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Mitchell’s Ring of Honor Report! (8/18/18)



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ROH pits former World Television Champions against each other in the main event. Will The Villain, Marty Scurll, or Kenny K I N G climb up the standings?



  • Scorpio Sky VS Chris Sabin w/ Alex Shelley; Sabin wins.
  • Karen Q VS Jenny Rose; Karen wins.
  • 2018 Top Prospect Tournament, Opening Round: FR Josie VS Eli Isom; no contest.
  • Marty Scurll VS Kenny King; King wins.


Scorpio Sky VS Chris Sabin w/ Alex Shelley!

While the Addiction hunts The Briscoes, SCU’s high-flying Closer tests himself against the current #1 Contender to the ROH World Television Championship. Will Scorpio prove himself just as deserving of a shot? Or will one half of the Motor City Machine Guns roll on towards his match with Punishment Martinez?

The fans are divided between MCMG and SCU, but there is respect here as the two uphold the Code of Honor. They circle and tie up while fans duel. Scorpio gets the wristlock but Sabin reverses with a roll and a spin. He gets a hammerlock, but Scorpio spins around. Sabin headlocks then arm-drags, and fans applaud. “SCU?” Sabin asks. “More like Detroit City!” Fans like the sound of that. Sabin and Scorpio circle, but Scorpio verbally counters with “Detroit was the worst town I’ve ever been in!” Scorpio and Sabin tie up. Scorpio gets the double wrist takedown to cover, TWO. Sabin covers, TWO, and Sabin runs into a headscissors! He cartwheels through to trip Scorpio.

Things speed up and Sabin hurdles Scorpio, but then Scorpio double stomps the back drop down! Sabin bails out of the ring, Scorpio slingshots to take him out! Fans fire up as Scorpio puts Sabin back in. Scorpio gets on the apron, frames the picture and hits an apron leg drop! Cover, TWO! Scorpio puts Sabin in a chinlock, then a keylock. Fans rally up and Sabin fights out. Sabin runs, but into a kick. Scorpio runs, but into a knee. Sabin throws Scorpio with a wristlock takedown, but they both get each other with double clotheslines! They stand up quick, Sabin enziguris Scorpio down! Fans applaud while both men are down.

Fans rally back up as the two stand. Sabin gives Scorpio an atomic drop, then wrenches Scorpio’s arm into a fireman’s carry. Scorpio sunset flips but Sabin rolls through to Penalty Kick! Then Sabin kicks Scorpio again from the apron! Sabin has control while we go to break.

ROH returns as Sabin hits Scorpio with a missile dropkick! Sabin lifts Scorpio for the AK-DDT! Cover, TWO! Scorpio crawls to a corner while Sabin keeps his cool. Sabin runs in for a boot, then hoists Scorpio up top. Sabin climbs up and Super Steiners! He then hops up, but Scorpio comes back for his own Super Steiner! Fans applaud this great back and forth. Both men are down and a 10 count begins. Sabin stands first as fans rally up. Sabin puts Scorpio on the apron but Scorpio kicks him back. Scorpio slingshots to headscissor Sabin. Scorpio slingshots out then back in for a cutter! Cover, TWO! Shelley is relieved while Scorpio grows frustrated.

Fans rally once again, but Scorpio looms over Sabin. Scorpio drags Sabin up, goes for a T-Bone but Sabin reverses to a cradle! TWO, but Scorpio gets the takedown, roll, but Sabin arm-drags through. Sabin goes around and around to a ghost pin, TWO! Scorpio rocks Sabin with a knee. He runs but into Sabin’s enziguri! Sabin keeps going, fireman’s carry and he crosses Scorpio’s legs, Cradle Shock! Cover, Sabin wins!

Winner: Chris Sabin, by pinfall

The #1 contender rolls on towards his eventual match with the ROH World TV Champion while Shelley grabs a mic. “We started a team 12 years ago, and by my count, my career is ready to start driving at 16 years.” Meanwhile, Sabin’s career is ready to vote at 18. Fans applaud these two long-time veterans. Shelley knows MCMG’s goal was to be at the top. They went after the ROH World Tag titles, and they did it. But Shelley isn’t so sure he has a lot left to offer the world of pro wrestling. More importantly, the MCMG are as needed anymore.

Shelley realized this when he was in a dentist’s chair. After spitting teeth out across the ring and going back in to smell the “enamel being cooked off your jaw line and have your gum line cauterized”, a man starts to think real hard about his life. Shelley isn’t retiring, because who really retires in pro-wrestling? There’re no benefits, no 401K, no health benefits, none of that. Shelley might just be saying “see you later”, but he wants Sabin to promise him something. “Just validate all of it.” Prove to the world that MCMG was the best tag team for even a short period of time. Fans applaud and chant “Thank You! Thank You!”

Shelley holds back the tears as he says he should thank the fans. The fans are why they perform. And the reason why MCMG was the greatest tag team for a time was because of Sabin’s individual talents. Sabin reminded the world of that in the Best of the Super Juniors this year, so Shelley just wants Sabin to fulfill his potential however he sees fit. But especially by winning gold in ROH. And from the bottom of Shelley’s heart, make it all worth it. The best pals hug it out, but here comes Martinez! He ruins the moment as he knocks both men down! Martinez drags Sabin over to the chair, for a curb stomp! Then he goes after Shelley, but Scorpio comes back to run Martinez off! Scorpio saves MCMG, but will Sabin get his own revenge when he challenges for the TV title?


Kenny King speaks.

“I find myself at a crossroads” in his identity, stuck between “the man that I am right now, and the world champion I want to be.” Kenny tries to get to the next level so he has conversations with the Devil to tell him nothing can stop Kenny because he has the pedal to the metal. Kenny can only go forwards to go through the Villain. He knows he can learn a lot from Scurll, because Scurll does whatever it takes. Kenny vows to take a page from that book and make a Villain #BendTheKnee. The K I N G spits hot fire, will he get Scurll to call him sire?


Karen Q VS Jenny Rose!

