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Mitchell’s WWE Monday Night Raw Report! (8/20/18)



WWE Raw Cover image

The Raw After Summerslam has THREE new champions! The Architect, The Big Dog and the Baddest Woman on the Planet reign, so what’s next for Monday nights?



  • Baron Corbin VS Bobby Lashley; Lashley wins.
  • Six Woman Tag: Ember Moon & The Boss & Hug Connection VS The Riott Squad; The Riott Squad wins.
  • Dean Ambrose w/ Seth Rollins VS Dolph Ziggler w/ Drew McIntyre; Ambrose wins.
  • Elias VS Curt Hawkins; Elias wins.
  • Titus Worldwide VS The Authors of Pain; The Authors of Pain win.
  • Bo Dallas w/ Curt Axel VS Scott Dawson w/ Dash Wilder; Dawson wins.
  • Curt Axel w/ Bo Dallas VS Dash Wilder w/ Scott Dawson; Wilder wins.
  • WWE Universal Championship: Roman Reigns VS Finn Balor; Roman wins and retains the WWE Universal Championship.


The Big Dog heads to the ring!

Roman Reigns enters as the NEW WWE Universal Champion after the chaos and brutality that was Summerslam’s main event. Roman looks at the belt he fought so hard to get, and lifts it up with pride. He ignores the noise as he slings it on his back and continues down the ramp. Roman stands in the ring with a big smile on his face while fans are divided down the middle. “I’m a man of my word”, he says. “I said I was gonna beat Brock Lesnar, and I did.” Roman hears the fans chant “You Still Suck!” but Roman repeats that he vowed to defend the belt. He’ll even do that tonight. Fans like the sound of that.

Roman would make this an open challenge, but he has someone in mind already. That same man won the title in Brooklyn, too. But then he got hurt and never got his opportunity to get it back. Roman will defend this belt tonight, against… FINN BALOR! And speaking of the Extraordinary Man, he heads to the ring! The inaugural Universal Champion stands in front of the current champion, and says, “Wassup, Roman?” Finn accepts the challenge, and vows to take that title back! Fans love this already, so let’s make it official. They shake hands, but here comes Baron Corbin.

Stephanie’s appointed Constable wants us to calm down. As great as that match would be, it’s not happening on Corbin’s watch. If Finn thinks he’s getting rewarded for that “little stunt”, he’s crazy. Finn no-showed and sent his Demon instead. Corbin says that was unprofessional, cowardly, and in breach of contract. Plus, with all the smoke and noise, Corbin couldn’t hear or see so he didn’t know the match was on. Corbin refuses to accept that match happened. The fans boo, and he says they’re booing Finn. He wants Finn The Man tonight. Roman says the fans are booing Corbin, not Finn. And if he sucked as bad as Corbin did, he’d want to strike it from the record, too. Corbin claims the only reason Roman won was because Lesnar had to worry about Braun Strowman. Roman steps to Corbin but Corbin backs down. Here comes Kurt Angle!

The Raw GM soaks in the “You Suck!” greeting, then speaks to the three men in the ring. Corbin’s letting his Constable role go to his head, because Angle makes matches, not him. Angle also tells Corbin to shush, so we can get what Brooklyn wants. Does Brooklyn want Reigns VS Balor for the title tonight? “YES! YES!” Then that’s our main event! As for Corbin, he has a match, right now! And it’s against… Bobby Lashley!


Baron Corbin VS Bobby Lashley!

The Lone Wolf stuck his foot in his mouth, and now he has to take on the Dominator! Will Lashley send Corbin reeling with a bout of vertigo?

Raw returns as the bell rings and these two circle. Lashley gets around Corbin to throw him down. Then he throws him again! Lashley brings Corbin up but Corbin elbows into the standing switch. Lashley switches back to throw Corbin again. Corbin gets a ropebreak, so Lashley backs off. Lashley sees the sucker punch coming and drop sCorbin with a neckbreaker. Fans fire up as Lashley bumps Corbin off a buckle. Lashley bumps Corbin off another buckle, then another. He throws hands then whips. Corbin slides out and catches his breath, but fans boo and jeer him. Lashley pursues and rocks Corbin with forearms. He bumps Corbin off the apron, then puts him in the ring at 6. Lashley enters at 7, then rams a shoulder into Corbin in the corner.

