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Mitchell’s WWE 205 Live Report! (8/7/18)



205 Live = Cruiserweight Division

While Drew Gulak gets his shot at the Cruiserweight Championship, Mustafa Ali and Hideo Itami look to settle their own differences in 1v1 action tonight!



  • Lucha House Party w/ Gran Metalik VS Tony Nese & Buddy Murphy; Nese & Murphy win.
  • Noam Dar VS Sean Maluta; Dar wins.
  • Hideo Itami VS Mustafa Ali; Itami wins.


Drake Maverick promises a “combustible” night!

Two heated rivalries continue to turn it up in first-ever matches. Kalisto & Lince Dorado represent Lucha House Party as they go up against the muscular Tony Nese & Buddy Murphy after another post-match altercation from last week. Will speed or strength win out in tag team action?

Then, the main event has the first-ever singles encounter between the Beacon of Light and the Don from Nihon. Hideo Itami has constantly cost Mustafa Ali his chance at the Cruiserweight Championship. From interfering in a match with Buddy Murphy to a Triple Threat to the Fatal 4 Way two weeks ago, Itami has been a thorn in Ali’s side. Can Ali get back at the Innovator of the GTS? Or will the Heart of 205 Live be made to #GoToSleep?


Lucha House Party w/ Gran Metalik VS Tony Nese & Buddy Murphy!

The Golden Lynx and Lucha Dragon have the King of the Ropes by their side once again, but he has to watch as they take on the Premier Athlete and Australian Antagonist in 2v2 action. Who will win this first ever tag team showdown?

The bell rings and Murphy starts against Lince. “Lucha! Lucha!” starts up already as Murphy and Lince tie up. Murphy tosses Lince at the muscle corner, but Lince slips away with agility. Murphy lunges at Lince but Lince slips away again. But Lince finds himself cornered, so he sunset flips over Murphy. Murphy denies that and drags Lince up, but Lince chops him. It does nothing, so Lince hits Nese. Murphy gives Lince a big knee strike! Murphy drags Lince up and bumps him off buckles. Tag to Nese and Nese stomps a muscular mudhole into Lince. Nese taunts the Lucha dance, then whips Lince. Lince kicks back then throws Nese with headscissors. He adds a dropkick, and the matracas sound off. Nese tags to Murphy, but Kalisto tags in.

Kalisto gets a standing switch and clubs away on Murphy, but Murphy wrenches the arm. Murphy whips but Kalisto dodges to tilt-o-whirl! Murphy denies the DDT with power, but Kalisto slips out of the suplex. Kalisto pushes Murphy, then rolls him for the Listo Kick! Kalisto runs, Spike-Rana! Cover, TWO! The “Lucha! Lucha!” starts up while Murphy rolls to ropes. Murphy shoves Kalisto away and tags to Nese. Murphy puts Kalisto on the apron, but Kalisto swing kicks Murphy down. He doesn’t realize Nese is legal, until Nese trips him off the apron! Kalisto goes down hard, but Nese puts Kalisto up and in. Cover, ONE, so Nese clubs Kalisto with crossface forearms. Nese pulls back on Kalisto with a partial camel clutch.

Fans rally up and the matracas make noise, but Nese puts Kalisto in the corner. Tag to Murphy and they stomp away on Kalisto. Murphy brings Kalisto out for a swift elbow strike. Tag to Nese, but Kalisto fights out. Murphy keeps Kalisto from his corner, then tosses him to the mat. Nese triangle jump moonsaults in! Cover, TWO! Nese grows annoyed, but he embraces the heat as he trash talks lucha libre. He drags Kalisto up, whips, and runs Kalisto over with a back elbow. Cover, TWO! Nese drags Kalisto over and tags in Murphy. Murphy stomps Kalisto out, then kicks him in the back. Murphy drops a knee, then taunts Lince. Cover, ONE, but Murphy is on him with a chinlock.

Murphy grinds Kalisto to the mat, but fans rally up with Metalik’s matraca. Kalisto feeds off the energy, but they spin around and around until Murphy brings him back down. The rally from the fans continues, and Kalisto works his way out of Murphy’s hold. Kalisto gets free with the jawbreaker! He kicks Murphy away and crawls to the apron. Nese rushes over but Kalisto kicks him away. Kalisto kicks Murphy, too, then slingshots over for a sunset flip! TWO! Kalisto crawls but Nese comes in. Nese is thrown out, but he trips Lince off the apron! Murphy deadlifts and German Suplexes! Bridging cover, TWO! Murphy grows frustrated, but he brings Kalisto up. Tag to Nese, and they both lift Kalisto. Kalisto escapes, but Nese grabs a leg. Kalisto shoves Nese into Murphy! Hot tag to Lince!