Both the Queen of Queens and the American Joshi want to challenge for the Women of Honor Championship. The Queen Bee, Madison Rayne, earned a shot in last week’s Fatal 4 Way, but that doesn’t mean the list of contenders has to stop with her. Who will move into position to perhaps challenge the winner of that eventual championship match?

The Pretty Badass, Kelly Klein, joins commentary because she, too, wants to get herself a shot at Sumie Sakai’s title. Not to mention, Karen was the first woman to give Kelly a loss of any kind, while Jenny chipped Kelly’s tooth. What will she learn from watching Karen and Jenny from ringside?

Fans duel but Karen barely upholds the Code of Honor. The two circle and tie up, then go around and around. Jenny gets a waistlock but Karen gets a standing switch. They trade switches, then Jenny rolls Karen. TWO, but she gets around Karen again. They roll back, TWO. Karen kicks low then suplexes, but Jenny small packages, TWO! Jenny gets a headlock but Karen pulls hair. Karen powers out but they collide. Neither woman backs down, but Karen declares she’s the stronger. She runs and they collide again but neither woman falls. Jenny dares Karen to go again so she does, but Jenny uses that to follow through and clothesline Karen down! Cover, TWO, and Kelly isn’t impressed but she is amused by both women.

Jenny bumps Karen then goes corner to corner with her. Jenny runs corner to corner but misses the splash. Karen throws Jenny down by her hair! Karen rains rights then pulls hair to put Jenny in a corner. She stands up on the ropes to grind her boot into Jenny’s face! She backs off at the ref’s count of 4, then she brings Jenny out for a neckbreaker! Karen shouts her own name, to a mix of cheers and jeers. Cover, ONE, and Karen is annoyed. She still has control of Jenny while we go to break.

ROH returns and Karen has Jenny in a headlock. Jenny fights out, then runs, but into Karen’s clothesline. Karen brings Jenny up on the ropes to choke her. She backs off at 4, then puts Jenny in a corner. Karen whips Jenny corner to corner, then runs in for a big forearm smash. She goes sideways for the back elbow, then the other side for the boot! Kelly wonders about Jenny’s teeth. Karen throws Jenny with an overhead urenage, covers, TWO! She tries again, TWO. Karen argues with the ref in Mandarin, but fans rally up for Jenny. Jenny hits back with forearms, then blocks and counters Karen’s. Jenny ducks to chop and chop and chop. She whips and hits Karen with a sidewalk slam. Jenny keeps going, Perfect Plex! TWO, and now Jenny grows frustrated.

Jenny puts Karen in a corner for forearms, then rolls to run back in for another forearm. She rolls again, but runs into a thrust kick. Karen runs, but into a Spear! Cover, TWO!! Jenny was so close, and now Kelly distracts on the apron. Kelly tosses her mouth guard as a reminder of that tooth-chipping encounter, but Jenny doesn’t get what’s up with her. Karen capitalizes with a full nelson slam! Cover, Karen wins!

Winner: Karen Q, by pinfall

Give the Gatekeeper the assist, because Kelly goes after Jenny to add insult to injury! Or perhaps just injury. Karen doesn’t get it, and claims she didn’t need Kelly’s help to win. Karen leaves while Kelly keeps stomping Jenny while she’s down. Kelly gives Jenny the receipt for her dental. Fans boo and jeer but she just soaks it in. Will a chipped tooth be the least of things when these two fight face to face?


ROH takes a look at the ROH World Championship Ironman Match, Jay Lethal VS Jonathan Gresham!

Three weeks from now, episode 364, the 7 year anniversary of ROH TV, and we will have The Octopus and The Franchise go 1v1 for no less than 30 minutes. Gresham worked 13 long years to reach his “utopia.” Lethal has been the biggest obstacle in Gresham’s ROH career. February 9th, 2018, Honor Reigns Supreme, Lethal beat Gresham by submission. Lethal admits that that was his favorite match in ROH because it represented everything the company was built upon. Two wrestlers going hold for hold, skill for skill, to see who is better.

Gresham needs that one win that proves to everyone he is the best pure wrestler in the world. Lethal will be the first to admit he underestimated Gresham in that first encounter. Gresham has been a fan of Lethal’s for a long time, and knows him like the back of his hand. Lethal knows Gresham won’t forget that loss, because Lethal hasn’t forgotten either. Who will go the distance and pick up the most falls to then earn himself the title?


Alex Shelley is down backstage!

Chris Sabin calls for help, because Shelley got hit in the mouth. Backstage staff find them, and Sabin tells the camera man to cut away already. Was it Punishment Martinez who did this to Shelley? Is this only adding fuel to the fire for Martinez VS Sabin?


2018 Top Prospect Tournament, Opening Round: FR Josie VS Eli Isom!

St. John’s “Resident Body Guy” faces his Dojo Brother in this “Eli Isom Memorial” tournament. In other words, Josie figures once he’s won, Eli Isom will be no more in ROH. Will Eli surprise his buddy the same way he did everyone in that ROH Six-Man Tag Gauntlet?

The friends uphold the Code of Honor, the bell rings, and the two circle. They tie up, and Isom gets a waistlock. Josie standing switches but Eli does it back. Josie bucks Eli off but Eli leaps right up to arm-drag Josie. They both go for arm-drags and cancel out. Josie swings but misses, and Eli swings Josie out to reel him in for an overhead suplex! Eli kips up and fans fire up. Eli runs in at Josie, but is put on the apron. He hits Josie back, then springboards. Josie gets under and boots Eli’s punches away. Josie boots Eli’s face, then runs in but is caught! Eli puts Josie on the top rope, but Josie kicks him away. Josie jumps but into a backbreaker from Eli! Cover, TWO! Eli slams the mat but here comes Jeff Cobb!? Jeff clobbers Eli and throws the match out!

No Contest

Jeff throws Eli with a belly2belly suplex! Then he rocks Josie with a right. He puts both men together, for double pumphandle suplexes!! Jeff Cobb is a REAL powerhouse, and “This is Awesome” that he’s in ROH! Will he be the most obvious Top Prospect of all time?


