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Mitchell’s Monday Night Raw Report! (8/6/18)



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Raw gets Rowdy, and a little crazy, as Ronda Rousey makes her television in-ring debut against Alicia Fox! Can Ronda clear out the Goddess’ newest sidekick?



  • Roman Reigns VS Baron Corbin; Roman wins.
  • Bobby Roode VS Mojo Rawley; Roode wins.
  • Rezar w/ Akam VS Titus O’Neil w/ Titus Worldwide; Rezar wins.
  • Braun Strowman VS Jinder Mahal w/ Sunil Singh; Mahal wins, by disqualification.
  • Dolph Ziggler & Drew McIntyre VS Seth Rollins & Roman Reigns; becomes…
  • 2v1 Handicap Match: Ziggler & McIntyre VS Rollins; Ziggler & McIntyre win.
  • The Revival VS The B-Team; no contest.
  • The Riott Squad VS The Boss & Hug Connection; The Riott Squad wins.
  • Ronda Rousey w/ Natalya VS Alicia Fox w/ Alexa Bliss; Ronda wins.


Raw reviews the shocking turn of events from last week.

Kurt Angle gave Paul Heyman an ultimatum for both him and his client. Heyman tried his hardest to convince Lesnar to care, but Lesnar just wouldn’t hear him out. Commissioner Stephanie McMahon, in the “interest” of maintaining the Summerslam main event, made sure Angle made sure Roman Reigns was nowhere in the building. The Big Dog was kicked out of the Yard, but not without giving the Lone Wolf a shot in the chops first.

The end of the night came, Heyman told Lesnar what was on the line, and asked as Lesnar’s friend to do this. But Lesnar told Heyman they’re not friends. Lesnar sent Heyman out for him, but that only angered Angle more. Angle called Lesnar the “worst Universal Champion of all time”, and declared both Heyman and Lesnar were fired! But then The Beast would appear! Does management have a problem with Lesnar? Before they could answer, Lesnar gave Angle an F5! And he made Baron Corbin back down with a look. Then he’d grab his Advocate by the jaw! Lesnar made Heyman look at Angle, then almost choked him out. The Conqueror has become The Tyrant, but can anyone hope to dethrone him?


Kurt Angle heads to the ring!

The Olympic Gold Medalist GM has the Constable in tow as he welcomes Jacksonville to the show. Angle reminds us that tonight is Ronda Rousey’s TV wrestling debut! Angle appreciates Ronda likes competing on Raw and with no complaints. Whether Ronda wins or loses at Sumemrslam, she’s a champion in Angle’s eyes. Unfortunately, the same can’t be said about Lesnar. Constable Corbin warns Angle to watch his words, but Angle has to get this out. Lesnar doesn’t care about the fans, the championship or Angle. Heyman managed to get Lesnar out before Raw went off the air, so Heyman’s job is still secure. But Lesnar and his attack on Angle has– Well first, here comes Roman Reigns!

The Big Dog is back, and he joins Angle & Corbin in the ring. Roman tells Angle that while he has a lot of respect as GM, Angle should’ve known better. If you kick the Dog out, who protects the Yard? It’s how Lesnar was able to rag doll Angle last week. Corbin shouldn’t be smiling, he didn’t do a damn thing! Actually, Corbin ran like “a scared, little old-” Angle knows no one likes what Lesnar did, from top to bottom. Oh really? Is Angle about to say what he’s about to say? Lesnar gets indefinitely suspended to keep the match off? No, far from it. Lesnar will defend his Universal Championship against Roman Reigns. And Angle really wants Roman to kick Lesnar’s ass.

Wow, that’s a sound bite. Corbin says that’s unprofessional, there are no favorites in management. And if Lesnar was here, he’d– He’d what? Look at Corbin to make him run away again? Corbin didn’t run away, he was the bigger man. And Corbin was tired from beating up “little tiny Finn Balor.” Y’know, someone who was already Universal Champion? Corbin does so much, what else could he have done. Acted like a man, for one. Oh and Angle is an example? He comes out acting like this is his show. All he does is make matches. Stephanie McMahon and Triple H are in charge, and put Corbin in charge to watch Angle, because Angle can’t be trusted. Angle admits to that, he just makes matches. But here’s a match idea: Roman Reigns VS Baron Corbin, RIGHT NOW! The only one who hates the idea is Corbin.

Roman Reigns VS Baron Corbin!

Corbin sucker punches Roman! The referee is slow to appearing, but Corbin waits for Roman to stand again. SUPERMAN PUNCH! Corbin goes down, Roman covers, TWO!! That was almost a quick finish and everyone knows it. Corbin bails out of the ring to clear his head, but we go to break.

Raw returns and Corbin has Roman in a chinlock. Roman stands up and powers out, then things speed up. Roman scoops but Corbin slips off to shove him. Corbin runs, slides out but slides back in to clobber Roman! Cover, TWO! The Big Dog gasps for air while the Lone Wolf works to keep his cool. Corbin grabs Roman by his hair and puts him in a corner. Corbin throws heavy hands, then whips Roman corner to corner hard. Roman hits buckles then the mat, and Corbin mockingly applauds. Fans boo and jeer the cocky Constable while he trash talks Roman. Corbin drags Roman up and Roman fights back with body shots. Roman runs, but into a big back elbow! Cover, TWO! Corbin puts Roman in a half-nelson chinbar. Roman endures the twisting while fans build to a rally. Roman stands up, but Corbin throws him down.

Corbin sneers as he looms over Roman. He stomps on Roman, then drives elbows into Roman’s forehead. Corbin reapplies the half-nelson chinbar and bends Roman back. Fans rally up again and Roman reaches for ropes. Roman stands up, and fights out with haymakers. Corbin shoves Roman but gets a kick for it. They collide with clothelines but Rmoan stays standing. Roman whips but Corbin reverses and ducks the leaping lariat. Roman anticipates Corbin and clotheslines him out! The fans fire up while Roman pursues Corbin. Drive-By! Corbin goes down, but Roman brings him back up and in. Corbin rolls back out, then uppercuts Roman at the ropes! He shoves Roman into a post, and has control while we go to break.

Raw returns again, and Corbin has Roman in the half-nelson chinbar again. Fans rally up again and Roman feeds off the energy. Fans duel as Roman stands up and fights back again. Corbin shoves Roman, but Roman holds ropes. Corbin runs into an elbow, but reverses the whip, only to get the leaping lariat! Roman boots Corbin, then shoves him for the Samoan Drop! Cover, TWO! Roman keeps his cool as he stalks Corbin to a corner. He gives the close-range clotheslines, and gets all 10. Roman runs, and boots Corbin down! Fans fire up as Roman locks and loads. Roman runs out, but Corbin blocks the Superman punch. Roman gets out of the Choke Slam, but runs into DEEP SIX! Cover, TWO! Corbin is furious over Roman surviving. He and Roman slowly stand while fans rally up.

Roman gets to a corner, and Corbin runs in for a big clothesline. Corbin gives another, and another, then reels Roman in. Roman fires forearms to stop, then whips Corbin. Corbin slides out, accidentally knocks over a cameraman, then slides back in, for a SUPERMAN PUNCH! Cover, TWO! Roman is shocked, but Corbin still lives. Both men are down but Roman has energy to give. Fans fire up as he gets to a corner. Roman lets out the howl, but Corbin has escaped to the apron. Corbin walks away, not feeling the need to finish this. But here comes Finn Balor! The Extraordinary Man walks down the ramp and Corbin finds himself stuck. Corbin protests, but gets a FLYING Superman Punch! Roman puts Corbin in the ring, lets out the howl, and SPEAR! Cover, Roman wins!

Winner: Roman Reigns, by pinfall

An assist to Finn for keeping Corbin caged in, but Roman wins again! Can Roman finally get it done on The Beast at Summerslam? That’s yet to be seen, but for now, Roman gives Finn the nod and fist bump. Finn gets in the ring, takes off the jacket, and looks to give the Constable some payback. He hits the blasting dropkick! Then he climbs up top, COUP DE GRACE! The double stomp leaves the big bad Lone Wolf wincing. Will these two settle this grudge in the near future?


Kurt Angle meets with Seth Rollins.

The Architect’s focus is on the Intercontinental Champion, but points out how Drew McIntyre always rears his ugly head to help out Dolph Ziggler. And how when Rollins aims for McIntyre, he has to worry about Ziggler. Rollins wants to know how he can take care of both of them. Angle suggests he find a partner to take those two on in a tag team match. Rollins accepts the terms, can he find someone to stand up to the Show-Off & The Scottish Terminator tonight?


Bobby Roode VS Mojo Rawley!

The Glorious One took offense to being called all hype from the former Hype Man. When push came to shove last week, Roode would start a fight with Mojo backstage in the locker room. Can Roode show Mojo which one of them is really just hype? Or will Mojo prove he’s better than Absolutely GLORIOUS?

The bell rings and the two tie up right away. Roode gets a headlock, then spins around to a hammerlock. Mojo elbows out, then headbutts Roode to a corner. Mojo bumps Roode off buckles, then stalks behind him. Roode checks his face, then throws haymakers on Mojo. Roode whips Mojo corner to corner but Mojo reveres, only for Roode to run out with a lariat. Mojo crawls now, but turns around into a kick. Mojo denies the DDT, Roode gets a waistlock but Mojo standing switches. Roode throws Mojo out then dropkicks him down. The Killer Instinct is on the defensive while we go to break.

Raw returns and Mojo has Roode in a rear bearhug. Mojo taunts Roode while squeezing the ribs. Roode endures while he works out of the hold. Roode pries Mojo’s hands apart, but Mojo knees low. Mojo gut wrenches Roode for a throw, then covers, TWO! Mojo keeps his cool while Roode clutches his back. He rams forearms into Roode, then covers, TWO. Mojo puts Roode in another bearhug, but Roode works against it. Fans rally up for Roode, and Roode feeds off it. Roode powers his way up but Mojo squeezes tighter. Roode endures but Mojo keeps taunting him. They stand up, fans rally again, and Roode elbows his way out. Roode runs, but into a sidewalk slam! Mojo watches Roode intently while he’s on the mat. Mojo moderately mocks the Glorious pose, then lifts Roode. Roode sunset flips, TWO!

Roode blocks right hands to give right hands, but Mojo knees low. Mojo whips but Roode kicks him away. Roode ducks, runs and rallies with forearm smashes and lariats. Mojo gets to a corner but Roode gives him a clothesline to neckbreaker! Fans fire up with Roode as he hops up. Roode takes aim, GLORIOUS Blockbuster! His back slows him down but he doesn’t stop. Fans fire up again as he winds it up… GLORIOUS! He kicks, but Mojo powers him to a corner. Mojo rolls out but runs into boots. Roode up again, but jumps to be caught into a fireman’s carry. Mojo pops Roode, GLORIOUS DDT! cover, Roode wins!

Winner: Bobby Roode, by pinfall

A win out of nowhere, that is the ability of Roode’s intellect. Has Roode’s GLORIOUS talent shut Mojo down? Or will Mojo rise again for more?


WWE staff goes over tonight’s details with Elias.

But The Drifter doesn’t want to worry about that, he’s already seen it all in his head. They just need to do their jobs, and it’ll be perfect. What will Elias have to say when he hits the stage?


“Ladies and Gentlemen: Elias.”

