freeing his friend thanks to Johnny Mundo. He and the Worldwide Underground fought hard to free Drago. Yet Drago keeps hiding himself away. Drago says he doesn’t deserve a second chance. He did things that can never be forgiven. Aero says that wasn’t Drago, it was Kobra Moon pulling his strings. Those strings are now cut, and his friend is by his side. Drago says he doesn’t remember much, but he does know he isn’t worthy of that friendship. Drago must go, so please forgive him. Aerostar vows they will meet again. Drago is not so sure. They shake hands, and Drago flies away. Aerostar knows it in his heart, but will Dragon be able to clear his conscience?


Lucha Underground Trios Championships Tornado Tag: The Mack, Son of Havoc & Killshot VS The Reptile Tribe!

The defending champions clearly have more than just dysfunction dividing the three of them. Meanwhile, the Reptiles have lost the Luchasaurus but have gained the Undead Death Machine. Will the rift between the champions be the opening their opponents need to take back what they lost?

The Mack and Havoc make their entrance, but Killshot doesn’t. Is Killshot still tending to his wounds and wounded pride? There are no tags needed in a Tornado match, so as long as Killshot appears at all, this won’t be a Handicap match. Jeremiah “Snake” wants at the champions but he waits while the referee raises the belts. The bell rings and it’s a brawl. Snake takes Havoc while Kobra and Daga go after The Mack. The King & Queen drag Mack out of the ring. Snake pushes Havoc but Havoc hits back. Snake comes back on the rebound to run Havoc over. Things speed up while fans duel. Snake holds ropes but Havoc hero lands! Havoc dropkicks Snake down, but Daga reenters. Daga throws slapping palm strikes from both sides and knocks Havoc down.

The Mack returns and rocks Daga with a big forearm! Kobra slithers back in and acrobatically headscissors Mack to the ropes. Fans fire up, but Mack blasts Kobra with a dropkick! Snake returns to mule kick then whip Mack. Mack rolls off his back to arm-drag Snake, then things speed up again. Mack hits a running knee strike! Snake crawls but Mack is on him. Mack puts Snake in a corner and whips corner to corner. Snake reverses, but Mack headstands on the top rope. Snake SUPERKICKS Mack down to the ground! Killshot appears! He and Snake stare down, Luchador of Mass Destruction and Undead Death Machine. Snake spits on Killshot! Killshot bobs ‘n’ weaves with Snake’s swings, then he enziguris Snake down!

Killshot stalks Snake, then whips, Snake reverses and pops Killshot up. Snake throws Killshot but Killshot uses that to headscissor Snake forward. Killshot has Snake in a triangle choke! Kobra puts Killshot in one of her own, but then Havoc puts her in one! Daga grabs Havoc for his own triangle choke, but then Mack grabs the other end. Mack rolls Snake over, and the lucha-centipede they have created rolls with it! Havoc endures the Boston Crab while each link suffers a new level of torque on their necks! Snake, Killshot, Kobra and Havoc endure, but Daga is also suffering leg pressure. Daga reaches out and gets the ropebreak to stop all of this. The Mack lets go of Snake, and everyone goes free. Everyone but Mack goes to the outside, and the fans rally up. Mack builds speed, and FLIES! He wipes everyone out!

The Believers fire up and lose their minds while Mack brings Kobra up. Daga climbs up, but Killshot sees him first. Killshot boots Daga down, then builds speed to FLY! Fans cheer as Son of Havoc climbs back up. Havoc SUPER Asais onto all of them! The Believers declare “This is Awesome!” Kobra Moon is back in the ring, and she builds speed. Killshot stops her in her tracks, and rocks her with a right! He grabs her, suplexes but Kobra fights out. Snake triangle jump lariats Killshot down! Fans rally up as Kobra runs. Snake helps her with a wheelbarrow, and he tosses her at Killshot! Kobra throws Killshot with the huricanrana! Kobra puts Killshot in the ring, and he flounders to a corner.

Snake and Kobra coordinate as he brings her up suplex style. She headscissors Killshot and Snake gives him a bicycle boot! Snake then helps Kobra roll forward and back for a tornado DDT! They’re not done yet, as she rolls her way up onto Snake’s shoulders. Electric Chair back senton! Cover, but Havoc breaks it in time! Daga returns and rocks Havoc with strikes. He whips Havoc but Havoc rebounds for a cutter! Cover, but Snake breaks it. The Believers rally up again, not really choosing a side because they love it all. Snake brings Havoc up, lifts him, but Havoc pops out. Havoc wheelbarrows to double stomps. Cover, TWO! Havoc keeps going as he climbs up top.

Snake hurries over but Havoc cartwheels on the top rope. Havoc runs, but into the bicycle boot! Snake turns around into Killshot’s SUPERKICK! Daga clobbers Killshot with a clothesline, but Mack gives him a spinning back heel kick! Kobra gives Mack a backstabber, but he stands back up. He kicks low, Mack Stunner! Snake staggers over, but denies Mack’s stunner. They run, Mack gives Snake a Samoan Drop! To standing moonsault! TWO! Mack drags Snake into the drop zone, then climbs up. Snake stops him, tucks him in, and SUPERKICKS! Then Snake powerbombs Mack for a high stack, TWO, into a Stretch Muffler! Mack endures but Havoc saves him with double stomps, right into a DIVE onto Daga and Killshot! Havoc apologizes for hitting his teammate, but he boots Daga down.

Snake staggers over but Havoc swing kicks him away. Havoc climbs up, but Killshot shoves him down! Killshot doesn’t care if it was accident or not, he still hates Havoc. Snake grabs Havoc for the double underhook, to a shoulder breaker! Cover, The Reptiles win!!