The Kingdom speaks.

They “congratulate” Cody & The Young Bucks on being back on the same page and getting an ROH World Six Man Tag title match. Oh whoop dee doo, this on-again off-again relationship is so annoying to Matt Taven. ROH can’t wait to roll onto their backs and let the Bullet Club scratch their bellies. Go ahead and get on whatever page that works, because The Kingdom will tear it out of the book and burn it to ash. “Because I’M Matt Taven, and this is The Kingdom!”


Marty Scurll VS Kenny King!

Two former World TV Champions want to be THE ROH World Champion, but it seems their paths have crossed. Who will overcome the other to climb the ladder up towards the top of the company?

ROH comes back from a break to the ring of the bell. Fans “Woop Woop!” for Scurll as he and Kenny circle. The two tie up and Scurll gets a waistlock. Kenny switches, but Scurll does to slam Kenny down. Scurll keeps on Kenny as he rolls, then Scurll floats all over Kenny before standing up and flapping his wings. Scurll takes a bow while fans applaud, then circles with Kenny again. They tie up, Scurll rolls back and gets a wristlock takeover. Scurll wrenches the arm, but Kenny fights out to get a headlock. Kenny gets the takedown, but Scurll hooks the nose. Scurll lets go at 4, then stands up. Scurll pries his way out and goes around and around Kenny for a wristlock.

Kenny reverses but Scurll rolls and spins back to the headlock and takeover. Kenny headscissors but Scurll pops out. Roles reverse as Kenny gets the takeover but Scurll the headscissors. Kenny pops out and kips up, and fans applaud. Scurll “applauds” but Kenny still bows. They tie up and Scurll gets Kenny in a corner. Kenny turns it around, and gives Scurll a chop! Kenny whips Scurll, but Scurll goes under. Scurll catches the hands to get a hammerlock, tucks Kenny to then hop and slide and spin and roll Kenny, TWO! Drop toehold, and fans applaud as Scurll has leg control.

Scurll has the surfboard and flaps his wings, before hooking Kenny’s face. Scurll stomps Kenny’s knees, then soaks in the applause. Kenny gets to ropes while “Woop Woop!” echoes out. Scurll gives Kenny another chop! He wrenches the arm and gets a hammerlock. Scurll hooks the nose again, but then Kenny spins and Japanese arm-drags! Kenny sweeps the legs! Kenny puts on a headlock but Scurll powers out, only to get run over. The K I N G does his dance but things speed up. Kenny again sweeps the legs!

Scurll bails out, he needs a time-out. Kenny pursues but Scurll chops him. Scurll chops again, then whips Kenny at the apron. Kenny spins and gives Scurll a forearm! Kenny puts Scurll back in, but Scurll has the umbrella! A kick stops that, but Kenny grabs the umbrella for his own. The referee stops that, but Scurll takes advantage with an arm wringer. Kenny rolls out, so Scurll runs to the apron for the SUPERKICK! The Villain has control while we take one last break.

ROH returns once more, to Scurll whipping but Kenny reversing. Kenny runs into Scurll’s back elbow, and Scurll adds a slap and a forearm! Kenny goes to a corner and Scurll runs in, but into Kenny’s back elbow. Scurll staggers but stops Kenny on the top rope with an uppercut. Scurll climbs up to join Kenny, for SUPERPLEX! Both men are down but fans fire up. Scurll crawls to a cover, TWO! Fans chant “Too Sweet! Woop Woop!” as Scurll gets up. Scurll drags Kenny up but Kenny resists the German Suplex. Kenny runs but is rolled back, Chicken Wing! Kenny resists, keeping Scurll’s hands apart. They turn around, Kenny whips but Scurll reverses. Kenny goes up and over to sunset Scurll but Scurll sits on it! TWO!

Scurll argues while Kenny gets up, and walks into the rolling roundhouse! Both men are down and a 10 count begins. Kenny sits up as fans slowly rally up. Scurll follows and the two head for each other. Kenny jabs and jabs, then throws haymakers. Kenny gives Scurll a backbreaker to big lariat! Scurll springs back up but Kenny runs in. Scurll boots him away, but runs into a SPINEBUSTER! Cover, TWO! Kenny stands and brings Scurll up. Fireman’s carry but Scurll rakes the eyes! Roll up, TWO, SUPERKICK! Scurll whips but Kenny goes up an dover again. Kenny sunset flips again but Scurll rolls through. Scurll kicks but Kenny sweeps the legs again to LAST CHANCERY! Kenny sends a message to Austin Aries while Scurll endures.

Scurll reaches for the ropes, and gets the ropebreak! Kenny lets go but he still has more. Fans rally up again, and Kenny prepares his Eddy Gordo stance. He gives the kick but Scurll blocks to rock him with a roaring elbow! Scurll runs, Kenny follows, but Scurll clotheslines him down! Scurll brings Kenny up, suplex but Kenny slips out. Kenny goes to sweep but Scurll sees it coming this time. Scurll jumps over it to mule kick Kenny! Then, GHOSTBUSTER! Cover, TWO!? Kenny survives and it shocks Scurll! Fans rally up again as Scurll and Kenny sit up.

They then stand, and Scurll gives a European Uppercut. Kenny answers with a forearm, so Scurll gives it back. They trade shots, but Kenny gets an edge. Kenny runs into a EuroUpper, but answers with Eddy Gordo! Scurll gets him with 52 Fake Out, and a stomp on the hand! And then Scurll grabs the fingers, but Kenny lifts Scurll! Kenny swings but Scurll gets a DDT counter!! Cover, TWO!! Scurll calls for it, but then gets his umbrella. The referee stops him, so Kenny rolls Scurll. With ropes assisting!? Kenny wins!!

Winner: Kenny King, by pinfall

The K I N G out-Villains the Villain!? Why!? Did he really have to? Well no point arguing about it now, because Kenny did what he did and takes pride in it. Will this win-at-all-costs attitude help Kenny finally reach the world title scene?