He introduces himself to Jacksonville, plays his guitar, and as always, he asks “Who Wants to Walk with Elias?!” Jacksonville seems into that idea. The album is out, he is changing lives on a daily basis. If you don’t have it yet, you’re one of a very few. Big names in music are afraid, because Elias is on top of all the charts with only four songs! Can he get an amen? Amen! Now, Elias’ document came out on the WWE Network, aka the Walk With Elias Network. They tried but they got it wrong, so Elias has his film crew here to do it the “real” way, Elias’ way. So please silence phones and hold applause until after he finishes.

Actually, move over, cameraman. Get a close up on the fingers, that’s the magic. Elias plays while the crew moves over, but then he gets an idea. Circle him! Like they’re orbiting around the center of the WWE Universe. The crew moves, but a bit slow for his liking. Slow like Bobby Lashley, actually. But wait, hold on, the audience is the problem. Jacksonville takes offense. Can they use CGI or something to blur them all out? Better yet, copy and paste in a better crowd. Fans boo louder now. Elias keeps his camera crew in mind. That nobody, Bobby Lashley, ruined everything last week, that’s not happening this week. Elias plays his guitar while the crew moves together around him. But speaking of Lashley, here he comes!

The Dominator heads to the ring, much to Elias’ chagrin. Lashley likes Elias’ jokes, but once again his name comes out of Elias’ mouth. He heard Elias complain about his documentary. Lashley liked how brilliant that documentary was, what’s he complaining about? Elias admits it had its moments, but it portrayed him as egotistical and out of touch. As opposed to what? Elias gets it now. Lashley is making jokes, too. But keep the camera on Elias. Fans boo, Elias tells them to shut up. Elias knows Lashley is out here to steal the spotlight, but it’s not happening. Lashley has tried to steal the spotlight but it ain’t happening. Lashley’s comeback has been a joke. No, the joke is Elias, from his boot, to guitar, to scarf to documentary to music! The next time Lashley’s name comes out Elias’ mouth, what happens to him won’t be a joke.

Elias has his crew start moving out of the ring. They can film somewhere else, like in the back where they won’t be interrupted. Don’t worry about anyone else. Elias checks the clipboard, but sues it as a decoy on Lashley! He stomps away on Lashley at the ropes, then asks who the joke really is. Elias runs, but into a SPINEBUSTER! Lashley isn’t smiling, but he does want Elias’ crew to document him. Fans love Lashley as he gives Elias the Vertigo Suplex slam! Is that going to make it into the second Elias documentary? Is Elias going to make it to a second album if he keeps mocking the Alpha Male?


Seth Rollins stretches backstage.

In walks Tyler Breeze. Prince Pretty heard about how he needed a tag team partner, and he’s without a partner of his own. Tyler’s gorgeous while Rollins is… passing. Y’know, if you’re into that #CrossfitJesus thing. So how about it? Crossfit Breezus? Yeah? Let’s do this before Breeze changes his mind. Roman walks in, seeing Breeze do the shield fist. Is this serious? Everyone wants in. Nah, Roman’s got this. The Shield Brothers reunite once again, can they finally shut Ziggler & McIntyre up?


Rezar w/ Akam VS Titus O’Neil w/ Titus Worldwide!

Last week, Apollo Crews proved one half of the Authors of Pain aren’t as dangerous if they’re all alone in a match. Can the Real Deal Titus Brand President prove the same about the other half? Or will the ending be changed this time around?

The bell rings and the two big men tie up. Rezar powers Titus to a corner, then backs up at 4 only to knee Titus low. He stalks Titus to give him more body shots. He trash talks in Albanian before clubbing Titus down to the mat. Rezar trash talks Apollo, too, but Titus throws hands! Titus whips but is reversed into another low knee. Rezar doesn’t let up in trash talk, nor in the attack as he rams his shoulder into Titus in a corner. He backs up at 4, and fans boo and jeer. Rezar grinds his boot into Titus, then backs off at 4 again. Dana and Apollo coach Titus up, even as Rezar shouts at them all. Rezar grinds Titus into the corner, but still lets up at 4. Titus manages to kick back, then throw hands.

Titus powers back, then whips Rezar into a corner. Now Titus gives shoulders and chops to Rezar. He whips but Rezar revesres. Titus goes up and over, to boot Rezar down! The Gator fires up, as does Jacksonville. Titus barks, runs in, and hits a big corner splash. He keeps moving, but now Akam talks trash to distract. Rezar boots Titus down! Rezar glares as he picks Titus up, SPINEBUSTER! Cover, Rezar wins!

Winner: Rezar, by pinfall

The AoP tie things up in 1v1 competition, with some indirect teamwork. Will they continue to write a story of dominance in the Raw Tag Team Division? Or are they setting themselves up for a bad ending?


Kevin Owens talks with Jinder Mahal & Sunil Singh backstage.

The Prizefighter and Modern Day Maharaja seem to be going over flashcard notes. The Kevin Owens Show returns, next!

It’s the Kevin Owens Show!

Yes, it’s back after a long hiatus, and now it’s set up on the stage instead of in the ring. Kevin welcomes everyone to this return edition, and asks we help welcome “a man who has been instrumental” in helping Kevin handle all the stress caused by Braun Strowman. Welcome Kevin’s personal guru, Jinder Mahal! Mahal comes out, with Sunil behind him. They take their seats, and Kevin thanks Mahal. Kevin was skeptical about the methods, the breathing and chanting and “crap”, but Kevin has felt so much better. At Extreme Rules, Kevin was thrown off the steel cage onto the announce table, and he thought he would live his life in pain. But now, he’s pain free! He can play with his kids without feeling his spine shifting.

Kevin has Mahal out here for that, but also because they share something special. They’ve both accomplished something rare in the WWE. When someone sees Braun Strowman, they usually see a monster. Speaking of, fans would like to see Strowman themselves. Strowman is seemingly impossible to defeat, but Kevin has achieved the impossible! Kevin defeated Strowman! And so did Mahal! Granted, Kevin did it in a “grueling steel cage match” while Mahal got a count-out, but wins are wins. In fact, if Kevin wins at Summerslam, he’ll get that Money in the Bank contract. Strowman tried to take everything from Kevin, but Kevin will do so in return. And when Kevin wins, he’ll be #KOInTheBank! A guaranteed title shot whenever and wherever, which guarantees Kevin will finally reclaim the Universal Championship!

But the truth is, Kevin has never been the same since losing that title. Kevin feels it within his grasp, all thanks to Mahal helping him be clear-headed. Kevin has an idea for what needs to happen tonight. They need to have Mahal VS Strowman one more time! It’ll be fine. Mahal did it once, he can do it again, and will do it again. Bring out The Monster Among Men, Braun Strowman! Kevin tries again. Oh but see? The Monster is afraid of them. Wait, what? What made the stage move? What’s tipping the stage?! It’s BRAUN!! The Monster gets another one over on the conniving Kevin, but is also here for that match Kevin promised!


Braun Strowman VS Jinder Mahal w/ Sunil Singh!

The Monster Among Men wants revenge on the Modern Day Maharaja for that count-out-with-an-assist defeat last week. Now that Strowman knows what to expect, will he make back his win before defending his briefcase against Kevin?

Kevin coaches Mahal up for this, but Mahal is still reeling from the stage-tipping. Mahal still gets in the ring as Kevin shouts “Shanti!” at him. The bell rings, and Mahal asks Strowman be peaceful about this. They circle but fans chant “Get These Hands!” Strowman fires up with the Monster’s Mantra, then dares Mahal to bring the fight. Mahal refuses, but Kevin sneaks away with the briefcase. Or tries to, because Strowman sees him again. And gives chase, again! Kevin dumps the case down, but Strowman still chases him off. Then he gets in at 8! Mahal panics, he doesn’t know what to do without Kevin’s help.

Kevin sheepishly comes back while Mahal just tries to avoid Strowman. Strowman corners him and throws him! Kevin sneaks up, gets the case, and runs away! Strowman chases him down and runs him over at the stage! Mahal comes back but Strowman hits him with the briefcase! That’s a disqualification!

Winner: Jinder Mahal, by disqualification

Another example of how Strowman could still lose his briefcase to Kevin at Summerslam! Mahal gets another win, but that only angers Strowman all over again. Strowman storms down and catches Mahal at the timekeeper’s area! Sunil Singh snags the briefcase to save Mahal, but instantly regrets it. Sunil tosses the briefcase back to Strowman, but Strowman still boots Sunil down! Mahal has escaped to safety by now, but Strowman dares someone to fight! Kevin has brains, but will it be enough to outsmart Strowman’s brawn in Brooklyn?


Baron Corbin talks with Stephanie McMahon on the phone.

He then passes her on to Angle. Angle talks with the Raw Commissioner now, and understands her orders. He tries to reason with her, but Stephanie’s orders are clear. He’ll “take care of it”, but what does that mean?


Raw shares footage of Corey Graves conducting a retrospective interview with Roman Reigns.

There’s no surprise Brock Lesnar refused to be part of this, but that’s par for the course as The Beast goes. How does Roman Reigns feel about going one more time against Lesnar after all the times he’s fallen short? This rivalry of main event proportions dates all the way back to Wrestlemania 31 in 2015. They battled for the WWE World Championship in the main event. It went back and forth, until The Architect cashed-in to snag the title away from both men. That wasn’t a defeat for Roman, but it wasn’t a victory. Fast-forward to Wrestlemania 33 just this past April. They again battled back and forth, for the Universal Championship, and Lesnar truly defeated The Big Dog. Roman vowed to simply get up and keep going.

It was only a couple weeks later that they would have their third go, inside a Steel Cage! Roman hit a Spear so strong, both men went through a cage wall! But because of a referee’s hasty decision in calling it, The Beast would remain champion. The controversy would upset Roman, because he felt like the real winner that night. But then, what is his reaction to Lesnar out and saying he doesn’t care about the WWE Universe? Lesnar went so far as to assault the GM and his own manager. “You have no leader when you have a champion like Brock Lesnar.” Roman is sick of Lesnar disrespecting this lifestyle, this business that is his family’s legacy.

Lesnar still vowed to “kick Roman Reigns’ ass”, but Roman vows to do what Lesnar doesn’t. Roman is going to actually show up, earn the belt, and set a standard. Lesnar’s the Beast, but he hasn’t conquered Roman. Roman is in a scenario where losing is not an option. Will he make good on this fourth and possibly final time against Lesnar?


Kurt Angle & Baron Corbin intercept The Shield.

Corbin has Angle tell them the bad news. Angle can’t, so Corbin speaks up. It’s admirable that Roman wants to help his “brother”, but Stephanie McMahon can’t have them jeopardizing the main event of Summerslam. Roman already competed in a grueling match, so he can’t be Rollins’ partner. Well good thing Roman doesn’t care what Stephanie thinks. Stephanie knew he’d say that, so if he defies her orders, he loses his shot at Lesnar. Rollins calms Roman down and says he can handle this for the sake of the bigger picture. Well, it’s going to be a handicap match now. Does Rollins stand a chance? By the way, Roman, how’re those ribs? Roman body shots Corbin! Get the trainer, that had to hurt.


2v1 Handicap: Dolph Ziggler & Drew McIntyre VS Seth Rollins!

The Show-Off & The Stud have an even better chance of winning now that it’s just The Kingslayer. Can Rollins survive being the one caught up in the conspiracy crossfire?

Rollins has no choice but to start against Drew McIntyre. Fans want Dean Ambrose, but he’s sadly far from returning given that elbow injury. Rollins daringly SLAPS McIntyre, then leads him on a cat ‘n’ mouse chase. Rollins dropkicks McINtyre, then grabs Ziggler. He goes after the Show-Off with stomps, then dodges McIntyre to roll him. SUPERKIKC for McINtyre, then a clothesline for Ziggler. Rollins hurries up top, but Ziggler goes after him. He kicks Ziggler away, but flies into a catch! McIntyre spins around from the momentum and dumps Rollins on his side, but then deadlifts him back up for a backbreaker! Rollins writhes but McIntyre rains right hands. McIntyre glares as he drags Rollins back up. He puts Rollins in a corner, then whips him corner to corner. Rollins tumbles up and down, then Ziggler tags in.

