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Mitchell’s NJPW AXS TV Report: G1 Climax 28, part 3!



NJPW G1 Climax 28 cover

The 28th NJPW G1 Climax moves to more B Block action as AXS TV brings us Kenny Omega VS Hirooki Goto, and Tomohiro Ishii VS Tetsuya Naito!


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  • Tomohiro Ishii VS Tetsuya Naito; Naito wins.
  • Kenny Omega VS Hirooki Goto; Omega wins.


NJPW and AXS TV set the scene for this second round!

The now reigning IWGP Heavyweight Champion, Kenny Omega, is among the first winners in B Block as he takes back his loss against last year’s G1 Climax champion, Tetsuya Naito! However, he must now face current NEVER Openweight Champion, Hirooki Goto, in another G1 Climax finals rematch! Who will jump to four points in this round robin after this epic champion vs champion showdown?

Meanwhile, the Unstoppable Charisma that is Tetsuya Naito must try to make his way on the board against familiar foe, Tomohiro Ishii! They’re tied 4-4, with Ishii being one of Naito’s losses in last year’s G1, but Naito tying it back up at King of Pro-Wrestling. Will G1 history repeat itself? Or will Naito find a way around the Stone Pitbull?


NJPW and AXS give a quick rundown of the rest of B Block Round 2!

The Firing Squad leader, Tama Tonga, and the Cold Skull of Los Ingobernables de Japon, Sanada, was yet another match that the rest of the Tongan triad got involved. But just as it looked like Tonga Loa and Bad Luck Fale had served Sanada up on a silver platter, Sanada turned the tables to get the win! Then the Submission Master, Zack Sabre Jr, and Chaos’ comedy Producer, Toru Yano, would clash with their contrast of styles. Yano’s amateur wrestling background only got him so far, as ZSJ would lock in the European Clutch pin and win.

Lastly, the Golden Star, Kota Ibushi, battled the IWGP United States Heavyweight Champion, Juice Robinson. It would be a tough fight, but in the end, Kamigoye scores another win for Ibushi. Robinson has no points two matches in, but at least he has his title. Who else will join Ibushi, Sanada and ZSJ in the 4-points win column?


Tomohiro Ishii VS Tetsuya Naito!

The Stone Pitbull of Chaos ans the Tranquilo leader of LIJ are no strangers to each other. This is the ninth time these two have met in singles competition, who will win two points along with this tiebreaker?

As always, Naito takes his time taking off the entrance gear, but Ishii is a rather patient man himself. Both men are finally dressed to compete and Red Shoes does his check. The bell rings and we begin!

The fans are already hot for Naito as he slowly circles with Ishii. Naito keeps his distance from the anxious Ishii, then ties up. Ishii powers Naito back to the ropes, then breaks. He goes to chop but Naito dodges. Naito honors a break, then fakes a sucker punch to then turn around and fire off strikes. He whips but Ishii reverses, only for Naito to hold ropes. Naiot puts Ishii on the apron but Ishii returns. Naito sends him at a corner, then runs in, but Ishii puts him on the apron. Ishii swings but misses, Naito sweeps the legs. Naito brings Ishii out to whip him into barriers! Naito backs off to go into the ring, leaving Ishii to the mercy of the count. Ishii slowly stirs then stands up. He takes a moment to catch is breath, but Naito is ready for him.

Naito fires off more strikes, namely elbows to the neck. He has Ishii on his knees, then brings him up for more clubbing forearms and elbows. Ishii eggs Naito on, he wants more. Naito gives more, and Ishii rests on the ropes. Naito whips Ishii, then hip tosses him, but misses the basement dropkick. Ishii hits his, and stalks Naito to ropes. He stands Naito up for a blunt backhand chop, but Naito comes back with a swift overhand chop. Ishii isn’t affected much, so he gives Naito another chop. Naito chops, Ishii chops. Ishii chops and chops and chops, but Naito spits on him! Ishii chops more, and harder! Naito is reeling but Ishii still chops him against ropes.

Ishii keeps chopping, then chops Naito’s back. Naito manages to grin, until he’s chopped off his feet. Fans fire up for this already tough match. Ishii eggs Naito on, and Naito does his best to hit back. Ishii still shrugs it all off, so Naito changes to forearms. The Stone Pitbull still eggs Naito on, because the forearms aren’t strong enough. Naito gives on more, but it only takes one chop from Ishii for him to stagger back again. Ishii runs into the corner, but Naito boots him back. Ishii keeps going, but gets another boot. Naito runs out and whips Ishii, then gives him an atomic drop on the rebound, and then a neckbreaker. Both men are down while we go to break.

NJPW on AXS returns, and Naito sits up first. Ishii follows but Naito stands first. Naito brings Ishii up, and throws forearms. He whips Ishii but Ishii reverses. Naito reverses back to hit the inverted backbreaker then a basement dropkick. Ishii staggers but Naito whips him to a corner. Naito hits the jump kick, leg sweep and swinging dropkick. He poses while fans fire up. Naito yanks Red Shoes out of the way to stomp a mudhole into Ishii. He scrapes his boot on Ishii’s face but Red Shoes comes back to reprimand Naito. Naito keeps toying with Ishii the entire time, then spits on him again. Ishii keeps his cool as he socks Naito right in the mouth! Fans duel while Ishii looms over Naito. Ishii toys with him now, but Naito shrugs it off as he gets to the ropes.

Ishii keeps kicking Naito around while Red Shoes reprimands him now. Naito just takes it, not reacting in the slightest. Ishii tries to get a rise out of him, but Naito simpy stands up. Naito gives Ishii forearms, but Ishii endures, so Naito slaps him on the head! And slaps him again. IShii gives big elbows and chops to Naito in the corner, and Naito gasps for air each time. Red Shoes warns Ishii, but Ishii keeps rocking Naito with the back of his forearm. Naito drops down but Ishii brings him up for a corner to corner whip. Naito stops himself, comes back, but into a back suplex. Fans duel hotter while Ishii gets up. Ishii brings Naito up for a standard suplex.