My Thoughts:

A pretty solid episode of ROH here. Scorpio VS Sabin was pretty good, both guys have similar styles. Sabin wins to stay strong going towards his World TV Championship match, but the stronger part of this segment was Shelley’s heartfelt retirement/not-retirement speech. Shelley has a point, pro-wrestlers never quite retire from the business. And I’m happy Shelley is letting Sabin do this without being upset or anything, the MCMG needs to be one of those teams that would never break up, just disband. But then Martinez earns major Heel heat for ruining the moment. I wonder if this will help escalate things to a No DQ for Martinez VS Sabin already, because while Martinez is the kind of Heel who might use Champion’s Advantage, it’d help Sabin get an equalizer to bring the monster down to his size.

The WOH Division action was good tonight, too, Jenny and Karen are getting a bit better. The story with Kelly Klein is also pretty good, and I’m pretty sure already Kelly comes out on top over Jenny. Whether Sumie retains or Madison wins the WOH Championship, Kelly is the Heel to step up to the Face that comes out the winner. There was some confusion with the Top Prospect Tournament being so late in the year, and FR Josie is the epitome of what a jobber is. He calls himself a body guy when he looks like skinny Jack Black and then is both somehow clever and stupid, because he “had to check his hand” to finish his promo. But hey, we get JEFF FRIGGIN COBB NOW! He should just be Mr. Top Prospect 2018 already, with him decimating half the bracket next week at the same time.

That 30-Minute Ironman Match is going to be great. I would be so surprised and happy for Gresham if he won the belt this way. I used to want him to revive the ROH Pure Championship, but him showing that a more pure wrestling style can still get it done today would be amazing. At the very least, Lethal VS Gresham needs to be close as can be, but with very few falls, to really give us something to get into. Then tonight’s main event, I’m curious as to where Kenny King goes with this new willingness to cheat to win. He was hitting his stride as a Face to me, but perhaps a Tweener edge is what he needs to make that last leap to the world title scene.

My Score: 8/10

Let us know what you think on social media @theCHAIRSHOTcom and always remember to use the hashtag #UseYourHead!


Mitchell’s NJPW AXS TV Results: New Beginning in Sapporo Part 2!

Who leaves Sapporo with the IWGP Heavyweight Tag Team titles?



NJPW New Beginning Sapporo 2019

NJPW continues in Sapporo with two HUGE tag team matches! The Rainmaker and The Ace look for further revenge while EVIL & SANADA defend their tag titles!


This coverage of New Beginning in Sapporo will be as aired by AXS TV.

Gifs can be found courtesy of



  • IWGP Heavyweight Tag Team Championships: EVIL & SANADA VS Zack Sabre Jr. & Minoru Suzuki; EVIL & SANADA win and retain the IWGP Heavyweight Tag Team Championships.
  • Kazuchika Okada & Hiroshi Tanahashi VS Jay White & Bad Luck Fale; win.


NJPW and AXS set the scene!

The Ace is once again IWGP Heavyweight Championship after dethroning The Best Bout Machine at Wrestle Kingdom 13! But the record-setting 8-time champion has a very determined challenger in The Switchblade. Jay White has Gedo and the Bullet Club by his side, and now has his title match in Osaka! But before then, Hiroshi Tanahashi will look to slow White down with the help of his old rival, Kazuchika Okada! Will this amazing tag team be able to defeat White and Bad Luck Fale? Or will it only be a sampling of the Cutthroat Era’s coming?

And before that, Los Ingobernables de Japon’s Heavyweight Tag Team Champions broke even with their challengers in singles competition. Now it is time to face off for the titles! Can the two-time Tag League and Two Time Tag Champions be able to overcome the Undisputed British Tag Team Champions? Or will Suzuki-Gun have two tag titles around their waists? That match is now!


IWGP Heavyweight Tag Team Championships: EVIL & SANADA VS Zack Sabre Jr. & Minoru Suzuki!

Why wait for bells when you just wanna fight? Suzuki and ZSJ go right at Evil & Sanada as they enter the ring! ZSJ stomps Evil while Suzuki mugs Sanada on the outside. Red Shoes holds the belts, but Suzuki gets one to choke Sanada with it. Suzuki whips Sanada but Sanada reverses to send Suzuki into railing! Evil and ZSJ end up the leg men and brawl while the introductions are made. Evil whips ZSJ and goes to hip toss, but ZSJ counters to an abdominal stretch. ZSJ denies a counter but Evil still hip tosses out! Tag to Sanada, and LIJ go after ZSJ together. Double whips, clothesline, back senton! Cover, TWO! ZSJ rolls away but Sanada stalks him to a corner. Cold Skull whips ZSJ corner to corner but ZSj goes up and over. He fakes Sanada and rolls him up, TWO!

Sanada knees and whips ZSJ but ZSJ denies the dropkick. ZSJ misses the Peantly Kick, and Sanada trips him up! Sanada gets ZSJ in the Paradise Lock, but ZSJ slips out and toys with him. ZSJ kicks Sanada, but Sanada knees back. Sanada whips but ZSJ reverses. Suzuki gets a cheap shot and gets Sanada in a hanging armbar! ZSJ hits Evil just because. Suzuki lets Sanada go then goes after Evil. ZSJ keeps on Sanada and Suzuki mugs Evil. Suzuki brings Evil out to the crowd to bowl him through chairs. Suzuki laughs as he rams Evil with the railing. Then he throws chairs onto Evil! ZSJ twists Sanada around for a modified Octopus, then he hammerlock stomps an arm! Suzuki searches under the ring while ZSJ gives Sanada a shoulder breaker. Suzuki has a folding chair to jab Evil in the head!