Ziggler taunts Rollins while fans rally up for him. Rollins hits Ziggler with haymakers, but Ziggler kicks low. ZIggler puts Rollins in the corner and McIntyre tags back in. McIntyre gives body shots and swift chops. Fans keep trying, but Rollins is put in the seated abdominal stretch. Rollins endures while they continue to rally, but Ziggler likes the control he sees. McIntyre grinds and stretches Rollins more, but fans rally up. Rollins gives a jawbreaker, but McIntyre deadlift throws Rollins down. Tag to Ziggler, and Ziggler continues to rope-a-dope with Rollins. Ziggler taunts Rollins, that when Rollins is all alone, he loses. Rollins fights back with body shots, but Ziggler stops him with a haymaker. Ziggler bumps Rollins off buckles, then runs in. The splash misses! Rollins can’t tag out, he can only recover on the mat.

Fans rally up again and Rollins denies a tag with chops and haymakers. he whips Ziggler, but Ziggler dodges. Ziggler holds on and throws Rollins out. Rollins trips McIntyre! Then he baits McIntyre to run into a post! Rollins has an opening as he rushes Ziggler. Slingblade! Rollins forearm smashes, then runs for a clothesline to send Ziggler out. Fans fire up while Rollins takes aim. Rollins builds speed and DIVES! Direct hit, and Rollins puts Ziggler in the ring. Rollins springboards, flying clothesline! Rollins and Jacksonville fire up as he mule kicks, but Ziggler dodges the stomp. Ziggler kicks, but runs into a Buckle Bomb! McIntyre tags in! And clobbers Rollins! McIntyre glares again, then tags Ziggler. They bring Rollins up to finish this. McIntyre runs, but into a knee! School boy on Ziggler, but McIntyre breaks it. SUPERKICK from Ziggler, cover, Ziggler & McIntyre win!

Winner(s): Dolph Ziggler & Drew McIntyre, Ziggler pinning

It was fast, furious and chaotic. There may have been controversy, but it doesn’t really matter now. Rollins lost against both Show-Off and Stud tonight, but can he find a way to not lose again at Summerslam?


The Revival VS The B-Team!

The #TopGuys want to prove Bo Dallas & Curt Axel are anything but the “best” team. With a win here tonight, Scott Dawson & Dash Wilder can enter the Raw Tag Team Championship discussion. Will they #SayYeah to a title shot in the near future? Or will the “undefeated” champions keep their streak alive?

The bell rings and Axel starts against Dawson. They tie up and Dawson brings Axel to the Revival’s corner. Dash tags in but Axel gets away. Axel and Dash tie up and Axel gets an arm wrench. Dash fights out and gives European Uppercuts. He whips Axel corner to corner to give corner clothesline and more uppercuts. Axel comes back with his own clothesline, then tags in Bo. B-Team holds Dash in place and Bo hits a corner elbow. He fires off on Dash, then feeds him to Axel’s knee. Cover, TWO, and Dash powers Bo to a corner. Tag to Dawson and the Revival mug Bo. Dash kicks Bo for a loop, then Dawson drags Bo up to bump him off buckles.

Dawson chops Bo, then gives him a EuroUpper. He reels Bo in for a lariat, then covers. TWO, but Dawson tries again. TWO, so Dawson grabs a handful of hair. He wraps Bo in a cobra clutch and thrashes Bo around. Bo endures and fights his way up. He reaches for Axel, but Dawson denies a tag. Bo fights out and trades blows with Dawson. Dawson shoves Bo, but they collide on the rebound! Both men go down, both partners reach out. They crawl for their corners, but THE DELETERS APPEAR! They’ve replaced Axel and Dash! When?! But that doesn’t matter, the attack begins!

No Contest

Dawson gets a Twist of Fate while Bo gets Sister Abigail’s Kiss! The former champions will show no mercy until they reacquire the titles! Who will be DELETED and DEFEATED when this war on there fronts is all over?


Renee Young has a sit-down interview with Paul Heyman.

Last week, it was clear Brock Lesnar no longer considers The Advocate his advocate. Lesnar has completely cut all ties with Heyman, they have not spoken these last seven days. Heyman wants to, but Lesnar doesn’t. Heyman knows Lesnar won’t like him saying this, but they must continue the interview. Renee wants to bring up last week, but Heyman doesn’t like where this is going. Is Lesnar still a friend? Strangely enough, yes. Heyman’s family was friends with Lesnar’s family. This is not how Heyman envisioned this story ending. They were going to ride off into the sunset, Lesnar holding two championship belts while Heyman shouted “reigning, defending, undisputed” and all that.

At this point in Lesnar’s career, does he still need Heyman? Heyman holds back the tears, and tells Renee to keep going. They’ve spent a lot of time in the WWE. Does Heyman have any potential new clients in mind? That question would’ve been better a week ago. This entire situation is inconceivable. How could Heyman just replace Lesnar? Then about Summerslam, as the last question of the night. Who will be Universal Champion? Heyman has been with Lesnar for 16 years, the highs and the lows. Yet Heyman has never seen this Lesnar. This more driven, focused and more violent Lesnar. Against this Lesnar, “Roman Reigns doesn’t stand a chance.” The Advocate is a broken man, but will the Beast leave Roman the same after Brooklyn?


The Riott Squad VS The Boss & Hug Connection!

The Juvenile Delinquent and Country Viking want another try against the #LegitHuggable duo after last week’s defeat. Can Liv & Sarah get even with Bayley & Banks while Ruby Riott is still on the sidelines? Or will it be 2-0 for the reunited best friends?

The bell rings, the gear is put away, and it’ll be Sasha starting against Liv first. THey tie up and go around the ring. Liv pulls hair but teh referee separates them. They tie up again but Sasha gets away. Liv rocks her with a right, then stomps away in a corner. She screams at the ref for counting, but then runs into buckles. Sasha bumps her off more buckles, then gives Liv some nightshade. Bayley tags in, Sasha tackles Liv and Bayley covers. TWO, but Bayley brings Liv up. Liv kicks back, then tags Sarah. Sarah runs into a hip toss, then Bayley adds a sliding lariat and elbow drop. Cover, ONE, but Bayley is on Sarah with an armlock. Sarah endures so Bayley drags her around to a mounted position. Bayley wrenches the arm but Sarah forearms out.

Sarah whips Bayley to a corner but runs into boots. Bayley goes up, crossbody! Cover, TWO! Sarah keeps on Bayley, going after her arm in return. Sarah whips but Bayley reverses only to be reversed back, and Bayley hits buckles hard! Liv tags in to add leaping stomps! Cover, but Bayley gets out and away. The Squad has control while we go to break.

Raw returns to see Sarah grinding Bayley into the mat with a cobra clutch. Fans rally up and Bayley feeds off it. Bayley stands but Sarah wrangles her back down. Liv and Sarah both shot that Bayley isn’t going anywhere as Sarah thrashes Bayley around. Sasha rallies the fans and Bayley powers up again. Bayley jawbreakers out, then crawls. Sarah keeps wrist control and reels Bayley back into the hold! Sarah gives Bayley a backbreaker then slams Bayley to the mat, all while maintaining the clutch. Bayley powers up again and arm-drags Sarha off! She crawls for Sasha, but Sarah yanks Sasha off! Sarah drags Bayley all the way over, and both Squad members stomp away. Liv tags in and climbs up, and Sarah feeds Bayley’s face to Liv’s knees. Liv then gives Bayley a facebuster, cover, TWO!

The Squad is furious, but Liv keep son Bayley. She whips Bayley but Bayley goes up and over. Bayley can’t get to Sasha before Liv throws her into the corner again. Liv runs in, but into snake eyes! Sasha and the fans are red hot, and gets teh hot tag! Sarah tags in, too, but it’s The Boss who rallies! Sasha dropkicks Sarah, then blocks a kick to give a knee. Sarah is reeling, but she puts Sasha on the apron. Sasha knees back in, then hoists Sarah up top. Bayley tags in and takes Sasha’s place up top. Sasha tags back in for Bayley’s SUPER STEINER, then hits METEORA! Cover, but Liv breaks it up!

Bayley throws Liv out hard, then takes aim from the apron. But someone saves Liv? Enziguri for Bayley! It’s RUBY! She’s back!! The Squad is at full power as Sarah rolls Sasha up. The Riott Squad wins!

W inner: The Riott Squad, Sarah Logan pinning

The gang’s all here as the squad leader makes a surprise return! With Ruby back at the helm, can she lead her team to bigger things in the near future?


Raw quickly reviews Rowdy Rousey joining the WWE.

From a surprise appearance at the Royal Rumble to a mixed tag match victory at Wrestlemania, Ronda has taken pro-wrestling by storm. She and Nia Jax went toe to toe, strength for toughness, at Money in the Bank. But what would’ve been a crowning achievement for Ronda became the golden opportunity for the Five Foot Fury. The Goddess reigns once again, but that only pissed Ronda off. Perhaps too much, as Ronda beat down tiny Alexa Bliss and put her through a table! The only problem was she also hit Kurt Angle in her rage, so she was suspended 30 days. But those 30 days have come and gone, and in return for good behavior, Ronda has a title shot at Summerslam!

Of course, Alexa always makes sure she has someone by her side to do her bidding. Ronda is done with that, which brings us to tonight’s main event! Ronda makes her Raw in-ring debut, with the Queen of Harts by her side. Can Ronda remove Ms. Crazy Like a Fox to have a clear shot at Alexa Bliss?


Ronda Rousey w/ Natalya VS Alicia Fox w/ Alexa Bliss!

Chary Caruso quickly interviews Alicia & Alexa in the ring before the match. Alexa is “so excited” to have people talking about Ronda. Charly’s had all night to think of questions to ask, and she asks about Ronda? They’re in the presence of a trailblazer and former champion! Don’t be rude, Jacksonville. Charly, this is where you use that journalism degree to use and ask a good question.

In that case, how did Alicia prepare for The Baddest Woman on the Planet? Ronda’s “great”, but banged up. That’s points for Alicia. Even if they sit and talk about Ronda’s achievements, like UFC Hall of Fame and Olympic medals, was she the captain of the Raw Survivor Series team? No, but enough of Charly. Alexa dismisses her, and to be serious, WWE Evolution wouldn’t be possible without women like Alicia. And before the biggest match of her career, Alexa thanks Alicia for her contributions. That’s from all of the women of WWE except Ronda. Ronda isn’t grateful for anything, nor does she deserve a title shot! But Alexa will pick up the pieces in Brooklyn. Has Alicia spent the last decade sacrificing just so an overrated rookie can steal the thunder? NO! But here comes Ronda!

Ronda enters the ring and we finally begin. The bell rings, but Alicia keeps her distance in a corner. Alicia tells Ronda that this ring is her house, not Ronda’s. She is honored to be Ronda’s first, but it’s not gonna last. Alicia’s right, it won’t last. Alicia swings on Ronda, but gets taken down! Foxy runs for it, and Ronda scares Alexa back from the apron. The two regroup and Alicia returns to the ring. Only to duck out again. Alexa distracts again, but Natty trips her up! The Queen shows the Goddess what’s up, but then Alexa shoves her into a post! Alicia tries to take advantage, but Alexa does! Alexa trips Ronda, Alicia pounces. The referee backs Alicia off, but she comes back for a mudhole stomp. This only angers Ronda.

