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Mitchell’s ROH Results & Report! (8/25/18)



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Ring of Honor Wrestling Television, Episode 362

The Kingdom continue to cry conspiracy after The American Nightmare & The Young Bucks were “handed” tonight’s ROH World Six Man Tag Team Championship match!



  • Christopher Daniels VS Jay Briscoe; Daniels wins, by disqualification.
  • Flip Gordon VS Silas Young; Flip wins.
  • ROH World Six Man Tag Team Championships: The Kingdom VS Cody & The Young Bucks; The Bullet Club wins and become the new ROH World Six Man Tag Team Champions.


Christopher Daniels VS Jay Briscoe!

Two former ROH World Heavyweight Champions have a rematch from a classic years ago as both SoCal Uncensored and #DemBoyz prepare to fight for the World Tag Team Championships. Will the Fallen Angel or the elder Briscoe brother get a big win in the Center Stage Arena?

The bell rings and there is no Code of Honor as these two circle. They tie up and Briscoe gets Daniels on teh ropes. They go around the ring and end up in a corner. Briscoe backs off, but then shoves Daniels. Daniels shoves back, and Briscoe fires off. Daniels blocks to fire back and whip. Briscoe reverses but Daniels dodges the elbow to give a forearm. Daniels whips and hits a big dropkick! Fans fire up with “SCU! SCU!” but Daniels runs into an elbow. Daniels dodges then throws Briscoe out. He takes aim, Arabian Press already! The moonsault wipes Briscoes out with some speed, and Daniels keeps going by throwing Briscoe into barriers.

They go back in the ring, and Daniels whips Briscoe corner to corner. He hits a big corner forearm, then stomps a mudhole into Briscoe. The referee backs Daniels but Briscoe gives him a buckle complete shot! Briscoe gets back in control while we go to break.

ROH returns and fans rally for Daniels. But Briscoe rakes Daniels’ face as he puts him against the ropes! Briscoe whips Daniels then dropkicks him. Cover, TWO, and Briscoe grows frustrated. Daniels is also frustrated, but he gets the fans rally up. Briscoe stomps Daniels and tells the fans to shut up. Fans boo instead as Briscoe wraps Daniels in a chinlock. Daniels endures and fans rally up again. Daniels feeds off the energy to fight out with elbows. Briscoe headbutts him to a corner, then runs in. Daniels dodges and runs, to rally with forearms and lariats. He whips Briscoe but Briscoe reverses, only to get a kick, an STO and some fast hands! Daniels drags Briscoe up for a whip into a Blue Thunder Bomb! Cover, TWO!

Daniels calls for the Wings, and brings Briscoe up. He double underhooks but Briscoe powers him to a corner. Briscoe kicks low then turns Daniels, but Daniels pushes out. Briscoe hits back with a spinning forearm, then he gives Daniels his double underhook. Daniels back drops out, then slams him with a urenage. He calls for the moonsault, but Mark Briscoe attacks with a chair!!

Winner: Christopher Daniels, by disqualification

The fans boo and jeer as the younger Briscoe robs us of a classic match. Mark keeps going, too, as he SMACKS Daniels across the back again! Mark rains right hands and then passes the chair to Jay. But here come Frankie Kazarian and Scorpio Sky! The SCU scare off #DemBoyz, but this is far from over. Will the Briscoes #ManUp and do things fair and square in their ROH World Tag Team title match?


ROH takes another look at the ROH World Championship Ironman Match, Jay Lethal VS Jonathan Gresham!

On Episode 364, we will have The Octopus and The Franchise go 1v1 for no less than 30 minutes. Lethal admits he underestimated Gresham in their second-ever match, back on April 15th, 2018 at Masters of the Craft. Gresham talks destiny. His destiny. At Masters of the Craft, Lethal wasn’t the ROH WHC. But now he is. Lethal also admits Gresham pushed him to his limits, so it’s not just Gresham who wants this rematch. Lethal wants this rematch and the fans want this rematch, the fans deserve this rematch. Gresham has wanted this his entire career.

Gresham is 0-2 but he’s still getting the chance of his life time. Lethal admits yet again that he narrowly won their first match and that he survived the second. But this third time, “you ain’t seen nothing yet.” Gresham brings his best and wants Lethal’s best. There is no better place for Gresham to win that title than in his hometown of Atlanta, Georgia. No less than 30 minutes, but it will be more than enough for Lethal to prove to everyone, including himself, that he’s the best. We have two more weeks until this guaranteed wrestling clinic begins. Who will prove that they are the best wrestler in ROH?


Flip Gordon VS Silas Young!

The Captain of Flip Army has had to deal with a bully in none other than Bully Ray Dudley as of late, but he now has to focus on The Last Real Man tonight. Silas had words for Flip, admitting Flip is as talented as they come. But if sky’s the limit for Flip, then Silas is outer space. Silas promises to make Flip see he’s just a boy in a man’s world. Flip’s response is that the last time these two were in the ring, it was for the ROH World Television Championship, and Flip lost. But a lot has changed since then, and Flip’s going to prove it. Will Flip show Silas he isn’t the last real man anymore?

Fans chant for Flip as he offers a Code of Honor handshake. Silas doesn’t take it, and the bell rings. Silas knees low and clubs Flip on the back. He chops Flip in the corner, then whips him corner to corner. Flip goes up and over to arm-drag Silas around. Silas bails out but Flip builds speed, only to run into a haymaker! Silas slingshot stomps in, then stands on Flip. He backs off at the ref’s count of 4, then finally takes off the shirt to throw it at Flip. He then stomps a mudhole into Flip, stopping at another count of 4. Silas stands Flip up for chops, then whips him hard corner to corner. Flip hits buckles then mat, Silas covers, TWO!

Silas trash talks Flip as he grabs hair. Flip fights back but gets rocked with Silas’ right. Silas mocks the Flip chants but fans chant genuinely. Silas puts Flip in a corner, snapmares him hard out of it, then wraps on a chinlock. He grinds Flip to the mat, but fans rally up. Flip gets up and fights out but Silas clubs him down. Silas whips Flip to a corner, then runs in. Flip boots him away, then slips out to swing kick him back. Flip springboards for a missile dropkick! Fans fire up with Flip and he runs corner to corner for a big dropkick! He hoists Silas up top then gives the Kinder Surprise! Silas tumbles down and out, but Flip keeps going. Flip FLIES! And lands on his feet! Flip rains forearms down then roars with fans while we go to break.

ROH returns and Flip has Silas down again. Flip climbs up as Silas stands. Flip aims and gives a big crossbody! Cover, TWO! Flip catches his breath and brings Silas up in a fireman’s carry but Silas slips out. Silas shoves Flip but Flip hops onto the ropes to then springboard SPEAR Silas down! Cover, TWO! Flip grows a bit frustrated, but fans rally up for him. Flip runs in at Silas, but Silas dodges and Flip hits buckles. He lands on his feet, but Silas grabs him for a back suplex. Flip slips out to then run, but into the backbreaker and lariat! Cover, TWO! Now Silas grows frustrated, and he grits his teeth as he drags Flip up.