The ring count passes 17, but Sanada manage to make it in at 19.5! ZSJ is on Sanada with an arm bar, to hammerlock, then digs his elbows into Sanada’s spine. ZSJ pulls back on Sanada’s free arm from wrist to elbow for another hammerlock. He makes it a buttefly of sorts, then a cover, TWO! ZSJ drags Sanada over and tags in Suzuki. Suzuki takes Sanada and wrenches, but then ZSJ wrenches, and they keep passing Sanada for wrenches. ZSJ boots the arm and then Suzuki boots the arm. Sanada clutches that tortured arm but Suzuki goes after it more against the ropes. REd Shoes counts but Suzuki lets go at 4. Suzuki toys with Sanada now, but Sanada hits back. Suzuki just laughs again and throws forearms back. They go back and forth, but Suzuki hits hard. The champs are in trouble while we go to break.

NJPW on AXS returns while Suzuki taunts Sanada. Sanada does sit up but Suzuki’s right on him with fast forearms. Suzuki kicks but Sanada dragon screws, only for Suzuki to counter into an armbar! ZSJ hits Evil to keep him away, but Sanada resists the arm. Suzuki gets the arms apart and has Sanada at full extension! Sanada flails while ZSJ keeps Evil down with his own armlock! Suzuki pulls as hard as he can, but Sanada gets a ropebreak with his feet. Suzuki holds on to slam the arm on the mat. Tag to ZSJ and he hands the wrench off to ZSJ. ZSJ hammerlocks and tweaks Sanada’s arm. ZSJ sits down on the arm to practically triangle it! Suzuki keeps Evil at bay with an armbar on the ropes! ZSJ shifts his weight into a modified Labell meets Rings of Saturn!

Suzuki tortures Evil on the apron but Red Shoes can’t do anything about that while he watches ZSJ and Sanada. Sanada shifts again and gets another ropebreak via feet. Suzuki keeps on Evil with body shots while ZSJ lets Sanada go. ZSJ dares Sanada to stand, and then rock shim with a European Uppercut. Sanada returns the EuroUpper, but his arms are hurting. ZSj shoulder breakers, then catches the leap frog for a flapjack! Penalty kick is CAUGHT! Dragon Screw! Suzuki runs in and gets a dragon screw, too! Fans rally for LIJ as Evil tags in! The King of Darkness rallies on ZSJ! He scoop slams ZSJ hard, then rocks him with forearms. Evil whips but ZSJ reverses, only for Evil to run him over!

Fans rally as Evil drags ZSJ up. ZSJ kicks but Evil blocks it to elbow the knee. ZSJ grabs the arm but Evil counters to a shoulder breaker! Evil blocks another kick, Fisherman Buster! Cover, TWO! Evil keeps his cool as fans fire up again. He drags ZSJ up again and turns him, but ZSJ turns and suplexes Evil! Then the neck twist! Both men are down from exhaustion, but they still come back for more. ZSJ wants revenge for Sapporo Part 1 as he throws EuroUppers. Things speed up and each man dodges the other, but then ZSJ runs into Evil’s lariat! Evil drags ZSJ up, fireman’s carry, but ZSj reverses to a Pele! ZSJ kicks then sweeps the legs! Both men are down again but Suzuki returns. Suzuki tags in and goes right at Evil with forearms.

Suzuki whips Evil corner to corner and boots him. He snapmares and Penalty Kicks! Cover, TWO! Evil barely escapes, but Suzuki toys with him now. Suzuki throws haymakers, then boots, but Evil hands it off to Red Shoes! Evil SUPERKICKS Suzuki down! Tag to Sanada! Sanada whips but Suzuki reverses. Sanada tumbles, springboards, but into Suzuki’s sleeper! ZSJ hits Evil again, and then helps Suzuki corner to corner train on Sanada! Snapmare, DOBULE Peanlty Kicks! Cover, TWO!! Sanada survives that string of attacks, but Suzuki stomps him down. We can hear someone throw the other into railing while Suzuki hammers away on Sanada in the corner. Red Shoes backs Suzuki off, but Suzuki runs back in. Sanada dodges, and Evil returns for a corner clothesline! He feeds Suzuki to Sanada’s back suplex!

Evil hits ZSJ and now LIJ has Suzuki isolated! They call for the finish and fans are thunderous! Evil lifts Suzuki, but ZSJ stops Magic Killer. Suzuki rolls Sanada into an Ankle Lock! ZSJ has Evil in the Octopus! Suzuki shifts to a kneebar! Sanada endures teh grapevine’d move, and Suzuki even grabs an arm! Sanada grabs Red Shoes to keep himself from tapping! ZSJ has shifted Evil into a grounded twist! Neither LIJ can get free as Suzuki shifts the position of his kneebar! Sanada endures, as does Evil. Fans cheer LIJ on, but Suzuki just twists the ankle harder! Sanada uses one last gas to get the ropebreak! Suzuki lets Sanada go, to come back for a sleeper. And then ZSJ Penalty Kicks! Suzuki also Penalty Kicks! Cover, but Evil breaks it in time!

Suzuki-Gun drags LIJ up but LIJ fights back! Suzuki wants his piledriver, and ZSJ wants his, but Evil and Sanada deny those, for Darkness Falls and TKO in stereo! LIJ fires up as they go after Suzuki again. MAGIC KILLER!! Cover, but ZSJ breaks it just in time! Sanada grabs Suzuki and Evil gets ZSJ. Skull End, but ZSJ counters the STO! Evil counters back, EVERYTHING IS EVIL!! And then for Suzuki, True Skull End, but Suzuki slips through! Sleeper, Gotch hold, but Evil saves Sanada! Everything is countered, but the Sleeper is escaped. MAGIC KILLER AGAIN!! Sanada climbs while Evil takes ZSJ out, Moonsault! Cover, LIJ wins!

Winners: Los Ingobernables de Japon, Sanada pinning; still IWGP Heavyweight Tag Team Champions

The King of Darkness and Cold Skull are still golden! Suzuki-Gun’s quest to have two different companies’ tag titles has not worked out, it’ll be back to the drawing board for them. However, will Evil & Sanada now have a claim to the British Heavyweight Tag Team Championships?


Kazuchika Okada & Hiroshi Tanahashi VS Jay White & Bad Luck Fale!

The Rainmaker and The Ace have fought hard over the IWGP Heavyweight Championship and the claim to being the best one ever, but now they are united in making sure the Switchblade does NOT become champion! Will this all-star alliance succeed against the new Bullet Club leader and his Underboss underling?