Lashley climbs and gives Corbin corner punches. He gets all 10, then clotheslines Corbin back out. Fans cheer while Lashley goes back to get Corbin. Lashley puts Corbin in the ring then hops right up, only for Corbin to kick him down. Corbin throws Lashley into barriers, then puts him in the ring. Corbin stalks Lashley into a half-nelson. Lashley endures while fans rally up. Lashley stands and fights back with body shots. Corbin knees low, then whips Lashley. Lashley reverses but misses in the corner. They speed up and Lashley leaps over to lariat Corbin down! Lashley brings Corbin up, rocks him with clubbing haymakers, then prepares a suplex. Corbin powers Lashley all the way out, for a rough landing! Then he slides out to clobber Lashley down! The Lone Wolf has control while we go to break.

Raw returns and Corbin has Lashley in the half-nelson. He taunts Lashley while leaning his weight on the hold. Lashley feeds off the fan rally but Corbin knees him low. Corbin then throws Lashley into a post! He tries again, but Lashley turns it around and throws Corbin into a post! Lashley recovers while Corbin stands up. Lashley and Corbin brawl with big haymakers, but then Lashley gets on a roll. He throws Corbin overhead, then runs in for a big clothesline. Lashley keeps going, but runs into a back elbow. Corbin runs, but into a spinebuster! Cover, TWO! Corbin rolls out of the ring, but Lashley pursues again. Lashley throws hands on Corbin, then puts him in the ring. Corbin hotshots Lashley on the return, then clobbers him again.

Corbin drags Lashley in, then hoists him to the top rope. He throws forearms on Lashley while climbing up. Fans boo and jeer while Corbin grins. Lashley headbutts Corbin down, adjusts, and leaps, but into the Choke Slam Backbreaker! Cover, TWO! Corbin is furious, so he runs in. Lashley dodges, Corbin slides in and out, but into a knee. Then into the dominator lift! AK-47 Slam! Cover, Lashley wins!

Winner: Bobby Lashley, by pinfall

The Dominator may not have dominated, but he did come out on top. Will the Constable come up with excuses for this loss, too?


Paul Heyman visits Kurt Angle.

What’s he doing here? He has a specific mission, as his client, Brock Lesnar, would like his contractually obligated rematch clause. Seriously? Well, yes, Lesnar VS Roman or Finn. Heyman knows what Angle is thinking, Lesnar should be down the road to UFC by now. But Lesnar goes where he wants to go, so he’s going to want a rematch. Yes, that title contract has a rematch clause, but it doesn’t specify when and where that rematch happens. The thing is, Angle has a fighting champion now, and one that shows up. Lesnar will have to wait a long, long long time for that rematch.

Heyman agrees to that, it should be a long time. Obviously it wouldn’t happen next week. Heyman sees it way down the road, where Lesnar uses his rematch clause for… Hell in a Cell. Angle says it’ll be a cold day in hell for that. Or as they say in Brooklyn, forgettaboutit!


Baron Corbin complains to Kurt Angle.

Corbin says he was prepared for Finn the Man at Summerslam, not Demon Balor. And then tonight, the same thing happens but with Lashley the Dominator. Corbin isn’t some dog who does tricks! He is Stephanie’s Constable! And Corbin is tired of not getting what he wants. Angle says his job isn’t to do what Corbin wants. As long as he’s GM, he does what’s best for the WWE Universe. Fine, but Stephanie’s gonna be here tonight. Corbin’s gonna go talk to her, how does that sound? Will Stephanie give her pet Lone Wolf what he wants? Or will she give him what he deserves?


WWE and Raw take a look at the coming Final Chapter.

Super Show-Down in Australia, October 6th, Triple H and The Undertaker resurrect their ruthless rivalry! Six years ago at Wrestlemania, in a Hell in a Cell mach, it was the End of an Era. But finally, we will get the end of this iconic feud. Who wins this #LastTimeEver match?


Six Woman Tag: Ember Moon & The Boss & Hug Connection VS The Riott Squad!

The Prophecy of Flame and the #LegitHuggable duo take on the entire trio of Ruby, Liv and Sarah! Can Ember, Bayley & Banks Eclipse the entire Squad tonight? Or will Ruby and company #StartARiott in Brooklyn?

The bell rings and Sasha starts with Ruby. Sasha slaps Ruby around, then jumps on her for fast hands! She brings Ruby up and to her corner, tag to Bayley. They crisscross and throw Ruby back. Bayley stomps a mudhole, then tags to Ember. Roll up, TWO, and Ruby scrambles to her corner. Tag to Sarah, but Ember fires off a big right hand! Ember fires off kicks, then roars for a SUPERKICK! Cover, TWO, but Ember keeps on the Kentucky Viking. Liv and Ruby come in but get decked! The Squad escapes the ring, but Sasha gives Ruby a Meteora while Bayley crossbodies on Liv! Sarah stands alone, but Ember DIVES! The War Goddess and the best buddies are in control while we go to break.

