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205 Live = Cruiserweight Division


Mitchell’s WWE 205 Live Report! (8/28/18)

The biggest feuds in the Cruiserweight Division erupt all over again! It’s Akira Tozawa VS THE Brian Kendrick and Buddy Murphy VS Kalisto to settle scores!



  • Akira Tozawa VS THE Brian Kendrick w/ Jack Gallagher; Tozawa wins.
  • Hideo Itami VS Michael Blaze; no contest.
  • Buddy Murphy w/ Tony Nese VS Kalisto w/ Lucha House Party; Murphy wins.


Drake Maverick reviews last week’s chaos!

The Ungentle Men attacked during a match all to make a statement, but that only angered the Stamina Monster. Akira Tozawa and THE Brian Kendrick, familiar foes from their days of fighting over the Cruiserweight Championship, have a new rematch spurred on by last week. Will Tozawa get even for the ambush? Or will the Ungentlemanly Alliance continue to spout #NoTitleNoPeace?

Then Kalisto gets a rematch with Buddy Murphy in the main event. Four months ago gave us “one of the most exhilirating main events in 205 Live history.” Murphy won then, and helped his teammate Tony Nese win again weeks ago. Of course, Kalisto returned the favor in last week’s Tornado Tag. Will fireworks continue to fly as the Lucha Dragon and the Cruiserweight Juggernaut go one more time?


Akira Tozawa VS THE Brian Kendrick w/ Jack Gallagher!

It’s a flashback to the early days of 205 Live as the Stamina Monster and Man with a Plan fight it out once more. Tozawa won’t stand to be a casualty of the Ungentle Men’s war with the Age of Alexander, but is it already too late to get out of the way?

Kendrick speaks on the mic as he and Gallagher head to the ring. “There’s one thing I can’t stand. Care to take a guess as to what that one thing might be?” This second rate dump of a city? No, but Toronto is the pits. Kendrick meant people who don’t know their place. Oh like Akira Tozawa. Bingo! Yahtzee! But in seriousness, Tozawa got beat down, but it wasn’t personal. Tozawa could’ve just walked away, but no, he demands retribution. Sorry, you aren’t getting it. You’re just getting more pain and suffering. The Man with a Plan always has menacing words, but will he have actions to back them up?

The bell rings and we begin. Toronto lets out “AH! AH!” for Tozawa but Kendrick takes a walk outside. He and Gallagher taunt Tozawa as he pursues. Tozawa feints the chop but it still makes Gallagher duck, so Tozawa jabs Kendrick behind him! Then Gallagher stands back up to get a jab himself! Gallagher goes down and fans fire up with Tozawa. Tozawa puts Kendrick in the ring, things speed up, and Kendrick sunset flips only for Tozawa to roll through and Penalty Kick! Tozawa adds the screaming back senton and covers, TWO! He keeps on Kendrick in a corner with “AH! AH!” mudhole stomps. Fans fire up again as Tozawa keeps on Kendrick.

Tozawa whips corner to corner and runs in, but is put on the apron. Tozawa fights Gallagher off but gets knocked down by Kendrick! Gallagher applauds his good friend as Kendrick fetches Tozawa. Kendrick bumps Tozawa off the announce desk, right on the 205 Live logo. He then chops Tozawa and puts him in the ring at the ref’s count of 4. Kendrick stalks Tozawa and kicks him in the ribs. Kendrick embraces the heat while stomping Tozawa down. He throws Tozawa with a half-hatch, then covers, TWO. Kendrick wraps Tozawa up in a seated stretch and clubs away with crossfaces. He then puts on an armlock, but Tozawa rallies up with “AH! AH!” Tozawa fights his way up and out with body shots.

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Kendrick knees low then gets the takedown, for the Captain’s Hook! Tozawa gets the ropebreak and Kendrick lets him go. Kendrick comes back but gets body shots again. Tozawa runs but into the sleeper hoold! He throws Kendrick off and then throws him with a huricanrana. Tozawa gets a Shining Wizard, then fires up again. He climbs up top as fans “AH! AH!” Gallagher warns Kendrick and Kendrick rolls out, but Tozawa changes course and DIVES! The Tozawa Torpedo hits! Tozawa puts Kendrick in, climbs up again, but Gallagher comes over. Gallager gets a kick for it, but Kendrick is up. Kendrick gets under but hits the buckles at the same time. Tozawa slides under and slams Kendrick’s ankle into the post! This is starting to look just like their Street Fight a year ago.