Winners: The Reptile Tribe, Jeremiah Snake pinning; NEW Lucha Underground Trios Champions

Why, Killshot, Why!? The Reptile Tribe gets the titles back, but only because Killshot chose his grudge with Havoc over being champion. The snakes slither away while Killshot sits and laughs at Havoc. “Why can’t you get up?” Killshot says this is Havoc’s fault. Havoc sits up, and Killshot laughs at him more. Fans boo and jeer, they know this was Killshot’s doing. Killshot hops up, KILL STOMPS! The Mack can’t understand why, but Killshot passes the blame onto him, as well. Killshot leaves while Mack stays with Havoc. What will come of this betrayal and abandonment?


The Machine Called Cage heads to the ring!

The Temple’s resident Terminator gets one more shot at the Lucha Underground Championship against Pentagon Dark next week, and he has something to say. Pentagon will find out “once and for all” what Cage has been saying for years. “I’m not a man!” SUPERKICK from Pentagon! The champion is here now, and he tears into his challenger already! He bounces Cage off the railing while fans chant “Cero Miedo!” Pentagon aims at Cage, but his SUPERKICK hits a fan! Cage rocks Pentagon back with elbows, then drags him up the steps. Pentagon fights back and chops Cage. He kicks Cage’s leg, then gives a SHARP chop to his chest. Cage headbutts Pentagon, then drags him to the top of the stairs. He throws Pentagon into a wall, then into another.

They end up by the house band, and Pentagon takes one of Metalachi’s guitars. He’s aiming for Cage, but he hits one of the band members with it! Cage clobbers Pentagon again, then smacks him with whats left of the instrument. Cage drags Pentagon around and throws him into another wall. The security staff is no match for Cage, one guy gets scoop slammed onto the floor. There is a lot of collateral damage already, but this brawl is far from over. Cage tries to push Pentagon over the railing! Pentagon holds on for dear life, and manages to fight his way back up. Now Pentagon tries to do the same to Cage. Cage fights back and again tries to toss Pentagon over! Pentagon holds on so Cage brings him around. They keep brawling, and Cage whips Pentagon into a wall.

Believers clear out as the two end up on a camera platform. Pentagon kicks Cage and fires up, but Cage gives him uppercuts. Cage prepares to suplex Pentagon, but Pentagon fights out. Pentagon prepares his own move, “CERO MIEDO!” Cage resists, then rocks Pentagon with a leaping knee strike. Pentagon walks down to the bleachers but Cage pursues. They still brawl back and forth. Cage brings Pentagon down the bleachers and tosses him to the floor.  Cage bumps Father Rick O’Shay, which angers The Machine. The man of the cloth doesn’t want any trouble, but Pentagon saves him as he SMACKS Cage with a chair! Father O’Shay is about to bless Pentagon, but Pentagon doesn’t care for any of that. He throws the priest down, and goes after his arm! Even Believers aren’t sure about this one, but he still breaks O’Shay’s arm!!

Cage has the chair, and he swings on Pentagon. Pentagon ducks and gets another chair, and the two SMACK each other at the same time! They keep brawling, and throwing each other into railing. Pentagon SUPERKICKS Cage but Cage keeps coming after him. Cage SUPERKICKS Pentagon, but Pentagon keeps chopping. This brawl is far from over, who will be the Last Man (Or Machine) Standing!?


The Mack visits Antonio Cueto.

“Killshot just cost us our Trios titles.” Mack wants at him next week. Antonio would love to see that, but he’s already given The Mack a match for next week. It’s by request from Catrina. Mack and Mil Muertes will be in the first ever Haunted House Match. Well if this is what Mack has to do to get Muertes off his ass, “Trick or Treat, Mother-” Shut yo mouth! Will Mack survive All Hallows Eve come early? Or will he come face to face with his deepest, darkest fears?



My Thoughts:

A pretty great episode right here. London willing giving his allies up to Matanza’s Sacrifices is still an interesting development. Now that he has no one, is London going to have The White Rabbit and evil Mascarita Sagrada joining him? I sure hope so. Lucha Underground is great at integrating stories together like this. The same goes for letting Azteca’s story of defending his Gift of the Gods Title all the way to Ultima Lucha coinciding with the dysfunction of Killshot, Mack and Son of Havoc. Killshot claims The Mack stopped being a friend, but he isn’t a very good friend in return. He and Azteca have a great match, and naturally Azteca wins to keep his story going. The Tornado Trios match was great, but it was pretty clear whatever team was put against the champions was going to win.

Obviously Killshot & Havoc are free to feud, and of course Mack has Mil Muertes next week. I can’t be sure if this Haunted House match is going to be exactly like the Broken Universe and other cinematic matches from Impact, or the WWE House of Horrors Match, but if any promotion can do something like that justice, it’s Lucha Underground. The small development between Drago and Aerostar was good. It works that Drago would be troubled by his time under Kobra’s control. Maybe he’ll return should Aerostar find himself in trouble with someone, especially if it’s the Reptile Tribe. With Aerostar and the Worldwide Underground responsible for freeing Drago, I expect the Reptiles to want revenge.

That was an amazing brawl to end the show. Pentagon and Cage gave us just a taste of what their Last Man Standing match will be like, and it even tied itself into another story: Mundo’s & Taya’s wedding. How clever of Lucha Underground to name the “priest” “Rick O’Shay”, as a strange nod but also dig at Ricochet, aka Prince Puma. Pentagon breaks the poor man’s arm, and that will likely upset Mundo & Taya. They might even cost Pentagon the title next week as payback for him ruining their wedding before it even happens. Or, should he win, they’ll attack him and then challenge him for the title to make up for it. Either way, Pentagon VS Mundo is likely to happen again really soon.

My Score: 8.5/10

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Mitchell’s WWE NXT Report! (8/15/18)



NXT cover image

It’s the last NXT before TakeOver: Brooklyn, and Kairi Sane warms up before challenging Women’s Championship, Shayna Baszler, in a MYC feud tiebreaker!



  • Street Profits VS The Mighty; Street Profits win.
  • Kairi Sane VS Aliyah; Kairi wins.
  • Tyler Bate w/ Trent Seven VS Roderick Strong w/ Kyle O’Reilly; Bate wins.


WWE and NXT remember Jim “The Anvil” Neidhart.


The NXT Championship Match has changed!