Silas has the full nelson, but Flip uses the spin to roll Silas up. Silas rolls out of it, and kicks low to rock Flip with a knee! Then the suplex, hanging swinging neckbreaker! Cover, TWO!! Silas is shocked but Flip is fired up all over again! Fans fire up with Flip even as Silas toys with him. Silas dares Flip to do something, so Flip fires a forearm. Silas says that wasn’t good enough, so Flip gives another, but Silas rocks him right back. “This is how a man gets it done,” Silas brags as he drags Flip up. Silas suplexes but Flip counters with a Falcon Arrow!

Both men are down but slowly stirring with the 10 count. Flip and Silas sit up at about 6, and Silas throws a haymaker. Flip gives a forearm, and then more forearms. He kicks but misses, to hit on the return! Flip runs but Silas reels him in by the waistband. Flip elbows Silas away, then runs, but into a boot! PELE! Fans fire up while Silas is dazed. Flip stares him down forehead to forehead, and they start trading forearms. They pick up speed as they go back and forth, and Silas staggers. Silas still gives one back and Flip staggers, but Flip comes back again. They go back and forth, slowing down, but Flip gets an edge. Flip runs, but into a forearm from Silas. Silas runs but Flip follows to roll up and clutch! FLIP WINS!!

Winner: Flip Gordon, by pinfall

It was a surprise, but it was also a win for Flip! Flip still wants to uphold the Code of Honor, but here comes Bully!! Low blow uppercut from behind! The good-for-nothing Hall of Fame wrestler stares at Silas. Silas stares back, but it seems Bully is disappointed in the Last Real Man. Bully takes his leave without a word, but will Flip get the last word in this fight?


Marty Scurll speaks.

Well first he laughs. “Congratulations, Kenny King.” He has embraced his inner Villain. Did it feel good? Scurll is sure it did. Enjoy the feeling while it lasts, because this Villain is out to get his revenge. Will the K I N G regret causing a spot of bother for Marty?


Kenny King responds.

In regards to him cheating the Villain, “a change was necessary.” This time last year, Kenny King had just finished his part in the Bachelorette and was so happy to be back in the ring to be the best he could be. He did that, by becoming the World Television Champion with his daughter in the audience. King was feeling like a king, until Austin Aries took advantage of him. Kenny was no longer the student, he’s the master, and he should’ve finished his friend turned enemy. But he didn’t, so he lost.

But let’s look at history. The 16-time World Champion Ric Flair is the Dirtiest Player in the Game. So if you gotta be the dirtiest to be a 16-time, Kenny’s okay getting a little dirty just to win once. “Don’t get it twisted, man, I’m not the bad guy.” Kenny isn’t a Villain, but if he has to do what it takes to win, then he’ll do it. Kenny’s got options, that’s all. Will he use these options the next time he faces Scurll?


NWA Worlds Champion, Nick Aldis, joins commentary!

With All-In on the horizon, he wants to make sure the American Nightmare keeps up his end of the deal. They’re each to put something up in their match. Aldis puts up his NWA title, but will Cody have a title to put up in return? That’ll have to be seen in the main event, up next!

ROH World Six Man Tag Team Championships: The Kingdom VS Cody & The Young Bucks!

Matt Taven, TK O’Ryan & Vinnie Marseglia have cried conspiracy for a long, long time, because it took them roughly a year to get a rematch for the titles they never lost. Now they cry conspiracy whenever another trio gets a shot “too easily.” And they definitely shout conspiracy whenever it comes to ROH’s treatment of The Bullet Club. Even so, The American Nightmare will have to earn the titles alongside Matt & Nick Jackson tonight, can they do it?

ROH returns from a quick break to see Cody “hulk out” of his shirt, much to the enjoyment of the Georgia crowd. Cody starts with the Sassy Wild Horse, TK, at the bell. The two circle as fans build to a rally. TK calls for a test of strength and Cody accepts, only for Vinnie & Taven to blindside him! Vinnie & TK take out The Bucks while Taven stomps away on Cody. The Bucks are sent into railing then the apron while Taven keeps Cody down. Vinnie brings Nick all the way to the stage while TK & Taven regroup in the ring. The referee reprimands Taven & Vinnie, neither of them are legal. TK keeps on Cody at the ropes while Vinnie sends Nick back down to the ring.

TK & Vinnie keep on Cody while Taven argues with the ref. Vinnie & TK double suplex Cody but the Bucks bail him out! The Bucks show superkicks and that sends TK & Vinnie running!  Taven comes in but Cody kicks him low to then triple whip with The Bucks. Taven gets back elbows, then is fed to the wheelbarrow uppercut to cutter! Fans fire up for the Bullet Club as TK runs in. Cody dodges him to back drop him high. The Bucks give TK double dropkicks, then see Vinnie come in. Vinnie gets kicks and Nick runs for the alley-oop dropkick! The Kingdom regroups on the outside, but get double slingshots from The Bucks! Taven somehow evades damage, but Cody triangle jumps onto him! Cody and Aldis stare down a second, but Cody goes back to the Bullet Club corner. Matt aims at TK but Vinnie creeps in to chop block!

The Horror King rains down rights while TK takes out Nick. TK throws Matt’s leg against the mat again and again, then drops a knee on it. Vinnie adds stomps, and fans boo and jeer. TK puts Matt into Taven’s boot, then Taven tags in. Matt fights back and throws Taven out. Taven “skins the cat” to then chopblock Matt again. Fans rally up but Taven drags Matt back. Tag to Vinnie and Vinnie takes that leg to drop elbows on it. Vinnie tags TK, and they split the wishbone. TK then hits Nick for good measure while Vinnie hits Cody. Cody rushes in but the ref holds him back. Taven holds Matt at the ropes for TK and Vinnie to double headbutt and double chop. Tag to Taven but fans rally up for Matt. Taven drags Matt around by the bad leg, to drop his own elbow on it.

Matt endures as Taven traps and twists the leg. Taven even punches away on the knee! Fans chant “Kingdom Sucks!” but Taven doesn’t care. He drags Matt over to tag in TK. TK drops an elbow then covers. TWO, and Matt fights back. TK rakes Matt’s eyes then runs, ducks Matt’s blind clothesline to then mule kick the bad leg out. Vinnie tags and drops a headbutt on the leg. The Kingdom has control while we go to break.