Tozawa gives Kendrick a shinbreaker then a snap saido suplex! He fires up again as he kicks Kendrick to a corner. Tozawa puts the bad leg on the rope to dropkick it. Tozawa runs to dropkick it again! Kendrick is stuck, so Tozawa gives him a third! Tozawa climbs, and gives Kendrick a missile dropkick! Kendrick is reeling, Tozawa gives him a dragon screw! Tozawa adds on the windmill roundhouse! Kendrick is in the drop zone, Tozawa climbs up again. Tozawa hits the SUPER Senton! Cover, Tozawa wins!

Winner: Akira Tozawa, by pinfall

Just as he did in the past, Tozawa wins against Kendrick in the end. Gallagher is furious on behalf of his friend, but will Tozawa move on from them back towards the top of the Cruiserweight Division?


Backstage interview with The Body Guys.

Tony Nese & Buddy Murphy have been going back and forth with Lucha House Party in tag team action all summer. What does this singles match tonight mean for them moving forward? Murphy explains that he joined the Cruiserweight Division to become Cruiserweight Champion. He almost achieved that goal, but it’s Kalisto who opened their eyes with that cheating of his. Murphy promises to end this. He and Nese won’t just run through the Lucha House Party, but the entire 205 Live roster. “We are sick of playing around.” The Juggernaut’s back, will everything in his path be trampled into the ground?


Hideo Itami VS Michael Blaze!

The Innovator of the GTS demands respect yet shows no mercy. He didn’t take it easy on Mustafa Ali in a grudge match, and then he forced a referee stoppage on his opponent the week after. Itami had a message on Twitter in both Japanese and English that he “felt bad” about hurting Mustafa Ali. He feels bad, because he should’ve done worse. Will Toronto’s “Western Lion” face a similar fate?

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The bell rings and Itami boots Blaze right in the face! Itami drags him up and over to bump him off a buckle. Itami fires off shots in the corner, then gives Blaze a stiff kick. He doesn’t let up, but Blaze does hit back. Itami makes him pay with a big slap and another sharp kick. He snapmares the “Western Lion” then demands respect. Fans boo instead. Itami drags Blaze up but Blaze kicks back! Blaze fires kick after kick after kick, then runs, into a wicked lariat! Itami is mad now, and he kicks Blaze right in the head. Itami kicks away on Blaze, then shouts “Respect me!” He drags Blaze up, suplex to Falcon Arrow. Cover, but he picks Blaz up! Itami grins, because he enjoys this too much.

Itami swings Blaze around for the GTS Mk. 2! Cover, but Itami again lifts Blaze up! Itami makes himself laugh as he drags Blaze over to a corner. This is also like before, as Itami gives Blaze the hesitation dropkick in the corner! Itami sits Blaze up, for another dropkick! The referee reprimands Itami but Itami keeps going. But Mustafa Ali appears! The Heart of 205 Live was told not to show up until he was fully rested, but it seems he feels more than capable of dealing with Itami! Ali rushes the ring, but Itami runs away. Ali shouts if Itami wants respect or a fight? He then calls Itami a coward for running off. Will the Beacon of Light get revenge now that he’s back?

No Contest


Cedric Alexander speaks.

“Last week, Drew Gulak, you sunk to a whole new low.” Gulak and his friends attacked two men before their match began all so he could complain that he lost. Then Gulak challenged Alexander to a fight, only to tuck tail and run away. Gulak the submission specialist exposed himself as the “spineless hypocrite” that he is. But Alexander will give Gulak a chance to make it all right. Alexander will be in the ring, call Gulak out, and finish what they started. Will Gulak man up and answer the call? Will he do it without his pals by his side?


Buddy Murphy w/ Tony Nese VS Kalisto w/ Lucha House Party!