After Tommaso Ciampa went after both Johnny Wrestling and Aleister Black as a way to get one over on both his archnemesis and his challenger, GM William Regal felt he had to make the match a Triple Threat for the title. History was going to be made, but then things had to be changed again. Aleister Black was attacked later that night, in the Full Sail parking lot! There were any number of suspects, from Johnny Gargano to the Undisputed Era, to even Kassius Ohno and a lurking Lars Sullivan. It is the most mysterious “Whodunnit” in NXT and WWE History! Who is the culprit behind robbing the fans of a Triple Threat in Brooklyn?

That mystery is to be left for later, as the NXT Championship will be a Last Man Standing Match! Ciampa and Gargano have already gone so far in their attempts get rid of the other. How much further will they go with the title on the line?


Street Profits VS The Mighty!

Angelo Dawkins & Montez Ford are back after Shane Thorne & Nick Miller cheated to win. TM61 has changed their names and their tactics, but the #CurseofGreatness is constant. Will Dawkins & Ford get a big win on their return? Or will they kneel before The Mighty?

We start with Ford and Miller, and Miller gets annoyed by how jovial Ford is. Miller knees low then clubs Ford on the back. He chops FOrd in a corner, then brings him over to tag in Thorne. Miller chops and Thorne stomps, but the fans cheer on the Profits. Thorne throws a European Uppercut and a headbutt, then scoops Ford. Ford slips out and Dawkins tags in. Ford whips and Dawkins runs Thorne up. The Profits Wakanda Forever, then Ford is the human weapon, back suplex splash! Miller runs in but Dawkins catches him, for Ford to play leap frog! The Profits control the ring while The Mighty regroup. Dawkins is ready for Thorne and counters punches with punches and even forearms. Thorne kicks low then chops. He whips but Dawkins reverses.

Dawkins misses his cyclone clothesline, but Thorne hits the sucker punch. Tag to Miller who ax handles Dawkins, then gives some ground ‘n’ pound. Cover, TWO, but Miller keeps on Dawkins by hooking his nose. Miller trash talks Ford before stomping Dawkins. He puts Dawkins on teh ropes for a choke and more hooking. The referee reprimands him but Thorne gets a cheap shot. Miller goes back to Dawkins, tags Thorne, and The Mighty double back suplex Dawkins down. Cover, TWO, but Thorne stomps Dawkins out. Dawkins gets to ropes, but Thorne drags him over to The Mighty’s corner. Tag to Miller and Miller clubs Dawkins. Miller brings Dawkins to the center with a chinlock. Fans rally up while Dawkins endures. Dawkins fights back with back elbows, then runs, and kicks MIller’s back drop away, only to walk into a SPINEBUSTER! Cover, TWO, but Miller keeps Dawkins isolated.

Tag to Thorne, and Miller puts Dawkins in a corner. Miller hits a clothesline, Thorne hits a running EuroUpper. Fans boo and jeer but The Mighty just soak it in. Thorne grinds Dawkins with a facelock, but fans rally up for the Profits. Dawkins gets up, fights back, but Thorne gives him a big EuroUpper. Thorne misses in the corner, and Dawkins crawls for Ford. Fans fire up, but Thorne grabs a foot. Dawkins shoves Thorne into Miller, then dodges Thorne for a hot tag to Ford! Ford is on fire as he rallies on both Aussies. He sunsets over Thorne to clothesline Miller out, then he clotheslines Thorne! Ford runs in but is put on the apron. He dodges and counters Thorne, then kicks Miller. Slingshot sunset flip, TWO!

Thorne gets a waistlock but he wipes out Miller. Thorne rolls Ford up and holds tights! TWO as Ford rolls it back, and now Ford holds tights! The Street Profits win!

Winners: The Street Profits, Montez Ford pinning

The Mighty got a taste of their own medicine! Ford & Dawkins get the camera man to give him their black solo cup, and now it’s a party! Will the Profits profit from besting The Mighty at their own game?


The Undisputed Era speak.

Roderick Strong can’t believe they’re facing Mustache Mountain again. And in Brooklyn of all places. Why are the British Strong Style boys doing this to themselves? The last time they faced the NXT Tag Team Champions, Trent Seven’s leg was almost torn off by Kyle O’Reilly. And O’Reilly has no problem doing it all over again. But they think it’s hilarious Seven’s claiming to be 100%. If that’s 100%, the Undisputed Era is 1000%.

Then there’s the War Raiders, who want the champions after Brooklyn. But the Undisputed Era aren’t just any team. Between them and the Mustache Mountain duo, those four “idiots” aren’t clever at all. The clever ones are right here. Come Brooklyn, the titles stay where they belong. And that’s the beauty of it all: Brooklyn was where the Undisputed Era debuted. This will be the anniversary of their dominance. Adam Cole won’t hide from Ricochet, either. They’re going to show everyone that this is their era, and #ThatisUndisputed.


Kairi Sane VS Aliyah!

The Pirate Princess prepares for another rematch with The Queen of Spades, Shayna Baszler. Kairi won the inaugural Mae Young Classic finals, but Shayna won on her way to the top of the Women’s Division. Before this match, Shayna was spotted giving the Cat’s Meow some advice about how to face Kairi. Will Aliyah be able to use that advice and bring Kairi down before Brooklyn? Or will Kairi surprise Shayna before ever getting in the ring with her?

Speaking of, here comes Shayna herself. The NXT Women’s Champion wants a closer look at Kairi as she joins commentary. She’s done this before as a way to psych out her contenders, but Kairi shrugs it off. The bell rigns and she ties up with Aliyah.

Aliyah powers Kairi towards a corner but Kairi turns it around. Kairi backs off at 4, but Aliyah shoves her. Kairi shoves back, then chops Aliyah in the corner. Aliyah uses ropes as a defense, but Kairi glares at Shayna. Aliyah goes after Kairi, telling her she can’t worry about Shayna now. She whips Kairi but Kairi goes up and around to a school girl, that she makes into a stretch muffler! Kairi wants Shayna to know she can play submissions, too! Aliyah manages a ropebreak, and Kairi lets her go. Shayna isn’t scared as Aliyah throws furious forearms and uppercuts on Kairi. Aliyah kicks but Kairi catches it to a dragon whip takedown. Kairi runs, for the blockbuster! Then another!

