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Mitchell’s Ring of Honor Report! (7/28/18)



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The ROH World Six Man Tag Championships are on the line as The Kingdom defends against mishmash underdogs Kenny King, Chuckie T, and rookie Eli Isom!



  • Jonathan Gresham VS Kushida; Kushida wins.
  • Oedo Tai VS Mayu Iwatani & Jenny Rose; Oedo Tai wins.
  • ROH World Six Man Tag Team Championships: The Kingdom VS Kenny King, Chuck Taylor & Eli Isom; The Kingdom wins and retain the ROH World Six Man Tag Team Championships.


There is a NEW ROH World Champion!

The Franchise, Jay Lethal, fought his way through his loss column to get back at the likes of Punishment Martinez and Kushida. Then he staked his claim on episode 357, and it resulted in a Fatal 4 Way between him, the champion, Dalton Castle, Matt Taven and Cody. And after fight his heart out against those three top tier talents, Lethal would win back the title! Will this fairy tale ending only mark the beginning of a new chapter for both Lethal and ROH?


Jonathan Gresham VS Kushida!

The Octopus has evolved into a Master of the Craft, but he goes up against one of the best Super Juniors in the world in NJPW’s Time Splitter. Can Gresham grapple better than the former IWGP Jr. Heavyweight Champion? Or will he go Back to the Future with a loss?

The Code of Honor is upheld and the bell rings. Kushida and Gresham circle and feel things out. Kushida lunges but Gresham reverses to a facelock. They stand up and Kushida reverses back to a wristlock. Gresham reverses to a wristlock of his own, then arm-drags Kushida. Kushida holds on as they stand up again. Gresham reverses back and around to a facelock, to then spin to a takedown. Kushida gets a headscissors but Gresham slips out, and fans applaud this technical exhibition. Gresham and Kushida circle again, and Kushida leaps at Gresham. Gresham denies the hoverboard and goes after the legs. Kushida pushes Gresham, then wraps up an arm for a crossface.

Fans rally as Gresham stands up and cartwheels out. Gresham takes Kushida down, rolls to an armlock, but Kushida gets the ropebreak. Fans applaud as Gresham lets Kushida go. Kushida gets out to collect himself, then returns to circle with Gresham. Gresham gets a wristlock and spins to the takedown. Gresham sits on the hammerlock to then pull on the other arm. He stands up and traps that arm between his legs, and teases the fall. He finally gives it, and tweaks both Kushida’s arms. Kushida can only endure as Gresham grabs a leg. Gresham pulls back and it’s a complex crab cover. TWO and Kushida rolls to ropes. Gresham waits for Kushida to stand, being a good sport about the ropes.

The two circle and tie up again, and Gresham gets another wristlock. Kushida reverses to a takedown and holds on to the facelock even as Gresham rolls. Kushida floats over and all around Gresham like he’s on a pommel horse. He stops and pats Gresham’s back. Kushida dares Gresham to bring it, but Gresham keeps his cool. Fans duel as the two tie up again. Gresham gets a wristlock and stands on the arm. He goes after the fingers, then the shoulder. Gresham pushes Kushida back, then monkey flips him off the ropes. Kushida prevents the cover and they stand back up. Kushida monkey flips, double bridge to prevent covers! Fans love this as they get back up.

Kushida pushes Gresham back, then gets another monkey flip. He sits on Gresham, ONE as Gresham sunsets. TWO as Kushida sits back on Gresham, but TWO as Gresham brings it back. Kushida rolls through to jackknife but Gresham rolls through to sit on it. TWO as Kushida sunsets, ONE and Gresham jackknifes to sunset. ONE and we go back again and again and again! Fans fire up over this fast and furious cover attempts, TWO as Kushida almost has Gresham. Gresham doesn’t stop, he uppercuts Kushida’s arm, only to get the Pele! Fans are loving how close this match is while we go to break.

ROH returns and Gresham tweaks Kushida’s arm. Gresham waistlocks but Kushida standing switches. Gresham switches but Kushid elbows out. Kushida runs but Gresham goes sideways. Gresham slides under Kushida, Kushida runs but Gresham follows for the quebrada! And stomp! Gresham grabs the arm for the Mahistrol, TWO! He goes for another, TWO, so he tries again! TWO, but Gresham gets an armbar. Kushida stands up to make it a cover, TWO. Kushida manages a hip toss and cartwheel, to kick Gresham’s arm! They’re even now as Gresham gets to a corner. Fans fire up as Kushida rolls and DDT’s! Kushida holds on, but he can’t go Back to the Future, so he hops up for the Hoverboard! He brings Gresham to the mat, but Gresham resists.