Alicia sees the glare, and gets the fists! Ronda whips and reels Alicia in for a SWIFT takedown, then another. Ronda gives Alicia a third, and Alicia has no choice but to get out now. Jacksonville is fired up as Ronda fetches Alicia, to put her into the barriers! They go back in the ring, so Alexa tries once more to distract Ronda. Ronda sees Alicia coming, though, and throws her! Alicia might be regretting her choice to side with Alexa. Ronda grabs the arm, and shows Alexa what waits for her in Brooklyn. ARMBAR! Alicia taps, Ronda wins!

Winner: Ronda Rousey, by submission

The Baddest Woman on the Planet has put fear in the eyes of the Raw Women’s Champion. Natty celebrates with Ronda while Alexa regroups with Alicia. Charly returns to interview Ronda on her first Raw TV victory. Ronda thanks everyone for supporting her, and she feels great for being able to focus on Sumermslam. Alexa tries an ambush, but it doesn’t work! Ronda throws her right off! It doesn’t matter how tightly Alexa holds onto the belt now, because it’ll be Ronda’s soon enough! Ronda doesn’t just drop the mic, she bashes it. Will Alexa be down a belt and one arm after Brooklyn?



My Thoughts:

This was a rather lackluster Raw that had one of the more fun and energetic endings as of late. The opening was standard Raw formula: someone in the authority talks; Roman comes out; something something “impromptu match”. But given it was Roman VS Corbin, in Roman’s home state, Roman was “over” by default. He and Corbin have a decent match, but hey, Finn Balor made sure it wasn’t a count-out win and a pinfall for Roman. This gives us Finn VS Corbin at Summerslam, even though I was personally hoping this ended with Extreme Rules. Maybe now Finn can win to get to a true title program. Then comes a wave of filler as Roode beats Mojo, Rezar beats Titus, and Mahal “defeats” Strowman. I really hope that all this trickery from Kevin Owens means Strowman keeps that briefcase to keep our hopes alive.

I’m also not liking the development with Roman that’s happening. I get Roman wants to help Rollins, but now it’s just ridiculous that Stephanie is keeping him out of things because it’s #BestForBusiness. There was talk WWE (aka Vince McMahon) wanted to make Roman some sort of Daniel Bryan meets Stone Cold in his “fight against authority”, but it’s not working at all. Though, him giving Corbin the swift shots he deserves is fun. However, as fans were sensing, the rest of the segment has to be leading to Ambrose making a surprise return to help Rollins out against McIntyre-Ziggler. Changing The B-Team’s theme to something generic was insult to injury tonight, but at least we’re getting that triple threat tag title match out of the way now rather than at Summerslam. The AoP will likely defeat Titus Worldwide once more and finally get at those titles.

Paul Heyman did amazing again, but now as the depressed and confused confidant of Lesnar rather than the usual boastful blowhard he’s been. His eyes were so red, and the tears were coming down, he was perfect. He even managed to put Lesnar over one more time. It’ll all still go to putting Roman that much higher when he finally wins, but that’s not something Heyman can help. The newest rematch of Riott Squad VS Bayley-Banks was a good match, but I really did like the surprise return of Ruby herself. The Women’s Tag Division is clearly coming with them pushing that mouthful of a name for Sasha & Bayley, but I wonder if the Riott Squad will try to Freebird the titles like The New Day does.

And Ronda was the best part of the night, by miles. While Vince is trying to make Roman Reigns some sort of Stone Cold meets Daniel Bryan with the blatant “look, The Authority is picking on him!” so we’ll like him, Ronda Rousey is the female and GENUINE fusion of those characters, which is why we LOVE her. She will no doubt win that title at Summerslam to then take it on through Hell in a Cell and to WWE Evolution, because she is that popular, she is that good, and is only improving. She may have thrown Alicia around a bit too hard, but Alicia definitely earned some time off on her own end.

My Score: 7.8/10

Let us know what you think on social media @theCHAIRSHOTcom and always remember to use the hashtag #UseYourHead!


Mitchell’s NJPW AXS Results: Wrestling Dontaku 2019 Part 2!

AXS wraps Wrestling Dontaku with TWO HOURS!



NJPW Wrestling Dontaku 2019

It’s the AXS finale of NJPW Wrestling Dontaku 2019!

AXS and NJPW give us TWO hours and two championship matches! Jeff Cobb defends the NEVER Openweight Championship while Kazuchika Okada defends the IWGP Heavyweight Championship!


Coverage of NJPW Wrestling Dontaku 2019 will be as broadcast by AXS TV.

Gifs can be found on



  • NEVER Openweight Championship: Jeff Cobb VS Taichi; Taichi wins and becomes the new NEVER Openweight Champion.
  • EVIL VS Tomohiro Ishii; Ishii wins.
  • IWGP Heavyweight Championship: Kazuchika Okada VS SANADA; Okada wins and retains the IWGP Heavyweight Championship.


NJPW and AXS set the scene for this epic Wrestling Dontaku 2019 finale!

“Legacies will be defined” as The Rainmaker pushes past redemption and moves on to reestablish himself. It was through the 2019 New Japan Cup that Kazuchika Okada earned another chance at the IWGP Heavyweight Champion and Jay White, and it was at G1 Supercard that he took that title back! The now five-time champion keeps his promise of giving Cold Skull Sanada the first shot! The story of Okada and Sanada goes back to Sanada’s debut in 2016, in which he attacked Okada on Los Ingobernables de Japon leader Tetsuya Naito’s behalf. Sanada has climbed the ranks in the singles division, but is this the night he finally proves he is worthy? Or will Okada continue to prove he’s on another level?

Meanwhile, the Stone Pitbull and the King of Darkness have recently renewed a rivalry. They teamed with Okada and Sanada in a tag team match on the first night, and it went Evil’s way when put Tomohiro Ishii in the Scorpion Deathlock, a move copied from Ishii’s mentor! However, it was the referee who called the match for the sake of Ishii’s well-being, Ishii did not submit. Will Evil finally make Ishii give in? Or will Ishii get revenge for Evil adding insult to injury?


NEVER Openweight Championship: Jeff Cobb VS Taichi!

The Hawaiian Hulk has a title belt in both ROH and NJPW! But that only means more work for the Olympic wrestler, and that includes facing the Sliest Wrestler in the World, backed by Suzuki-Gun! Will all the tricks in Taichi’s book amount to nothing against the colossal cross-promotion champion?

The introductions are made, the belt is presented, and the dramatic Taichi takes his time removing his entrance gear. Miho Abe takes care of his coat but Cobb makes sure Taichi puts his knapsack down, too. Taichi does, the bell rings, and we begin!

Cobb and Taichi slowly circle. Taichi goes back to his corner to have Miho fix his hair. Cobb grows annoyed but Taichi is in the corner so he can’t be touched. They circle but then Taichi bails out to regroup with Miho, Taka Michinoku and Kanemaru. Taichi takes his time returning, all to troll Cobb. Miho gets on the apron to be a distraction, and Taichi gets in from behind! He clubs Cobb, but it only annoys Cobb more! Cobb kicks Taichi then CHOPS him! Cobb CHOPS Taichi more, but Taichi rakes the eyes! Taichi whips but Cobb reverses and things speed up. Cobb hurdles and dropkicks Taichi! Fans applaud Cobb’s agility while Taichi bails out. Cobb builds speed, but Taichi uses Miho as a shield!

Fans boo but Cobb bails out. Cobb tells Taichi to man up but Taichi still “cowers” behind Miho. Red Shoes reprimands Taichi, but he doesn’t see Kanemaru attack Cobb from behind! Kanemaru’s forearms do more to Cobb than Taichi’s. But Cobb whips Kanemaru into railing! And he throws forearms on him! Taichi uses his mic stand on Cobb! Taichi chokes Cobb while Red Shoes is down. Red Shoes gets up with help from a Young Lion, and stops Taichi. Taichi whips Cobb into railing then brings him to NJPW commentary. He bounces Cobb off the announce desks then chokes him with cables! Taichi leaves Cobb behind long enough to take the NEVER Openweight belt. Taichi holds it up as if it’s already his. Fans boo and Red Shoes shakes his head.

Cobb drags himself up and gets in the ring before a count begins, but Taichi stomps away on him. Taichi stands on Cobb’s back and head, but lets up at Red Shoes’ count. Taichi smirks as he stands Cobb up to choke him into a corner! Red Shoes counts again but Taichi lets up, only to grind Cobb’s face on ropes. Taichi smirks more as he rakes Cobb’s face! He stops at Red Shoes’ count but then brings Cobb up for a snapmare and swift kick. Cobb only gets mad and stands back up. Cobb throws big forearms on Taichi! Taichi mule kicks Cobb away, then runs in for a big corner clothesline. Taichi keeps moving, but Cobb dodges. Cobb wants a belly2belly but Taichi rakes the eyes! Taichi runs, but into a scoop to suplex! Cobb puts Taichi on the top rope, to CHOP him.

Cobb adjusts and climbs to join Taichi. Taichi holds on but Cobb gets up for a stalling SUPERPLEX! Taichi bounces up from momentum alone then flounders to a corner. Cobb slowly stands and gets himself to a corner while Taichi slowly sits up. Cobb runs in but Taichi dodges. Taichi misses his kick but Cobb chops and clotheslines with no wasted motion! Cobb whips corner to corner then runs in for a BIG elbow! Cobb fireman’s carries Taichi for a Samoan Drop! “Gochimuchi” Moonsault but Taichi dodges! Taichi kicks but misses and Cobb waistlocks. Taichi elbows free but Cobb shoves. Cobb runs but misses in the corner, Taichi hits his enziguri! Taichi brings Cobb in, but he can’t lift Cobb! He kicks away on Cobb’s face, then tries again, but that doesn’t change anything! Cobb back drops Taichi instead!

Taichi wrenches and hook kicks Cobb! Taichi hits the buzzsaw! Cover, TWO!! Cobb is tougher than that, so Taichi focuses his power. Off come the pants! Taichi aims and kicks, but Cobb deflects to hit back with a big right. Taichi kicks but it barely bothers Cobb. Neither does the next kick or the next kick. If anything, Cobb starts liking it. Cobb forearms Taichi and dares him to come back. He throws more forearms, and Taichi falls to his knees. Cobb dares Taichi to stand, and Taichi fires himself up. Taichi kicks away on Cobb’s chest, but Cobb blocks and brings Taichi in for a Fall Away Slam! Cobb runs as fans rally, but Taichi dodges to mule kick! But Cobb forearms back, so Taichi enziguris! Both men are down but fans are fired up!

Miho, Taka and Kanemaru coach up Taichi but the fans rally behind Cobb. Taichi grabs Cobb for a dragon sleeper, but Cobb powers out. Cobb arm-drags Taichi off, then scoops him for- No, Taichi gets out of the Tour for a BIG saido suplex! Taichi drags Cobb up again, dragon sleeper and armlock, but Cobb endures the “stretch bar.” Cobb reaches but Taichi cranks back. Fans rally again but Taichi shifts to a cover, TWO!! Cobb still has life and Taichi grows frustrated. Taichi stands Cobb up and brings him up in an Alabama lift. But Cobb is just too much! Cobb clubs Taichi and gut wrench suplexes! He holds on and rolls to bring him up for another! Cobb still holds on, for a PILEDRIVER! Cobb can’t cover, he’s too tired!