Kairi whips but Aliyah reverses. Kairi stops herself, turns around and SPEARS Aliyah with the Interceptor. She fires up and stomps the plank. Fans fire up with her, and Kairi runs in for the Sliding D! Aliyah rolls to the drop zone while Kairi goes up top. Anchors Away, InSane elbow! But just as Shayna says the Princess has no killer instinct, Kairi goes back up! And she hits another InSane Elbow! That’s not good enough to impress Shayna? Then Kairi goes up again, for a THIRD InSane Elbow! Cover, Kairi lets Aliyah UP! Shayna is rather surprised, but perhaps a little upset, too. Kairi puts on the Anchor Lock! Shayna stands on the announce table to stare Kairi in the eyes, as Kairi stares and poitns back. Aliyah taps, Kairi wins!

Winner: Kairi Sane, by submission

If Kairi hasn’t gotten Shayna to eat her words yet, Kairi surely looks to in Brooklyn. Who will win this third go between inaugural MYC finalists?


NXT takes a look at Adam Cole VS Ricochet.

How has it been? He led the Undisputed Era in a raid on the NXT Tag Team and Championship matches. He led them to victory in the first ever NXT War Games match. And he’s the inaugural North American Champion. “Adam Cole cannot be stopped.” Cole and his cohorts have run roughshod over everyone. However, there’s One And Only King of Flight. Ricochet vows to change this industry forever, match after match. He can do things no one else can, and was almost the North American Champion if not for Adam Cole.

“There are three types of superstars: there’s good, there’s great, and there’s special.” In Cole’s mind, Ricochet is good, maybe even great. But he’s not special. Cole is special. Ricochet says it’s not about good, great or special, it’s about being better. He calls Cole out for being a coward, but Cole calls himself the man who makes the belt. Ricochet wants Cole to be a fighting champion, Cole just wants to stay champion. Cole will show he’s better, but Ricochet doesn’t think that’s possible. Whose name will be on those golden side plates when it’s all said and done?


Velveteen Dream heads to the ring!

The Patrick Clark Experience ended up all wet after his poolside summit with The Top One Percent. Dream wishes to speak ahead of his #TopOnePercentDreamMatch. “That’s funny, you cheer for the Dream.” You know what else is funny? EC3. EC3 is so smart, clever, and “oh so charming”. The fans chant “NX3!” for EC3, which annoys Dream a bit. But just like the fans, EC3 had the Dream’s curiosity. But now EC3 just has something he couldn’t buy if he tried. He has something that no one should want, he has the Dream’s attention. EC3 made an enemy out of Dream. “And this Saturday”, TakeOver: Brooklyn, it’ll be #DreamOver. But wait, here comes EC3 himself!

Ethan Carter III stares Dream down as he walks down the ramp. He has a mic of his own to speak. “So this is what it sounds like when doves cry?” Sick fanny pack, by the way. Fans chant “Fanny Pack!” while EC3 gets in the ring. EC3 knows what Dream’s up to, so don’t. He’s trying to get in EC3’s head, but EC3 lives in people’s heads. He paves parking lots in people’s heads, he builds theme restaurants in people’s heads, he builds condos in people’s heads. Dream’s head is a fixer upper, but EC3 will make that into profit. The time for talking is over, the time for fighting has come. And EC3 will add Dream to his streak of #VictoryAfterVictory after victory after victory–

After victory, yeah, Dream gets it! But there WON’T be an “after victory” after this. Dream vows that Brooklyn won’t have EC3’s hand raised. The only thing on EC3’s mind and the fans’ minds is #DreamOver. Fans troll Dream with “Fanny Pack!” EC3 tells Dream, while taking his jacket off, is that they don’t need to wait for Brooklyn. Dream responds as he takes off the fanny pack. They’re doing this now?! Dream takes off his jewelry while EC3 rolls up his sleeve. Dream fakes a bad shoulder, to then throw his vest! He unloads on EC3, but EC3 slips out of teh fireamn’s carry to give back some haymakers. EC3 lifts Dream, for the One Percent TKO! The Dream is down and dazed, will he be the other kind of over after Brooklyn?


NXT shares WWE Now’s coverage of the Aleister Black attack.

Cathy Kelly takes us on an indepth look at the footage NXT cameras managed to capture. The suspects are in order of their appearance as first, Johnny Gargano walks back inside the building as William Regal heads out. Second are the entire Undisputed Era, peeling out with their cars. Lars Sullivan is in a yellow shirt walking in the distance. Heavy Machinery are in the area as they’re documenting this for themselves, though they seem unlikely as they’re tag team competitors. However, next comes Kassius Ohno as he sits with Candice LeRae and Kairi Sane. Next come Wesley Blake and his new pals in Steve Cutler and Jaxson Ryker, who some know as calling themselves the Forgotten Sons, are headed out. The Finest, Kona Reeves is also there, but he shoos the cameras away.

There’s also Ricochet, who had himself only recovered from the Undisputed Era’s attack, on his way out. There’s also Velveteen Dream upset in the background while Shayna Baszler passes by, and then Cezar Bononi, Fabian Aichner and Marcel Barthel are around. The latter three might have done it to make an opening in the title scene for themselves, but that is anyone’s guess. Of course, there’s Tommaso Ciampa, where he and Gargano are both most likely given the Triple Threat status at the time. Last but not least is EC3. So many suspects with so many different reasons, who do you think did in the Dutch Destroyer?


NXT takes a look back at Gargano VS Ciampa.

