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Mitchell’s Ring of Honor Report! (8/4/18)



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It’s a historic night as The Villain takes on The Hurricane, Shane Helms, as the superhero wrestler makes his ROH in-ring debut! Plus, a NINE MAN TAG MATCH!



  • ROH World Television Championship #1 Contender’s Match: Silas Young VS Chris Sabin w/ Alex Shelley; Sabin wins and will challenge Punishment Martinez for the title.
  • Shane “The Hurricane” Helms VS Marty Scurll; Scurll wins.
  • Triple Threat Trios Tag: SoCal Uncensored VS Los Ingobernables de Japon VS The Hung Bucks; LIJ wins.


ROH World Television Championship #1 Contender’s Match: Silas Young VS Chris Sabin w/ Alex Shelley!

The Last Real Man is the former World TV Champion while one half of the Motor City Machine Guns has never held that title before. Who will prove they’re the better man tonight to then challenge the monster, Punishment Martinez?

Alex Shelley joins commentary and explains all his different injuries is what’s keeping him from competing, but not from talking. He’s therefore here to support his tag team partner in this singles endeavor.

Silas declines the Code of Honor handshake and the bell rings. He and Sabin circle, but Silas talks trash. Silas wants to see a test of strength and Sabin gives it a go. Silas wrenches the arm but Sabin rolls and spins to reverse it. Sabin makes it a headlock, Silas goes to reverse but Sabin arm-drags Silas down. Fans applaud while Silas backs off to a corner. Sabin and Silas circle again while fans duel. Sabin gets a wristlock to hammerlock then spins Silas around and around and around for more. He snapmares Silas down then crucifix cover, TWO. Silas rolls out but fans applaud. Silas keeps his cool, then comes back into the ring. He mockingly applauds but Sabin still takes a bow.

Silas knees Sabin low, then puts on a headlock of his own. Sabin powers out to reel Silas into a headlock. Silas powers out now, they collide with shoulders but neither falls down, and they both flex, brother. Silas dares Sabin to try this again, and Sabin runs, but Silas runs sideways. They cross, but then Sabin drops down and throws Silas out. Sabin takes aim and slingshots. Silas runs but Sabin lands on the apron to then cannonball off! Shelley likes what he sees from his friend while we go to break.

ROH returns as Silas grinds Sabin down with a cravat. Sabin feeds off the fan rally and fights out, but Silas comes back with a forearm. Sabin gives another, but Silas does, too. They go back and forth, then speed up until Silas knees low. Silas runs, but Sabin gives a knee back. Sabin runs, but into the fireman’s carry. He escapes to lift Silas in the fireman’s carry, but Silas escapes. Silas lifts, but Sabin escapes. Sabin tries again but Silas escapes to a sunset flip, only to get a Penalty Kick! Silas rolls all the way out of the ring, but Sabin takes aim from the apron. He gives Silas another Penalty Kick! Sabin fires up with the fans, then fetches Silas.

They go in the ring, and Sabin climbs up top. Sabin aims, and hits the missile dropkick! He drags Silas back up, fireamn’s carry but Silas escapes. Sabin standing switches but Silas elbows out. Silas runs but Sabin follows, for a springboard tornado DDT! Cover, TWO! Sabin catches his breath while Silas slowly stirs. Fans build to a rally as Sabin stalks Silas. He brings Silas up but Silas grabs ropes. Silas escapes to a corner, then boots Sabin away. Silas full nelson but Sabin slips down and out to victory roll. TWO, and Silas catches Sabin for the backbreaker to lariat! Silas adds a knee to Sabin’s head, then the draping, swinging neckbreaker! Cover, TWO!

Silas grows frustrated by Sabin’s toughness. He keeps on Sabin with the full nelson. Sabin breaks free again, then elbows Silas away. Sabin runs into a fireman’s carry. Silas hits the rolling senton and headstand, to the Plunge rebound moonsault. Sabin evades, but then runs into the full nelson knee strike. Fireman’s carry but Sabin slips out again to a backslide, TWO! Mahistrol, TWO! Silas boots Sabin, then full nelsons. Sabin anticipates the knee and school boys. They stand up and collide again. They keep going, Sabin ducks to enziguri and mule kick! Sabin fireman’s carry, and he crosses the legs for Cradle Shock! Cover, Sabin wins!