Fans rally as both men are down! Cobb stirs but goes the wrong way. Miho panics and almost cries for Taichi but it’s Cobb who slowly stands up. Fans duel as Cobb drags Taichi back up. Taichi is dead weight but Cobb gets him up and whips him, but Taichi boots! Taichi is alive and whips, but Cobb reverses to the Athletic Plex! Cobb drags Taichi up, throws him, but Taichi holds ropes. Taichi boots and roundhouses! And rabbit ax bombers to another enziguri! Both men are down again, and it’s Taichi who can’t make a cover! Taichi revives and fires up! He takes aim at Cobb, who staggers over. Superkick blocked, for a Tour- No, Taichi escapes, but gets a LARIAT! GACHIMUCHI! And then, a Tour of the- No, roll up! TWO!!

Taichi pushes Red Shoes to LOW BLOW Cobb! Chicken wing cradle, TWO!! Not even a kick to the balls can stop Cobb! But Taichi aims, SUPERKICK!! Then Alabama lift, BLACK MEPHISTO!! Cover, Taichi wins!!

Winner: Taichi, by pinfall; NEW NEVER Openweight Champion

For the second time ever, the Sliest Wrestler holds this belt! And most surprisingly, he barely had to cheat! Cobb is no longer champion in both ROH and NJPW, but will Cobb be back for a rematch?


EVIL VS Tomohiro Ishii!

Again, the Stone Pitbull did not submit to the Scorpion Deathlock as put on by the King of Darkness. However, he was still trapped in it with no way out. Will Ishii fall for that trap again? Or will he have an escape plan this time?

NJPW returns after the entrances and we get right to the bell!

Evil and Ishii collide, then collide, then collide. Ishii runs and bumps Evil, who comes back on the rebound, but so does Ishii! They just keep ramming into each other! Evil and Ishii each fire up as the fans fire up. Evil throws a forearm but Ishii gives it back, and repeat. They go back and forth like this, fast and furious, and the fans rally up with them! The brawl keeps going, forearm for forearm, elbow for elbow! Evil gets rocked and Ishii keeps on him. Ishii runs but into Evil’s elbow! Evil runs but they go shoulder to shoulder again! They both run, and they both collide! Evil finally knocks Ishii down!

Fans cheer while Evil catches his breath and Ishii writhes. Evil drags Ishii up to toss him out. Evil follows to club away, then whip into barriers! Ishii hits the floor but Evil doesn’t let up. Evil brings Ishii up to throw into the post! You could hear that *BING* of head hitting metal! Evil stomps Ishii then drags him back up to throw back into railing. He puts Ishii’s leg through the rails to kick! Ishii hobbles as the ring count passes 15! Evil puts Ishii in at 17 and fans cheer. Evil stomps the leg now, but Ishii eggs him on! So Evil slams the leg and puts on a toehold. Ishii endures while pulling Evil’s hair. Evil pulls back on the leg and ankle, but Ishii drags himself to a ropebreak. Red Shoes counts and Evil lets go.

Evil looms over Ishii but Ishii throws body shots. Ishii chops but it doesn’t hurt. Evil CHOPS Ishii and he staggers back! Ishii chops but Evil CHOPS! They keep going back and forth, Ishii’s chop meeting Evil’s CHOP! Ishii fires off many chops but Evil just needs one double hand CHOP to floor Ishii! Evil keeps on that leg, clearly preparing for the Scorpion Deathlock. He puts it on, but Ishii resists being turned over! Ishii slaps Evil so Evil chokes and CHOPS Ishii. Ishii just takes the chops and stands up. He wobbles over to Evil to fire off forearms, but Evil kicks the bad leg out. Evil whips Ishii to a corner but Ishii comes back with a clothesline! However, Ishii hobbles, showing that Evil’s plan is working.

Evil stands but Ishii CHOPS him in a corner. Ishii CHOPS and forearms and repeats. He whips corner to corner but Evil reverses to forearm, only to run into a powerslam! Both men are down but Ishii’s up first. Ishii drags Evil up but Evil resists the back suplex with elbows. Evil brings Ishii towards a corner but Ishii rams his shoulder in! And again and again! Ishii runs back in but into a boot, only to clothesline Evil anyway! Fans rally both ways as Ishii gets his back and legs moving. Ishii drags Evil up and hoists him onto the top rope. Ishii climbs up to join Evil, but Evil resists. Evil holds onto the crossbars so Ishii headbutts him! Ishii lifts Evil for the SUPERPLEX! He crawls to a cover, TWO!

Fans rally up as Ishii stands. Ishii wants Evil to stand, then he runs, but Evil boots the lariat and blocks the other. He passes Ishii’s kick to Red Shoes to mule kick Ishii’s leg! Evil suplexes Ishii into buckles! The Pitbull bails out of the ring but Evil pursues. Evil goes under the ring and tosses chairs around. Ishii hits back and brings Evil over. Evil blocks the suplex, but Ishii still tries. Evil suplexes to put Ishii on the rails, Anarchy Suplex! Almost a Magic Killer! Evil gets back up and grabs one of those chairs. He puts one around Ishii’s head and has the other! Red Shoes runs out to reprimand Evil but Evil shoves him away! Evil then swings and SMACKS the chair off around Ishii’s head! The Pitbull goes down while we go to break.

NJPW returns again as Evil drags Ishii up. Fans cheer as Evil wants to end this in the ring. Evil rallies the fans and takes aim at Ishii. He runs corner to corner and hits a BIG corner clothesline! Evil roars while Ishii flops to the mat. Evil drags Ishii up for a suplex and he puts Ishii on the top rope. Now Evil joins Ishii up there but Red Shoes is worried. Evil stands Ishii up, for a SUPERPLEX of his own! He crawls to a cover, TWO!! Ishii’s far tougher than that, so Evil goes after the legs! Scorpion Deathlock! Ishii endures this hold all over again, but he also powers up! He crawls himself towards the ropes but Evil sits down deeper! Fans rally as Ishii powers up again. Ishii crawls again, but Evil sits back down.

Ishii grabs at Red Shoes to keep himself from tapping, and then he gets the ropebreak! Evil lets go and wipes the sweat from his brow. Evil looms over Ishii and drags him back up. He lifts Ishii but Ishii slips out. Ishii waistlocks but Evil elbows out. Ishii swings but Evil dodges to waistlock, only for Ishii to swing again, which Evil again dodges. Evil swings but Ishii blocks, and Ishii waistlocks only for Evil to elbow out. Evil swings again, but into Ishii’s back suplex! Both men are down but fans fire up again. Evil goes after the legs again with elbows to the knee. But Ishii eggs him on! Evil mule kicks the knee but Ishii fires off forearms. Evil ROCKS Ishii with that right!

Fans rally as Ishii falls to his knees, but Evil runs. Ishii blocks a clothesline with a clothesline, then runs. Evil runs from the corner, but Ishii sees it coming and clotheslines him down! Ishii grits his teeth while fans are thunderous. He puts Evil in the Scorpion Deathlock! Evil endures the move now as Ishii sits down deep! Evil powers his way over, but Ishii cranks back harder! But Evil still gets the ropebreak! Ishii lets go and is frustrated, but he doesn’t let up. He goes after Evil again, dragging him up by his singlet. Ishii goes after a leg with a knee jammer! Evil fights off the shin breaker, then spins, but into Ishii’s elbows from all sides! Evil spins again but into another big forearm! Ishii sits Evil up for the sliding lariat! Cover, TWO!!

Fans are thunderous all over again as Ishii stands Evil up. Ishii suplexes, but Evil knees out. Evil shoves and German Suplexes! But Ishii’s up to clobber Evil! Evil headbutts and LARIATS back! Ishii flounders but Evil is up again. Evil wants another and runs, and LARIATS again! Cover, TWO!! Ishii still lives! The fans are at a fever pitch as Evil catches his breath. Evil slashes the throat to say it’s over. He drags Ishii up, spins, but Ishii slips out! Evil spins Ishii again, but Ishii gets a waistlock and German Suplex! But now Evil’s up in an instant! Only to run into Ishii’s LARIAT! ONE?! Evil hits another lariat! Then lariats collide! Both men fall over! Red Shoes checks on both men but they’re somehow okay to continue.

Fans rally up and gives both men new life. Ishii and Evil stand, and head for each other. They collide with clotheslines again, and stagger on weak legs. Evil and Ishii run and collide yet again! Evil roars and runs, but Ishii tanks the clotheslines! Ishii headbutts then forearms then headbutts Evil again! Evil falls to a knee but Ishii stands him back up, only for Evil to hook the arm! Ishii spins Evil around but Evil spins out of the full nelson to suplex Ishii! Ishii knees free and spins Evil, only for Evil to get him with a Half ‘n’ Half Suplex! Evil drags himself to a corner while Ishii slowly stands. Evil runs but gets caught! Ishii wants to steal the STO!

But Evil spins Ishii around, full nelson to fireman’s carry, but Ishii slips out, clothesline blocked! Rolling elbow hits! Enzugiri! Evil is out cold but Ishii isn’t done with him! Ishii runs and LARIATS! Cover, TWO?! Evil still lives and Ishii can’t believe it! But he won’t stop, he suplexes to the BRAINBUSTER!! Cover, Ishii wins!!

Winner: Tomohiro Ishii, by pinfall

Finally, after a human demolition derby, the Stone Pitbull is victorious! Two of the toughest in NJPW went head to head and Ishii proves the tougher, but when and where will we see this match again?


NJPW Media Backstage Interviews

Ishii says “That’s what you get, facing me in a singles match.” Did Evil learn his lesson? If not, Ishii will happily teach him it again.

But then Taichi walks in to smirk at Ishii. “Oi. Congrats on earning the right to challenge me.” What? You heard Taichi right, Ishii now has the right to challenge for the NEVER Openweight Championship. So Taichi wants after Ishii, huh? Well there’s no one else, so Ishii might as well be the new #1 Contender. Be happy to be chosen. Well if Taichi wants this, Ishii’s game. No it’s about Taichi throwing the Pitbull a bone. Then ask him nicely? As if. The Pitbull should be begging. Accept it and be grateful. Yeah, Taichi seems so grateful, the way he’s treated that belt already. It was broken when Taichi got it from Cobb. Whatever. Ishii accepts the challenge. No, no, Ishii is challenging Taichi, got it? Whatever you say. Weirdo.

But it’s been awhile since Ishii’s seen that belt. Taichi just wants revenge from the New Japan Cup. Reminds Ishii of another wrestler in NJPW. But Ishii’s up for this match anytime, because the results will be the same. When and where will NJPW give us this new NEVER Openweight Championship showdown?


Hiroshi Tanahashi returns to NJPW!

The Ace has been gone since suffering an elbow injury and going through the subsequent surgery to repair it. He surprises the fans here at Wrestling Dontaku, because he has something he wishes to say.

“Tanahashi desu. I had surgery on my left elbow. The cast came off the other day, and I got my stitches out. But I wish I could have competed here.” It was a year ago that here, in Fukuoka, that the crowd was behind him. He rode that wave of energy to win the 28th G1 Climax that August. And then he won the IWGP Heavyweight Championship in the Tokyo Dome. But then in February, he lost, and his losses piled up. And he feels as low as the floor right now. Fans cheer, wanting him to rise back up.

Tanahashi knows he’s starting from the bottom. But as he stands back up, he vows that on June 5th, at Ryogoku, he’ll make another comeback! He continues to say that after that, he’ll again go after the IWGP Heavyweight title! Will the Once in a Century Talent make yet another heroic return?

