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Mitchell’s Ring of Honor Report! (8/4/18)



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It’s a historic night as The Villain takes on The Hurricane, Shane Helms, as the superhero wrestler makes his ROH in-ring debut! Plus, a NINE MAN TAG MATCH!



  • ROH World Television Championship #1 Contender’s Match: Silas Young VS Chris Sabin w/ Alex Shelley; Sabin wins and will challenge Punishment Martinez for the title.
  • Shane “The Hurricane” Helms VS Marty Scurll; Scurll wins.
  • Triple Threat Trios Tag: SoCal Uncensored VS Los Ingobernables de Japon VS The Hung Bucks; LIJ wins.


ROH World Television Championship #1 Contender’s Match: Silas Young VS Chris Sabin w/ Alex Shelley!

The Last Real Man is the former World TV Champion while one half of the Motor City Machine Guns has never held that title before. Who will prove they’re the better man tonight to then challenge the monster, Punishment Martinez?

Alex Shelley joins commentary and explains all his different injuries is what’s keeping him from competing, but not from talking. He’s therefore here to support his tag team partner in this singles endeavor.

Silas declines the Code of Honor handshake and the bell rings. He and Sabin circle, but Silas talks trash. Silas wants to see a test of strength and Sabin gives it a go. Silas wrenches the arm but Sabin rolls and spins to reverse it. Sabin makes it a headlock, Silas goes to reverse but Sabin arm-drags Silas down. Fans applaud while Silas backs off to a corner. Sabin and Silas circle again while fans duel. Sabin gets a wristlock to hammerlock then spins Silas around and around and around for more. He snapmares Silas down then crucifix cover, TWO. Silas rolls out but fans applaud. Silas keeps his cool, then comes back into the ring. He mockingly applauds but Sabin still takes a bow.

Silas knees Sabin low, then puts on a headlock of his own. Sabin powers out to reel Silas into a headlock. Silas powers out now, they collide with shoulders but neither falls down, and they both flex, brother. Silas dares Sabin to try this again, and Sabin runs, but Silas runs sideways. They cross, but then Sabin drops down and throws Silas out. Sabin takes aim and slingshots. Silas runs but Sabin lands on the apron to then cannonball off! Shelley likes what he sees from his friend while we go to break.

ROH returns as Silas grinds Sabin down with a cravat. Sabin feeds off the fan rally and fights out, but Silas comes back with a forearm. Sabin gives another, but Silas does, too. They go back and forth, then speed up until Silas knees low. Silas runs, but Sabin gives a knee back. Sabin runs, but into the fireman’s carry. He escapes to lift Silas in the fireman’s carry, but Silas escapes. Silas lifts, but Sabin escapes. Sabin tries again but Silas escapes to a sunset flip, only to get a Penalty Kick! Silas rolls all the way out of the ring, but Sabin takes aim from the apron. He gives Silas another Penalty Kick! Sabin fires up with the fans, then fetches Silas.

They go in the ring, and Sabin climbs up top. Sabin aims, and hits the missile dropkick! He drags Silas back up, fireamn’s carry but Silas escapes. Sabin standing switches but Silas elbows out. Silas runs but Sabin follows, for a springboard tornado DDT! Cover, TWO! Sabin catches his breath while Silas slowly stirs. Fans build to a rally as Sabin stalks Silas. He brings Silas up but Silas grabs ropes. Silas escapes to a corner, then boots Sabin away. Silas full nelson but Sabin slips down and out to victory roll. TWO, and Silas catches Sabin for the backbreaker to lariat! Silas adds a knee to Sabin’s head, then the draping, swinging neckbreaker! Cover, TWO!

Silas grows frustrated by Sabin’s toughness. He keeps on Sabin with the full nelson. Sabin breaks free again, then elbows Silas away. Sabin runs into a fireman’s carry. Silas hits the rolling senton and headstand, to the Plunge rebound moonsault. Sabin evades, but then runs into the full nelson knee strike. Fireman’s carry but Sabin slips out again to a backslide, TWO! Mahistrol, TWO! Silas boots Sabin, then full nelsons. Sabin anticipates the knee and school boys. They stand up and collide again. They keep going, Sabin ducks to enziguri and mule kick! Sabin fireman’s carry, and he crosses the legs for Cradle Shock! Cover, Sabin wins!

Winner: Chris Sabin, by pinfall; will challenge Punishment Martinez for the ROH WTV Championship

Success! Shelley is so proud of his best friend for earning this new chance at a singles title. However, the current champion appears! Punishment Martinez stares Sabin down from the stage. Sabin sees him and signals he’s ready for Martinez anywhere, anytime. When and where will this newest David VS Goliath battle be held? Can Sabin manage a minor miracle against the monster? Or will he be lucky to even survive the Purple Mist?


Shane “The Hurricane” Helms VS Marty Scurll!

This match of wrestling superhero and the one true Villain of ROH stems from the “ace reporter” simply wanting Scurll’s opinion on Dalton Castle retaining at Best in the World against Bullet Club’s Allied Powers, aka Scurll and Cody. Scurll was in no mood, and lashed out at Helms over his Penguin Cobblepot joke. Now there’s a Hurricane coming through ROH, will Scurll’s umbrella be enough to shield him from it?

Hero and Villain stand face to face in the middle of the ring, and fans cheer and applaud as the two take their time to put aside their cape and coat. Fans build to a rally as the Code of Honor is skipped in favor of Scurll throwing his bandana at Hurricane’s face. Hurricane picks it up to throw it back. Scurll throws the bandana to the crowd and ties up with Hurricane. Hurricane wrenches and arm-drags, then stares Scurll down. They tie up again and Scurll gets the headlock. Hurricane powers out and both men collide shoulder to shoulder. Neither man falls, so they speed up. Hurricane fireman’s carry throws Scurll then runs him over with a shoulder. He gets Scurll in a chicken wing cradle cover, TWO, to the armbar! Scurll gets a ropebreak and fans applaud as Hurricane lets the Villain go for now.

Both men stand and tie up again. Scurll wrenches the arm to a shoulder breaker, then wrenches the wrist. Hurricane rolls to reverse but so does Scurll. Scurll uses his heels to break the hold and reverse it onto Hurricane. He gets a headlock takedown but Hurricane gets the headscissor. Scurll headstands and flaps his legs before popping out to flap his wings. Scurll even mocks the Hurricane pose! Hurricane arm-drags Scurll, then things speed up, until Hurricane hits the true Hurricane Pose! Fans are loving it, but Scurll pie-faces Hurricane. And spits on him! A brawl ignites! They go back and forth, but Hurricane whips. Scurll reverses but Hurricane kicks him. Hurricane runs but into an uppercut!

Hurricane ends up outside, and Scurll runs to the apron. SUPERKICK for the superhero! Scurll then aims and stomps the same hand that he broke the fingers on in their previous encounter. Hurricane clutches his damaged digits while we go to break.

ROH returns and Hurricane walks over to Scurll on the outside. Scurll’s mule kick misses, but Hurricane connects with his haymakers. They both go into the ring, but Scurlls is on that bad hand with a hammerlock stomp! Fans fire up with Scurll, and he drives a fist into Hurricane’s forehead. Scurll whips Hurricane corner to corner for a big back elbow and enziguri. He keeps going, dragging Hurricane out and around for a snapmare. Scurll runs for the shotgun basement dropkick. Cover, TWO, and Scurll grows annoyed. Scurll has the fans rallying, though, as he drags Hurricane up. He wants that bad hand, and uses both arms for the straitjacket stretch. Hurricane endures it, and fans rally up for Hurricane now.

