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Mitchell’s ROH Results & Report! (8/25/18)



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Ring of Honor Wrestling Television, Episode 362

The Kingdom continue to cry conspiracy after The American Nightmare & The Young Bucks were “handed” tonight’s ROH World Six Man Tag Team Championship match!



  • Christopher Daniels VS Jay Briscoe; Daniels wins, by disqualification.
  • Flip Gordon VS Silas Young; Flip wins.
  • ROH World Six Man Tag Team Championships: The Kingdom VS Cody & The Young Bucks; The Bullet Club wins and become the new ROH World Six Man Tag Team Champions.


Christopher Daniels VS Jay Briscoe!

Two former ROH World Heavyweight Champions have a rematch from a classic years ago as both SoCal Uncensored and #DemBoyz prepare to fight for the World Tag Team Championships. Will the Fallen Angel or the elder Briscoe brother get a big win in the Center Stage Arena?

The bell rings and there is no Code of Honor as these two circle. They tie up and Briscoe gets Daniels on teh ropes. They go around the ring and end up in a corner. Briscoe backs off, but then shoves Daniels. Daniels shoves back, and Briscoe fires off. Daniels blocks to fire back and whip. Briscoe reverses but Daniels dodges the elbow to give a forearm. Daniels whips and hits a big dropkick! Fans fire up with “SCU! SCU!” but Daniels runs into an elbow. Daniels dodges then throws Briscoe out. He takes aim, Arabian Press already! The moonsault wipes Briscoes out with some speed, and Daniels keeps going by throwing Briscoe into barriers.

They go back in the ring, and Daniels whips Briscoe corner to corner. He hits a big corner forearm, then stomps a mudhole into Briscoe. The referee backs Daniels but Briscoe gives him a buckle complete shot! Briscoe gets back in control while we go to break.

ROH returns and fans rally for Daniels. But Briscoe rakes Daniels’ face as he puts him against the ropes! Briscoe whips Daniels then dropkicks him. Cover, TWO, and Briscoe grows frustrated. Daniels is also frustrated, but he gets the fans rally up. Briscoe stomps Daniels and tells the fans to shut up. Fans boo instead as Briscoe wraps Daniels in a chinlock. Daniels endures and fans rally up again. Daniels feeds off the energy to fight out with elbows. Briscoe headbutts him to a corner, then runs in. Daniels dodges and runs, to rally with forearms and lariats. He whips Briscoe but Briscoe reverses, only to get a kick, an STO and some fast hands! Daniels drags Briscoe up for a whip into a Blue Thunder Bomb! Cover, TWO!

Daniels calls for the Wings, and brings Briscoe up. He double underhooks but Briscoe powers him to a corner. Briscoe kicks low then turns Daniels, but Daniels pushes out. Briscoe hits back with a spinning forearm, then he gives Daniels his double underhook. Daniels back drops out, then slams him with a urenage. He calls for the moonsault, but Mark Briscoe attacks with a chair!!

Winner: Christopher Daniels, by disqualification

The fans boo and jeer as the younger Briscoe robs us of a classic match. Mark keeps going, too, as he SMACKS Daniels across the back again! Mark rains right hands and then passes the chair to Jay. But here come Frankie Kazarian and Scorpio Sky! The SCU scare off #DemBoyz, but this is far from over. Will the Briscoes #ManUp and do things fair and square in their ROH World Tag Team title match?


ROH takes another look at the ROH World Championship Ironman Match, Jay Lethal VS Jonathan Gresham!

On Episode 364, we will have The Octopus and The Franchise go 1v1 for no less than 30 minutes. Lethal admits he underestimated Gresham in their second-ever match, back on April 15th, 2018 at Masters of the Craft. Gresham talks destiny. His destiny. At Masters of the Craft, Lethal wasn’t the ROH WHC. But now he is. Lethal also admits Gresham pushed him to his limits, so it’s not just Gresham who wants this rematch. Lethal wants this rematch and the fans want this rematch, the fans deserve this rematch. Gresham has wanted this his entire career.

