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Mitchell’s WWE SmackDown Live Report! (8/21/18)



SmackDown cover image

After The Bludgeon Brothers used Champion’s Advantage to retain, The New Day get a rematch the SmackDown Tag Team Championships, with NO Disqualifications!



  • Jeff Hardy VS Randy Orton; Orton wins, by disqualification.
  • Naomi VS Peyton Royce w/ Billie Kay; Peyton wins.
  • Andrade “Cien” Almas & Zelina Vega VS Rusev & Lana; Rusev & Lana win.
  • SmackDown Tag Team Championships No Disqualifications Match: The Bludgeon Brothers VS The New Day; The New Day win and become the new Smackdown Tag Team Champions.


The Miz & Maryse head to the ring!

The It Couple returns to SmackDown victorious over Daniel Bryan thanks to brass knuckles Maryse gave to her A-Lister husband. Fans boo because we all know now what he did. Miz and Maryse are strangely somber while fans chant for Bryan. But Miz can’t help but laugh. “So, I was able to close my eyes and really feel that.” He really felt that in a way he never has before. Two nights ago, something happened. Maryse takes his hand and helps him through it. Miz has a family to think about now. It is with a heavy heart and the utmost sadness that Miz, choking back the “tears”, that Miz officially announces his retirement. Fans explode with “YES! YES!” “Of ever facing Daniel Bryan again!”

Yes, yes, yes, Miz closes the eight year saga because he did exactly what he said he would! Miz beat Bryan in front of the sold-out Barclays Center! Don’t get Miz wrong, Bryan gave it his all. Bryan punched and kicked him maybe 100 times, but 100 Bryan punches don’t amount to one Miz punch! Miz has the hardest punch in the WWE! He did what Bryan said and punched him in the face. But when Miz did it, Miz pinned Bryan 1-2-3, in front of his lovely wife and mother of the century and their angel of a daughter. Now, Miz starts a new chapter in his life, where he’ll watch episode 5 of Miz & Mrs! But wait, here comes Daniel Bryan!

Bryan speaks on the stage, calling Miz a “coward!” And he ignores everything Miz says. Miz hides behind Maryse as he says he’s no coward, he’s a winner. But Brooklyn knows better. “You’re a Coward!” Miz knows Bryan will have to live with the face he’ll never be better than Miz and will never get another chance to prove it! Bryan tells Miz to shut up. Miz can parody a retirement and cheat to win, but it’s just another layer in the huge facade that is “The Miz”. The lights, the make-up, all of it. Bryan promised to punch Miz, now he promises to expose The Miz. “And that is the wannabe Hollywood star cosplaying as a professional wrestler.” No one is retiring yet. But Maryse says Bryan might as well retire and become Daniel Bella. Speaking of…

Here comes Brie Bella! And she hits Miz! Bryan takes out Miz, too, and the A-Listers regroup on the outside. The fans are loving Bryan & Bella, because Brie has a pretty good punch, too. But as Bryan was saying, he talked to GM Paige. And at Hell in a Cell, Miz and Bryan are in a match, but not alone. It will be a Mixed Tag, Miz & Maryse VS Bryan & Brie! The A-Listers are furious but the WWE Universe loves it! Which super couple wins when we get this Awesome Mixed Tag Match?


Miz & Maryse go in search of Paige.

This is not how stars are treated! But she has nothing to say about Brie & Bryan? Miz & Maryse are the stars of USA Network and the highest rated reality show. Paige is a worse boss than Bryan! Well, Brie still punched him in the face. The match stays, and that will be AWESOME! Talk to the hand.


Jeff Hardy VS Randy Orton!

The Charismatic Enigma refuses to be erased by The Viper, and now stands up to render the third-generation superstar OBSOLETE! Will Hardy succeed in redeeming himself? Or will Orton strike him down once and for all?

The bell rings and we begin. Orton powers Hardy to a corner, then throws hands. He stops at 4, but Hardy hits back! Hardy backs Orton down, then kicks away on Orton. He whips but Orton reverses. Orton runs into a boot, but then trips up Whisper in the Wind! Hardy crashes and burns while we go picture in picture. Orton goes out to fetch Hardy, dragging him up to throw him back into steel steps. And again! Orton brings Hardy up and in, then covers. TWO, but Orton keeps his cold-blooded cool. He drags Hardy up and out now, to then bring him to the announce desk. Orton drops Hardy with a back suplex on the desk! Then he drags Hardy around, for another!

Hardy is down while Orton goes back into the ring. Orton shows off by doing jumping jacks, but then goes back out to fetch Hardy again. Orton brings Hardy up, for a third back suplex on the table! He leaves Hardy down and out while refreshing the count. Orton drags Hardy up a fourth time, but puts him in the ring. Cover, TWO! Orton pulls Hardy’s arm to stomp on it! Orton picks Hardy apart with those signature sinister stomps. Cover, TWO, but Orton keeps on Hardy with a chinlock. Hardy endures the squeeze and works his way up. Orton puts more of his weight on Hardy to bring him back down and we go single picture.

Fans rally up and Hardy fights out with elbows. Orton headbutts then whips Hardy corner to corner. Hardy hits back, then boots back. Hardy climbs up again, Whisper in the Wind works this time! Both men are down but fans rally for “Brother Nero!” Hardy hits Orton back with haymakers, then whips. Orton reverses but Hardy runs him over. Hardy atomic drops then takes Orton down for the leg-splitting leg drop. Dropkick added, then Twist of Fate! Orton falls into a drop zone, and Hardy takes of the shirt. Hardy climbs high, but Orton trips him up. Orton grabs Hardy’s hair to pull him back up. Orton goes after the gauge hole again! The referee reprimands Orton but Orton won’t let up. He then drags Hardy out for the DDT, but Hardy stops that. Hardy has Orton down again, and stomps him in the dick!

Winner: Randy Orton, by disqualification

Hardy doesn’t care, he dropkicks Orton out! And then he leaps on him at the announce desk! “DELETE! DELETE!” echoes out as Hardy tosses Orton over the desk and into barriers! Hardy isn’t done yet, but neither is Orton. They brawl, and Orton rocks Hardy with European Uppercuts. But Hardy comes back with big haymakers, and he bounces Orton off a post. Then he throws Orton into the crowd! The brawl continues right in front of the WWE Universe, and the production area. Hardy even splashes down on Orton. Hardy clears a table, clubs Orton hard on the back, and even SMACKS him with a chair!

The assault continues with more chair shots, and Orton ends up on the spare table. Hardy makes sure he stays there as he rains down rights and lefts. He even assaults Orton with a handheld camera! Hardy gets a wicked idea, and he climbs up to the second level. Fans are freaking out as Hardy takes aim… SWANTON BOMB!! Hardy and Orton crash down through the table! Hardy sits up, and laughs! Will he have the last laugh in this war with the Viper?


Backstage interview with The Bar.

Cesaro & Sheamus wish to address tonight’s SmackDown Tag Team Championship match. Is it a prediction? No, they’re here to issue a challenge. The winners face them next, but in come The Club! Karl Anderson & Luke Gallows want to be both champions and the Kickoff Panel! Will New Day be hit with mallets? Or will they use pancakes to assault pallets? Abs Anderson and Big Gallows issue a challenge to the champs! And if The Bar takes issue with that, then they can meet the Good Brothers in the ring. Back to Karen in the studio! The Bar accepts the challenge, because they don’t just set the bar, they ARE the bar! Who will prove themselves worthy of being #1 contenders to the tag titles?


Naomi VS Peyton Royce w/ Billie Kay!

It’s #GlowTime in Brooklyn, but Naomi is going up against one half of the Iconic Duo. Will Naomi be able to avoid the numbers game? Or is the future truly IIconic?

Billie & Peyton play a guessing game on the way to the ring. Name something overrated, loud, obnoxious and has annoying flashing lights. Peyton knows! It’s Brooklyn! Fans boo but Billie says that’s the answer to “What’s a dumpster fire?” Billie was thinking of something else, wink wink nudge nudge she’s in the ring. Oh, Naomi! Then it’s only fitting Peyton gets to beat Naomi, and prove that neither Naomi or New York is #IIconic. Words aside, Peyton gets ready while we go to break.

SmackDown returns and Peyton has Naomi in headscissors. Naomi pops right out, then blocks Peyton’s kick to spin her around. Naomi swings kicks but Peyton ducks, so Naomi kicks her forward. Then the running split splash! Cover, TWO! Billie and Peyton regroup, but Naomi runs to wreck Peyton with a dropkick. Naomi drags Peyton up and in, but Billie distracts. Peyton hotshots Naomi from behind, then heel kicks her down! Billie says that’s what Naomi gets! Fans boo and jeer but Peyton and Billie taunt Naomi. Naomi gets up at the count of 5, then staggers up at 7. Peyton is on her right away with clubbing forearms and stomps. Cover, TWO, and the IIconics are furious.

