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Mitchell’s NJPW AXS TV Report: G1 Climax 28, part 3!



NJPW G1 Climax 28 cover

The 28th NJPW G1 Climax moves to more B Block action as AXS TV brings us Kenny Omega VS Hirooki Goto, and Tomohiro Ishii VS Tetsuya Naito!


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  • Tomohiro Ishii VS Tetsuya Naito; Naito wins.
  • Kenny Omega VS Hirooki Goto; Omega wins.


NJPW and AXS TV set the scene for this second round!

The now reigning IWGP Heavyweight Champion, Kenny Omega, is among the first winners in B Block as he takes back his loss against last year’s G1 Climax champion, Tetsuya Naito! However, he must now face current NEVER Openweight Champion, Hirooki Goto, in another G1 Climax finals rematch! Who will jump to four points in this round robin after this epic champion vs champion showdown?

Meanwhile, the Unstoppable Charisma that is Tetsuya Naito must try to make his way on the board against familiar foe, Tomohiro Ishii! They’re tied 4-4, with Ishii being one of Naito’s losses in last year’s G1, but Naito tying it back up at King of Pro-Wrestling. Will G1 history repeat itself? Or will Naito find a way around the Stone Pitbull?


NJPW and AXS give a quick rundown of the rest of B Block Round 2!

The Firing Squad leader, Tama Tonga, and the Cold Skull of Los Ingobernables de Japon, Sanada, was yet another match that the rest of the Tongan triad got involved. But just as it looked like Tonga Loa and Bad Luck Fale had served Sanada up on a silver platter, Sanada turned the tables to get the win! Then the Submission Master, Zack Sabre Jr, and Chaos’ comedy Producer, Toru Yano, would clash with their contrast of styles. Yano’s amateur wrestling background only got him so far, as ZSJ would lock in the European Clutch pin and win.

Lastly, the Golden Star, Kota Ibushi, battled the IWGP United States Heavyweight Champion, Juice Robinson. It would be a tough fight, but in the end, Kamigoye scores another win for Ibushi. Robinson has no points two matches in, but at least he has his title. Who else will join Ibushi, Sanada and ZSJ in the 4-points win column?


Tomohiro Ishii VS Tetsuya Naito!

The Stone Pitbull of Chaos ans the Tranquilo leader of LIJ are no strangers to each other. This is the ninth time these two have met in singles competition, who will win two points along with this tiebreaker?

As always, Naito takes his time taking off the entrance gear, but Ishii is a rather patient man himself. Both men are finally dressed to compete and Red Shoes does his check. The bell rings and we begin!

The fans are already hot for Naito as he slowly circles with Ishii. Naito keeps his distance from the anxious Ishii, then ties up. Ishii powers Naito back to the ropes, then breaks. He goes to chop but Naito dodges. Naito honors a break, then fakes a sucker punch to then turn around and fire off strikes. He whips but Ishii reverses, only for Naito to hold ropes. Naiot puts Ishii on the apron but Ishii returns. Naito sends him at a corner, then runs in, but Ishii puts him on the apron. Ishii swings but misses, Naito sweeps the legs. Naito brings Ishii out to whip him into barriers! Naito backs off to go into the ring, leaving Ishii to the mercy of the count. Ishii slowly stirs then stands up. He takes a moment to catch is breath, but Naito is ready for him.

Naito fires off more strikes, namely elbows to the neck. He has Ishii on his knees, then brings him up for more clubbing forearms and elbows. Ishii eggs Naito on, he wants more. Naito gives more, and Ishii rests on the ropes. Naito whips Ishii, then hip tosses him, but misses the basement dropkick. Ishii hits his, and stalks Naito to ropes. He stands Naito up for a blunt backhand chop, but Naito comes back with a swift overhand chop. Ishii isn’t affected much, so he gives Naito another chop. Naito chops, Ishii chops. Ishii chops and chops and chops, but Naito spits on him! Ishii chops more, and harder! Naito is reeling but Ishii still chops him against ropes.

Ishii keeps chopping, then chops Naito’s back. Naito manages to grin, until he’s chopped off his feet. Fans fire up for this already tough match. Ishii eggs Naito on, and Naito does his best to hit back. Ishii still shrugs it all off, so Naito changes to forearms. The Stone Pitbull still eggs Naito on, because the forearms aren’t strong enough. Naito gives on more, but it only takes one chop from Ishii for him to stagger back again. Ishii runs into the corner, but Naito boots him back. Ishii keeps going, but gets another boot. Naito runs out and whips Ishii, then gives him an atomic drop on the rebound, and then a neckbreaker. Both men are down while we go to break.

NJPW on AXS returns, and Naito sits up first. Ishii follows but Naito stands first. Naito brings Ishii up, and throws forearms. He whips Ishii but Ishii reverses. Naito reverses back to hit the inverted backbreaker then a basement dropkick. Ishii staggers but Naito whips him to a corner. Naito hits the jump kick, leg sweep and swinging dropkick. He poses while fans fire up. Naito yanks Red Shoes out of the way to stomp a mudhole into Ishii. He scrapes his boot on Ishii’s face but Red Shoes comes back to reprimand Naito. Naito keeps toying with Ishii the entire time, then spits on him again. Ishii keeps his cool as he socks Naito right in the mouth! Fans duel while Ishii looms over Naito. Ishii toys with him now, but Naito shrugs it off as he gets to the ropes.

Ishii keeps kicking Naito around while Red Shoes reprimands him now. Naito just takes it, not reacting in the slightest. Ishii tries to get a rise out of him, but Naito simpy stands up. Naito gives Ishii forearms, but Ishii endures, so Naito slaps him on the head! And slaps him again. IShii gives big elbows and chops to Naito in the corner, and Naito gasps for air each time. Red Shoes warns Ishii, but Ishii keeps rocking Naito with the back of his forearm. Naito drops down but Ishii brings him up for a corner to corner whip. Naito stops himself, comes back, but into a back suplex. Fans duel hotter while Ishii gets up. Ishii brings Naito up for a standard suplex.

Naito gets out of it and runs the ropes, but Ishii denies the tornado DDT with a push. Ishii ducks the enziguri, but misses his sliding lariat. Naito boots Ishii down, but falls back himself. Both men are down again while fans rally up. Naito stands first, and enziguris Ishii again. He hurries to the top rope, and leaps for a missile dropkick. But Ishii stays standing! Then he blasts Naito into a corner! Ishii drags Naito up, then hoists him to the top rope. Ishii climbs up to join Naito, but Naito resists the superplex. They’re on the very top, but Naito still holds on. Naito fights back, and hits a SUPER sunset flip powerbomb! High stack cover, TWO!! Both men are down again, but fans keep dueling.

Naito slowly sits up, then stands. He staggers over and brings Ishii up. He hammerlocks Ishii but Ishii resists. Ishii misses an enziguri, but reverses the whip. Naito leaps but Ishii gets around him for a waistlock, and a German Suplex! They both stand, and Ishii clotheslines Naito against ropes. He whips Naito, but Naito leaps back with forearms! Naito hurries to get Ishii up, wrenches the arm, but ducks Ishii’s counter lariat. Naito gets a full nelson but Ishii gets out. Ishii elbows Naito, then gives a short headbutt, but Naito comes back with a slapping palm strike! Both men drop to a knee, but Naito is up first. Naito tries but it’s Ishii who suplexes, only for Naito to DDT! Naito takes aim, but runs into a big lariat! Ishii drops, too, and fans are thunderous.

Both men are catching their breath while Red Shoes checks on them. Ishii’s up first, and brings Naito up. Naito fires off a forearm, then another. Ishii wobbles, but then grits his teeth. Naito hits him again, but Ishii is growing stronger. Naito gives another, then ducks Ishii’s to give a third. Ishii headbutts Naito down! Ishii powerbomb lifts, for the Last Ride! High stack cover, TWO!! Naito surprises Ishii, but Ishii keeps going. He sits Naito up, then runs, for a big sliding lariat. Cover, TWO! Fans rally up for Naito but Ishii still has him. They stand up again, and Ishii suplexes. Naito slips out, tilt-o-whirls, but Ishii pops him off to then club him down with a clothesline! Ishii runs again, and hits another! Cover, TWO! Ishii is furious but he has one more idea left. He drags Naito up while fans keep cheering.