Naito gets out of it and runs the ropes, but Ishii denies the tornado DDT with a push. Ishii ducks the enziguri, but misses his sliding lariat. Naito boots Ishii down, but falls back himself. Both men are down again while fans rally up. Naito stands first, and enziguris Ishii again. He hurries to the top rope, and leaps for a missile dropkick. But Ishii stays standing! Then he blasts Naito into a corner! Ishii drags Naito up, then hoists him to the top rope. Ishii climbs up to join Naito, but Naito resists the superplex. They’re on the very top, but Naito still holds on. Naito fights back, and hits a SUPER sunset flip powerbomb! High stack cover, TWO!! Both men are down again, but fans keep dueling.

Naito slowly sits up, then stands. He staggers over and brings Ishii up. He hammerlocks Ishii but Ishii resists. Ishii misses an enziguri, but reverses the whip. Naito leaps but Ishii gets around him for a waistlock, and a German Suplex! They both stand, and Ishii clotheslines Naito against ropes. He whips Naito, but Naito leaps back with forearms! Naito hurries to get Ishii up, wrenches the arm, but ducks Ishii’s counter lariat. Naito gets a full nelson but Ishii gets out. Ishii elbows Naito, then gives a short headbutt, but Naito comes back with a slapping palm strike! Both men drop to a knee, but Naito is up first. Naito tries but it’s Ishii who suplexes, only for Naito to DDT! Naito takes aim, but runs into a big lariat! Ishii drops, too, and fans are thunderous.

Both men are catching their breath while Red Shoes checks on them. Ishii’s up first, and brings Naito up. Naito fires off a forearm, then another. Ishii wobbles, but then grits his teeth. Naito hits him again, but Ishii is growing stronger. Naito gives another, then ducks Ishii’s to give a third. Ishii headbutts Naito down! Ishii powerbomb lifts, for the Last Ride! High stack cover, TWO!! Naito surprises Ishii, but Ishii keeps going. He sits Naito up, then runs, for a big sliding lariat. Cover, TWO! Fans rally up for Naito but Ishii still has him. They stand up again, and Ishii suplexes. Naito slips out, tilt-o-whirls, but Ishii pops him off to then club him down with a clothesline! Ishii runs again, and hits another! Cover, TWO! Ishii is furious but he has one more idea left. He drags Naito up while fans keep cheering.

Ishii lifts, but Naito escapes again. Naito blocks the clothesline, then enziguris Ishii down! Both men are down again, but Naito is up first. Fans keep cheering as he aims at Ishii. Naito runs, tilt-o-whirl denied again, and Ishii enziguris! But Naito comes back with a rolling kick! Ishii staggers, but still gets Naito up in a suplex. Naito turns that into Destino! Cover, TWO!? Ishii survives, and fans are at a fever pitch. Naito gets up, wrenches and tilt-o-whirls, for a true Destino! Cover, Naito wins!

Winner: Tetsuya Naito, by pinfall; Naito earns 2 points, Ishii earns 0

Naito’s on the board for B Block as he snaps back from his loss to Kenny Omega. But Naito is still frustrated, and he takes it out on Red Shoes with a rake to the eyes! Naito may be a sore winner, but he’s still a winner. Will he manage to go on a tear and make it back to the G1 Climax finals? Or is it already too late?


Kenny Omega VS Hirooki Goto!

This is not only a rematch of the G1 Climax 26 Finals, but it is now Champion VS Champion as the Best Bout Machine is finally IWGP Heavyweight Champion. Omega made history at the expense of the Fierce Warrior once, will he do it again? Or will the perennial NEVER Openweight Champion prove he can beat THE champion on his way to this year’s finals?

Red Shoes does his check, rings the bell, and we begin. The fans seem divided as the two champions circle. Goto and Omega tie up, and Goto gets a waistlock. Omega gets the wristlock, but Goto reverses to his own. Omega pulls hair and brings Goto to the ropes. Red Shoes calls for a break, and Omega gives it, with a playful pat of the cheek. The two circle again, then tie up. Omega gets the arm, wrenches then slaps Goto’s head all over. Goto kicks low then puts Omega in a hammerlock. Omega works his way to a reversal then a headlock. He grinds Goto to one knee, but Goto powers out. They collide shoulders, Goto goes back, then they collide again. Omega goes down, and Goto runs. Goto holds the ropes but Omega runs at him for a boot. Omega fires up, but turns around into a roundhouse!

Goto lifts in fireman’s carry but Omega slips out. Omega lifts Goto in electric chair, but Goto slips out. Goto has the dragon sleeper, but Omega slips out before the GTR to kick Goto away. Omega runs but ducks the clothesline. He gets a waistlock but Goto elbows out. Goto runs, but into Omega’s huricanrana! Fans fire up with Omega while Goto rolls out of the ring. The Terminator drums begin, and Omega builds speed. Goto returns in time to deny Omega’s flight. Omega boots Goto back out, then the drums start again. Omega baseball slide dropkicks, and Goto ends up in the crowd. The Young Lions help fans move aside while Terminator Drums start up again. Omega takes aim, not caring what Red Shoes says. He jumps up to springboard, but Goto throws a chair at him! Omega stumbles down while fans boo Goto.

Goto returns, and drags Omega out on the apron for a draping reverse GTR! He keeps on Omega by shoving him over into the front row. Young Lions again clear the area as Goto comes after Omega. Goto brings Omega up to the wood bleachers, and the Young Lions clear out more fans as the two brawl. Omega fights back but Goto rocks him with a forearm. Goto prepares a suplex, but Omega resists. Omega fights back, chops Goto, then scoop slams Goto on the wood! Goto clutches his right leg from thigh to knee, where the wood got him most. Omega drags Goto back up as Red Shoes asks they bring this back to the ring. They don’t, as Omega climbs hand railing. Fans fire up, and Omega MOONSAULTS onto Goto, and some Young Lions. Things are hectic while we go to break!