Raw returns and Bayley has Liv down with an armlock. Liv shrieks while her partners shout. Fans sing for Bayley but Liv gets up to whip her into a corner. Bayley snake eyes Liv back, then hits a big knee. Sarah saves Liv from a second one, but gets a punch for it. Liv rocks Bayley out of the ring with that right hand, then tags Ruby. Ruby stalks Bayley to bring her down with an STO! The ref reprimands the Squad but Ruby just puts Bayley back in. Cover, TWO, but Ruby drags Bayley over. Tag to Sarah and the Squad starts mugging Bayley. Tag to Liv, Liv pulls Bayley against the ropes with the backpack chinlock. Sarah gets a cheap shot in, then Liv covers. TWO, but the Juvenile Delinquent keeps Bayley grounded with another chinlock.

Bayley endures while fans rally up. Liv thrashes Bayley around, then knees Bayley low. She puts Bayley in the corner then tags Ruby. Ruby tags Sarah and the Squad coordinates. Ruby whips Liv in for a big corner clothesline, then Sarah throws Ruby in for a shoulder tackle. Liv and Ruby feed Bayley to Sarah’s pop up headbutt! Cover, TWO! Sarah wraps Bayley up in a cobra clutch and thrashes her all around. Fans rally up and Bayley jawbreakers out. Sarah takes out Ember, then howls. Bayley boots her back then fights out of the Squad corner. Sarah grabs Bayley’s leg and stomps her down. Sarah drags Bayley back and tags in Ruby. Ruby stays between Sasha and Bayley, but gets rolled up! TWO, hot tag to Sasha!

The Boss rallies as fans fire up. She dropkicks Ruby, then counters the kick with a knee! She runs in, stops those boots, and sets Ruby up for the Stock Drop! Cover, but Liv breaks it just in time. Ember throws Liv out, then gives her the tornado snap suplex! Sasha runs but Ruby puts her on the apron. She knees Ruby away, but has to fight Sarah. Bayley goes after Sarah, but gets a lethal lariat! Sasha hits a Meteora on Sarah, then climbs up again. Ruby kicks the arms, then brings Sasha in for the Riott Kick! Cover, Riott Squad wins!

Winners: The Riott Squad, Ruby pinning

The numbers were even, but it was about the right moves. Ruby and her Squad continue to rise up, how high will they go?


Triple H is here!

The Game and COO of WWE returns, his already legendary #LastTimeEver match with the Phenom on the horizon. Fans chant “NXT!” for the man behind that brand, and HHH admits, TakeOver blew the roof off the arena. Summerslam took it to another level, and it’s all been incredible. HHH was on the edge of his seat, because just like us, he’s a fan of wrestling “to the core, from day one.” He will work until the day he dies that this is here for all of us. But weekends like this give HHH “that itch” to rip his suit off, tape up and lace up to truly be The Game again! That is why when Vince called with an idea, HHH said “Hell Yeah!” Vince wanted HHH VS The Undertaker. HHH said “Hell No.” But for a different reason than we think.

For everything HHH has done, there’s a moment that stands out against all the others. A moment that he will never forget. The Wrestlemania #EndofanEra Hell in a Cell match. He, Taker and Shawn Michaels, on the ramp. Fans chant “HBK!” for the Heartbreak Kid. HHH says that moment is as real as it gets in this business. That is a moment of mutual respect, two of the biggest icons ever, just as responsible as anybody for WWE today. That moment changed them all. It was the End of an Era, but it also changed them. HBK was gone, The Streak would die. The Undertaker would put his hat and gloves down and disappear. HHH put his gear away and put on a suit. And it was over.

The three of them have talked about it, everything changed. The sound, the goosebumps, gone. It was truly the End of an Era, and without sounding bitter, their Era was special. But fans say “You Still Got It!” HHH continues, for the respect he had for that moment, and told Vince that he was back in. HHH takes off the suit to put back on his tape and boots, and be The Game once again! If Undertaker will pick up his hat, put on his gloves and be The Phenom one more time! Melbourne, Australia, 80000 in attendance and everyone around the world watching, that feeling will be back! “Because the Era is back!” Undertaker, The Game, #oneLASTtime! It’s clear on HHH’s face that the Cerebral Assassin is back already, will he meet the Deadman Down Under?