But wait, here comes Jay White and Gedo! Fans boo as the Switchblade takes the mic from Tanahashi. Gedo tells White some things, and then White grins at Tanahashi. Fans boo as White begins to speak. “You want the IWGP Heavyweight Championship? You think you deserve the IWGP Heavyweight Championship?” The line starts behind White, and Tanahashi is at the back, even behind Hirooki Goto! White is the REAL champion, and it doesn’t matter who wins between Okada and Sanada, White’s turn is next. “Do you understand me?” Gedo makes a move on Tanahashi, but it’s just so White can get his cheap shot in! White stomps Tanahashi as fans boo and the bell rings. White rains down rights then stomps him more.

Gedo ups the ante by bringing out chairs! White grabs one and puts it around Tanahashi’s newly recovered arm! He grabs the other chair, but Young Lions save Tanahashi! White fights them off but Tanahashi is safe from further harm. White picks up the mic again to tell Tanahashi, “I am next!” Fans boo White and cheer Tanahashi. Will the Switchblade and The Ace settle things in the ring to decide who really is next to face the top champion in NJPW? For that matter, we still have the main event to go. Who will be the top champion in NJPW after the dust settles?


NJPW and AXS advertise G1 Climax 29!

Mark your calendars, because on July 6th, 2019, AXS will begin coverage of the Summer’s major heavyweight tournament! The biggest and best of NJPW will once again compete in a round robin tournament to crown a #1 Contender to the IWGP Heavyweight Championship!


IWGP Heavyweight Championship: Kazuchika Okada VS SANADA!

The Rainmaker’s redemption was completed in Madison Square Garden during the history G1 Supercard event! Now Okada returns to give Cold Skull first crack at this fifth title reign. With the Switchblade already calling his shot, who will have the Bullet Club’s cutthroat leader targeting them through the Summer?

The introductions are made, both men take off their elaborately decorated jackets, and the belt is presented. The bell rings and fans are already thunderous as we begin!

Okada and Sanada hear the fans duel before circling. They approach and watch the other closely. Okada backs off so Sanada does the same. They circle again and tie up. Okada waistlocks but Sanada wristlocks and standing switches. Okada switches back but Sanada drops to an armlock. Sanada waistlocks but Okada wrenches free. Okada wrenches more but Sanada reverses it back. Okada rolls and trips up Sanada, and gets the toehold. Sanada endures as Okada cranks back. Sanada tries to chinlock but Okada cranks again. But Sanada manages to sit up and gets Okada’s arm, but Okada blocks the armbar. Okada rolls but Sanada denies a cover. Okada has the leg for a standing toehold, but Sanada works on an escape. Sanada rolls and rolls and breaks free, and fans applaud.

Okada backs off and takes his time circling with Sanada. Sanada and Okada go again, and Okada rolls to get the wristlock. He brings Sanada to the mat then back up for a wrench. Okada gets both arms for a standing stretch, but Sanada endures. Sanada goes to power up but Okada brings him back around. Okada digs his head into Sanada’s back, but Sanada works on turning it around. Sanada and Okada struggle but Okada gets it back. Sanada tries again, and though he gets it, Okada quickly turns it back around. Okada throws Sanada down but Sanada throws Okada from the mat. Okada rolls Sanada, ONE! Sanada rolls Okada, ONE! Okada sweeps Sanada but Sanada gets off to sweep. Okada gets out and both men knip up!

Fans cheer as these two are evenly matched to this point. Okada and Sanada have to nod in respect to the other, too. They circle again and tie up. They stare down as they shift from knuckle locks to collar and elbow. Okada puts Sanada on the ropes, and Red Shoes calls for the break. Classic Okada fakes the chop to pat Sanada’s shoulder. But Sanada comes back with fiery kicks and forearms! Sanada whips but Okada reverses, and boots Sanada to a snapmare. Okada runs and basement dropkicks Sanada down! Okada catches his breath while Sanada checks his head. The champ stands Sanada up and laces the arm through for a modified stretch. Sanada endures but Okada lets go.

Okada brings Sanada around to scoop slam him, then slingshot senton! Sanada clutches his ribs while Okada takes his time returning. Cover, ONE, but Okada keeps on Sanada with a chinlock. Sanada endures the knee in his neck while Okada pulls back. Sanada works on an escape but Okada just brings him back. Fans duel as Sanada works his way back up. Sanada elbows free but Okada clubs him on the back. Okada whips and runs in, but Sanada boots him away. Sanada dropkicks Okada’s legs out! Okada grits his teeth and clutches his knee. Sanada brings Okada up, blocks Okada’s kick, and trips Okada up! Okada pushes him away but runs into a huricanrana! Sanada rolls through to get the arms and legs!

Okada powers out of Paradise and speeds things up, but Sanada dropkicks the leg again! Dragon screw, to Paradise! Fans cheer as Sanada hears them out. Fans duel and rally as Sanada takes aim from a corner, to kick Okada out of Paradise! Cover, TWO, but Sanada keeps cool. Sanada chinlocks but Okada endures. Okada works on an escape but Sanada elbow drops him down. Sanada puts the chinlock on again, but Okada reaches for ropes. Sanada wrangles Okada away and cranks back on the chinlock. Okada scrambles and uses his long legs to get the ropebreak! Sanada lets go but comes back to bring Okada up. He puts Okada in a corner to whip corner to corner. He hits a back elbow then snap suplexes Okada down! Cover, TWO!

Sanada keeps his cool while bringing Okada up again. Okada hits low with a shoulder, then throws forearms. Okada runs but into Sanada’s elbow! Sanada moonsaults but Okada dodges to hit a running uppercut! Both men are down but fans continue to cheer. Okada sits up first, and he runs at Sanada to rally with forearms and elbows! He whips but Sanada reverses. Okada dodges but so does Sanada, but then back to Okada and he runs Sanada over with an elbow! Fans fire up with Okada and whips Sanada corner to corner. Okada hits a back elbow to DDT! Cover, TWO! The champion is still in control while we go to break.

NJPW returns and Okada aims at Sanada on the outside. Okada slingshots but Sanada trips him up. Sanada whips Okada but Okada reverses to send Sanada into barriers! Then he boots him over! Okada fires the fans up as he gets space. He runs back to FLY and crossbody Sanada into more barriers! Both men are down and Red Shoes checks on them both. Okada clutches his leg again, that leap was double-edged. A 20-count begins and passes 10 before Okada stands. Okada drags Sanada up but brings him to ringside at 17! He gets Sanada in at 18 and fans cheer that he wants to end this in the ring. Okada still clutches that leg but manages to stand.

Okada drags Sanada up again to scoop slam him down. He goes to a corner and climbs up, but has to leap over Sanada. He uppercuts Sanada then runs, but Sanada hurdles and dropkicks Okada out of the ring! Now Sanada slingshots and wipes Okada out! Fans fire up as Sanada walks off the pascado. Sanada takes a lap around the ring while Okada is still down. Sanada returns as the 20-count begins again. He lets it reach 10 before bringing Okada up. He puts Okada in at 14 and covers, TWO! Sanada keeps his cool and brings Okada back up. Okada blocks the back suplex and elbows Sanada off. Okada runs but Sanada reels him in. Sanada suplexes but Okada lands on his feet. Okada swings but into the dragon sleeper! But he arm-drags out to flapjack Sanada down!

Both men are down, catching their breath and clutching their legs. Fans rally up and Okada forces himself to stand. Sanada follows but Okada boots him. It doesn’t have as much power, so Sanada boots. Okada blocks it and throws uppercuts to then go for a lift. Sanada fights out, but Okada blocks the boot. Sanada blocks Okada’s boot to give him a forearm. Okada staggers into a boot, then a rolling sabat! Sanada whips but Okada reverses, only for Sanada to fake out the dropkick! Sanada fireman’s carry but Okada slips out. They trade standing switches and Okada German Suplexes, but Sanada lands on his feet! Sanada whips but Okada reverses again, but Sanada tumbles and springboards to missile dropkick Okada down! Fans fire up again as the tide looks to be turning.

Okada gets to a corner and fans duel again. Sanada runs in but is popped up to the Air Raid Crash neckbreaker! Okada catches his breath but he crawls over to Sanada. He positions Sanada before climbing up top again. Okada leaps, Macho Elbow hits! But he’s not done there, Okada hits the Rainmaker pose! Okada drags Sanada up and wristlocks, but Sanada drops down to roll Okada! TWO, and Okada has a cover! TWO and Sanada has it back, TWO! Okada sunset flips, TWO! Sanada sits on Okada, TWO! Okada again, ONE, Sanada jackknifes! TWO, Sanada drop toeholds Okada to a leg nelson, Japanese Clutch, TWO!! Okada has Sanada in a cobra clutch! Sanada endures and flails while fans rally again.

Sanada sits up and Okada drags him up, to wring him out! But Sanada dropkicks the clothesline away! Sanada drags Okada up to whip but Okada reverses to hit his dropkick now! Okada drags Sanada back up, gut wrench but Sanada wriggles to the dragon sleeper! Sanada drops back but Okada rolls through to gut wrench! Tombstone piledriver! But Okada isn’t done, because he still needs his namesake. He wrings Sanada out but Sanada spins to Salida, into the dragon sleeper! Okada endures and maybe even fades under the first part of Skull End! But Okada fights back up and scoops, only for Sanada to counter lift to Anarchy Suplex! Just like Evil earlier, Sanada gets a Magic Killer style move!

Fans duel again as Okada and Sanada sit up. They might even be turning towards Sanada more. Sanada drags Okada up, double chicken wing to the Tiger Suplex! Bridging cover, TWO!! Okada escapes but barely! Sanada keeps on him, scoop and backbreaker. He goes to a corner and climbs up, Moonsault! But he lands on his feet as Okada evades! Sanada staggers back, one of his knees buckling. He still runs at Okada, only to get a boot. Sanada tries again, but into another boot. Okada runs out but Sanada dodges the shotgun. Sanada spins but int a spinning Rainmaker! Okada roars as he drags Sanada back up, wristlock but Sanada full nelsons to another Salida! Okada blocks this one, so Sanada uses the buckles for the climb! He has the Skull End dragon sleeper again!

Okada endures but Sanada takes him for a swing! Then drops down for the body scissors! Skull End in full, but Okada refuses to quit! Red Shoes checks as Okada fades, but Okada revives. Okada flails with his arms then pops out! Sanada keeps the body scissors to get the sleeper with the other arm! He cranks back hard as fans duel and rally. Okada endures and flails again, not fading out. Red Shoes watches Okada like a hawk, but Okada pops out again. Sanada fights to get the head again but Okada crawls for ropes. Okada reaches, but Sanada wrangles him away with a wristlock! Skull End returns a third time, but Okada still flails. Red Shoes checks, his arm drops once. It drops again. Sanada gives up the hold to drag him over?! MOONSAULT to the back! And then again, to knees!!

Both Sanada and Okada are down again! Fans are thunderous again as they duel and rally. Sanada and Okada are exhausted but still push themselves back up. They head for each other, and grind forehead to forehead. Okada throws an elbow, but Sanada returns it. Okada gives Sanada another, but again Sanada gives it back. Another forearm from Okada, and another forearm from Sanada as they stand. Okada, Sanada, repeat. They pick up speed, but Okada dazes Sanada. Okada keeps hitting him, but Sanada refuses to fall. Okada hits Sanada a third time, but Sanada gives him an uppercut! Sanada shakes the sweat from his hair as fan return to a fever pitch. He drags Okada up for another heavy uppercut! Okada falls to his knees, but Sanada brings him back up.