Gresham works his way against the hold, but Kushida uses his full weight. Gresham manages to pop Kushida off and shove him at ropes. Kushida comes back with shoulder, but both men slow down from the pain in their arms. Fans rally up as Kushida goes after Gresham’s arm. Gresham whips Kushida off, but Kushida fakes out the arm-drag, only to get in another arm-drag. Kushida arm-drags back, but Gresham headscissors. Kushida pops out and SLAPS Gresham! Gresham frowns and slaps Kushida back. “This ain’t New Japan, Kushida, this is Ring of Honor.” Gresham is uncharacteristically angry, but that makes Kushida just as uncharacteristically angry. Kushida shoves Gresham, then dares him to hit him. Gresham fires a forearm, so Kushida gives it back.

Gresham goes again, so Kushida gives him another one. They go back and forth and pick up speed. Kushida winces from his bad arm, but he still comes back with more! Roaring elbow, but Gresham kips up to enziguri, then German Suplex! Bridging cover, TWO!! Gresham can’t believe how close he was, but fans are rallying behind him. Gresham grabs Kushida’s leg while fans declare “This is Awesome!” He kicks Kushida while he’s down but Kushida shoves him away. Kushida kicks but misses, so he hops over and slides under to flip Gresham for the Hoverboard! He has his weight on Gresham, but Gresham shifts to relieve pressure. Gresham reaches for ropes but Kushida rolls him away, BACK TO THE FUTURE! Cover, Kushida wins!

Winner: Kushida, by pinfall

The Time Splitter springs back from his loss to Lethal, while the Octopus continues to flounder. The Code of Honor is still upheld, showing that while frustrated, Gresham is still a good sport. Gresham is still in the International Cup coming up August 16th, can he get some career defining wins in such a star-studded field? Will Kushida climb his way up ROH’s ladder to challenge for a title?


Marty Scurll speaks.

He directs his message to Shane Helms. Is Shane trying to piss Scurll off? Because he’s come to ROH to make a name for himself off the Villain’s. Scurll tells Helms now not to anger him. When they face off next week in episode 359, a broken finger will be the least of Helms’ worries. The difference between them is that Shane is “playing the part of the superhero” whereas Scurll doesn’t cosplay, he IS a Villain.


The Briscoes are still ROH World Tag Team Champions after Best in the World.

But winning wasn’t enough. Jay Briscoe stood over Matt Jackson, which angered Nick Jackson. Nick pushed Jay away, which only angered Jay & Mark. #DemBoyz beat Nick and Matt down further, until The SCU came in. The SCU wanted their turn! Kaz and Scorpio sky held the Bucks up, but then Daniels SMACKED Jay! Kaz threw Mark out and for once, SCU were the heroes! But why?

SoCal Uncensored speaks.

Ever since Best in the World, everyone’s been asking “Why SCU, why?” It’s a simple story of respect, or lack there of. Best in the World 2017 is where Cody defeated Christopher Daniels to become ROH World Champion, but that only hurt a fraction of how bad it felt hearing the fans cheer. That disrespect hurt. The Addiction took that hurt out on the fans. They disrespected the ROH fans, the ROH talent, and the ROH commissioner, Joe Koff. What happened was Koff saying SCU’s days were numbered. Daniels woke up, and saw that he had less than six months left in ROH, and he was not about to forced out over hurt feelings.

Daniels asked himself, “In the twilight of my career, do I need to find a new home?” His best friend, Kaz, is in the best shape of his life with a decade left in him, was Daniels going to force him to start over? Scorpio Sky has been at it 15 years and finally caught a break, was Daniels going to cost him that? The answer is obviously “No”. Daniels says he could humbly apologize and beg, but instead of asking for a spot, they’re going to earn a spot. These next few months, Daniels will make it his mission to make the idea of SCU out of ROH a “preposterous proposition.” He will leave this company better than when he found it. That makes The Briscoes their next target.