ROH returns as Matt is isolated in the Kingdom’s corner. Nick protests while Taven taunts. Taven turns around but into Matt’s boots! Matt fights out and hops up to missile dropkick Taven down! But that’s double-edged because of the bad leg. TK & Vinnie rush back in to take out Nick & Cody. They also knock Matt down, then drag him up to taunt on the ropes. They double whip but Matt breaks through to double clothesline them down! Fans rally up and Matt shoves Taven away. Hot tag to Nick! Nick rallies on The Kingdom with kicks! He gives Taven a shining wizard, then hits the bulldog clothesline combo! Vinnie has a balloon, and pops it! Taven goes after Nick with the King of the King! Cover, TWO! Taven rains down rights out of frustration. The referee has him back off but Taven argues with him.

Taven brings Nick up and whips. Nick sunset flips but Taven rolls through. Nick ducks the knee and clothesline, hot tag to Cody! Cody throws Taven down and slips out of the back suplex. Cody gives TK the Beautiful Disaster, then goes up and over Taven to powerslam Vinnie! Taven runs for the Oklahoma Roll but Cody rolls out. Cody grabs Taven in the dragon sleeper but Taven snapmares out of Cross Rhodes. Cody gets a takedown, and The Bucks come back in just as Vinnie & TK do. TK & Vinnie throw The Bucks out as Cody turns Taven over for the Sharpshooter. The Bucks slingshot sunset flip back in, and they get TK & Vinnie in Sharpshooters, too! It’s a Triple Cease! The Kingdom all endure while fans chant “The! Elite! The the Elite!”

TK and Vinnie get to ropes but that doesn’t matter. However, Taven also gets to ropes, so Cody lets him go. The Bullet Club regroup and fans rally up for Cody. Cody goes after Taven with a corner to corner whip. He sees Taven going up and over and gets the dragon sleeper, but Vinnie bicycle boots Cody down. Matt returns to SUPERKICK Vinnie! TK gives Matt a rocking haymaker, but Nick comes in. They bob ‘n’ weave with each other until Nick gets a SUPERKICK! Taven grabs Nick for a snapmare and Just The Tip shining wizard. Cody springboard dropkicks Taven! Cody drags Taven up, but Vinnie comes in with another balloon. Vinnie kicks low, but Matt SUPERKICKS the balloon in Vinnie’s ear!

The Bucks double SUPERKICK TK out! Cody joins them to Triple SUPERKICK Taven! Cover, TWO!? Taven surprises the Bullet Club, but the fans rally up again. Nick and TK brawl while Cody hits Cross Rhodes! Cover, but TK manages to drag Cody off just in time. TK drags Cody all the way out ot bump him off the apron. The Bucks get TK in the headscissor dropkick but TK falls on Cody. The Bucks run but Vinnie trips them up. Vinnie DIVES on Cody, but Matt wrecks him and TK with a dropkick. Matt holds the ropes and Nick FLIES onto them both. Taven hits Matt, then runs, to FLY on everyone! He even lands on his feet. But wait, Brandi is up top!? Taven returns to the ring while she FLIES onto the others! Taven didn’t even notice he was so absorbed in himself.

But wait, Burnard the Bear wants in? He taunts Taven, but then decides that was a mistake. Taven swing kicks him down! Cody rolls Taven up! ONE, but Cody gets the dragon sleeper. Taven escapes and hits Climax! Vinnie climbs up, for Redrum Swanton! Cover, but Matt breaks it just in time! All six men are down and Brandi checks on Burnard. Fans know “This is Awesome!” but Aldis only has criticisms. Matt and Nick stand first and go after TK & Vinnie. Cody and Taven brawl and it’s back and forth all over. Vinnie throws Matt out, TK throws Nick out, and they regroup with Taven. Powerbomb lift, but SUPERKICKS!! Cody drops down to throw Taven out. Taven hangs on, only to get SUPERKICKS! Vinnie is up, but runs into Cross Rhodes! Cover, The Bullet Club wins!!

Winners: The Bullet Club, Cody pinning; NEW ROH World Six Man Tag Team Champions

But wait! Taven was legal, not Vinnie! This pin shouldn’t count! The announcement is made but Taven still protests. Taven headbutts the referee down! Controversy and conspiracy aside, that’s uncalled for. Aldis also doesn’t like this, because he might be facing such confusion and miscommunication in his match with Cody. Will ROH officials sort this out? Or is the conspiracy realer than we thought?



My Thoughts:

A pretty wild episode tonight from top to bottom. Daniels VS Jay Briscoe was fun, but Mark Briscoe attacking should’ve been expected. It’s been the way The Briscoes have been since turning Heel and getting those tag titles back. The tag title match should be pretty great, but maybe it needs to be made into something that keeps the Champions’ Advantage happening. At the very least, a No Disqualification Tornado Tag would be good for these four teams and their increasingly personal feud. And as before, I would think The Addiction/SCU winning the belts to then go from hunters to the hunted makes their story of the contract countdown more compelling.

Flip VS Silas was great, I love that springboard spear. He needs to make that a standard move. But even better was Flip winning, because he’s really done great and deserves some solid wins like this. Bully Ray attacking was logical per the story, but I like the idea that not even a Heel like Silas is exempt from whatever Heel philosophy Bully follows. Bully VS Silas sounds good, and I’m curious if this turns into some kind of turn for Silas. Kenny King’s own story sounds like it could become a Heel turn for him, and he might as well. Scurll is Face despite being The Villain, so Kenny might as well become Heel again just to freshen things up.

That main event was pretty incredible. The Kingdom and Bullet Club have so much history, both teams are so talented, and it was a nice touch to have Nick Aldis present and on commentary to plug All-In. It was a perfect touch for there to be a controversial finish where Bullet Club wins the titles, because for once, it legitimizes their “It’s a conspiracy!” gimmick. It was getting annoying weeks ago when there was the Six Man Tag Gauntlet, but now it’s looking real. Aldis agrees with The Kingdom more out of general fairness, butt I’m pretty sure it’s also because he doesn’t want a tag title in return for a singles title. There’s literally one episode of ROH before All-In (it’s same day) and I’m wondering if they’ve planned to clear this up in that episode.

My Score: 8.5/10

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Joe’s CMLL Review & Ratings (10/15/2018)



CMLL Coverage
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CMLL Arena Puebla Monday

Lestat, Rey Samuray, Asturiano vs Rey Apocalipsis, Joker, and Guerrero Espacial

Samuray and Joker start off and Samuray is so much taller than Joker. They start grappling on their feet which soon becomes mat wrestling. Asturiano and Guerrero make their way in and continue the trend of grappling. They hit a stale mate and shake hands bringing in Lestat and Apocalipsis. They pick up the pace as Lestat attacks his partners in the corner. Lestat gets Apocalipsis out of the ring, and hits Guerrero with a fireman’s carry. Then Samuray hits a springboard 450 for the pin. Asturiano hits a lionsault on Joker for the fall. First Fall: Asturiano hits a lionsault on Joker for the pin.

