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Mitchell’s NJPW AXS TV Report: G1 Climax 28, parts 5 AND 6!



NJPW G1 Climax 28 cover

AXS gives us a double dose of NJPW as we get days 6 and 13 of the G1 Climax! It’s Omega VS Tama Tonga, Ishii VS Goto, Tanahashi VS EVIL and Okada VS Suzuki!


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  • B Block: Sanada VS Zack Sabre Jr; Sanada wins.
  • B Block: Kenny Omega VS Tama Tonga; Omega wins, by disqualification.
  • B Block: Tomohiro Ishii VS Hirooki Goto; Ishii wins.
  • A Block: Yoshi-Hashi VS Jay White; White wins.
  • A Block: Hiroshi Tanahashi VS EVIL; Tanahashi wins.
  • A Block: Kazuchika Okada VS Minoru Suzuki; Okada wins.


NJPW and AXS set the scene for B Block!

The Bullet Club Civil War looked to have ended at G1 Special in San Francisco, as Kenny Omega defeated Cody to successfully defend his newly won IWGP Heavyweight Championship. However, the Civil War took a new turn with the rise of the Firing Squad! The Bullet Club OG, Tama Tonga, led his brother and father in a heinous raid of the celebrating new generation. But after tensions have mounted to a boiling point throughout the rest of the round robin, it is finally time for Tama and Omega to face off. Will this only escalate the Civil War to a whole new level?

Meanwhile, Chaos members are made to face off as the Fierce Warrior and Stone Pitbull will see who is the sturdier Strong Style savant. Only one can move up the ladder tonight, who will break down first?


NJPW and AXS quickly review the rest of B Block’s Day 6!

Kota Ibushi took on Toru Yano, and in a shocking upset, Yano won! Of course, Yano made sure to tie Ibushi’s hands together, get his signature low blow and then the roll up, but a win is a win. Tetsuya Naito and IWGP US Heavyweight Champion, Juice Robinson, used all of their charisma against each other, and in the end it was the leader of Los Ingobernables de Japon that got the win. Juice continues to be without a single point, so it seems his chances of making this year’s G1 Finals are also zero. Then there is LIJ’s Sanada and Suzuki-Gun’s Zack Sabre Jr, which we jump into right now!

Sanada VS Zack Sabre Jr!

The Cold Skull and Submission Master met in the New Japan Cup, and the one hold Sanada has wasn’t enough against ZSJ’s unlimited arsenal. Can Sanada make up for that loss in this rematch here? Or will he again #JustTapOut?

ZSJ and Sanada circle and feel things out. They tie up, ZSJ gets a full nelson and quickly shifts to a snapmare, but Sanada lands on his feet! ZSJ is a bit surprised by that, but the fans love the agility. The two circle again, and ZSJ gets around to another full nelson. Sanada breaks then gets his own full nelson. ZSJ breaks to get his, but Sanada breaks and gets another. ZSJ breaks out but just as he goes for his, Sanada is already behind him for the full nelson! Fans applaud as it repeats, ZSJ breaks free only for Sanada to get back around. ZSJ grows frustrated already, but he ducks down, only for Sanada to bring him back up in the full nelson.

They try again, Sanada wheelbarrows ZSJ into the full nelson. ZSJ gets out but just ends up back in it again. He stubbornly keeps trying but Sanada keeps pace. ZSJ arm-drags but Sanada drags ZSJ into headscissors. ZSJ pops out and has a foot, and he twists! He bends the shin and twists the ankle, then stands up. Sanada rolls over but ZSJ turns that into his deathlock Bow ‘n’ Arrow, but Sanada pops out to a cover. ONE, and fans applaud this stand-off. Both men back away to adjust and circle again. They tie up, and ZSJ puts Sanada in a corner. The break is tense, but then ZSJ European Uppercuts! He whips Sanada corner to corner but Sanada reverses.

ZSJ stops himself, slides under Sanada, then counters Sanada’s kick into a rolling takedown, then sunset cradle. Sanada rolls out to jackknife then sunset, but ZSJ gives it back. Sanada rolls out to high stack, ONE as ZSJ headscissors, but Sanada pops out. The two stand again and fans are loving this. Taka Michinoku coaches ZSJ while the fans rally behind Sanada. ZSJ and Sanada circle again, approach, and tie up. ZSJ gets the wristlock and bends the arms back. He keylocks, then half straitjackets. Sanada ends up in the full straitjacket, but he powers to his feet. ZSJ pulls back, but Sanada turns the jacket onto him. Sanada pulls back but ZSJ rolls through to reverse it back. Deja vu as Sanada reverses it back again.

ZSJ goes to get up but Sanada puts his weight on him. They still stand, and ZSJ even bridges back to reverse the jacket onto Sanada, but Sanada still reverses it back! Fans applaud but ZSJ is annoyed. Sanada keeps on him, but ZSJ gets back up. ZSJ works to put it on Sanada but Sanada puts it right back on ZSJ. ZSJ wiggles the hold down and puts it on Sanada again, but Sanada copies to put it right back on! Sanada’s ability to keep up with ZSJ is baffling the Submission Master. ZSJ tries the wiggle again, breaks free, gives a EuroUpper, but Sanada gives a EuroUpper in return! They both back off again, and Taka Michinoku coaches ZSJ up.

Sanada and ZSJ circle again, tie up, and ZSJ gives another EuroUpper. They circle again then tie up. They go to their knees in the collar and elbow, ZSJ gives a EuroUpper but Sanada gives it back. ZSJ gives another, but so does Sanada. Sanada’s hit harder, but then ZSJ fires off many. Sanada goes to backslide but ZSJ turns it around. They pull against each other and Sanada turns it back around, but ZSJ uses that to roll off his back into a double wristlock! ZSJ hops on for the floating wristlock!

