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Mitchell’s Ring of Honor Report! (8/18/18)



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ROH pits former World Television Champions against each other in the main event. Will The Villain, Marty Scurll, or Kenny K I N G climb up the standings?



  • Scorpio Sky VS Chris Sabin w/ Alex Shelley; Sabin wins.
  • Karen Q VS Jenny Rose; Karen wins.
  • 2018 Top Prospect Tournament, Opening Round: FR Josie VS Eli Isom; no contest.
  • Marty Scurll VS Kenny King; King wins.


Scorpio Sky VS Chris Sabin w/ Alex Shelley!

While the Addiction hunts The Briscoes, SCU’s high-flying Closer tests himself against the current #1 Contender to the ROH World Television Championship. Will Scorpio prove himself just as deserving of a shot? Or will one half of the Motor City Machine Guns roll on towards his match with Punishment Martinez?

The fans are divided between MCMG and SCU, but there is respect here as the two uphold the Code of Honor. They circle and tie up while fans duel. Scorpio gets the wristlock but Sabin reverses with a roll and a spin. He gets a hammerlock, but Scorpio spins around. Sabin headlocks then arm-drags, and fans applaud. “SCU?” Sabin asks. “More like Detroit City!” Fans like the sound of that. Sabin and Scorpio circle, but Scorpio verbally counters with “Detroit was the worst town I’ve ever been in!” Scorpio and Sabin tie up. Scorpio gets the double wrist takedown to cover, TWO. Sabin covers, TWO, and Sabin runs into a headscissors! He cartwheels through to trip Scorpio.

Things speed up and Sabin hurdles Scorpio, but then Scorpio double stomps the back drop down! Sabin bails out of the ring, Scorpio slingshots to take him out! Fans fire up as Scorpio puts Sabin back in. Scorpio gets on the apron, frames the picture and hits an apron leg drop! Cover, TWO! Scorpio puts Sabin in a chinlock, then a keylock. Fans rally up and Sabin fights out. Sabin runs, but into a kick. Scorpio runs, but into a knee. Sabin throws Scorpio with a wristlock takedown, but they both get each other with double clotheslines! They stand up quick, Sabin enziguris Scorpio down! Fans applaud while both men are down.

Fans rally back up as the two stand. Sabin gives Scorpio an atomic drop, then wrenches Scorpio’s arm into a fireman’s carry. Scorpio sunset flips but Sabin rolls through to Penalty Kick! Then Sabin kicks Scorpio again from the apron! Sabin has control while we go to break.

ROH returns as Sabin hits Scorpio with a missile dropkick! Sabin lifts Scorpio for the AK-DDT! Cover, TWO! Scorpio crawls to a corner while Sabin keeps his cool. Sabin runs in for a boot, then hoists Scorpio up top. Sabin climbs up and Super Steiners! He then hops up, but Scorpio comes back for his own Super Steiner! Fans applaud this great back and forth. Both men are down and a 10 count begins. Sabin stands first as fans rally up. Sabin puts Scorpio on the apron but Scorpio kicks him back. Scorpio slingshots to headscissor Sabin. Scorpio slingshots out then back in for a cutter! Cover, TWO! Shelley is relieved while Scorpio grows frustrated.

Fans rally once again, but Scorpio looms over Sabin. Scorpio drags Sabin up, goes for a T-Bone but Sabin reverses to a cradle! TWO, but Scorpio gets the takedown, roll, but Sabin arm-drags through. Sabin goes around and around to a ghost pin, TWO! Scorpio rocks Sabin with a knee. He runs but into Sabin’s enziguri! Sabin keeps going, fireman’s carry and he crosses Scorpio’s legs, Cradle Shock! Cover, Sabin wins!

Winner: Chris Sabin, by pinfall

The #1 contender rolls on towards his eventual match with the ROH World TV Champion while Shelley grabs a mic. “We started a team 12 years ago, and by my count, my career is ready to start driving at 16 years.” Meanwhile, Sabin’s career is ready to vote at 18. Fans applaud these two long-time veterans. Shelley knows MCMG’s goal was to be at the top. They went after the ROH World Tag titles, and they did it. But Shelley isn’t so sure he has a lot left to offer the world of pro wrestling. More importantly, the MCMG are as needed anymore.