White refuses to let this dream team have their photo op. He insists he is the historic wrestler everyone should take pictures of, not the old generation. Tanahashi and Okada bite their tongues and bide their time, they’ll get at White after the break.


Let us know what you think on social media @theCHAIRSHOTcom and always remember to use the hashtag #UseYourHead!
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Mitchell’s ROH Results & Report! (2/9/19)

The NWA World’s Heavyweight Championship is defended on ROH!



ROH cover image

Ring of Honor Wrestling Television, Episode 386

ROH brings us the National Treasure and the Darewolf competing over THE NWA World’s Heavyweight Championship! Which man makes history in historic first?



  • Six Man Tag: Villain Enterprises VS John Skyler, Corey Hollis & Josey Quinn; Villain Enterprises wins.
  • NWA World’s Heavyweight Championship: Nick Aldis w/ Kamille VS PJ Black; Aldis wins and retains the NWA World’s Heavyweight Championship.


ROH opens with John Skyler, Corey Hollis & Josie Quinn in the ring.

The Southern Savior tells everyone from commentary to the fans to “Shut your mouths!” The spotlight belongs on Quinn, Hollis and Skyler! This is the roughest, toughest trio in ROH, and if anyone doubts them, then step up and get stepped on! Who answers the call? Villain Enterprises! Marty Scurll leads PCO and Brody King out to the ring, and we have our opening Six Man Tag match!

Six Man Tag: Villain Enterprises VS John Skyler, Corey Hollis & Josey Quinn!

If The Southern Savior, The Original and The Pale Horse want to prove they’re the roughest, toughest team to come to ROH, then they’ll need to pull out all the stops against Marty Scurll’s own stable. Will Scurll, PCO and Brody spoil this newest trio’s debut?

Before the match, Scurll says, “How cute! Look at you guys! I used to be like all three of you: young, full of hope, full of spirit, full of optimism.” Scurll can tell these three haven’t been jaded by this business. Scurll is sure all three of them will be big “superstars” in ROH, and make one hell of an impact. But unfortunately for them, it won’t be tonight. They’re going to feel the wrath of Villain Enterprises! Scurll, PCO and Brody flank the ring, and they strike!

PCO and Brody drag Quinn and Skyler out of the ring while Scurll brawls with Hollis! Scurll dumps Hollis out and PCO sends Skyler into a post. Brody suplexes Hollis for Scurll to SUPERKICK from the apron, and Brody finishes him off with a gourd buster! Villain Enterprises takes control of the ring as the streamers fly! This match will still happen after the break.

ROH returns and PCO starts against Quinn. Quinn goes at PCO with kicks and chops, but PCO doesn’t flinch! PCO even dares him to chop more! Quinn chops and chops, and then PCO CHOPS back! PCO CHOPS Quinn to a corner and then keeps going! The ref counts and PCO backs off, only to come back with rapid fire chops! Fans fire up for PCO as he scoops and sidewalk slams Quinn! Skyler and Hollis rush PCO to club away on him. They double whip but PCO breaks the line to double clothesline them! PCO choke tosses Skyler into a corner, then choke slams him on the rebound! PCO climbs up top and LEAPS at Quinn on the apron! But Skyler gets Quinn clear and PCO hits only apron! But PCO gets up like it was nothing!

Fans fire up with PCO, but Hollis DIVES out onto him! PCO catches Hollis to send him into the barriers! Fans chant for “P C O!” as he gets back in. Quinn throws big forearms then runs, but PCO runs him over! Tag to Scurll and Scurll chops Quinn back down. Scurll rocks Quinn with a European Uppercut then another CHOP! Scurll runs but Hollis swipes his feet. Quinn tags out to Skyler in the distraction. Quinn runs at Scurll but Scurll throws him out, only to turn around into Skyler’s slingshot spear! Cover, TWO! Skyler keeps on Scurll with a rain of right hands. Tag to Hollis and they mug Scurll in the corner. Hollis snapmares and drops a knee, then covers. TWO, and fans rally up for Scurll. Hollis feeds Scurll to Quinn’s boot then tags Quinn in.

Quinn and Hollis mug Scurll in the corner, then Quinn snapmares Scurll to a chinlock. Scurll endures the squeeze while fans rally up again. Scurll fights his way up and out. Quinn whips Scurll to the corner but runs into boots. Scurll fights out but gets a corner clothesline! Quinn whips but Scurll reverses to a tornado DDT! Both men are down but crawling for their corners. Hot tags to Skyler and Brody! Brody rallies on all there opponents! Fans fire up as Brody puts Skyler on the ropes, for a cannonball! Scurll tags back in but Skyler knees low. Skyler throws hands, then runs, but into Brody’s flapjack! Scurll adds a dropkick then Brody adds the senton! Fans fire up again as Scurll drags Skyler up. Scurll suplexes but Skyler slips out.

Hollis tags in before Brody clotheslines Skyler out. Hollis dodges Scurll to hit PCO. Scurll catches Hollis for a powerbomb! PCO climbs up while Scurll turns Hollis over, leg drop Boston Crab! PCO DIVES on Skyler and Quinn! Scurll catapults Hollis into Brody’s forearm! Back senton across Scurll’s knees! Brody lifts Hollis and hits the Gonzo Bomb! Hollis bounces up into the Chicken Wing! Hollis taps, Villain Enterprises wins!

Winners: Villain Enterprises, Marty Scurll by submission

But wait! Red balloons fly out from under the ring! But also some black balloons… The Kingdom laugh as they appear on stage. Were they looking for someone? It’s no secret that The Kingdom are the best trio on this planet. They’re the best trio in history! The Kingdom doesn’t fear anyone, especially not these “three goons.” They’d love to get in that ring and even put the titles on the line! But Matt Taven keeps TK O’Ryan calm as he says they’re fighting champions. They have no problems defending any place, any where, any time, especially against “Melvin Enterprises.” Just not this time. The Kingdom loves to troll everyone, but will Scurll and company be the ones having the last laugh?