This tag team war is not over, even after their amazing Tornado Tag match. Will this singles rematch of Juggernaut and Lucha Dragon be what they need to end it? Or will it only further escalate the fighting?

The bell rings and the matracas make their noise as Kalisto and Murphy circle. They tie up and Murphy gets a waistlock. He throws Kalisto with ease, then smirks as fans start chanting for him. Kalisto gets the waistlock but Murphy gest the standing switch. Murphy throws Kalisto again, and he smirks again. Fans “Lucha! Lucha!” with the House Party as Kalisto and Murphy tie up. Murphy powers Kalisto towards a corner then throws Kalisto out but Kalisto cartwheels through. The “Lucha! Lucha!” starts up again as Murphy and Kalisto tie up. Murphy kicks low while maintaining the grapple. He bends Kalisto’s wrists back but Kalisto comes back up.

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Murphy trips Kalisto to a standing double wrist cover, but Kalisto hops up at TWO. Murphy tries again, TWO. A third time, TWO as Kalisto gets one arm up. Murphy puts that arm down, ONE. Murphy puts the other arm down, ONE. A third time and Kalisto bridges for ONE. Murphy goes to put his full weight on Kalisto but Kalisto monkey filps out of it. Kalisto ends up on the second rope, but Murphy jumps up to join him! Kalisto goes up top, to SUPER Huricanrana Murphy off! Murphy rolls all the way out as fans fire up. Kalisto runs and gives Murphy a Listo Kick at the ropes. Kalisto starts up the “Lucha! Lucha!” as he builds speed. Nese gets in the way, forcing Kalisto to stop himself.

The referee tells Nese to move but Nese insists Murphy is hurt. Kalisto ignores all that to FLY over the ref and onto the Body Guys! He gets the two-for-one and leaves Nese & Murphy down. Fans “Lucha! Lucha!” while the ref starts to count. Nese and Murphy decide to rush the ring together! Gran Metalik & Lince Dorado join in, but the referee tells everyone not in this match to get out. The chaos allows Murphy to sucker punch Kalisto! Murphy drags Kalisto up and into a corner for a big buckle bump. He chops Kalisto, then stalks him at the ropes. He suplexes but Kalisto slips out to run and huricanrana. Murphy blocks it with strength, and goes to bomb Kalisto out! Kalisto counters with the huricanrana just in time, then Penalty Kicks Murphy from the apron! Kalisto runs to blockbuster, but Murphy catches it to make it a suplex!

Both men are down and both of their teams check on them. The referee checks on Kalisto but Murphy doesn’t care. He shoves Dorado out of the way, but Dorado shoves back! The referee keeps the two from brawling, so that this doesn’t become a repeat of the night this all started. With tensions running high, the referee throws Lucha House Party out! Nese throws the pinata at them, but Metalik & Dorado have no choice but to leave. Murphy drags Kalisto up and into the ring, and kicks Kalisto’s back. Nese applauds but fans rally with “Lucha! Lucha!” Murphy kicks Kalisto again, taking his time torturing the luchador.

Murphy hushes the crowd, so they can hear this one. But Kalisto gets out of the way! Kalisto hurries to a corner, and gives Murphy a back elbow. Kalisto jumps onto Murhpy for a sleeper hold, but gets rammed into buckles. But then Kalisto tilt-o-whirls back into a sleeper! Murphy flings Kalisto off him, for the Aussie Kamigoye! Cover, TWO! Murphy grows frustrated with Kalisto, but he still takes his time bringing him up. Kalisto revives and back drops Murphy out of the ring! Kalisto recovers but Murphy comes back up. Murphy grabs a foot but Kalisto kicks him away. Kalisto builds speed, but Nese swipes at him! That move is becoming the signature of this rivalry. Murphy capitalizes with a clobbering clothesline!