NJPW on AXS returns, and Omega has gotten back up. Fans are thunderous for him as he drags Goto back up. The Young Lions take care of themselves while the two champions head back to ringside. Omega moves that chair Goto threw aside, before putting Goto back in the ring at Red Shoes’ count of 12. Fans applaud and fire up for Omega as he stalks Goto. Omega brings Goto up, and gives him a swift chop. Goto staggers, but Omega gives him another. Goto chops back, and now it’s a brawl. Omega chops and elbows Goto, then runs, for Kotaro Krusher bulldog! Cover, TWO! Omega fires up and he stomps away on Goto. He brings Goto back up and into a corner. Omega grinds a boot into Goto’s throat, and stops at 4. He toys with Goto a bit, then brings Goto back up for a clubbing forearm.

Goto fires up from the double ax handle, then chops Omega back. Omega dares him to chop again, so Goto does. Omega chops and Goto staggers. Now Omega runs, for a running chop! Cover, TWO! Omega keeps his cool while fans rally up again. He drops elbows into Goto’s shoulder, then wraps on a chinlock. Omega traps an arm, but Goto reaches for ropes with his legs. Goto gets the ropebreak, and Omega lets him go to kick him in the back. Omega brings Goto up for a forearm, but Goto gives on back. Omega fires off more, but Goto comes back with his own. Goto whips but Omega reverses, and reels Goto in for a fireman’s carry. “You Can’t Escape!” Rolling senton, moonsault! Cover, TWO! Omega brings Goto up again, but Goto gives him a suplex! Both men are down while fans duel.

Goto stands and fires forearms on Omega. They go to a corner, Goto whips Omega corner to corner. Omega goes up and over and chops Goto on the run. Things speed up, and Goto clobbers Omega with a clothesline! But Goto is too tired to cover, so both he and Omega get to opposite corners. Goto runs in and hits a flying heel kick, aka the Muramasa! Then he throws Omega with a saido suplex! Cover, TWO! Fans rally up while Goto grits his teeth. He brings Omega up in a fireamn’s cary but Omega fights out. Omega gets on the apron, counter punches Goto, then slingshots, but into the fireman’s carry! Ushigoroshi! Goto still can’t cover, but he fires up for something else. He drags Omega up in a sleeper, but Omega gets out to put on his own sleeper.

Goto powers out, Omega hits buckles, Goto German Suplexes Omega on the rebound! But Omega lands on his feet! Omega boots away the punch, V-Trigger outta nowhere! Omega drags Goto up and onto the top rope. He climbs up to join Goto, but Goto resists the superplex. Goto throws body shots but Omega throws them back. Goto pushes Omega off, but Omega comes back with another V-Trigger! Omega sits Goto up on the top rope, climbs up to join him, but Goto again resists. Goto clubs away on Omega, but Omega clubs Goto back. Goto headbutts Omega, then hops onto Omega’s back, for a SUPER SUNSET POWERBOMB!! Cover, TWO! Goto cannot believe this match continues, but we go to break.

NJPW on AXS returns and both men are slowly stirring. Goto stands first, and fires himself up. He prepares his kick, but Omega blocks it! Omega forearms back, so Goto returns the favor. They brawl, forearm for forearm. Omega feeds off the fans’ energy as he keeps going blow for blow with Goto. He then gets around Goto for a Snap Dragon Suplex! Omega loads up, BANG, and he runs but Goto clotheslines him down! Fans rally up as both men slowly stir all over again. Goto is on Omega first with a facelock, and hits the reverse GTR! He drags Omega back up, turns him around, but Omega slips out to suplex. Goto denies that and suplexes Omega up, for the side slam! Cover, TWO!! It was that close, and Goto is shocked!

Fans are thunderous while Omega flounders on the mat. Goto fires up, drags Omega up in the dragon sleeper, but Omega pops out again to victory roll. TWO, and Goto clutches his leg while Omega catches his breath. The two crawl around, and Goto pursues Omega into a corner. He brings Omega out but Omega hits a forearm and chop. Omega palm strikes and chops, then gives another forearm. He backs up but Goto blocks the boot. Goto fires off forearms, but runs into a V-Trigger! Omega comes back, double underhook, but Goto swings out to a headbutt! Goto runs, but Omega V-Triggers him at the ropes! Omega cross-fisherman, Aoi Shoudou! Cover, TWO!! Goto is dazed but Omega reloads. BANG, and he runs, V-Trigger! Omega keeps going, Electric Chair, to One Winged Angel!! Cover, Omega wins!

Winner: Kenny Omega, by pinfall; Omega earns 2 points, Goto earns 0

The rematch from the G1 Climax 26 Finals repeat themselves as the Best Bout Machine wins again! Omega stays near the top of the B Block, is he again on his way to making history?

Kenny Omega speaks.

A fan shouts praises to him, and he responds, “What? Nice to meet you.” But to what he means to say, and in Japanese, “Man, the G1’s B Block is one good match after another, huh?” The fans definitely agree. Omega isn’t sure about Block A, but he knows all the Block B wrestlers are great. He’s currently Heel and even he thinks so. However, those other guys aren’t the best, they aren’t THE champion. “Only one man holds the top belt,” and that’s Omega. “And so, I will keep on winning through B Block, and go to the finals for the third consecutive year.” Fans love the sound of that. Omega says he won’t do it because he’s “Bullet Club or The Elite, or Golden Lovers,” but because he is THE best in the world. Fans also like the sound of that.

Omega knows the fans want to see the best matches, right? Yes! Well, then, sorry to everyone else in the B Block, including “Ibutan”, but Omega’s going to the finals, to win it again. And now to English for the sign-off, “Good Bye, MWAH, and Good Night, BANG!” The Best Bout Machine has everything it takes to be IWGP Heavyweight Champion, but he also has butterfingers as he drops the belt… He apologizes profusely, he’s not Naito. He holds onto that belt and pets it, because it is his most prized possession.


Backstage interviews.