Sanada endures, even as ZSJ turns it to a straight arm. Sanada uses that to pop out for Skull End! But ZSJ pops out to the Octopus Hold! Then he shifts for a sunset flip, but Sanada sits on it! ONE and ZSJ completes the sunset, TWO as Sanada comes back up! TWO as ZSJ almost gets caught there, but he Penalty Kicks Sanada down. Fans fire up while ZSJ catches his breath. ZSJ walks around Sanada, then brings him up for a facelock. He scoops but Sanada slips out, for Skull End! ZSJ goes up and over, trips Sanada up, body scissors into the European Clutch! TWO!! That was close, but no cigar. Sanada rolls up ZSJ, to Skull End! ZSJ again rolls out to go for EuroClutch, but Sanada pops out to copy it!! SANADA WINS!!

Winner: Sanada by pinfall; Sanada earns 2 points, ZSJ earns 0

The Cold Skull shocks the Submission Master using his own move against him! Whether or not this is an upset, Sanada winning this way upsets Taka as he gets in the ref’s face about the count. ZSJ himself is furious that he let Sanada outsmart him, even for just a second. He takes a page from the book of his mentor, Minoru Suzuki, and takes it all out on the Young Lions at ringside. Does ZSJ still have time to make up the points? Or has Sanada just played spoiler for the Submission Master?


Kenny Omega VS Tama Tonga!

The Bullet Club has been through many a revolution since its creation under Prince Devitt. After the Prince came the Phenomenal One, but then even AJ Styles would be overthrown by The Cleaner. In all that time, Tama seemed satisfied with staying close yet never sitting on the throne. But now, sensing weakness, Tama has decided to strike down the Best Bout Machine and his allies down! Will the Firing Squad’s coup d’état have its coup de grace? Or can Kenny keep control of the Club?

Naturally, the Tongan trio doesn’t roll alone, as Tonga Loa & Bad Luck Fale join Tama ringside. Omega goes it alone, so he’ll have to keep his head on a swivel with the numbers in Tama’s advantage. However, as introductions are being made, Tonga Loa pounces on Omega from behind! The Firing Squad stomps away on Omega as fans boo and jeer. Tama takes the belt and holds it up like it’s already his. Red Shoes tries to restore order but Tama throws the belt down to then kick it out of the ring. Tama whips Omega corner to corner for a corner clothesline, then Loa follows up with a splash and Fale with a clothesline.

Fans continue to boo but Omega is still all alone. Tama feeds Omega to Fale, but then Hangman Page and Chase Owens appear! They and the Guerrillas of Destiny brawl on the outside, and Omega escapes Bad Luck Fall. Omega hits back with a running V-Trigger, then Chase & Hangman clothesline Fale out! Fans fire up as this match still happens!

Omega kneels as the Terminator Drums begin. Hangman and Chase brawl with Fale and Loa, but Omega builds speed to FLY! He leaps onto the heap and almost doesn’t make it. Omega holds his ribs while he gives Loa one more clubbing forearm. But then Tama SPEARS Omega in the ring! Tama fireman’s carry to a flapjack! He circles Omega, “Did you think I was gonna make things easy?” He drives elbows into Omega, then says Omega isn’t special at all. Tama whips Omega and runs him over with a back elbow. Chase and Hangman head to the backstage area, but what of Loa and Fale?

Tama shouts at Omega that the Bullet Club could’ve been something more if they were all together. But Omega is the reason for the rift, so this is all on him. Tama drags Omega up and suplexes him. Cover, ONE, and Omega hits back. Tama hits Omega with elbows and haymakers, then stalks him around the ring. Tama fires body shots in the corner, but Omega hits back. They go back and forth, but Tama headbutts Omega to a corner. “Is this your hero?!” Tama will remind everyone who he is. But then Omega comes back with forearms. Tama hits back, then whips, but Omega holds ropes. Omega boots Tama, then runs for a body shot, then comes back around for a low dropkick.

Omega runs again, but Tama dodges the bulldog to run around and dropkick Omega down! Tama watches Omega flounder to a corner, then runs in for a big splash. Omega dodges, and comes back with chops. Tama swings but misses, Omega kicks and whips. Tama reverses but Omega dodges to hit a running DDT! Cover, TWO! Omega has control of the match while we go to break.

NJPW on AXS returns as Omega drags Tama up. Omega fireman’s carry, “You Can’t Escape!” Rolling senton and the moonsault both hit! But Tama is up quick, and goes for Gun Stun! Omega denies the cutter to give his V-Trigger! Omega drags Tama up in the underhook, but Tama denies the driver. Tama lifts and quickly Alabama Slams! Cover, TWO! Tama and Omega slowly stand, but Omega again denies a Gun Stun, and goes for a back slide. Tama rolls out and blocks Omega’s V-Trigger! He fireman’s carry but Omega slips out to a waistlock. Tama breaks free and runs but into a V-Trigger! Omega grits his teeth while Tama rests on the apron.

Fans rally up as Omega joins Tama, and wants a full nelson. Tama uses the ropes then breaks out. Tama runs but back into the full nelson. He grabs Red Shoes to both save himself, and give Loa the opening! Loa hits Omega in the leg with a chair! Fans boo but Loa keeps going as he brings Omega off the apron in powerbomb position. But Omega huricanranas Loa away! Omega goes after Tama, gets powerbomb position, for an apron bomb! Tama slumps down to the ground, but Omega drags him back up. They go back in, and Omega prepares the cross-leg fisherman. Aoi Shoudou! Fans fire up with Omega while Tama writhes. Omega takes aim and BANG! He runs, but Loa trips him up! Loa holds Omega in place, but then Omega escapes to send Tama into Loa!

Omega rolls Tama up, TWO, and Omega is pushed into Loa’s chair toss! Tama rolls Omega, TWO!! Omega survives the screw job, but Tama wants that chair for himself. Loa sets it there, then goes somewhere else to distract Red Shoes. Tama positions the chair and goes for Gun Stun, but Omega slams him onto the chair! Omega drags Tama up onto Electric Chair, but Tama slips out. Tama tries again but is still denied Gun Stun with a shove. Omega goes to huricanrana, but Tama counters that by preparing a Styles Clash! He wants to do it on the chair, but Red Shoes kicks the chair away! Tama lets Omega go to get in Red Shoes’ face. Fans boo, but then are surprised to see Red Shoes push back! GUN STUN for Red Shoes!! Fans boo even louder now, but GoD go after Omega together, GUN STUN!