Peyton bumps Naomi off buckles, then brings her up to grind her boot into Naomi’s chin. Peyton backs off at 4, then drags Naomi out. She clubs away more, then drives a knee into Naomi’s back. Peyton pulls and thrashes Naomi around in a chinlock. Fans rally and Naomi powers up. Naomi arm-drags Peyton off, then ducks int eh corner. She kicks Peyton’s leg, then tees off with more kicks! Peyton staggers but Naomi rallies. Springboard kick! Cover, TWO! Naomi goes in a corner but Peyton puts her on the apron. Naomi gives her another kick, then takes Billie down with a bulldog to a post! Peyton puts Naomi into a post, then drags her in for a Perfect Plex! Cover, Peyton wins!

Winner: Peyton Royce, by pinfall

The Venus Flytrap wins thanks to her Femme Fatale BFF, and the two celebrate all the way to the back. Will this lead to an #IIconic title shot in the near future?


The New Day are patched up.

Big E’s ribs are questionable. He usually likes smoked with greens on the side. No, his ribs. Oh pretty bad actually. But it’s fine, Kofi Kingston knows they’re still in Brooklyn baby~! They started their record-breaking reign here! It’s the birthplace of Francesca 1.0. And it will be where they become the Five Time W! W! E, tag team champions~! High five! Big E, no, rib sauce. Oh, sorry. But yeah, it’s time! Will Kofi & Woods use their speed formation to overcome the brutality of Harper & Rowan?


Becky Lynch heads to the ring!

The SmackDown Women’s Championship was within her grasp as she had Carmella in the Disarm-Her. But then Charlotte Flair hit her with Natural Selection, and it was all torn away. Becky looked to put friendship over titles, but then she attacked Charlotte without remorse! “I deserve to be standing here as the Woman’s Champion.” And that means Charlotte deserved her beating. Summerslam wasn’t supposed to be about Brock Lesnar, Roman Reigns, Samoa Joe, AJ Styles, Seth Rollins, Ronda Rousey, and certainly not about Charlotte. No, it was meant to be about Becky! Becky was supposed to have her time! Becky earned her title, and was over Charlotte being added. “Because finally, it was my opportunity to silence the critics that said I was just Charlotte’s friend.”

Becky imagined herself raising that title, being her own woman, that she put SmackDown’s Women’s Division on the map as top woman! Fans act like they’re with her, but were they really? Fans say “YES! YES!” Becky doesn’t believe them. There was no #GiveBeckyaChance. There was no boycott. And when Charlotte stole that match, fans got up and cheered. Were the fans really that upset? And when anyone asks “Who is the greatest superstar of all time?” they don’t choose Becky. Becky has become an afterthought. No, Becky doesn’t care about this generation of “all talk and no actions.” She has had enough of opinions, and she decided to take action.

That referee counting three was someone counting her out of a trance. Becky saw so clearly in that moment, that her “best friend” was just holding her back. Charlotte stole Becky’s moment for the last time. Becky decided to raise Charlotte’s hand, only to rip her head off! This was Becky’s turn, not because anyone else says so, but because she says so! Becky’s the best, “and there’s not a woman on this roster or anyone in this arena or watching at home that can tell me different.” But speaking of, here comes Charlotte! Charlotte and Becky stare down and fight with words, but Charlotte rushes the ring and they fight with fists! Charlotte gets Becky down with hammer firsts, but Bekcy turns it around! The two stand back up and then tumble out of the ring!

Becky has Charlotte against the stairs, but then tries to retreat. Charlotte gives chase but referees come out as they get back in the ring. Becky boots Charlotte but the brawl only gets worse. Paige brings out reinforcements in the form of the SmackDown Women’s Division. Absolution hold Becky while Asuka and the IIconics grab Charlotte. Fans want to “Let Them Fight!” and they get loose! The other women pull them apart again, but Becky gets Charlotte down! The roster tries a third time to keep the peace, but Brooklyn is on Becky’s side in this fight. Charlotte SPEARS Becky out of the ring! Charlotte even shoves her other friends away to JUMP onto Becky! Becky and Charlotte have to be dragged apart to stop the fighting, while we go to break.


Andrade “Cien” Almas & Zelina Vega VS Rusev & Lana!

It’s a rematch from the Summerslam Kickoff as El Idolo & La Muneca are “amused” to beat Mr. & Mrs. Machka again. Rusev & Lana have lost every single time but now it’s time to show the WWE Universe it’s #AllAboutAlmas. Will Almas & Vega continue their sweep? Or will it finally be time for the Bulgarian Brute & Ravishing Russian to CRUSH!?

The bell rings and we start with the men just like Summerslam. Almas shoves then chops Rusev, but Rusev clobbers Almas. Rusev drops elbows, then stomps. Almas gives a jawbreaker, then kicks and elbows away in a corner. Almas backs off at 4, then goes back for more. He whips Rusev but Rusev reverses. Rusev runs into an elbow, then Almas goes for the inverted tornado. Rusev denies it, but ends up in the draping armbar! Almas lets go at 4, then springboards but into a roundhouse! Rusev tags Lana, and now Vega has to come in. Lana uses Almas as a step stool to then clobber Vega! Vega rolls out, but Lana roars “CRUSH!” Rusev joins in and the fans sing for Rusev Day while we go picture in picture.

Lana dares Vega to get back in, but Vega wants her to stay back. Vega goes in and circles with Lana, but Lana puts her in a corner for shoulders to the stomach. Vega denies the whip and hits a roaring elbow, then whips Lana in. Lana counters with a headscissor ax kick! Lana then gives Vega a ravishing bulldog! Cover, TWO! Vega scrambles away but Lana pursues. They’re on the apron, but Vega sweeps the legs! Vega throws Lana down, then pulls her back in a chinlock before stomping her down. Vega brags as she puts Lana back in. Cover, TWO, so she wraps Lana in a chinlock. Lana endures and works to get up. She stands, but Vega hops on as a backpack. We go single picture as Lana backs Vega into buckles. Lana gets free, but Vega gives her a jump kick!

Vega has Lana on the ropes, then hits a swing around into a draping chinlock! She lets go at 4, then gives Lana a facebuster. Cover, TWO! Vega grows frustrated, but she keeps on Lana with clubbing forearms. She runs, and gets Lana in a crucifix. Lana stays standing as she reaches for Rusev, but Vega shifts to a sunset flip. Lana sits on it, TWO to the Sunset. ONE, and Vega throws Lana down by her hair. Vega soaks in the heat as she runs in at Lana. Lana boots Vega then SLAPS Almas! Lana crawls for her corner but Vega clamps on. Vega drags Lana back but is pushed away. Hot tag to Rusev!

Rusev rallies on Almas! He gives a big shoulder tackle then a flying spin kick! Fans fire up with “Rusev Day! Rusev Day” as Rusev runs. His kick misses, but Almas’ boot feint to elbow hits! Rusev is down, Almas runs for CIEN KNEES! Cover, TWO!? Almas can’t believe that Rusev survives! He drags Rusev back up, hammerlock, but Rusev pops out. Rusev back suplexes but Almas slips out, only for Rusev to clothesline him out. Vega comes in and gets in Rusev’s face, but it’s Lana who SPEARS Vega down! Almas has a chair, but Aiden English snags it away!  Rusev then MACHKA kicks! Time to CRUSH! Accolade!! Almas taps, Rusev & Lana win!

Winners: Rusev & Lana, Rusev by submission

They finally get one over El Idolo and his manager! And it was thanks to English. English always has his friends’ backs, will this help get the entire Rusev Day team back on track?


Shinsuke Nakamura speaks.

The King of Strong Style knows that the Statue of Liberty is about “give me your tired, your poor, your huddled masses”, and Nakamura believes he’s a hero to America! Or rather, the United States of Nakamerica. Who will step up to the United States Champion in the coming weeks?


Renee Young interviews AJ Styles on the stage.

The Phenomenal One is still WWE Champion, but only after Samoa Joe pushed him so far, he snapped. Styles beat Joe down with fists and chairs, but that wasn’t how either man wanted to end the match. What happened at Summerslam? Styles has a hard time getting the words out, but he finally says, “Summerslam didn’t end the way I wanted it to. But I don’t regret what I did to Samoa Joe.” Styles lost and he’s not proud of how he acted. But Joe crossed a line that real men don’t cross. Styles broke his promise, but makes a new promise to the WWE Universe that he vows to not break. “The next time Samoa Joe mentions my family, I’m gonna rip his heart out.” But here comes Joe from behind! COQUINA CLUTCH!

Joe chokes Styles out on the ground, then lets him go so he can speak. Joe makes the camera stay on him as he says “Oh~ Wendyyyy~!” There are a lot of promises being made. Styles promised to come home and tuck in the kids, but “daddy’s already gone night-night!” Joe doesn’t care what’s honorable, he only cares about what’s effective. Will he get another go at the title? Will he take that title for his own?


Paige quickly prepares for the worst.