Kaz poses a question. If you knew the exact day that you were going to die, how would you react? Would you right your wrongs? Hold your loved ones tights? Do everything you could to leave a good mark? Or would you go out in a blaze of glory? The Addiction had a long time to think it over, because they’ve had the deadline made clear, Final Battle 2018. Fate stepped in, in the form of The Briscoes winning back the ROH World Tag Team titles to become 9-time champions, “the baddest team on the planet.” They’re badasses from Sandy Fork, they’re vicious hunters, but have never been hunted. They’ve had a team like The Addiction coming after them with their 45 years of combined experience. That’s exactly what’s happening. The Addiction’s careers depend on beating those titles.

Scorpio Sky speaks now, saying he’s worked his entire life to be here in this company at this moment, where he belongs. He came in with The Addiction, and he’ll go out with them, too. SCU is united against Sandy Fork, will they be able to win the war before time runs out?


We have a NEW ROH World Television Champion.

And it’s none other than the Purple Mist, Punishment Martinez! He smashed Hangman Page up and down the arena in their Street Fight at Best in the World. Martinez is quite possibly the most dangerous ROH WTVC of all time. Who stands a snowball’s chance in Hell of taking the title from him?


Oedo Tai VS Mayu Iwatani & Jenny Rose!

Stardom’s most sinister stable returns to ROH for Women of Honor tag team action. Kagetsu is the current World of Stardom Champion, while both she and Hana Kimura were once the Goddess of Stardom tag team champions. They take on the highly decorated Icon of Stardom and the American Joshi for crossover action, who will win to climb both WOH and Stardom ladders?

The Exotic Goddess, Mandy Leon, joins commentary as she’s had experience in both promotions. She also wishes to climb the ranks in both, what will she learn from watching talent from both sides up close and personal?

No Code of Honor here as the bell rings and Jenny starts against Kagetsu. They rush each other and collide with shoulders, but neither one backs down. Kagetsu runs, but they have another solid collision. She tries again, but this time Jenny runs her over. Jenny tags Mayu, and they work together with a double whip. Jenny runs Kagetsu over with a leaping lariat, then Mayu adds a somersault senton. Cover, TWO, but Mayu keeps Kagetsu down. Tag to Jenny, and Jenny stomps Kagetsu more. She drags Kagetsu up for forearms, then whips. Kagetsu reverses, then distracts the ref while Hana trips Jenny up. Hana drags Jenny out and clubs away, but Mayu comes in to whip Kagetsu. Kagetsu uses that momentum to DIVE onto Jenny! Oedo Tai is sly and in control while we go to break.

ROH returns and Hana whips Jenny to a corner. She whips Kagetsu in for the forearm smash, then adds knees of her own. Oedo Tai works together while fans duel. They double whip but Jenny breaks the clothesline to then give clotheslines of her own! Jenny crawls for her corner, hot tag to Mayu! Mayu dropkicks Hana, then dropkicks Kagetsu. She whips Hana corner to corner but Hana reverses. Mayu slides out the side to then roll Hana back. Hana deflects the dropkick, then Kagetsu comes in to help. They go after Mayu with a double whip, but Mayu criss-crosses her own arms to acrobatically arm-drag Oedo Tai together!

Fans fire up with the Icon of Stardom while Oedo Tai regroups. Mayu runs in, 2-for-1 hesitation dropkick! Kagetsu rolls out, so Hana gets a bonus dropkick. Cover, TWO, but Mayu keeps focus. She drags Hana into position, then climbs up. Mayau aims, but her frog splash flops! Hana grabs Mayu while Kagetsu intercepts Jenny. Jenny struggles to get away while Hana locks on her modified octopus stretch! Mayu endures, and Jenny gets free of Kagetsu to kick Hana down! Kagetsu kicks Jenny back, then throws her out. Hana goes after Mayu again, vowing to finish this. She suplexes but Mayu slips out to back kick and roundhouse! Hana staggers and Mayu runs, but into a suplex slam! Both women are down but the fans fire up. They crawl for their corners, hot tags to Kagetsu and Jenny!

Jenny swings but Kagetsu rakes the eyes! Kagetsu stops at 4, but she runs into a spinning sidewalk slam! Jenny keeps going, Perfect Plex! TWO!! Jenny keeps going as she stomps away on Kagetsu. She climbs up and hits Kagetsu with the flying clothesline. Cover, but Hana breaks it. Mayu takes Hana out while Jenny drags Kagetsu up. Jenny throws forearms, then runs, but into an armbar takedown! Mayu tries to save her but Hana anchors her down. Jenny reaches for ropes, and gets the break! Kagetsu lets go at 4, but she’s ready to finish this. Fireman’s carry denied with elbows. Kagetsu and Jenny brawl with heavy elbows, and it fires Kagetsu up. She fires off, lifts Jenny, but Jenny fights out again. Kagetsu kicks low, runs, dodges, but SUPERKICK frm Mayu and lariat from Jenny! Cover, but Mayu fails to stop Hana, and Hana breaks the pin!

