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Mitchell’s WWE 205 Live Report! (7/31/18)



205 Live = Cruiserweight Division

The Cruiserweight Champion, Cedric Alexander, prepares for his Summerslam showdown with Drew Gulak by taking on Gulak’s ally, THE Brian Kendrick!


All images courtesy of the WWE’s official Twitter



  • Kalisto VS Tony Nese; Kalisto wins.
  • Lio Rush VS Ricky Martinez; Lio wins.
  • Cedric Alexander VS THE Brian Kendrick; Alexander wins.


205 Live reviews last week’s Fatal 4 Way main event!

GM Drake Maverick chose contenders based on both their recent and overall performances in the Cruiserweight Division. He settled on the narcissistic TJP, the intense Hideo Itami, the never-say-die Mustafa Ali and the gritty Drew Gulak, and the four of them went above and beyond in order to earn a shot at the championship. Ali would come so close to earning another shot at the #AgeOfAlexander, but fell short after Itami dropkick’d him into steel steps. However, it wouldn’t be Itami who capitalized on the situation, but Drew Gulak! He tossed Itami aside to wrap the GuLOCK onto a limp Ali. Gulak earns a Cruiserweight Championship match, and via social media, Maverick let everyone know it would happen at Summerslam! Will Gulak make Alexander tap out for a #Better205Live?


Kalisto VS Tony Nese!

The Lucha Dragon has been waiting for this rematch with the Premier Athlete for a couple weeks, and he finally gets it in Tampa! Neither Buddy Murphy nor Lucha House Party’s Lince Dorado or Gran Metalik are allowed ringside in order to prevent another brawl from breaking out. Will this match finish the way these two want it?

The bell rings and the two circle. They tie up but Nese throws Kalisto down. Kalisto gets to the ropes and Nese dares him to bring it. Kalisto and Nese circle again, then tie up. Nese just throws Kalisto down again, then flexes at him. They tie up again and Nese powers Kalisto to a corner. Nese grinds his forearm in Kalisto’s face, then backs off at 4. Kalisto kicks back then punches back. Nese pushes Kalisto but Kalisto comes right back. Kalisto goes up and over, but gets run over by that back elbow! Kalisto rolls all the way out while Murphy watches backstage. Nese brings Kalisto up to whip him into the apron, and Murphy likes it. Kalisto crawls but Nese kicks him while he’s down. Nese puts Kalisto back in the ring then toys with the former champion.

Nese whips Kalisto corner to corner hard, then embraces the heat. Kalisto crawls and grabs Nese’s leg, but Nese mocks the lucha dance. Nese brings Kalisto up and chops him back down! He puts Kalisto in a corner, whips him corner to corner again, and Kalisto hits buckles hard. Kalisto fights back with an elbow then a boot, then hops up to leap! Nese catches Kalisto for a backbreaker, then the Tree of Woe. Nese stomps away, but stops at the ref’s count. He grabs Kalisto in the rear bearhug to squeeze the ribs. Kalisto endures as Nese puts on more pressure. Fans build to a rally, and Kalisto feeds off the energy. Kalisto gets up and elbows himself free. He jawbreakers Nese, but runs into a back kick. Nese adds a knee, roundhouse and leg sweep, cover, TWO! Nese rains down lefts, then goes back to the bearhug.

Kalisto endures again, but Nese tells him “You’re nothing!” Nese adds his weight onto Kalisto but Kalisto makes his way up. Fans rally again, but Nese throws Kalisto down by his mask. Nese flexes but fans jeer. Kalisto kicks Nese back, then again. Nese staggers while Kalisto stands. Kalisto boots Nese agani, then climbs up to springboard crossbody! Cover, TWO! Both men are up, Kalisto rolls Nese for the Listo Kick! Kalisto runs, but Nese blocks the spike-rana into a fireman’s carry and gutbuster! Cover, TWO! Nese grows frustrated as he drags Kalisto back up. Nese suplexes, but Kalisto slips out to roll him up. TWO, but Kalisto gets moving, only for Nese to sweep the legs.