Ishii lifts, but Naito escapes again. Naito blocks the clothesline, then enziguris Ishii down! Both men are down again, but Naito is up first. Fans keep cheering as he aims at Ishii. Naito runs, tilt-o-whirl denied again, and Ishii enziguris! But Naito comes back with a rolling kick! Ishii staggers, but still gets Naito up in a suplex. Naito turns that into Destino! Cover, TWO!? Ishii survives, and fans are at a fever pitch. Naito gets up, wrenches and tilt-o-whirls, for a true Destino! Cover, Naito wins!

Winner: Tetsuya Naito, by pinfall; Naito earns 2 points, Ishii earns 0

Naito’s on the board for B Block as he snaps back from his loss to Kenny Omega. But Naito is still frustrated, and he takes it out on Red Shoes with a rake to the eyes! Naito may be a sore winner, but he’s still a winner. Will he manage to go on a tear and make it back to the G1 Climax finals? Or is it already too late?


Kenny Omega VS Hirooki Goto!

This is not only a rematch of the G1 Climax 26 Finals, but it is now Champion VS Champion as the Best Bout Machine is finally IWGP Heavyweight Champion. Omega made history at the expense of the Fierce Warrior once, will he do it again? Or will the perennial NEVER Openweight Champion prove he can beat THE champion on his way to this year’s finals?

Red Shoes does his check, rings the bell, and we begin. The fans seem divided as the two champions circle. Goto and Omega tie up, and Goto gets a waistlock. Omega gets the wristlock, but Goto reverses to his own. Omega pulls hair and brings Goto to the ropes. Red Shoes calls for a break, and Omega gives it, with a playful pat of the cheek. The two circle again, then tie up. Omega gets the arm, wrenches then slaps Goto’s head all over. Goto kicks low then puts Omega in a hammerlock. Omega works his way to a reversal then a headlock. He grinds Goto to one knee, but Goto powers out. They collide shoulders, Goto goes back, then they collide again. Omega goes down, and Goto runs. Goto holds the ropes but Omega runs at him for a boot. Omega fires up, but turns around into a roundhouse!

Goto lifts in fireman’s carry but Omega slips out. Omega lifts Goto in electric chair, but Goto slips out. Goto has the dragon sleeper, but Omega slips out before the GTR to kick Goto away. Omega runs but ducks the clothesline. He gets a waistlock but Goto elbows out. Goto runs, but into Omega’s huricanrana! Fans fire up with Omega while Goto rolls out of the ring. The Terminator drums begin, and Omega builds speed. Goto returns in time to deny Omega’s flight. Omega boots Goto back out, then the drums start again. Omega baseball slide dropkicks, and Goto ends up in the crowd. The Young Lions help fans move aside while Terminator Drums start up again. Omega takes aim, not caring what Red Shoes says. He jumps up to springboard, but Goto throws a chair at him! Omega stumbles down while fans boo Goto.

Goto returns, and drags Omega out on the apron for a draping reverse GTR! He keeps on Omega by shoving him over into the front row. Young Lions again clear the area as Goto comes after Omega. Goto brings Omega up to the wood bleachers, and the Young Lions clear out more fans as the two brawl. Omega fights back but Goto rocks him with a forearm. Goto prepares a suplex, but Omega resists. Omega fights back, chops Goto, then scoop slams Goto on the wood! Goto clutches his right leg from thigh to knee, where the wood got him most. Omega drags Goto back up as Red Shoes asks they bring this back to the ring. They don’t, as Omega climbs hand railing. Fans fire up, and Omega MOONSAULTS onto Goto, and some Young Lions. Things are hectic while we go to break!

NJPW on AXS returns, and Omega has gotten back up. Fans are thunderous for him as he drags Goto back up. The Young Lions take care of themselves while the two champions head back to ringside. Omega moves that chair Goto threw aside, before putting Goto back in the ring at Red Shoes’ count of 12. Fans applaud and fire up for Omega as he stalks Goto. Omega brings Goto up, and gives him a swift chop. Goto staggers, but Omega gives him another. Goto chops back, and now it’s a brawl. Omega chops and elbows Goto, then runs, for Kotaro Krusher bulldog! Cover, TWO! Omega fires up and he stomps away on Goto. He brings Goto back up and into a corner. Omega grinds a boot into Goto’s throat, and stops at 4. He toys with Goto a bit, then brings Goto back up for a clubbing forearm.

Goto fires up from the double ax handle, then chops Omega back. Omega dares him to chop again, so Goto does. Omega chops and Goto staggers. Now Omega runs, for a running chop! Cover, TWO! Omega keeps his cool while fans rally up again. He drops elbows into Goto’s shoulder, then wraps on a chinlock. Omega traps an arm, but Goto reaches for ropes with his legs. Goto gets the ropebreak, and Omega lets him go to kick him in the back. Omega brings Goto up for a forearm, but Goto gives on back. Omega fires off more, but Goto comes back with his own. Goto whips but Omega reverses, and reels Goto in for a fireman’s carry. “You Can’t Escape!” Rolling senton, moonsault! Cover, TWO! Omega brings Goto up again, but Goto gives him a suplex! Both men are down while fans duel.

Goto stands and fires forearms on Omega. They go to a corner, Goto whips Omega corner to corner. Omega goes up and over and chops Goto on the run. Things speed up, and Goto clobbers Omega with a clothesline! But Goto is too tired to cover, so both he and Omega get to opposite corners. Goto runs in and hits a flying heel kick, aka the Muramasa! Then he throws Omega with a saido suplex! Cover, TWO! Fans rally up while Goto grits his teeth. He brings Omega up in a fireamn’s cary but Omega fights out. Omega gets on the apron, counter punches Goto, then slingshots, but into the fireman’s carry! Ushigoroshi! Goto still can’t cover, but he fires up for something else. He drags Omega up in a sleeper, but Omega gets out to put on his own sleeper.

Goto powers out, Omega hits buckles, Goto German Suplexes Omega on the rebound! But Omega lands on his feet! Omega boots away the punch, V-Trigger outta nowhere! Omega drags Goto up and onto the top rope. He climbs up to join Goto, but Goto resists the superplex. Goto throws body shots but Omega throws them back. Goto pushes Omega off, but Omega comes back with another V-Trigger! Omega sits Goto up on the top rope, climbs up to join him, but Goto again resists. Goto clubs away on Omega, but Omega clubs Goto back. Goto headbutts Omega, then hops onto Omega’s back, for a SUPER SUNSET POWERBOMB!! Cover, TWO! Goto cannot believe this match continues, but we go to break.

NJPW on AXS returns and both men are slowly stirring. Goto stands first, and fires himself up. He prepares his kick, but Omega blocks it! Omega forearms back, so Goto returns the favor. They brawl, forearm for forearm. Omega feeds off the fans’ energy as he keeps going blow for blow with Goto. He then gets around Goto for a Snap Dragon Suplex! Omega loads up, BANG, and he runs but Goto clotheslines him down! Fans rally up as both men slowly stir all over again. Goto is on Omega first with a facelock, and hits the reverse GTR! He drags Omega back up, turns him around, but Omega slips out to suplex. Goto denies that and suplexes Omega up, for the side slam! Cover, TWO!! It was that close, and Goto is shocked!

Fans are thunderous while Omega flounders on the mat. Goto fires up, drags Omega up in the dragon sleeper, but Omega pops out again to victory roll. TWO, and Goto clutches his leg while Omega catches his breath. The two crawl around, and Goto pursues Omega into a corner. He brings Omega out but Omega hits a forearm and chop. Omega palm strikes and chops, then gives another forearm. He backs up but Goto blocks the boot. Goto fires off forearms, but runs into a V-Trigger! Omega comes back, double underhook, but Goto swings out to a headbutt! Goto runs, but Omega V-Triggers him at the ropes! Omega cross-fisherman, Aoi Shoudou! Cover, TWO!! Goto is dazed but Omega reloads. BANG, and he runs, V-Trigger! Omega keeps going, Electric Chair, to One Winged Angel!! Cover, Omega wins!