Lestat and Apocalipsis start off the next fall. Lestat hits a hurricanrana and goes for a top rope dive but Rey’s female companion covers him. Asturiano comes in with Joker briefly but he hits a pose and Samuray and Guerrero enter. Samuray hits a head scissors then a springboard arm drag, then feigns a dive. Lestat comes in with Apocalipsis. Rey has him in his corner and they take him out. Asturiano comes to make the save but he suffers the same fate. Samuray gets triple teamed until he’s hit with a fireman’s carry then a splash off the top by Joker which pins him. Lestat comes in and gets double teamed and then Guerrero submits him for the fall. Second Fall: Guerrero Espacial submits Lestat with a stretch for the fall.

Third fall starts with Lestat being triple teamed. Samuray makes the save and they start to exchange spots. Lestat comes in and hits a springboard leg drop on Apocalipsis but the count is broken up. Rey Samuray hits a lionsault but gets up after 2. Samuray hits a rotating dive off the top on Guerrero for the pin. Joker then hits him with a canadian destroyer for a pin. Apocalipsis and Lestat get in. Lestat hits a death valley driver. He goes to the top and misses the swanton bomb. Apocalipsis gets him in a leg roll which leads to an arm bar for the win. Third Fall: Apocalipsis submits Lestat with an arm bar.

Winners: Rey Apocalipsis, Joker, and Guerrero Espacial

Marcella, Lluvia, and La Vaquerita vs Dayls, Tiffany, Amapola

Tiffany starts with Vaquerita. They exchange submission holds and counters. Lluvia and Dayls make their way in. They start to work at a faster pace until Lluvia stops and takes her shirt off. Dayls doesn’t let up and attacks her after. Lluvia hits a face buster and feigns a dive. This brings in Marcella and Amapola. Marcella hits a head scissor take over then a foot stomp from the top. The match starts to break down, Vaquerita hits a drop kick off the top, then Lluvia hits one in the corner on Dayls for the fall. First Fall: Lluvia pins Dayls with a corner drop kick.

Marcella starts with Tiffany and they’re slapping each other in the chest to start. It quickly breaks down and all 6 women are in the ring. The two other are taken out and Vaquerita gets triple teamed. She gets taken out and Lluvia comes in and she gets drop kicked to the ramp. Marcella tries to help but she’s drop kicked to the floor. Tiffany gets Vaquerita in a torture rack like submission for the fall. Second Fall: Tiffany submits La Vaquerita with a modified torture rack.

Third round begins with more triple teaming on Marcella. They take one out and move on to triple teaming the next. They make a come back and get a triple submission in the center of the ring but it’s broken up. Marcella goes for a vertical suplex but Dayls reverses it into a small package for the win. Third Fall: Dayls pins Marcella with a small package.

Winners: Dayls, Tiffany, and Amapola

Diamante Azul, Kraneo, and Volcano vs Hechicero, Templario, and El Felino

Volcano starts off with Templario and I don’t think you’re going to see much mat wrestling with Volcano. Templario tries to move around Volcano but he can’t because he’s too big. Volcano hits a big boot on Templario sending him to the outside. All of them stare down for a moment before Azul and Hechicero come in. Hechicero tries to unmask him while they’re grappling on the ground. Felino gets in their next with Kraneo next. Kraneo body slams Felino and is about to go for a splash but then Templario and Hechicero come in to attack him and this leads to a brawl. They hit Kraneo with a triple team spine buster but sell their backs afterwards. They get him in a triple submission afterwards. Hechicero hits a running knee on Azul and Felino pins him. First Fall: Hechicero hits a running knee on Diamante Azul and Felino pins him.

Second fall begins with them interacting with the midgets that are ring side. Hechicero and Templario hit a double suplex on Volcano. Hechicero, Templario, and Felino continue to triple team everybody. They start to make a come back and Kraneo hits Felino with a hip attack in the corner. Volcano hits a sit out press slam on Templario for the pin. Azul body slams Hechicero and Kraneo goes up to the top for a splash and pin. Second Fall: Kraneo pins Hechicero with a splash off the top.

Third round starts with Kraneo and Felino in the ring attacking each other. Kraneo hits a double splash on Hechicero and Templario after they try to double him. Templario then is in there alone with Volcano and he’s trying to get him down again. He gets Templario out of there, Hechicero comes in and tries to hit a springboard attack but he’s caught and slammed. Felino tries his hand but to no avail, and Volcano feigns a dive when Felino goes to the outside. I don’t think we’ll be seeing him dive. Templario is in there with Azul now. Azul gets off rapid fire tilt-a-whirl back breakers. Azul hits a hurricanrana on Hechicero then goes for a middle rope dive. Leading to Templario and Volcano in the ring again. Volcano hits a spine bsuter then his handspring splash. Kraneo sits on Felino after a failed sunset flip for the win. Third Fall: Kraneo sits out on El Felino after a failed sunset flip.

Winners: Kraneo, Volcano, Diamante Azul

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As Noah head towards the end of the year, Autumn Navigation began on October 7th in Gunma. I am afraid I don’t have too much information about the first two shows.

Naomichi Marufuji’s feud (not so much Akitoshi Saito’s) with Mitsuya Nagai and “The Hooligans” began in earnest. Marufuji came out with a weary expression like he had to deal with something that was tiresome (and to him it is, as he says that The Hooligans are not worthy of the title shot, although he’s had to begrudgingly give them one), and this match was to prove just to be that as Nagai came out to “second”.

“Second” in this case being another word for “interfere”, which he did by pulling the referee out of the ring when Marufuji went for the pin on Taniguchi. While the ref and Nagai argued, Cody Hall used the distraction to creep into the ring and ambush Marufuji with “The Hooligan” bomb, meaning that Taniguchi got the win when the ref got back in the ring.

Afterwards The Hooligans stood over Marufuji, Cody Hall & Taniguchi holding the heavyweight tag belts, and Taniguchi with his foot on him.

Marufuji said afterwards that he was irritated before, but he’s angry now, and he’s had enough. This wasn’t enough, however, to stop The Hooligans from running over them again on the 11th October.

Noah have started the pre-matches for Global League; on the 11th October, Masa Kitamiya and Katsuhiko Nakajima faced off against each other after a long while. Nakajima, as ever, smirking when kicking someone, this time his tag partner.


IPW have announced that they have become the official merchandise vendor for Noah for Europe, and I understand they also deliver to the USA. I am afraid for any other country, you would need to check directly with them. Shop can be accessed via the link above.

Kenoh’s column this week is thought to be generally not too interesting (aside from maybe the end about appearing in a quiz show), but he does give some interesting insights into life in Noah and how wrestlers branching out into other programs beyond wrestling, can help a product.