Lince climbs up and flies with a crossbody! He gets both men, then rallies on them with forearms and chops. Lince enziguris Murphy, then heel kicks Nese! He dropsaults with Murphy to land on Nese! Cover, TWO! “Lucha! Lucha!” starts up, but Lince runs into Nese’s elbow. Nese suplexes but Lince slips out to SUPERKICK him down! Nese ends up in a corner, so Lince runs in for a bronco buster! Lince rolls Nese up and around, dragon sleeper to Saving Grace! Cover, but Murphy breaks it! Murphy rocks Kalisto with a forearm, then glares at Lince. Lince glares back, but he gets attacked by Nese from behind. The muscle men double whip, but Lince springboards back for a DOUBLE Golden Rewind! Tag to Kalisto, and Lucha House Party takes aim. They build speed and FLY! They get both Murphy and Nese, and the fans are fired up.

Lince & Kalisto put Murphy & Nese in the ring. They bring both men up, but Murphy pushes Lince out of the ring! Kalisto dumps Murphy out, then hits Nese. Kalisto lifts off but Nese pushes him off. Nese pushes Kalisto but gets a boot. Nese distracts Kalisto, Murphy trips Kalisto up! Kalisto shouts at Murphy, but gets rolled up by Nese! Nese & Murphy win!

Winners: Tony Nese & Buddy Murphy, Nese pinning

The duo with brawn proves they also have brain as they outsmart Lucha House Party. This may have been the first tag team encounter, but which side will win the last?


Mustafa Ali gave a medical update via Twitter.

After the damage he took during that Fatal 4 Way, Ali had to be hospitalized over night. But as he told the WWE Universe, “Fear not, I always kick out at 2.” The Heart of 205 Live is still beating even after taking a beating, will he return the favor to Itami later tonight?

Speaking of, Mustafa Ali prepares backstage.

Drake Maverick checks in on him. How’s he feeling? “I feel great, boss.” Ali just saw the doctor, and the doctor says Ali is ready to go. Yes, but that’s the same doctor who told Maverick about Ali’s hospital stay, and who believes Ali is “overdoing it.” Ali appreciates the concern, but that Fatal 4 Way was a speed bump. Ali is back, and is not going to give up this chance at Itami. Maverick understands, and appreciates Ali’s heart. Ali has nothing to prove. Then worry about Itami more. Ali’s got this. Is the Heart of 205 Live listening too much to his heart instead of his head?

Elsewhere, Hideo Itami has a message for Mustafa Ali.

He says it in Japanese first, then translates to English. “You should have shown me respect.” Will Ali show the respect Itami demands? Will Itami show Ali mercy if he doesn’t?


WWE and 205 Live take a closer look at Noam Dar.

The Scottish Supernova and the youngest Cruiserweight in the Division at just 24 years old, the Scottish-Israeli star was riding high, until a Fatal 4 Way on Monday Night Raw 10 months ago resulted in a torn meniscus. Dar realized just how easily something can be taken away. It was a reality check that made Dar step up his game. Dar has worked harder than he’s ever worked before, and completely rewired his way of thinking. His return match was a shocker, but his second match back, TJP would go after that injured leg. Dar let TJP use that to get in his head. That won’t happen again. The Supernova will show everyone why he’s the real star of the Cruiserweight Division. And he’ll do that, up next!

Noam Dar VS Sean Maluta!

We’ve seen what the Supernova has been through, and we’ve learned what he’s done to get back. He’s only been back a month, and has already had his ups and downs. Will Dar have another up going against a fellow Cruiserweight Classic competitor?

The bell rings and Dar circles with Maluta. They tie up, and Dar puts Maluta in a corner. Dar lets Maluta out, then gets him in a headlock. Maluta fights back then powers out. Dar runs Maluta over, then things speed up. Dar stops to waistlock, but Maluta grabs ropes. The ref counts and Dar lets go. Maluta sucker kicks Dar low, then runs. His boot misses, but he blocks Dar’s kick. Maluta knees the bad leg, then dropkicks it out! Maluta shows no mercy, but Dar shows no quit. He throws forearms from both sides, but gets a kick to the back of the knee. Maluta whips, but Dar reverses. Dar ducks and Maluta hits mat! Dar gives throat chops, a headbutt and an uppercut! He runs in corner to corner while TJP watches backstage.