Hurricane stands up, powers his way out, and puts the straitjacket on Scurll, only for Scurll to turn right back around for a backstabber! Cover, TWO, and now Scurll is really frustrated. Scurll brings Hurricane up to give a big forearm, but Hurricane gives it back. They trade more forearms, then Scurll shoves Hurricane. Hurricane runs in, but into a back elbow. Scurll climbs up and grabs that bad arm, to wrench and torture those fingers. Hurricane hits back with haymakers, then runs in again. Scurll jump over but turns around into lariats. Hurricane whips Scurll but Scurll reverses. Scurll runs into a back elbow, then Hurricane hooks Scurll’s arms and turns him around for the Underdog driver! Scurll staggers up but into a hammerlock and complete shot, aka the Mortifier! Cover, TWO!

Hurricane feels the power in his hand, and the fans anticipate it. He stalks Scurll as he slowly stands. Scurll staggers over but blocks the hand! Hurricane pushes forward, but Scurll pokes his eyes! Scurll reels Hurricane in, but ends up in the Eye of the Hurricane! Cover, TWO!! Hurricane didn’t cover Scurll enough, but he still has more to give. He shouts “Shining Wizard!” but Scurll avoids it. Scurll tricks Hurricane with the 52 Fake-out. Scurll adds a stomp to the fingers, then a knee strike! Cover, and Scurll holds the ropes, but TWO! Hurricane still gets out, so Scurll calls for his best hold. The fans fire up, Scurll does his spin around, “CHICKEN WING!”

But Hurricane grabs Scurll first! Scurll breaks free while grabbing those fingers, and the fans know to “Shhh…!” SNAP! Hurricane goes to a corner while Scurll fires up. Scurll runs but hits post and then floor. Hurricane takes time to recover before climbing up top. Scurll hurries up to join him, but Scurll gets caught into the SUPER swinging neckbreaker! Cover, TWO!! Somehow Scurll survives, and the Hero is unsure what to do. He calls for “VERTABREAKER!” It’s been years since we’ve seen him do it, but Scurll doesn’t let him try! Scurll goes for the Chicken Wing, but Hurricane spins around with him. Scurll shoves Hurricane into the ref, and gives Hurricane a low blow kick! Small package, Scurll wins!

Winner: Marty Scurll, by pinfall

How else would a Villain win against a Superhero? But is this only the beginning of comic books come to life in ROH?


Jay Lethal is once again The Face of the Franchise!

After winning against the few men who defeated him, the former ROH World Heavyweight Champion became the new ROH World Heavyweight Champion in a Fatal 4 Way with Cody, Matt Taven and Dalton Castle. But winning back that belt doesn’t mean he’s the greatest, that belt is the prize for being the greatest! Lethal is at the top of his game, as well as on top of the wrestling world. There will be a line of men around the world wanting just one chance at the title. Lethal welcomes it all, “come and get it, boys!” Who will be the first man in line to come for the title?


Triple Threat Trios Tag: SoCal Uncensored VS Los Ingobernables de Japon VS The Hung Bucks!

While The Addiction is determined to get those ROH World Tag Team Championships off #DemBoyz, Jay & Mark Briscoe, that doesn’t mean they and Scorpio Sky aren’t up for proving they’re the best 3-man team in the company. They participate in this insane crossover tag match as NJPW’s Evil, Sanada & Bushi try their hand in ROH’s Six Man Tag Division and the former World Six Man Tag Champions try to climb back up. Will any of these teams win to eventually challenge The Kingdom for those titles?

ROH takes a break and comes back once the three teams have sorted out. Per ROH rules, only two men start this type of triple threat, so the Hung Bucks hang back while Christopher Daniels starts against Sanada. The bell rings, and the Cold Skull circles with the Fallen Angel. But archenemies Hangman Page and Frankie Kazarian can’t help but jump in to brawl! Fans love the fast and furious fists, and both Sanada and Daniels give them room.

Hangman runs, but the Heavy Metal Rebel rocks him with a forearm. Kaz runs, but into Hangman’s forearm. Hangman runs but they both collide with clotheslines. Neither falls, so they collide again. They still stay up, but Daniels and Sanada finally step in. Daniels throws Hangman out one side while Sanada throws Kaz out the other. Sanada and Daniels circle again, but Kaz and Hangman keep going, and take each other out with double clotheslines!

Fans love this already, but Daniels is worried about his friend. Sanada doesn’t care, and he rolls Daniels up. TWO, but Sanada keeps on Daniels with a headlock. Daniels powers out and things speed up. Sanada rolls, then leaps over Daniels. Daniels waistlocks but Sanada bucks him off. Sanada runs into an arm-drag, but then gives one back. Daniels arm-drags, Sanada arm-drags. They both try an arm-drag at the same time, and it results in them both falling. They quickly stand up, but per the triple threat tag rules, Nick Jackson tags in via Sanada. Sanada has no choice but to let one of the Young Bucks in. Nick and Daniels tie up and Daniels gets a headlock. Scorpio tags in as Nick powers out. Daniels slides and Scorpio slingshots in. He and Nick speed up but Nick runs him over.

Scorpio kips up and headscissors Nick, but Nick handsprings to his feet. Nick ducks a kick but so does Scorpio. They both show punch but stop short. Fans love it as they back off. Nick rushes in for a superkick but Scorpio blocks. Scorpio brings Nick up but Nick slips out of the scoop to give the scoop slam. Nick drops an elbow but misses. Scorpio drops an elbow but misses. Matt comes in for an elbow drop but misses. Daniels comes in for an elbow drop but misses. Hangman wants an elbow drop, but misses. Kaz wants a back senton, but misses. All six men go for dropkicks but they cancel out! The Hung Bucks and SCU trash talk and stare down while fans applaud. But LIJ comes in and jumps them all!

Evil clears out Matt and Hangman while Bushi & Sanada clear out SCU. LIJ focuses on Nick with a double whip, back elbow and back senton. Hangman returns but Sanada feeds him to Evil, for a gordbuster onto Nick. Then Evil hits a back senton onto both of them! Fans fire up for LIJ while Sanada stays on Nick. He hoists Nick up to the top rope, then climbs up to join him. Daniels comes in, pulls Sanada all the way out, and lets Kaz take Nick. Bushi stops Kaz while Daniels sends Sanada into barriers. Bushi climbs up but Kaz leaps for a twisting powerbomb! Scorpio leaps up to the top rope to SUPER STEINER Nick down! Then Scorpio FLIES onto Bushi & Evil! Kaz slingshot huricanranas Sanada. Scorpio & Kaz group LIJ together while Daniels prepares on the apron. Arabian Press Moonsault wipes them all out!

The SCU regroups and has the fans fired up. But then the Hung Bucks TRIPLE SUPERKICK them all! Then, TRIPLE Slingshots for LIJ! Fans chant “Hung Bucks! Woop Woop! Hung Bucks! Woop Woop!” Hangman & Nick grab Scorpio and double whip, to double elbow. They feed him to Matt in wheelbarrow position, and Matt holds Scorpio up for Hangman’s roaring elbow, then combines with Nick for the stun gun wheelbarrow cutter. Kaz runs in, but into double hip tosses. The Bucks back flip, and with Hangman, they give Kaz a triple basement dropkick sandwich! Daniels returns, but gets the headscissors dropkick! The Bullet Club is in control while we take one last break.