Speaking of Kenoh, I read a very sweet story in an interview earlier this week.

When Kenoh was a tiny infant (about two or three), he used to stand at the window of the Nippon Kempo watching them practice until his mother removed him. Even when it snowed, he would stand at the window.

His mother later asked if he could see inside, and then enrolled him in the school.

For her tenth anniversary in wrestling, Hikaru Shida challenged Naomichi Marufuji to a rematch. They had last clashed on April 17th, and she had been knocked out within a few minutes (108 seconds to be precise). This time she managed to last eighteen minutes with him. He took knee attacks, and she took chops.

Marufuji won with the high knee, and said afterwards that “the match was fun, and with so much potential, I want you to be the top girl”.”.

Noah have announced the dates for “Winter Navigation 2018”, plus “Great Voyage in Yokohama Vol.2” and “NOAHFul Gift in Differ”.

They have also announced dates for January 2019.

Last year NOAHFUL Gift was held in ShinKiba, this year it will be being held at Korakuen Hall. Although Noah have announced no plans for the format as of yet, it will most likely feature the flea market in which Noah sell their old ring wear to fans (in the old days they would also serve Dojo chanko) and the usual battle royal and comedy matches.

Genba Hirayanagi threatened to appear last year in some gnarly old pants when he heard there was a flea-market. Sugiura said no one would want them, and Marufuji told him that it was “called obstruction of business”.

Thankfully Genba’s questionable taste in clothes is not a recurring feature, but Akitoshi Saito in cosplay is. In past years we have seen a lounge singer (complete with frilled cuffs, cummerbund and a velvet suit), and a pigtailed joshi. 2017 saw him in a video which was played in installments throughout the evening flanked by Moose in a Burger King hat, Eddie Edwards in a Santa hat (both were trying not to laugh), and Saito in various stages of undress whilst wearing a wig and make-up.

During the Battle Royale last year, everyone dressed up; well, almost everyone, as Kenoh appeared in an old karate outfit, and HAYATA came as himself in DOVE Pro. Other highlights included Takashi Sugiura being labelled a “vulgar and tasteless Santa” by Tokyo Sports, Hi69 was a “Panda” (his costume was purple tights and Panda face-paint, and according to Hajime Ohara he had gone out and bought his costume the night before, leading Sugi to point, laugh and say “that’s not a Panda, that’s a monster), Hajime Ohara as Kiki from “Kiki’s Delivery Service” complete with satchel full of bakery goods, a Jiji on his shoulder, black wig with a bow and a broom, Hitoshi Kumano as a bear, Daisuke Harada as HAYATA (which HAYATA did not appreciate and glared at him afterwards) and of course the inevitable Mr. Koto (Atsushi Kotoge).

Needless to say its a fun show, and if you are going to be in Tokyo over Christmas\New Year, I not only envy you, I also highly recommend you go and see it. All grudges, rivalries and title matches are put aside, and the roster relax and have fun.

Naomichi Marufuji and Hi69 will miss Noah’s event on the 18th November as they will be participating in Ryuku Dragon Pro in Okinawa

Kenoh will be appearing for KAIENTAI DOJO on Sunday October 28th, he will team with Tank Nagai against Yuri Asakawa & Kengo Mashimo.

Junta Miyawaki will make his second appearance for YOUNGDOMS (FREEDOMS sub brand) on the 5th November, he will team with Shunsuke Sayama vs Toru Sugiura and SUSUMU


Current champions

  • GHC Heavyweight Champion: Takashi Sugiura
  • GHC Junior Champion: Daisuke Harada
  • GHC Heavyweight Tag Champions: Naomichi Marufuji & Akitoshi Saito
  • GHC Junior Tag Champions: Minoru Tanaka & Hi69

The GHC Heavyweight Championship currently has no challenger as Global League will begin in late October to determine the number one contender.

Daisuke Harada and Atsushi Kotoge will clash over the GHC Junior Championship on October 30th at Korakuen Hall (match signing to be held the same day)

Naomichi Marufuji & Akitoshi Saito will defend the GHC Heavyweight Tag Championship against “The Hooligans” (Maybach Taniguchi and Cody Hall) on Sunday October 14th in Kobe.

The GHC Junior Tag Championship has not been challenged for yet.


  • Naomichi Marufuji was involved in a minor car accident this week when someone reversed into him, he is fine fortunately.
  • Noah released Halloween Revolutionary cloaks for kids which were sold on the 11th October, with the Revolutionary Hero on hand to sign them. Atsushi Kotoge has said that the manufacturing cost is too high to make them for adults.
  • Takashi Sugiura gave a defense match interview, in it he said he wants to be the first reigning champion in history to win Global League, and if that happens he will nominate his own opponent, which will be Masato Tanaka. They have fought against each other in the past, but they have never had a title match over a single belt.
  • Mitsuya Nagai called a lady in the crowd “you old bag” because she was mouthing off to him.
  • Mohammed Yone’s disco ball for his entry has become a thing
  • People would like to see Atsushi Kotoge and Kaito Kiyomiya tag together and challenge for the belts
  • HAYATA has a new online diary, “HAYATAbot”, I am afraid that to access it requires a paid subscription
  • Kenoh will finally get his wish for a singles match with Naomichi Marufuji on the 8th November at Korakuen Hall for Global League 2018.
  • Like Hi69 does, Atsushi Kotoge did a short question time with fans on Twitter, highlights included; Kotoge saying he doesn’t drink at home, and Go Shiozaki asking what the capes were made of to which, Kotoge said playfully, “asshole, I’ll go and look”. He never actually answered Shiozaki’s question.
  • Kenoh’s friend, Masahiro-san (whom Kenoh has blocked, and who Masahiro-san calls “that asshole who blocked me”), posted a few candid pictures of when he stayed at Kenoh’s home for the night on Twitter. Masahiro-san usually deletes them a few minutes after posting, but they were there long enough to ascertain Kenoh bought tourist fodder Union Jack boxer shorts when he visited London for Frontline Pro Wrestling.
  • Hajime Ohara is holding exercise classes in Kawasaki which are open to adults of every age and sex. The classes will be simple exercises in how to build, tone and maintain muscles and how to exercises with a water bottle.

None this week, he’s managed to behave himself.


English language translation of Naomichi Marufuji’s biography, “Heir to The Ark”
Takashi Sugiura’s sixth defense interview
Akira Taue loved the “Talk Battle” with Toshiaki Kawada
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Mitchell’s NJPW AXS TV Results: Destruction in Hiroshima 2018!



NJPW Destruction in Hiroshima

AXS moves on in its NJPW coverage by bringing us Destruction in Hiroshima! Does the Best Bout Machine hold on to his title against the Stone Pitbull?


This coverage of Destruction in Hiroshima will be as broadcast by AXS TV.