Nese springboards for the triangle moonsault, but Kalisto rolls away. Nese’s leg buckles on the landing, and Kalisto runs in for the Spike-Rana! Cover, TWO! Both men are down as they recover from this fast paced action. They crawl for separation and then stand up. Kalisto starts up the “Lucha! Lucha!” and Tampa joins him. Nese counters with a roll up that he then turns into a deadlift buckle bomb! Cover, TWO! Nese is shocked at how close that was, and he argues with the ref about it. He kicks Kalisto, then drags him up, but SALIDA DEL SOL! Kalisto covers, Kalisto wins!

Winner: Kalisto, by pinfall

Lucha House Party’s Dragon earns a win fair and square, and all by himself! However, with the match over, the ringside ban is gone! Buddy Murphy appears menacingly on the ramp, and refuses to let Kalisto pass through. Kalisto tries to pick and roll but he gets caught and pushed down! Kalisto runs at Murphy, but Murphy trophy lifts him! But Lince Dorado runs out to make the save with a kick! Dorado and Kalisto regroup and Murphy rushes in, but into double SUPERKICKS! Down goes Murphy! Speed beats strength here, but what will happen if Murphy gets his hands on a luchador in the next few weeks?


Earlier today, Drake Maverick presided over the Cruiserweight Championship contract signing.

The 205 Live GM sat with Cedric Alexander and Drew Gulak to make their Summerslam match official. Maverick is very proud both men will represent the brand in Brooklyn, and moves right along to having the contender signing. Gulak takes a moment first to talk to Alexander about his championship win at Wrestlemania earlier this year. Alexander stops the talk right there and just signs the contract first. There’s no time for PowerPoint presentations or speeches tonight. Just sign, it’s that easy. But Gulak simply wanted to congratulate Alexander. Alexander has been on a dominant run as champion, and Gulak points out that Alexander has been undefeated in 2018. That is impressive, despite the asterisk. Alexander had a “long, grueling, inspirational journey” to that Wrestlemania Cruiserweight Championship match. “But what have you done since then?”

Alexander points out he has defended the title all over the world and has beaten everyone who challenged him. Gulak isn’t taking away from Alexander, Alexander has done great when the title is on the line. But where is Alexander when the title isn’t on the line? Relaxing, while the workhorses like Gulak have been building 205 Live up to new heights. What’s Gulak’s point? Alexander lets his competitors wear themselves out so that he can swoop in, win and take the credit. He should learn from THE Brian Kendrick tonight, because Kendrick was a true fighting champion with a true legacy. Alexander’s legacy is going to be that he was “the Brock Lesnar of 205 Live”!

Gulak signs, but before he goes, Alexander says Gulak better watch 205 Live and the main event. All Gulak’s words have done is ensure Kendrick is “in for a world of hurt”. Did Gulak’s mouth just write a check Kendrick’s body can’t cash?


Lio Rush VS Ricky Martinez!

The Man of the Hour is back, but “apparently there are a lot of people out there that are irritated at the fact that I didn’t give Akira Tozawa his rematch.” But let’s all be honest, Lio is a hot commodity. Everyone wants a piece of Lio. Don’t get it wrong, Lio was very tempted to give Tozawa a rematch. But it wouldn’t be fair to Lio’s opponent tonight, who is way more qualified to face him. Lio knows Ricky is “the real deal”. Lio’s heard a lot of good things, very impressive things. And Lio bets even Ricky can put up a better fight than Tozawa. Lio puts the mic down and we begin.

Lio rushes Ricky but Ricky ducks! Ricky throws a hand but Lio puts him in a corner. Ricky puts up boots but Lio deflects them, only for Ricky to come back with an ax kick. Lio staggers and Rick back kicks Lio low. Ricky runs, but Lio ducks, handsprings and kicks away! Ricky rolls out of the ring, Lio builds speed to DIVE! Direct hit! Lio puts Ricky back in the ring, then slaps Ricky to school boy rolling roundhouse! Time’s up as Lio climbs up, for the Final Hour splash! Cover, Lio wins!