ROH returns once more, and it’s Sanada in control of Daniels. Sanada suplexes Daniels but Daniels slips out. Daniels gets the waistlock but Sanada the standing switch. Sanada shoves but Daniels comes back with a kick and STO! Fans rally up, as do the three teams. Daniels can’t get to his corner, so he goes to the Hung Bucks. Hot tag to Hangman! Hangman rallies on Sanada, and clotheslines him out of the ring. Evil returns but gets a forearm. Bushi flies in but gets a boot! Sanada returns but ends up in the fireman’s carry. Hangman dumps him as he kicks Evil, then Dropsaults onto Sanada using Evil! Fans fire up with The Problem Solver as he runs corner to corner.

Sanada boots Hangman away, but Hangman comes back to tilt-o-whirl into a powerbomb. The Bucks return, “He’s dead”, buckle bomb and boots! Nick climbs up while Matt brings Sanada around. Fans fire up, and the Bucks hit the frog splash and standing moonsault combo, then move for Hangman to hit his running Shooting Star! Cover, TWO! The Hung Bucks are a bit surprised, but they keep going. They put Sanada in a corner, but Sanada puts Nick on an apron. Nick hits Bushi with an apron kick while Sanada puts Hangman on an apron. Hangman hits Evil with the Shooting Star Shoulder while Sanada back elbows Matt.

Sanada hops up, quebrada into dragon sleeper! Matt snapmares out, SUPERKICK! Scorpio Sky returns and shoulders in before hitting a slingshot cutter. Evil returns to mule kick Scorpio, then fireman’s carry for Darkness Falls! Nick returns to shoulder in and slingshot for the “Suck It!” X-Factor! Nick cartwheels and asai moonsaults onto Scorpio! He keeps giong, but ends up in the cutter from Kaz! Hangman hits Buck Shot! Daniels gives Hangman the Death Valley Driver, but Bushi comes in. Daniels blocks Bushi’s first kick and ducks the enziguri, only to get the heel kick on the return. Bushi has fans fired up, but Daniels ducks in time, the Green Mist goes into the referee’s eyes! The Addiction hit Celebrity Rehab! Kaz helps the ref count, TWO!?

Bushi kicks out, but Kaz could’ve just made the referee count three anyway! Even Kaz can’t believe he didn’t finish this off, but it’s too late now. The Bucks return, and double SUPERKICK them out. Hangman SUPERKICKS Scorpio, the Bucks SUPERKICK Bushi & Evil, and then Sanada rushes in. Sanada ducks the kicks to then tumble to the apron. Sanada springboards, but into TRIPLE SUPERKICKS! The Hung Bucks feed Sanada to Hangman, for the inverted package driver! Cover, and a replacement ref rushes in. TWO!? If only the first ref was still okay to count… Even so, the fans declare “This is Awesome!” The Hung Bucks coordinate as Hangman rolls to bring Sanada up in Rite of Passage position. Nick and Matt take opposite corners, count it down, for a FIVE STAR Rite of Passage! Cover, but everyone else rushes in to break it!

SCU and LIJ scrap with the Hung Bucks. In the chaos, Bushi tags in, and he goes after Daniels. There’s a brawl on the outside between LIJ and SCU, but Matt helps Nick to acrobatically DIVE onto everyone! Then Matt gets his turn as he builds speed, but he runs into Bushi. Bushi hits the Bushi Destroyer, then DIVES onto Daniels! Hangman climbs up and fans anticipate it, but so does Kaz. Kaz rushes over and stops Hangman, then climbs up to join him. Six of the other seven men gather together, but Hangman resists, to then SUPERPLEX Kaz onto them! The referee checks on everyone, but this match still continues.

Bushi whips Daniels but Daniels reverses. Daniels runs into a boot, Bushi jumps but Daniels duck sunder. Bushi runs into a Blue Thunder Bomb! Daniels calls for his finish. He brings Bushi up for the double underhook, but as Bushi resists, here come The Briscoes! Jay & Mark won’t let SCU gain momentum. Mark distracts while Jay SMACKS Daniels with a chair! Bushi doesn’t mind the assist, he climbs up and flies in, for the MX code breaker! Cover, LIJ wins!

Winners: Los Ingobernables de Japon, Bushi pinning

The Briscoes’ war of Sandy Fork VS Everybody knows no boundaries, and they cost the SCU a pivotal victory. Will Daniels & Kaz be able to get payback on Jay & Mark? Or will their time in ROH run out before then? And as for the winners, will LIJ soon challenge the First, Last and Only ROH World Six Man Tag Champions in the near future?



My Thoughts:

A pretty great episode of ROH, and with pretty much only matches for the content. Silas VS Sabin was great, and I’m really glad for Sabin that he again gets a chance at a singles title. The last time he had one was Impact Wrestling’s X Division Championship in late 2013, so becoming ROH World Television Champion against the giant Punishment Martinez would be amazing. Hurricane VS Scurll was great, Helms can still go but it works that Scurll wins this one. They can have a great rivalry, and it should end with Hurricane putting his self-created Superhero/Career Legacy Championship on the line. That of course would mean Hurricane wins and retains, but heroes should always win in the end anyway.

That 9 Man Tag, which ROH chose to inaccurately name a “Triple Threat Six Man Tag”, was amazing. I love that Kaz and Hangman cannot stop from fighting each other, and of course The Bucks know how to thrill fans with all their spots. It was a good move for The Briscoes to cost the SCU after the SCU turned and went after them first. I thought the Hung Bucks were going to benefit from the interference, but I suppose the Bullet Club doesn’t need to be back in the World Six Man title picture. And while I doubt a NJPW trio would win ROH titles, but that could totally work in the Kingdom’s conspiracy angle, with Taven shouting that ROH had to go to a team not in ROH to take the belts off them.

My Score: 8.3/10



Mitchell’s NJPW AXS TV Results: Power Struggle 2018 Part 3!



NJPW Power Struggle 2018

NJPW Power Struggle concludes with Chris Jericho defending his IWGP Intercontinental Championship against the King of Darkness, Los Ingobernables’ EVIL!


This coverage of Power Struggle will be as broadcast by AXS TV.

Gifs can be found at



  • Jay White & Bad Luck Fale w/ Gedo VS Kazuchika Okada & Trent Barreta; Okada & Barreta win.
  • The Golden Lovers VS Hiroshi Tanahashi & David Finlay; The Golden Lovers win.
  • IWGP Intercontinental Championship: Chris Jericho VS Evil; Jericho wins and retains the IWGP Intercontinental Championship.


NJPW and AXS set the scene!

Y2J took the IWGP Intercontinental Championship from Tetsuya Naito after a brutal attack, and then continued that brutality after the match! The King of Darkness rescued the leader of Los Ingobernables de Japon, and now looks to take the title from Chris Jericho. Jericho didn’t appreciate Evil interfering in his business, and attacked Evil at the King of Pro-Wrestling event. Jericho vows to finish this, with the title on the line! Will the Walls of Jericho crumble when Darkness Falls? Or is the Greatest of All Time at What He Does going to prove just that to conclude Power Struggle 2018?


Jay White & Bad Luck Fale w/ Gedo VS Kazuchika Okada & Trent Barreta!

The Switchblade attempted a mutiny of Chaos but failed to overthrow the Rainmaker, so he joined up with the Bullet Club Firing Squad instead. Now Okada and Chaos want payback, and look for it in this tag team match. Will Okada make White and Gedo pay for their betrayal? Or will he and Trent #BreathewiththeSwitchblade?