Dean Ambrose w/ Seth Rollins VS Dolph Ziggler w/ Drew McIntyre!

The Lunatic Fringe kept the Scottish Psychopath at bay last night and now The Architect is the NEW Intercontinental Champion! The Show-Off wants after Ambrose himself, but will lose twice within 24 hours?

The bell rings as Rollins and McIntyre move aside, and Ambrose ties up with Ziggler. Ambrose gets a waistlock, then a facelock, but Ziggler reverses to a hammerlock. They stand up and Ambrose gets a headlock takedown. Ziggler gets up and powers out, but Ambrose runs him over. Ambrose glares at Ziggler while Ziggler regroups with McIntyre. Ziggler comes back and circles with Ambrose again. Ziggler lunges in and gets a leg, but Ambrose counters with a roll. Ambrose has a facelock, but Ziggler gets him to ropes. Ziggler gives a shove, but Ambrose shoves right back! Ziggler kicks low and throws hands, but Ambrose gives back a chop! Ambrose chops Ziggler again, but Ziggler rakes the eyes. Ziggler whips but Ambrose reverses to run him over. Cover, ONE.

Ambrose gets another headlock takeover, but Ziggler stands up. Ziggler powers out, but Ambrose runs him over again. They speed up and Ziggler goes to hip toss. Ambrose blocks it to scoop slam! Ambrose runs but McIntyre sweeps his leg. Rollins keeps Ambrose from going after McIntyre, but Ziggler dropkicks Ambrose down! Ziggler gets control back while we go to break.

Raw returns and Ziggler has Ambrose in the sleeper hold. Ziggler is a backpack, but Ambrose works his way up and out. Rollisn rallies the fans, but Ziggler kicks Ambrose’s legs out. Ziggler slaps Ambrose around, daring him to do something. Ambrose ducks the clothesline to give his own! Ambrose gives Ziggler another, then whips him into the kitchen sink knee. Ziggler rolls to a corner, but Ambrose is right on him with a mudhole stomp. Ambrose goes corner to corner but runs into a boot. Ziggler has the ropes, but TWO! Ambrose bucks off the ZigZag, then catches Ziggler into a Fall Away Slam! Ziggler rolls out to the apron while Rollins coaches Ambrose up. Ambrose drags Ziggler up, but Ziggler hotshots Ambrose back. Ziggler kicks but is blocked into a catapult! Ziggler hits post, but then he dodges Ambrose to send him into the post!

Ambrose tumbles out to the floor, but Rollins keeps McIntyre back. McIntyre takes off the jacket and dares Rollins to do something. Rollins takes him up on it! He fires off and McIntyre fires back, but then Ziggler blasts Rollins from behind. Ziggler holds Rollins up so that he and McIntyre can throw Rollins into barriers. But then Ambrose goes after them! He puts Ziggler in but has to get McIntyre. Ziggler kicks, Ambrose dodges, but Ziggler haymakers. Ambrose stops the superkick, Rollins runs in, but only to DIVE onto McIntyre! Ambrose denies the satellite, to get his Dirty Deeds! Cover, Ambrose wins!

Winner: Dean Ambrose, by pinfall

The Lunatic wins on a great return! He and Rollins regroup while McIntyre comes rushing in. The Shield Brothers are firing on all cylinders, how high will they go?


Elias does a double check with his technicians.

He tells them neither of them are special, that designation is reserved for someone like him. And the guitar better not break or it’s both their careers on the line. The Drifter heads to the ring, will he redeem himself from last night?


Finn Balor prepares backstage.

But he encounters Braun Strowman. The Monster in the Bank got screwed out of a cash-in, but he’s reminding Finn here and now, it’s coming. “Good luck tonight.”


“Ladies and Gentlemen: Elias.”

The Drifter tries again from his embarrassing instrument malfunction. After that moment, someone is clearly trying to destroy him. He fired three crew members, and knows Fender does better than that. This mystery person doesn’t realize WWE really stands for “Walk With Elias!” Now he was supposed to give us the greatest performance ever, but his doctor warned him of his blood pressure being around people from Brooklyn. But a performer must perform, so he simply asks New Yorkers to do the impossible and shut up. But just as he starts playing, it’s Brooklyn’s own, Curt Hawkins! Hawkins says Elias can be Number One, as in the first man to lose to Hawkins!