They were team DIY, but paranoia and jealousy led to them breaking apart. Gargano’s goal became the NXT Championship, but guess who got there first? Hope is lost and faith is broken as Ciampa ends Gargano’s fairy tale. Gargano won the Unsanctioned Match to get his title back, but Ciampa won the Street Fight with his hands cuffed together. Ciampa used that to become #1 Contender, and then he used Gargano’s grudge as his opening to get the title. Gargano admitted his mistakes, which Aleister Black made him pay for with a Black Mass. But just as Aleister and Gargano were going to settle their score, Ciampa came in to mess it all up. Just as it looked as if this was truly Ciampa’s NXT, he gave Gargano a way back in.

The Triple Threat would’ve been Ciampa having to fight his past and his present, but then the mystery attack on Aleister complicated things again. Now it comes down to DIY’s Civil War one more time, and perhaps one last time, in a Last Man Standing Match! But understand the story: this isn’t Gargano’s story book ending, it’s Ciampa’s! One last shot, one last battle, and both sides vow to do whatever it takes to end it. Who will be standing at the end of TakeOver: Brooklyn?


Bianca Belair works her hardest at rehab.

Her injury has kept her out of the ring, but she vows to come back better than ever. She was already undefeated, but how much more will The EST gain on her way back?


Tyler Bate w/ Trent Seven VS Roderick Strong w/ Kyle O’Reilly!

Days before their third time around for the NXT Tag Team Championships, the student of Mustache Mountain and the Messiah of the Backbreaker go 1v1 to gain momentum! Will the Undisputed Era’s submission specialist be a distraction for Bate? Or will his Mustache Mountain mentor keep Kyle at bay?

The belts are put aside and the bell rings, Bate rushes Strong with a boot! Bate fires off in a corner, then around the ropes. Strong kicks and chops back, then whips. Bate reverses and back drops Strong! Bate throws hands in the corner, and even EuroUppers. He keeps on Strong in any corner, then whips. Strong reverses but Bate boots and knees Strong back. Kyle distracts but Bate fights him off. Strong yanks Bate off the top for a backbreaker! Strong rains down hands, then drops knees and stomps. Bate hits back but Strong chops him down. Strong stomps Bate more, then throws hands in a corner. He toys with Bate but Bate fires back. Strong drop toeholds to club away on Bate’s neck and back. He pulls Bate back in a half camel clutch while the fans duel.

Bate powers up and fights back. Strong half nelsons and gives Bate another backbreaker. Cover, TWO! Strong grabs Bate for a grounded abdominal stretch. Fans rally up for Bate while Strong bends and stretches him more. Bate gets up and out, then headbutts Strong. Bate gives a jawbreaker then a back elbow, but Strong throws haymakers and chops in return. Strong puts Bate on the top rope, then climbs up to join him. Bate resists, fights back with body shots and pushes Strong away. Strong comes back with another haymaker. Strong climbs back up, but Bate throws him off with a gordbuster! Bate flies with a flying EuroUpper! Both Seven and Kyle rally up for their tag partner, as do the fans. Bate throws hands but Strong gives them back, it’s a brawl.

Bop up, Strong sees Bang coming, but Bop comes around from below! Strong gets up but gets more haymakers and body shots from Bate. Bate fires off heavy hands, then whips Strong corner to corner. Bate hits a running EuroUpper, then an Exploder! He kips up, standing Shooting Star! Cover, TWO! Kyle is frustrated for Strong’s sake as Bate brings Strong up. Strong denies the airplane spin, then pops Bate up, but Bate huricanranas! Bate gets a back suplex bridge, TWO! Kyle coaches Strong up, but Bate gets him first. Bate underhooks, but Strong back drops Bate. Bate boots, then smacks him with a haymaker. Strong gives a forearm, and catches the rolling kick! He tries for the Strong Hold but Bate reverses to a wheelbarrow pin, TWO! Strong fires off forearms and elbows, then the corner shining wizard, to side slam! Cover, TWO!

Seven coaches Bate up while some fans hope they “Fight Forever!” The fans duel as Strong stands up. Strong brings Bate up. Strong suplexes but Bate knees out. Bate walks into another backbreaker! Then the End of Heartache, but Bate lands on his feet! Rebound lariat caught into a half nelson into a crucifix, TWO! Strong lunges, Bate dodges and hits the rebound lariat! Strong rolls all the way out, but Bate is in pursuit. Bate builds speed and FLIES! He manages to hit Strong, then he puts him back in the ring. Bate brings Strong up, double underhook, but Kyle distracts again. Seven takes Kyle out, but Strong rocks Bate. Strong wrecks Seven, then boots and enziguris Bate. He jumps, but into BANG! Strong elbows back, but Bate hits the rolling kick! Bate fires back up, gets the underhook, Tyler Driver ’97!! Cover, Bate wins!!

Winner: Tyler Bate, by pinfall

That was fast and furious, and all in just a singles match! The tag team match promises to be twice as nice, but who will come away with those belts in the tiebreaker in Brooklyn?



My Thoughts:

This was a fantastic go-home for NXT! Knowing the real world implications of Aleister’s current injury, they did a great job adjusting. Not only do they circle back to the great story between Gargano & Ciampa, but they’ve set up any number of routes for the “Who Attacked Aleister?” story. I feel it’d be too obvious if it was Gargano or Ciampa, or Lars Sullivan. They all have their reasons for wanting Aleister out of action, but that’s exactly why it wasn’t them. There are more interesting things to do with this, such as Kassius Ohno turning Heel while trying to get into the title scene by any means necessary. The same goes for any of the other superstars without a program going, like Bononi, Aichner, Barthel, etc. Unpredictability is always a great part of pro-wrestling, and NXT is surely going to do great with this necessary improvisation.

Street Profits VS The Mighty was a great opener, and I like that Profits go over by cheating the cheaters back. War Raiders have staked their claim to the next title match, but this will be good to keep the Tag Team Division strong in the meantime. Kairi did great upping her game while Shayna was watching. The timing of Shayna saying Kairi isn’t vicious enough, followed up by Kairi’s overkill of Aliyah was perfect for their story. I’m betting Kairi wins here because the story almost demands it, but Shayna might get it back at WWE Evolution per my Four Horsewomen VS Four Horsewomen idea being studded with titles at Survivor Series.