Before the bell rings, Okada rushes White! White bails out but Okada pursues with a slingshot plancha! Trent goes after Fale while Okada whips White into railing. The bell rings just so this match can happen. Fans move aside as Okada brings White past the railing. Okada bowls White into chairs then rocks him with European Uppercuts. Okada brings White back to ringside and throws White into the apron’s edge. Trent keeps the Underboss on the ropes in the ring with chops and haymakers. White hits Okada at the corner! White throws Okada into railing now! Fale throws Trent out while White returns the favor, bowling Okada through chairs! Fans are again around the action as White clubs Okada.

White brings Okada back around and whips, but Okada reverses to send White back into railing! Okada boots White up and White ends up across both blue and white railing. Okada drags him out, draping DDT to the floor! Trent keeps on Fale with a wrecking ball dropkick and Fale staggers. Fans fire up and Trent builds speed to DIVE! Direct hit takes Fale down! Trent comes back but Fale brings him up in a bearhug. Fale rams Trent into a post, then runs him over with a clothesline! Okada grinds a boot into White and a 20 count finally begins. The count reaches 7 but Fale puts Trent in the ring. Fale throws big hands and close-range clotheslines. He whips Trent corner to corner hard and Trent tumbles up and then back down. Fale squashes him in the corner! And the splash! Cover, TWO!!

Trent survives and fans fire up. Okada glares at Gedo, who begs for some mercy. Fale choke slams Trent and Okada goes to save Trent but Gedo anchors his feet! Fale brings Trent up but Trent slips through to a sunset flip! Trent & Okada win!!

Winners: Kazuchika Okada & Trent Barreta, Trent pinning

But Fale won’t let Trent enjoy it, as he stomps him out! White clobbers Okada and throws him into barriers. White keeps going but Okada hits back. They brawl but the Young Lions try to separate them. The Young Lions get knocked around and the brawl continues. White keeps on Okada but Okada hits him back! They both go into chairs, but Gedo gets involved. Gedo gets knocked away but White clobbers Okada again. Gedo wants White to retreat, but White goes right at Okada again! Okada almost gets White with a gut wrench but Gedo gets White away. Okada blasts his way through the Young Lions to again brawl with White! Gedo separates White once more and things finally settle down.

White gets a mic and dares Okada to a 1v1 match any time, anywhere, no one else around. Okada replies, “Let’s do this right now!” But White doesn’t accept that, and takes his anger out on Young Lions. When will White man up to face Okada like he says?


The Golden Lovers VS Hiroshi Tanahashi & David Finlay!

The Best Bout Machine and The Once in a Century Talent compete for THE IWGP Heavyweight Championship, as Hiroshi Tanahashi has the challenging rights contract he won in the G1 Climax. But before their Wrestle Kingdom 13 showdown, we get a sampler as they join forces with friends for a tag team battle! Will Kenny Omega & Kota Ibushi hit two birds with one stone by proving they are a top level tag team while Omega proves he’s better than Tanahashi? Or will The Ace and the #BlockChampion gain major momentum going into the biggest NJPW event?

The teams meet and Tanahashi mocks the Cleaner’s finger gun. Tanahashi and Omega start arguing, then they start fighting! The bell rings and the brawl continues. Tanahashi hist, Omega hits, and back again. Tanahashi gets an edge and whips but Omega holds the ropes. Omega boots Tanahashi but misses the V-Trigger. Tanahashi swings but Omega dodges, and back again. The two stare down but the fans fire up. Omega and Tanahashi cool off, and Omega tags to Ibushi. Tanahashi tags to Finlay, and fans rally for both of them. Ibushi and Finlay circle and tie up. Finlay gets a waistlock but Ibushi gets the standing switch. Finlay reverses to a wristlock bu Ibushi reverses back. Ibushi wrenches but Finlay reverses, shifts to a headlock, but Ibushi reverses to a hammerlock and headlock. Finlay powers out and things speed up, Finlay dropkicks Ibushi down!

Ibushi checks his teeth while Finlay brings him up. Omega manages a tag as Finlay whips Ibushi. Things speed up as both Lovers hurdle Finlay. Ibushi roundhouses Finlay, and Omega hits the Kotaro Krusher bulldog! Omega covers, TWO! Omega brings Finlay up and bumps him off the buckles, then tags to Ibushi. Ibushi stomps Finlay, then throws forearms. Ibushi eggs Finlay on so Finlay gives forearms back, but Ibushi’s one forearm knocks Finlay over. Tag to Omega, and Omega mugs Finlay. Omega whips Finlay and runs him over with a back elbow. He stands Finlay up in an open corner for haymakers and CHOPS! Omega whips Finlay corner to corner hard and Finlay hits the mat. cover, but Tanahahsi breaks it. So Omega throws Tanahashi out and follows after! Omega whips Tanahashi into railing!

Omega returns to Finlay but Finlay hits back. They brawl, forearms for EuroUppers. Finlay runs but into the kitchen sink knee. Omega spots Tanahashi returning and slingshots out to take him down! Omega gets up and assures Ibushi he’s got this. But he enters and collides with Finlay! Tanahashi returns to his corner, Finlay gives him the tag! Tanahashi rallies on the Lovers, blocks Omega’s boot, and hits a dragon screw! Fans fire up with Tanahashi as he stalks Omega, Tanahashi runs but Omega dodges to fireman’s carry. “You Can’t Escape!” Rolling senton but a little slow to the corner. Omeag’s moonsault misses and Tanahashi dropkicks the leg out. Tanahsahi runs into a CHOP, but he palm strikes back! V-Trigger outta nowhere! Omega then ducks to snap dragon suplex!

Omega fires up and drags Tananashi into the Electric Chair. Tanahashi spins through to the Twist ‘n’ Shout! Fans rally up while both men are down. Ibushi and Finlay return to their corners, and reach out as Omega and Tanahashi crawl. Hot tags bring them both in, but both men dodges each other. Ibushi fires off a strike fest, then a Penalty Kick to standing corkscrew! Cover, TWO! Fans rally for Ibushi as he drags Finlay up. Finlay resists and fights out with elbows. Finlay forearms but Ibushi hits back. They brawl, fighting Irish spirit against Japanese bushido. Finlay staggers but EuroUppers. Ibushi forearms and they go back and forth. Ibushi kicks, then runs, but into a BIG urenage! Cover, TWO!! Finlay keeps his focus as he vows to finish this. He aims from a corner, but his cutter is blocked int a straitjacket German! Bridge, TWO!

Ibushi has both hands, but misses Kamigoye! Tanahashi Slingblades Ibushi, but gets Omega’s V-Trigger! Omega scoops Finlay up, and Ibushi comes in, Golden Indietaker! But they’re not done with Finlay, they sit him up for the Golden Trigger, only for Tanahashi to crossbody them both! Tanahashi runs again, but into V-trigger and roundhouse combo! Ibushi drags Finlay back in, Golden Trigger hits!! Cover, Golden Lovers win!

Winners: The Golden Lovers, Kota Ibushi pinning 

Victory for the Cleaner and Golden Star! Omega taunts Tanahashi with both his belt and Tanahashi’s briefcase. Tick tock, Wrestle Kingdom is coming. Will Omega prove he can trump The Ace? Or will The Once in a Century Talent take the title for his own once more?


IWGP Intercontinental Championship: Chris Jericho VS Evil!

The Ayatollah of Rock ‘n’ Rolla has done what he wants when he wants since coming to NJPW, and that doubly goes for the two members of Los Ingobernables de Japon he’s gone after. Y2J left Tetsuya Naito bloody, and ambushed Evil as one of his acolytes. Will The King of Darkness make him pay for such disrespect? Or will Jericho simply add Evil to the List of wrestlers he’s defeated?