Shelley realized this when he was in a dentist’s chair. After spitting teeth out across the ring and going back in to smell the “enamel being cooked off your jaw line and have your gum line cauterized”, a man starts to think real hard about his life. Shelley isn’t retiring, because who really retires in pro-wrestling? There’re no benefits, no 401K, no health benefits, none of that. Shelley might just be saying “see you later”, but he wants Sabin to promise him something. “Just validate all of it.” Prove to the world that MCMG was the best tag team for even a short period of time. Fans applaud and chant “Thank You! Thank You!”

Shelley holds back the tears as he says he should thank the fans. The fans are why they perform. And the reason why MCMG was the greatest tag team for a time was because of Sabin’s individual talents. Sabin reminded the world of that in the Best of the Super Juniors this year, so Shelley just wants Sabin to fulfill his potential however he sees fit. But especially by winning gold in ROH. And from the bottom of Shelley’s heart, make it all worth it. The best pals hug it out, but here comes Martinez! He ruins the moment as he knocks both men down! Martinez drags Sabin over to the chair, for a curb stomp! Then he goes after Shelley, but Scorpio comes back to run Martinez off! Scorpio saves MCMG, but will Sabin get his own revenge when he challenges for the TV title?


Kenny King speaks.

“I find myself at a crossroads” in his identity, stuck between “the man that I am right now, and the world champion I want to be.” Kenny tries to get to the next level so he has conversations with the Devil to tell him nothing can stop Kenny because he has the pedal to the metal. Kenny can only go forwards to go through the Villain. He knows he can learn a lot from Scurll, because Scurll does whatever it takes. Kenny vows to take a page from that book and make a Villain #BendTheKnee. The K I N G spits hot fire, will he get Scurll to call him sire?


Karen Q VS Jenny Rose!

Both the Queen of Queens and the American Joshi want to challenge for the Women of Honor Championship. The Queen Bee, Madison Rayne, earned a shot in last week’s Fatal 4 Way, but that doesn’t mean the list of contenders has to stop with her. Who will move into position to perhaps challenge the winner of that eventual championship match?

The Pretty Badass, Kelly Klein, joins commentary because she, too, wants to get herself a shot at Sumie Sakai’s title. Not to mention, Karen was the first woman to give Kelly a loss of any kind, while Jenny chipped Kelly’s tooth. What will she learn from watching Karen and Jenny from ringside?

Fans duel but Karen barely upholds the Code of Honor. The two circle and tie up, then go around and around. Jenny gets a waistlock but Karen gets a standing switch. They trade switches, then Jenny rolls Karen. TWO, but she gets around Karen again. They roll back, TWO. Karen kicks low then suplexes, but Jenny small packages, TWO! Jenny gets a headlock but Karen pulls hair. Karen powers out but they collide. Neither woman backs down, but Karen declares she’s the stronger. She runs and they collide again but neither woman falls. Jenny dares Karen to go again so she does, but Jenny uses that to follow through and clothesline Karen down! Cover, TWO, and Kelly isn’t impressed but she is amused by both women.

Jenny bumps Karen then goes corner to corner with her. Jenny runs corner to corner but misses the splash. Karen throws Jenny down by her hair! Karen rains rights then pulls hair to put Jenny in a corner. She stands up on the ropes to grind her boot into Jenny’s face! She backs off at the ref’s count of 4, then she brings Jenny out for a neckbreaker! Karen shouts her own name, to a mix of cheers and jeers. Cover, ONE, and Karen is annoyed. She still has control of Jenny while we go to break.