Sanada throws another but Okada backslides! Sanada rolls of and dodges the rainmaker! He waistlocks but Okada bucks him off. Okada runs to shotgun dropkick Sanada down! Okada watches Sanada in the corner, then runs in, only to get elbows! Sanada springboard moonsaults to a dragon sleeper! But Okada uses the buckles to turn it around! Okada has the dragon sleeper, then gut wrenches! But Sanada wiggles to battle over the gut wrench! He gets Okada up, but Okada wiggles and flails! Okada manages to get the gut wrench back! But Sanada slips up and around to a waistlock. Okada tries but can’t buck Sanada off, and Sanada gets the dragon sleeper!

Okada endures again but flips over as Sanada drops back. He drags Sanada up but Sanada dodges! Sanada wrings Okada out but Okada still tries! Sanada ducks that clothesline, to wring Okada out and steal the Rainmaker! Cover, TWO!! Okada survives his own move! Sanada finally shows frustration, but then he vows to end it. He drags Okada back up, cravat to Salida, but Okada slips out. Okada spins but Sanada blocks to then spin for a roaring elbow! Cravat, Sliced Bread, but into a SPINNING TOMBSTONE! And the TRUE Rainmaker!! Cover, Okada wins!!

Winner: Kazuchika Okada, by pinfall; still IWGP Heavyweight Champion

The first defense of this fifth reign and The Rainmaker is STILL the top champion in NJPW! Okada goes 6-0 against Sanada all-time, but it gets tougher and tougher each time! Will we get to see lucky number 7 in the future? Will Sanada finally break through? Or is Okada just on too high a level?

Okada offers a hand to Sanada to help him up. Sanada declines, helping himself up. However, Sanada does take the hand in a small handshake, to then give a fist bump. It sounds like there will be a seventh round one day, we can only wait and see.

NJPW skips to after Okada is again wearing his IWGP Heavyweight Championship belt, to when Okada takes up the mic. “Sanada-san! At the signing ceremony, you honored me by calling me your rival.” That made Okada very happy. So in front of Hakata, he wants to say something to Sanada: he is Okada’s rival, too! Their story has just begun! “But I’m not gonna lose.”

Okada addresses the fans again as he notes “We have changed over from the Heisei Era to Reiwa.” What do the NJPW fans think? Hard to tell. But Okada wonders who will entertain the pro-wrestling world in this Reiwa Era. Okada promises he’ll bring the excitement. He vows to be the star of the new era for the true fans! He’ll bring the heat! “As the 69th IWGP Heavyweight Champion, I will keep the new era exciting.” As long as he’s NJPW’s top champion, he’ll- Wait, the lights go out! A video plays. Is that… CHRIS JERICHO!? The dark clown that Y2J has become says “I’m the Painmaker! And on June 9th at Dominion in Osaka, I will challenge for the IWGP Heavyweight Championship! And I’m gonna win.” Jericho shouts he’ll win, but then hushes himself. Y2J is returning to NJPW and aiming for the top!!

Okada just tells Jericho, “Bring it on, you bastard!” Because Okada vows HE will win! Okada will win and return as champion, to again make it rain! Will Okada continue to be the best in NJPW by beating the Best in the World at What He Does? Or will Jericho completely turn NJPW upside-down at Dominion?



My Thoughts:

One hour of NJPW on AXS alone is great, so two hours is amazing! Especially when they know how to properly book surprises. I didn’t think Taichi would win the NEVER Openweight Championship off of Jeff Cobb in a mostly clean way. Sure he had Miho be his distraction and his shield, but the Suzuki-Gun antics weren’t even deciding factors this time. Well, an argument can be made that they amounted to something, especially the low blow. But for the most part, Taichi managed to just keep on Cobb until Cobb couldn’t get up. At the same time, Cobb being a dual ROH and NJPW champion wasn’t going to last forever, so it was a good move to make it someone mostly unexpected. Now Taichi VS Ishii will be a good first defense for Taichi, I’m just not sure Taichi survives.

For that matter, Ishii VS Evil was insane. It really was just a demolition derby slug fest type fight, and that’s exactly what it should’ve been. Ishii wins not just because he’ll challenge Taichi but because that was the story of him and Evil. Evil got him last time with the Sharpshooter, and that was a great part of the match’s story, but for that reason, Ishii survives the hold and puts Evil away with a standing finisher. And with another G1 Climax on the horizon, Evil can snap back in the NJPW Heavyweight ranks with an impressive showing. I’m honestly surprised Tanahashi is making another comeback, but NJPW without him would also seem odd. White obviously wants to finish Tanahashi for good, that’s another good story going into G1 Climax 29.

NJPW is also building stars properly. Sanada’s history with Okada has been building over the last three years, and it clearly works in getting fans behind Sanada as we heard from the Fukuoka fans. Okada VS Sanada VI, the longest and best match so far of their series, and I really do look forward to a seventh. If anything, the day Sanada beats Okada is the day Sanada reaches that heavyweight/world championship level. He will be the face of NJPW one day, but not until Okada stops. Okada has been such a strong force in NJPW and with that heavyweight championship, he’s almost the NJPW John Cena or Randy Orton. If it weren’t for his matches always being great, I’d say he should move on. If anything, he should still think about going after a different title once this fifth reign ends.

Jericho returning to NJPW is also great, Okada VS Y2J at Dominion will be great, but I don’t think Jericho is the one to end this fifth reign, and certainly not at this point. Beating Jericho will help build Okada’s fifth reign up, and perhaps solidify Okada’s legacy.

My Score: 9.1/10

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Mitchell’s ROH Results & Report! (5/11/19)

It’s Speed VS Strength in the main event!



ROH cover image

ROH Wrestling Television, Episode 399

Battle lines have been drawn in ROH! LifeBlood’s Bandido takes on the Notorious Hitman, who takes a big win on War of the Worlds Weekend?



  • Triple Threat Tag Team Match: Shinobi Shadow Squad VS Coast to Coast VS The Bouncers; The Bouncers win.
  • Flex Simmons VS Josh Woods; Woods wins.
  • Bandido VS Shane Taylor; Bandido wins.


Triple Threat Tag Team Match: Shinobi Shadow Squad VS Coast to Coast VS The Bouncers!

Ryan Nova & Cheeseburger have Eli Isom in their corner, but they’re up against the salty Shaheem Ali & Leon St. Giovanni and the massive Beer City Bruiser & Brian Milonas! Triple S got a Six Man Tag victory over C2C and Colin Delaney on the Road to G1 Supercard, but can they pull off another shocker against even bigger and badder competition? As for C2C and The Bouncers, they lost together at this year’s Masters of the Craft, but Ali & LSG refused to share a #ToastofHonor in commiseration. Will that chip on C2C’s shoulder go away or only grow bigger tonight?

The Bouncers keep the Code of Honor with the Shinobi but C2C refuse to shake hands with anyone. Fans cheer “Beer! Beer!” for BCB and Milonas while they let Nova start with LSG. LSG and Nova tie up, and LSG gets the wristlock. Nova rolls and reverses, but LSG handsprings and reverses back. LSG waistlocks and slams Nova hard, then headlocks. Nova powers out and things speed up, LSG waistlocks Nova again but Nova bucks him off. Things keep moving and Nova counters a backslide with an arm-drag. LSG runs back in and waistlocks, but Nova slips out of the back suplex. Nova boots LSG away from the corner, then somersaults to neckbreaker! Nova knips up and fans fire up as he tags in Burger. Whip to atomic drop to sweep, then they split the wish bone to double kick LSG down!

Fans fire up with Triple S but Ali runs in. Ali misses Burger and Nova to hit the Bouncers! Ail runs into a double hip toss! Nova and Burger high-ten, but then the Bouncers come in to sandwich them! Bruiser whips Nova while “Brawler” whips Burger, and then they trade partners to squash them in the corners. And then they go corner to corner to squash the other! The Bouncers see Ali and LSG and squash them! And then the other way! Milonas feeds Ali to BCB to bite! LSG runs in but he gets bit, too! And Burger! And Nova! But remember, he ain’t got no teeth! The Bounces high-five and say bottom’s up, but C2C boot them both! And again!

The Bouncers tumble out and C2C give the shinobis CHOPS! C2C whip Nova and Burger at each other, but Burger and Nova do-si-do to dropkick C2C! The shinobi slingshot but are caught! The Bouncers sandwich them again, but then C2C wreck them all with dropkicks! They keep moving, Ali FLIES! Ali bowls everyone over, then drags Burger in while we go to break.

ROH returns as Ali slingshot sentons onto Burger. Cover, TWO! Ali is just annoyed as he tags in LSG. Fans rally up for Burger but Ali holds him in place for LSG’s shoulder tackle. Ali adds an enziguri, then feeds Burger to LSG’s butterfly suplex! Cover, TWO! LSG drags Burger back up for an armlock and chinbar. Fans rally behind Burger and Burger fights back. Ali tags in and C2C mugs Burger. Ali gives Burger a big European uppercut, then covers, TWO! Burger fights back with big CHOPS! Fans fire up but Ali brings Burger away to then hit Nova! Burger dodges and dodges, and tags in Milonas! Ali waistlocks but Milonas breaks free with a big butt bump! Milonas rallies and drops the seated senton! Cover, but LSG breaks it!

Bruiser goes after LSG then whips, Samoan Drop! Back senton from Milonas! BCB whips Ali into Milonas’ scrapbuster slam! Cover, but Nova breaks it! BCB shoves Nova all the way out, but LSG shoulders in. LSG slingshots to hit Milonas then springboards to hit BCB! C2C regroups to go after Milonas. LSG climbs while Ali scoops Milonas. Milonas is too heavy, he falls onto Ali! BCB uppercuts LSG then tosses him onto Ali! The Bouncers grab LSG and toss him out. Ali rolls and Nova tags in! Nova leaps at Bruiser for the flying Complete Shot! Nova fires forearms on Milonas! Milonas grabs him and scoops him, but Burger saves him. Double SUPERKICKS! They focus their chakra, buzzsaw mule kick combo!

BCB runs over Nova but Burger dodges to FLY onto C2C! Fans fire up but Burger runs into an uppercut from BCB! Nova knees Bruiser but runs into Brawler’s boot! CLOSING TIME! Cover, The Bouncers win!

Winners: The Bouncers, Brian Milonas pinning

The Shinobi Shadow Squad doesn’t have to go home, but they can’t stay here. But they also argue with Coast 2 Coast, who are sore losers all over again. As for Bruiser and Milonas, they celebrate with the #ToastofHonor! Will they soon be toasting with a shot at the ROH tag titles?


ROH has a huge night set for Episode 400!

Matt Taven is finally the ROH World Champion, because he earned it. He won a Triple Threat Ladder match at G1 Supercard in Madison Square Garden, also becoming a Grand Slam Champion. But when it comes to having a shot at his title, Taven tells the entire locker room that they’ll have to earn it. Cue Flip Gordon! The Captain of Flip Army reminded Matt Taven that he earned his shot in the Sea of Honor tournament. And with his knee at 100%, Flip finally gets his shot as the new #1 contender! Who ends the milestone episode of ROH having earned the world championship?

But not only that, the ROH World Six Man Tag Team Championships will be on the line! Villain Enterprises will defend their titles against a star-studded though makeshift team of Jay Lethal, Jeff Cobb and Rush! Will Marty Scurll, Brody King & PCO keep hold of the gold against the Franchise, the Hawaiian Hulk and El Toro Blanco?


ROH looks back at the G1 Supercard Honor Rumble!