Jenny can’t believe it, but she won’t give up. She gets the fans fired up as she brings Kagetsu up. Hana takes out Mayu and Kagetsu fights with elbows. Kagetsu distracts the ref again, so that Hana can SMACK Jenny with the Oedo Tai sign! Hana SMACKS Mayu, too, then Kagetsu Buzzsaws Jenny! Cover, TWO!? Oedo Tai doesn’t want to believe it, so they have HZK distract this time. Oedo Tai gets away with double boots to Jenny! Cover, Hana intercepts Mayu, but Mayu powers through to break it! Oedo Tai is furious as they throw Mayu out. Kagetsu lifts Jenny, Samoan Driver! Cover, Oedo Tai finally wins!

Winner: Oedo Tai, Kagetsu pinning

It took every trick they had up their sleeve, but the devious duo found a way to win. Will this allow Oedo Tai to challenge for the tag titles in Stardom? Will this position one or both of them behind whoever the next #1 contender will be?

ROH announces a WOH #1 Contenders Fatal 4 Way.

With Sumie Sakai still the WOH Champion, she needs challengers to add to her growing legacy. Will it be Tenille Dashwood, Karen Q, Madison Rayne or Kelly Klein that rises up to challenge the Ray of Sunshine?


Exclusive footage after Jay Lethal’s championship victory.

He did what he vowed to do, he got back the ROH World title. He was without it for almost two years, the longest time ever. It drove him mad, because this is the greatest title in the world. Lethal isn’t cocky or bragging, this is him proving his worth as the best wrestler in the world. This doesn’t mean he’s the greatest, this is the prize for being the greatest! The man makes the belt, and Lethal is at the top of his game, as well as on top of the wrestling world. There will be a line of men around the world wanting just one chance at the title. Lethal welcomes it all, “come and get it, boys!”


Austin Aries joins commentary for the main event.

The Greatest Man That Ever Lived and the Collector of Belts is far from over with his former friend and protege, Kenny King. But he insists he’s out here because he feels like it. Whatever his motivation, A-Double is ready to watch the championship main event.

ROH World Six Man Tag Team Championships: The Kingdom VS Kenny King, Chuck Taylor & Eli Isom!

Matt Taven, TK O’Ryan & Vinnie Marseglia cried conspiracy for an entire year while waiting for a rematch for the titles. They finally got the titles back after sticking their noses in title match after title match, but now they whine that it’s too soon to have challengers. On the other side, the K I N G, the Kentucky Gentleman and the Future of Honor won the first-ever Six Man Tag Gauntlet to earn this opportunity. They had to wait a week with last week’s impromptu World Championship match, can they make good on the extra seven days of preparation?

While the Kingdom makes their way out, we see their message to their opponents from just before the match. They all laugh at how it was Eli Isom who pinned Christopher Daniels. In other words, they think their opponents are a joke. Taven says all fairy tales come to an end, because this is his Kingdom. Will the champions overlooking their challengers come back to haunt them?

The Kingdom attacks before the bell! They kick Kenny and Chuckie out to isolate the rookie in the corner for mudhole stomps. The referee tries to get them to stop, but it’s Chuckie T and Kenny rushing the ring that backs them off. The Kingdom send them back out, then put Isom in their corner. Things finally begin as a proper match and Vinnie keeps on Isom with European Uppercuts. Tag to O’Ryan, and they lift Isom. Isom slips out and bumps their heads together. Tag to Chuckie! Chuckie whips but Vinnie reverses. Chuckie hurdles over the Horror King and hits an atomic drop. He whips Vinnie but Vinnie reverses again, only to get some Sole Food! Vinnie staggers and O’Ryan tags in. Taven tags in right after, but Chuckie back drops O’Ryan to then dropkick Taven down.

Chuckie fires up with the fans, and he shouts to his team to “Kill ’em!” Well that’s illegal but surely Chuckie isn’t talking literally. Isom and Kenny come in, and each member of the Kingdom is in a corner. Chuckie runs in at Vinnie, Isom runs at O’Ryan and Kenny runs at Taven, then they rotate! Then they rotate again. Then they hug! Aries says this is why Kenny isn’t champion anymore, he’s too busy goofing off. Kenny coordinates his team, and Isom runs at Taven. Taven boots Isom down, then stalks the rookie. He puts Isom in the Kingdom’s corner to grind in his boot. O’Ryan tags in to then tag in Vinnie.