ROH returns and Karen has Jenny in a headlock. Jenny fights out, then runs, but into Karen’s clothesline. Karen brings Jenny up on the ropes to choke her. She backs off at 4, then puts Jenny in a corner. Karen whips Jenny corner to corner, then runs in for a big forearm smash. She goes sideways for the back elbow, then the other side for the boot! Kelly wonders about Jenny’s teeth. Karen throws Jenny with an overhead urenage, covers, TWO! She tries again, TWO. Karen argues with the ref in Mandarin, but fans rally up for Jenny. Jenny hits back with forearms, then blocks and counters Karen’s. Jenny ducks to chop and chop and chop. She whips and hits Karen with a sidewalk slam. Jenny keeps going, Perfect Plex! TWO, and now Jenny grows frustrated.

Jenny puts Karen in a corner for forearms, then rolls to run back in for another forearm. She rolls again, but runs into a thrust kick. Karen runs, but into a Spear! Cover, TWO!! Jenny was so close, and now Kelly distracts on the apron. Kelly tosses her mouth guard as a reminder of that tooth-chipping encounter, but Jenny doesn’t get what’s up with her. Karen capitalizes with a full nelson slam! Cover, Karen wins!

Winner: Karen Q, by pinfall

Give the Gatekeeper the assist, because Kelly goes after Jenny to add insult to injury! Or perhaps just injury. Karen doesn’t get it, and claims she didn’t need Kelly’s help to win. Karen leaves while Kelly keeps stomping Jenny while she’s down. Kelly gives Jenny the receipt for her dental. Fans boo and jeer but she just soaks it in. Will a chipped tooth be the least of things when these two fight face to face?


ROH takes a look at the ROH World Championship Ironman Match, Jay Lethal VS Jonathan Gresham!

Three weeks from now, episode 364, the 7 year anniversary of ROH TV, and we will have The Octopus and The Franchise go 1v1 for no less than 30 minutes. Gresham worked 13 long years to reach his “utopia.” Lethal has been the biggest obstacle in Gresham’s ROH career. February 9th, 2018, Honor Reigns Supreme, Lethal beat Gresham by submission. Lethal admits that that was his favorite match in ROH because it represented everything the company was built upon. Two wrestlers going hold for hold, skill for skill, to see who is better.

Gresham needs that one win that proves to everyone he is the best pure wrestler in the world. Lethal will be the first to admit he underestimated Gresham in that first encounter. Gresham has been a fan of Lethal’s for a long time, and knows him like the back of his hand. Lethal knows Gresham won’t forget that loss, because Lethal hasn’t forgotten either. Who will go the distance and pick up the most falls to then earn himself the title?


Alex Shelley is down backstage!

Chris Sabin calls for help, because Shelley got hit in the mouth. Backstage staff find them, and Sabin tells the camera man to cut away already. Was it Punishment Martinez who did this to Shelley? Is this only adding fuel to the fire for Martinez VS Sabin?


2018 Top Prospect Tournament, Opening Round: FR Josie VS Eli Isom!

St. John’s “Resident Body Guy” faces his Dojo Brother in this “Eli Isom Memorial” tournament. In other words, Josie figures once he’s won, Eli Isom will be no more in ROH. Will Eli surprise his buddy the same way he did everyone in that ROH Six-Man Tag Gauntlet?

The friends uphold the Code of Honor, the bell rings, and the two circle. They tie up, and Isom gets a waistlock. Josie standing switches but Eli does it back. Josie bucks Eli off but Eli leaps right up to arm-drag Josie. They both go for arm-drags and cancel out. Josie swings but misses, and Eli swings Josie out to reel him in for an overhead suplex! Eli kips up and fans fire up. Eli runs in at Josie, but is put on the apron. He hits Josie back, then springboards. Josie gets under and boots Eli’s punches away. Josie boots Eli’s face, then runs in but is caught! Eli puts Josie on the top rope, but Josie kicks him away. Josie jumps but into a backbreaker from Eli! Cover, TWO! Eli slams the mat but here comes Jeff Cobb!? Jeff clobbers Eli and throws the match out!

No Contest

Jeff throws Eli with a belly2belly suplex! Then he rocks Josie with a right. He puts both men together, for double pumphandle suplexes!! Jeff Cobb is a REAL powerhouse, and “This is Awesome” that he’s in ROH! Will he be the most obvious Top Prospect of all time?