Gifs can be found at



  • Six Man Tag: Hiroshi Tanahashi, Togi Makabe & Tomoaki Honma VS Kazuchika Okada, Yoshi-Hashi & Jay White; Tanahashi, Makabe & Honma win.
  • IWGP Heavyweight Championship: Kenny Omega VS Tomohiro Ishii; Omega wins and retains the IWGP Heavyweight Championship.


NJPW and AXS set the scene!

Kenny Omega continues his reign as the newest IWGP Heavyweight Champion after his epic 2 Out of 3 Falls match Kazuchika Okada. He has bested some of the best, such as The American Nightmare, Cody, at the G1 Special in San Francisco, and six straight victories in this year’s G1 Climax tournament. However, things were changed when The Stone Pitbull looked to play spoiler. Tomohiro Ishii was no longer in contention for the G1 Climax 28 Finals, but he was more concerned about evening the score from the IWGP United States Championship tournament. Ishii defeated Omega in a toughly contested match, and that would ultimately cost Omega his spot in the G1 Climax finals. That victory has earned Ishii his shot tonight in Hiroshima, but will he be able to repeat his upset performance? Or will the Best Bout Machine break the tie and retain the title?


Six Man Tag: Hiroshi Tanahashi, Togi Makabe & Tomoaki Honma VS Kazuchika Okada, Yoshi-Hashi & Jay White!

There is much tension within the Chaos trio as the Switchblade has made it clear he wants to take control of the faction away from The Rainmaker. Can White and Okada get along, with the Head Hunter stuck in the middle, against The Ace, the Uncaged Gorilla and the “Innovator of Lighttube Death Matches”?

NJPW and AXS jump into this match as it is in progress. White tags in off Okada and chops away on Honma. He whips him corner to corner then chops Honma off his feet. White taunts Honma then brings him up, but Honma chops back. White elbows Honma’s neck and tries to suplex, but Honma blocks. Honma goes to suplex White but White reverses and chops him to a corner. White runs in but into a boot, and Honma runs out for a leaping shoulder tackle! Fans fire up for Honma as he crawls for his corner. Hot tag to Makabe, who runs White over with a shoulder then barrels into Okada. Yoshi-Hashi slips in to kick and run, but into a powerslam! Hashi exits while Makabe corner clotheslines White. Makabe climbs up to throw hands but White slips out underneath. White tags Okada in so he can get away.

Okada comes in but Makabe is on him with big forearms. Makabe whips Okada corner to corner then hits a corner clothesline. Makabe climbs up and gives corner punches, all the way to 10. He goes to Northern Lights but Okada fights it off. Okada runs but into a big lariat! Cover, TWO! Makabe brings Okada up but Okada resists, countering with a back drop. Okada runs in corner to corner for the clothesline, then hits a DDT! Cover, TWO! Okada drags Makabe up and wants the gut wrench but Makabe fights it. Makabe and Okada both club each other, but Okada gets the edge. Okada runs but ducks one clothesline to get the other! Both men are down, and fans rally up. Hot tag to Tanahashi!

The Ace hits Hashi and White, then focuses on Okada. Tanahahsi runs, but into the gut wrench! He turns it around to hit the swinging neckbreaker! He keeps moving as Okada stands, to bring him down with the slingblade! Cover, but Hashi breaks it. Makabe tosses Hashi out and Tanahashi gets moving again. Tanahashi climbs up but Okada dropkicks him! Okada drags Tanahashi off the top rope, still wanting the Tombstone. Tanahashi slips off to rock Okada with a palm strike! Tanahashi runs but into a dropkick! Fans rally up and Okada tags in Hashi. Hashi runs and hits the blockbuster! He hits Makabe and Honma then runs back at Tanahsahi for the chop in the corner. But White wants him to use a chair now? Hashi refuses, and Tanahashi hits White! Tanahashi gets Hashi in the dragon screw!

Honma hits Okada and then Makabe comes in. They and Tanahashi rally on Yoshi-Hashi with a corner dropkick, and feed to the double clothesline sandwich! Honma drops the headbutt! Tanahashi heads up top but White dumps him down! Makabe and White exit and get into a fight with White while Yoshi-Hashi gets up. Hashi runs but into a full nelson. He denies the dragon suplex, but Tanahashi wants the straitjacket. Okada runs in to save Hashi, and then Hashi runs. Tanahashi boots Yoshi-Hashi away, then elbows Okada. Yoshi-Hashi still comes back to grab Tanahashi, and Okada runs in. Tanahashi ducks, Okada’s boot goes into Yoshi-Hashi! Tanahshi small packages while Makabe trips Okada, Tanahashi’s team wins!

Winners: Tanahashi, Makabe & Honma, Hiroshi Tanahashi pinning

Taguchi Japan makes it a victory against Chaos! And Chaos’s trio isn’t in a good move over it. Yoshi-Hashi won’t let Okada console him, and White gets in Okada’s face about the loss, too. With his faction so against him here, does Okada have a chance of keeping control? And what of his shot at Tanahashi’s IWGP Heavyweight Championship Wrestle Kingdom match contract?

Backstage interviews.

Jay White can’t understand why Chaos follows Okada. Okada ended up kicking Yoshi-Hashi square in the face and cost the team that match. The two of them were in there with that “old man” Tanahashi, but couldn’t do what White did by himself during the G1 Climax. White says it is Okada’s fault. Okada boots his friend Yoshi-Hashi in the face, for what? Is Okada angry that White beat him? Is Okada taking his anger out on Chaos? Okada shouldn’t bully someone who was on his side this whole time like that. The rest of Chaos should look at that and realize who they’re following. Clearly the Switchblade sees circumstances his own way, but will he be able to manipulate the rest of Chaos into seeing it the same way?


IWGP Heavyweight Championship: Kenny Omega VS Tomohiro Ishii!

The Cleaner won against the Stone Pitbull to become the inaugural IWGP United States Champion, but the Pitbull won to be the first loss on the Cleaner’s G1 Climax 28 record. Now they will have a tiebreaker with the title on the line! Who will win the third match in this hard-hitting trilogy?

The introductions are made, Red Shoes shows Ishii the belt, and we begin! Fans are immediately thunderous for both men and Omega makes sure Ishii hears it. Ishii steps closer to Omega, and Omega backs up until he ends up in his corner. Ishii takes a step back, and Omega comes out for a furious tie-up! They push each other back and forth, and end up breaking. The fans applaud as Omega and Ishii go again. Omega gets a headlock and grinds Ishii to the mat. Ishii gets back up and pries at the hold. Omega holds on, so Ishii powers out. Omega and Ishii collide but neither man backs down. Ishii dares Omega to go again, and Omega does, and they collide again. Again, neither man backs down, so Ishii dares Omega to try a third time. Omega looks to go, but he instead rakes Ishii’s eyes.