Winner: Kenny Omega, by pinfall; Omega earns 2 points, Goto earns 0

The rematch from the G1 Climax 26 Finals repeat themselves as the Best Bout Machine wins again! Omega stays near the top of the B Block, is he again on his way to making history?

Kenny Omega speaks.

A fan shouts praises to him, and he responds, “What? Nice to meet you.” But to what he means to say, and in Japanese, “Man, the G1’s B Block is one good match after another, huh?” The fans definitely agree. Omega isn’t sure about Block A, but he knows all the Block B wrestlers are great. He’s currently Heel and even he thinks so. However, those other guys aren’t the best, they aren’t THE champion. “Only one man holds the top belt,” and that’s Omega. “And so, I will keep on winning through B Block, and go to the finals for the third consecutive year.” Fans love the sound of that. Omega says he won’t do it because he’s “Bullet Club or The Elite, or Golden Lovers,” but because he is THE best in the world. Fans also like the sound of that.

Omega knows the fans want to see the best matches, right? Yes! Well, then, sorry to everyone else in the B Block, including “Ibutan”, but Omega’s going to the finals, to win it again. And now to English for the sign-off, “Good Bye, MWAH, and Good Night, BANG!” The Best Bout Machine has everything it takes to be IWGP Heavyweight Champion, but he also has butterfingers as he drops the belt… He apologizes profusely, he’s not Naito. He holds onto that belt and pets it, because it is his most prized possession.


Backstage interviews.

Omega explains that the only reason he dropped his 45 pound belt was because he was so beat up, bloody and covered in scratches from his match with Goto. But while the belt was too heavy to hold at the end of the night, the responsibility on his shoulders of being IWGP Heavyweight Champion is just right. And he’ll do it his way. Is Omega Heel? Face? He doesn’t care about that, he just knows that he’s the best! Tama Tonga thinks his Bullet Club is better than Omega’s? “Prove it.” They’ll see each other soon enough, so until then, good bye, mwah, and good night, pew pew pew pew. Yes, it’s a ray gun this time. Don’t worry, it’s set to stun. The Golden Lovers are the top two in B Block with their 4 points each, but what will happen when they eventually meet in this round robin?



My Thoughts:

What an amazing pair of matches again. We have Naito and Omega again, in separate matches, as they’re practically the highlights of B Block so far. Naito VS Ishii was really stiff, and you could feel the history between them. Naito wins so that he isn’t dead last, and it’s fine because Ishii already won points before. They’re now tied, but it’ll take a lot for either one of them to be the B Block finalist. Of course, now that Naito has the win, if they end up tied at the end, Naito gets the nod.

Meanwhile, The Golden Lovers are two for two, and I can’t wait until they face each other. Omega VS Goto is even better than their G1 Climax 26 Finals match, because there were even small references to that match. Namely, Omega preparing to springboard at Goto in the crowd, and how Goto stopped that with the chair toss. That spot scared me at first, but it was also rather smart of Goto to do that. Omega wins again, and continues to make a strong argument for why he should be the newest champion to win the whole thing. It’s also great that he gets meta about the Face-Heel dynamic to say he doesn’t care about that dynamic. And honestly, even if he did or said Heel things, fans love him so much that they wouldn’t boo. The entire world of professional wrestling could learn a thing from that.

My Score: 8.5/10

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Mitchell’s WWE Summerslam 2018 Report! (8/19/18)



WWE Summerslam 2018

Summerslam is finally here, with all WWE championships on the line! Can Roman Reigns FINALLY defeat Brock Lesnar for the Universal Championship?



  • Kickoff Match: Rusev & Lana VS Andrade “Cien” Almas & Zelina Vega; win.
  • Kickoff Match: Raw Tag Team Championships: The B-Team VS The Revival; wins and
  • Kickoff Match: WWE Cruiserweight Championship: Cedric Alexander VS Drew Gulak; wins and
  • SmackDown Tag Team Championships: The Bludgeon Brothers VS The New Day; win and
  • Finn Balor VS Baron Corbin; wins.
  • WWE United States Championship: Shinsuke Nakamura VS Jeff Hardy; wins and
  • Daniel Bryan VS The Miz; wins.
  • SmackDown Women’s Championship Triple Threat: Carmella VS Charlotte Flair VS Becky Lynch; wins and
  • WWE Intercontinental Championship: Dolph Ziggler w/ Drew McIntyre VS Seth Rollins w/ Dean Ambrose; wins and
  • Braun Strowman VS Kevin Owens; wins and
  • Raw Women’s Championship: Alexa Bliss VS Ronda Rousey; wins and
  • WWE Championship: AJ Styles VS Samoa Joe; wins and
  • WWE Universal Championship: Brock Lesnar w/ Paul Heyman VS Roman Reigns; wins and


It’s time for the Summerslam Kickoff Show!

Renee Young, Booker T, David Otunga and Sam Roberts are your panelists for the #BiggestPartyoftheSummer!


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Platt’s MLW Fusion Recap & Review for 8/17/18



MLW Fusion

Greetings & Salutations.

MLW Fusion begins with a tribute to Jim ‘The Anvil’ Neidhart (RIP). This was followed by a recap of last weeks Teddy Hart vs John Hennigan match. If you haven’t seen it, go out of your way to do so. This sets up this weeks main event, as Hennigan will go on to challenge world champion Low KI.


Time restraints considered, these 4 had an entertaining match. I really liked the Hart Foundation’s music. The match started with a Brian Pillman chant. I must say, Pillman Jr’s hair has gotten much better(although he still dresses like a 90’s wrestler). Swann & ACH have good chemistry and have a tag title match coming up next week. In the end, the Hart Foundation pull it out with a little help from Fylin’ Brian Jr.


Up next we get a War Games preview followed by a promo by Team Swerve. Half way through the promo, Team Swerve is attacked by Team Havoc with Tommy Dreamer making the save.


The sparring session between Lawlor and Seth Petruzelli was rudely interrupted by the Studs. After a Jake Hager(Jack Swagger) tease, we end up with friend of Chairshot Mike Parrow challenging the filthy one inside of the octagon. The bout very UFCish with elements of pro wrestling. I give them props for trying something different and tying in Lawlor’s legit mma roots. Lawlor wins with a submission hold, but this match was more about the post match beatdown of Petruzelli by The Dirty Blondes. This is used to set up next weeks tag match between The Blondes and The other two members of Team Filthy. Either way, the issue between these two factions is just getting started.


We start with a prematch promo with Low Ki and his business partner Salina de la Renta. Low Ki speaks like a villain in a kung fu movie. I can dig it. It makes even the most mundane statements sound important. The match begins with Hennigan still playing up the beat down of Team Swerve by coming out with taped ribs. The match itself started off slow with a lot of mat chain wrestling. Both wrestlers did a good job of playing up the injured ribs of Hennigan throughout. As the match picked up steam, we get a few signature high spots from both. In the end, Hennigan crashes and burns on a Star Ship Pain attempt and Low Ki retains. Good TV main event. I like the decision of putting the title on an established veteran like Ki. It will help to make the man who is finally able to unseat him.

Overall a solid effort. The undercard matches tend to suffer do to lack of time. However, the main event consistently delivers week in and week out. We finally have a few peculating story lines, which should help the casual fan to follow along. PUBLIC SERVICE ANNOUNCEMENT: If your local cable provider doesn’t offer BeIn Sports, the MLW YouTube channel offers the previous nights show FOR FREE at 6pm eastern the following day. I highly recommend that you go out of your way to check it out.

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Mitchell’s WWE NXT TakeOver: Brooklyn 4!



NXT TakeOver: Brooklyn 4

NXT takes over Brooklyn for a fourth time! With Aleister Black out of action, will this FINALLY settle things between Ciampa and Gargano?