Gresham is 0-2 but he’s still getting the chance of his life time. Lethal admits yet again that he narrowly won their first match and that he survived the second. But this third time, “you ain’t seen nothing yet.” Gresham brings his best and wants Lethal’s best. There is no better place for Gresham to win that title than in his hometown of Atlanta, Georgia. No less than 30 minutes, but it will be more than enough for Lethal to prove to everyone, including himself, that he’s the best. We have two more weeks until this guaranteed wrestling clinic begins. Who will prove that they are the best wrestler in ROH?


Flip Gordon VS Silas Young!

The Captain of Flip Army has had to deal with a bully in none other than Bully Ray Dudley as of late, but he now has to focus on The Last Real Man tonight. Silas had words for Flip, admitting Flip is as talented as they come. But if sky’s the limit for Flip, then Silas is outer space. Silas promises to make Flip see he’s just a boy in a man’s world. Flip’s response is that the last time these two were in the ring, it was for the ROH World Television Championship, and Flip lost. But a lot has changed since then, and Flip’s going to prove it. Will Flip show Silas he isn’t the last real man anymore?

Fans chant for Flip as he offers a Code of Honor handshake. Silas doesn’t take it, and the bell rings. Silas knees low and clubs Flip on the back. He chops Flip in the corner, then whips him corner to corner. Flip goes up and over to arm-drag Silas around. Silas bails out but Flip builds speed, only to run into a haymaker! Silas slingshot stomps in, then stands on Flip. He backs off at the ref’s count of 4, then finally takes off the shirt to throw it at Flip. He then stomps a mudhole into Flip, stopping at another count of 4. Silas stands Flip up for chops, then whips him hard corner to corner. Flip hits buckles then mat, Silas covers, TWO!

Silas trash talks Flip as he grabs hair. Flip fights back but gets rocked with Silas’ right. Silas mocks the Flip chants but fans chant genuinely. Silas puts Flip in a corner, snapmares him hard out of it, then wraps on a chinlock. He grinds Flip to the mat, but fans rally up. Flip gets up and fights out but Silas clubs him down. Silas whips Flip to a corner, then runs in. Flip boots him away, then slips out to swing kick him back. Flip springboards for a missile dropkick! Fans fire up with Flip and he runs corner to corner for a big dropkick! He hoists Silas up top then gives the Kinder Surprise! Silas tumbles down and out, but Flip keeps going. Flip FLIES! And lands on his feet! Flip rains forearms down then roars with fans while we go to break.

ROH returns and Flip has Silas down again. Flip climbs up as Silas stands. Flip aims and gives a big crossbody! Cover, TWO! Flip catches his breath and brings Silas up in a fireman’s carry but Silas slips out. Silas shoves Flip but Flip hops onto the ropes to then springboard SPEAR Silas down! Cover, TWO! Flip grows a bit frustrated, but fans rally up for him. Flip runs in at Silas, but Silas dodges and Flip hits buckles. He lands on his feet, but Silas grabs him for a back suplex. Flip slips out to then run, but into the backbreaker and lariat! Cover, TWO! Now Silas grows frustrated, and he grits his teeth as he drags Flip up.

Silas has the full nelson, but Flip uses the spin to roll Silas up. Silas rolls out of it, and kicks low to rock Flip with a knee! Then the suplex, hanging swinging neckbreaker! Cover, TWO!! Silas is shocked but Flip is fired up all over again! Fans fire up with Flip even as Silas toys with him. Silas dares Flip to do something, so Flip fires a forearm. Silas says that wasn’t good enough, so Flip gives another, but Silas rocks him right back. “This is how a man gets it done,” Silas brags as he drags Flip up. Silas suplexes but Flip counters with a Falcon Arrow!