Omega explains that the only reason he dropped his 45 pound belt was because he was so beat up, bloody and covered in scratches from his match with Goto. But while the belt was too heavy to hold at the end of the night, the responsibility on his shoulders of being IWGP Heavyweight Champion is just right. And he’ll do it his way. Is Omega Heel? Face? He doesn’t care about that, he just knows that he’s the best! Tama Tonga thinks his Bullet Club is better than Omega’s? “Prove it.” They’ll see each other soon enough, so until then, good bye, mwah, and good night, pew pew pew pew. Yes, it’s a ray gun this time. Don’t worry, it’s set to stun. The Golden Lovers are the top two in B Block with their 4 points each, but what will happen when they eventually meet in this round robin?



My Thoughts:

What an amazing pair of matches again. We have Naito and Omega again, in separate matches, as they’re practically the highlights of B Block so far. Naito VS Ishii was really stiff, and you could feel the history between them. Naito wins so that he isn’t dead last, and it’s fine because Ishii already won points before. They’re now tied, but it’ll take a lot for either one of them to be the B Block finalist. Of course, now that Naito has the win, if they end up tied at the end, Naito gets the nod.

Meanwhile, The Golden Lovers are two for two, and I can’t wait until they face each other. Omega VS Goto is even better than their G1 Climax 26 Finals match, because there were even small references to that match. Namely, Omega preparing to springboard at Goto in the crowd, and how Goto stopped that with the chair toss. That spot scared me at first, but it was also rather smart of Goto to do that. Omega wins again, and continues to make a strong argument for why he should be the newest champion to win the whole thing. It’s also great that he gets meta about the Face-Heel dynamic to say he doesn’t care about that dynamic. And honestly, even if he did or said Heel things, fans love him so much that they wouldn’t boo. The entire world of professional wrestling could learn a thing from that.

My Score: 8.5/10

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Mitchell’s WWE Elimination Chamber Results & Report! (2/17/19)

Who will make history in the Women’s Tag Team Championship Chamber match?



WWE Elimination Chamber will make history by crowning inaugural Women’s Tag Team Champions! Who will outlast five other teams to leave with the titles?



  • Kickoff Show – WWE Cruiserweight Championship: Buddy Murphy VS Akira Tozawa; Murphy wins and retains the WWE Cruiserweight Championship.
  • No Disqualifications: Braun Strowman VS Baron Corbin; wins.
  • WWE Intercontinental Championship Handicap Match: Bobby Lashley & Lio Rush VS Finn Balor; win(s) and
  • SmackDown Tag Team Championships: The Miz & Shane McMahon VS The Usos; win and
  • Raw Women’s Championship: Ronda Rousey VS Ruby Riott; wins and
  • WWE Women’s Tag Team Championships Elimination Chamber match: wins and become the inaugural WWE Women’s Tag Team Champions.
  • WWE Championship Elimination Chamber match: wins and


It’s the Elimination Chamber Kickoff Show!

Join Jonathan Coachman, Beth Phoenix, Booker T and Sam Roberts in taking a look at everything set for tonight’s Pay-Per-View event!


Mustafa Ali speaks.

The most painful thing about missing Elimination Chamber isn’t the injuries, but having to watch others take his opportunities. He’s on Kofi Kingston’s side, but he will return to come for his second chance. Ali has more black eyes and broken bones coming his way, but nothing’s easy in life for those who dream.


Braun Strowman speaks.

“Let me tell you a story about a coward who thought he could challenge a Monster.” Worse than a coward, he was a sniveling snake that did anything he could to stop the Monster. But all he did was make the Monster angry. The coward knew he could never win on his own, so he recruited others to help him brutalize the Monster. They were all cowards, and thought they had the monster down. But this was no normal monster. This monster came back and vows to make them all pay! When the cowardly Corbin goes against the Monster Among Men in No Disqualifications, there’s only one way this story ends: Braun Strowman continues on his rampage, and Corbin will #GetTheseHands.


The Bar joins the Kickoff Panel!

Sheamus & Cesaro are confident The Usos will win against The Miz and Shane McMahon. Miz and Shane are like watching TV and listening to the radio at the same time: it just doesn’t work! But then how did they beat The Bar? A fluke. What about Strowman and Nick? That was a trick to throw them off. But then Tucker Knight & Otis Dozovic come over. They’re on Team #McMiz. Miz and Shane are wild cards, just like Heavy Machinery. How bold of them to interrupt The Bar. Plus they’re just sucking up to Shane for a spot on SmackDown. Heavy Machinery knows the WWE Universe wants to see them as much as possible. The tag teams trash talk, but whose predictions will come true?


Becky attacked Charlotte Flair at a house show!

The Man was so furious over Vince McMahon replacing her in the Raw Women’s Championship, she went right at The Queen! But Charlotte would turn the tide and go right after Becky’s bad leg again and again! Becky is only digging a deeper hole for herself, will she ever get back to a title?


The Riott Squad speaks.

“Houston, we have a problem.” They’re going to wreak havoc together as they all go for gold! Their careers come full circle when they take the Road to Wrestlemania on a detour! Ruby wants to take that Raw Women’s Championship off Rousey while Liv and Sarah want those Women’s Tag Titles. But then Charlotte walks in. She remembers their debuts. They went right after her for their #SquadGoals. But Charlotte would love if Ruby went right after Ronda with all that aggression. Ruby can follow in Charlotte’s footsteps and win her first title in Houston. Then they can face off at Wrestlemania. Can Ruby really change the Wrestlemania plans further?


Mojo Rawley speaks to himself again.

The WWE Universe doesn’t care about him. They don’t even know him. But who they Hell are they? They don’t matter! They don’t like Mojo’s face? Well Mojo doesn’t either! It’s time Mojo shows them the real him.

Alexa Bliss speaks.

“Tonight, we make history.” She feels so honored to play a large role in this. Ever since The Goddess debuted, the Women’s Division has hit all these great firsts! They’ve been on fire! Speaking of fire, maybe if Becky took Alexa’s advice, she’s still be selling out Wrestlemania and not suspended. But oh well, tonight’s not about Becky. It’s about the WWE Women’s Tag Team Championships! And as the first Women’s Chamber winner, she knows who is winning. Alexa’s prediction: The Samoan Dynasty, Tamina & Nia Jax. Has the Goddess given us the future?