Jericho seems to mock LIJ as he takes his time with his wardrobe. He pulls off one mask to reveal he has another. Evil doesn’t wait for him to take that mask off, he attacks! The bell rings to get this match going, and Evil throws forearm after forearm into Jericho. Evil rakes Jericho’s eyes then whips him corner to corner. Jericho’s boot is blocked and Evil clotheslines back. Evil whips Jericho again, but Jericho bails out fast. Jericho wants to walk away already but Evil pursues him. Evil attacks Jericho and bowls him into chairs! Fans get clear as Evil clubs away. Jericho hits back and they brawl in the front row. Evil chops Jericho then follows him back to ringside. Evil bumps Jericho into a post, then suplexes him to the floor!

Jericho writhes but Evil looms over him. Evil has media clear out while he searches under the ring. Evil brings out a table! He sets it up nearby while Jericho leans on railing. Evil goes back to Jericho but the brawl continues. Evil throws Jericho into the apron, then brings him over to the table. Red Shoes tells Evil not to do it, but Evil still wants to use the table. Evil lifts but Jericho resists. Jericho back drops Evil to the ground! Jericho comes back to stomp Evil, then whips Evil into railing! Fans rally while Jericho confiscates a camera. Jericho films himself stomping Evil, then gives the camera back. Jericho uses his shirt to choke Evil, then dumps Evil over railing!

Red Shoes reprimands Jericho but Jericho goes to the commentary area. Jericho clears things out and slams Evil on the desk. Then he drags Evil onto that desk, and gives Evil a DDT to the desk! “Everything is Jericho!” while we go to break.

NJPW on AXS returns, and Jericho gloats over Evil. Jericho swats Young Lions and gets in Red Shoes’ face before going back to Evil. Jericho tosses Evil back over the railing then tosses the desk at more Young Lions! He takes the NJPW banner and blows his nose in it! Fans boo and jeer as Jericho tosses the banner away. Jericho talks trash to commentary before dropping double ax handles on Evil. He puts Evil in the ring and climbs up top. Evil stands and Jericho brings him down with a crossbody! Cover, TWO! Jericho stomps Evil out, then mocks the fans chanting for Evil. Jericho toys with Evil as he brings him up for chops. Evil staggers to a corner and Jericho gives him more chops, and forearms. Evil chops back but Jericho dropkicks him! Cover, TWO!

Fans rally for Evil but Jericho toys with him more. Jericho slaps Evil around but that angers Evil. Evil kicks and chops and haymakers back! Evil rakes eyes but runs into a SUPERKICK! Jericho hits the Lionsault! Cover, TWO! Evil survives again, but Jericho keeps his cool. Jericho drags Evil back up, scoops and slams him, then flexes his muscles. He stomps Evil in the face and kicks him in the back. Jericho goes to a corner and climbs while fans rally. Evil stops Jericho up top and gives him a chop. Evil climbs to join Jericho, but Jericho resists. They fight up there, and Jericho headbutts Evil down. Jericho adjusts as Evil stands, for a flying back elbow! Cover, TWO! Jericho stays calm while fans rally. Jericho flips the fans off then goes back to Evil. He still toys with Evil, so Evil hits back with chops!

Jericho kicks and scoops Evil, but Evil slips out. Evil blocks Jericho’s kick and hands it to Red Shoes, and kicks Jericho in the thigh! Evil throws punches and clotheslines Jericho out! Fans rally as Evil fetches Jericho. Evil brings Jericho up to club him, then whips him. Jericho reverses but Evil reverses back, Jericho collides with railing! Evil fires up and searches under the ring. Evil finds chairs! And he uses one on Jericho’s ribs! Evil puts it around Jericho’s head, and throws him at the post!! Jericho staggers, chair still around his head, and Evil SMACKS it off with another chair! Fans fire up for the ferocity, but Evil isn’t done with Jericho. Evil stalks Jericho and puts him back in the ring. Evil runs corner to corner for the corner clothesline! Then hits a fisherman suplex! Cover, TWO!

Fans rally and Evil brings Jericho up. Evil throws Jericho into buckles then stomps in a mudhole. Red Shoes counts and Evil backs off at 4. Evil runs back at Jericho, but the dropkick is blocked! Jericho wants the Walls but Evil resists. Evil throws Jericho off but Jericho dumps him out! Jericho hits the triangle jump dropkick! Evil hands on, so Jericho builds speed, only to run into a shoulder. Evil’s table is nearby, so Evil lines up a shot. He drags Jericho up, but Jericho resists the suplex. Evil keeps trying, but only manages to bring Jericho to the apron. Jericho breaks free of the facelock but gets a headbutt for it. Evil tries a new way, and leaps for an urenage through the table!! Both men crash and burn through the wood, and we go to break!

NJPW on AXS returns to find both men are still down. Red Shoes brings a 20 count, but neither man stirs until about 10. Evil sits up first at 13, followed by Jericho. They head for the ring and enter at 16. Evil climbs up top, aims and leaps, and the SUPER Back Senton manages to graze Jericho! Cover, TWO!! Jericho survives and Evil grows frustrated, but fans rally up. Evil drags Jericho up and wants a fireman’s carry but Jericho fights. Jericho rolls Evil up and gets the Walls of Jericho! Evil endures this iconic stretch and crawls for ropes, but Jericho pulls back while talking trash. Fans rally and Evil feeds off it to crawl further. Evil gives one last gasp, and gets the ropebreak!

Jericho lets go, thinking he won, but he didn’t. Jericho argues with Red Shoes, then shove shim down. Evil clobbers Jericho with a clothesline! Cover, TWO!! Evil lines up another shot, but Jericho elbows to counter. Jericho springboards but the Lionsault misses! Evil rolls through to fireman’s carry Jericho, Darkness Falls!! Cover, TWO!? Jericho barely survives and Evil can’t believe it! Fans rally again, and Evil prepares his shot. Evil slashes Jericho’s throat, drags him up, but Jericho victory rolls through! TWO, Jericho dodges but the Code Breaker is blocked. Double clotheslines bring both men down! Fans rally yet again and both men slowly stir.

Jericho CHOPS Evil, but Evil responds with a CHOP of his own. Jericho throws forearms but Evil responds. Now Jericho rakes the eyes then runs, but Evil follows, only to get a Code Breaker! Cover, TWO!! Evil barely survives and Jericho can’t believe it. Jericho slaps Evil as he tells him to stay down. Jericho rains down rights and bounces Evil’s face off the mat. “Everything is Jericho!” as he climbs up top. Evil stands again, and catches the ax handles. Jericho gets out of the STO but Evil blocks the clothesline. Evil hits his STO! Cover, TWO!! Jericho still lives and Evil is stunned! Evil prepares again, runs, and clotheslines Jericho again! Evil wants another but Jericho pushes him at Red Shoes! Jericho’s kick is blocked, Evil fireman’s carry, DARKNESS– Huricanrana! Roll through, to Walls of Jericho!!

Evil is stuck in the middle of the ring, but he crawls for ropes. Jericho sits deep, but Evil keeps trying. Evil gets close, but Jericho brings him away! Jericho gets an angle on the hold, Evil taps! Jericho wins!!