Winner: Kenny Omega, by disqualification; Omega earns 2 points, Tama earns 0

Fale returns, too, and he stomps away on Omega. The Firing Squad keep Young Lions out while putting a chair around Omega’s head. Tama prepares to drive Omega down, but in comes Kota Ibushi, as well as Hangman and Chase! They run the Tongans off, but Tama vows “I’ll end all of you!” Clearly this Bullet Club Civil War has only grown more intense, where and how will it end?

Backstage interview with Omega.

“Nothing much has changed since last year, has it?” Tama said the G1 doesn’t mean anything, and he hasn’t changed his opinion since. Tama doesn’t care about the finals, he only cares about making a statement. Omega is upset that Tama used his friends and a DQ win to mess up his match star rating average. “That, my friend, is unforgivable.” When and where will Omega get his revenge on Tama?


Tomohiro Ishii VS Hirooki Goto!

Both men are of Chaos, but that doesn’t mean they won’t compete against each other. Will the “Righteous Rascal” or the perennial NEVER Openweight Champion come out on top with two points?

The bell rings and fans duel for these battle-tested wrestlers. They tie up and Goto gets a headlock. Ishii pries his way out but Goto puts it back on. Ishii powers out and they collide. Neither man falls, and Goto dares Ishii to go again. Ishii does, and they collide again. They go again and collide, and collide, and collide! Ishii hits Goto, Goto hits Ishii, again and again and again! Fans applaud these two human tanks testing each other, just as Ishii starts firing off forearms! Goto gives some back, and they go back and forth. Ishii wants Goto to really hit him, and the brawl just intensifies with every shot. Forearm after forearm after forearm and neither man backs off.

Fans applaud just as Ishii gains an edge. Ishii runs and hits Goto. Goto comes back to hit Ishii on the rebound. Ishii does the same but it’s Goto who runs Ishii over! Fans applaud again as Goto catches his breath. Goto stomps Ishii, then drags him back up for elbows. Goto drags Ishii up and puts him in a corner for stomps. He whips Ishii corner to corner but Ishii reverses. Ishii catches Goto on the return for a powerslam! Both men are down but Ishii is up first .Goto slowly follows but Ishii in on him. Ishii chops Goto, then chops him again. Goto reels back but Ishii keeps on him, chopping him down. Ishii kicks Goto while he’s down, then backs off just a moment to adjust.

Ishii brings Goto up and gives him a headbutt. Goto chops but Ishii doesn’t flinch. Goto chops and chops but Ishii just eggs him on. Ishii gives back one and Goto falls. Ishii toys with Goto a little, and stands on his chest. He keeps toying with Goto, then taunts him, “What’s wrong, Champ?!” Goto fires off palm strikes but Ishii just chops him. They run, dodge, but Goto fireman’s carry. Ishii slips out and shoves, but misses in the corner. Goto hits a solid corner clothesline, then whips Ishii corner to corner. Muramasa the rolling heel kick, to saido suplex! Cover, TWO! Goto has control while we go to break.

NJPW on AXS returns and Goto drags Ishii up. Goto wants to lift but Ishii resists. They struggle against each other, but Isshi gets free. Goto kicks Ishii hard in the chest and Ishii falls. The referee checks on Ishii but he’s okay. Goto gives another kick and Ishii falls again. Goto taunts Ishii back, then kicks him again. Ishii smacks his head on the mat to fire himself up. Goto gives another kick, but now Ishii feeds off it. Another kick and another kick, but Ishii grows stronger, and rocks Goto with a right! Goto and Ishii both gasp for air, but Ishii drags Goto to a corner. Ishii chops and forearms, chops and forearms, repeat. He whips corner to corner but Goto reverses, only for Ishii to run out and run Goto over! Ishii drags Goto back up, but Goto resists the back suplex.

Goto elbows his way free, then runs, but Ishii follows. Things speed up, and they collide! Goto staggers over into Ishii’s German Suplex! But Goto’s right back up to kick Ishii right back down! Goto fires up and drags Ishii into the sleeper hold. Ishii reaches but starts to fade. He still has life as fans rally up again. Ishii throws Goto off! Goto clotheslines Ishii but Ishii stays standing. Goto runs, but the clothesline only knocks Ishii backwards. Ishii rebounds and collides with Goto! Goto runs, but again his clothesline only staggers Ishii. Ishii teeters in a corner, but comes back with a clothesline. Goto still stands, and comes back for yet another.

Ishii wobbles, but still hits back! Goto runs to hit again, but Ishii returns it. Goto drops to a knee, Ishii runs, but into a clothesline! Ishii’s right back up and clotheslines Goto down! Goto gets back up and they both clothesline! Neither man falls, so they go again! The collision is still so solid, and they go again! Both men fall to the mat and fans fire up for the intensity! The referee checks on each of them, and somehow Ishii and Goto are still okay to continue. Goto sits up but Ishii follows. They each force themselves to stand. Goto is on Ishii first, with the sleeper hold! Ishii hits back with overhead backhands, faster and faster! He’s free, but Goto SLAPS him! Now Ishii’s mad.

Ishii fires forearms from both ends! He even counters a headbutt to give a headbutt, then a corner clothesline! Fans are thunderous as Goto slumps down. Ishii drags Goto up to the top rope, then climbs up to join him. Ishii wants a superplex, and hits it! Cover, TWO!! That wasn’t enough, but Ishii has more. He sits Goto up, runs, but into the sleeper! Ishii goes to counter but Goto counters, only for Ishii to reverse, only to end up in the fireman’s carry and Ushigoroshi! Goto doesn’t cover, he drags Ishii up. They brawl again, and Goto clobbers Ishii off his feet! Goto drags Ishii up again, Reverse GTR! Goto stands Ishii again, but Ishii slips out of the suplex! Into a dragon sleeper! Goto reverses it but Ishii reverses back but Goto pops out. Ishii kicks but Goto spins, into a saido suplex!