Kickoff Show – WWE Cruiserweight Championship: Buddy Murphy VS Akira Tozawa!

The Juggernaut has been as unstoppable as anyone since claiming the title, it looks almost impossible to ever defeat him! But the Stamina Monster did the “impossible” when he won his first title, can he do it again?

Introductions are made, the belt is raised, and we begin! Tozawa and Murphy circle and tie up. Murphy gets the wrist and wrenches, then brings Tozawa to a knee. Tozawa gets up and flips through to reverse the wrench. Murphy rolls and handsprings to reverse back, and he yanks the arm over and over. Tozawa spins through and CHOPS! But Murphy just shrugs it off. Tozawa CHOPS, but Murphy puts him in a corner. Tozawa dodges and CHOPS but Murphy tosses him out. Murphy follows but gets another CHOP! Murphy swings but Tozawa dodges, Murphy hits the post with his hand! Tozawa CHOPS and puts Murphy back in. Tozawa runs but into a flapjack!

Murphy clutches the bad hand but runs into a huricanrana! Murphy bails out and Tozawa baseball slides him back. Tozawa builds speed, and DIVES! But is caught into a suplex! Murphy shows off his strength as he brings Tozawa crashing down. The ring count begins and Murphy leaves Tozawa behind. Tozawa crawls up at 6 but flounders. He springs back up to get in at 9! Murphy grits his teeth as he drives a knee into Tozawa’s back. Murphy stands Tozawa up but Tozawa gives chops! They still do nothing, but Murphy’s one CHOP takes Tozawa off his feet!

Meanwhile, Kayla interviews the New Day in hopes of talking to Kofi Kingston before tonight’s WWE Championship Elimination Chamber match. Murphy rocks Tozawa with a right while Xavier Woods and Big E explain Kofi can’t talk right now. Kofi is getting a maple syrup massage from Mr. Bootysworth. Murphy chokes Tozawa on the ropes but backs of at 4. Tozawa gets in the corner, but Murphy goes right at him. Tozawa elbows Murphy away but then he’s yanked off the top! But Tozawa tilt-o-whirls to an Octopus Stretch! Murphy powers out for a tilt-o-whirl backbreaker! Cover, TWO! Murphy tries again, ONE! Murphy keeps on Tozawa with a chinlock.

Fans rally as Murphy drives his knees in. Tozawa feeds off the energy and gets up, but Murphy shifts to a standing abdominal stretch! Tozawa endures again, and manages to pop out! They go around but Murphy gets the stretch back on Tozawa. Murphy blocks the hip toss but so does Tozawa. Tozawa hip tosses Murphy out of the ring! Tozawa catches his breath, and SUPERKICKS Murphy as he runs back in! Murphy and Tozawa crawl to opposite corners as fans rally up. Tozawa runs in but Murphy puts him on the apron. Tozawa kicks Murphy back then climbs up quick. Big missile dropkick! Tozawa runs in for a helluva kick in the corner! Murphy staggers and Tozawa takes aim.

Tozawa kicks, spins, slides, but is caught! Murphy lifts but Tozawa slips out, Tozawa gets the saido suplex! Tozawa hits a Shining Wizard! Cover, TWO! Murphy lives but Tozawa knew he was tough. Tozawa drags Murphy to a drop zone and climbs up top again. Fans fire up, Tozawa aims, but he has to leap over Murphy. Murphy boots Tozawa away, but then Tozawa boots back! Tozawa climbs up to join Murphy on the top rope, but Murphy fights back. Murphy headbutts Tozawa away but Tozawa comes right back! Murphy lifts, but Tozawa still SUPER STEINERS!! Cover, TWO!! Houston and Tozawa are shocked that Murphy survives! But the fans do know “This is Awesome!” as Murphy and Tozawa stir.

Tozawa stands and stalks Murphy. Murphy tosses Tozawa tot he apron but Tozawa climbs up again. Tozawa leaps, crossbody, but Murphy rolls through! Murphy pops Tozawa up but Tozawa slips out. Tozawa leaps but into a jaw jacker, knee trigger, and suplex! Cover, TWO!! The Stamina Monster lives and fans are fired up all over again! Murphy eggs Tozawa on but Tozawa only gets angry. Murphy throws haymakers, but Tozawa laughs!? Tozawa chops and Murphy finally feels it. Murphy sees through the feint, starts a strike fest, but Tozawa still gets the JAB! Tozawa waistlocks but Murphy elbows out, only to get clobbered by a clothesline! Deadlift German! Bridging cover, TWO!! Fans rally with “AH! AH!” alongside Tozawa.

Tozawa puts Murphy in the drop zone agan and climbs. Murphy anchors the foot but Tozawa stomps away with the other. Tozawa finishes climbing but Murphy tucks him in! But the superkick is denied! Tozawa hops back for the Reverse-Rana! Murphy flounders out and Tozawa builds speed to DIVE! The Tozawa Torpedo hits! But he keeps going, for a SECOND DIVE! Tozawa drags Murphy in and to the drop zone. He climbs up and aims, but Murphy gets to the apron. Tozawa kicks Murphy, GUILLOTINE SENTON!! Cover, TWO!? Murphy survives?! Tozawa fires up with more “AH! AH!” and Houston echoes it. Tozawa drags Murphy up for slapping palm strikes and a mule kick. He runs, but into Murphy’s knee trigger! MURPHY’S- Wheelbarrow! TWO, tilt-o-whirl to the Octopus! Tozawa has the Iron Octopus! Murphy endures, powers up, and pops Tozawa out to Murphy’s Law! Cover, Murphy wins!

Winner: Buddy Murphy, by pinfall; still WWE Cruiserweight Champion

The unstoppable remains unstoppable and remains the champion! Is it inevitable that the Juggernaut becomes THE greatest Cruiserweight of all time?