Winner: Chris Jericho, by submission; still IWGP Intercontinental Champion

The first defense is successful, and Jericho smiles an evil smile. But as always, he attacks afterward! He puts Evil back in the Walls of Jericho, even as the bell rings and Red Shoes shouts. But here comes Naito! Naito makes another save and he tees off on Jericho! Jericho bails out fast, taking the title with him. Naito invites Jericho to return but Jericho doesn’t. Jericho holds his hands and belt up high, but Naito gets a mic. “Chris Jericho, your next opponent… Is me.” Los Ingobernables de Japon’s Testuya Naito, “against self-proclaimed worldwide superstar, Chris Jericho. I’m gonna bury you, cabron.” The Ungovernable Charisma wants to make Jericho pay, will we see that happen at Wrestle Kingdom?


Backstage Interviews

Chris Jericho says his match with Evil was an instant classic. That’s the first classic that Evil has ever had, but #257 for Jericho. Jericho has classic after classic after classic. He’s the GOAT for a reason. For those who don’t get that, perhaps the Japanese audience, it stands for Greatest of All Time. And it’s not a tagline, it’s not a catchphrase, it’st he truth. Find someone in the history of this world who has more Intercontinental Championship reigns that Y2J, he dares you! But you can’t! And not just because they pretend to not speak English. They won’t because “the foreigner won”. Jericho is undefeated in NJPW against Japanese, and he’ll stay that way.

Evil’s great, that was a great match, best in a long time for Jericho, but Jericho won like he said he would, and now Evil is famous thanks to him. Naito is famous thanks to Jericho, too. If Naito wants to be famous again, he should find someone else. Jericho says no more rematches for Naito ever. However, Jericho isn’t the match maker. Will NJPW management deem Naito worthy of another shot? Will Naito make the best of that opportunity and take the title back? Or will NJPW never, ever, EVER, be the same again?



My Thoughts:

What a great conclusion for the Power Struggle event. I’m surprised we got three matches, but two of them were surprisingly quick. The chaos in the minor Chaos VS Firing Squad match was great, it was like two separate singles matches rather than a tag team match. Chaos gets the rather meaningless win, and clearly White’s halfhearted “anywhere, any time” challenge implies Wrestle Kingdom will see Okada VS White as a blow-off. Now what would really make this match mean more is if there is a stipulation relating to who controls Chaos. If White wins, he and Gedo run Chaos as an extension of the Firing Squad so that their numbers grow. Of course, many of the Chaos members probably won’t go for it, and they would help Okada win in that scenario. But I’m sure Okada wins, stipulation or not.

The Golden Lovers VS Tanahashi & Finlay was great for being under 10 minutes. They barely slowed down once things got going, and while Omega and Tanahashi aren’t involved in the finish, it establishes Omega has an edge going into Wrestle Kingdom’s title match. There is a lot going on for The Elite as we go into 2019, with any number of things being reason for why Omega himself might be staying or going. I’d imagine the results of this IWGP Heavyweight Championship match is a major indicator of what is happening for Omega and by extension, The Elite. Then the IWGP Intercontinental Championship main event was really great. Jericho’s NJPW attitude has really kept him fresh, and he definitely meant it when Evil gave him a great match. Jericho VS Naito rematch is coming, and that could go either way by my estimation.

My Score: 8.6/10

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Mitchell’s ROH Results & Report! (12/8/18)



ROH cover image

Ring of Honor Wrestling Television, Episode 377

The real ROH World Champion and the “real” ROH World Champion battle before Final Battle! Will Jay Lethal and his allies bring down The Kingdom?



  • Silas Young VS Flip Gordon; turned into…
  • I Quit Match: Silas Young VS Flip Gordon; No Contest.
  • Six Man Tag: Jay Lethal, Dalton Castle & Cody VS The Kingdom; Lethal, Castle & Cody win.


Last time on ROH…

The Almighty Christopher Daniels explained that while Frankie Kazarian and Scorpio Sky have new contracts, he does not. Daniels also explained that he had made the challenge to Marty Scurll to put his Survival of the Fittest ROH World Championship challenging rights on the line, and Scurll accepted! Final Battle will mean much more than a match to the Fallen Angel, but will The Villain do whatever he can to make sure this is Daniels’ final battle?


Silas Young VS Flip Gordon!

The Last Real Man feels pretty good about himself after beating The Sandman to make sure Flip Gordon would take his beating from Bully Ray. But the Captain of Flip Army looks to give Silas the receipt! Will Flip get some satisfaction just days before going against Bully in an I Quit Match?

Flip picks up a mic to speak to Silas. “You call yourself the Last Real Man? Well let’s see how much of a man you really are, and how about we have ourselves an I Quit match?” Silas’ response to the challenge is a throat chop! He clubs and stomps Flip, then decides to accept the challenge after all!

I Quit Match: Silas Young VS Flip Gordon!

The bell rings and Silas bumps Flip off buckles. Silas rips the shirt to CHOP Flip! Silas mocks the fans cheering Flip on, then snap suplexes Flip. He mocks the chanting as he lifts Flip up for another snap suplex. Silas stands up and eggs Flip on, so Flip fires off forearms! Flip whips but Silas reverses, only for Flip to go up and over. Flip goes Matrix with the handspring, to then kip up and PELE! Silas staggers and Flip springboards to a SPEAR! Silas rolls out and Flip builds up speed, to DIVE! Direct hit sends Silas into barriers, and Flip fires off hands! Fans fire up but Silas kicks low. Silas whips but Flip reverses to send Silas into more barriers! Flip drags Silas up for more forearms. Fans fire up as Flip stalks Silas.

Flip whips Silas into even more barriers, then brings him up for a snap suplex of his own! Silas writhes but Flip does not leave him alone. Flip puts Silas in the ring then climbs up. Flip aims and 450’s but rolls through as Silas evades. Silas gets Flip in the backbreaker and lariat, but Flip’s right up to SUPERKICK Silas! Flip runs, but Silas puts him on the apron. Silas ducks a clothesline but Flip ducks Silas’ triangle jump lariat! Flip trips Silas and brings him out for a brawl! Fans fire up as the haymakers fly. Flip dodges to mule kick from the apron, and climb up for a SUPER Asai! Down goes Silas and we go to break!

ROH returns and Flip gets a table! Flip puts the table in and starts setting it up in a corner. Flip fetches Silas but Silas throws a chair at him! Silas takes that chair and puts it in the ring, then puts Flip into a post! Silas grabs another chair and puts that in the ring, then puts Flip in the ring. Flip crawls but Silas flips him over to jab the chair into Flip’s ribs! And again! Fans say “Silas Sucks!” but Silas soaks up the heat as he jabs Flip again! Silas puts the chair down then sits the other chair up. He scoops and drops Flip onto the chair like a gutbuster! Silas again mocks the fans as he stomps Flip at the ropes.

Silas slingshots for double stomps and grinds his boots in. He takes the mic from the ref to shout “Give it up, Flip! Give it up!” Flip says “Never!” Silas drops the mic and stalks Flip to a corner. Fans rally for Flip but Silas throws forearms. Silas whips Flip but Flip slides to a stop. Flip swings but Silas ducks it to come back with a kick and a knee! Silas suplexes Flip onto the rope for the swinging neckbreaker! Silas then puts on a grounded full nelson for a modified stretch. Flip refuses to quit and rolls out to SUPERKICK Silas again! Silas slumps out of the ring and Flip slingshots. But Flip hits the floor as Silas dodges! Silas puts Flip in the ring then goes looking under the ring. He brings out a kendo stick!