The Undisputed Era had a great group promo and then the Cole VS Ricochet video was great. They’ll likely hold onto the tag titles because Bobby Fish can be the interference man for that, but I feel Cole will lose to Ricochet as his comeuppance for being so cocky. Plus, Ricochet deserves a title because he’s so great in the ring and improving on the mic. EC3 VS Dream is going to be another one to watch, Dream is always in show-stealing segments. I would love if Dream won this one, as validation of his run. Strong VS Bate was so great, so fast and competitive, but again, Bate gets the win now because Undisputed Era keep the titles.

My Score: 8.5/10

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Mitchell’s WWE 205 Live Report! (8/14/18)



205 Live = Cruiserweight Division

Before defending his Cruiserweight Championship at Summerslam, Cedric Alexander goes against Jack Gallagher to prepare himself for Drew Gulak!



  • Lio Rush VS Akira Tozawa; Lio wins.
  • Hideo Itami VS Trent Newman; Hideo Itami wins, by referee stoppage.
  • Cedric Alexander VS Jack Gallagher; Alexander wins.


Drake Maverick sets up tonight’s action.

The last 205 Live before Summerslam and we get two great matches. The Stamina Monster has wanted a rematch with The Man of the Hour since losing to him weeks ago. Maverick honors that request tonight, and now Lio must make time for Tozawa. Will Lio stay undefeated while backing up all his big talk?

Then in the main event, the Soul of 205 Live takes on the Extraordinary Gentleman, but it’ll be 1v1 as THE Brian Kendrick & Drew Gulak are banned from ringside. Gallagher got the better of Alexander after the champ’s match with Kendrick, but will he be able to do it all alone? Or will the Ungentlemanly Alliance choose not honor the orders of their GM to give their leader the lead going into Sunday?


Lio Rush VS Akira Tozawa!

The 23 Year Old Piece of Gold has been on a roll since showing up in the Cruiserweight Division, with his biggest win being over the former champion. But he hasn’t been all that humble about it, as he tells Greenville they’re “lucky” to be stuck in this “garbage city, in this embarrassment of a state”, yet still getting the privilege of watching him, the Future of 205 Live and WWE. Lio says with all due respect to his opponent, one of the best in the world, just notice how Lio said “one of”. That’s because Tozawa takes on THE best, Mr. Lio-5 Live. Tozawa should’ve just kept Lio’s name out of his mouth, “because now, he’s gonna Feel… The Rush.” Tozawa makes his entrance, and we begin!

The Man of the Hour needs time to take off his watch. Tozawa doesn’t give him that time and clubs away in a corner. Then he comes back for body shots. Lio shoves him away, and gets between ropes, but Tozawa is on him again. Tozawa swings but Lio dodges. Lio gets to the apron, slips back inside, then runs, to then run sideways. Tozawa still gets him witha huricanrana, but Lio asks for time! Lio takes his watch off, to throw it at Tozawa. Tozawa catches it, as well as blocks Lio’s boot. Tozawa tosses the watch up, Lio panics as he catches it, but he gets Tozawa’s spinning roundhouse! Lio ends up outside the ring, and Tozawa builds speed. Fans “AH! AH!” but Lio gets clear.

Tozawa doesn’t dive, but he does pursue Lio. He clobbers Lio on the ramp! Then he brings Lio back to the ring. Lio handspring kicks Tozawa down on the return! He catches his breath while Tozawa gets up. Lio runs and slides, but Tozawa dodges. Tozawa feints the chop to hit the jab! Lio staggers, but Tozawa puts him back in the ring. Tozawa climbs up, and hits a missile dropkick! Lio flounders but falls, Tozawa covers, TWO! Tozawa stomps Lio, following him into a corner. Tozawa positions him but Lio grabs Tozawa’s feet. They scrapon the mat, and Tozawa stomps Lio out. Lio pushes Tozawa into the post! Then back suplexes him down. Cover, ONE, but Lio keeps on Tozawa with a chinlock and punches. Lio rakes Tozawa’s eyes while also putting on a camel clutch. Fans rally up for Tozawa, and Tozawa gets up with “AH! AH!”

Tozawa fights out but Lio rocks him with a forearm. Lio whips but Tozawa reverses. Lio keeps going and sunset flips, but Tozawa rolls through to Penalty Kick and back senton! But Lio gets his knees up! Tozawa writhes to a corner, and Lio brings him up for shoulders to the stomach. Lio turns Tozawa around to ram shoulders into his back. Lio snapmares Tozawa then wraps on a chinlock and body scissors. Fans rally as Tozawa endures. Tozawa works his way up and out but Lio holds on. Lio hits Tozawa with elbows, then whips. Tozawa boots Lio back, then runs, but Lio turns it around. Lio’s boot is blocked, but he lands on his feet out of the flip. They both slide under the other, but Tozawa boots Lio out. Tozawa builds speed, to DIVE! The Tozawa Torpedo hits its target!

Tozawa is fired up, as are the fans. He brings Lio back to the ring, then runs in, tilt-o-whirl into the Octopus Stretch! Lio endures as Tozawa twists his arm and squeezes his head. Lio drops to a knee, but doesn’t give up. He powers up and pops Tozawa off for a cover, TWO! Tozawa runs but Lio rolls him for his own spinning roundhouse! Cover, TWO! Lio grows frustrated, this match has taken much longer than most of his matches. He drags Tozawa over to the drop zone, then climbs up top. Tozawa gets up and uppercuts Lio! Tozawa climbs up to join Lio, and fans “AH! AH!” as he prepares the superplex. Lio resists, then trips Tozawa up! Tozawa hits buckle on the way down, then Lio hits the Final Hour frog splash! Cover, Lio wins again!

Winner: Lio Rush, by pinfall

He came to collect, and so far he has collected win after win. The Man of the Hour is still undefeated since joining 205 Live, will he find himself in a title match in no time?


WWE and 205 Live take a look at the Cruiserweight Championship’s #1 Contender, Drew Gulak.