The Kingdom speaks backstage.

Vinnie Marseglia laughs again, and says he “hates to spoil it for all the puppets in ROH, but PCO is human.” TK O’Ryan says Brody King is big and bad, but getting hit upside the head with a baseball bat, he’d be out cold just like anybody else. And Taven lets them all know that while Villain Enterprises is new around here, The Kingdom runs the show. #RespectTheCrown. The Kingdom are the champions and will defend them when they choose. “Because IIII’M Matt Taven, and this is MY Kingdom.”


Jay Lethal speaks.

“It is getting more and more difficult to keep track of everybody in line for this ROH World Championship.” Because all Lethal can see is a man running around pretending that his fake belt counts! Taven attacks Lethal from behind, disrespects the company and disrespects the REAL belt by spitting on it! Lethal is sick and tired of Taven! Taven has Lethal’s attention, where and when will this issue of two world title belts be put to rest?


The Gatekeeper has a brand new challenger.

Kelly Klein put it upon herself to be a fighting champion on a level like no other champion. She willingly defends her title in every singles match she has! Watch Kelly defend that title against a debuting but very promising Woman of Honor via Honor Club’s On Demand!


NWA World’s Heavyweight Championship: Nick Aldis w/ Kamille VS PJ Black!

For the first time ever, ROH TV plays host to the NWA’s top title! The National Treasure brings the Ten Pounds of Gold to the Ring of Honor as the first man to defend it here. The Darewolf, who narrowly avoided death in a base jumping accident, has climbed back and is the first man to challenge for this title in ROH. History is being made, but will it be for a successful defense or a successful defeat?

Introductions are made, the belt is raised, and this is the first time the title has been defended in Atlanta, Georgia since 1993! Fans say “Thank you, Nick!” This historic match finally begins, after the break!

ROH returns and the Code of Honor is skipped by PJ. The bell rings, and the two circle and tie up. Aldis wrenches but PJ cartwheels and wrenches. Aldis spins through and reverses the wristlock. PJ rolls and drop toeholds! Aldis reverses to a hammerlock but PJ gets the ropes. Aldis lets PJ go and the two circle again. They tie up and PJ gets a waistlock. PJ rolls Aldis, TWO, but PJ is on Aldis in a corner with a facelock. PJ honors the break but he gives Aldis a shove. Aldis decides to lounge on the top rope for a moment, so PJ shows off his capoeria while telling Aldis to “Suck It!” Fans echo “Suck It! Suck It!” as Aldis and PJ approach again. They tie up and Aldis gets a headlock. PJ powers out but Aldis runs him over.

Things speed up and Aldis avoids PJ’s Thesz Press. Aldis rebounds and blocks PJ’s hip toss, but PJ blocks Aldis’ hip toss to sweep the legs. PJ covers, ONE! Aldis gets the headlock takeover and makes it a cover, TWO and PJ gets the headscissors. PJ squeezes but Aldis moves around. Aldis headstands and pops out, but PJ gets back. PJ calls for a time-out, but there are no such things. Even so, Aldis lets PJ stand up, and they go again. PJ gets a headlock, and the takeover, but Aldis headscissors back. PJ headstands and pops out but Aldis ducks the boot to roll PJ! TWO, and PJ fakes Aldis out with a punch. PJ offers Aldis a hand, and Aldis takes it, only for PJ to uppercut! PJ uppercuts more but Aldis backslides, TWO!

The Darewolf asks for another time-out but from the corner. Aldis and PJ circle but PJ promises not to cheat. He offers a handshake but also crosses his fingers behind his back. Aldis takes the handshake, but PJ sweeps the legs and double stomps the back! PJ flexes but Aldis stands up. Aldis clotheslines PJ right down! Aldis puts PJ in the corner and CHOPS! He throws body shots and more chops, but PJ turns it around to CHOP Aldis back. They brawl in the corner but PJ stomps low. Aldis hits back and bumps PJ on buckles. Aldis whips corner to corner then runs in for a big clothesline. He whips PJ corner to corner again but PJ goes up and headscissors Aldis out!

PJ slingshots but Aldis slips into the ring. Aldis poses but PJ comes back. They speed up and PJ fakes Aldis out to then poke him in the eyes! The referee reprimands PJ while Aldis regroups with Kamille. PJ climbs up but Kamille stands in his way. Aldis gets to the other side, PJ slides out but gets run over with a lariat! Aldis refreshes the ring count while we go to break.

ROH returns and Aldis has PJ in a chinlock. Fans rally on both sides as PJ fights out. PJ throws heavy forearms then whips, but Aldis reverses. PJ kicks Aldis then runs, but Aldis follows to clothesline PJ upside-down! Aldis drags PJ up for a suplex, and holds him up there! Then brings him down! Cover, TWO! PJ gets to a corner but Aldis is right after him with a CHOP! Aldis whips PJ corner to corner hard, then back drops on the rebound! Fans cheer as Aldis covers, TWO! Aldis keeps on PJ with another facelock. PJ endures as Aldis wrenches. They stand and PJ hits back with body shots and a CHOP! Aldis CHOPS, PJ CHOPS, and now they brawl!

Aldis whips but PJ rolls off his back. PJ heel kicks Aldis down, then runs corner to corner for crossbody! PJ easily lands on the apron and bumps Aldis off buckles. He climbs up an dleaps for a flying elbow! PJ keeps going to the other corner and climbs again, for another flying elbow! Cover, TWO! Fans rally up as PJ stalks Aldis. PJ whips Aldis but Aldis reverses, only for PJ to hold ropes. Aldis walks into PJ’s boot, and then PJ springboards for a moonsault! PJ only grazes Aldis, so he quickly grabs Aldis for the inverted DDT. PJ hurries up top again and Aldis stands to get flying double stomps! Cover, TWO!! Aldis survives the stomp to the heart, but PJ keeps his cool. PJ climbs again and takes aim, but his double ax handles are caught into a BIG German Suplex!