  • NXT Tag Team Championships: The Undisputed Era VS Mustache Mountain; The Undisputed Era wins and retain the NXT Tag Team Championships.
  • EC3 VS Velveteen Dream; Dream wins.
  • NXT North American Championship: Adam Cole VS Ricochet; Ricochet wins and becomes the new NXT North American Champion.
  • NXT Women’s Championship: Shayna Baszler VS Kairi Sane; Kairi wins and becomes the new NXT Women’s Champion.
  • NXT Championship Last Man Standing Match: Tommaso Ciampa VS Johnny Gargano; Ciampa wins and retains the NXT Championship.


Charly Caruso, Sam Roberts & Pat McAfee are your NXT Kickoff Show panel!


Video interview with Ricochet.

The One and Only prepares to face Adam Cole for the NXT North American Championship. Does he feel any pressure going in? No, this moment is something he’s worked for 15 years. Ricochet has challenged Cole for this match but Cole has ducked him until now. THe King of Flight knows who Cole is, and Cole says he’s better. Ricochet knows Cole is on another level, and Ricochet isn’ ton that level. Ricochet is on the next level above them. The NXT NAC title represents not just the USA, but Mexico and Canada, at least. Is Cole a proper champion? Does Ricochet feel the pressure to represent? Ricochet feels the magnitude of this match as it’s his first 1v1 title match in NXT. He’s always exceeded expectations and overcome challenges, so he’ll just do what he does.

Ricochet says he’s better than the Undisputed Era, though he’s as world-traveled as they are. How long has he felt this way? It’s more a recent development, because the UE hide behind each other and their titles. Cole thinks he’s putting prestige on the belt, but Ricochet is going to show him what that’s really like once he becomes the new NXT NAC. There’s no limit to the confidence between Ricochet and Cole, who comes out on top when greatness collides?


GM William Regal joins the panel.

With the ambush attack on Aleister Black and no clear culprit, what does Regal know at this time? He knows that the Undisputed Era are in fact not the culprits. There is still so much to study and verify, but the panel will be the first people to know when he does. This mystery attacker, or attackers, disrupted TakeOver: Brooklyn 4, what will the punishment be? Regal has been in the business 35 years, but this is the hardest thing ever. He could lose a key member of the roster, who could have been something big in the business themselves. It changes the course of WWE History for no less than the next decade, as far as Regal can tell.

Does he worry about what Aleister Black will do when he comes back? Of course. But he has to be an authority figure, this is part of the job, although a stressful one. He put so much thought into what was the main event, but now things are completely different. Regal is more upset than flustered, especially on such an important night. Will he get to the bottom of this before the night is over?


History is Written by the Winners.

One moment changes everything. Johnny Wrestling is to blame for the Psycho Killer becoming THE NXT Champion. But just as both Gargano and Aleister Black were getting another shot, someone took out the Dutch Destroyer. The devious and the wicked are powered by their egos, but those very egos could be their downfall. One night, one moment to make history, whose NXT will this be when it’s all over?


NXT Tag Team Championships: The Undisputed Era VS Mustache Mountain!

The Savior of the Backbreaker and the Killer of Arms are ready to show Tyler Bate & Trent Seven that the titles are staying this side of the pond once and for all. But if it happened once, it can happen again, will British Strong Style knock Undisputed Era off the Mustache Mountain?

The introductions are made, the belts are raised, and we begin!

Fans are already dueling as Strong starts against Seven. They circle but O’Reilly distracts. Strong htis Bate then hits Seven. He chops and throws hands while O’Reilly tags in. O’Reilly keeps on Seven while Strong intercepts Bate. Bate and Strong brawl, then Strong throws Bate into Seven. Undisputed Era whip both Mustache Mountain, but both are reversed. The challengers dare the champions, and it’s a big brawl! Bops go up, in come Bang! Undisputed Era rolls out but Mustache Mountain pursues. Seven chops O’Reilly while Bate throws hands on Strong. Seven puts O’Reilly in the ring for a sharp chop, then tags Bate. Bate climbs while Seven throws O’Reilly down. Bate knee-board sentons onto O’Reilly, then rocks Strong with a right. Cover, TWO!

Bate brings O’Reilly up but has to scare Strong off. O’Reilly kicks Bate, then tags to Strong. Strong runs into a scoop slam! Tag to Seven, and Bate helps for the senton. Cover, ONE, but Seven keeps on him. Seven rocks Strong then whips, but Strong goes over his back to give Seven a backbreaker! Strong drags Seven over, then tags O’Reilly. They mug Seven in the corner, then O’Reilly gives muay thai knees and a kick. O’Reilly brings Seven back around, tags to Strong, and he holds Seven down for Strong to stomp out. Strong adds more stomps, then drags Seven up to throw hands and chops. Tag to O’Reilly again, and O’Reilly snapmares Seven for a knee drop. Cover, TWO, but O’Reilly throws toying kicks. Seven gets up and chops back, but can’t get away from O’Reilly.

O’Reilly swings on Bate, but falls for Seven’s feint into a DDT! Seven tags Bate, and Bate huricanranas and dropkicks Strong. Bate boots and knees O’Reilly to then hit the flying European Uppercut. Fans fire up but Bate runs into a boot. Strong tags in, but both he and O’Reilly go for a spin! Flashbacks to Royal Albert Hall, but Undisputed Era fights out of it. O’Reilly puts on a sleeper, but Bate still gets Strong, for a German Suplex and Samoan Drop combo! Fans love Bate’s superhuman abilities! Bate gives running EuroUppers to both men, but then gets run over by Strong’s leaping lariat! Strong staggers over to stomp, then tags O’Reilly again. O’Reilly throws forearms and a shoulder breaker, into a hammerlock. He grounds Bate while throwing in knees.

Fans duel while O’Reilly drops a knee and rains down palm strikes. He brings Bate over and Strong tags in. Strong chops Bate, then tags O’Reilly again. Gutbuster and knee drop! Cover, TWO! Bate crawls for his corner but O’Reilly is on him with body scissors and clubbing forearms. Tag to Strong while fans rally up, Strong basement boots Bate. Strong eggs Bate on, then brings him back up for a gut wrench. He bends Bate back with the Gory Stretch. Bate endures while fans rally up. Bate works his way out of the hold, then shoves Strong. O’Reilly tags in, for a shinbreaker and sweeping kick. He wrenches Bate’s ankle in a standing heel hook, but Bate fights back with his free leg. O’Reilly grabs that leg for a snap Indian Deathlock!

Tag to Strong, and Strong takes the hand-off, to sit down on the draping ankle. Tag to O’Reilly, and he adds one of his own. Another tag to Strong for a third go, but Bate shoves Strong all the way out! Bate crawls but Strong drags him out. Bate shoves him into barriers, then crawls more. O’Reilly comes in but is tossed back out! Bate crawls, but Strong stops him by grabbing a foot. Then O’Reilly trips Seven! Seven slaps O’Reilly away, Bate gets free, hot tag! Seven rallies on Strong, whipping him to a corner then tossing him on the rebound. Then he DIVES on O’Reilly!

Seven puts O’Reilly in, then runs corner to corner for clotheslines. He hits Strong, then O’Reilly, then Strong again. O’Reilly runs in but Seven ducks, so that boot hits Strong! Seven then lifts O’Reilly up for a powerbomb! He Dragon Suplexes Strong, then lifts for the side slam! Cover, TWO! Seven was close, but the fans cheer him on. Strong crawls to ropes but Seven is on him. Seven clubs away, then wrings Strong out, but gets a forearm. Strong elbows Seven, then tags O’Reilly. O’Reilly kicks Seven down, then suplexes for the brainbuster! Cover, TWO! Undisputed Era grows frustrated, but O’Reilly keeps Seven back. He knees Seven into his corner, then hits a forearm smash. Strong tags in, they both give Seven knees, then an Olympic Slam! Cover, TWO! Seven shows that heart like he had in their previous showdown.