Both men are down again and fans fire back up. Fans duel while the referee checks on both men. Both men stir, neither man giving up just yet. They go to opposite ends before standing. They run at each other, for another clothesline collision! Goto counters a clothesline but Ishii counters back, then Goto blocks the enziguri! Goto runs, but into another clothesline! High stack cover, TWO!! How is either man still going!? Ishii fires himself up and he drags Goto up. He suplexes, but Goto fights out. Goto and Ishii fight for control, and Goto gets Ishii up for Shouten Kai! Cover, TWO!! Ishii and Goto are exhausted, but this match must continue.

Fans are thunderous as Goto drags himself away. Goto stands but staggers while Ishii stirs. Goto prepares to finish this, and hits the buzzsaw! He’s not done yet, as he drags Ishii up in the dragon sleeper. Ishii pops out but Goto headbutts, only for Ishii to give one. They headbutt again, then Ishii enziguris Goto down! Ishii comes back around, runs, and hits the sliding lariat! Cover, TWO!? Goto is dazed but he still lives! Ishii drags Goto up again, for the brainbuster! Cover, Ishii wins!!

Winner: Tomohiro Ishii, by pinfall; Ishii earns 2 points, Goto earns 0

Ishii wins in a match that was the epitome of Strong Style! He gains some ground, and perhaps even a shot at the NEVER Openweight Championship. Will Ishii be able to get himself to the Finals? If he doesn’t, will he want another match with Goto for that title?


NJPW and AXS set the scene for A Block!

There are do-or-die stakes on the line for three men at this point in the tournament! The Ace has the lead with 10 points, but the King of Darkness lurks just behind with 8. Hiroshi Tanahashi lost to EVIL way back in the 2017 New Japan Cup’s opening round. Will Darkness Fall to keep Evil’s hopes alive? Or will the Once in a Century Talent blaze a trail to the finals through him?

Meanwhile, The Rainmaker and the Man with the Worst Personality both have 8 points. They both lost back-to-back, but have rallied back since. These two renew their own rivalry from their two different time-limit draws. Two points never felt so important! Will Okada reclaim his former glory? Or will Suzuki use this to bring him his first ever G1 Climax championship?


NJPW and AXS quickly review the rest of A Block’s Day 13!

Bad Luck Fale and Michael Elgin went heavy hit after heavy hit, but the Firing Squad is always near. Even so, the Unbreakable took care of Tonga Loa and slammed Fale! Tama added the last shot, and though Elgin gets the win, there’s no telling if he’ll be able to continue competing. Meanwhile, Hangman Page and Togi Makabe battled just as hard as the young Problem Solver took it to the veteran Uncaged Gorilla. Hangman hit his Rite of Passage to gain himself points as well as some major respect. Lastly are Yoshi Hashi and Jay White for another Chaos VS Chaos showdown, which we jump into!

Yoshi-Hashi VS Jay White!

The Head-Hunter runs at the Switchblade in the corner for a chop. Hashi suplexes White and hangs him up on the ropes, for a dropkick! He hurries up top and aims at White, for a flying blockbuster! Cover, TWO! Hashi grows frustrated, but he keeps going. He drags White up and prepares a bomb but White slips out. Hashi forearms and chops, then whips. White reverses only to get more forearms, but then he catches Hashi into a Complete Shot and deadlift German Suplex! Hashi is down but White drags him back up. White suplexes and twists for the brainbuster! Cover, TWO! But White isn’t bothered, he prepares his blade. He drags Hashi up, but Hashi rolls him! TWO!!

Hashi kicks but is blocked. White gives a set of strikes, then runs, but into the lariat! Hashi lifts, powerbomb to jackknife! TWO!! Hashi hurries back up, but White grabs the referee. Then he trips Hashi up! Fans boo but White doesn’t care. White drags Hashi out, for Blade Runner! But Hashi counters to a pumphandle! White fights his way out, then baits Hashi into Red Shoes! Low blow! Fans boo louder, but White gets away with an underhanded move again. White brings Red Shoes over, drags Hashi up, but Hashi still counters with a kick, then SUPERKICK!

Hashi fires up and brings White in. White fights out, but misses his clothesline to get a backstabber! Hashi wants to end it now, as he fisherman lifts, to the Bunker Buster! Cover, TWO!! White survives, which shocks Hashi. But Hashi fires up with the fans as he grabs White for the pumphandle. Lift but White fights out, Blade Runner!! Cover, White wins!

Winner: Jay White, by pinfall; White earns 2 points, Hashi earns 0

The Switchblade gets another win that’s tainted by his tactics. But he just knows he won and continues on to stay near the top of the block. Will White keep going all the way to the finals? Or will he be passed up by the other top stars in his bracket?


Hiroshi Tanahashi VS EVIL!

The Ace of Air-Guitars and the King of Darkness go around one more time, and again for big stakes. Evil’s fate is in his own hands, can he win and join the conversation for the G1 Climax Finals? Or will Tanahashi push past to keep his hopes of another G1 Climax Finals appearance alive?

The bell rings and we begin with fans already chanting strongly for Tanahashi. Evil doesn’t mind, he and Tanahashi circle. Evil kicks low then puts on a headlock. Tanahashi fights back and powers out. Evil runs Tanahashi over, then speeds things up. Tanahashi hip drops Evil down, then plays the air guitar. Tanahashi gets a headlock takeover, but Evil works against it. Evil sits up but Tanahashi grinds the headlock. Evil pulls hair to get out, then whips Tanahashi. Tanahashi holds ropes then dumps Evil onto the apron. Tanahashi swings on Evil but gets caught into a hotshot! Evil grabs that repaired arm and slams it on the mat. He looms over Tanahashi and does it again.