Silas aims at Flip but Flip jabs and SMACKS Silas with the chair! Flip SMACKS and SMACKS and SMACKS! Flip picks up the kendo stick but here comes Bully Ray! Bully has a chain and wraps Flip up in it! And feeds Flip to Silas’ SPEAR through the table!! Fans boo and jeer, and even throw leftover streamers, all at Bully. Bully simply soaks it up as this match ends with Flip and Silas motionless in the wreckage. Will Flip even be able to compete against Bully at this rate? Or can Flip make Bully say the two words no one would ever expect to hear from him?


ROH’s pulse quickens.

Something is coming. Something that will get hearts pounding. But what is it? When and where will it appear?


SoCal Uncensored heads to the ring!

Frankie Kazarian & Scorpio Sky are the ROH World Tag Team Champions and are days away from a Ladder War for the titles! “Pittsbuuuuuuurgh~!” Wait, the Briscoes attack!! Jay & Mark stomp away on Kaz & Scorpio, and then Jay picks up the mic. “Y’all boys want a Ladder War with the Briscoes? Y’all know who we are?!” A Ladder War with them? They’re the OG’s of Ladder Wars, and of this “whole damn company”! But here come The Young Bucks! Matt & Nick Jackson go right after #DemBoyz with SPEARS! The Briscoes go running and fans are fired up for The Bucks. Matt & Nick look at Scorpio & Kaz as they get up. The four shake hands, but the Briscoes come back and shove SCU into The Bucks!

Naturally the Bucks misunderstand, so they SUPERKICK SCU! But then they SUPERKICK The Briscoes, too! Matt & Nick aren’t done here, they bring out a ladder! The Bucks bring it up but Kaz dropkicks it into them! Scorpio FLIES onto The Briscoes! Kaz puts the ladder in the ring and stands it up. SCU climb up the ladder on either side with the title belts and hold them up high! SCU have their contracts, but will they still have those belts after such an intense Triple Threat title match?


ROH takes a look at the coming WOH Women’s Championship Fatal 4 Way.

It was at Global Wars in November that Karen Q won a match to qualify for this very match. Sumie Sakai came out to look her third challenger eye to eye, but Karen Q wanted a fight! Sumie brought it, but then Kelly Klein appeared to join in! It was 2v1 until Madison Rayne rushed in! The four women fought back and forth and all over, culminating in the Ray of Sunshine taking flight! This Fatal 4 Way of femme fatales will be the inaugural champion’s biggest challenge yet, can she succeed? Or will the title soon find it’s second-ever owner?


Christopher Daniels speaks.

“It’s funny, sometimes I feel like every year there’s a come to Jesus moment for me, where I have to look at my life and put it in perspective.” Before Ladder War a couple years ago, Daniels spoke so strongly about holding onto the things he wanted if he thought he’d never have them again. And then the 15th Anniversary Show, he spoke of fighting so hard for the things he’d never had before. Now 2018, he looks back again and realizes he’s done just about everything he set out to do. No one would blame him to hang it up now. “He did it all, he had a great career, what a way to go out.”

But the problem is, Daniels refuses to go out. Final Battle returns and what he fights for now is another fight. That is the most important thing to him, more important than any title he’s ever held before. Daniels has no one to blame but himself. He acted in a way that compelled Joe Koff to create this deadline. And Daniels accepts that. But Daniels also realizes he’s wrong and he wants to make it right. In Koff’s eyes, giving Daniels another contract would just be an excuse for Daniels to do it all over again as the “evil bastard that started this.” So Daniels needs more time to convince everyone to keep him. The sand in the hourglass is running out, and it’s down to Final Battle against Marty Scurll.

Scurll won a world title shot at Survival of the Fittest. Daniels dared Scurll to prove he could win 1v1 with both of them at 100%, and Scurll accepted. But this isn’t just a chance at gold for Daniels, but at a new lease on life in ROH. So at Final Battle, Fallen Angel VS The Villain, Daniels knows exactly what it is to be a villain. Daniels knows what it means to dig up that evil and do what is necessary. Scurll is doing what Daniels has already done. So now it’s just them and this one match, but it’s also so much more. Daniels isn’t going to go out quietly, and Scurll will see that at Final Battle.


Six Man Tag: Jay Lethal, Dalton Castle & Cody VS The Kingdom!

The Franchise defends his ROH World Championship against The American Nightmare at Final Battle, but for tonight, they’ll work together to put Matt Taven in his place. At the same time, The Peacock battles the “real” ROH World Champion, with that would-be title on the line, to settle old scores and some new ones. Can Lethal, Cody & Castle shut The Kingdom down days before Final Battle?

The teams make their entrance, with Jay Lethal entering last. Cody politely helps with the ropes but Taven holds up his title while we go to break.

ROH returns and teams sort out. Fans are on Castle’s side, as well as Cody’s and Lethal’s. Vinnie Marseglia and TK O’Ryan talk trash while Taven insists the referee take his belt to the timekeeper just like Lethal’s. We start with the Sassy Wild Horse against The Franchise. Lethal circles with TK as fans cheer Lethal on. Lethal makes sure The Kingdom hears that chant, too. He and TK circle again, but Cody tags in. Cody flexes but lets Lethal exit before he circles with TK. Fans are on Cody’s side, but Castle tags in! Castle goes right at TK but in come Taven and Vinnie! Lethal and Cody don’t see it, because they’re too busy arguing with each other! They finally do and save Castle from the mugging. Now it’s three different brawls at once!

Cody has Vinnie while Lethal throws hands on Taven and Castle goes after TK. Cody CHOPS Vinnie while Lethal throws Taven out, but TK turns it around on Castle. Castle turns it back around as Cody throws Vinnie out. Cody uses the Beautiful Disaster to send Vinnie down, then DIVES on Taven and Lethal! TK whips Castle while Cody realizes who he hit, but Castle reverses to get TK in the overhead suplex! The Peacock fires up in his holiday sweater, then sees Lethal and Cody arguing again. Castle gets their attention by shouting “Hello~?!” Cody and Lethal return to their corner as Castle stomp a mudhole into TK. Castle tags Cody and Cody throws hands on TK. Cody wrenches and reels TK into a suplex. He holds TK up for a few seconds then throws him for a gordbuster.

Cody keeps on TK and wrenches again. Lethal tags and works with Cody to mug TK. Lethal chops TK in an open corner, then whips him for a back elbow. Cover, ONE, but Lethal stays on TK to tag Castle. Castle throws hands and half nelson snapmares TK. Castle drives elbows in then drags TK up. TK backs Castle down and elbows free. TK rolls and runs back in, but into a boot. Castle covers, TWO! The Kingdom is on the ropes while we go to break.

ROH returns and Castle brings TK up again. Castle bumps TK off buckles and tags in Cody. Cody brings TK up to bump him off buckles and chop. He whips TK corner to corner to then toss with a back drop! Cody flexes and fans fire up. Cody puts on a dragon sleeper but Taven attacks! Lethal attacks Taven,and then Vinnie rushes in. Castle comes back in and it’s another brawl! Taven rams shoulders into Castle while Lethal clubs Vinnie down. Taven throws Castle out then puts Cody in the Kingdom’s corner. He shouts to TK to get up, and The Kingdom mug Cody in the corner. TK tags Taven and Taven clubs away. Taven tags Vinnie and the Horror King stomps in a mudhole. Vinnie drags Cody up and gives him a European Uppercut. Vinne chops Cody, then tags TK.