Undisputed Era prepare something, but Bate gives O’Reilly a rolling kick! Strong gives Bate the side slam, but Seven back hands O’Reilly. Strong trips Seven, for the Strong Hold! Seven endures the stretch, while Bate gets caught in a triangle! Dual submissions have the fans fired up, but Bate deadlifts O’Reilly to bomb him into Strong! All four men are down but this crowd is standing up! The teams go to their corners, and Seven tags Bate. Bate goes after Strong and they throw bombing hands. “This is Awesome!” as Bate rocks Strong, to then throw O’Reilly at him! Both Undisputed Era are on the outside, so Bate FLIES! Bate hits O’Reilly, but Strong throws him to the ropes, only to get the rebound lariat! Bate puts Strong back in, and Bate gets Tyler Driver ’97!! Cover, TWO!? How?! Bate can’t believe it but fans are loving it.

Bate flounders to his feet, and decides to go up top. Strong stops him with right hands, then turns him around. Bate resists whatever Strong is after, then fights him down with back elbows. O’Reilly swings Bate’s leg into the post! Bate falls, Strong is on him with a shinbreaker to buckles! Tag to O’Reilly, and he kicks Seven down. Bate’s up, but O’Reilly rolls him into a heel hook! Now Bate endures leg torture and Seven has to watch on the corner. The referee won’t let Seven get in, but Bate is so far away. Fans rally up while Bate endures this role reversal. The ref stops Seven, but that allows Strong to drag O’Reilly and Bate over. Seven grabs a towel, but he can’t bring himself to throw it! Fans shout and duel, Seven throws the towel TO THE FANS! Strong runs at him but gets tossed out!

Bate uses all his arm strength to back stroke towards his corner! O’Reilly wrenches and pulls as hard as he can, but it’s not enough! Hot tag to Seven! O’Reilly lets go of Bate but gets rocked but rights. They go back and forth, SEVEN STAR LARIAT!! Cover, TWO!?!? Seven ain’t standing for that. He tags Bate, and he brings O’Reilly up. Bate climbs on one leg, but has to fight Strong off. Seven lifts O’Reilly, Knee Drop Burning Hammer!!! Cover, TWO?!?! This is inconceivable! But the Brooklyn fans are electric! Bate tags Seven back, and Mustache Mountain regroups. Fans want them to “Fight Forever!” but this has to end somehow. Seven drags O’Reilly up in a full nelson, but Strong knee smashes Bate! Strong gets a back hand, but Seven gets a chop block, then STRONG ELIMINATION! O’Reilly covers, Undisputed Era wins!!

Winners: The Undisputed Era, O’Reilly pinning; still NXT Tag Team Champions

The tiebreaker breaks the hearts of Mustache Mountain, but only proves Strong & O’Reilly are Undisputed tag team champions. Bate & Seven fall short here, but with NXT UK on the way, can they climb to the top of a new mountain? As for Undisputed Era, they know Rowe & Hanson have staked a claim. Can the War Raiders be the team to truly take those titles away?

Speaking of the War Raiders…

They appear right behind Strong & O’Reilly! And the raid is on! Rowe throws Strong out while Hanson keeps on O’Reilly. They feed O’Reilly to Thor’s Hammer! Then Hanson DIVES on Strong! Hanson returns to the ring to climb up. Rowe brings O’Reilly up, for FALLOUT! The warpath leads to the titles, will the Undisputed Era be crushed underneath these machines of war?


EC3 VS Velveteen Dream!

Worlds collide, but so do larger than life personalities. The #TopOnePercentExperience is here, with egos and grudges on the line. Who takes the spotlight for themselves?

Dream takes his time taking off his vest, to then throw it at EC3. EC3 throws it back, and tempers already flare. The bell rings, and EC3 keeps his eye on Dream. Fans duel but there are plenty of fans for Dream. Dream and EC3 tie up, but EC3 powers Dream back with a shove. He shoves Dream into a corner again, then goes after him in the corner. The ref backs him off and Dream tries to capitalize, but EC3 throws Dream out. EC3 throws Dream back in, but ends up in a headlock to a wristlock. Dream wrenches but EC3 reverses and wrings Dream out. EC3 goes after the fingers, then lifts and drops Dream. He brings Dream up again for another throw, then a grounded keylock. Dream works his way up while fans duel.

Dream knees low, then clubs EC3’s back. He gives EC3 a EuroUpper, then put shim in a corner. Corner to corner whip but EC3 reverses. Dream gets caught up top so EC3 kicks Dream’s ribs through the uprights. Dream ends up crotched. EC3 adds insult to injury as he bounces the ropes, then he clobbers Dream to the floor. He clobbers Dream again, but then Dream shoulders in. Dream slingshots but EC3 hip swivles that sunset flip. Dream pulls tights but gets punches for it. EC3 lifts but Dream slips out. Things speed up, EC3 takes Dream off his feet with a chop. EC3 whips but Dream kicks him away, only to run into a scoop slam. EC3 wants fans to say his name, then he drops the elbow. He clotheslines Dream and himself out but EC3 is just fine.

EC3 brings Dream to the ramp, for a lift. Dream reverses to the Sidewinder DDT! EC3 hits the ramp, and fans lose their minds. Dream gets to the ring and refreshes the count. He fetches EC3, to then throw EC3 into posts. Dream refreshes the count again before putting EC3 in the ring. Cover, TWO! Dream decides to go up! Big ax handle! He brings EC3 up to flapjack him on the ropes. Then they go in a corner and Dream throws hands. Dream backs off at 4 to put EC3 on the apron. He hotshots EC3, then drags him through for a neckbreaker. Cover, ONE, so Dream clamps on a neck wrench. EC3 endures as Dream twists his head around. Fans rally up and EC3 stands up.

Dream clobbers him, then turns him for a Rude Awakening, but EC3 stops it. EC3 powers things around, but Dream knees low to get that neckbreaker. Cover, TWO, but Dream “applauds” EC3. Dream says the fans don’t care about EC3. Dream throws EC3 out, then throws him into an announce desk. He bounces EC3 off it again and again, then grabs a bottle of water to SPLASH EC3 with it! Dream drinks the rest, then HHH spits it everywhere. He puts EC3 in the ring, but EC3 is on him for the STO DDT! Both men are down, but Dream gets himself to a corner.

EC3 stands and they throw hands. EC3 blocks to counter punch, but Dream whips him to a corner, only for EC3 to come out with a lariat. Top One Percent jabs and clothesline, then a big splash in the corner. EC3 runs for the rolling neckbreaker! EC3 fires up as he brings Dream up. Dream slips out to roll up, TWO! EC3 dodges the superkick but Dream denies the driver. EC3 blocks again, to get the Climax driver! Cover, TWO!

Dream rolls to a corner while EC3 stands. EC3 blocks the boot but gets a slap. That only angers EC3, and he fires haymakers! Dream flounders while EC3 clubs away on him. EC3 drags Dream up but Dream throat chops. Dream gets to a corner and to the top rope. EC3 grabs him and throws him down! Now EC3 climbs up top while Dream staggers around. EC3 hits a crossbody, but Dream rolls through! TWO, but EC3 gives back that slap. EC3 powerbombs Dream, but he’s not done there. Fans are a mix as he high stacks and deadlifts, for another bomb! Cover, TWO! Dream narrowly survives, but both he and EC3 slowly stand. Fans duel while EC3 puts Dream on the top rope. Dream and EC3 brawl but EC3 fires off many chops.

EC3 climbs but Dream still fights with him. EC3 wants the superplex, and gets the SUPERPLEX! Dream writhes but EC3 has to crawl for a cover, TWO! Dream crawls to the apron but EC3 stands again. EC3 joins Dream on the apron, lifts Dream, but Dream slips off and into the ring. SUPERKICK! To Dream Valley Driver! Cover, TWO! Dream is shocked, but he isn’t done yet. Dream drags EC3 up but EC3 slips out to German Suplex! Bridge, TWO! Both men are down again, but fans rally up. EC3 drags Dream over to the apron, but Dream lifts EC3, Dream Valley on the apron! Dream isn’t done yet, he climbs up top, for PURPLE RAIN ON THE APRON!! Cover, Dream wins!!

Winner: Velveteen Dream, by pinfall

Finally, it’s #DreamOver as he gets a TakeOver victory! Will Dream get his wish with a very important call from Vince?