Evil drags Tanahashi up to wrench the arm, then puts it in a hammerlock. He shoves Tanahashi into buckles, then goes back after the arm with another wrench. Tanahashi breaks free, but gets run over and squashed under the back senton. Cover, TWO! Evil pulls back on the arm, then goes for the other. Tanahashi resists so Evil hooks his nose. Evil lets up at 4 to get both arms. He digs a knee into Tanahashi’s shoulders, then pulls back harder on the arms. Tanahashi endures and powers his way up. Tanahashi feeds off the fan rally and works to reverse the hold, but Evil just pulls back harder. The fans keep rallying and Tanahashi tries again, but Evil brings him back down. Tanahashi tries one more time, and turns Evil around, only for Evil to turn it back around. Tanahashi dropkicks Evil away and he’s free!

Both men catch their breath then slowly stand up. Evil kicks first, then whips. Tanahashi hits back with a flying forearm! He drops a big elbow then a flipping senton! Cover, TWO! Tanahashi drags Evil up and throws forearms. He backs Evil into a corner, then scoops him for the slam. Tanahashi hops up top, but Evil rolls away. Evil blocks the boot to club Tanahashi all the way out! The Ace is down while we go to break.

NJPW on AXS returns as Evil fetches Tanahashi. Evil whips Tanahashi into the railings, btu Tanahashi fires up, only to run into a clothesline. Fans rally up while Evil leaves Tanahashi to the count. The 20 count reaches 10 before Tanahashi stirs. Tanahashi rises up at 13, but falls back down! He hurries up again and into the ring at 17. Evil is ready, and he runs in at Tanahashi for a Bronco Buster! Cover, TWO! Evil drags Tanahashi back up, fireman’s carry, but Tanahashi fights out. Tanahashi goes to kick but Evil catches it to hand it to Red Shoes. Evil goes to kick but Tanahashi blocks that, and Tanahashi tells Red Shoes to let go. Red Shoes does, and then Tanahashi lets go of Evil, to give Evil a slapping palm strike!

Tanahashi runs but Evil pursues for a clothesline! Cover, TWO! Evil keeps his cool as he staggers back up. He drags Tanahashi up, fisherman suplex! Cover, TWO! Evil sits Tanahashi up to slash the throat. But Tanahashi snapmares to a small package, TWO! Tanahashi swings but misses. Evil mule kicks, but Tanahashi denies the STO to hit the spinning neckbreaker! Fans fire up as Tanahashi stands. Tanahashi runs and hits a Slingblade! Cover, TWO, but Tanahashi keeps going. He gets to a corner, but Evil shoves Red Shoes his way. Tanahashi saves Red Shoes from the collision, then he sees Evil coming. He hits back, then dragon screws the leg inside the ropes! Evil staggers away as Tanahashi climbs up. Crossbody!

But Tanahashi won’t end it there, he goes back up, for the High Fly Flow! But he flops as Evil escapes! Evil stands and drags Tanahashi around, rolling up into the fireman’s carry, Darkness Falls! Cover, TWO!! Tanahashi shocks Evil, but Evil still has more. He takes off his elbow pad, runs, and clobbers with a clothesline! Cover, TWO!! That was even closer! Evil calls for the end and drags Tanahashi back up. STO denied, but Evil breaks free of the full nelson. Evil whips and reels Tanahashi in, but Tanahashi steals the STO! Tanahashi gets to the top rope as fans are thunderous. High Fly Flow!! Cover, Tanahashi wins!!

Winner: Hiroshi Tanahashi, by pinfall; Tanahashi earns 2 points, Evil earns 0

The Ace continues to rise up from his early loss! Evil is out of the running now, but it’s still on Tanahashi to keep himself going. Can Tanahashi go all the way while there is still much more to come?


Kazuchika Okada VS Minoru Suzuki!

The Rainmaker seeks redemption after his rocky start to the round robin, as does the Meanest Man in the World. They both sit at 8 points, but things can change with a single win. Who will move up into true second place now that Evil is out of the way?

But as Okada has his fun letting the balloons fly, Suzuki pounces! Suzuki throws Okada out of the ring as the bell rings, but the beating continues on the outside. Suzuki whips Okada into railings, then follows up the ramp. He takes a chair, and hits Okada with it! Suzuki rips the railings apart to then throw it down on Okada. He takes another chair and SMACKS the railings into Okada. Another chair, another SMACK! Suzuki brings the railings off Okada to thrust the chair into Okada’s throat. Red Shoes reprimands Suzuki, but Suzuki gets in his face now. Red Shoes has to defend himself, so he gets a chair for a shield. Suzuki isn’t in any mood for fun and games, he and Desperado flank Red Shoes. But Okada comes back with a kick and forearms!

Suzuki hits back, and bounces Okada off the wood bleachers. Young Lions help fans get clear as Suzuki keeps on Okada. Suzuki clears out other fans, and goes bowling for chairs with Okada’s body! Suzuki doesn’t let up, as he takes another chair and jams it into Okada’s stomach, and SMACKS him across the back! Red Shoes tries to restore order while fans rally up for Okada. Suzuki leaves Okada for dead as he storms his way back to the ring. Suzuki searches around under the ring, and brings out some more chairs. Okada drags himself up and a count begins. The count reaches 7 while Suzuki waits with a chair. Okada arrives at about 13, only to get that chair! Suzuki SMACKS Okada again and returns to the ring at 17. Okada hears the count and gets in at 19.5!!

Suzuki is furious but he takes it out on Okada with forearms on the apron. He gives Okada a draping armbar! Red Shoes counts and Suzuki lets go at 4, to then boot Okada down! Okada hits railing and slumps back down, but Suzuki dares him to get back in. Suzuki grins, but fans rally up as a new count begins. The count passes 10 but Okada only now gets up. Suzuki grins as Okada gets in at 19, because he just gets to hurt Okada more. He grinds his shoe on Okada’s head, then his face. Suzuki stomps Okada and that wakes Okada up. Suzuki takes Okada’s shirt and uses it to choke him! Red Shoes can’t get a good look, so Suzuki gets away with it. Suzuki kicks Okada, but Okada stands up. Suzuki gives Okada forearms, but Okada grits his teeth.