Hawkins feels so lucky tonight in front of not Elias’ town. So maybe together, Elias and Hawkins go ahead and end the 218 match losing streak! Elias likes the moxie, but he has a cold hard fact: Hawkins is a loser. Hawkins was born a loser, will die a loser, just like everyone in Brooklyn. Elias’ ring is his stage, Hawkins doesn’t belong. No more wasting time, just get out of here. Elias can’t even believe he’s wasted this much time. Hawkins turns and walks up the ramp while Elias begins to play. “Hey, Elias,” Hawkins says. Is he gonna hide behind a guitar and a scarf? Or are they gonna fight? Hawkins gets in the ring, and challenges him to a match, right now! Elias sees he has no choice, we have a match!


Elias VS Curt Hawkins!

The bell rings, Hawkins rolls Elias, TWO! Elias hits him with a jumping knee! The Drifter rips off his shirt before throwing hands on Hawkins. Brooklyn is behind their ultimate underdog, but Elias whips him and runs him over. Elias drops an elbow, then covers. TWO, but then a crucifix! TWO! Elias swings, Hawkins rocks him back. Hawkins throws haymakers, then whips. Elias reverses, Hawkins runs him over. Hawkins rallies, “you Deserve It!” Hwakins pursues but gets a big knee to the heart. Elias brings Hawkins up, Drfit Aaway! Cover, Elias wins!

Winner: Elias, by pinfall

Hawkins goes to 0-219, but he at least kept Elias from singing. Will Hawkins ever get that bad streak off his back?


Titus O’Neil finds Apollo Crews and Dana Brooke talking.

Where’ve they been? They were talking “strategy”. Dana has a weakness in AoP’s tactics. Then let’s get to it! That match is up next, does Dana have the algorithm to undo Akam & Rezar?

Titus Worldwide VS The Authors of Pain!

Raw returns as Rezar has Titus in a bearhug. Titus fights his way out with elbows, then with headlock punches. Rezar powers him to the AoP corner, tag to Akam. Akam and Rezar throw in knees and clubbing forearms, then talk trash in their respective native tongues. Akam tries but can’t lift Titus. Titus lifts and suplexes Akam! Dana rallies the fans while Akam and Titus crawl. Hot tag to Apollo! Apollo swings on Rezar, but gets clobbered by Akam! Tag to Rezar, and the Authros double lift and slam Apollo! Cover, TWO! Rezar keeps on Apollo with both hands and trash talk. He lifts Apollo into a facelock. Apollo endures, and powers Rezar backwards step by step. Rezar powers Apollo all the way back, but lets go at 4 in the corner.

Rezar drags Apollo back up and over to tag in Akam. Akam climbs while Rezar lifts Apollo, sidewalk slam and stomp! Cover, TWO! Akam keeps on Apollo with a standing crossface, but Dana rallies the fans. Apollo stands and fights back with elbows. He fires off forearms from both sides, but trades hip toss blocks. Akam throws Apollo with a fireman’s carry, but Apollo fights out of the corner! He dodges Akam, whose knee goes into the buckle! Akam still blocks the enziguri, then tags in Rezar. Both Authors hoist Apollo up top, but Apollo keeps fighting. He gets Akam down then elbows Rezar away, for a BIG crossbody! Cover, TWO! Shooting Star! But Akam covers that cover.

Titus goes after Akam and they go all the way out. The referee is busy with Titus, so that Rezar can knee him down. Apollo rolls Rezar, but Rezar holds ropes. Rezar yanks Apollo up with one hand! He whips Apollo hard, then tags in Akam. The Authors finish this with the Last Chapter! Cover, AoP wins!

Winners: The Authors of Pain, Akam by pinfall

Dana’s diagrams didn’t help, the story ended the same as before. Will the AoP write their way all the way to the very top?


Stephanie McMahon heads to the ring!

The rest of the Raw Women’s Division is already ringside as the Commissioner heads out. Alexa Bliss has her arm in a sling after what the Baddest Woman on the Planet did to her. When Stephanie thinks of today’s Women’s Division, she thinks of “proud.” Stephanie is proud of all the women in the WWE, and of the All Women’s PPV, Evolution. She’s also proud of the Raw Women’s Championship from Summerslam. She cues up footage, The Goddess VS Rowdy Ronda Rousey! Needless to say, Ronda threw Alexa around and then popped that arm out! And then the crowning achievement, Ronda won the title! “This one’s for Roddy!”