Dar hits Maluta with the back shoulder, then reels Maluta in for a Northern Lights suplex! TJP is apparently not impressed. TJP checks his phone while Dar takes aim at Maluta. Dar sweeps Maluta’s legs, then takes aim again. He runs out, Rolla Nova! Cover, Dar wins!

Winner: Noam Dar, by pinfall

Dar toughs it out and gets the win. His knee is doing good, will it become more of a concern as more matches come his way?


Cedric Alexander speaks.

The Soul of 205 Live is “not surprised” by the actions Drew Gulak and his Ungentlemanly Alliance took last week. Jack Gallagher coming out of nowhere when THE Brian Kendrick didn’t get the job done. For all of Gulak’s talk, Gulak knows that 1v1 with Alexander, “you can’t beat me.” Alexander will remind Gulak of that personally at Summerslam. But if Gallagher’s willing, Alexander’s also up for proving it to him personally, next week.

Drew Gulak responds.

“If a match against Jack Gallagher a mere five days before our encounter at Summerslam” is what the champion wants, then challenge accepted. Gulak will focus on the bigger picture. Summerslam season finds the Cruiserweight Division at a crossroads. Will they be represented by a champion that’s all flash? Or by a champion who is steadfast in his beliefs that the Cruiserweight Division is “the last true bastion of pure wrestling in WWE today”? Only one of them can create a #Better205Live. Gulak doesn’t need someone to do his dirty work, his plan is simple. Alexander, “you will tap out.” What state will the Extraordinary Man be handing the Soul of 205 Live over to the Philly Stretcher?


Hideo Itami VS Mustafa Ali!

The Japanese legend shows no respect, yet demands everyone show some to him. As for the Chicago inspiration, he shows respect until he isn’t shown any back. Is Ali’s “overdoing it” going to come back to bite him against the sadistic striker? Or perhaps he’ll fly high over Itami to earn himself what really matters: a title match.

The bell rings, and Itami tests the waters with kicks, but Ali keeps his distance. Ali gets under one to get a leg pick, only to get pushed away. They both stand, Ali gets a headlock. Itami pulls hair to then power out. Ali goes up and over, narrowly avoiding Itami’s boot. They go again, Ali gets another takedown but Itami shoves him away again. Itami runs at Ali in a corner, but Ali goes up and over again. Ali ducks another boot to give a dropkick! Ali rains down rights to take out his frustration. He brings Itami up, ducks a backhand, then gets a headlock. Itami powers out, but things speed up. Ali handsprings past the kick, to then block another kick to give a kick! Itami rolls out of the ring, but Ali builds speed. Ali FLIES for a powerful collision!

It wasn’t the best landing for Ali, but he stands up. Ali puts Itami into the ring, then climbs up top. He leaps for a big crossbody. Cover, ONE! Fans fire up, but that back is bugging him. Itami kicks low, then drags Ali up. He kicks Ali to ropes, then stands on his head. Itami pushes Ali into the bottom rope, shouting “Respect me!” Ali punches Itami, then throws forearms. Itami knees low then whips Ali. Ali kicks Itami back, then runs, only to be sent out. Ali drags Itami out to join him, and chops him against the apron. Itami retaliates with a kick, but Ali chops back. Itami kicks, and kicks, and kicks! Ali is on the ground, the count is at 7. Itami refreshes the count, to go back at Ali. He kicks Ali more, then demands more respect. Fans boo Itami but cheer Ali.

Both Ali and Itami end up on the apron, and Ali throws elbows. Itami returns the favor, and they brawl on the edge. Itami dropkicks Ali into a post! Ali hits it spine first, then falls to the floor. He writhes in pain, but refuses to quit. Itami riles up the fans by demanding still more respect. He looms over Ali, then brings him up. He bounces Ali off the apron, then kicks his face into the LED! Itami embraces the heat while the ref checks on Ali. They go back into the ring, and Itami covers. TWO, but this only irritates Itami. Itami toys with Ali more, kicking Ali while he’s down at the ropes. He grinds his boot into Ali, then whips. Itami flips Ali over with the kitchen sink knee. But instead of covering, Itami walks around Ali to soak in the heat. Now a cover, TWO.