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Mitchell’s Women of Wrestling Results & Report! (2/15/19)

How will WOW address last week’s unclear ending?



WOW Women of Wrestling coverage

WOW ended with controversy last week as both Santana Garrett AND Jungle Grrrl got the pin on Tessa Blanchard! Who is truly the world champion?!



  • Havoc VS Fire; Havoc wins.
  • Kristen Davidson w/ Samantha Smart VS Chantilly Chella; wins.
  • Razor w/ Fury VS Faith the Lioness; Faith wins.
  • Vacated WOW World Championship: Jungle Grrrl VS Tessa Blanchard; Blanchard wins and becomes the new WOW World Champion.


David McLane again welcomes us to WOW!

The matchmaker knows last week’s star-studded Triple Threat for the Women of Wrestling World Championship was wild but also ended in a double pin. Jungle Grrrl hit her splash but Santana Garrett also covered Tessa Blanchard’s legs for an impossible scenario. Senior official Scrappy McGowan came out to ensure the integrity of the title, and chose to postpone awarding it until after the officials could properly review the footage.

And tonight, that long awaited decision is made. McLane holds up the currently vacated title as he first introduces Jungle Grrrl. He would introduce Santana, but the despicable acts Tessa Blanchard did to her father, Keny G, Santana is with her father at the hospital. That is tragic, but the show must go on. So the other competitor for this vacated title will be the Born Legend, Tessa Blanchard! Tessa hits the ring and takes the mic while fans boo and jeer. Tessa says Santana isn’t here not because of her dad. Santana’s not here because she’s afraid! Santana isn’t here because she needs oxygen just like her daddy. But Tessa is fine with that, she’ll take on Jungle Grrrl or any woman in WOW. Even if it’s the biggest and baddest- Speaking of, here comes the biggest and baddest, THE BEAST!

Beast introduces herself to Tessa. And if Tessa wants the biggest and baddest, here she is! McLane and the fans agree. Tessa says the bigger they are, the harder they fall. These two may be big and bad, but Beast and JG aren’t on Tessa’s level! Tessa starts shoving but JG scoops her up! Tessa slips out and shoves JG into Beast! Beast fights with JG while Tessa runs away! Fans are thunderous but officials hurry to pull the Queen of the Amazon and the Alpha Female apart! Will Tessa regret standing between these two Women of Wrestling?


Introducing: Havoc.

The Monster of Madness started her career 15 years ago, during a time when Women’s Wrestling wasn’t taken as seriously. “From the very beginning, people were telling me, ‘You’re not gonna make it very far here’.” They said she was too big, too different, and she struggled for those first few years. Havoc was trying to figure out who she should be, when one day she realized, she only had to be what she wanted to be. Havoc transformed herself and embraced the darkness.

The “Women’s Revolution” only just started a few years ago, with all these “glamorous girls” showing off what they worked so hard for, when it was women like Havoc who put in the work and carried the load. “There is a reason when these women get in the ring with me, they stare at me from across the ring, terrified.” The mask comes off, and she unleashes the monster! Who will be the first Woman of Wrestling to lose to the madness?


Havoc VS Fire!

The Monster of Madness makes her WOW TV debut and it’s against the fan favorite who finally got on a hot streak. Will Havoc put out the flames? Or will she be burned in her debut?

The bell rings and Havoc rushes Fire! Fire dodges and keeps her distance. Havoc laughs as she gives chase, but Fire keeps away. Fire ducks down but Havoc catches her by her hair! Havoc throws a heavy forearm then gets in the ref’s face. Havoc drags Fire up and clams on, to lift Fire high over head! She throws Fire to a corner, then shrieks while fans boo and jeer. Havoc runs in but Fire dodges! Fire comes back with a dropkick! And a corner splash! Fans fire up with Fire as she fires off kicks! Havoc stays up as Fire runs. Fire dodges to dropkick again, but Havoc stays standing. Fire tries a second but Havoc only steps back. Fans fire up as Fire runs, but Havoc boots her right down! Havoc shrieks again as she drags Fire up. Havoc thrashes Fire around and tosses her to the ropes!

Fans continue to cheer Fire on but Havoc is right on her at the ropes. Havoc chokes Fire but then stops at 4. She shouts at the ref to back off, then grins as she stalks Fire to a corner. Havoc puts Fire in a full nelson, then lifts for a stretch! Fire endures while fans rally up. Havoc shifts to a waistlock, wheelbarrow facebuster! Cover, TWO! Fire survives and Havoc is shocked. Havoc stretches Fire back in a modified camel clutch. Fire endures as Havoc gets the full clutch on. Havoc also pulls hair but the ref counts. Havoc clubs Fire down at 4! Fans rain down boos while Havoc looms over Fire. Havoc lifts Fire and snap suplexes hard! Havoc drags Fire to the center and says this is the end. Leg drop misses!

Fire fires back kicks! And a mule kick! Havoc’s down, Fire covers, TWO! Fire climbs up fast, big crossbody! But Havoc catches her easily! Havoc pops Fire up, Air Raid Crash! Cover, Havoc wins!

Winner: Havoc, by pinfall

The Monster of Madness wins her debut and soaks up the heat. Will she only continue to wreak havoc on the WOW roster?


WOW reports on a recent incident with one of their wrestlers.

Keta Rush was jumped in the arena alley after a WOW live event. McLane and Keta went to the production truck to examine the footage to shed light on the assailants. The security cameras caught it all as Keta was jumped 2v1. To think it was someone Keta thought of as a friend. Keta wants after her in the ring, but will she get the payback she wants?


Kristen Davidson w/ Samantha Smart VS Chantilly Chella!

The Disciplinarian and her supervisor want all the other Women of Wrestling to fall in line, and now they look to straighten out WOW’s number one party girl. Will Davidson and Smart have fun ruining Chella’s fun?