Okada gives a forearm, Suzuki gives a forearm, and back again. Suzuki knees low then whips Okada to the corner. Okada boots him away, then blocks a kick into his own kick, neckbreaker! Okada stands and fires more forearms. Suzuki reverses the whip but gets Okada’s back elbow. Okada runs for a back elbow in the corner, then kicks for a DDT! Cover, ONE, but Okada keeps his cool. Suzuki stands but Okada lifts him up. Suzuki resists with a wristlock takedown, to armbar! Okada flails as Suzuki pulls on the arm. They get around, but Suzuki gets a leg. Okada uses the other leg for the ropebreak! Suzuki lets Okada go and backs off to a corner while we go to break.

NJPW on AXS returns as Okada gets himself to a corner. Suzuki runs in for a big boot! He snapmares and Penalty Kicks Okada down, then sits him up for the Fujiwara armbar! Suzuki pulls back and then gets Rings of Saturn! Okada endures the double armbar as Suzuki puts as much weight as he can on the hold. Fans rally but Suzuki lets go of one arm to do just the Fujiwara again. Okada gets another ropebreak, so Suzuki lets go. Suzuki talks trash while toying with Okada. Okada gets up and fires a forearm. That bad arm hurts as he does it, but he keeps trying. Suzuki gives Okada a shot and Okada staggers back. Suzuki keeps on Okada in the corner, elbow after elbow. Red Shoes reprimands Suzuki again, but Okada comes out with a shotgun dropkick!

Okada eggs Suzuki on now, wanting Suzuki to hit him! Suzuki grins, but lets Okada go first. Okada hits with the bad arm, but Suzuki’s arm is just fine as he hits Okada again. Okada goes again, and so does Suzuki. Suzuki hits, Okada hits. Okada hits, Suzuki dares him to hit harder. Okada tries, but it doesn’t really work. Suzuki hits Okada and then mocks the Rainmaker pose! Okada fires off more forearms, then pushes Suzuki around. Suzuki grins as he gives Okada one big forearm! Okada staggers about, but clears his head to hit back. Suzuki hits again, and they go back and forth again. Okada staggers but still comes back. Suzuki rocks Okada again but Okada always comes back. Now Suzuki starts to laugh! He’s enjoying this brutal back and forth with the former IWGP Heavyweight Champion.

They don’t slow down, and Suzuki SLAPS Okada! Fans fire up as Okada starts to fade. Suzuki brings Okada back up, but his piledriver is countered to a back drop and sit-down cover! TWO, and Suzuki kicks. Suzuki runs, but into the dropkick! Okada grits his teeth as he brings Suzuki up. Suzuki elbows out, then fires off fast shots! Okada can’t cover up, so he just gives EuroUppers! Suzuki slaps him again, so Okada slaps back! Okada runs, but into Suzuki’s dropkick! Both men are down but the fans are fired up. Suzuki sits up first, then brings Okada up. He fires off more shots but Okada goes to gut wrench. Suzuki headbutts out, then rocks Okada with a knee. Okada still tries but Suzuki fights him off with another knee. Suzuki has a facelock, squeezing the air out of Okada’s head.

Fans duel, Okada lifts Suzuki but Suzuki slips out to a sleeper hold! Okada sits down but he reaches for ropes. Suzuki drags him away, and Okada begins to fade. Suzuki shifts but Okada wants Rainmaker, only for Suzuki to SLAP him! Okada stays standing, so Suzuki slaps him again. Suzuki puts Okada in an Octopus Hold! Okada endures as Suzuki also digs his elbow into Okada’s hips. Okada pops out of the hold, gut wrench to TOMBSTONE! But Okada is too tired to cover!

Both men are down but stirring. They stand, and Okada goes for the wristlock. Suzuki fights out, but then Okada puts a sleeper on him! Okada shifts to steal the Gotch! Suzuki resists, and gut wrenches Okada! Suzuki wants to steal that driver, but then Okada turns and lifts Suzuki in the gut wrench, to make it a Gotch TOMBSTONE! Cover, TWO!! Okada is shocked but the fans are fired up. Suzuki resists the wristlock but gets a discus lariat. Then Okada swings Suzuki out, Rainmaker!! Okada covers, Okada wins!!

Winner: Kazuchika Okada, by pinfall; Okada earns 2 points, Suzuki earns 0

It was brutal to say the least, but in the end, the Rainmaker wins with the Rainmaker! Suzuki stumbles away in defeat without a word while Okada takes up the mic.

Okada pumps himself up, ready to speak, but the mic isn’t on! Well that’s embarrassing. He tries again, letting the fans chant as he pumps himself back up. “Win number five!” Okada is sweating, and not just from the Hakata heat. It’s also the warm welcome from the fans. Okada wonders, why are the fans fired up? Is it because he won? Is it because he’s so strong? Or is it that he’s good-looking, strong and won? Which is it? Fans seem to agree it’s C. He can see it on their smiling faces. The theme of summer is to smile. Even Suzuki was grinning during their match.

There are just two more G1 Climax matches left. If Okada doesn’t win, no one will have a reason to smile. He has to win so they can celebrate. That’s fine, just two more and the finals! Okada delcares it right now, he will definitely win it all! That’s all for now, so thank you… VERY MUCH! Okada is tired but he’s on a roll. Will he roll all the way to the finals like he promised?


Backstage interviews.

“Even for title matches, I don’t usually sit down for these,” Okada says. But he’s so tired from this grueling G1 Climax. He’s still winning, because he’s just that good. “It’s tough, but I’m having fun.” With Jaw White nipping at his heels and Tanahashi just up ahead, will Okada be able to take the A Block? Or will he at least be a spoiler for someone else?