The Kingdom speaks.

They “congratulate” Cody & The Young Bucks on being back on the same page and getting an ROH World Six Man Tag title match. Oh whoop dee doo, this on-again off-again relationship is so annoying to Matt Taven. ROH can’t wait to roll onto their backs and let the Bullet Club scratch their bellies. Go ahead and get on whatever page that works, because The Kingdom will tear it out of the book and burn it to ash. “Because I’M Matt Taven, and this is The Kingdom!”


Marty Scurll VS Kenny King!

Two former World TV Champions want to be THE ROH World Champion, but it seems their paths have crossed. Who will overcome the other to climb the ladder up towards the top of the company?

ROH comes back from a break to the ring of the bell. Fans “Woop Woop!” for Scurll as he and Kenny circle. The two tie up and Scurll gets a waistlock. Kenny switches, but Scurll does to slam Kenny down. Scurll keeps on Kenny as he rolls, then Scurll floats all over Kenny before standing up and flapping his wings. Scurll takes a bow while fans applaud, then circles with Kenny again. They tie up, Scurll rolls back and gets a wristlock takeover. Scurll wrenches the arm, but Kenny fights out to get a headlock. Kenny gets the takedown, but Scurll hooks the nose. Scurll lets go at 4, then stands up. Scurll pries his way out and goes around and around Kenny for a wristlock.

Kenny reverses but Scurll rolls and spins back to the headlock and takeover. Kenny headscissors but Scurll pops out. Roles reverse as Kenny gets the takeover but Scurll the headscissors. Kenny pops out and kips up, and fans applaud. Scurll “applauds” but Kenny still bows. They tie up and Scurll gets Kenny in a corner. Kenny turns it around, and gives Scurll a chop! Kenny whips Scurll, but Scurll goes under. Scurll catches the hands to get a hammerlock, tucks Kenny to then hop and slide and spin and roll Kenny, TWO! Drop toehold, and fans applaud as Scurll has leg control.

Scurll has the surfboard and flaps his wings, before hooking Kenny’s face. Scurll stomps Kenny’s knees, then soaks in the applause. Kenny gets to ropes while “Woop Woop!” echoes out. Scurll gives Kenny another chop! He wrenches the arm and gets a hammerlock. Scurll hooks the nose again, but then Kenny spins and Japanese arm-drags! Kenny sweeps the legs! Kenny puts on a headlock but Scurll powers out, only to get run over. The K I N G does his dance but things speed up. Kenny again sweeps the legs!

Scurll bails out, he needs a time-out. Kenny pursues but Scurll chops him. Scurll chops again, then whips Kenny at the apron. Kenny spins and gives Scurll a forearm! Kenny puts Scurll back in, but Scurll has the umbrella! A kick stops that, but Kenny grabs the umbrella for his own. The referee stops that, but Scurll takes advantage with an arm wringer. Kenny rolls out, so Scurll runs to the apron for the SUPERKICK! The Villain has control while we take one last break.

ROH returns once more, to Scurll whipping but Kenny reversing. Kenny runs into Scurll’s back elbow, and Scurll adds a slap and a forearm! Kenny goes to a corner and Scurll runs in, but into Kenny’s back elbow. Scurll staggers but stops Kenny on the top rope with an uppercut. Scurll climbs up to join Kenny, for SUPERPLEX! Both men are down but fans fire up. Scurll crawls to a cover, TWO! Fans chant “Too Sweet! Woop Woop!” as Scurll gets up. Scurll drags Kenny up but Kenny resists the German Suplex. Kenny runs but is rolled back, Chicken Wing! Kenny resists, keeping Scurll’s hands apart. They turn around, Kenny whips but Scurll reverses. Kenny goes up and over to sunset Scurll but Scurll sits on it! TWO!