The bell rings and Chella gets the fans hyped up. Davidson just sneers as she lunges at Chella. Chella ducks and rolls and has a good time, but it only annoys Davidson and Smart. Chella and Davidson tie up and go around. Davidson pulls Chella’s hair and puts her in a corner. Davidson gets right in Chella’s face about her behavior, but Chella doesn’t get what’s so bad about partying. Chella simply wishes Davidson peace, but Davidson swings on her! Chella dodges and headlocks back. She gets the headlock takeover, but Davidson stands up. Davidson lifts Chella but Chella counters with another takedown! Davidson prevents a cover and manages to get a headscissors! Chella gets out and gets the headlock back!

Davidson gets up again and pries out to a hammerlock. Davidson gets the headlock now then shifts to a snapmare. Chella handsprings through to get the headlock back again! Davidson powers out but Chella hops up for body scissors, only to get a spinebuster! Cover, TWO! Davidson trash talks Chella and clubs her, then hits a running neckbreaker! Cover, TWO! Smart grows annoyed but Davidson stays on Chella at the ropes. Davidson chokes Chella but the ref backs her off. So Smart chokes Chella while he’s not looking! Smart gets away with it and Davidson drags Chella back up. Davidson gourd busters Chella, then drops the double stomps! Cover, TWO! Davidson keeps her cool as she whips Chella. Chella body scissors again, but into a wheelbarrow facebuster! Cover, TWO! Chella still lives and Smart is annoyed.

Davidson clubs Chella to the ropes, and Smart SMACKS her with the ruler! The referee warns Smart while Davidson puts Chella in a corner. Davidson whips corner to corner but Chella goes up and over to sunset flip! TWO, and Davidson hip attacks Chella fast! Then she goes side to side for the wash! Davidson drags Chella to a cover, TWO! Fans fire up for Chella but Davidson stays on her with a clutch. Chella endures and fans rally up. Chella powers up but Davidson clubs her down! Davidson drags Chella up into the fireman’s carry, but Chella fights out! Chella shoves and kicks away! Davidson swings but Chella bobs ‘n’ weaves! Chella says “Peace!” then sweeps the legs! Chella fires up and hits Meteora! Cover, TWO!

Chella keeps going, hitting a shining wizard in the corner! She rolls Davidson out then heads up top. Davidson staggers, big crossbody from Chella! Cover, TWO!! Chella can’t believe she didn’t get that. She swings a kick but Davidson ducks! Davidson fireman’s carry, TKO Neckbreaker! Cover, Davidson wins!

Winner: Kristen Davidson by pinfall

The Disciplinarian scratches off one wild child, but with a lot of help from Ms. Smart. Who else will learn not to mess with Davidson and Smart?


Razor speaks.

“Who’s next on the Psycho Sisters’ devastation list?” Oh, it’s the Lioness! “Faithy Jay, you think you’re from the streets?” Razor IS the street! The streets raised Razor. She left everything in the street. You think facing Razor is just facing another wrestler? Razor gets what she wants and never backs down. When you step to her, you’ll feel the Razor’s Edge. That WOW first-time show down is next!


Reintroducing: Faith the Lioness.

Growing up, her parents encouraged Faith to be herself and never change to fit someone else’s ideals. People have said she’s too tall for this or too thick for that, but she defies them to become who she is today. From ballet to rap to kickboxing, Faith has always had pride in who she was. She wants to blend dancing, music and wrestling into one, but her debut was a bit rough against The Beast. But even so, like a lion, she faces everything without fear. Faith was able to accept her defeat because of how great her debut felt. She can’t really put the feeling into words, but she knows she wants more. Losing only makes you stronger, because it’s about getting back up. Will Faith stand strong and get that first win?


Razor w/ Fury VS Faith the Lioness!

The Daughter of Darkness had her WOW TV debut and was successful. Now it’s time to see if the Vanguard of Violence can do the same. Will Razor cut down Faith’s pride? Or will the lioness finally sink her teeth into a victory?

The bell rings and the two approach fast and furious! Faith pushes Razor but she turns it around to put her in the corner. Razor SLAPS Faith, so Faith shoves Razor! Faith gets a headlock takeover fast, and grinds Razor to the mat. Razor stands up and powers out, only for Faith to run her over. Things speed up and Faith shows her agility! She gets another headlock takeover! Razor headscissor counters but Faith pops right out. They speed up again, Faith goes Matrix! She mule kicks and whips but Razor reverses. Fury swipes at Faith’s feet, and then Razor clobbers her! Cover, TWO! Razor grits her teeth as she drags Faith up and clubs her down. Razor stomps Faith to the ropes, then fakes an eyelash in her eye. The ref doesn’t see Fury choke Faith on the ropes!

Fans boo as Fury gets away with it, and Razor goes after Faith in a corner. Razor clubs away then whips corner to corner. Razor runs in for a big splash! She snapmares Faith down hard, then heads to a corner. She runs out, but Faith dodges the senton! Faith Penalty Kicks Razor, then scoop slams her down! Cover, TWO! Faith keeps her focus as she heads to a corner. She hops up but Razor clubs her down! Razor drags Faith up for another hard snapmare, and into a chinlock. Razor grinds Faith to the mat but fans rally up. Fury trolls the fans while Faith feeds off their energy. Jawbreaker frees Faith! Razor staggers while Faith runs, but Razor runs her over! Cover, TWO!

Razor grows frustrated and she takes it out on Faith with more clubbing forearms. But Faith CHOPS back! Faith runs into a kick, and Razor hits The Stroke, half-nelson facebuster! Razor doesn’t end it there, she drags Faith up into a camel clutch! Faith endures as Razor grinds her forearms and digs her nails in! Faith gets an arm free, and then the other! She slips out the back but Razor clobbers her! Razor stomps Faith then bumps her off the mat. Faith crawls to a corner but Razor stomps her again. Razor grabs the arms for a surfboard stomp! Razor drags Faith to a cover, TWO! Faith lives and Razor is furious! Razor bumps Faith off buckles hard, then throws CHOPS! Razor whips corner to corner and runs in, but Faith boots her back! Faith roundhouses Razor down!

Fans fire up as Faith climbs up high. But Fury goes after a leg! Faith kicks Fury away then leaps at Razor for a BIG missile dropkick! Cover, Faith wins!!

