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Mitchell’s WWE NXT Report! (8/29/18)

The NXT Tag Team Champions, North American Champion and WWE United Kingdom Champion, all in one match! Which side will be the #Undisputed better team?



  • Dakota Kai VS Aliyah; Dakota wins.
  • EC3 VS Raul Mendoza; No Contest.
  • Keith Lee VS Luke Menzies; Lee wins.
  • Champions VS Champions: The Undisputed Era VS Ricochet & Pete Dunne; The Undisputed Era wins.


Backstage interview with William Regal.

A camera crew and a legal aide, dos this have to do with Aleister Black being attacked? Yes, and Regal is officially starting the investigation into who did it. What will Regal’s investigation uncover about the superstar who sidelined the Embodiment of the End?


Johnny Gargano heads to the ring!

He walks out in front of the NXT Universe with a bum knee after the big gamble he tried in the Last Man Standing match at TakeOver: Brooklyn 4. But fans are still supportive of him despite victory being snatched away from him. Gargano takes up a mic and speaks.

“You guys have always had my back.” Fans agree, and continue to chant. But Gargano needs to say that they’ve had his back, even when he doesn’t deserve it. They disagree, “You Deserve It!” But he doesn’t. Gargano loves the chants, but he doesn’t deserve them when he broke a promise. He’s made a lot of mistakes, and told them that if he won he’d fix things. “But I didn’t. I lost. I failed you guys.” Gargano thought he could make it right, but he didn’t, and that’s the truth of it. He isn’t sure where he goes from here. Gargano lost more than a match, he lost his sense of self. He’s done a lot of stupid things, and he doesn’t know how to make it right. After everything Gargano’s been through, he isn’t sure what’s left for him.

“In Brooklyn, I became something I’m not proud of.” He hates to admit it, but Gargano feels he became just like Tommaso Ciampa. Ciampa is in his head and Gargano doesn’t know what to do. Gargano doesn’t know what to feel or what to do or what the fans want. “I can’t get him out, and I can’t get him out, and I’ve gotta be better.” He has to be better for the fans, for Candice, for the locker room, but he doesn’t know how. But here comes William Regal! The NXT General Manager joins Gargano in the ring, and tells Gargano, “Before Aleister Black comes and burns this whole place down, I need to ask everyone, and that includes you. Did you attack Aleister Black?” Fans are sure he didn’t, and Gargano says Regal’s known him for a long time. “You tell me.”

Regal’s opinion doesn’t matter, he needs an answer. Gargano has him look into his eyes, and know the answer. But here comes Velveteen Dream! The Patrick Clark Experience, who is not exempt from the list of suspects, says “No no no no, I’m not in the mood tonight.” Dream is sick and disgusted of Gargano singing the same old song. This shouldn’t be about Gargano, and certainly not about a man who isn’t here in Aleister. Tonight is about The Experience. Tonight is about the man who stole Brooklyn, who had the world buzzing, and the top trending topic of TakeOver. Yes, tonight is about The Velveteen Dream! Tonight is not about “Johnny Failure.”

Oh that’s a good one, yeah. Failure, huh? The doctor gave Gargano a crutch just to keep the weight off, but he’s good to go! Gargano throws the crutch at Dream, but Regal keeps the peace. He tells Gargano to go to the back, and Dream will go to Regal’s office. If these two want to fight, it’ll happen next week. For now, the investigation needs to continue. Is Gargano innocent? Is Dream guilty? Or will it matter at all to Aleister?

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Dakota Kai VS Aliyah!

The Captain of Team Kick as well as the Cat’s Meow both want to climb up towards the title, especially with the second Mae Young Classic on the horizon. Who will kick it up a notch to get ahead tonight?

The bell rings and many fans are on Team Kick as they chant. Aliyah and Dakota tie up and Aliyah pushes Dakota to ropes. The referee counts for the break but Aliyah barely honors it. She gets a handful of hair and a headlock takedown. Dakota counters with headscissors, but Aliya pops out. Dakota kips up to dropkick, then knees and double stomps! Cover, ONE, but she keeps on Aliyah with a waistlock. The fans duel as Aliyah fights out then runs to run Dakota over. Aliyah kicks some dirt then runs, but Dakota keeps up. Aliyah holds ropes to fake out the dropkick, then drops down on Dakota. She brings Dakota up into a camel clutch, but for crossface forearms. Aliyah grinds Dakota’s face into the mat before shaking her hips. She stomps Dakota and covers, TWO.