Not only does she want medics on standby for the upcoming main event, but she makes sure they get Styles taken care of right away. Then she is visited by Carmella. It’s about time Paige earns her paycheck. Hey did Carmella do something different? Her hair? Her shoes? No, it’s her weight. She lost ten pounds of gold on Sunday. Don’t #Titleshame, Paige! Everyone knows Carmella is getting a rematch, and it better be 1v1. Not if R-Truth has anything to say about it! What? Carmella has been ducking him for weeks now. The running stops, and he’s getting his title match. Tell her, Paige. No, Truth, that was for the Women’s Division specifically. Please move aside. “You got lucky this time.”

Paige and Carmella go back to talking rematch. It will happen next week. Yes, that’s what the Princess wanted to hear. She moonwalks out of frame, but apparently Truth is still in her way. Truth, stop, put Carmella down! But she’s what’s up.


SmackDown Tag Team Championships No Disqualifications Match: The Bludgeon Brothers VS The New Day!

Xavier Woods & Big E stood against doom and gloom Sunday night, but it went to a point where the powerhouse of positivity would damage his ribs. Now New Day shifts to speed formation as Kofi Kingston joins the fight. Will that and the No DQ format be enough to finally stop the duo of devastation that is Harper & Rowan?

The bell rings and it fires off! This is tornado style even because there’s no disqualifications over illegal participation. Harper goes after Kofi while Rowan has Woods. Kofi hits back and chops back but Harper uppercuts. Harper suplexes Kofi but Kofi lands on his feet. Kofi kicks Harper, then Woods dropkicks Harper over the desk! The New Day have control, but Rowan changes that as he tosses Woods. Kofi hops on Rowan, but gets thrown off. Harper throws the arm chair at Kofi! It’s a demolition derby while we go to break!

SmackDown returns as Rowan has Kofi in the corner. Harper keeps on Woods on the outside, and he grinds Woods’ head into the apron. Rowan brings Kofi up for a headbutt, but Woods kicks back on Harper! Woods chops and kicks but gets a palm strike. Harper brings Woods over but Woods slips out to then hit the roaring elbow! And a drop toehold to send Harper into the desk! Rowan whips but Kofi counters with the kicks. Kofi dumps Rowan out to then penalty kick him down! Fans fire up as Harper goes into the ring. Woods and Kofi search under the ring, and go for broke as they bring out a ladder! They put the ladder in the ring, but Rowan grabs them both. Harper DIVES! The Bludgeon Brothers take Kofi & Woods out at the same time!

Harper & Rowan search under the ring and bring out chairs. They put the chairs in the ring, then drag The New Day up and in. Rowan bounces Kofi off the desk while Harper whips Woods into steel steps. Harper stands on Woods, then clears out the announce team. Rowan puts Kofi on the apron for clubbing forearms, and Harper adds on. Rowan boots Kofi while Harper goes back to Woods for stomps. Harper drags Kofi out but fans rally up for New Day. Harper helps Rowan hit Kofi with a splash, then Rowan feeds Kofi to Harper’s boot! Things go back in the ring, cover, TWO! Kofi survives, but that just means he and Woods suffer more. But Woods enziguris Rowan back! But Rowan runs Woods over!

Harper aims at Kofi with a chair, but Kofi kicks it into his head. Then a tornado DDT onto the chair! Cover, but Rowan drags him out. Rowan boots Kofi down, then narrowly dodges Woods to run him over! Harper and Rowan regroup, then coordinate what more to do to The New Day. They go back out, and start peeling parts of the ring apart. They drag Woods over to the exposed LED edge, for the facebuster toss! Woods hits bare LED board, but that’s not all. Harper sets up a couple chairs, and then sets the ladder across them. He and Rowan drag Woods up, and everyone anticipates what’s coming. But here comes Kofi! He flies in, but he gets caught into the DOUBLE CRUCIFIX CHOKE SLAM! Cover, TWO!? Kofi survives?!

Fans are losing their minds but also cheering Kofi on for such superhuman toughness. The Bludgeon Brothers work on a new idea, and Rowan fetches a table! Harper sets it up but Woods grabs Rowan’s foot. Rowan kicks him away, but Kofi slumps out of the ring. Rowan goes to fetch Kofi, and Harper joins him. They drag Kofi back up for headbutts against a post! Now they grab the hammers! Harper slaps Rowan to fire him up, but then Rowan misses and goes into barriers! He blasts the timekeeper’s area apart! Harper SUPERKICKS Woods.

Harper checks on Rowan, but then has to hurry. He puts Woods in, but fans rally up. Harper drags Woods up near the table, but Kofi uses a Bludgeon hammer to stop him! Trouble in Paradise! Woods goes up while Kofi puts Harper on the table. Woods walks the tightrope, LIMIT BREAKER!! Cover, New Day wins!!

Winners: The New Day, Woods pinning; NEW SmackDown Tag Team Champions

They are the FIVE TIME W! W! E, Tag Team Champions~!! Big E returns to celebrate with Kofi & Woods! Positivity and perseverance overcome the bludgeoning, how long will they take this new tag title reign?



My Thoughts:

SmackDown really did give us a great “Special Edition”. Miz mocking Bryan with his fake retirement speech was Heel gold, but then it was actually pretty great to have Brie show up and get her shots in. This Mixed Tag is gonna be pretty fun, and could be a sign of Brie facing someone at Evolution the same as how Nikki is said to face Ronda. Hardy VS Orton was great, especially with the finish and post-match beating. Hardy gets back at Orton for the most part, but if the Hell in a Cell Match is reserved for bigger, they need at least a Falls Count Anywhere to settle this.

Naomi VS Peyton is a decent match, I think they need more familiarity. But Peyton getting the win is good for the IIconics should we get the Women’s Tag, and even just in the Women’s Division. Then while Becky did great with her motivation, it was clear there was the Vince influence that Becky had to be the Heel and get mad at fans. The fans aren’t going to hate Becky given they understand her frustrations, so it should’ve been a Face Tweener VS Face, and Charlotte could counter Becky’s complaints with the fact a Triple Threat is everyone for themselves. At the very least, Becky shouldn’t take the typical Heel route of blaming fans when we have nothing to do with it.

Great to see Rusev & Lana win thanks to English this time. That was a fun Mixed Tag but this feud doesn’t seem over quite yet. The Club VS The Bar next week is going to be really fun and they consider it a #1 Contender’s match, but I wouldn’t mind if both teams got a shot to really up the ante for Hell in a Cell. New Day win, as they should have at Summerslam, but it seems this was done because Rowan has bicep concerns. Rowan sadly always seems to be the Wyatt Family member getting hurt, hopefully this injury won’t be as bad as some in the past. New Day VS Bar VS Club will be an amazing possibility, but I’m just going to go with New Day VS The Bar for the usual Faces VS Heels.

My Score: 8.5/10

Let us know what you think on social media @theCHAIRSHOTcom and always remember to use the hashtag #UseYourHead!


Mitchell’s WWE Elimination Chamber Results & Report! (2/17/19)

Who will make history in the Women’s Tag Team Championship Chamber match?



WWE Elimination Chamber will make history by crowning inaugural Women’s Tag Team Champions! Who will outlast five other teams to leave with the titles?



  • Kickoff Show – WWE Cruiserweight Championship: Buddy Murphy VS Akira Tozawa; Murphy wins and retains the WWE Cruiserweight Championship.
  • WWE Women’s Tag Team Championships Elimination Chamber match: Bayley & Sasha Banks win and become the inaugural WWE Women’s Tag Team Champions.
  • SmackDown Tag Team Championships: The Miz & Shane McMahon VS The Usos; The Usos win and become the new SmackDown Tag Team Champions.
  • WWE Intercontinental Championship Handicap Match: Bobby Lashley & Lio Rush VS Finn Balor; Finn wins and becomes the new WWE Intercontinental Champion.
  • Raw Women’s Championship: Ronda Rousey VS Ruby Riott; Rousey wins and retains the Raw Women’s Championship.
  • No Disqualifications: Braun Strowman VS Baron Corbin; wins.
  • WWE Championship Elimination Chamber match: wins and


It’s the Elimination Chamber Kickoff Show!

Join Jonathan Coachman, Beth Phoenix, Booker T and Sam Roberts in taking a look at everything set for tonight’s Pay-Per-View event!


Mustafa Ali speaks.

The most painful thing about missing Elimination Chamber isn’t the injuries, but having to watch others take his opportunities. He’s on Kofi Kingston’s side, but he will return to come for his second chance. Ali has more black eyes and broken bones coming his way, but nothing’s easy in life for those who dream.


Braun Strowman speaks.

“Let me tell you a story about a coward who thought he could challenge a Monster.” Worse than a coward, he was a sniveling snake that did anything he could to stop the Monster. But all he did was make the Monster angry. The coward knew he could never win on his own, so he recruited others to help him brutalize the Monster. They were all cowards, and thought they had the monster down. But this was no normal monster. This monster came back and vows to make them all pay! When the cowardly Corbin goes against the Monster Among Men in No Disqualifications, there’s only one way this story ends: Braun Strowman continues on his rampage, and Corbin will #GetTheseHands.