Winner: Chris Sabin, by pinfall; will challenge Punishment Martinez for the ROH WTV Championship

Success! Shelley is so proud of his best friend for earning this new chance at a singles title. However, the current champion appears! Punishment Martinez stares Sabin down from the stage. Sabin sees him and signals he’s ready for Martinez anywhere, anytime. When and where will this newest David VS Goliath battle be held? Can Sabin manage a minor miracle against the monster? Or will he be lucky to even survive the Purple Mist?


Shane “The Hurricane” Helms VS Marty Scurll!

This match of wrestling superhero and the one true Villain of ROH stems from the “ace reporter” simply wanting Scurll’s opinion on Dalton Castle retaining at Best in the World against Bullet Club’s Allied Powers, aka Scurll and Cody. Scurll was in no mood, and lashed out at Helms over his Penguin Cobblepot joke. Now there’s a Hurricane coming through ROH, will Scurll’s umbrella be enough to shield him from it?

Hero and Villain stand face to face in the middle of the ring, and fans cheer and applaud as the two take their time to put aside their cape and coat. Fans build to a rally as the Code of Honor is skipped in favor of Scurll throwing his bandana at Hurricane’s face. Hurricane picks it up to throw it back. Scurll throws the bandana to the crowd and ties up with Hurricane. Hurricane wrenches and arm-drags, then stares Scurll down. They tie up again and Scurll gets the headlock. Hurricane powers out and both men collide shoulder to shoulder. Neither man falls, so they speed up. Hurricane fireman’s carry throws Scurll then runs him over with a shoulder. He gets Scurll in a chicken wing cradle cover, TWO, to the armbar! Scurll gets a ropebreak and fans applaud as Hurricane lets the Villain go for now.

Both men stand and tie up again. Scurll wrenches the arm to a shoulder breaker, then wrenches the wrist. Hurricane rolls to reverse but so does Scurll. Scurll uses his heels to break the hold and reverse it onto Hurricane. He gets a headlock takedown but Hurricane gets the headscissor. Scurll headstands and flaps his legs before popping out to flap his wings. Scurll even mocks the Hurricane pose! Hurricane arm-drags Scurll, then things speed up, until Hurricane hits the true Hurricane Pose! Fans are loving it, but Scurll pie-faces Hurricane. And spits on him! A brawl ignites! They go back and forth, but Hurricane whips. Scurll reverses but Hurricane kicks him. Hurricane runs but into an uppercut!

Hurricane ends up outside, and Scurll runs to the apron. SUPERKICK for the superhero! Scurll then aims and stomps the same hand that he broke the fingers on in their previous encounter. Hurricane clutches his damaged digits while we go to break.

ROH returns and Hurricane walks over to Scurll on the outside. Scurll’s mule kick misses, but Hurricane connects with his haymakers. They both go into the ring, but Scurlls is on that bad hand with a hammerlock stomp! Fans fire up with Scurll, and he drives a fist into Hurricane’s forehead. Scurll whips Hurricane corner to corner for a big back elbow and enziguri. He keeps going, dragging Hurricane out and around for a snapmare. Scurll runs for the shotgun basement dropkick. Cover, TWO, and Scurll grows annoyed. Scurll has the fans rallying, though, as he drags Hurricane up. He wants that bad hand, and uses both arms for the straitjacket stretch. Hurricane endures it, and fans rally up for Hurricane now.

Hurricane stands up, powers his way out, and puts the straitjacket on Scurll, only for Scurll to turn right back around for a backstabber! Cover, TWO, and now Scurll is really frustrated. Scurll brings Hurricane up to give a big forearm, but Hurricane gives it back. They trade more forearms, then Scurll shoves Hurricane. Hurricane runs in, but into a back elbow. Scurll climbs up and grabs that bad arm, to wrench and torture those fingers. Hurricane hits back with haymakers, then runs in again. Scurll jump over but turns around into lariats. Hurricane whips Scurll but Scurll reverses. Scurll runs into a back elbow, then Hurricane hooks Scurll’s arms and turns him around for the Underdog driver! Scurll staggers up but into a hammerlock and complete shot, aka the Mortifier! Cover, TWO!