My Thoughts:

Two great hours of NJPW in a row from AXS is always great for viewers. We skipped a lot going from Day 6 in B Block to then Day 13 in A Block, but AXS did well in getting the essentials. It was nice of them to also sneak in Sanada VS ZSJ because that was exciting and surprising. Sanada is probably one of the more improved wrestlers, and is a very balanced wrestler, too. He kept pace with ZSJ the entire time, then beats ZSJ with his own signature pinfall. I know from other sources that with the round robin format, there was some tension mounting between Sanada and Naito, but I’m sure they won’t go for a Civil War story like Bullet Club and even Chaos have done.

Speaking of, I thought Tama Tonga having his Firing Squad going after Omega to then bring out Hangman and Chase was going to negate their G1 Climax match for a tag match, but then I remembered that’s more a WWE Teddy Long thing. But anyway, Omega did great overcoming things for a time, but obviously Tama and crew just turn things into more anarchy. I’m looking forward to this part of the Bullet Club Civil War getting a great blow-off match. Ishii VS Goto was stiff as stiff could be, and that made it great. Ishii getting a NEVER Openweight title match would be amazing, and he might be the one guy who could keep that belt away from Goto for a considerable amount of time.

AXS also sneaks White VS Hashi in, that was just to fill for time really. White wins to keep pace with Tanahashi and Okada, and with his wins over them acting as tiebreakers should they all get 12 points, this will at least tease that the upstart young star having a chance of going over the veterans. Tanahashi gets the win over Evil because Evil is not yet at a G1 Climax Finals level. Plus, I was expecting Evil to go after Chris Jericho for the IWGP Intercontienntal Championship. Okada keeps his redemption story going with this great win over Suzuki, but with him facing Tanahashi soon, that’s definitely changing. Okada’s story wouldn’t be as compelling if it was all turned around with this one tournament. He needs to keep exploring who he is after losing the title again.

My Scores: Part 5 = 8.5/10; Part 6 = 8/10; Overall = 8.5/10



Joe’s AAA Review & Results (12/9/2018)



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Joe Dinan checks in with your AAA review and results for the week ending 12/9/2018!

AAA on Twitch 12/8

La Parkita, Nino Hamburguesa, and Dinastia vs La Parkita Negra, Arkangel Divino, and Ultimo Maldito

The match starts with chaos. Everybody is doing moves to each other. Mini Parka and Parka Negra get in there and trade moves. Maldito and Hamburger Boy are in next and Hamburger boy hits a shoulder block. Negra hits a reverseranna on Parkita. They team up on Hamburger Boy. Boy counters with a headlock, head scissors take over on Negra and Maldito. Dinastia and Divino are in and Dinastia hits a power slam on him. Negra beats on Dinastia and Parkita works on him. Maldito then works over Parkita. Maldito hits a tiger pile driver on him. Dinastia hits a asai moonsault, then celebrates even though he hit his teammate. Divino does a moonsault off the top. They get everyone seated in the corner and Hamburger Boy does a running senton. Then he goes to the top and splashes them for the win. Hamburger Boy pins Parkita Negra with a top rope splash.

Winners: La Parkita, Nino Hamburguesa, and Dinastia

Starfire and Lady Maravilla vs Mamba and Lady Shani

Shani and Starefire start the match out with some grappling. Maravilla comes in quick to double Shani. Afterwards they double Mamba. Starfire hits a drop kick off the top. Mamba hits a big move on Maravilla and now they’re getting the heat back doubling Starfire. We get back to normalcy in the ring. Shani hits a drop kick on Starfire. She gets to the top and hits a hurricanrana on Shani. Maravilla drop kicks Mamba to the outside and hits a cross body to the outside. Starfire hits a michinoku driver on Shani for a two count. Shani hits the Okada neck breaker and the ref counts slow. Shani argues with the ref and Starfire comes from behind and hits a german suplex for a fast count. Starfire pins Lady Shani with a german suplex and fast count.

Starfire wants a title fight after the match. Not immediately, in the future. They brawl after the match and promo.

Winners: Lady Maravilla and Starfire

Laredo Kid, Hijo Del Vikingo, and Myzteziz Jr vs Taurus, Australian Suicide, and Jack Evans

Match starts with Jack Evans and Laredo Kid. Evans gets crotched on the post and Kid drop kicks him. Vikingo and Myzteziz dive to the outside on the others. They triple drop kick Evans in the corner. Kid code breakers Suicide then holds him. Vikingo jumps off Myzteziz and stomps the back of Suicide. Taurus gets Myzteziz on his shoulders then catches Kid for a double fall away slam. Suicide does a press slam into a code breaker on Vikingo. He holds him and Evans hits a 450, then Taurus hits a splash. Taurus holds up Myzteziz, Evans on the top bounces off him and helps Suicide complete his pile driver on Vikingo. Vikingo makes all of them miss corner attacks. He does a moonsault off of Myzteziz and Kid’s hands on the top, then they hit their own moonsault dives after that. Incredible spot, Luchablog has the gif of it on twitter, find it.

Myzteziz hits a Canadian destroyer on Evans but Suicide breaks up the pin. Suicide then does a springboard destroyer to him, but Vikingo breaks up the pin. He does knees to the corner but Taurus breaks up the pin. Taurus shoulder blocks Vikingo and sends him flying. Laredo Kid and Vikingo go for springboard attacks but get pulled out of the ring. Evans then hits an asai moonsault on everyone. They fight on the stage and throw Taurus and Evans off and do dives. Vikingo then does a Spanish Fly on Suicide off the stage on to the rest of them. Evans and Kid are back in the ring. Evans slams him and goes to the top but gets kicked. Laredo Kid hits the Laredo Fly for the win. Laredo Kid pins Jack Evans with the Laredo Fly. 

Winners: Laredo Kid, Hijo Del Vikingo, and Myzteziz Jr

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With a vacant Heavyweight Tag Title to figure out, and some finishing touches leading up to Great Voyage in Yokohama Vol.2, let’s see what Hisame brings us this week!


Most of the roster (except for Naomichi Marufuji, who, much to his disappointment, couldn’t go due to injury, and says he has never been) went to China to participate in “Eastern Hero Wrestling”.