Winner: Faith the Lioness by pinfall

The fans give a standing ovation for Faith’s first WOW TV victory! But Fury ruins the moment by attacking from behind! The Psycho Sisters beat down Faith, then toss her out of the ring! Fans boo but the damage is done. Will Fury and Razor continue to do what they want to every Woman of Wrestling they encounter?


Coming soon: Nikki Krampus.

As her last name suggests, the Norwegian Nightmare embodies the fearsome might of the punisher of misdeeds. She makes her debut next week, who will be the first to face their retribution?


Vacated WOW World Championship: Jungle Grrrl VS Tessa Blanchard!

The Born Legend loves to talk trash about the Wonder Woman of Wrestling, Santana Garrett, but she should actually be thankful to her. If not for that double pin, Tessa would have lost last week’s Triple Threat and the Queen of the Amazon would again reign. Now there’s a second chance for the third-generation wrestler, will she make the best of this golden opportunity?

Introductions are made, the belt is raised, and the streamers fly! Fans are already fired up with the bell, and Tessa circles with JG. They tie up, Tessa gets a wristlock. JG rolls and rolls to get free but Tessa backs off. Tessa and JG tie up again and Tessa gets a waistlock. JG standing switches but Tessa snapmares through to a chinlock. Tessa grinds JG down but JG gets up and works her way out. JG gets a keylock but Tessa reverses to a hammerlock to roll JG! ONE, and JG sweeps to cover! ONE, and Tessa returns the sweep, ONE! Tessa gets up but JG scares her off with a step! Tessa bails out and gets a breather. JG lets Tessa take her time, and Tessa returns to tie up again.

JG gets the headlock now and grinds Tessa down. Tessa tries but can’t power out of JG’s grip. Tessa fights with body shots and powers out, but JG runs her over! JG runs but Tessa speeds things up, only to run into a dropkick! Tessa scrambles to a corner and JG whips. Tessa reverses and rocks JG with a forearm against the ropes! She whips JG into ropes, then runs, but JG dodges the rope attack just in time! Tessa hits the ropes herself and is stinging! Fans rally up as JG drags Tessa up in a waistlock. Tessa standing switches and pushes JG to forearm her on the rebound. Tessa runs again, and dropkicks JG into the ropes! Cover, ONE!! JG is tougher than Tessa thought, but Tessa keeps her cool.

Tessa stalks JG to a corner to rock her with another right forearm! She whips JG corner to corner, then runs in, but into a boot! JG hops up but Tessa sweeps the legs! Draping code breaker! Cover, ONE!? Tessa is shocked JG is this tough! Fans rally up and it only eggs Tessa on. Tessa drags JG up to whip, but JG reverses to another dropkick! Both women are down and crawling for opposite corners. They run at each other and JG hits lariat after lariat! JG hits a corner shining wizard, then a BIG German Suplex! Bridging cover, TWO! JG gets up and drags Tessa up. JG fireman’s carry while fans duel. Tessa fights out, to a hammerlock, but JG powers out! JG hits a leaping knee! Then a scoop but Tessa slips out! Tessa wrenches, sweeps the legs, armbar!

JG endures as Tessa makes the armbar part Triangle! But the legs are on the throat, that’s a choke, the referee will not count this submission! JG powers up as Tessa keeps squeezing. JG deadlifts Tessa but bombs her into the referee! The referee is down and out of the ring! JG scoops Tessa, Jungle Driver!! JG keeps going, climbing up top. Fans fire up as JG leaps, Jungle Splash!! Cover, but there’s NO ref to count! JG’s had Tessa down for more than long enough but where’s a ref?! Here’s the BEAST instead! The Beast SPEARS Jungle Grrrl! Fans are thunderous as Beast drags JG up again, for the BEAST BOMB! The Alpha Female decimates JG and then drags the ref into the ring! Tessa crawls to a cover, the ref counts it, Tessa wins!!

Winner: Tessa Blanchard, by pinfall; NEW WOW World Champion

The Beast has made her mark! The Born Legend is the new champion, and Jungle Grrrl was pinned for the first time in her WOW career! But of course, The Beast still wants the belt for her own, and Tessa shouts that she’s not afraid. Will Tessa be able to retain when The Beast is the one who helped her win? What will former WOW World Champion, Santana Garrett, have to say about this?



My Thoughts:

What a wild episode of WOW! Havoc, who is of course Jessicka Havok, had a decent delivery of her promo. She gets points for taking up the banner of the independent wrestling women who got the ball rolling for the Women’s (R)Evolution as coined by WWE. But she loses points for me for being yet another of the “inner darkness” kind of Heels I’m seeing in not just WOW but a few other promotions. Be proud of being big and tough, but be different. Especially when the Psycho Sisters are already filling that role of the dark, edgy Heels. Unless she becomes the third sister…

Razor VS Faith was a good match, and Faith is clearly talented. Faith feels like she could get a top Face push down the road the way she was booked against The Beast and then here against Razor. I’m still thinking the WOW World Tag Team Championships are going to be revived and a team like the Psycho Sisters would be a top Heel choice for those. Davidson VS Chella was an okay match, but there are a lot of Heels with Managers right now. I’m wondering if Davidson & Smart will get a dedicated opponent for the story their gimmick tells.

Of all the possibilities for their world title, I didn’t think they’d reset with Santana bowing out. That’s a great Face move putting family over career but it really gave Tessa Blanchard a big second chance. I did call The Beast getting involved, and it worked out perfectly to get some heat on both her and Tessa. Jungle Grrrl VS The Beast is still coming, no doubt about that. That match might be hotter than Santana coming back to get at Tessa. Not only that, but I’m hoping WOW decides to give us an episode where it’s just those two matches so that each one gets 20 to 25 minutes. As fun as it’s been to always have three to four matches a night, having two amazing matches would really help WOW gain some momentum.

My Score: 8.3/10

Let us know what you think on social media @theCHAIRSHOTcom and always remember to use the hashtag #UseYourHead!
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