The Bar joins the Kickoff Panel!

Sheamus & Cesaro are confident The Usos will win against The Miz and Shane McMahon. Miz and Shane are like watching TV and listening to the radio at the same time: it just doesn’t work! But then how did they beat The Bar? A fluke. What about Strowman and Nick? That was a trick to throw them off. But then Tucker Knight & Otis Dozovic come over. They’re on Team #McMiz. Miz and Shane are wild cards, just like Heavy Machinery. How bold of them to interrupt The Bar. Plus they’re just sucking up to Shane for a spot on SmackDown. Heavy Machinery knows the WWE Universe wants to see them as much as possible. The tag teams trash talk, but whose predictions will come true?


Becky attacked Charlotte Flair at a house show!

The Man was so furious over Vince McMahon replacing her in the Raw Women’s Championship, she went right at The Queen! But Charlotte would turn the tide and go right after Becky’s bad leg again and again! Becky is only digging a deeper hole for herself, will she ever get back to a title?


The Riott Squad speaks.

“Houston, we have a problem.” They’re going to wreak havoc together as they all go for gold! Their careers come full circle when they take the Road to Wrestlemania on a detour! Ruby wants to take that Raw Women’s Championship off Rousey while Liv and Sarah want those Women’s Tag Titles. But then Charlotte walks in. She remembers their debuts. They went right after her for their #SquadGoals. But Charlotte would love if Ruby went right after Ronda with all that aggression. Ruby can follow in Charlotte’s footsteps and win her first title in Houston. Then they can face off at Wrestlemania. Can Ruby really change the Wrestlemania plans further?


Mojo Rawley speaks to himself again.

The WWE Universe doesn’t care about him. They don’t even know him. But who they Hell are they? They don’t matter! They don’t like Mojo’s face? Well Mojo doesn’t either! It’s time Mojo shows them the real him.

Alexa Bliss speaks.

“Tonight, we make history.” She feels so honored to play a large role in this. Ever since The Goddess debuted, the Women’s Division has hit all these great firsts! They’ve been on fire! Speaking of fire, maybe if Becky took Alexa’s advice, she’s still be selling out Wrestlemania and not suspended. But oh well, tonight’s not about Becky. It’s about the WWE Women’s Tag Team Championships! And as the first Women’s Chamber winner, she knows who is winning. Alexa’s prediction: The Samoan Dynasty, Tamina & Nia Jax. Has the Goddess given us the future?


Kickoff Show – WWE Cruiserweight Championship: Buddy Murphy VS Akira Tozawa!

The Juggernaut has been as unstoppable as anyone since claiming the title, it looks almost impossible to ever defeat him! But the Stamina Monster did the “impossible” when he won his first title, can he do it again?

Introductions are made, the belt is raised, and we begin! Tozawa and Murphy circle and tie up. Murphy gets the wrist and wrenches, then brings Tozawa to a knee. Tozawa gets up and flips through to reverse the wrench. Murphy rolls and handsprings to reverse back, and he yanks the arm over and over. Tozawa spins through and CHOPS! But Murphy just shrugs it off. Tozawa CHOPS, but Murphy puts him in a corner. Tozawa dodges and CHOPS but Murphy tosses him out. Murphy follows but gets another CHOP! Murphy swings but Tozawa dodges, Murphy hits the post with his hand! Tozawa CHOPS and puts Murphy back in. Tozawa runs but into a flapjack!

Murphy clutches the bad hand but runs into a huricanrana! Murphy bails out and Tozawa baseball slides him back. Tozawa builds speed, and DIVES! But is caught into a suplex! Murphy shows off his strength as he brings Tozawa crashing down. The ring count begins and Murphy leaves Tozawa behind. Tozawa crawls up at 6 but flounders. He springs back up to get in at 9! Murphy grits his teeth as he drives a knee into Tozawa’s back. Murphy stands Tozawa up but Tozawa gives chops! They still do nothing, but Murphy’s one CHOP takes Tozawa off his feet!

Meanwhile, Kayla interviews the New Day in hopes of talking to Kofi Kingston before tonight’s WWE Championship Elimination Chamber match. Murphy rocks Tozawa with a right while Xavier Woods and Big E explain Kofi can’t talk right now. Kofi is getting a maple syrup massage from Mr. Bootysworth. Murphy chokes Tozawa on the ropes but backs of at 4. Tozawa gets in the corner, but Murphy goes right at him. Tozawa elbows Murphy away but then he’s yanked off the top! But Tozawa tilt-o-whirls to an Octopus Stretch! Murphy powers out for a tilt-o-whirl backbreaker! Cover, TWO! Murphy tries again, ONE! Murphy keeps on Tozawa with a chinlock.

Fans rally as Murphy drives his knees in. Tozawa feeds off the energy and gets up, but Murphy shifts to a standing abdominal stretch! Tozawa endures again, and manages to pop out! They go around but Murphy gets the stretch back on Tozawa. Murphy blocks the hip toss but so does Tozawa. Tozawa hip tosses Murphy out of the ring! Tozawa catches his breath, and SUPERKICKS Murphy as he runs back in! Murphy and Tozawa crawl to opposite corners as fans rally up. Tozawa runs in but Murphy puts him on the apron. Tozawa kicks Murphy back then climbs up quick. Big missile dropkick! Tozawa runs in for a helluva kick in the corner! Murphy staggers and Tozawa takes aim.

Tozawa kicks, spins, slides, but is caught! Murphy lifts but Tozawa slips out, Tozawa gets the saido suplex! Tozawa hits a Shining Wizard! Cover, TWO! Murphy lives but Tozawa knew he was tough. Tozawa drags Murphy to a drop zone and climbs up top again. Fans fire up, Tozawa aims, but he has to leap over Murphy. Murphy boots Tozawa away, but then Tozawa boots back! Tozawa climbs up to join Murphy on the top rope, but Murphy fights back. Murphy headbutts Tozawa away but Tozawa comes right back! Murphy lifts, but Tozawa still SUPER STEINERS!! Cover, TWO!! Houston and Tozawa are shocked that Murphy survives! But the fans do know “This is Awesome!” as Murphy and Tozawa stir.

Tozawa stands and stalks Murphy. Murphy tosses Tozawa to the apron but Tozawa climbs up again. Tozawa leaps, crossbody, but Murphy rolls through! Murphy pops Tozawa up but Tozawa slips out. Tozawa leaps but into a jaw jacker, knee trigger, and suplex! Cover, TWO!! The Stamina Monster lives and fans are fired up all over again! Murphy eggs Tozawa on but Tozawa only gets angry. Murphy throws haymakers, but Tozawa laughs!? Tozawa chops and Murphy finally feels it. Murphy sees through the feint, starts a strike fest, but Tozawa still gets the JAB! Tozawa waistlocks but Murphy elbows out, only to get clobbered by a clothesline! Deadlift German! Bridging cover, TWO!! Fans rally with “AH! AH!” alongside Tozawa.

Tozawa puts Murphy in the drop zone again and climbs. Murphy anchors the foot but Tozawa stomps away with the other. Tozawa finishes climbing but Murphy tucks him in! But the superkick is denied! Tozawa hops back for the Reverse-Rana! Murphy flounders out and Tozawa builds speed to DIVE! The Tozawa Torpedo hits! But he keeps going, for a SECOND DIVE! Tozawa drags Murphy in and to the drop zone. He climbs up and aims, but Murphy gets to the apron. Tozawa kicks Murphy, GUILLOTINE SENTON!! Cover, TWO!? Murphy survives?! Tozawa fires up with more “AH! AH!” and Houston echoes it. Tozawa drags Murphy up for slapping palm strikes and a mule kick. He runs, but into Murphy’s knee trigger! MURPHY’S- Wheelbarrow! TWO, tilt-o-whirl to the Octopus! Tozawa has the Iron Octopus! Murphy endures, powers up, and pops Tozawa out to Murphy’s Law! Cover, Murphy wins!

Winner: Buddy Murphy, by pinfall; still WWE Cruiserweight Champion

The unstoppable remains unstoppable and remains the champion! Is it inevitable that the Juggernaut becomes THE greatest Cruiserweight of all time?


Kevin Owens speaks.

“Hello, WWE Universe.” They know who he is. He finished his rehab, and got himself some Hawaiian style pizza for the family while watching Elimination Chamber. It hurts that he won’t be in such a match. He hasn’t had his first Chamber match yet, but his rehab is going well. He’s got another month left, but just know that the Kevin Owens Show is coming back very soon. Kevin looks forward to his “buddy”, Finn Balor, win the Intercontinental Championship and the Riott Squad being golden. Though his kids are huge Becky Lynch fans, it’ll be hard to explain why she’s not around. Also it’s hard to explain why his kids like pineapple on pizza, because he hates it. He tries, but no, no good. KO hopes we all enjoy Elimination Chamber better than he does the pizza.