Hurricane feels the power in his hand, and the fans anticipate it. He stalks Scurll as he slowly stands. Scurll staggers over but blocks the hand! Hurricane pushes forward, but Scurll pokes his eyes! Scurll reels Hurricane in, but ends up in the Eye of the Hurricane! Cover, TWO!! Hurricane didn’t cover Scurll enough, but he still has more to give. He shouts “Shining Wizard!” but Scurll avoids it. Scurll tricks Hurricane with the 52 Fake-out. Scurll adds a stomp to the fingers, then a knee strike! Cover, and Scurll holds the ropes, but TWO! Hurricane still gets out, so Scurll calls for his best hold. The fans fire up, Scurll does his spin around, “CHICKEN WING!”

But Hurricane grabs Scurll first! Scurll breaks free while grabbing those fingers, and the fans know to “Shhh…!” SNAP! Hurricane goes to a corner while Scurll fires up. Scurll runs but hits post and then floor. Hurricane takes time to recover before climbing up top. Scurll hurries up to join him, but Scurll gets caught into the SUPER swinging neckbreaker! Cover, TWO!! Somehow Scurll survives, and the Hero is unsure what to do. He calls for “VERTABREAKER!” It’s been years since we’ve seen him do it, but Scurll doesn’t let him try! Scurll goes for the Chicken Wing, but Hurricane spins around with him. Scurll shoves Hurricane into the ref, and gives Hurricane a low blow kick! Small package, Scurll wins!

Winner: Marty Scurll, by pinfall

How else would a Villain win against a Superhero? But is this only the beginning of comic books come to life in ROH?


Jay Lethal is once again The Face of the Franchise!

After winning against the few men who defeated him, the former ROH World Heavyweight Champion became the new ROH World Heavyweight Champion in a Fatal 4 Way with Cody, Matt Taven and Dalton Castle. But winning back that belt doesn’t mean he’s the greatest, that belt is the prize for being the greatest! Lethal is at the top of his game, as well as on top of the wrestling world. There will be a line of men around the world wanting just one chance at the title. Lethal welcomes it all, “come and get it, boys!” Who will be the first man in line to come for the title?


Triple Threat Trios Tag: SoCal Uncensored VS Los Ingobernables de Japon VS The Hung Bucks!

While The Addiction is determined to get those ROH World Tag Team Championships off #DemBoyz, Jay & Mark Briscoe, that doesn’t mean they and Scorpio Sky aren’t up for proving they’re the best 3-man team in the company. They participate in this insane crossover tag match as NJPW’s Evil, Sanada & Bushi try their hand in ROH’s Six Man Tag Division and the former World Six Man Tag Champions try to climb back up. Will any of these teams win to eventually challenge The Kingdom for those titles?

ROH takes a break and comes back once the three teams have sorted out. Per ROH rules, only two men start this type of triple threat, so the Hung Bucks hang back while Christopher Daniels starts against Sanada. The bell rings, and the Cold Skull circles with the Fallen Angel. But archenemies Hangman Page and Frankie Kazarian can’t help but jump in to brawl! Fans love the fast and furious fists, and both Sanada and Daniels give them room.

Hangman runs, but the Heavy Metal Rebel rocks him with a forearm. Kaz runs, but into Hangman’s forearm. Hangman runs but they both collide with clotheslines. Neither falls, so they collide again. They still stay up, but Daniels and Sanada finally step in. Daniels throws Hangman out one side while Sanada throws Kaz out the other. Sanada and Daniels circle again, but Kaz and Hangman keep going, and take each other out with double clotheslines!

Fans love this already, but Daniels is worried about his friend. Sanada doesn’t care, and he rolls Daniels up. TWO, but Sanada keeps on Daniels with a headlock. Daniels powers out and things speed up. Sanada rolls, then leaps over Daniels. Daniels waistlocks but Sanada bucks him off. Sanada runs into an arm-drag, but then gives one back. Daniels arm-drags, Sanada arm-drags. They both try an arm-drag at the same time, and it results in them both falling. They quickly stand up, but per the triple threat tag rules, Nick Jackson tags in via Sanada. Sanada has no choice but to let one of the Young Bucks in. Nick and Daniels tie up and Daniels gets a headlock. Scorpio tags in as Nick powers out. Daniels slides and Scorpio slingshots in. He and Nick speed up but Nick runs him over.