Ronda is the first woman to ever be UFC and Raw Women’s Champion. Stephanie takes credit for the business prowess that brought Ronda and her “raw talent” to make it into a diamond to shine above all others. Stephanie takes credit for “molding” Ronda into a superstar, and for setting an example for all the women of WWE. She introduces Ronda as her “protege”, but Ronda skips being formally introduced. Ronda takes up a mic, hears the fans chant for her, which Stephanie takes credit for. Ronda says this isn’t about Stephanie, this is about the women who wrestle in the WWE. Why are they even ringside? What is this? Is Stephanie putting herself above all of them? Ronda invites them into the ring!

Stephanie doesn’t think this is becoming of a champion. She’s telling Ronda what it’s like to be a champion? This isn’t even about one person, this is about the Women’s (R)Evolution! From Natalya, a cornerstone of the Division today, to Sasha & Bayley who made history with NXT TakeOver: Brooklyn sparking this movement. Ronda isn’t Lesnar, she is GOING to be a fighting champion and looks forward to facing each and every woman in the WWE. Stephanie agrees, Ronda isn’t Lesnar. Who is this Ronda? This is the Ronda who wants to just hurt people. Stephanie knows what that feels like! As does Alexa. Alicia comforts her friend, while Stephanie shows everyone how Alexa’s elbow got bent back. Look at Alexa’s anguished face! “That’s not wrestling, I don’t know what that is.”

Stephanie says Ronda will do the same to the Squad, to Alicia, to Dana and the Bellas. Ronda will wipe them all out so that she can stand alone in the spotlight. “That’s who Ronda really is.” Ronda won’t let Stephanie turn them against each other. Ronda only breaks those who deserve it. She then creeps closer to Stephanie, and throws her down! Ronda has the arm, and Stephanie taps out! Stephanie’s arm broke!? Fans love it, as do Natty, Dana, The Bellas, Ember, Sasha and Bayley. They’re with her, but will Ronda suffer consequences for what she just did to the Billionaire Queen?


Bo Dallas w/ Curt Axel VS Scott Dawson w/ Dash Wilder!

“Dearly beloved!” The magic carpet ride of life has its twists and turns, because only a month ago, these two had never won once! Not once! But then, one letter changed all of the WWE, and now Bo & Axel are Raw Tag Team Champions! Tonight, they dedicate these singles matches to the WWE Universe. The B in B-Team stands for Brooklyn! The #TopGuys come out, and we begin.

Bo and Dawson tie up, and Bo powers Dawson back. Dawson pulls hair to pull Bo back, then gives him a headbutt. Bo rocks Dawson with a right, then has him at the ropes. Dawson uses the rope to snap Bo back, then reels BO in for a lariat. Bo gets to a corner, but Dawson is on him with a buckle guillotine! Dawson stalks Bo while Axel rallies the fans. Dawson digs an elbow into Bo’s forehead, then jams it in. Bo crawls but Dawson sits him up for a chinlock.

Bo powers his way out but Dawson rocks him with a European Uppercut. Dawson brings Bo up for a neckbreaker, but Bo backslide counters! TWO, Bo rocks Dawosn with a back elbow. Bo rallies, then hits a knee lift to body check! “B-Team, B-Team! Go go go!” Bo brings Dawson up for a draping neckbreaker, but Dawson counters with buckle bumps. Dawson lifts Bo, for a package DDT! Cover, Dawson wins!

Winner: Scott Dawson, by pinfall

Dawson shows Bo’s luck has run out, but now it’s time to switch. Can Axel keep things even with The Revival?

Curt Axel w/ Bo Dallas VS Dash Wilder w/ Scott Dawson!

“Dash, get your ass in here!” Axel wants this match asap, but Dash takes his time. Raw goes to break while Axel and Dash get ready.

Raw returns and Dash bends Axel back. Axel fights out but Dash is on him again. Dash whips but Axel sunset flips. TWO, and Axel kicks low. Axel runs but into a Wasteland backbreaker. Cover, TWO! Dash mocks the B-Team chant while Brooklyn does the wave. Dash bends Axel back again, but Axel endures while Bo chants. Axel fights his way out and arm-drags Dash away. He throws hands and then rallies with clotheslines. Axel dropkicks Dash down then hits a corner forearm. Fans join in on the chant, Axel neck snaps Dash. Axel brings Dash up, but Dash powers out. Dash runs but into boots. Axel climbs up,for the ax handle, but misses! Dash has Axel in the Gory Special, to facebuster! Cover, Dash wins!