They double whip Isom, but Isom ducks to push O’Ryan into Vinnie. Isom enziguri’s Vinnie then tilt-o-whirl backbreaker O’Ryan. He hits Taven for good measure, then hops up. O’Ryan climbs up to stop him, and then Vinnie yanks Isom down for a backbreaker of his own! Vinnie drags Isom over for stomps at the ropes. The Kingdom has control while we go to break.

ROH returns once more, and O’Ryan drags Isom up. He swings on Kenny and Chuckie just because, but that allows Isom to knee strike O’Ryan way out of the ring! Hot tag to Kenny! The K I N G jabs and spins O’Ryan for a backbreaker and lariat. Vinnie runs in but is countered into a chin check and roundhouse! Taven runs in to blindside Kenny. Kenny throws Taven to the apron for the Eddy Gordo Kick. Taven goes down, Kenny FLIES! Chuckie tags in as Kenny takes out Taven! Chuckie clotheslines O’Ryan, then rolls him out for a missile dropkick. Vinnie kicks Chuckie, then whips him corner to corner. He runs but misses, and Chuckie throws O’Ryan overhead onto Vinnie! Chuckie grabs O’Ryan, Falcon Arrow! Cover, but Vinnie breaks it.

Isom grabs Vinnie for furious forearms. Vinnie reverses, bicycle boot! Kenny SPINEBUSTERS, Taven gives Kenny a Kick of the King! Chuckie knees Taven, but O’Ryan Peles Chuckie! All six men are down but the fans are fired up! A 10 count starts while O’Ryan and Chuckie crawl. Hot tags to Taven and ISOM! Taven dares the rookie to bring it, so Isom does! Forearm and chop, forearm and chop, but Taven knees low. Taven whips Isom, but Isom reverses to scoop, Fall Away Slam! Isom kips up and fires up! Aries actually likes the energy, but knows experience is the only thing he’s missing. Isom hops up, Vinnie POPS a balloon in his ear!! Taven gives Isom a snapmare, then brings in Vinnie & O’Ryan. Taven brings Isom up, “Thy Kingdom Come!”

Powerbomb lift, the other two run, but are tripped up! Isom rolls Taven and even jackknifes, TWO!! So clsoe to a major upset. King throws Vinnie into a post while Chuckie brawls with O’Ryan. Isom fires off on Taven, runs, but into a pop up. Isom tries to headscissor but Taven blocks. Taven holds Isom back up, O’Ryan & Vinnie return, Rockstar Supernova! Cover, The Kingdom wins!

Winner: The Kingdom, Taven pinning; still ROH World Six Man Tag Team Champions

They throws the rookie out to add insult to injury as they celebrate their victory. Taven vows he’ll get his Grand Slam eventually, but for now, this is still their Kingdom. Will anyone find a way to dethrone the #FirstLastAndOnly Six Man champs once and for all?



My Thoughts:

A really great episode of ROH here, lots of great action without too much filler. Gresham VS Kushida was a solid, technically based match. The story for Gresham continues to be a struggle, and I’m still waiting for the day he brings back the ROH Pure Wrestling Championship so that he can finally get some accolades. SoCal Uncensored had a great promo segment that at least establishes them as Tweeners while going against the full Heel Briscoe Brothers. They kept saying six months even though this aired in July, but the point is the same: their time is running out but they’re going to put up a fight until the very end. I like that, and I’m predicting that at the very least, they have one last tag team championship match at Final Battle 2018 to really put a point on the deadline.

That women’s tag was great, if not a bit overbooked with false finishes. Nothing personal to Jenny Rose but she was the weak link in that match, while Oedo Tai definitely deserves the win. With the partnership between ROH and Stardom, I wouldn’t be surprised if we start getting All Women War of the Worlds type events to feature both promotions. The World Six Man Tag title main event was great, too. Aries was fun on commentary while the story naturally became about whether Eli Isom was ready for such a big moment. It would’ve been amazing if Isom’s team won, but I can see why they didn’t. If ROH wants to continue Aries VS King, that totally makes sense, and there are still plenty of other true trios that could challenge The Kingdom first. Next episode’s 9 Man Tag will likely determine a lot of that.

My Score: 8.2/10

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