Aliyah keeps on Dakota but Dakota fires body shots. Aliyah clubs Dakota down then whips her to a corner. She runs in for a big back elbow while fans duel again. Dakota reverses a whip but aliyah stops herself to Thesz Press! She throws fast hands and covers, TWO! Aliyah drags Dakota into body scissors! Fans rally up and Dakota works her way out. Aliyah grabs hair as she squeezes Dakota more. Dakota still rolls her way up and around, but ends up right back in the body scissors. Fans duel and Dakota stands up. Aliyah grabs hair but Dakota keeps getting up. She bumps Aliyah off buckles and frees herself, but Aliyah grabs more hair. Dakota arm-drags Aliyah away, then rocks her with a scorpion kick! She goes Around the World for the boot wash, then side to side for another! Cover, TWO!

Dakota fires up and fans duel again. Aliyah follows Dakota on the run for a running facebuster! Aliyah slams Dakota down again, and pulls more hair. She embraces the heat, but Dakota trips her up! Dakota runs, for the sunset backstabber! Cover, Dakota wins!

Winner: Dakota Kai, by pinfall

The New Zealand Sensation blasts past Aliyah with that unique offense. Will she find herself near the top of the Women’s Division soon enough? Or will she have to worry about all the stellar talent from this year’s MYC?


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Velveteen Dream is in William Regal’s office.

The interrogation is over, and Dream “appreciates” Regal didn’t waste his time. But the interrogations roll on, and we move on to the Forgotten Sons. Everything involving this case is being recorded. Where were these three the night of the attack? As usual, Steve Cutler, Wesley Blake & Jaxson Ryker have someone’s attention but for all the wrong reasons. They were looking for Regal, actually. They wanted this face-to-face chat to ask for some opportunities. But neither of them saw or did anything. They parked, they walked in, and looked for Regal. There wasn’t the time for an attack. Regal accepts this alibi, and lets them know the opportunity they’re after, comes next week in a tag team match. Best of luck. “It’s about time.” The investigation rolls on, but at least the Forgotten Sons get their NXT TV debut. Will they make sure no one ever forgets them again?


EC3 has just been attacked!!

And walking away from it, is Lars Sullivan! The Top One Percent pointed fingers at the Leviathan, and now he pays for it. Does this make two successful ambushes, assuming Lars attacked Aleister? Is EC3 able to compete in his match up next?


Nikki Cross takes her turn in William Regal’s office.

But she won’t stop spinning in her seat! There’s no way SAnitY’s Loony Lass was the attacker, but who did she see? She saw it all, yes, and knows who did it! Who did it? Is the phone ringing? Answer the phone! Nikki answers the phone and talks to no one. “I know a secret~!” Bianca Belair is annoyed, she’s not waiting any longer. Nikki, don’t touch her hair. All due respect, but Regal needs to focus on who deserves it. Bianca is healthy and so she should get the next title shot. Nikki wants the shot, too! She wants to “play” with Bianca, but The EST has no time for that. Nikki falls off the desk. “Any more questions?” Yes, many, many questions, but only one of them pertains to the investigation. Will Nikki spill the beans? Or has she lost too many of her marbles?


Raul Mendoza VS ???

Mr. Mendoza Line has been keeping even between wins and losses, but he wants that career-defining win to push him up over the edge. EC3 is down and out, so who will be a replacement for the Top One Percent? It’s… LARS SULLIVAN! The Leviathan was the one to attack EC3, so he comes out to say something. “Unlike the Aleister Black situation, it’s not a question of who took out EC3. I did it!” Lars admits to that crime, because when his name comes out of someone’s mouth, he will rip you “limb from limb!” As for Mendoza, he’s standing in Lars Sullivan Territory! Can Mendoza survive!?

Lars rushes Mendoza, Mendoza dodges and springboards but gets swatted out of the sky! Lars clobbers Mendoza with forearm after forearm, then even more crossface strikes! The Mile High Monster drags Mendoza up, for a pop-up Oklahoma Slam! But that’s not all, here comes a FREAK ACCIDENT! This wasn’t a match, but it was a destructive return! Who will be a victim in Lars’ newest warpath?

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No Contest


Tommaso Ciampa speaks.

The Psycho Killer is still NXT Champion. “Peace and quiet.” When he went away for his ACL surgery, he made a promise. He would return as the most dangerous superstar ever, and he’s surpassed all expectations. Ciampa ended Gargano’s fairy tale and captured the most prized possession in sports entertainment. “I am the greatest sports entertainer of all time, and this, this is my proof.” Understand: it takes a certain kind of man to scratch, claw and climb to the top of a mountain, but it takes an entirely different kind to build a nest there. That’s the kind of man Ciampa is! Ciampa is the main event, and NXT is his home. “This is just the beginning. No one will survive what’s coming next.” What is next for the Psycho Killer now that he is firmly atop the mountain?