Omega rakes Ishii’s eyes again, then runs, to collide shoulders. Ishii staggers back but rebounds to run Omega over! Ishii runs and things speed up, but Ishii holds ropes to fake out Omega. Omega still boots Ishii, then runs. He dodges Ishii but Ishii dodges back. Omega boots Ishii’s lariat down, but Ishii blocks the V-Trigger. Ishii runs into a drop toehold, Omega runs but Ishii evades the dropkick! Fans fire up as we have a stand-off. Ishii and Omega grind foreheads, then start shoving. Omega throws a forearm, but Ishii comes back with one. Omega gives another forearm, but Ishii comes back with another. They go back and forth, forearm for forearm, until Omega kicks low. Omega wants the DDT but Ishii slips out to throw another forearm. Omega retaliates with a forearm, and we’re back to forearm for forearm!

Ishii hits, Omega hits, repeat, until Omega kicks Ishii again, and gets the DDT! Ishii crawls to ropes and Red Shoes checks on him. Omega brings Ishii up to kick him in the back, then sits him up for another kick. He brings Ishii all the way up and turns him, for the neckbreaker! Cover, TWO! Omega drags Ishii around for a rear mount and chinlock. Ishii endures, even as Omega shifts to a half came clutch. Ishii seems to just egg Omega on, so Omega puts him down to stomp him out. Omega grimaces as he drops double ax handles on Ishii. Ishii sits up so Omega kicks and clubs him. Omega brings Ishii over to bump him off buckles, but Ishii just fires up! Omega throws more forearms, then bumps Ishii on buckles again. Ishii continues to come back, so Omega bumps him off another buckle.

Omega stands on Ishii’s back to choke him in the ropes. Red Shoes counts and Omega lets up at 4. Omega brings Ishii up to throw more forearms, then whips corner to corner. He runs in and hits a big back elbow. He keeps moving but runs into Ishii’s powerslam! Ishii has evened things with Omega while we go to break.

NJPW on AXS returns as Ishii and Omega stand. Ishii chops Omega at the ropes again and again, then throws forearms into the mix. Forearm, chop, repeat, then Ishii whips. Omega reverses and fireman’s carry, “You Can’t Escape!” Rolling senton is a bit rough because Ishii is no light man, but Omega still gets up to moonsault! Ishii rolls out of the way so the moonsault flops! Both Omega and Ishii stand up slowly, but Ishii gets running, only to run into Omega’s huricanrana! Ishii rolls out of the ring but Omega takes aim. The Terminator Drums begin and Omega rises. Omega builds speed, to FLY! Direct hit and down goes Ishii! Omega brings Ishii up and into the ring, then slides in to build speed, Kotaro Krusher!

But Omega doesn’t go for a cover, he locks and loads, but Ishii gets right up in that finger gun. Ishii fires forearms off, then runs, but into a boot! He’s right back up and he clotheslines Omega out of the ring! Ishii pursues and drags Omega up, to whip him into railing. Ishii chops Omega around the ringside area, and even against a post. Omega chops back, and now they brawl. Ishii forearms, Omega chops, Ishii chops, Omega chops again. They continue to trade sharp, echoing chops, but then Omega decides to clear an announcer table. Ishii stops Omega and whips him at railing, but Omega stops himself. Omega mule kicks Ishii then goes to springboard off the rails, but Ishii catches him into an electric chair! Ishii then tries to fold Omega, perhaps steal One Winged Angel, but Omega fights out.

Omega clubs Ishii on the back, brings him over, but it’s Ishii who snap suplexes Omega to the floor! Both men are down, but Red Shoes is letting them fight. Ishii gets Omega up and into the ring, but Omega dropkicks him back out. Omega takes aim again, builds speed and hits a wrecking ball dropkick! Ishii is sent into railing, but Omega keeps on him. Omega dumps him over onto that cleared desk, then continues where he left off. He clubs away on Ishii, even throwing monitors on him, before going back in the ring. Omega aims from a corner, springboards himself, and hits a DOUBLE STOMP! Omega cracks the table with Ishii’s body while Ishii clutches his chest. Red Shoes checks on both men but they’re somehow okay to continue.

Omega mocks Ishii while he makes his own way back to the ring. He’ll leave Ishii to the mercy of the 20 count as Red Shoes starts. Fans rally for Ishii, and he stirs at 8. Ishii drags himself over the railing at 10, but still crawls. The count passes 15, then 17, but Ishii’s in at 19! Omega says he’ll finish this, as he brings Ishii up. Aoi Shoudou brainbuster! Ishii rolls to ropes for safety, but Omega still says BANG! Ishii avoids the V-Trigger but Omega fights the waistlock. Omega swings but ends up in a saido suplex! Both men are down but fans are rallying up. Ishii sits up but Omega follows. Ishii chops Omega in a corner, and chops and chops! Omega chops back but Ishii doesn’t flinch. Ishii chops and Omega is again in the corner.

Ishii is chopping high on the chest, almost getting the throat! Red Shoes reprimands Ishii, so he stops that. Ishii whips Omega but Omega reverses. Ishii still barrels out to blast Omega to the corner with his shoulder! He brings Omega up, powerbomb lift, and the BIG powerbomb! High stack cover, TWO!! Omega survives but Ishii runs. Omega dodges the sliding lariat, then chops Ishii. Ishii felt that one, but he still comes back. Omega boots Ishii to a corner, then runs in. Ishii dodges but runs into a boot. Omega’s up but Ishii hits him with a forearm. Ishii and Omega brawl as Ishii climbs. Omega kicks but Ishii forearms. Omega gets more kicks in, then brings Ishii up for a slap! He stomps Ishii down, but Ishii grits his teeth as he comes back up. Ishii headbutts outta nowhere!

Omega is dazed but Ishii climbs up to join him. Ishii wants it, and gets the SUPERPLEX! Cover, TWO!! Omega survives, but Ishii is not deterred. Ishii waits for Omega to stand, then runs, but omega ducks to get the German Suplex! Ishii’s right back up to give Omega a German Suplex! Omega stands up, but he’s a bit wobbly. Ishii clubs him in the back, then German Suplexes again! Omega lands on his feet! V-Trigger outta nowhere! Both men are down, but fans are fired up again. Red Shoes checks on them as they stir. Omega sits up first, then stands. He brings Ishii up but intercepts him with a forearm. Omega throws more forearms, and Ishii kneels. Omega keeps going, but now Ishii grows stronger! Ishii takes a forearm, gives a forearm, but runs into a roaring elbow. Ishii swings but ends up in a Snap Dragon Suplex!

Omega stands, runs, V-Trigger! Ishii rebounds to his feet, and Omega lifts in the electric chair. Ishii fights out and gets the dragon sleeper, but Omega counters into a brainbuster! Cover, TWO!! Ishii survives while we go to break.