Winner: Dash Wilder, by pinfall

The B-Team isn’t undefeated in singles matches, but Bo and Axel point out that they’re still the champions. Will The Revival get another go at the titles?


Backstage interview with Roman Reigns.

Renee Young congratulates Roman on his Summerslam victory, but brings up his match with Finn Balor and the possibility of a cash-in. Does he regret putting his title up tonight? Not at all. Roman didn’t spend years of his life taking years off his life just to hide. Roman will defend his Yard, and is giving Finn the rematch he deserves. Finn will lose and go to the back of the line. As for Strowman, Roman wasn’t thrown off at all last night, and won’t be tonight. He’s ready to take on all comers, but will The Big Dog really be ready for the Man and the Monster?


Stephanie McMahon is in the trainer’s room.

She’s getting her arm iced after what Ronda did to it. Alexa is with her, too, because she knows what that’s like now. Baron Corbin has the trainer leave while Angle comes in. Stephanie gets mad at him for not keeping his stars under control. But he wasn’t out there, what could he have done? Corbin and Stephanie get on Angle for everything from last minute matches to Ronda assaulting the Commissioner. Stephanie sees Angle is being worn down by this job. It’s been a year and a half, maybe he needs time off. Angle doesn’t want a vacation. It’s fine, it’ll be temporary, but he just needs time away. Which would then put Corbin in charge as interim GM. Angle is beside himself, what will happen under the Constable’s control?


WWE Universal Championship: Roman Reigns VS Finn Balor!

The Big Dog finally beat the Beast, but he isn’t going to rest on his laurels. Demon Balor beat the cranky Constable but this is Finn the Man tonight. Will a Man be enough to take over The Yard? And what of the Monster in the Bank promising to cash-in on the champion no matter what?

The introductions are made, the belt is raised, and we begin! Finn and Roman circle then tie up. Roman powers Finn back, then throws him out of the corner. Finn gets a waistlock but also a back elbow. Roman locks on a headlock, but Finn powers out. Roman swings but Finn ducks, only to run into a shoulder. Fans duel while Finn catches his breath. Roman drags Finn up and whips him. Finn sunset flips, TWO, but Finn gets away to swing kick, but Roman rocks him with an uppercut! The Big Dog has control while we go to break.

Raw returns again, and Roman has Finn in a chinlock. Fans duel as Finn fights his way up and out. Roman knees low, then whips Finn. Finn reverses but Roman sunset flips. Finn rolls through for the basement dropkick! Roman checks his face while Finn gets up. Roman runs at Finn, but Finn tosses him out! Finn hits a wrecking ball dropkick, then an apron penalty kick! Wait, Roman catches that to throw Finn into the apron! Cover, TWO! Finn sits up but Roman stalks him to a corner. Roman gives Finn a quick haymaker, then whips him corner to corner hard. Roman takes his time checking his face while Finn writhes on the mat. Fans duel again as Roman circles Finn like a shark. Roman rocks Finn with a right, but then runs into boots!

Finn and Roman runs, but Finn hits forearms. Finn takes Roman down and gives him a double stomp! He keeps going, giving Roman a running chop in the corner. They go corner to corner but Roman reverses. Finn goes up and over, to give another chop. That one wasn’t as strong… Roman puts Finn in the corner to give close range clotheslines! Roman gets all 10, then runs, but into Finn’s dropkick! He goes out, but Finn FLIES! Direct hit on the Big Dog! Finn puts Roman in the ring, then covers, TWO! Finn is shocked but we go to one last break.

Raw returns once more, and Roman stands over Finn. Fans boo Roman, and someone in the crowd, but Roman goes back to Finn. Roman eggs Finn on, but Finn blocks the punches to give his own! Roman uppercuts Finn but Finn PELES Roman! Both men are down from exhaustion, but still have something left. Roman sits up but Finn follows. Finn drags himself up with ropes, but Roman runs at him. Finn ducks to fire off! He gives springboard stomp after springboard stomp! Fans fire up as Finn grits his teeth. He runs at Roman, but Roman counters the slingblade with a roll up. TWO, to a deadlift sit-out! TWO!! Roman can’t believe it, but Finn survives that sudden turnaround.