The Philly Fury is as focused as ever, and is ready to use his perfected ground game to show Cedric Alexander and all the WWE Universe that his way is the best way. It’s been a long journey for Gulak, but he knows Alexander has never faced anyone quite as dangerous as this Drew Gulak. To Gulak, Alexander the “loner” has become “complacent” and “entitled” as champion. Gulak will represent the Division as the best submission specialist in all of WWE as well as an entire generation as the right example for all those to come. The Cruiserweight Crusader vows to put the GuLock on Alexander, promises Alexander will tap out, and we will have a #Better205Live.


Backstage interview with Drake Maverick.

The 205 Live GM speaks on the medical status of Mustafa Ali. After last week’s match up, Ali was evaluated and fortunately has only been dealing with extreme exhaustion. Ali will recover, but Maverick feels some guilt towards it. Ali is the Heart of 205 Live and had quite the strong line-up of matches from taking on Buddy Murphy, Drew Gulak and Hideo Itami. “Every man has his limits, and he’s come to the end of his.” Therefore, Ali will not compete until Maverick is sure Ali is 100%. When will that be? And who will be champion when Ali returns to try for the title again?


Hideo Itami VS Trent Newman!

Speaking of Mustafa Ali, the man who claims he has broken the Heart of 205 Live is in action again. The Innovator of the GTS takes pride in being heartless, and looks to keep rolling towards another title shot. The bell rings, and Itami dares Newman to come in. Newman does and he gets haymakers and kicks, as well as European Uppercuts. Itami kicks Newman in the chest, then bumps him off buckles. Fans boo Itami and cheer Newman, but Itami demands respect. Newman gives Itami a back elbow instead, then a boot. Newman tries but can’t roll Itami up, and Itami SLAPS Newman. Itami drags Newman up, whips him, then runs him over with a clobbering clothesline. He smirks as he brings Newman up for a strike fest. The back hand drops Newman, Itami covers, but he lets up!

Fans boo more, but Itami drags Newman up for a Falcon Arrow. Cover, but Itami again picks Newman up. Itami is having too much fun beating up Newman. He kicks away on Newman in a corner, then goes corner to corner for that deadly dropkick! Itami gives it again, then wants a third. The referee stops Itami, Newman is out cold! The bell rings, it’s referee stoppage, Itami wins.

Winner: Hideo Itami, by referee stoppage

The match is mercifully over, and Itami has the referee raise his hand. Itami is all smiles, but will he be smiling when Ali eventually comes for revenge?

But wait, Itami isn’t over! He gives Newman the GTS Mk. II! Itami demands respect, but shows no mercy. How long until he has another chance at the Cruiserweight Championship? Or will he be kicked out of the Cruiserweight Division for being so disrespectful?


WWE and 205 Live take a look at the Cruiserweight Champion himself, Cedric Alexander.

The Soul of 205 Live, the Carolina Kid, knows that “Summerslam is the biggest party of the summer.” Alexander has trained harder than ever before. He knows Gulak is dangerous, and he has both Kendrick & Gallagher by his side, it only makes Gulak that much more unpredictable. But Alexander is ready, he’s always ready. That’s what teh Age of Alexander is all about. If you’re always ready, you never have to worry about surprises. Gulak talks, but Alexander gets things done. Alexander hasn’t lost in 2018 and all his matches have been title matches. Alexander bleeds purple, and is more dedicated than anyone else on 205 Live. If Gulak wants a #Better205Live, he better show everyone he’s better than Alexander. Gulak can try to put on the GuLock and make Alexander tap out, because once the Lumbar Check connects, it’s over.


Drake Maverick meets with Tony Nese & Buddy Murphy.

The Premier Athlete & Cruiserweight Juggernaut are congratulated on their tag team victory over Lucha House Party, and a pinfall over former champion, Kalisto. Unfortunately, Maverick knows it was thanks to Murphy’s distract that it happened. The referee’s decision is final, obviously, but LHS are not happy. Therefore, there’s a rematch in a match that won’t require tags at all. Murphy & Nese VS Lucha House Party happens in a Tornado Tag Match. Maverick’s the boss. Nese & Murphy seem alright with this decision, will they again get the better of Kalisto & Dorado?


Cedric Alexander VS Jack Gallagher!

The Extraordinary Gentleman has become the Ungentle Man over the last year, and has had his equally brutal allies alongside him. However, he won’t have THE Brian Kendrick or Drew Gulak in his corner tonight, so does he stand a chance against a determined Alexander?

The bell rings and the two circle. Gallagher stays by the ropes, and uses them as protection when Alexander comes close. He does it more to troll Alexander, and it starts to get to the champ. Gallagher takes his time having his fun with Alexander, then the tie up. Alexander puts Gallagher on the ropes, but Gallagher turns it around. Kendrick and Gulak watch backstage as Gallagher brings Alexander out. Alexander reverses to a backslide, ONE, Gallagher grabs Alexander in a small package, ONE. Alexander rolls Gallagher, ONE, and Gallagher Mahistrols. ONE, they roll but Gallagher gets more covers. Alexander keeps kicking out, then lifts Gallagher in a fireman’s carry. Gallagher slips out, then gets to the corner for his Extraordinary Headstand. He taunts Alexander, then hops over him.

Alexander rolls under Gallagher to handspring headscissor then dropkick Gallagher out. Alexander builds speed, but Gallagher crawls under the ring. Gallagher appears on the other side and attacks from behind! Gallagher throws heavy hands, then stomps him. Alexander hits back but Gallagher knees and uppercuts. Gallagher headbutts the stomach, but Alexander tosses him out! Alexander runs, and dropkicks Gallagher back down. Alexander drags Gallagher up for a swift chop, then shouts “No one can help you now!” But Gallagher helps himself as he rams Alexander into a post! Gallagher refreshes the ring count, then embraces the heat. He fetches Alexander, clubs him in the neck, then drives in an elbow.