Both men are down but slowly stirring with the 10 count. Flip and Silas sit up at about 6, and Silas throws a haymaker. Flip gives a forearm, and then more forearms. He kicks but misses, to hit on the return! Flip runs but Silas reels him in by the waistband. Flip elbows Silas away, then runs, but into a boot! PELE! Fans fire up while Silas is dazed. Flip stares him down forehead to forehead, and they start trading forearms. They pick up speed as they go back and forth, and Silas staggers. Silas still gives one back and Flip staggers, but Flip comes back again. They go back and forth, slowing down, but Flip gets an edge. Flip runs, but into a forearm from Silas. Silas runs but Flip follows to roll up and clutch! FLIP WINS!!

Winner: Flip Gordon, by pinfall

It was a surprise, but it was also a win for Flip! Flip still wants to uphold the Code of Honor, but here comes Bully!! Low blow uppercut from behind! The good-for-nothing Hall of Fame wrestler stares at Silas. Silas stares back, but it seems Bully is disappointed in the Last Real Man. Bully takes his leave without a word, but will Flip get the last word in this fight?


Marty Scurll speaks.

Well first he laughs. “Congratulations, Kenny King.” He has embraced his inner Villain. Did it feel good? Scurll is sure it did. Enjoy the feeling while it lasts, because this Villain is out to get his revenge. Will the K I N G regret causing a spot of bother for Marty?


Kenny King responds.

In regards to him cheating the Villain, “a change was necessary.” This time last year, Kenny King had just finished his part in the Bachelorette and was so happy to be back in the ring to be the best he could be. He did that, by becoming the World Television Champion with his daughter in the audience. King was feeling like a king, until Austin Aries took advantage of him. Kenny was no longer the student, he’s the master, and he should’ve finished his friend turned enemy. But he didn’t, so he lost.

But let’s look at history. The 16-time World Champion Ric Flair is the Dirtiest Player in the Game. So if you gotta be the dirtiest to be a 16-time, Kenny’s okay getting a little dirty just to win once. “Don’t get it twisted, man, I’m not the bad guy.” Kenny isn’t a Villain, but if he has to do what it takes to win, then he’ll do it. Kenny’s got options, that’s all. Will he use these options the next time he faces Scurll?


NWA Worlds Champion, Nick Aldis, joins commentary!

With All-In on the horizon, he wants to make sure the American Nightmare keeps up his end of the deal. They’re each to put something up in their match. Aldis puts up his NWA title, but will Cody have a title to put up in return? That’ll have to be seen in the main event, up next!

ROH World Six Man Tag Team Championships: The Kingdom VS Cody & The Young Bucks!

Matt Taven, TK O’Ryan & Vinnie Marseglia have cried conspiracy for a long, long time, because it took them roughly a year to get a rematch for the titles they never lost. Now they cry conspiracy whenever another trio gets a shot “too easily.” And they definitely shout conspiracy whenever it comes to ROH’s treatment of The Bullet Club. Even so, The American Nightmare will have to earn the titles alongside Matt & Nick Jackson tonight, can they do it?

ROH returns from a quick break to see Cody “hulk out” of his shirt, much to the enjoyment of the Georgia crowd. Cody starts with the Sassy Wild Horse, TK, at the bell. The two circle as fans build to a rally. TK calls for a test of strength and Cody accepts, only for Vinnie & Taven to blindside him! Vinnie & TK take out The Bucks while Taven stomps away on Cody. The Bucks are sent into railing then the apron while Taven keeps Cody down. Vinnie brings Nick all the way to the stage while TK & Taven regroup in the ring. The referee reprimands Taven & Vinnie, neither of them are legal. TK keeps on Cody at the ropes while Vinnie sends Nick back down to the ring.