The referee saw what happened, though, so now Nese is ejected! Nese protests but now things are even again. Kalisto recovers on the apron while fans sing “Nana na na, Hey Hey Hey, Good-Bye~!” Murphy storms over to him, but gets a kick to the chin! Kalisto Listo kicks again, then springboards for teh seated senton! He speeds up to springboard corkscrew corssbody! He kicks away, but Murphy puts him in a corner. Kalisto dodges to roll up and school boy kick, but into Murphy’s catapult! Kalisto uses that to get on the ropes! He jumps, but it’s another blocked blockbuster! Kalisto slips out, shoves Murphy, Reverse-Rana to SPIKE-Rana! Cover, TWO!! Fans declare “This is Awesome!” while both men slowly stir on the mat.

Kalisto gets up and restarts the “Lucha! Lucha!” chants. Murphy stands, Kalisto grabs him, but Salida del Sol becomes a long dart! Murphy runs, into a SUPERKICK! Cover, TWO!! Kalisto is getting closer but is still so far from a win. Both men stir, and Murphy rolls out to the apron. Kalisto follows, and they both stand on the apron. Murphy pushes Kalisto away, Kalisto runs back at him, but Murphy LAUNCHES Kalisto at the announce desk!! Kalisto crashes and burns, and the referee checks on him. Kalisto is somehow okay, but fans now realize “We Want Tables!” Murphy drags Kalisto up and bounces him off the table, to then throw into barriers.

Murphy drags Kalisto up to throw him against barriers again, but the ring count goes past 5. The count reaches 7 as Murphy tosses Kalisto into the timekeeper’s area. Murphy refreshes the count, but walks into a forearm! Kalisto leaps, into a knee trigger! Fans lose their minds over the stiffness. The 10 count begins again so Murphy decides to leave Kalisto for dead. Kalisto dares Murphy to be a man, so Murphy decides to break the count right as it hits 9. Murphy walks over, into a monkey flip that sends him into the timekeeper’s area the hard way! Both men are down now, and the 10 count starts all over. Kalisto returns to the ring at 5, but Murphy is crawling over. Murphy breaks the count at 9! Kalisto gives him another SPIKE-Rana!! Cover, TWO!? It’s still not over, but the fans are loving it!

Kalisto grows desperate, so he goes over to a corner. He drags himself up and springboards, but into a powerbomb! Murphy high stacks, TWO, into a sit-out powerbomb! Cover, TWO?! Now Kalisto shocks with that survival, and fans chant “2 0 5!” for this amazing Cruiserweight match. Murphy drags Kalisto up in the pumphandle, ready for his finish, but Kalisto wheelbarrows to a cover! TWO, and Kalisto rolls Murphy for teh school boy kick! Kalisto runs, into the knee trigger! Murphyd rags Kalisto up, MURPHY’S LAW!! Cover, Murphy wins!

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Winner: Buddy Murphy, by pinfall

Nese returns to celebrate with his Body Guy pal. Will this finally end the battles between them and Lucha House Party? Can Murphy move on towards his true goal of becoming THE Cruiserweight Champion?



My Thoughts:

Another solid episode of 205 Live. Tozawa VS Kendrick was pretty great, given their history. It was a good touch that Tozawa brought back his aggression from his feud with Kendrick, remembering continuity can give any match a better feel to it. Kendrick’s line about hating people who don’t know their place makes me think that Tozawa might find himself involved in this story of Alexander and Gulak’s team a bit longer, so that Alexander isn’t completely outnumbered. It could even happen next week, with Alexander calling Gulak out but getting Gulak, Gallagher and Kenrick. Tozawa could show up to help with numbers, and it’d be great if Colin Delaney came out to help, since he was the other man attacked last week.

Hideo Itami was on the verge of another referee stoppage win, but it was a great surprise to see Mustafa Ali return so soon. I’m sure Drake Maverick will tell Ali that it’s much too soon to face Itami again, but something will force the GM’s hand to let the match happen. I also hope that it’ll end up as another great No Disqualification match, like the one Ali had with Buddy Murphy not too long ago. Then the winner can move on to have themselves a title match. Tonight’s main event was another great grudge match. It seemed a little slow-going at first, but it sped up so that after LHS’ ejection, then Nese’s, it had quite a few fans giving a standing ovation. I still hope Cruiserweight Tag titles come out of all this, these five have been too good for it not to lead to that.

My Score: 8/10

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