Mark Henry is here!

The World’s Strongest Man and Houston’s own is back! And he’s happy to be back! Give it up for that Cruiserweight Championship match! Henry has had an Elimination Chamber match before, what about it makes it so unique? The Chamber is a different animal, it changes everyone who enters inside. And who does Henry think will be the inaugural Women’s Tag Team Champions? His personal choice is The IIconics. And what of the WWE Championship Chamber match? Henry hears the crowd give their choices, but after last week’s Gauntlet Match, it’d be hard not to pick Kofi. Kofi did incredible even in falling short, but we’re all believers again. Now if Henry was in that match, there would be a lot of other men inducted into the Hall of Pain. Fans respect Henry’s opinion, but will his personal preferences see the night through?


The Road to Wrestlemania is filled with hope.

But every road leads to this. Men and women alike will “risk it all” the sinister structure that challenges courage, tests resilience and awards those who survive. Rowdy meets Riott, brothers in arms meet brothers in blood, and you will have to be bold to get the gold! That is Elimination Chamber!


WWE Women’s Tag Team Championships Elimination Chamber!

The Boss & Hug Connection will start against Fire & Desire while the other four teams wait in their pods. History is being made to kick off the night, who will be the first to put their names on those lovely new belts?

Teams finish entering the Chamber and pods, with Nia Jax giving the IIconics a swat to stop their playful fingers. Mandy and Sonya meet Bayley and Banks in the ring, and the doors are locked. The bell rings and the #LegitHuggable friends tie up with Mandy and Sonya. Mandy kicks Sasha to a corner then double whips Bayley with Sonya. Sonya kicks Bayley low then they double whip her again. Bayley dodges and clotheslines Mandy to then speed up with Sonya. Sasha dropkicks Sonya, then double hip tosses and sliding attacks! Cover on Sonya, ONE! Cover on Mandy, ONE! Bayley and Sasha give Sona and Mandy double hotshots! They then coordinate, acrobatic assist for a double crossbody! Sasha gives Sonya to Bayley to cover, TWO!

Bayley and Sasha keep their cool while Sasha stomps Mandy. Bayley puts Sonya in a corner and Sasha comes over. They mug Sonya in the corner but Sonya fights back with body shots! Sonya whips Sasha but Sasha goes up and over, only to get a spinebuster! Cover, but Bayley breaks it in time! Mandy goes after Bayley and deflects boots for a backbreaker! Cover, TWO! Mandy keeps her cool as she tosses Bayley out hard. Sonya goes around the side and picks up Bayley. Mandy whips and knees Sasha, then Sonya does the same to Bayley. They drag Sasha and Bayley up to throw them into the chains! Fire & Desire soak up the heat, then they drag Bayley and Sasha up again. Bayley fights back while Mandy covers Sasha, TWO!

Mandy drags Sasha up to toss her back out while Sonya slams Bayley into chains. Sonya and Mandy trade, but Sasha dodges and the kick goes into steel! Mandy’s boot gets caught in the chains, too, and Bayley hits a neckbreaker! Sasha knees Sonya down next to her! The countdown begins and the next team to join is… The Riott Squad! Liv Morgan and Sarah Logan brawl right away with Bayley and Sasha! Sarah and Liv stomp them out, and Sarah throws Sasha into chains. Sarah drives a knee in! Liv drags Bayley up and Sarah drags Sasha up. They make Bayley watch as Sasha is slammed into a pod! Then Sarah gives Bayley a pop-up headbutt! The Riott Squad meet Fire & Desire, and throw down!

These two duos have paralleled each other on Raw and SmackDown since debuting, and now they parallel each other in brawling on the mat! Fire & Desire kick and punch but so does the Squad! Liv rocks Mandy but Sonya rocks Sarah! Liv goes after Sonya now, and SLAPS her! Sonya throws hands, Liv SLAPS even harder! Liv goes Matrix but still gets caught! She manages to roll Sonya back, TWO! Liv slaps and boots but walks into a roundhouse! Sonya can’t cover, she’s still dazed from those slaps! Bayley returns and covers Liv! TWO, so Bayley rocks Mandy with a knee! Bayley hits Sonya with a knee, then clotheslines Liv. She hits a saido suplex on Sarah! Fans fire up for the Huggable wrecking ball! Bayley climbs up but Mandy rocks her up top.

Mandy and Sonya work together but then the Squad adds on, TOWER OF DOOM! Everyone is down but Houston is loving this! The countdown returns, and the next team is… The IIconics! Peyton Royce & Billie Kay hurry to cover whoever! ONE! ONE! TWO! ONE! TWO! They couldn’t eliminate anyone and they’re furious! Mandy comes back but gets knees. The IIconics throw Liv into a post, then drag Sarah up into another post! They kick Sonya down then double kick Mandy down. Sonya runs into more kicks, and then a double gourd buster! The IIconics yank Liv out of the corner to hit the mat, then do the same to Sarah. Peyton & Billie taunt Bayley as they drag her back into the center. Fans rally up for Sasha while Billie puts Bayley in a camel clutch. Peyton adds a knee strike! Double cover, but Sasha saves Bayley!

The IIconics regroup but Sasha fires off haymakers and forearms! But the IIconics double knee Sasha down, then hit the IIconic bulldog! And heel kick! Cover, TWO!! Sasha survives and the IIconics are shrilly furious. Billie and Peyton toy with Sasha while fans say “This is Awesome!” The IIconics grind the Boss & Hug Connection into the steel chains! Peyton throws Sasha down while Billie toys with Bayley. Hotshot to forearm! The IIconics drag Boss & Hug over, Peyton slingshot sentons onto them both! Cover on both, TWO!! Both Bayley and Sasha survive and the IIconics are growing further frustrated. The IIconics go back to Fire & Desire to throw them into steel! Then they go after the Riott Squad and do the same! But the countdown returns and the next team is… The FABULOUS Glow!

Naomi and Carmella roundhouse the IIconics away! Springboard crossbody takes them both out! The IIconics are stacked in a corner while Naomi dropkicks the Squad down! Fire & Desire are stacked in one corner and Boss & Hug take the last. Double bronco busters for Squad and #LegitHuggable, and double moonwalks! Now double bronco busters on The IIconics and Fire & Desire. Billie starts climbing? Naoim enziguris Peyton while Billie and Carmella fight on the chains. Naomi kicks Liv away but Billie has Carmella, but Carmella huricanranas Billie to steel! Sarah waistlocks but Carmella fights out to FABULOUS Kick! Naomi sits Sarah up for another FABULOUS Kick, then the split-leg moonsault! Cover, but Liv breaks it! Liv throws Naomi out but Carmella leaps and crossbodies!

Bayley back suplexes Carmella but Billie boots Bayley! Sasha knees Billie but Peyton hits the Gory Bomb! Liv hits Peyton with a code breaker! Mandy tosses Liv with an exploder! Sarah hits a Fisherman Buster on Mandy! Sonya SPEARS Sarah! FABULOUS Kick for Sonya! All the women are down but Houston is thunderous! Houston again says “This is Awesome!” but the Samoan Dynasty are growing impatient. Sonya stands, blocks the Fabulous Kick to SPEAR! Jackknife cover, TWO into Code of Silence! Mandy saves Sonya, but Naomi has her now! Naomi fires off furious forearms on the home wrecker! Mandy hits back and whips, but Naomi comes back with a springboard Rear View! But the IIconics roll Naomi up! The IIconics ELIMINATE the Fabulous Glow!!

Peyton & Billie celebrate with their IIconic pose like they’ve already won the titles. However, they’re surrounded on all sides now… The IIconics point out the countdown is back, and everyone realizes they need to be ready for Nia and Tamina! Nia and Tamina wreck everyone in their way! Nia tosses Mandy into the ring! The IIconics hide in a pod but Tamina still spots them. Peyton and Billie give thumbs up, but now they’re trapped! Tamina and Nia swat at the Plexiglas. They force the doors open, and grab each IIconic by the hair! Double biels back and forth into the chains! And then into the ring! Nia and Tamina loom over the IIconics, then drag them up, for double Samoan Drops! Cover, the Samoan Dynasty ELIMINATES the IIconics!

But the Riott Squad are right on Nia and Tamina! Nia pushes Liv and Sarah away but gets double dropkicks. Sarah helps Liv take flight, to huricanrana Nia into buckles. Sarah shotgun knees Nia in deeper. Tamina runs in but into a forearm, and an assisted Diamond Dust! Cover but Nia pushes Sarah onto it. Fire & Desire return, and Sonya kicks away on Nia. Mandy hits the golden knee, Sonya hits a sliding knee! Double cover, TWO! Sasha and Bayley return for double Thesz presses! Bayley hits Tamna with a big knee, Sasha adds Meteora! Liv runs into double hip toss body slam! Sarah runs into one, too! Cover, TWO!