Scurll argues while Kenny gets up, and walks into the rolling roundhouse! Both men are down and a 10 count begins. Kenny sits up as fans slowly rally up. Scurll follows and the two head for each other. Kenny jabs and jabs, then throws haymakers. Kenny gives Scurll a backbreaker to big lariat! Scurll springs back up but Kenny runs in. Scurll boots him away, but runs into a SPINEBUSTER! Cover, TWO! Kenny stands and brings Scurll up. Fireman’s carry but Scurll rakes the eyes! Roll up, TWO, SUPERKICK! Scurll whips but Kenny goes up an dover again. Kenny sunset flips again but Scurll rolls through. Scurll kicks but Kenny sweeps the legs again to LAST CHANCERY! Kenny sends a message to Austin Aries while Scurll endures.

Scurll reaches for the ropes, and gets the ropebreak! Kenny lets go but he still has more. Fans rally up again, and Kenny prepares his Eddy Gordo stance. He gives the kick but Scurll blocks to rock him with a roaring elbow! Scurll runs, Kenny follows, but Scurll clotheslines him down! Scurll brings Kenny up, suplex but Kenny slips out. Kenny goes to sweep but Scurll sees it coming this time. Scurll jumps over it to mule kick Kenny! Then, GHOSTBUSTER! Cover, TWO!? Kenny survives and it shocks Scurll! Fans rally up again as Scurll and Kenny sit up.

They then stand, and Scurll gives a European Uppercut. Kenny answers with a forearm, so Scurll gives it back. They trade shots, but Kenny gets an edge. Kenny runs into a EuroUpper, but answers with Eddy Gordo! Scurll gets him with 52 Fake Out, and a stomp on the hand! And then Scurll grabs the fingers, but Kenny lifts Scurll! Kenny swings but Scurll gets a DDT counter!! Cover, TWO!! Scurll calls for it, but then gets his umbrella. The referee stops him, so Kenny rolls Scurll. With ropes assisting!? Kenny wins!!

Winner: Kenny King, by pinfall

The K I N G out-Villains the Villain!? Why!? Did he really have to? Well no point arguing about it now, because Kenny did what he did and takes pride in it. Will this win-at-all-costs attitude help Kenny finally reach the world title scene?



My Thoughts:

A pretty solid episode of ROH here. Scorpio VS Sabin was pretty good, both guys have similar styles. Sabin wins to stay strong going towards his World TV Championship match, but the stronger part of this segment was Shelley’s heartfelt retirement/not-retirement speech. Shelley has a point, pro-wrestlers never quite retire from the business. And I’m happy Shelley is letting Sabin do this without being upset or anything, the MCMG needs to be one of those teams that would never break up, just disband. But then Martinez earns major Heel heat for ruining the moment. I wonder if this will help escalate things to a No DQ for Martinez VS Sabin already, because while Martinez is the kind of Heel who might use Champion’s Advantage, it’d help Sabin get an equalizer to bring the monster down to his size.

The WOH Division action was good tonight, too, Jenny and Karen are getting a bit better. The story with Kelly Klein is also pretty good, and I’m pretty sure already Kelly comes out on top over Jenny. Whether Sumie retains or Madison wins the WOH Championship, Kelly is the Heel to step up to the Face that comes out the winner. There was some confusion with the Top Prospect Tournament being so late in the year, and FR Josie is the epitome of what a jobber is. He calls himself a body guy when he looks like skinny Jack Black and then is both somehow clever and stupid, because he “had to check his hand” to finish his promo. But hey, we get JEFF FRIGGIN COBB NOW! He should just be Mr. Top Prospect 2018 already, with him decimating half the bracket next week at the same time.

That 30-Minute Ironman Match is going to be great. I would be so surprised and happy for Gresham if he won the belt this way. I used to want him to revive the ROH Pure Championship, but him showing that a more pure wrestling style can still get it done today would be amazing. At the very least, Lethal VS Gresham needs to be close as can be, but with very few falls, to really give us something to get into. Then tonight’s main event, I’m curious as to where Kenny King goes with this new willingness to cheat to win. He was hitting his stride as a Face to me, but perhaps a Tweener edge is what he needs to make that last leap to the world title scene.

My Score: 8/10

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