Winner: Lio Rush, by pinfall

The Man of the Hour wins in no time at all, but clearly has no time for the Stamina Monster. However, Tozawa forces Lio to make time as he heads to the ring. Tozawa makes his way to the ring and Lio grins. Tozawa puts his mouth piece in, but Lio slips out of the ring. Lio clearly won’t do things on Tozawa’s schedule, but will Drake Maverick have something to say about that?


Cedric Alexander VS THE Brian Kendrick!

The Man with a Plan agrees with the Philly Stretcher that the WWE Universe deserves a more worthy champion than the Soul of 205 Live. Kendrick himself was a former champion, so can he show the current champion what the Ungentlemanly Alliance means firsthand?

The bell rings and the two circle. Fans are behind Alexander, which annoys Kendrick. Alexander corners Kendrick, but Kendrick uses the ropes for safety. Alexander lets Kendrick out and the two tie up. Kendrick gets an arm and a wristlock. Alexander spins through and gets a takedown to go after an ankle. Kendrick spins up and pries his way out, but Alexander gets a headlock. Alexander gets the takedown but Kendrick gets the headscissors. Alexander pops out and backs Kendrick down to a corner. Kendrick gets away, and the two circle again. Alexander lunges in but Kendrick keeps his distance. Kendrick ends up in a corner again as they grapple. Alexander rolls back to get double wristlocks.

Kendrick drops to his knees, but stands up to trap Alexander’s arms. He gets a headlock, but Alexander powers out. Kendrick runs Alexander over, then things speed up. Alexander arm-drags Kendrick into an armlock! He wrenches Kendrick’s arm but Kendrick gets to ropes. Alexander backs off at 4, but Kendrick shoves him. Alexander shoves Kendrick down, then dares him to get back up. The ref has Alexander give Kendrick room. Alexander dares Kendrick to do something but Kendrick takes his time approaching.

Kendrick kicks low then gets a headlock, but Alexander powers out to give swift chops! Alexander chops Kendrick extra sharp in the corner. Fans want one more, so Alexander is happy to oblige with an even sharper chop. Kendrick kneels, but Alexander bumps him off buckles. Fans want another chop, so Alexander gives another chop! Kendrick staggers but then throws in a knee. Kendrick runs but Alexander rolls, handsprings, headscissors and dropkicks Kendrick down! Then he handsprings up to show off. Alexander covers, TWO and Kendrick even holds a rope. But wait, now Gulak comes out to be in Kendrick’s corner.

Alexander watches him, but that allows Kendrick to get away to the outside. Alexander runs but Kendrick ducks down. Kendrick rolls under the ring? Alexander pursues, but gets pulled into the apron bar! Kendrick throws Alexander into steps! Alexander is down but Kendrick just smirks as Gulak walks over to commentary. Kendrick puts Alexander in and covers, TWO. Kendrick stomps Alexander, then goes after an arm with a swift kick. He stands Alexander up to choke him against ropes while Gulak officially joins commentary. Kendrick backs off at 4 while Gulak denies his timing was anything more than coincidence. Kendrick clobbers away on Alexander, then butterfly suplexes. Cover, TWO, but Kendrick keeps on Alexander with a grounded armlock.

Alexander endures as Kendrick makes it half straitjacket, then throws Kendrick off. Kendrick calf kicks Alexander down! Cover, TWO! Alexander crawls away while Kendrick keeps his cool. Kendrick walks over but into back elbows. He elbows Alexander back and now it’s a brawl. Alexander gets the edge with one big forearm, then brings Kendrick up. Kendrick yanks Alexander into buckles! Kendrick runs in, but into a boot. He staggers away, then runs back, but into another boot. Alexander springboards up, but Kendrick trips him up! Alexander crashes and burns while Kendrick staggers around more. Kendrick drags Alexander up, but Sliced Bread is denied with a shove. Kendrick hits apron on the way out, and Alexander focuses. Fans rally up for Alexander as he takes aim. Alexander builds speed and FLIES! Direct hit, but also double-edged.