Keith Lee VS Luke Menzies!

The Limitless One has already been on a roll with just one match in NXT, but he’s just getting started. Will Menzies be made to #BaskInHisGlory next?

The bell rings and Lee hears the fans chanting for him already. He and Menzies circle then tie up. Menzies gets a waistlock but Lee the standing switch. Menzies elbows out, gives an uppercut and a body shot, then runs. Lee follows and huricanranas Menzies away! And he’s not even bothered by it. Menzies runs out but Lee stops him so he can enjoy the chants. Menzies kicks low, not one for having a fun time. He gives European Uppercuts but Lee hits back with heavy hands and elbows! Menzies is rocked while fans sing for Lee. Lee embraces it but Menzies hits him again. Menzies has Lee on the ropes, and he gives his own EuroUppers.

Lee pushes Menzies but Menzies comes back with clubbing forearms. Menzies whips but Lee blocks with power. Lee scoops but Menzies slips out. Menzies shoves but misses in the corner as Lee goes up and over. Lee runs and blasts Menzies with a shoulder! Lee runs in corner to corner for a big corner splash. He hushes the crowd, for the double chop! The Grizzly Magnum is a double barrel of thunder and the fans love it! Menzies stands, but is popped right up for the Spirit Bomb!! Cover, Lee wins!

Winner: Keith Lee, by pinfall

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An impressive 2-0 for the Limitless One. Lee defies physics, will he defy all expectations in NXT?


Champions VS Champions: The Undisputed Era VS Ricochet & Pete Dunne!

This tag team main event is gold-studded with the NXT Tag Team titles, the NXT North American title, and the WWE United Kingdom title! The Bruiserweight and the King of Flight aren’t exactly friends, but they have common enemies in Roderick Strong & Kyle O’Reilly. Will the two singles champions succeed together? Or will the actual Tag Team Champions prove why they’re still champions?

Not surprisingly, the former North American Champion, Adam Cole, joins Strong & O’Reilly at ringside. He wants to keep a close eye on Ricochet to also remind him a rematch is coming. Will Cole get in the head of the One and Only? Will he also get involved as the Undisputed Era always does? But wait, what’s this? Cole says he’s subbing in?! Well, in that case, will the United Kingdom and North American Champions have a hard time against the Savior of the Backbreaker and ADAM COLE BAYBAY!?

Dunne starts with Strong, and there’s history here. The bell rings and they tie up fast and furious. Fans chant for “Everybody!” as Dunne rolls and handsprings out of Strong’s wristlock. He wrenches Strong’s arm in return, but Strong pulls hair. Cole tags in and he stomps a mudhole into Dunne. Cole puts on a headlock but Dunne powers out. Things speed up and Dunne clobbers Cole with that clothesline! Dunne goes after Cole’s hand right down to the fingers. He bends them way past their limits, then tags in Ricochet. Cole gets free and backs away, saying this happens on his time. Strong tags in so Ricochet must focus on him. Ricochet blocks the kick to fire off hands. Strong reverses the whip but Ricochet rolls off then under to headscissor and dropkick! Fans fire up with the lightning quick King of Flight.

Ricochet scares Cole off, but gets drop toehold’d into buckles. Tag to Cole, and Strong chops Ricochet. They double whip but Ricochet kicks and hits them away. He shoves them into each other, leaping neckbreaker for Strong! Cole runs into haymakers and chops from Ricochet, but kicks back low. Cole runs, but into Ricochet’s somersault clothesline! Ricochet has to hit Strong again, but Cole gets him with a kick. Cole whips but Ricochet reverses, only for Cole to catch him into a fireman’s carry. Ricochet gets out, shoves Cole, but Strong tags in. Ricochet didn’t see it so he focuses on Cole, only to get a backbreaker! Strong drags Ricohet over and stomps a mudhole. Strong gives chops but Ricochet fires back, only to get another drop toehold. Cole tags in to stomp his own mudhole. Fans rally up for Ricochet as Cole brings Ricochet up for a neckbreaker.

Tag back to Strong, and they isolate Ricochet. Another tag, gut buster to ax handles! Cover, TWO, and the Undisputed Era grows frustrated. Fans duel as Cole brings Ricochet up. Cole knees low, then tags Strong again. He feeds Ricochet to Strong’s boot, who then feeds Ricochet to Cole’s boot. Cover, TWO! Strong keeps on Ricochet with a seated cobra clutch. Fans duel as Ricochet endures. Ricochet feeds off a building rally from his fans. He stands and fights out, but Strong drops him with a dropkick! Tag to Cole, and Cole drags Ricochet up and around for knees to the spine. Cole wraps on a chinlock, but fans rally again. Ricochet stands up but Cole tags Strong. Strong kicks Ricochet’s ribs, then drags him around for another chinlock. Ricochet fights out again, and turns Strong around for a lariat! Both men are down and fans fire up.