Itami wraps Ali in a chinlock, grinding Ali to the mat. Ali refuses to quit, and the fans rally up for him. Ali powers up and fights back. Itami whips Ali into a corner, then flips him over with another kitchen sink knee. Fans boo the cocky Itami as he drags Ali up again. Itami swiftly kicks Ali in the back. He stands on Ali for a cover, TWO. Itami taunts Ali, so Ali hits him with forearms! Itami knees low again, then kicks Ali to the ropes. Then he kicks Ali at the ropes. Itami whips but Ali turns the knee itno a roll up, then a crucifix! TWO, but Ali chops Itami to a corner. Ali whips corner to corner but Itami reverses. Ali slides to a stop, then slips out to roundhouse Itami from the apron. Itami staggers, Ali slingshots in, but into a roundhouse! Cover, TWO!

Itami can’t believe that kick didn’t finish this. He drags Ali back up, fireman’s carry, but Ali fights out. Ali shoves Itami, then pursues for the flapjack dropkick. Fans rally up as Itami grits his teeth. Ali runs and rallies with forearms and elbows. He whips Itami to a corner, but Itami reverses. Ali stops himself and hits another roundhouse, then another! Slingshot, X-Factor! Cover, TWO! Ali keeps his focus while fans rally up again. He brings Itami up, suplexes, but Itami slips out. Itami waistlocks, but Ali elbows out. Ali walks into a boot, but ducks to give a SUPERKICK to the back of Itami’s head! Yet Itami still gives Ali a backhand! Both men are down, but fans are fired up. The referee checks on both men, but they’re okay to continue. Both men crawl to corners and stand up.

Ali runs but into a waistlock. He bucks Itami off and boots him away. Ali runs, but his tilt-o-whirl is turned into a Falcon Arrow! Cover, TWO! Itami is still shocked, but he won’t stop. Itami drags Ali up, and hoists him onto the top rope. He climbs up to join Ali, and demands respect one more time. Itami prepares a superplex but Ali resists. Ali throws Itami down, then adjusts for a sunset flip. Ali deadlifts to a sit-out powerbomb! Cover, TWO!! Ali can’t believe it, but Itami survives. Both men slowly get up, and Itami yanks Ali into buckles. Then he yanks Ali back in dragon sleeper. Itami swings Ali around but Ali pushes Itami away. Itami kicks Ali, and tries again, but Ali pushes out again. Ali runs but into an overhead suplex into the corner! Itami, bleeding from the lip, covers, TWO!! He tries again, TWO!

Itami is beside himself. What does he have to do to win? Then he remembers the Fatal 4 Way, and the steel steps. He drags Ali over, positions Ali’s head, and backs up for a running start! Ali moves, the dropkick goes into steps! Ali climbs up, for a SUPER tornado DDT!! Fans are fired up as Ali drags the dead weight Itami into the ring. Ali keeps going as he climbs up top. He wants his imploding flip, but he’s really dizzy now. Ali steadies himself, but Itami trips him up! Ali ends up in the Tree of Woe, and Itami hits his hesitation dropkick! The referee wants Itami to stop, but he won’t! He hits a second dropkick! Then a THIRD! Ali comes loose of the Tree, and Itami covers, Itami wins!

Winner: Hideo Itami, by pinfall

There was no respect, and there was no mercy. Itami wins because Ali couldn’t finish it off. Will Itami get a second shot at the title after Summerslam? Ali stands, and starts to walk, but then collapses! The referee calls for back-up while checking on Ali. Maverick rushes out and calls for medics. Is the Heart of 205 Live’s body giving out on him?



My Thoughts:

Another great night for 205 Live and the Cruiserweights. The tag team match was a really good opener, and I was happily surprised to see Murphy & Nese win with some Heel tactics. This feud can continue on, but I’m still hoping that Cruiserweight Tag Team Division and titles gets going already. Make it something for Survivor Series, with teams like Kendrick & Gallagher and the Daivari Brothers. A Fatal 4 Way Tag Team Elimination Match, last team standing gets the titles. Nice video package for Noam Dar to establish himself as a Face, maybe a Face Tweener. Good to see Sean Maluta on 205 Live, I don’t know why they don’t just make him a full-time Cruiserweight. It’s not like he’s going anywhere in NXT right now. But Dar winning while TJP watches “ironically” because he doesn’t care, those two can still feud for some good matches.

Next week’s go-home sounds pretty good, with Alexander VS Gallagher to feed the title story, while the Lio Rush VS Akira Tozawa rematch keeps their story going. Gulak and Alexander have solid promo work, but next week’s match could determine the outcome of the title match. Then the main event, that was amazing action and story integration. There’s obviously kayfabe concern over Ali’s health, and it comes into play. I would hope they don’t make it about a concussion, that seems a bit controversial. But at the same time, without putting Ali into a continuing feud, perhaps an injury angle is what he needs for story depth.

My Score: 8.3/10

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