NXT North American Championship: Adam Cole VS Ricochet!

The Panama City Playboy and the One and Only King of Flight were both in the ladder match to determine the first holder of this title. Adam Cole has led the Undisputed Era to immediate greatness in NXT, and for that, Cole feels Ricochet isn’t on his level. Ricochet agreed, because Ricochet’s on an even higher level. Who will prove themselves superior by walking out with the North American Championship tonight?

The introductions are made, the belt is raised and we begin. Cole and Ricochet stare down from across the ring while fans duel. They circle then tie up. Ricochet gets the wristlock to hammerlock, but Cole reverses to his own. Ricochet rolls through to reverse back, but so does Cole. Colde has Ricochet on his knees but Ricochet gets back up. Ricochet spins and flips through to reverse. Cole powers Ricochet to ropes, then whips out of the break. Ricochet rolls off Cole’s back to handspring, but Cole shows that Superkick and Ricochet backs off. Cole says Ricochet isn’t special like he is. Ricochet shrugs it off to circle with him. Cole gets a waistlock to headlock, and holds on tight. Ricochet gets up but Cole gets him back in the headlock. Ricochet slips behind and wrenches the arm. He whips but Cole reverses.

Cole sees Ricochet try to go up and over, just to get him back in the headlock. Ricochet powers out but Cole runs him over with a shoulder, “BAYBAY!” Cole brushes himself off but things speed up. Ricochet dropkicks Cole out of the air! Cole rolls out but Ricochet builds speed, to fake him out for a superhero landing. Ricochet grins, and dares Cole to not be a coward. Cole stays back, and avoids the slingshot. Ricochet shoulders and slingshots, hops up when Cole evades, but then is shoved down and out! Cole fetches Ricochet to throw him into barriers. Cole says he’s no coward, he’s a champion. He puts Ricochet back in to kick his ribs. Cole rains down rights, then walks off his frustration. He brings Ricochet up for a stiff neckbreaker. Cover, TWO! Ricochet checks his neck but Cole dares him to get up.

Cole toys with Ricochet, and still says “You’re not special.” Ricochet hits Cole back, but Cole knees low. Cole runs, and catches Ricochet into Ushigoroshi! Cover, TWO! Cole keeps on Ricochet with a knee to the spine, then a chinlock. Ricochet endures the squeeze while fans rally up. Ricochet gets a second wind and fights out. Cole kicks low, then whips Ricochet. Ricochet holds ropes to then back elbow Cole. Cole shoves Ricochet but runs into boots. Ricochet rolls to dropkick Cole out! Ricochet steadies himself, then builds speed, to FLY! Down goes Cole but Ricochet fires up. Ricochet puts Cole in the ring, and Cole gets to a corner. Ricochet runs in corner to corner, for a big uppercut to discus elbow. He bumps Cole on buckles then a corner Tiger Feint, to springboard EuroUpper! Cover, TWO!

Ricochet dares Cole to get up now, and then he lifts Cole up. Cole fights out but Ricochet elbows him away. Ricochet runs in for a shoulder tackle to swing kick. Ricochet slingshots and springboards, but lands on his feet for a standing shooting star! Then a springboard corkscrew! Cover, TWO! Both men are down from exhaustion, but Ricochet keeps his cool. Cole slowly stirs but Ricochet is on him. Ricochet tries but Cole fights out. Ricochet chops Cole, then gives him a forearm. He chops Cole again, then wrenches the arm before whipping. Cole reverses, but Ricochet handsprings, only to get a backstabber! Cover, TWO!

Cole grows frustrated with Ricochet. He brings Ricochet up, suplexes but Ricochet resists. Cole clubs Ricochet’s back, then tries again. Ricochet slips out and rocks Cole with a forearm. Both men stagger back, but Ricochet runs in. Cole puts him on the apron but gets rocked again. Ricochet springboards, but into a SUPERKICK, that he catches! Ricochet turns Cole around for another forearm! Then he runs, springboards, but into a SUPERKICK! Last Shot Brainbuster!! Cover, TWO!! Cole cannot believe it, and neither can Brooklyn! Cole drags himself to ropes while Ricochet flounders. Fans know “This is Awesome!” but Cole plans to end it. Ricochet dodges the shining wizard, rolls him up, TWO!

Cole hits Ricochet, but Ricochet hits Cole. Ricochet runs, ducks the kick, then gives a EuroUpper. Cole forearms, Ricochet boots, Cole enziguris! Ricochet knees, Cole boots, then SUPERKICK, but ENZIGURI! Cole falls on a cover, TWO!! Fans are thunderous for this action! Cole gets to a corner while Ricochet slowly stands. Fans chant “Mama Mia!” for Mauro’s sake. Ricochet seems lost, but Cole runs in. The Shining Wizard misses, and Ricochet hits a Reverse-Rana! Ricochet doesn’t cover, he drags himself to a corner, and the top rope! Ricochet aims but Cole rolls all the way out. Cole is on the apron, grinning at how clever he is. Ricochet runs over, for a SUPER HURICANRANA!

Everyone loses their minds while Ricochet puts Cole in. Ricochet climbs up while Cole flounders. Ricochet stands, One and Only 630!! Cover, Ricochet wins!!

Winner: Ricochet, by pinfall; NEW NXT North American Champion

The King of Flight succeeds! He flies to an entirely new tier as he becomes the second-ever NXT NAC! Ricochet can barely believe it himself, but it’s all real. Will he take that title to new heights like he promised?


NXT Women’s Championship: Shayna Baszler VS Kairi Sane!

The first time these two met, the Pirate Princess won and it was in the inaugural Mae Young Classic finals. The second time, the Queen of Spades won and it was for the title. This third time will be for the title again, but it will also be for the tiebreaker. Bully Baszler claims little Kairi has no killer instinct, but Kairi says Shayna has no idea what Kairi is capable of. Will someone #TapNapOrSnap? Or will it be Anchors Aweigh on these savage seas?

The introductions are made, the belt is raised, and this third time around begins. The two stare down while Ronda Rousey, Jessamyn Duke and Marina Shafir cheer the fourth Four Horsewoman of MMA from the front row. Shayna and Kairi approach, feeling each other out. Shayna gets a waistlock but Kairi gets the headlock. They reverse back and forth, and Kairi rolls to a takedown. Kairi goes for a heel hook, but Shayna gives on back. Kairi gets the rope and both women let the other go. Fans cheer for Ronda and by proxy for Shayna. Kairi goes for a leg but Shayna gutwrenches. Kairi lands on her feet, and gets the takedown. Jackknife, ONE, roll up, ONE, Stretch Muffler! Shayna shoves Kairi off and now Shayna is annoyed. They get head to head and start shoving. Now they start brawling!

Shayna whips and slides under the lariat, but then reverses Kairi’s whip. Kairi still headscissors Shayna then dropkicks her out. Fans fire up with Kairi as she gets to the apron. Flying forearm takes Shayna out! Kairi puts Shayna in, catches her breath, then follows her to ropes. Kairi chops Shayna, then chops her again. She runs, but into a low dropkick to the knee. Kairi clutches that leg and now Shayna has a target. Shayna takes that leg and stomps away on it. Shayna stalks Kairi and kicks her while she’s down. The referee warns Shayna but Shayna just grins. Shayna runs but is dumped to the apron. Kairi fires off forearms, then runs, but misses. Shayna kicks Kairi then hotshots the bad leg! She grounds ‘n’ pounds Kairi from both sides. Shayna drags Kairi around, and pulls on that knee.

Kairi fights back but Shayna just twists the leg past its limits. Fans audibly react while Shayna tortures Kairi’s leg. She positions it, for the ankle stomp! Kairi writhes in pain while the referee checks on her. Fans boo and jeer as Shayna mocks Kairi’s pirate scope. Shayna stalks Kairi to a corner, and puts the leg on the rope. She mocks the marching of the plank, to then kick the leg. Kairi stumbles to the mat, and Shayna toys with her. Kairi gets mad and dares Shayna to bring it. Shayna rocks her with a right, but Kairi comes back. They brawl, and kairi starts rocking Shayna! Kairi fires left and right and faster and faster! Shayna can only guard herself, but she still gets a back hand! Then the blockbuster! Then another!