NJPW on AXS returns as Omega stands up. He sits Ishii up, for a point blank V-Trigger! Then another! Omega grins as he keeps Ishii up, but then Ishii falls over before Omega can get the third. Omega drags Ishii up, holds him in place, and gives that next V-Trigger. Ishii crawls to a corner as Omega backs away. Omega runs in to V-Trigger Ishii in the back of the head! Omega drags Ishii up and onto the top rope, then climbs up to join him. He has Ishii in the full nelson, but Ishii resists. Omega clubs away on his back with palm strikes, but Ishii headbutts backwards! Omega staggers away and Ishii turns around, but into a chop. Now Omega double underhooks on the top rope, but Ishii still resists. Ishii sends Omega back down, but Omega jumps to V-Trigger!

Omega climbs back up, turns around, and brings Ishii up in a fireman’s carry. Ishii fights again, and stands, for a SUPER STEINER!! How rare for Ishii to fly like that! Omega crawls away but Ishii runs in corner to corner for a big clothesline. Ishii keeps going but runs into boots. Omega boots again but gets a headbutt for it! Ishii fires up and declares that belt is his! He sits Omega up, copies the finger gun, and runs in for a a V-Trigger?! Ishii keeps going to run him over with a lariat! Cover, TWO!! The Pitbull hasn’t put the champion away just yet! Ishii drags Omega up, suplex, but Omega slips out. Ishii headbutts, then runs, but into a leaping lariat! Omega drags Ishii up fast, into the Electric Chair, but Ishii slips out to suplex. Omega slips out, REVERSE-RANA!

Both men are down again but fans are loving it. They rally up for both men while Red Shoes checks on them. Ishii drags himself up on the ropes, but Omega crawls to the far side. They both stand and stagger over to each other. Omega throws a forearm, Ishii gives one back. Again these two go back and forth. Omega wobbles but still comes back. Ishii finally feels some of those hits, and Omega gives him a swift palm strike. Ishii fires off forearms from both sides, but Omega again palm strikes! Omega ducks the enziguri, and gets the Snap Dragon! To V-Trigger! Cover, TWO!! Omega refuses to stop, and he brings Ishii up again. Electric chair, the fold, but Ishii fights with elbows. So Omega pops him into the Croyt’s Wrath German Suplex!

Omega aims, runs, V-Trigger! But Ishii comes back with a lariat outta nowhere!! Fans are reaching a fever pitch as these two keep going. Ishii sits Omega up, runs, and hits the sliding lariat! Cover, TWO!! Omega still lives and Ishii can’t believe it! Ishii still has more to give, though, and runs, but into another V-Trigger. Omega runs but into another lariat. Ishii runs and Omega follows, but Ishii just stops and gives him another lariat! Ishii drags Omega up, but Omega gut wrenches for a quick piledriver! Cover, TWO!! Ishii survives and Hiroshima is thunderous again! Omega slowly stands, and he brings Ishii up again. He stands Ishii up against ropes, pulls down the knee pad, and runs, for a BIG V-Trigger! Omega tumbles out of the ring but gets back in, for another V-Trigger!! Cover, ONE?! The insanity!

Ishii is floundering, and Omega gives him another V-Trigger! Yet Ishii still enziguris Omega! Ishii blocks the next V-Trigger, but then Omega comes back with another. Omega double underhooks for the butterfly driver! Cover, TWO!? Ishii’s head really must be stone to endure all this. Omega takes a moment to catch his breath as the fans build to a rally. He runs again, and hits another V-Trigger! Then the electric chair, ONE WINGED ANGEL! Cover, Omega wins!

Winner: Kenny Omega, by pinfall; still IWGP Heavyweight Champion

Finally Omega finishes Ishii! Omega retains in his second defense, and settles the score with the Stone Pitbull. We’ll return with the celebration and more after the break.

NJPW on AXS returns and Omega stands back up to have his hand raised. Kota Ibushi joins him in the ring and puts the belt on Omega. Ishii flounders his way out, needing the help of the Young Lions to make his exit. Omega looks to him with a nod, showing that Ishii certainly has Omega’s respect. When and where will the Pitbull be back for another shot at the title?

As for Omega, he takes to the mic. In Japanese, Omega says that “Ishii-san, it feels like we still have unfinished business.” But what else? When Omega became champion, he thought it meant he was the strongest. That he’s the best, THE greatest in the world. But the truth is a bit different. The truth is, Kota Ibushi is the reason Omega is the best. Omega told Ibushi back at Osaka-Jo Hall, that “whenever or wherever, I’ll be ready.” Ibushi takes the mic now, and tells Kenny that they’ll make good on their promise.

Yes, they made a promise. That no matter where, no matter when, “The Golden Lovers will keep fighting with the same heart and emotion.” Being the Golden Lovers means more to them than just belts. But this is all for now, so thank you for being here. As always, but in Golden Trigger style, “Good Bye, MWAH, and Good Night, BANG!” What promise do the Golden Lovers mean? When and where will they make good on it?

Backstage interviews.

Omega makes this simple: “I am pro-wrestling.” He’s the face of pro-wrestling. He thought that meant he was the best by far, but he’s heard what Hiroshi Tanahashi had to say about his own ideology. Omega thought Tanahashi meant all of NJPW. Ishii is different than Tanahashi, Okada is different than Tanahashi, Tetsuya Naito is different than Tanahashis. They’re all different, and special in their own way.

In fact, the only thing wrong in NJPW is Tanahashi’s “old guard attitude” and close-minded heart. Tanahashi got lucky in the A Block. Omega was so close to using that mic to dare Tanahashi to have their title match here instead of at Wrestle Kingdom. But until then, good bye and good night, BANG! Though the Ace and the Cleaner are still months away from their WK13 match, things are already growing personal! Will Tanahashi be able to hold onto his contract briefcase? Will Omega be able to hold onto the IWGP Heavyweight Championship? Or will one of them lose their prize before Wrestle Kingdom ever arrives?



My Thoughts:

A really great night here for NJPW. With AXS airing Fighting Spirit Unleashed before this, there was a lot of this that was clear, but it was still great to watch. Chaos continues to fracture, and Jay White makes stronger moves towards taking control away from Okada. Of course, from FSU, we know he’s also after the IWGP Heavyweight Championship match contract. Perhaps White’s greed will be his downfall, but things could easily go his way and we suddenly have The Switchblade leading Chaos while aiming at Omega’s title. And it is still Omega’s title after that amazing match with Ishii.  Their G1 Climax match was itself very physical, but match did great to build on that. FSU gave us a hint that the Golden Lovers’ promise was to battle 1v1 for the title, and we might still get that down the road, but the wait will be worth it.

My Score: 8.7/10

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