Cole tags in but Ricochet slips away to shove him back. Ricochet fights off Strong and dodges Cole, to hot tag Dunne! Strong tags in, but gets a boot and kicks from the Bruiserweight. They run, Dunne back drops Strong to then fire off fists. Strong reverses the whip but Dunne goes up and over to enziguri! He blasts Cole with a forearm, but Strong gets the German Supelx. Dunne is right up for a buzzsaw! Then he X-Plexes Cole onto Strong! Cover, TWO! Dunne keeps on Strong with the pumphandle, while Ricochet grabs Cole. Brainbuster for Cole, but Strong boots and kicks Dunne back. Dnne escapes the Olympic Slam, and leaps for the triangle hold. Strong holds on and tries for his Strong Hold, but Dunne throws him away. Dunne dodges and Geramn Suplexes Strong! Then a sit-out powerbomb! Cover, but Cole breaks it in time!

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Ricochet goes after Cole but Cole throws him out. Cole takes aim at Dunne, but the superkick is blocked. Ricochet flies in with a back elbow! Strong rocks Ricochet but Dunne rocks Strong. The Undisputed Era regroup and Dunne goes to a corner, for a SUPER ASAI MOONSAULT! Dunne gets both Strong & Cole, but Ricochet comes over, too. Ricochet DIVES, but only gets Dunne!! Strong rocks Ricochet, tags in Cole, and O’Reilly puts Dunne in for the Last Shot Shining Wizard!! Cover, The Undisputed Era win!!

Winners: The Undisputed Era, Adam Cole pinning

From switching up the players to using their opponents against each other, the Undisputed Eras stay one step ahead. But they’re not done, either, as Strong puts Ricochet in the ring for the whole team to stomp out. Strong brings Ricochet up and O’Reilly adds knees before Strong hits a backbreaker. Cole gives Ricochet the Last Shot Brainbuster for good measure, but now it’s Dunne’s turn. Or is it?! Because here come the War Raiders! Hanson & Rowe rush the ring, but the Undisputed Era run away. The NXT Tag Team Championships are targets on the backs of Strong & O’Reilly, but how long can they dodge the bullets fired from the human tanks hunting them down?



My Thoughts:

A fast paced but really great episode of NXT. It’s great to see Johnny Gargano back so soon, but obviously that’s because his injury was exaggerated for the sake of story. He’s just fine and is going to have a great match with Velveteen Dream, and thankfully he wasn’t named as the culprit in Aleister Black’s attack. I said it before, but it would’ve been too obvious if it was him. This new chapter for Gargano is going to be interesting because he feels aimless, so maybe he can have some great feuds while he waits for Ciampa to lose. That might be a long time, but that leaves a lot of potential for Gargano. Good to see Lars Sullivan back, too, even without matches. I’m expecting Lars VS EC3 as the feud right now given Aleister’s attack is going to be someone else.

Keith Lee and Luke Menzies did great, it was a pretty solid debut for the former Rugby player but of course Lee wins again. His streak has only just begun, and I’m excited of the possibilities for him, too. Kassius Ohno is starting to get an edge that feels almost Heel, so Ohno VS Lee at some point is a must. The Forgotten Sons getting a debut is going to be good for them and the NXT Tag Team Division, it already needs some fresh talent to get things going again. Nikki Cross was classic in her interrogation promo, and Bianca Belair did great. I’m expecting them to have a match to parallel what’s going on in the MYC. Bianca likely wins to keep her own win streak going, and depending on what goes down with Shayna and Kairi, Bianca probably moves into contender’s position soon enough.

That main event was great, as usual. I enjoyed the use of the loophole: the match was billed as Undisputed Era, so Cole was able to take one of the spots to the surprise of the fans and their opponents. It also worked as Strong has history with Dunne while Cole and Ricochet already have history with each other. Thankfully they didn’t go the dysfunctional oneupsmanship route with Ricochet & Dunne, though I’m sure there will be tension after that “miscue” where Dunne took the suicide dive from Ricochet. They already have a Champion VS Champion feud building now, but this will escalate things. Cole can also be thrown in in some way and that will make for even better action, though just Dunne VS Ricochet is awesome in itself.

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My Score: 8.5/10


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