Aldis drags PJ up again for a fast powerbomb! High stack cover, TWO, but Aldis holds onto the legs to try his Kingsland Cloverleaf! PJ brings Aldis in for a cradle! TWO, and both men get to corners. Aldis runs in but into an elbow. PJ hops up but Aldis trips him up! Aldis climbs up behind PJ but PJ resists. PJ elbows Aldis away but Aldis clubs him back. Aldis climbs again, SUPER GERMAN! Both men are down but fans fire up! Aldis crawls to a cover, TWO! The Darewolf survives and the National Treasure grows frustrated while we go to one last break.

ROH returns once more, and fans rally as Aldis heads for the top rope. PJ rolls and SHORYUKENS! PJ climbs but Aldis resists. Aldis hits back with body shots and pushes PJ away. PJ comes back quick, SUPER STEINER! Then springboard moonsault! Cover, TWO!! PJ can’t believe it, but Aldis escapes! PJ drags Aldis up for a dragon sleeper, but Aldis endures. Aldis pries free to scoop PJ into the TOMBSTONE! Aldis heads up top again, MACHO ELBOW! Cover, TWO!! PJ lives and even Kamille is shocked. Aldis gives Kamille a signal and she tosses the belt in the ring! Kamille distracts the referee, but both men grab at the belt! PJ SLAPS Aldis away, then picks up the Ten Pounds of Gold! PJ tosses it to Aldis and falls over! Aldis gets caught with the belt in his hands but the referee takes it away. PJ rolls Aldis! TWO!!

PJ wheelbarrows and turns Aldis over, Billy Goat’s Curse! Aldis crawls as PJ stretches, and Aldis gets the ropebreak! Aldis bails out, but PJ DIVES on him! Direct hit brings Aldis down but PJ gets back in the ring. PJ builds speed again, to wreck KAMILLE with a dropkick! Kamille took the hit for Aldis but fans still boo PJ for it! Fans do know “This is Awesome!” as Aldis goes after PJ. But PJ throws Aldis into the post! PJ puts Aldis in the ring and springboards for a crossbody! But Aldis manages to roll through! TWO!! PJ shoulders and slingshots but Aldis sits on the sunset, but he also holds the ropes! The referee sees that, and kicks Aldis’ arms away! PJ finishes the sunset flip, TWO! Aldis gets the legs, Kingsland Cloverleaf! PJ endures but taps, Aldis wins!

Winner: Nick Aldis, by submission; still NWA World’s Heavyweight Champion

History is made as the National Treasure retains the title on ROH TV! Is this only the beginning of the Ten Pounds of Gold being part of ROH history?


Juice Robinson heads to the ring!

The Flamboyant One saw that there was still some time left over tonight and decided to take this opportunity to address the fans. “What up, Hotlanta?!” Juice says the last time he was here, he promised there’d be a lot more of him in an ROH ring. And he didn’t mean for a cup of coffee or for a Global Wars tour. He meant a hell of a lot more Juice in ROH in 2019! But why? Isn’t NJPW so fun? It’s because Juice knows what this company stands for: Honor. Juice has had something in the works, and the pieces have all come together.

“ROH was founded by guys like Samoa Joe. Guys like AJ Styles. The lifeblood of ROH for so long has been through the hard work of guys like the American Dragon, Bryan Danielson.” Or even Juice’s best friend, Tyler Black. All those guys cared about honor. Those are the guys that when their music hit, they came down the stairs, entered the ring, and looked their opponent(s) in the eyes and said, “Win, lose or draw, we’re going to start this with a handshake, and no matter what happens, end with a handshake.” That is what ROH is about. Juice can’t figure out what’s happened over the last few years. Tonight, ROH hits a reset button. Tonight, ROH begins its restoration. And tonight, “we bring ROH to the next level!” And that starts right here and now.

The pulse that we’ve seen for weeks! Juice is joined in the ring by David Finlay, Mark Haskins, Bandido, Tracy Williams, and Tenille Dashwood! “We are Lifeblood!” And together, they will put the Honor back in Ring of Honor! Fans are loving this already! Will this new alliance of rising stars revitalize ROH?



My Thoughts:

A really great episode right here, and we finally know what that pulse was about. Juice Robinson leading a new faction, Lifeblood, is a great move for him in ROH. It represents a new level Juice himself has reached, and helps give him and all the wrestlers in the stable something to be part of. This can definitely feed the story I’d been sensing of Tenille Dashwood returning to confront the person who attacked her, which can turn out to be Kelly Klein. Tenille VS Kelly can be Lifeblood’s Women of Honor Championship story while the five men go after the variety of titles. I’m sure Juice would want to be world champion, leaving the World TV, World Tag and World Six Man Championships to any of the other members.

Juice’s promo leading up to Lifeblood’s debut was also very well done. It kept the continuity of ROH’s past, with name drops including the wrestlers now known as Daniel Bryan and Seth Rollins. Juice’s group might also be pitted against Bully Ray’s group, who aren’t so honorable. That will make for a great 5v5 tag down the line and then separate showdowns for things like the Briscoes defending the World Tag Team Championships against any combination from Lifeblood.

Villain Enterprises does great again in another Six Man Tag victory while The Kingdom do well again as the arrogant Heels they are. They’ll have it out for those titles soon enough, whether The Kingdom likes it or not. And with Jay Lethal’s promo, that match for the undisputed ROH World Championship has to be happening sooner rather than later. Maybe they can arrange it for the ROH Anniversary Show.  And then the NWA World’s Heavyweight Championship was great, and was rightfully given lots of time. PJ was great being the sneaky Heel he’s been known to be, but it almost felt like Aldis was turning Heel in the course of the match. Between Kamille being his shield but also getting him the belt, this match started to feel like Heel VS Heel. And that’s a good thing, we don’t get those enough in any promotion.

Obviously Aldis retains, a random ROH TV episode isn’t the place for a title change. But maybe ROH and NWA work a Pay-Per-View together and that is when an ROH star challenges and takes the NWA title, or vice-versa and an NWA star takes an ROH title.

My Score: 8.3/10

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