Kenny King CHOSE to be number one in this massive match, that featured huge stars across ROH and NJPW, such as Minoru Suzuki, Jushin Thunder Liger and even THE GREAT MUTA! It looked to be down to just the two masked legends, Muta and Liger, but Kenny wasn’t actually eliminated! He threw both legends out in one fell sweep and won his shot at the ROH World Championship, but he would get some karma in the way of Muta’s mist!


Kenny King is here!

The Honor Rumble winner is apparently still blinded? He has a walking stick and assistance walking out from ROH timekeeper, Amy Rose. Fans chant “Thank You, Muta!” as King struggles to get a mic. “I should be…” Wait, face camera. “I should be the happiest dude alive right now.” But he’s not and why is that? You see, King is the only man in professional wrestling who does exactly what he says he will. He told everyone that he’d start at number one and “molly whop all them other chops” to become the first man to win the Honor Rumble from number one. King is now #1 Contender, but he shall now be known as Kenny Shawn Michaels King.

And that’s not even the best part! We were all treated to something special at G1 Supecard! Two men stood, Jushin Thunder Liger and the Great Muta, and tension was palpable. No one knew what was going to happen, until King slid in the ring to throw their “700 year old Japanese wrinkly asses” out to win the Honor Rumble! They say never meet your heroes. King did, he wanted to shake hands with Muta, and Muta spit the red mist in his face! Fans think it’s funny? It’s awful! It smelled like laundry detergent and Popeye’s Chicken, and it burned Kenny’s face and eyes! Now King needs emergency eye surgery, so that’s why he won’t be wrestling tonight. But that brings him to Matt Taven. King wants to tell us something we might not know about Taven. “Matt Taven is my homie.”

The two kings are friendly with each other. Kenny was proud of Taven at G1. One day they’ll have to discuss the terms of Taven’s surrender, but until then, he wants Taven to fight. Taven is not King’s target. He is not the man who upsets King. Who here thinks Jay Lethal is great? Kenny doesn’t. Lethal’s not tough, and the only time he’s savage is when he’s cosplaying Randy. So to Jay Lethal, when King gets through his surgery to see again, both eyes will be on Lethal. Because then Kenny will prove he’s the K I N G, and he’ll make Lethal #BendTheKnee. Amy helps King get his walking stick and exit the ring carefully. Will King see clearly and get his hands on Lethal? Or will Lethal make him see all of that trash talk wasn’t worth a thing?


Flip Gordon speaks on his leg injury.

It was at ROH Honor Reigns Supreme, in a match with Hot Sauce Tracy Williams. All seemed same as always, but as Flip dropkick’d Tracy in the corner, his knee gave out. Flip feared the worst, and wanted to finish the match, but his springboard spear only made it worse. He could only take another step, so he had to call it there. Flip feared the worst, but the MRI gave him a time frame. What did he have to do to beat this? Physical therapy. Flip stuck to the schedule, and trusted his doctors. Now his knee is ready, and he is ready! The other ROH World Championship contenders fell to Lethal, but then Taven rose up to win. Now Flip’s turn comes as episode 400 arrives! Will Flip’s return be one of the greatest in ROH history?


Flex Simmons VS Josh Woods!

An ROH dojo graduate makes his television premiere as he flexes his… fairly good physique. But he’s up against The Goods, Mr. Top Prospect 2017, who returns after returning to his roots. Now Woods is #DownToFight, will he end Flex’s television career before it begins?

The Code of Honor is upheld, and the bell rings. Woods SPEARS Flex! Flex staggers up into a waistlock slam! Woods grimaces as he drags Flex up for an exploder suplex! Flex can only flounder around into a fireman’s carry, Seismic Toss slam! Cover, Woods wins!

Winner: Josh Woods, by pinfall

Woods returns more focused and more aggressive, and doesn’t care to shake hands with Flex again. He wants his money and the next fight, who will be #DownToFight The Goods?


ROH interviewer Quinn McKay interviews Josh Woods.

The 2017 Top Prospect Tournament winner, the NCWA National Champion, and multi-time All American wrestler is also captain of the US MMA team, and is back in ROH with an impressive showing. But he’s been gone for some time. What’s he been up to? It isn’t about what he was up to, but about what he just did and has done his entire career. Woods has always been #DownToFight. Will he finally fight his way to an ROH championship?


Bandido VS Shane Taylor!

Though they have beef with Bully Ray over the attack on Tenille Dashwood, LifeBlood’s luchador will take on the Notorious Hitman who has been known to pall around with the Hall of Famer. Will Bandido’s speed or Taylor’s strength win out in this first-time-ever face-off?

Bandido wants to uphold the Code of Honor, but Taylor spits on Bandido’s hand! The bell rings and Bandido fires off with kicks. Bandido runs and slides but Taylor catches him. Taylor whips but Bandido counters to throw forearms. But Taylor stays up! Taylor grabs Bandido but Bandido slips out of the choke slam. Taylor elbows Bandido away, but Bandido elbows back. SUPERKICK! Fans fire up as Bandido whips, but Taylor blocks. Taylor whips but Bandido dodges and kicks, but Taylor blocks again. Taylor flips Bandido but Bandido lands on his feet to sunset flip! Bandido can’t get Taylor down, but he gets out of the way as Taylor sits down!

Bandido keeps moving to basement dropkick Taylor out! Fans fire up as Bandido builds speed to DIVE! Direct hit sends Taylor into the barriers! Bandido keeps moving, and FLIES! He wipes Taylor out again, and celebrates with fans while we go to break.

ROH returns once again, and Bandido gets Taylor back in. Bandido stands Taylor up to chop, but Taylor shrugs it off. Bandido tries again, but then Taylor CHOPS Bandido to a corner! Taylor trash talks Bandido but Bandido CHOPS back! Bandido eggs Taylor on so Taylor CHOPS Bandido off his feet. Taylor drags Bandido up but Bandido fires forearms back! Bandido tries to fireman’s carry but Taylor fights him off. Taylor swings but Bandido ducks, only to get caught in a choke slam! Taylor mocks the fans as they cheer for Bandido. Bandido gets to a corner again but Taylor is on him with big knees. Taylor throws a big right and Bandido goes down! Taylor taunts Bandido more as he drags him back up. He tosses Bandido across the ring! Bandido stirs but Taylor trash talks the fans.

Taylor stalks Bandido as fans rally up. Taylor stands Bandido up again, to throw him by his hair! Bandido hits hard and flounders to ropes. Taylor drags Bandido up again and whips him corner to corner. He runs in and clotheslines Bandido down! Fans boo Taylor but he just stands on Bandido’s head! Taylor lets up at 4, but comes back to drag Bandido back up. Taylor talks trash the entire time but Bandido revives to throw forearms! Bandido dodges one clothesline but gets the other! Cover, TWO! Fans rally up again as Taylor sits Bandido up to elbow away! Taylor covers, TWO! Taylor drags Bandido back up and slaps him around. He whips Bandido corner to corner but runs into a boot!

Bandido boots and enziguris, then hops up top. He leaps, into the One Hitter Quitter! Cover, TWO!? Bandido survives Taylor’s right hand! Fans rally up and Bandido has new life, but Taylor is right on him again. Bandido fires forearms then fireman’s carries again. Taylor is still too much but Bandido elbows him back. Bandido boots but gets blocked, Taylor rolls Bandido for a big knee to the face! Cover, TWO!! Bandido still lives while we go to one last break!

ROH returns once more, and Taylor still slaps and toys with Bandido. Bandido blocks the slaps to fire off slaps of his own! Taylor SLAPS Bandido, but Bandido still comes back with more! Taylor CHOPS, but Bandido fires off kicks and knees! Bandido runs, but into a clothesline! But he’s right back up!? Taylor is shocked, but Bandido fires off slaps and kicks. Bandido knees and SUPERKICKS! Taylor staggers, but still gets Bandido with another choke slam! Both men are down but fans fire up! A standing count begins as fans rally. The count passes 5 before Taylor sits up. Bandido stirs but Taylor stands. Taylor brings Bandido up for big haymakers, but Bandido returns with forearms. They go back and forth, with fans on Bandido’s side.

Bandido gets an edge then spins, into a headbutt! Hammerlock rip cord, End of Days! Cover, TWO!! Taylor is frustrated he couldn’t finish Bandido off! Bandido stands and boots Taylor away. Then he swing kicks from the apron, only to slingshot into the One Hitter! Taylor slingshots Bandido in, London Tower! Cover, TWO!?! Bandido is superhuman! Fans keep cheering Bandido on and he revives again. Taylor shakes his head as he CHOPS Bandido in a corner. And CHOPS again, and again! Bandido flops over and Taylor vows to end this. Taylor drags Bandido up, whips him corner to corner, but Bandido boots him away. Bandido uppercuts then springboard tornillo crossbody! Bandido takes aim, and fireman’s carry! GTS, BANG to 21 Plex!! Cover, Bandido wins!!

Winner: Bandido, by pinfall

The luchador triumphs over the titanic Hitman! But wait, here comes Bully Ray! Bandido sees him coming, and has LifeBlood’s Tracy and Mark Haskins with him! Bully wants a time-out, he wasn’t expecting to be the one outnumbered. But wait, who are these attacking LifeBlood?! The Soldiers of Savagery, Moses Maddox and Jasper Kaun, are the newest recruits to ROH and they’re already making an impact! They stomp out Bandido, Tracy and Haskins, then slam Haskins down for a Vader Bomb! They lift Bandido for a gutbuster drop! And they go after Hot Sauce with a feed to a SPEAR! Then an elevated DDT! Even Bully seems confused. SOS did this without any help from Taylor or Bully, or without an invitation. But will they be Bully’s new back-up against LifeBlood?



My Thoughts:

A really great episode to act as a go-home to episode 400. We get a pretty great Triple Threat Tag to open the night. It’s an interesting development for C2C to take a slow transition into Heel with this salty new attitude of theirs, but that might be the spark they need to take that next step up in the ROH tag division. The Bouncers continue their own rise up, perhaps they’ll finally get their own shot now that we’ll be past War of the Worlds. Bruiser & Milonas against Guerrillas of Destiny would be a pretty fun match, though obviously another match GoD would retain the titles in.

Kenny King playing up being blinded was pretty hilarious here tonight. And even without that, he gave us a great promo overall, though obviously while he’s waiting his turn at the world title, he’s going after Lethal. Lethal VS King all over again should make for a good match or two, and I’m pretty sure King wins to go right at the world champion, whoever that is. We got a good video package and promo from Flip, but I’m not sure if he wins that title off Taven, even on a milestone episode. Regardless of it being his return, Woods was obviously going to win against Flex Simmons tonight. In fact, anyone going against Flex Simmons tonight was going to win because Flex was obviously the generic jobber.

Woods being back, I wonder if he’ll get a better push than he did before. I don’t think he can take the ROH World Television Championship off Jeff Cobb, but I hope we can get a great match out of them. And I’m sure we’ll get a great Six Man out of Lethal, Cobb and Rush VS Villain Enterprises. But such a random team is not beating an established trio like Villain Enterprises. I don’t think Scurll and his team lose the titles until a rematch with The Kingdom. Bandido VS Taylor was amazing, worthy of leading to title contention. It was great story for Bandido to win, both in the match and overall.

It was a great bait and switch for Bully to be the one surrounded, but then to swerve back and debut a new duo. I suppose Bully would need new allies with The Briscoes likely reserved for a rematch with GoD. I’d expect at least a Six Man Tag, Bully & SoS VS LifeBlood, but you could throw in Taylor on Bully’s side and get Juice Robinson involved for an Eight Man Tag. Either way, this looks to be building to the LifeBlood VS Bully and crew story I was hoping for.

My Score: 8.3/10

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