Gallagher puts Alexander in the ring, then wraps on a chinlock. He thrashes Alexander around, then wrenches the neck. Fans rally up for Alexander, but Gallagher rakes the eyes and scrapes the face. Gallagher hits a dropkick to the back of the head, covers, TWO. Gallagher throws Alexander to a corner, but Alexander fights back with chops. Alexander is powered to the corner, and Gallagher rains down rights. Gallagher snapmares and grinds his shoe into Alexander’s face. Gallagher wipes his feet while taunting Alexander. He stomps Alexander while fans boo and jeer. Gallagher stretches Alexander’s arm and grinds a shoe into Alexander’s head. Alexander endures as Gallagher pulls his arm all around.

Fans rally up and Alexander gets back up. Alexander fights with forearms, but Gallagher gives him a neckbreaker. Cover, TWO, but Gallagher is right on him again. ONE, then ONE again, and Gallagher grows frustrated. Gallagher clubs Alexander against the ropes, then brings Alexander back for a straitjacket stretch. Fans rally for Alexander but Alexander is bent all the way back! Alexander gets off Gallagher’s knees, only to end up in a body scissor. He gets out of that, but Gallagher still has the arms. Gallagher shifts to a cravat, but fans keep rallying. Alexander gets up and scoops Gallagher, only for Gallagher to counter with a snapmare! They get up again, Alexander scoops but Gallagher again snapmares. Gallagher thrashes Alexander around, but Alexander endures.

Fans continue to rally, and Alexander tries another scoop. Gallagher blocks it, so Alexander gives him an atomic drop. Alexander snap suplexes, then honors Eddie with a second amigo! Alexander gets the third one up but Galagher slips out. Gallagher’s boot is blocked, and Alexander rocks him with an elbow! Alexander runs, handsprings, Neuralizer enziguri! Cover, TWO! Gallagher checks his jaw while Alexander checks his neck. Fans fire up for Alexander as he brings Gallagher up. Gallagher blocks the lift and drives in elbows. Alexander shoves him into buckles, but then is put on the apron. He boots Gallagher away, and springboards for the flying clothesline! Cover, TWO! Alexander gets his arms moving while Gallagher gets to ropes.

Alexander chops Gallagher, then whips. Gallagher holds ropes to elbow Alexander. Gallagher runs for a hotshot bulldog! Then he goes up for a flying knee drop! Cover, TWO! Gallagher goes after Alexander with a crossface! Alexander resists, his neck is already hurting, but Gallagher gets a grip! Alexander endures, reaches but can’t get to ropes. He rolls Gallagher over for a cover, TWO! Gallagher is relieved he survived, but he grimaces as he glares down at Alexander. He throws a haymaker, then another. Fans rally for Alexander, and Alexander chops. Gallagher forearms, but so does Alexander. Gallagher gives a EuroUpper, but Alexander gives a back kick. Alexander lifts, but Gallagher pops out into a guillotine!

Gallagher uses his weight to pull Alexander down. Alexander claws Gallagher’s back but he fades. Alexander gets a second wind, Michinoku Driver outta nowhere! Both men are down and the ref starts a 10 count. Alexander crawls while Gallagher grabs ropes. The cuont reaches 7 but they both stand. Gallagher is on teh apron, Alexander walks over. Gallagher slips back in to push Alexander out. Alexander boots back then springboards, but Gallagher gets under, for the Gentleman’s Dropkick! Cover, ROPEBREAK! Gallagher is shocked, but he won’t give up. He drags Alexander up for a gut wrench, into a powerbomb! Cover, TWO! Both men are down from exhaustion, but Gallagher sits up from frustration. Gallagher takes aim from the corner, runs out but into a SPANISH FLY! Cover, Alexander wins!

Winner: Cedric Alexander, by pinfall

The champion toughs it out this close to his defense and gets a win. However, with all the damage done to that neck, is he just ripe for the picking when it comes to Gulak’s submission style?

But as Alexander celebrates on the stage, clutching both his bad neck and title belt, Kendrick blindsides him! The ban from the arena was only for the match, after all. Kendrick drags Alexander back to the ring, but Alexander fights him off. Gallagher comes in but gets forearms, too. Alexander clotheslines Gallagher out, but Kendrick returns. Kendrick throws Alexander, but Alexander slips out to hit the Lumbar Check! But here’s Gulak! And here’s the GuLOCK! He has Alexander down with the body scissors and dragon sleeper. Alexander is already out by the time the referees appear. Gulak lets Alexander go to pick up the Cruiserweight Championship. Fans boo as he sets it on Alexander, so that the champ can hold onto it for him. Gulak vows he’ll give us all a #Better205Live, will he do so by bringing an end to the #AgeofAlexander?



My Thoughts:

Now here’s a really good go-home. Granted, 205 Live is only an hour, but they use every minute wisely. Opening with Lio VS Tozawa was great, both men are so fast and matched each other so well. I’m surprised Lio won again, but at the same time, his first loss should be something truly meaningful, like a match with the current champion. I’m sure after Summerslam, Lio will truly start his road to the title. Then it was an interesting but also smart choice in the Ali story to say he was just exhausted and beat up. It can give him something to say to Maverick about being kept out of the ring, with Ali insisting he’s okay while Maverick says he’s not. In a sense, it’s more a parallel to saying Ali has a concussion, without being controversial in having a concussion angle.

Hideo Itami meanwhile gets himself some great Heel Heat with that stoppage win. I’m thinking he’ll do this for a couple more weeks until he gets his title match. Of course, being the Heel, Alexander would have to win for them to have another rematch. Alexander and Gulak each get great video packages to sum up their feud, and then Alexander VS Gallagher is a really great main event. It helps they’re in one of the Carolinas, it was almost a hometown match for Alexander with the fans strongly behind him. Alexander wins, but then Gulak stands tall as he and Kendrick predictably beat Alexander down. I still feel like Alexander wins out, but it’d be a great surprise if Gulak wins. Then Gulak and Alexander can have a rematch while other options like TJP and Noam Dar build up towards title contention.

My Score: 8/10

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