TK & Vinnie keep on Cody while Taven argues with the ref. Vinnie & TK double suplex Cody but the Bucks bail him out! The Bucks show superkicks and that sends TK & Vinnie running!  Taven comes in but Cody kicks him low to then triple whip with The Bucks. Taven gets back elbows, then is fed to the wheelbarrow uppercut to cutter! Fans fire up for the Bullet Club as TK runs in. Cody dodges him to back drop him high. The Bucks give TK double dropkicks, then see Vinnie come in. Vinnie gets kicks and Nick runs for the alley-oop dropkick! The Kingdom regroups on the outside, but get double slingshots from The Bucks! Taven somehow evades damage, but Cody triangle jumps onto him! Cody and Aldis stare down a second, but Cody goes back to the Bullet Club corner. Matt aims at TK but Vinnie creeps in to chop block!

The Horror King rains down rights while TK takes out Nick. TK throws Matt’s leg against the mat again and again, then drops a knee on it. Vinnie adds stomps, and fans boo and jeer. TK puts Matt into Taven’s boot, then Taven tags in. Matt fights back and throws Taven out. Taven “skins the cat” to then chopblock Matt again. Fans rally up but Taven drags Matt back. Tag to Vinnie and Vinnie takes that leg to drop elbows on it. Vinnie tags TK, and they split the wishbone. TK then hits Nick for good measure while Vinnie hits Cody. Cody rushes in but the ref holds him back. Taven holds Matt at the ropes for TK and Vinnie to double headbutt and double chop. Tag to Taven but fans rally up for Matt. Taven drags Matt around by the bad leg, to drop his own elbow on it.

Matt endures as Taven traps and twists the leg. Taven even punches away on the knee! Fans chant “Kingdom Sucks!” but Taven doesn’t care. He drags Matt over to tag in TK. TK drops an elbow then covers. TWO, and Matt fights back. TK rakes Matt’s eyes then runs, ducks Matt’s blind clothesline to then mule kick the bad leg out. Vinnie tags and drops a headbutt on the leg. The Kingdom has control while we go to break.

ROH returns as Matt is isolated in the Kingdom’s corner. Nick protests while Taven taunts. Taven turns around but into Matt’s boots! Matt fights out and hops up to missile dropkick Taven down! But that’s double-edged because of the bad leg. TK & Vinnie rush back in to take out Nick & Cody. They also knock Matt down, then drag him up to taunt on the ropes. They double whip but Matt breaks through to double clothesline them down! Fans rally up and Matt shoves Taven away. Hot tag to Nick! Nick rallies on The Kingdom with kicks! He gives Taven a shining wizard, then hits the bulldog clothesline combo! Vinnie has a balloon, and pops it! Taven goes after Nick with the King of the King! Cover, TWO! Taven rains down rights out of frustration. The referee has him back off but Taven argues with him.

Taven brings Nick up and whips. Nick sunset flips but Taven rolls through. Nick ducks the knee and clothesline, hot tag to Cody! Cody throws Taven down and slips out of the back suplex. Cody gives TK the Beautiful Disaster, then goes up and over Taven to powerslam Vinnie! Taven runs for the Oklahoma Roll but Cody rolls out. Cody grabs Taven in the dragon sleeper but Taven snapmares out of Cross Rhodes. Cody gets a takedown, and The Bucks come back in just as Vinnie & TK do. TK & Vinnie throw The Bucks out as Cody turns Taven over for the Sharpshooter. The Bucks slingshot sunset flip back in, and they get TK & Vinnie in Sharpshooters, too! It’s a Triple Cease! The Kingdom all endure while fans chant “The! Elite! The the Elite!”

TK and Vinnie get to ropes but that doesn’t matter. However, Taven also gets to ropes, so Cody lets him go. The Bullet Club regroup and fans rally up for Cody. Cody goes after Taven with a corner to corner whip. He sees Taven going up and over and gets the dragon sleeper, but Vinnie bicycle boots Cody down. Matt returns to SUPERKICK Vinnie! TK gives Matt a rocking haymaker, but Nick comes in. They bob ‘n’ weave with each other until Nick gets a SUPERKICK! Taven grabs Nick for a snapmare and Just The Tip shining wizard. Cody springboard dropkicks Taven! Cody drags Taven up, but Vinnie comes in with another balloon. Vinnie kicks low, but Matt SUPERKICKS the balloon in Vinnie’s ear!