Despite the fact that they had broken up a few days beforehand at “Global League 2018”, Katsuhiko Nakajima and Masa Kitamiya teamed up. Nakajima’s only comment was that this was how the card had been arranged, and he walked off at the end of the match leaving Kitamiya behind.

It was a sold out over capacity crowd in Tianjin, and the crowd said in Japanese “please come back”.

Hi69, in particular, said he learned a lot of things from the trip. There were also some new athletes o the card which hadn’t been introduced to NOAH yet, Tiger God and Dragon God.

Article with results can be read here

Daisuke Harada has been announced for IPW’S Junior Heavyweight Championship Tournament on Tuesday 16th January 2019 at Milton Keynes.

For those unfamiliar with him, a small guide can be found here.

Tickets can be purchased here

Further names hopefully to be announced (I know YO-HEY & HAYATA are being hoped for)

Noah kicked off “Winter Navigation 2018” at Korakuen Hall, not a great attendance for the first night, but it needs to be factored in that it was a 6.30pm start on a Friday night, round about the time when people get out of work, plus there was a big event going on at the nearby Tokyo Dome.

There were two match signings, with Takashi Sugiura saying that he was not going to lose the belt or the era to “this young man” (Kaito Kiyomiya) and Kotaro Suzuki actually turned up for his with Daisuke Harada.

Kimiya Okada made his long overdue debut, and was beaten by fellow rookie, Yoshiki Inamura. Hajime Ohara (who had helped train Okada for the debut) looked on. Although Inamura picked up his first win, it should be noted that this is only a small one, and against a very green rookie. They will have a rematch on the 9th (check)

Both Atsushi Kotoge and Hitoshi Yamato were on top comedy form.

Hitoshi Kumano and Seiya Morohashi squared up as their grudge deepened.

The Hooligans announced the 5’10 and 243 lb Yuji Hino as their new member, and he picked up the 5’10 Akitoshi Saito and slammed him as if he weighed nothing.

YO-HEY defeated Shoki Kitamura with the Super Face G, and then said to SUGI that he wanted to continue this, but SUGI said that Yokohama was impossible as there was an ZERO-ONE show on the 16th. So, it looks like the New Year will be the resumption of it.

Go Shiozaki and Katsuhiko Nakajima defeated Kenoh and Masa Kitamiya for the vacant GHC Heavyweight tag team titles, and were later challenged by Yuji Hino and Maybach Taniguchi.

Then Hino cut the promo of the evening:

“Shiozaki, you are a good looking guy, but your chops mean nothing. Nakajima-kun! Growing up! You are becoming an adult. You look like you’ve graduated from being a virgin”.

This is the kind of trash talking which is sadly missing from NOAH.

Kaito Kiyomiya and Daisuke Harada teamed up to take on Takashi Sugiura and Kotaro Suzuki. The ref stopped the match when Sugiura got Kiyomiya in a Olympic slam into a chokehold, afterwards Sugiura stood over the fallen Kiyomiya and told him that “on the 16th, I will show you the difference between NOAH’s future and the man who has supported NOAH for eighteen years”.

Detailed event recap can be read here


  • GHC Heavyweight Champion: Takashi Sugiura
  • GHC Junior Champion: Kotaro Suzuki
  • GHC Heavyweight Tag Champions: Go Shiozaki & Katsuhiko Nakajima
  • GHC Junior Tag Champions: Minoru Tanaka & Hi69

All titles will be challenged for on the 16th December at “Great Voyage in Yokohama Vol.2”

Kaito Kiyomiya will challenge for the GHC Heavyweight

Daisuke Harada will challenge for the GHC Junior

Yuji Hino & Maybach Taniguchi will challenge for the GHC Heavyweight Tag

The Backbreakers (Hajime Ohara & Hitoshi Kumano) will challenge for the GHC Junior Tag

~ Maybach Taniguchi came out with his “Sasumata” pole (literally “speared fork”) that he had used when he was part of “The Super Violent Army“.
~ Takashi Sugiura said he learned the bidets in Japan, Taiwan and China were all of equal quality.
~ Masao Inoue is holding another bowling tournament
~ Senior referee, Shu Nishinaga, said that someone had “dumped” a load of Masao Inoue’s CDs in the waiting room.
~ Go Shiozaki gave a talk for “Wrestle Talk Mania”, one of the subjects he covered was mental training in wrestling; something which Shiozaki has extensive experience in, especially in dealing with what happened to Mitsuharu Misawa right in front of his eyes, and of course getting Kaito Kiyomiya over his own nerves.
~ Naomichi Marufuji is not cleared to return to the ring yet, although he can now walk more easily, except he has a slight limp.

None. He’s been good this week (aside from being a bidet inspector)

The final night of Global League, 25th November, will be broadcast at 6pm on Saturday 8th December
The event on the 7th December, will be broadcast on the 15th December
The event on the 16th December, will be broadcast on the 22nd December

Today’s child of puroresu: Kaito Kiyomiya’s Story
150 people at debut?! Praise from Kobashi! Winning Global League! Kaito Kiyomiya special feature!
MINI INTERVIEW WITH KATSUHIKO NAKAJIMA: 7th December tag championship decision at Korakuen Hall, “I want you to hear the sound of Noah changing”
The scene of pro-wrestling Vol.23 ~ The wish for the soul that inherits the light of the emerald green.
Nakajima and Shiozaki to combine to take the championship
“Everybody’s Energy” ~ interview with Kaito Kiyomiya (Weekly Pro, December 2018)
“I want to advance the era” ~ mini interview with 2018 Global League winner, Kaito Kiyomiya
Takashi Sugiura’s determination for defense, “I will not hand over the belt or the era”.

“Heir To The Ark” ~ Naomichi Marufuji’s biography (Chapters 1 & 2 completed, chapter 3 ongoing)

How do you feel about Yuji Hino’s Hooligans debut? Let us know on social media @theCHAIRSHOTcom and always remember to use the hashtag #UseYourHead!

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