Kairi fires up and gets her leg moving. She chops Shayna in a corner and it sits Shayna down. Kairi roars as she marches her plank on one leg. Kairi comes back for the Sliding D! Cover, TWO! Kairi isn’t done here, she goes straight up. Shayna rocks her with a swing kick! Shayna climbs and clubs away. She prepares a gutwrench, and gets the GUTWRENCH SUPERPLEX! Both women are down from exhaustion, but Shayna crawls over to Kairi. They sit up and throw forearms back and forth. They stand, and Kairi fires off haymakers. Shayna kicks the bad leg, then runs, to bicycle knee! Cover, TWO! Shayna again stalks Kairi, and brings her up. Kairi slips out of the suplex, runs, and INTERCEPTOR SPEAR! She hurries up top, for an InSane Elbow to Shayna’s back! But Kairi isn’t done, she wants to treat Shayna like she did Aliyah.

Kairi’s back up, but Shayna rolls out. That doesn’t stop Kairi, she DIVES on Shayna for a crossbody! Kairi puts Shayna in, then climbs up a third time. InSane Elbow #2!! Cover, TWO!! Kairi can’t believe Shayna survives, it’s infuriating! Kairi puts Shayna’s legs in the crisscross, for the Anchor Lock! Shayna slips around, Kirafuda Klutch!! They roll around, Kairi flailing and reaching! She is so close, and with a second wind, she gets the ropebreak! Shayna lets go but she is frustrated like never before. Fans are thunderous again as Shayna grabs that bad leg, for a spinning toehold! Kairi fights but Shayna grapevines. Shayna is Kairi’s anchor, keeping her in the middle of the ring. But wait, Kairi rolls and gets a MUDA LOCK! Shayna gets the ropebreak, and gets free.

Kairi pursues, for an Anchor through the ropes! The ref counts, so Kairi has to let go at 4. Kairi roars again, brings Shayna up, for an Alabama Slam! Then, for the fourth time, Kairi climbs up. Third InSane Elbow gets Shayna’s knees!! KIRAFUDA, roll through, KAIRI WINS!!

WInner: Kairi Sane, by pinfall; NEW NXT Women’s Champion

It came out of nowhere, but a win is a win! Kairi catches Shayna by surprise, and now the prize is all hers! The tiebreaker and the title go home with the Pirate Princess, and Bully Baszler’s Reign of Terror finally ends. How far will Kairi take this new adventure? When and where will the Queen of Spades come back for her throne?


NXT Championship Last Man Standing Match: Tommaso Ciampa VS Johnny Gargano!

What we thought was over was far from it. What we thought would be a Triple Threat was changed. Aleister Black only lost the title because of Gargano, but someone made sure he wouldn’t get back at either member of DIY when they attacked him in the parking lot. Now Johnny Wrestling and “Tommy Entertainment” will go around one last time, until there is only one man standing! How will this vicious rivalry end!?

No matter where you go, fans boo the Psycho “A**hole”. But he takes it all in and enjoys every second of it. That aside, the introductions are made, the belt is raised, and Gargano attacks Ciampa from behind! The bell rings and Gargano stomps a mudhole on Ciampa. Ciampa gets out, takes off his coat, and Gargano takes off his venom vest before throwing hands. Ciampa whips but Gargano Thesz Presses for fast hands! Gargano tees off in a corner for punches up top, and he goes way past 10! Maybe even past 20. Gargano stops but Ciampa puts him on the apron. Ciampa wants the DDT but Gargano drops down. Gargano comes back in, but into the double underhook. He slips out and throws Ciampa out, to then slide out.

Ciampa dodges and shoves him backwards into steps. Gargano writhes but stands quickly. Ciampa is right on him with clubbing forearms, then pulls the steps apart. He clubs Gargano again, then throws Gargano, only for Gargano to reverse. Ciampa hits barriers, but Gargano picks him up and throws him into more barriers. Gargano doesn’t care that a count begins, he positions the steps closer to Ciampa. Fans are on Gargano’s side as he keeps Ciampa on the ground. Gargano brings Ciampa up for more haymakers, then stalks him to the other end. He throws Ciampa into more barriers, then pulls up floor mats! Gargano is taking a page out of Ciampa’s playbook, but Ciampa hurries to his feet. Gargano brings Ciampa over but Ciampa digs his fingers into Gargano’s face!

Ciampa sends Gargano reeling, but then he swings him over the top of the barriers. He clubs away on Gargano, then drapes him out. Gargano hops off to shove Ciampa into a post. Gargano gets on the apron, and cannonballs! He wipes Ciampa out but he’s far from done. He throws Ciampa over the announce desk! Ciampa almost wipes Nigel and Mauro out! Gargano keeps going as he clears the desk. He stands on the desk, looming over a floundering Ciampa. Gargano brings Ciampa up but Ciampa resists. Ciampa lifts Gargano, to Air Raid onto the other announce desk! It explodes under their weight! The referee checks on both men as the fans lose their minds. A double count begins, but Ciampa crawls from the wreckage first. He stands, but Gargano slowly follows. The count reaches 7 but Gargano is up.

Ciampa is on him and puts him in the ring. Ciampa goes searching under the ring, and pulls out a chair. He brings that over and aims at Gargano, but Gargano fights him off. Gargano gets the chair but Ciampa kicks him away. Ciampa clubs Gargano into a corner, then stomps a mudhole into him. Fans boo and jeer but Ciampa gives Gargano the braced knee smash! “We’re not done by a long shot,” Ciampa promises, before giving Gargano another knee smash! Ciampa grabs that chair, and he wedges it in Gargano’s face. He stomps Gargano before backing up, but as Ciampa runs in, Gargano throws the chair into his knee! Gargano thrusts the chair into Ciampa’s ribs, then SMACKS it across Ciampa’s back! And another SMACK! Gargano won’t let the count climb as he thrusts the chair in again and again.

Gargano backs off to wedge the chair in a corner. Ciampa stands at 4, but Gargano hoists him up. Ciampa slips off, for a sleeper hold! Gargano flails but there are no ropebreaks. Gargano starts to fade, and Ciampa uses ropes for leverage. Ciampa says that “fairy tales die!” Gargano fades, but fans rally up for him. Ciampa keeps the weight on Gargano, then lets go. Gargano is down as the count starts. He stirs, but the count already reaches 5 by the time he sits up. Ciampa is on Gargano right away with another sleeper. They roll to the mat, but fans keep rallying for Gargano. Fans actually duel, but Gargano gets a secnod wind. Gargano packs Ciampa into buckles but the hold is still on. He tries again, but now Ciampa makes it a hangman’s sleeper. Gargano flails, scoops Ciampa, for a long dart into the chair!

Both men are down, but Gargano rolls out to escape the count. Ciampa manages to get up at 6, so Gargano searches under the ring. He brings out a table! Fans love the look of this as Gargano sets the table up. Gargano won’t leave it at this, he brings out a second table! He has them stacked, but Ciampa goes after him first. Gargano and Ciampa brawl, but then Gargano tries to suplex. Ciampa resists, fights back, then suplexes Gargano in. Gargano slips out, but Ciampa standing switches for a German Suplex. Ciampa holds on for another German Suplex. Gargano grabs the chair but Ciampa gets him to let go for a third German! Ciampa stands first and gives Gargano another braced knee smash!

Ciampa has the chair again, and rams it into Gargano’s ribs, and SMACKS it across the back. He SMACKS Gargano again, then tells him to stay down. Gargano doesn’t, so Ciampa SMACKS him again. The count returns, but Gargano still moves. Ciampa lifts Gargano, for Project Ciampa! He’s not done, he immediately gives Gargano a second! Then a THIRD! Gargano is done again, so Ciampa pulls up a chair and sits. Ciampa listens to the count while fans boo and jeer. Gargano stirs at 5, pushes himself up at 8, and somehow stands to SUPERKICK Ciampa! Somehow Gargano has enough in him to fight, but both he and Ciampa are down. The count begins and they stand at 5.