The Bucks double SUPERKICK TK out! Cody joins them to Triple SUPERKICK Taven! Cover, TWO!? Taven surprises the Bullet Club, but the fans rally up again. Nick and TK brawl while Cody hits Cross Rhodes! Cover, but TK manages to drag Cody off just in time. TK drags Cody all the way out ot bump him off the apron. The Bucks get TK in the headscissor dropkick but TK falls on Cody. The Bucks run but Vinnie trips them up. Vinnie DIVES on Cody, but Matt wrecks him and TK with a dropkick. Matt holds the ropes and Nick FLIES onto them both. Taven hits Matt, then runs, to FLY on everyone! He even lands on his feet. But wait, Brandi is up top!? Taven returns to the ring while she FLIES onto the others! Taven didn’t even notice he was so absorbed in himself.

But wait, Burnard the Bear wants in? He taunts Taven, but then decides that was a mistake. Taven swing kicks him down! Cody rolls Taven up! ONE, but Cody gets the dragon sleeper. Taven escapes and hits Climax! Vinnie climbs up, for Redrum Swanton! Cover, but Matt breaks it just in time! All six men are down and Brandi checks on Burnard. Fans know “This is Awesome!” but Aldis only has criticisms. Matt and Nick stand first and go after TK & Vinnie. Cody and Taven brawl and it’s back and forth all over. Vinnie throws Matt out, TK throws Nick out, and they regroup with Taven. Powerbomb lift, but SUPERKICKS!! Cody drops down to throw Taven out. Taven hangs on, only to get SUPERKICKS! Vinnie is up, but runs into Cross Rhodes! Cover, The Bullet Club wins!!

Winners: The Bullet Club, Cody pinning; NEW ROH World Six Man Tag Team Champions

But wait! Taven was legal, not Vinnie! This pin shouldn’t count! The announcement is made but Taven still protests. Taven headbutts the referee down! Controversy and conspiracy aside, that’s uncalled for. Aldis also doesn’t like this, because he might be facing such confusion and miscommunication in his match with Cody. Will ROH officials sort this out? Or is the conspiracy realer than we thought?



My Thoughts:

A pretty wild episode tonight from top to bottom. Daniels VS Jay Briscoe was fun, but Mark Briscoe attacking should’ve been expected. It’s been the way The Briscoes have been since turning Heel and getting those tag titles back. The tag title match should be pretty great, but maybe it needs to be made into something that keeps the Champions’ Advantage happening. At the very least, a No Disqualification Tornado Tag would be good for these four teams and their increasingly personal feud. And as before, I would think The Addiction/SCU winning the belts to then go from hunters to the hunted makes their story of the contract countdown more compelling.

Flip VS Silas was great, I love that springboard spear. He needs to make that a standard move. But even better was Flip winning, because he’s really done great and deserves some solid wins like this. Bully Ray attacking was logical per the story, but I like the idea that not even a Heel like Silas is exempt from whatever Heel philosophy Bully follows. Bully VS Silas sounds good, and I’m curious if this turns into some kind of turn for Silas. Kenny King’s own story sounds like it could become a Heel turn for him, and he might as well. Scurll is Face despite being The Villain, so Kenny might as well become Heel again just to freshen things up.

That main event was pretty incredible. The Kingdom and Bullet Club have so much history, both teams are so talented, and it was a nice touch to have Nick Aldis present and on commentary to plug All-In. It was a perfect touch for there to be a controversial finish where Bullet Club wins the titles, because for once, it legitimizes their “It’s a conspiracy!” gimmick. It was getting annoying weeks ago when there was the Six Man Tag Gauntlet, but now it’s looking real. Aldis agrees with The Kingdom more out of general fairness, butt I’m pretty sure it’s also because he doesn’t want a tag title in return for a singles title. There’s literally one episode of ROH before All-In (it’s same day) and I’m wondering if they’ve planned to clear this up in that episode.

My Score: 8.5/10

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