Alexander fights through the pain to put Kendrick back in. He aims from a corner, springboards again, but Kendrick gets under the jump. Alexander still rallies with forearms and a back kick. He runs in corner to corner for the shoulder tackle and swing kick! Kendrick staggers out, Alexander springboards again for the flying clothesline! Cover, TWO, but Gulak is still pleased by Alexander’s struggle. Alexander keeps his cool while Kendrick gets to a corner. Alexander glares at Gulak while bringing Kendrick up. Kendrick holds ropes but Alexander pries him free. Kendrick elbows Alexander away, but his boot is blocked. Alexander throws an elbow but is countered into a backslide! TWO, and now Alexander hits the stiff elbow. Alexander runs, handsprings, Neuralyzer enziguri! But Kendrick slumps to the apron.

Alexander drags him back up, but Kendrick grabs Alexander’s hair to pull him all the way out. Gulak mocks Alexander as he gets back up. Kendrick’s shoulder misses, but not Alexander’s kick. Alexander goes for the step-in springboard, but he’s countered into a takedown for the Captain’s Hook! Kendrick wrenches back on Alexander with the Bully Choke hold. Alexander crawls, and just narrowly gets a ropebreak. Kendrick lets go to Gulak’s frustration, saying Alexander is “too stupid to give up.” Alexander slowly stands, and Kendrick runs at him, but Alexander scoops Kendrick for a sudden Michinoku Driver! Cover, TWO! Gulak is relieved while Alexander is a bit surprised. Alexander and Kendrick are down, and a 10 count begins.

Alexander stands first, and aims at Kendrick across the way. He runs corner to corner, for a BIG uppercut! He keeps going for another uppercut, then runs into a boot! Kendrick runs, but into another scoop. Kendrick counters with a victory roll, TWO, SUPERKICK! Spit goes flying, but Alexander still denies Sliced Bread to hit a LUMBAR CHECK! Cover, Alexander wins!

Winner: Cedric Alexander, by pifnall

Gulak is seething as Alexander remains undefeated in 2018, and spotless as Cruiserweight Champion. Gulak storms his way up the steel steps to be eye-to-eye with Alexander. But it’s just a distraction so that Jack Gallagher can attack out of nowhere! Gulak mockingly asks what happened. Gulak wants Gallagher to help get Alexander up for more, but Maverick and referees rush the ring! They are not going to let their Summerslam match be jeopardized. Gulak is told to back off or lose his chance at the champ. Gulak and his fellow Ungentle Men take their leave, promising this will be settled soon enough. Is there anything Alexander can do about the numbers advantage Gulak has? Or will he fall victim to this cruel winter at the biggest party of the summer?



My Thoughts:

A solid night for 205 Live that kept things on track for their summer plans. We finally get Kalisto VS Nese like we were supposed to last week, but this still did pretty good to propel this new Cruiserweight Tag Team feud. Kalisto wins to make up for the DQ finish from before, but it made sense for Murphy to show up when the ban was uplifted. Great double superkick from Kalisto & Dorado, too. If Gran Metalik doesn’t return in time, it’ll have to be Kalisto & Dorado VS Nese & Murphy for the tag team blow-off. Lio wins quick again, but I like that Tozawa came out for a fight while Lio played opportunistic Heel. They’ll clearly get a rematch, likely for 205 Live’s go-home to Summerslam, but I have a feeling Lio wins then, too.

That was a really great contract signing segment that felt much more NXT than WWE. It was about the talking and not about the post-signing physicality. I like that Alexander was no-nonsense while Gulak probably has line of the month when he calls Alexander the Lesnar of the Cruiserweights. This is such a great reversal of roles where the Heel accuses the Face of being lazy and arrogant for not being in the ring week in and week out. Obviously it’s misguided as Alexander has done far more both before and after winning his title than Lesnar has. But at least WWE has integrated the perception of part-timer Lesnar as an insult. Alexander VS Kendrick was great, I’m happy it ended clean, and the post-match stuff was well-done, too. I just hope the title will be part of the main show this time.

My Score: 8/10

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