Ciampa throws a haymaker but Gargano gives one back. Ciampa gives another, but so does Gargano. Another from Ciampa, another from Gargano, and they pick up speed with these haymakers. Gargano gets more, blocks the boot then clubs away. Ciampa ducks, boots, but runs into the roll up and kick! Gargano runs but is put on the apron. Slingshot into the knee! Then double underhook, but huricanrana reversal, into enziguri! Gargano runs but into a boot, to come back with a forearm, only to get another German! Yet Gargano kicks and German Suplexes Ciampa! They give each other clotheslines, but it takes the third time to take each other down. The count only reaches ONE and they’re up!! The fans want them to “Fight Forever!” and it looks like they will.

Gargano fakes Ciampa out but gets a knee, to give a SUPERKICK. Ciampa blocks but still gets the discus forearm! The count reaches 5 this time, but Ciampa gets up at 7. Gargano follows at 9, but he wobbles over. Gargano slingshots, avoids the sweep to SUPERKICK and CANNONBALL! The cannonball misses this time, but Ciampa keeps on Gargano by throwing him into barriers. They make their way back to the steps, and Ciampa gives Gargano a butterfly piledriver! Gargano eats steps, and the count begins again. Ciampa stands at 6, but Gargano somehow stands at 9! Ciampa grows frustrated while Gargano flounders around. He goes back under the ring and pulls out the tool box. Flashbacks to TakeOver: Chicago II and the Street Fight as he clips strings from the ring mat.

Ciampa bounces Gargano off the steps before exposing the wood of the ring floor. He won with his hands cuffed, so he clearly feels he’ll win with his hands free. Ciampa fetches Gargano, but gets a face full of fire extinguisher! Ciampa flails and writhes, eyes stinging from the CO2! Gargano has a crutch, Ciampa’s former weapon of choice, and SMACKS Ciampa with it! The crutch breaks apart, but Gargano still uses it to attack. Gargano walks into the facelock, but he fights out. They brawl on opposite sides of the ropes, and Ciampa waves good-bye. But he gets the swing kick! Then a slingshot DDT onto the wood!! Gargano gives Ciampa a taste of his own medicine and fans let Ciampa know, “You Deserve It!” The count reaches 7 but Ciampa is still down. Ciampa rolls out to stand at 9, but Gargano DIVES on him!

Gargano puts Ciampa back in but Ciampa rolls back out. Gargano DIVES again! Ciampa is blasted back to the announce desk, and Gargano keeps on him with haymakers. SUPERKICK but Ciampa dodges and it hits a staff member! Ciampa throws Gargano into the corner of a monitor! Then gives him a chair knee through the timekeeper’s area!! Ciampa literally buries Gargano alive under the barriers, the chair, that downed staffer, and even the ring bell! Anythnig that isn’t bolted down is now on top of Gargano. The count begins as Ciampa looks down on the mountain of carnage he’s left behind. He wants the ref to count faster, just to be safe.

The count reaches 5, but somehow Gargano uncovers himself. It’s 8, and Gargano gets out from under the barrier! Ciampa was so close but still so far way from putting Gargano down. Fans love this superhuman effort, but Ciampa decides to add another element from Chicago. He has handcuffs! And he puts Gargano in a corner to cuff him. Gargano resists and pulls Ciampa into the post. Gargano has the cuffs now, and decides to follow Ciampa’s idea. He cuffs Ciampa’s hand, but Ciampa resists. Ciampa elbows Gargano right in the jaw! Ciampa goes back to the double stack tables, and brings Gargano up. Gargano fights out, lifts Ciampa in return, but Ciampa fights out. Ciampa hits Gargano, lifts him up, but Gargano slips into the ring. Gargano hits Ciampa and Ciampa teeters. Gargano SUPERKICKS Ciampa down through the tables!!

The count begins again, and passes 5 before Ciampa sits up. Ciampa uses what’s left of a crutch to stand at 9.5! Fans are getting their wish, these two look to “Fight Forever!” Ciampa staggers around but Gargano grimaces. Gargano locks his eyes on Ciampa, and fans know he has something brewing. Gargano goes out but Ciampa starts retreating. They end up on the stage, and Gargano kicks the crutch away. Gargano grounds ‘n’ pounds Ciampa on the ramp, then drags him up, to throw him into stage LED! That’s a flashback to the DIY breakdown. And then, GargaNO Escape! Ciampa taps, but that’s not how you win or lose this match.

Gargano grabs the cuffed hand, and drags Ciampa around by it, to cuff it to part of the stage! Ciampa can’t get away, so he begs for mercy. Gargano doesn’t show it, as he smashes Ciampa’s face into those LED boards! SUPERKICK! Ciampa is out, but Brooklyn wants “One More Time!” Gargano wants it, too, but Ciampa apologizes. Gargano says it’s too late for sorry, as he again SUPERKICKS Ciampa! Fans want yet another, so Gargano gives another SUPERKICK!

Gargano says Ciampa did this to himself. Ciampa begs and pleads with Gargano. But Gargano still doesn’t accept the apology, even as the count keeps climbing. Ciampa pleads, the referee counts, and Gargano… Pulls down his knee pad! Gargano gives Ciampa the Psycho Knee! But it also sends Gargano spilling over the edge and onto all the spare trunks! Both men are down, so now the count applies to both of them. The count reaches 5 but neither man stirs. Gargano shows signs of life at 7, crawls around, but CIampa slides off the stage just before 10!!

Winner: Tommaso Ciampa; still NXT Champion

Ciampa took so much damage, but it’s Gargano who suffers for going too far. Gargano loses by the slimmest of margins, but this is still Ciampa’s NXT. Ciampa leaves Gargano down and out, and possibly with a busted knee. He has the referee raise his hand, and he embraces the boos from Brooklyn. But then he comes back just to point and laugh at his fallen foe one more time. With Aleister Black still out with his own injuries from that ambush, who will step up to challenge the Blackhearted champion? As for Gargano, will this injury keep him out for a long time?



My Thoughts:

What an incredible night from NXT. They again set the bar really high on the main roster for Summerslam tomorrow. Another TakeOver opens with another amazing tag team championship match, and so many times I thought Mustache Mountain had it, but in the end it’s as I expected. Bate & Seven will move over to NXT UK to undoubtedly get those tag titles, but I’m also glad War Raiders made their presence known. We are going to hop onto that program right away, and I’m going to enjoy this taste of ROH in NXT. Then, Dream VS EC3 wasn’t enough to top previous Dream TakeOver matches, but what made it special was that Dream finally won. His pants read “Call me up” but let’s not let it be Vince, aka Raw. Dream needs to be “called up” by Paige and SmackDown or not at all.

Both the North American and Women’s Championships changed hands, and they were done so well that I can’t see anyone complaining. Cole VS Ricochet and Shayna VS Kairi were both back and forth because of how well they competitors knew each other, and it was great for the Faces to go over the Heel here. Ricochet makes Cole eat his words while Kairi shows Shayna she’s not unstoppable. These title changes set up great things for the future, especially with WWE Evolution on the horizon with a promised NXT Women’s Championship match. The way this works out for the combined Women’s Division is that we could see Kairi retain her title while fellow Stardom alum, Io Shirai, wins the second Mae Young Classic, to set up a Stardom-in-NXT instant classic down the road.

Then there was the Last Man Standing Match. The first one for the NXT Championship, and it already sets a high bar for the title. Actually it raises the bar for any Last Man Standing in the WWE period. With Aleister Black out, who knows what the Triple Threat would’ve been, but I’m willing to bet it still ended up very much the same: Gargano goes too far on Ciampa and it backfires, so that at the very least, Gargano doesn’t win. I can’t be sure how I really feel about Ciampa retaining this way, but I’m just curious if it’ll now tie itself into Aleister’s story. Aleister might accuse Ciampa of the attack to be completely wrong, but I wonder if they’d really just have Gargano go “It was me, Aleister! It was me all along!”

My Score: 8.8/10

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