Fire & Desire throw forearms on Bayley & Sasha. Mandy stomps a mudhole on Bayley while Sonya drags Sasha up. They double whip but Sasha reverses, Bayley flapjacks Mandy on buckles. Bayley catapults Sonya into more buckles! Bayley stacks Fire & Desire in the corner, and Sasha hits a double Stock Drop! Cover on Sonya, TWO! Bayley drags mandy but Nia and Tamina run Bayley and Sasha over! Nia drags Bayley up but the Squad are climbing? Nia chases Liv and Sarah but Mandy comes up behind her. Tamina fights Sonya while Nia slams Mandy into steel. Liv and Sarah LEAP onto both sides! Sarah covers Sonya, TWO! The Squad is furious, but Nia goes right at them. Nia runs into Liv’s boots and Liv hops up.

Nia grabs Liv’s feet but Liv kicks at her. Liv can’t get away, SUPER SAMOAN DROP! Tamina has Sarah for the SUPERFLY! Cover, the Samoan Dynasty ELIMINATES the Riott Squad! But Sasha and Bayley go right at Nia with dropkicks. They bait Tamina in, drop toehold to knee! Cover but Nia breaks it and scoops Sasha. Nia tosses Sasha onto Sonya! Nia drags Bayley up and tosses her out the other side. Fans duel as Nia aims at Bayley. Bayley slowly drags herself up, but Sasha saves Bayley as Nia runs in! Nia DESTROYS a pod!! The Irresistible Force all but eliminated herself and Tamina is in shock! Tamina also realizes she’s all alone. Fire & Desire go after Tamina with kicks and knees, then Sasha adds Meteora! Bayley adds the Macho Elbow! Cover, everyone else ELIMINATES the Samoan Dynasty! The two teams to start are the two teams left!

Fire & Desire and Boss & Hug get up on opposite ends, and start brawling! Sonya knees Sasha while Mandy knees Bayley. Bayley throws Mandy out but Mandy yanks her in for another knee. Sonya makes Sasha watch as Mandy drags Bayley up. Double underhook but Bayley resits. Bayley feeds Mandy to Sasha’s stiff knee! Sonya rolls Sasha! TWO and into Bayley’s knee! Backstabber to Bayley2Belly! Cover, Mandy breaks it just in time! Bayley and Sasha regroup and chase Mandy. Mandy climbs chains and fights Sasha off, but Bayley cuts her off at the top of a pod. Sasha pursues and Mandy is isolated! Sasha clubs Mandy down and then she helps Bayley up. The best friends drag Mandy up, slam her into the Plexiglas, then take aim at the ring.

Sonya hurries up to help Mandy! They fight and Bayley sends Sonya back down. But Mandy sends Bayley down! Sonya spears Bayley into a pod corner! Sasha hurries down to check on Bayley, but then goes right after Sonya. Sasha throws Sonya into chains but Mandy throws Sasha into a pod! Mandy drags Sasha up, double underhook, butterfly facebuster! Cover, TWO!!! Sasha survives and Mandy is shocked! Mandy covers again, TWO! Mandy drags Sasha up and throws her into a post, then regroups with Sonya. Wheelbarrow and Sonya runs in, but Sasha dodges! Sonya SPEARS Mandy! Sonya staggers up into the Bank Statement crossface! Sasha’s bad arm keeps it from completing, so she uses her own legs for a modified clutch! Sonya taps, Sasha & Bayley win!!

Winners: The Boss & Hug Connection, Sasha Banks by submission; inaugural WWE Women’s Tag Team Champions

The dream comes true! Not just for Sasha & Bayley as best friends, but for all of the women in the WWE! The Boss & Hug Connection is stronger than ever, will they take this inaugural reign all the way to Wrestlemania?

In-ring interview with the new tag team champions.

This victory made history, and fans feel “You Deserve It!” Bayley is at a loss for words, and Sasha starts tearing up. Sasha manages to say “Nobody knows how hard we fought to get these.” If only the WWE Universe knew. This isn’t just for them, this is for the entire Women’s Division. This is just the beginning, there is more change to come. The Boss & Hug Connection will lead the way as your new Women’s Tag Team Champions.


SmackDown Tag Team Championships: The Miz & Shane McMahon VS The Usos!

Jimmy and Jey don’t see the A-Lister and Shane O’Mac as a “real” tag team, but the Best Tag Team in the World are the champions. Will the underdog champions manage to defeat one of WWE’s best? Or will they end up in the Uso Penitentiary like so many before?

The Miz comes out a mic to first congratulate the Boss & Hug Connection on making history. And then he dedicates this match to his family, from his dad to his daughter, to his wife Maryse! Maryse is here! “We always said when we had a huge announcement, we would announce it right here in the WWE in front of all of you.” And tonight, the Must-See Family has a huge announcement: “We’re having another baby!” Miz still has it. And with such happy news, Shane comes out to congratulate Miz & Maryse before he and Miz head to the ring. The Usos finally make their entrance, then the belts are raised and we begin.

The teams sort out and it’s Miz starting against Jimmy. Jimmy and Miz circle and tie up. Jimmy gets a headlock but Miz powers out, only for Jimmy to run him over. Things speed up and Miz goes to hip toss, but Jimmy counters to a fireman’s carry. Miz slips out, A-Lister combination denied at the backbreaker. Jimmy whips but gets caught into the Figure Four. He pushes Miz away and tags in Jey. Miz narrowly avoids the double superkicks! Shane and Miz talk but Miz is okay. MIz circles with Jey and they tie up. Miz gets a waistlock but Jey elbows out. Jey whips but Miz reverses and hits the kitchen sink knee. Miz mocks the Uso chant before hitting the A-List lariat.

Tag to Shane and Shane goes to the other corner! Jimmy knows what that means but Shane fights him off! Shane sweeps the legs, then rocks Jey! Slingshot sunset flip, TWO! Shane throws fast hands then whips. Miz tags in as Shane elbows Jey down. Miz adds the low boot, then Shane drops an elbow. Shane and Miz double clothesline Jey out, but Jimmy runs in. Miz hip tosses Jimmy, and then the champs double clothesline Jimmy out! Houston fires up as Shane and Miz mock the Uso chant together. Jimmy and Jey regroup and talk strategy. Jey rushes Miz but Miz dodges to throw haymakers. Miz puts Jey in a corner for It Kick! Jey gets a headlock and Jimmy tags in. Miz powers out but walks into a flapjack hotshot! Jimmy stalks Miz and rocks him with an uppercut!

Jimmy chokes Miz on the ropes but lets up at 4. Jey gets a cheap shot, and then Jimmy rocks Miz again. Tag to Jey and the Usos isolate Miz for a corner forearm. Jimmy tags back in and the Usos mug Miz to split the wishbone. Jimmy wraps a chinlock on but fans rally up. Miz fights out but Jimmy shoves him back to clobber him with a clothesline! Jimmy drags Miz over and tags in Jey. The Usos stomp Miz down, then Jey wraps on a chinlock. Fans rally up again and Miz fights his way up. Miz reaches for Shane while fighting back, but Jey throws him down. Tag to Jimmy, and he rips Miz’s shirt off. Jimmy throws it at Shane but Shane catches it. Jimmy rocks Miz with an uppercut then whips him to the open corner. He copies the A-List lariat!

Jimmy grins as he goes corner to corner, but into Miz’s STO! Both men are down while fans rally up. Miz and Jimmy crawl, hot tags to Jey and Shane! Shane rallies on both Usos, and pump kicks Jey down! Shane whips and back drops Jey! Fans fire up as Shane circles Jey. Big right rocks Jey! Float-over DDT for Jimmy! Then one for Jey! Cover, TWO! Shane keeps his cool as he drags Jey to a corner. Jimmy’s in another corner, and Shane climbs up top. Shane leaps and hits Jimmy with Coast 2 Coast! But he doesn’t stop there, he climbs up again to aim at Jey! Shane leaps, for a SUPERKICK! Jey climbs, Uso Splash! Cover, but Miz saves Shane! All four men are down but stirring.

Fans build to a rally as Miz returns to his corner. Shane crawls and Miz reaches, hot tag brings in Miz! Miz springboards for an ax handle! And even he’s surprised that worked! Miz fires up and gives Jey more kicks! Miz runs but into a Samoan Drop! Jey fires up now as he goes corner to corner, but misses the hip attack. Miz kicks the legs out, basement DDT! Cover, TWO! Miz keeps his cool while Jey rolls out. Miz wrecks Jey with a dropkick! Fans anticipate what’s coming, and Miz clears off the announce desk! Miz and Jey brawl, Jimmy DIVES but gets his brother! Miz boots Jimmy down!

The Usos are down, the table is cleared, and fans are fired up. Miz puts Jey on the desk while Shane drags himself to the top rope. Shane leaps, for the elbow through the table!! Miz checks on Shane while Houston loses their minds! Miz puts Jimmy in, blocks the Superkick but Jimmy denies the Finale. Roll up, TWO, roll up, full nelson! Jimmy throws Miz off, SUPERKICK! Jimmy climbs up top, Uso Splash! But MIz gets knees up! Cradle cover, TWO, Skull-Crushing Finale!! COver, TWO into a crucifix!! The Usos win!!