Scorpio kips up and headscissors Nick, but Nick handsprings to his feet. Nick ducks a kick but so does Scorpio. They both show punch but stop short. Fans love it as they back off. Nick rushes in for a superkick but Scorpio blocks. Scorpio brings Nick up but Nick slips out of the scoop to give the scoop slam. Nick drops an elbow but misses. Scorpio drops an elbow but misses. Matt comes in for an elbow drop but misses. Daniels comes in for an elbow drop but misses. Hangman wants an elbow drop, but misses. Kaz wants a back senton, but misses. All six men go for dropkicks but they cancel out! The Hung Bucks and SCU trash talk and stare down while fans applaud. But LIJ comes in and jumps them all!

Evil clears out Matt and Hangman while Bushi & Sanada clear out SCU. LIJ focuses on Nick with a double whip, back elbow and back senton. Hangman returns but Sanada feeds him to Evil, for a gordbuster onto Nick. Then Evil hits a back senton onto both of them! Fans fire up for LIJ while Sanada stays on Nick. He hoists Nick up to the top rope, then climbs up to join him. Daniels comes in, pulls Sanada all the way out, and lets Kaz take Nick. Bushi stops Kaz while Daniels sends Sanada into barriers. Bushi climbs up but Kaz leaps for a twisting powerbomb! Scorpio leaps up to the top rope to SUPER STEINER Nick down! Then Scorpio FLIES onto Bushi & Evil! Kaz slingshot huricanranas Sanada. Scorpio & Kaz group LIJ together while Daniels prepares on the apron. Arabian Press Moonsault wipes them all out!

The SCU regroups and has the fans fired up. But then the Hung Bucks TRIPLE SUPERKICK them all! Then, TRIPLE Slingshots for LIJ! Fans chant “Hung Bucks! Woop Woop! Hung Bucks! Woop Woop!” Hangman & Nick grab Scorpio and double whip, to double elbow. They feed him to Matt in wheelbarrow position, and Matt holds Scorpio up for Hangman’s roaring elbow, then combines with Nick for the stun gun wheelbarrow cutter. Kaz runs in, but into double hip tosses. The Bucks back flip, and with Hangman, they give Kaz a triple basement dropkick sandwich! Daniels returns, but gets the headscissors dropkick! The Bullet Club is in control while we take one last break.

ROH returns once more, and it’s Sanada in control of Daniels. Sanada suplexes Daniels but Daniels slips out. Daniels gets the waistlock but Sanada the standing switch. Sanada shoves but Daniels comes back with a kick and STO! Fans rally up, as do the three teams. Daniels can’t get to his corner, so he goes to the Hung Bucks. Hot tag to Hangman! Hangman rallies on Sanada, and clotheslines him out of the ring. Evil returns but gets a forearm. Bushi flies in but gets a boot! Sanada returns but ends up in the fireman’s carry. Hangman dumps him as he kicks Evil, then Dropsaults onto Sanada using Evil! Fans fire up with The Problem Solver as he runs corner to corner.

Sanada boots Hangman away, but Hangman comes back to tilt-o-whirl into a powerbomb. The Bucks return, “He’s dead”, buckle bomb and boots! Nick climbs up while Matt brings Sanada around. Fans fire up, and the Bucks hit the frog splash and standing moonsault combo, then move for Hangman to hit his running Shooting Star! Cover, TWO! The Hung Bucks are a bit surprised, but they keep going. They put Sanada in a corner, but Sanada puts Nick on an apron. Nick hits Bushi with an apron kick while Sanada puts Hangman on an apron. Hangman hits Evil with the Shooting Star Shoulder while Sanada back elbows Matt.