Roman gets to a corner, and he locks and loads.  He runs but into a kick! Then the elbow drop DDT! Cover, TWO! Finn knows he’s close, so he keeps going. Roman shoves him back, but misses in the corner. Finn swing kicks Roman down, then climbs up! Roman gets up and under, but into the Slingblade! Finn runs, SUPERMAN PUNCH! Cover, TWO! Both men have gone so far already, but there’s still fight in both of them. Fans rally up and Roman stands first. He goes to a corner and fans are a thunderous mix as he lets out the howl. Roman runs, but into a knee! Then into a wheelbarrow roll-up! TWO! SUPERMAN PUNCH! Roman shouts “ENOUGH!” and goes back to the corner. But here comes BRAUN!!

The Monster in the Bank gave fair warning, but this is a bit different from his face to face from last night. Finn Slingblade! Blasting dropkick! COUP DE– SPEAR!! Cover, Roman wins!

Winner: Roman Reigns, by pinfall; still WWE Universal Champion

But now Strowman is here! He lets Roman get ready, before booting him down! Strowman cashes in!! It! Is! HAPPENING!

But wait, it’s THE SHIELD!! Rollins and Ambrose are in their Shield uniforms!!  They and the Monster stare down. Fans aren’t sure what to make of this, but the match hasn’t been made official because there was no bell. Rollins and Ambrose creep in, Roman stands, and now Strowman has WWE’s Cerberus to deal with. Strowman strikes first! It’s a 3v1 as the Shield tear into Strowman. SUPERMAN PUNCH! Chop block from Ambrose, SUPERKICK from Rollins! Roman clotheslines Strowman out, but that’s not all! Ambrose clears the table, we all know what this means! They beat Strowman down more, then hoist Strowman up… But Strowman fights out! SPEAR from Roman! The Shield tries again, and hit the SHIELD TRIPLE BOMB!! Strowman is down, the Shield stands tall! Will Ambrose & Rollins be the guard dogs for The Big Dog against the Monster in the Bank?



My Thoughts:

This was a wild Raw, but I’m still sorting out if that made it good or bad. Kudos to Roman’s character for being a fighting champion out of the gate and giving Finn Balor the rematch. Baron Corbin gets beat by Bobby Lashley, but now he has complete control because Stephanie forces Angle to take a vacation after what Ronda did. Ronda clearly has the Faces on her side, but I’m still hoping Stephanie via Corbin makes a Woman’s Armageddon Hell in a Cell. Ronda and any five women from Raw fighting in the Cell all for the title. Angle told Heyman that Lesnar would have to wait a long time for his rematch, but I’m betting Corbin changes that, too. It oddly feels that while Raw had just reached a great point, they’re purposefully writing themselves back down the hole.

The Riott Squad wins again, a bit to my surprise. I suppose they have to extend this Woman’s Tag story if they want to give us the Women’s Tag Division before the year is out. Clearly Raw’s side of this is still building to Bayley & Banks VS Riott Squad while SmackDown has currently thrown out the possibility of Becky & Charlotte. As for the Men’s Tag Team Division, I almost thought Ambrose VS Ziggler was going to turn into a tag match but that clean ending was actually pretty good. The Revival look primed to finally get those belts, while AoP keep winning without really gaining round. Raw needs to sort out the Men’s Tag because it feels weaker than NXT’s.

And on the subject of Titus Worldwide, I hope they’re not going for a Dana-Apollo shipping. He’s in a relationship and has a child, they can’t/shouldn’t kayfabe those two together. But if they’re both talking about quitting Titus Worldwide, that might be an interesting twist. For some reason, I thought Hawkins was finally going to get the win here. But Elias’ bad luck was only for Summerslam, he’s back up with his quick win tonight. I have no idea where Hawkins’ story will finally give him his first win, and Elias seems just as aimless right now.

HHH had a really solid promo, with the heartfelt part about the End of an Era Hell in a Cell match. I think he started to shoot there a bit about how the three of them all felt about that moment. But then he did great to get back into character, and man, Super Show-Down sounds great just off of the match between WWE legends. We have Hell in a Cell first, but I’m betting there will be some great matches thrown onto Super Show-Down’s card just to give us some great excitement.

Then comes the main event. Roman VS Finn put on one hell of a match, but then Strowman changes his mind to do things the sneaky way. Fans ate it up either way because they all love Strowman. But then The Shield surprises us all, and Brooklyn ate that up, too. It was hard to tell who was Face and who was Heel anymore, but this twist is more than enough to bring some intrigue back to Raw. A massive multi-turn might be interesting, too, with The Shield back to Heel since everyone loves Strowman as Face. I actually want to see next week’s Raw already just to know what they’re going to do next.

My Score: 8.4/10

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