Winners: The Usos, Jimmy Uso pinning; NEW SmackDown Tag Team Champions

The Best Tag Team in the World and the SmackDown Tag Team Champions are no longer Miz & Shane! Jimmy drags his brother from the wreckage, and the twins celebrate the start of their sixth reign! Miz helps Shane up from the wreckage now, and the two walk to the back together. Fans cheer them on for the great effort, but with no rematch clauses, how will they get a chance to take those titles back?


Backstage interview with Bobby Lashley and Lio Rush.

This is easy money, it’ll be two versus one. But with the trend of new champions, will there be another? Is Lio going to be a weak link? Granted, they can work together, but perhaps Finn Balor can get Lashley out of the way to pin Lio to win the title. Lio tells Dasha that they all know that. But Finn can’t capitalize and win. Lashley & Lio have the advantage, they’re the top of the food change. No one is stronger and more dominant than Lashley, and Lio. Relax, big man, Lashley’s the steak, Lio’s the sizzle. So Lio isn’t worried even after Finn beat him two weeks ago? No. Enough talk, the match is next!


WWE Intercontinental Championship Handicap Match: Bobby Lashley & Lio Rush VS Finn Balor!

The Man of the Hour has a point: the odds are in their favor. But the Extraordinary Man knows how to defy odds and win when no one thinks he can. Can Finn do all that again tonight and take the title from the Rocky Mountain Machine? Or will he simply be dominated?

Introductions are made, the belt is raised, and Lio convinces Lashley he’ll start. The bell rings, and Lio tags right out to Lashley! Lashley and Finn tie up, and Lashley knees low and clubs Finn down. Fans boo as Lashley flexes, but Finn kicks back! Finn runs and throws forearms, then more kicks. Lashley knees low again, then stands on Finn’s chest. Fans rally as Lashley stomps Finn. Lashley whips but Finn dodges to hit flying forearms! Finn chases Lio off but Lashley gets away. Lio and Lashley regroup on the outside and talk strategy. Finn waits as Lashley returns. Lashley gets a waistlock and throws Finn down. Lashley bumps Finn off buckles and then throws a throat chop. He clubs Finn then throws forearms into the back. The ref counts as Lashley chokes Finn again, and Lashley backs off at 4.

Lashley whips Finn corner to corner, but Finn dodges! Finn swing kicks Lashley down then hurries up top! Lio distracts and Finn chases him off. Finn slingshots but Lashley denies the sunset flip with a stomp. Lashley stomps Finn more then drags him up for a powerbomb. Finn slips out and back drops Lashley out! Lio panics as Finn builds speed, and Lio manages to swipe his feet! Finn chases Lio, but runs into Lashley’s tackle! Fans boo as Lashley stands over Finn and Lio hypes him up. Lashley lifts Finn to ram him into the apron! Lashley puts Finn in, drops an elbow, and covers. TWO and Lio tags in. Lio mocks the Too Sweet and he kicks Finn while he’s down. He eggs Finn on as he throws haymakers and stomps away in a corner.

Finn throws Lio into the corner! Lio runs away and tags Lashley! Lashley clobbers Finn! Cover, TWO! Lashley stays on Finn with a cobra clutch. Fans rally up as Finn endures. Finn powers up and fights out with body shots. Lashley gets Finn with a complete shot! Cover, TWO! Finn lives and Lio is livid! Lashley tags Lio back in and Lio puts Finn in an abdominal stretch. Finn endures as Lio flexes. Fans rally again and Finn powers his way out to a hip toss! Lio crawls to the far corner, and Finn runs in, only to get boots. Lio hops up but Finn ducks under, tag to Lashley! Finn runs into another tackle! Lashley rams his shoulder in again and again, then runs in for another tackle.

Lashley flexes but fans boo and jeer. He puts Finn in the corner again, runs in for another tackle, then lifts Finn HIGH for a spinebuster! Fans continue to boo as Lashley takes aim. But Lio tags in? Lio says he can finish this for them. Lio leaps for the Final Hour, but Finn dodges! The splash flops and Lashley panics. Finn and Lio slowly stand, and Finn stays between Lio and Lashley. Lio kicks but Finn catches it! Lio reaches but Finn reels Lio in for forearms. Finn hits Lashley, then double stomps Lio! Lashley runs in but gets a slingblade! Finn clotheslines Lashley out, then tosses Lio out onto him! Finn FLIES onto them both! He puts Lio in quick, shotgun dropkick blasts Lio down! Finn climbs up high, COUP DE GRACE! Cover, Finn wins!!

Winner: Finn Balor, by pinfall; NEW WWE Intercontinental Champion

Finn gets away from the angry Almighty, and is celebrating with Balor Club! Will the Extraordinary Man take this title all the way to Wrestlemania?

Lashley is angry with Lio. Lio is the only reason things went sour for them! And he grabs Lio around the head! Lio begs Lashley forgive him, he is sorry. Lashley lets Lio go, only to lift and slam him! The Rocky Mountain Machine is done with all the hype. Will Lashley be able to find his way back to the title? Is it back to 205 Live full-time for Lio?


In-ring interview with Charlotte Flair.

When did she find out Vince McMahon was going to use her to replace Becky Lynch at Wrestlemania? “Life is good when you’re Charlotte Flair!” The Queen is going to Wrestlemania, and she got to humiliate Becky at the same time. Becky should’ve learned by now that this is her own fault. She can’t let anything go. Becky panders to the WWE Universe! She needs the fans to love her! But Charlotte doesn’t need anyone else’s affirmation. Charlotte knows that she is THE very best in the WWE today! Fans still chant for Becky, though. But Charlotte will be ringside to watch Rowdy Rousey VS Riott, to see who main events against her.


Raw Women’s Championship: Ronda Rousey VS Ruby Riott!

Liv Morgan & Sarah Logan fell short of getting the tag titles, but the Squad Leader still looks to shake up Wrestlemania by shocking the world tonight. Is it possible that Ruby can dethrone the Baddest Woman on the Planet? Or will Ronda be the one constant in the Wrestlemania Raw Women’s Championship picture?

Introductions are made, the belt is raised, and Charlotte takes a seat as the match begins. Ruby kicks low and throws fast hands on Ronda! Ronda gets Ruby off her to then throw her around! Ruby scrambles out to catch her breath but Ronda eggs her on. Ruby takes her time returning while Ronda paces. Ronda rushes Ruby but Ruby bails out again. Ruby slowly returns, but uses the ropes as defense. She then throws forearms and kicks! Ronda still throws Ruby down! Ronda scoops Ruby, for Piper’s Pit! And then while pointing at the Wrestlemania sign, ARMBAR! Ruby taps, Ronda wins!

Winner: Ronda Rousey, by submission; still Raw Women’s Champion

Ronda stares Charlotte down. The Queen isn’t who she wanted, but Ronda is more than happy to take her frustrations out on her. Charlotte is still confident as she walks up to the ring. Charlotte and Ronda stand face to face, but wait, is that Becky!? Becky is on crutches but she’s still making her way from the crowd to the ring! Becky puts the crutches in and rolls into the ring. Fans cheer her on but Charlotte mocks Becky at how hard it is for her to join them. Becky ignores Charlotte to look at Ronda. Ronda stares back, and then Becky fires off on Charlotte!! Becky seems fine enough to smack away on the woman replacing her!

Ronda takes up the other crutch?! Ronda aims at Charlotte with it, but then Becky SMACKS Ronda! The Man takes her anger out on both women going to Mania over her! Security rushes the ring but Becky keeps going! Becky finally stops but Houston is thunderous for the Straight Fire! Becky leaves peacefully with security escorting her out. Ronda is furious and Charlotte is in a daze. Will Becky’s actions only make things worse for her?


No Disqualifications: Braun Strowman VS Baron Corbin!

As the Monster Among Men told us earlier today, he plans on making this a happy ending for himself, and a nightmare for the Lone Wolf. Will Corbin regret ever angering Strowman to this point? Or will he have another scheme up his sleeves to screw Strowman over?


Let us know what you think on social media @theCHAIRSHOTcom and always remember to use the hashtag #UseYourHead!
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Mitchell’s Women of Wrestling Results & Report! (2/15/19)

How will WOW address last week’s unclear ending?



WOW Women of Wrestling coverage

WOW ended with controversy last week as both Santana Garrett AND Jungle Grrrl got the pin on Tessa Blanchard! Who is truly the world champion?!



  • Havoc VS Fire; Havoc wins.
  • Kristen Davidson w/ Samantha Smart VS Chantilly Chella; wins.
  • Razor w/ Fury VS Faith the Lioness; Faith wins.
  • Vacated WOW World Championship: Jungle Grrrl VS Tessa Blanchard; Blanchard wins and becomes the new WOW World Champion.