Sanada hops up, quebrada into dragon sleeper! Matt snapmares out, SUPERKICK! Scorpio Sky returns and shoulders in before hitting a slingshot cutter. Evil returns to mule kick Scorpio, then fireman’s carry for Darkness Falls! Nick returns to shoulder in and slingshot for the “Suck It!” X-Factor! Nick cartwheels and asai moonsaults onto Scorpio! He keeps giong, but ends up in the cutter from Kaz! Hangman hits Buck Shot! Daniels gives Hangman the Death Valley Driver, but Bushi comes in. Daniels blocks Bushi’s first kick and ducks the enziguri, only to get the heel kick on the return. Bushi has fans fired up, but Daniels ducks in time, the Green Mist goes into the referee’s eyes! The Addiction hit Celebrity Rehab! Kaz helps the ref count, TWO!?

Bushi kicks out, but Kaz could’ve just made the referee count three anyway! Even Kaz can’t believe he didn’t finish this off, but it’s too late now. The Bucks return, and double SUPERKICK them out. Hangman SUPERKICKS Scorpio, the Bucks SUPERKICK Bushi & Evil, and then Sanada rushes in. Sanada ducks the kicks to then tumble to the apron. Sanada springboards, but into TRIPLE SUPERKICKS! The Hung Bucks feed Sanada to Hangman, for the inverted package driver! Cover, and a replacement ref rushes in. TWO!? If only the first ref was still okay to count… Even so, the fans declare “This is Awesome!” The Hung Bucks coordinate as Hangman rolls to bring Sanada up in Rite of Passage position. Nick and Matt take opposite corners, count it down, for a FIVE STAR Rite of Passage! Cover, but everyone else rushes in to break it!

SCU and LIJ scrap with the Hung Bucks. In the chaos, Bushi tags in, and he goes after Daniels. There’s a brawl on the outside between LIJ and SCU, but Matt helps Nick to acrobatically DIVE onto everyone! Then Matt gets his turn as he builds speed, but he runs into Bushi. Bushi hits the Bushi Destroyer, then DIVES onto Daniels! Hangman climbs up and fans anticipate it, but so does Kaz. Kaz rushes over and stops Hangman, then climbs up to join him. Six of the other seven men gather together, but Hangman resists, to then SUPERPLEX Kaz onto them! The referee checks on everyone, but this match still continues.

Bushi whips Daniels but Daniels reverses. Daniels runs into a boot, Bushi jumps but Daniels duck sunder. Bushi runs into a Blue Thunder Bomb! Daniels calls for his finish. He brings Bushi up for the double underhook, but as Bushi resists, here come The Briscoes! Jay & Mark won’t let SCU gain momentum. Mark distracts while Jay SMACKS Daniels with a chair! Bushi doesn’t mind the assist, he climbs up and flies in, for the MX code breaker! Cover, LIJ wins!

Winners: Los Ingobernables de Japon, Bushi pinning

The Briscoes’ war of Sandy Fork VS Everybody knows no boundaries, and they cost the SCU a pivotal victory. Will Daniels & Kaz be able to get payback on Jay & Mark? Or will their time in ROH run out before then? And as for the winners, will LIJ soon challenge the First, Last and Only ROH World Six Man Tag Champions in the near future?



My Thoughts:

A pretty great episode of ROH, and with pretty much only matches for the content. Silas VS Sabin was great, and I’m really glad for Sabin that he again gets a chance at a singles title. The last time he had one was Impact Wrestling’s X Division Championship in late 2013, so becoming ROH World Television Champion against the giant Punishment Martinez would be amazing. Hurricane VS Scurll was great, Helms can still go but it works that Scurll wins this one. They can have a great rivalry, and it should end with Hurricane putting his self-created Superhero/Career Legacy Championship on the line. That of course would mean Hurricane wins and retains, but heroes should always win in the end anyway.

That 9 Man Tag, which ROH chose to inaccurately name a “Triple Threat Six Man Tag”, was amazing. I love that Kaz and Hangman cannot stop from fighting each other, and of course The Bucks know how to thrill fans with all their spots. It was a good move for The Briscoes to cost the SCU after the SCU turned and went after them first. I thought the Hung Bucks were going to benefit from the interference, but I suppose the Bullet Club doesn’t need to be back in the World Six Man title picture. And while I doubt a NJPW trio would win ROH titles, but that could totally work in the Kingdom’s conspiracy angle, with Taven shouting that ROH had to go to a team not in ROH to take the belts off them.

My Score: 8.3/10

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