TK throws body shots then mocks the fans. He snapmares Cody into a chinlock and grinds Cody to the mat. Fans rally up and Cody feeds off the energy. Cody fights back but TK throws him down by his hair. Cody hits Taven and Vinnie! He goes up and over to powerslam TK! Fans fire up as Cody catches his breath. Cody crawls to his corner, and tags in Castle! The Peacock rallies on The Kingdom, and gets TK with a back elbow. Castle runs in at TK but into TK’s elbow. TK hops up top but Castle boots a leg out. TK is stuck up there and Castle runs side to side. Castle goes on the apron but Taven trips him! Taven also takes out the Boys before throwing Castle into barriers on the far side!

The Kingdom mug Castle on their side of the ring, ramming him into the barriers. TK returns to the ring, and Taven puts Castle back in. Cover, ropebreak! TK tags Vinnie and Vinnie stomps Castle’s face. Vinnie puts Castle in a corner for stomps, then bumps Castle off buckles. Taven tags in and he mocks Castle. Taven taunts Lethal, but fans rally up with “Sweatshirt! Sweatshirt!” Castle stands but Taven is on him. Castle hits back with forearms and chops, but Taven knees low. Taven snapmares and hits Just the Tip of the knee! Fans boo as Taven covers, but Lethal comes in and Taven immediately lets off. Taven grins at Lethal but Lethal says he’s watching Taven closely. Taven brings Castle up but Castle small packages! TWO and Taven clobbers Castle with a clothesline! Cover, TWO! Taven is furious as we go to one last break.

ROH returns once more, and Taven drags Castle up by his hair. Taven puts on a facelock but Castle reverses to drive his knee into Taven, and give him a DDT! Both men are down but fans fire up. Castle crawls, as does Taven, hot tags to TK and Lethal! TK hits Cody for good measure, but Lethal rallies on him with lariats. Vinnie runs in but he gets lariats. Taven comes in and hits Lethal. Taven whips but Lethal reverses to back drop Taven! Vinnie kicks and whips but Lethal blocks. Lethal then reverses the whip into a powerslam! TK clubs Lethal and whips but Lethal ducks and gives TK a Lethal Combination! Cover, but Taven breaks it. Taven brings in chairs, and wants to give Lethal a Con-chair-to! The referee reprimands Taven but it’s Castle who saves the REAL ROH WHC!

Castle pulls off his sweater to attack Taven with it! Taven bails out but Castle gives chase! Castle dumps Taven over barriers, and chases him through the crowd! Back in the ring, Lethal wonders what happened. Lethal aims at TK but Cody tags in. Lethal won’t let Cody come in, and he goes after TK with a cutter! Vinnie kicks Lethal and hits him with Sliced Bread! Cody SUPERKICKS Vinnie! Cody runs at TK but TK dodges to kick and clothesline! Lethal boots TK then hits a spinning roundhouse. Lethal calls for it, and hits his handspring, but Cody denies the Injection by rolling TK up! TWO, Lethal aims at Cody?! SUPERKICK hits TK as Cody dodges!

Vinnie shoves Cody into Lethal, TK swings. Cody dodges, but TK gets him with a rocking haymaker! TK drags Cody up and Vinnie runs in to boot Cody down. Vinnie brings Cody up in the fireman’s carry, and TK goes to lift Vinnie, but Cody fights out. Cody shoves Vinnie into TK and Lethal brings Vinnie out. Cody gets TK with Cross Rhodes! Cover, Cody and team win!

Winners: Jay Lethal, Dalton Castle & Cody, Cody pinning

The Boys hurry to go find The Peacock, because that fight’s still happening. As for the ROH World Champion and his challenger, they stand in the ring together as Cody grabs a mic. “There’s nothing left to say, and there’s nothing left to do. I’ll see you at Final Battle.” Cody drops the mic because he’s right, there’s nothing left but to have this rematch two years in the making. Will The American Nightmare get the title back now that he finally has his 1v1 rematch? Or will The Franchise end his year still THE World Champion?


Time for a Final Battle rundown!

Dalton Castle promises Matt Taven he is “in for a treat”, because The Peacock will dish out a baker’s dozen of suplexes! Wait, is a baker’s dozen 20? Well, Castle’s giving no less than 20. But Matt Taven vows that Castle will remember who the real ROH World Champion is, because it’s Matt Taven. Who will be the real owner of that “real” world title after Friday the 14th?

Hangman Page wants to know what Jeff Cobb will do when he faces someone just as strong as him, just as tough as him, but is crazy enough to climb onto a Hammerstein Ballroom balcony and jump off it! But Cobb tells Page that Cobb’s first Final Battle will be Hangman’s last. Hangman feels that TV title should’ve been his a long time ago, but will he finally get it now?

Jonathan Gresham and Zack Sabre Jr. will step in the ring, and The Octopus promises he’s someone who can finally go hold for hold with the Submission Master. Who proves themselves the best technical wrestler in the world today?

Madison Rayne has worked her whole career for a moment like the WOH World Championship Fatal 4 Way. The Queen Bee vows to walk in a challenger and walk out the champion. But Kelly Klein vows to show Sumie Sakai is a fraud for not giving the Pretty Badass her fair shot. Stack the odds all you want, Kelly will make sure Final Battle will be where Sumie Sakai finally loses to her. Will the Queen Bee, Gatekeeper or Queen of Queens be the one to dethrone the Ray of Sunshine?

The American Nightmare says his rematch with Jay Lethal is “a convergence”, and ROH’s 2019 hinges on this match. Lethal is fired up because Final Battle comes to his hometown. He won’t let someone come into his house and take what he’s worked for! If Cody wants the belt, he’ll have to put up the fight of his life! Who celebrates the holidays with gold around their waist?



My Thoughts:

A pretty great go-home from ROH here. I don’t really feel the opening recap was needed, but it was fine. Christopher Daniels’ promo was amazing, it really frames his 2018 story and really ups the importance of this match that really only came into shape the last few weeks. Daniels has to win because that’s the story, it’d be a shame if he lost and was released from ROH like this. At the same time, I can’t be sure Daniels wins, because maybe there is a decision in reality that he’s going to retire from in-ring competition. As for the rest of SCU, they stood tall tonight in hyping up the Ladder War, but I wonder if that means they’re losing (probably to the Young Bucks) and even give up their contracts if Daniels is leaving, to show solidarity. It’s all or nothing for SCU in my mind.

I loved that Flip Gordon goes for an I Quit match with Silas Young just a week before another I Quit match with Bully. Flip is pretty over on his ability, but the guts and the aggression he’s showing are keeping him over. Bully naturally has to ruin tonight’s match, though I didn’t realize an I Quit could end on a No Contest. Bully VS Flip in their I Quit match is going to be brutal, and I really hope Flip wins. The attention given to the Women of Honor title is great, and I’m sure this Fatal 4 Way will be the best ROH Women’s match yet because the four chosen all have great amounts of experience. I feel that this has to be how Sumie loses, there’s nowhere else for her to go if she wins, unless ROH wants to start getting their women into extremer matches.

The Six Man Tag main event was great, there was a lot of great story elements with the history between all the people involved. I really liked that Castle took it upon himself to get Cody and Lethal back on the same page. And I liked that dysfunction didn’t bring the team down, they all found a way to win, and that means all the Faces go in hot. With Taven putting his purple title on the line, I have a feeling he retains because of a disqualification, or “Champion’s Advantage” as he’ll claim. He still has to be the one to go against Lethal to determine an “undisputed” ROH World Champion. Which also means Cody doesn’t win, especially now that he’ll be focusing on All Elite Wrestling. Maybe.

My Score: 8.5/10

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