David McLane again welcomes us to WOW!

The matchmaker knows last week’s star-studded Triple Threat for the Women of Wrestling World Championship was wild but also ended in a double pin. Jungle Grrrl hit her splash but Santana Garrett also covered Tessa Blanchard’s legs for an impossible scenario. Senior official Scrappy McGowan came out to ensure the integrity of the title, and chose to postpone awarding it until after the officials could properly review the footage.

And tonight, that long awaited decision is made. McLane holds up the currently vacated title as he first introduces Jungle Grrrl. He would introduce Santana, but the despicable acts Tessa Blanchard did to her father, Keny G, Santana is with her father at the hospital. That is tragic, but the show must go on. So the other competitor for this vacated title will be the Born Legend, Tessa Blanchard! Tessa hits the ring and takes the mic while fans boo and jeer. Tessa says Santana isn’t here not because of her dad. Santana’s not here because she’s afraid! Santana isn’t here because she needs oxygen just like her daddy. But Tessa is fine with that, she’ll take on Jungle Grrrl or any woman in WOW. Even if it’s the biggest and baddest- Speaking of, here comes the biggest and baddest, THE BEAST!

Beast introduces herself to Tessa. And if Tessa wants the biggest and baddest, here she is! McLane and the fans agree. Tessa says the bigger they are, the harder they fall. These two may be big and bad, but Beast and JG aren’t on Tessa’s level! Tessa starts shoving but JG scoops her up! Tessa slips out and shoves JG into Beast! Beast fights with JG while Tessa runs away! Fans are thunderous but officials hurry to pull the Queen of the Amazon and the Alpha Female apart! Will Tessa regret standing between these two Women of Wrestling?


Introducing: Havoc.

The Monster of Madness started her career 15 years ago, during a time when Women’s Wrestling wasn’t taken as seriously. “From the very beginning, people were telling me, ‘You’re not gonna make it very far here’.” They said she was too big, too different, and she struggled for those first few years. Havoc was trying to figure out who she should be, when one day she realized, she only had to be what she wanted to be. Havoc transformed herself and embraced the darkness.

The “Women’s Revolution” only just started a few years ago, with all these “glamorous girls” showing off what they worked so hard for, when it was women like Havoc who put in the work and carried the load. “There is a reason when these women get in the ring with me, they stare at me from across the ring, terrified.” The mask comes off, and she unleashes the monster! Who will be the first Woman of Wrestling to lose to the madness?


Havoc VS Fire!

The Monster of Madness makes her WOW TV debut and it’s against the fan favorite who finally got on a hot streak. Will Havoc put out the flames? Or will she be burned in her debut?

The bell rings and Havoc rushes Fire! Fire dodges and keeps her distance. Havoc laughs as she gives chase, but Fire keeps away. Fire ducks down but Havoc catches her by her hair! Havoc throws a heavy forearm then gets in the ref’s face. Havoc drags Fire up and clams on, to lift Fire high over head! She throws Fire to a corner, then shrieks while fans boo and jeer. Havoc runs in but Fire dodges! Fire comes back with a dropkick! And a corner splash! Fans fire up with Fire as she fires off kicks! Havoc stays up as Fire runs. Fire dodges to dropkick again, but Havoc stays standing. Fire tries a second but Havoc only steps back. Fans fire up as Fire runs, but Havoc boots her right down! Havoc shrieks again as she drags Fire up. Havoc thrashes Fire around and tosses her to the ropes!

Fans continue to cheer Fire on but Havoc is right on her at the ropes. Havoc chokes Fire but then stops at 4. She shouts at the ref to back off, then grins as she stalks Fire to a corner. Havoc puts Fire in a full nelson, then lifts for a stretch! Fire endures while fans rally up. Havoc shifts to a waistlock, wheelbarrow facebuster! Cover, TWO! Fire survives and Havoc is shocked. Havoc stretches Fire back in a modified camel clutch. Fire endures as Havoc gets the full clutch on. Havoc also pulls hair but the ref counts. Havoc clubs Fire down at 4! Fans rain down boos while Havoc looms over Fire. Havoc lifts Fire and snap suplexes hard! Havoc drags Fire to the center and says this is the end. Leg drop misses!

Fire fires back kicks! And a mule kick! Havoc’s down, Fire covers, TWO! Fire climbs up fast, big crossbody! But Havoc catches her easily! Havoc pops Fire up, Air Raid Crash! Cover, Havoc wins!

Winner: Havoc, by pinfall

The Monster of Madness wins her debut and soaks up the heat. Will she only continue to wreak havoc on the WOW roster?


WOW reports on a recent incident with one of their wrestlers.

Keta Rush was jumped in the arena alley after a WOW live event. McLane and Keta went to the production truck to examine the footage to shed light on the assailants. The security cameras caught it all as Keta was jumped 2v1. To think it was someone Keta thought of as a friend. Keta wants after her in the ring, but will she get the payback she wants?


Kristen Davidson w/ Samantha Smart VS Chantilly Chella!

The Disciplinarian and her supervisor want all the other Women of Wrestling to fall in line, and now they look to straighten out WOW’s number one party girl. Will Davidson and Smart have fun ruining Chella’s fun?

The bell rings and Chella gets the fans hyped up. Davidson just sneers as she lunges at Chella. Chella ducks and rolls and has a good time, but it only annoys Davidson and Smart. Chella and Davidson tie up and go around. Davidson pulls Chella’s hair and puts her in a corner. Davidson gets right in Chella’s face about her behavior, but Chella doesn’t get what’s so bad about partying. Chella simply wishes Davidson peace, but Davidson swings on her! Chella dodges and headlocks back. She gets the headlock takeover, but Davidson stands up. Davidson lifts Chella but Chella counters with another takedown! Davidson prevents a cover and manages to get a headscissors! Chella gets out and gets the headlock back!

Davidson gets up again and pries out to a hammerlock. Davidson gets the headlock now then shifts to a snapmare. Chella handsprings through to get the headlock back again! Davidson powers out but Chella hops up for body scissors, only to get a spinebuster! Cover, TWO! Davidson trash talks Chella and clubs her, then hits a running neckbreaker! Cover, TWO! Smart grows annoyed but Davidson stays on Chella at the ropes. Davidson chokes Chella but the ref backs her off. So Smart chokes Chella while he’s not looking! Smart gets away with it and Davidson drags Chella back up. Davidson gourd busters Chella, then drops the double stomps! Cover, TWO! Davidson keeps her cool as she whips Chella. Chella body scissors again, but into a wheelbarrow facebuster! Cover, TWO! Chella still lives and Smart is annoyed.

Davidson clubs Chella to the ropes, and Smart SMACKS her with the ruler! The referee warns Smart while Davidson puts Chella in a corner. Davidson whips corner to corner but Chella goes up and over to sunset flip! TWO, and Davidson hip attacks Chella fast! Then she goes side to side for the wash! Davidson drags Chella to a cover, TWO! Fans fire up for Chella but Davidson stays on her with a clutch. Chella endures and fans rally up. Chella powers up but Davidson clubs her down! Davidson drags Chella up into the fireman’s carry, but Chella fights out! Chella shoves and kicks away! Davidson swings but Chella bobs ‘n’ weaves! Chella says “Peace!” then sweeps the legs! Chella fires up and hits Meteora! Cover, TWO!

Chella keeps going, hitting a shining wizard in the corner! She rolls Davidson out then heads up top. Davidson staggers, big crossbody from Chella! Cover, TWO!! Chella can’t believe she didn’t get that. She swings a kick but Davidson ducks! Davidson fireman’s carry, TKO Neckbreaker! Cover, Davidson wins!

Winner: Kristen Davidson by pinfall

The Disciplinarian scratches off one wild child, but with a lot of help from Ms. Smart. Who else will learn not to mess with Davidson and Smart?


Razor speaks.

“Who’s next on the Psycho Sisters’ devastation list?” Oh, it’s the Lioness! “Faithy Jay, you think you’re from the streets?” Razor IS the street! The streets raised Razor. She left everything in the street. You think facing Razor is just facing another wrestler? Razor gets what she wants and never backs down. When you step to her, you’ll feel the Razor’s Edge. That WOW first-time show down is next!


Reintroducing: Faith the Lioness.

Growing up, her parents encouraged Faith to be herself and never change to fit someone else’s ideals. People have said she’s too tall for this or too thick for that, but she defies them to become who she is today. From ballet to rap to kickboxing, Faith has always had pride in who she was. She wants to blend dancing, music and wrestling into one, but her debut was a bit rough against The Beast. But even so, like a lion, she faces everything without fear. Faith was able to accept her defeat because of how great her debut felt. She can’t really put the feeling into words, but she knows she wants more. Losing only makes you stronger, because it’s about getting back up. Will Faith stand strong and get that first win?


Razor w/ Fury VS Faith the Lioness!

The Daughter of Darkness had her WOW TV debut and was successful. Now it’s time to see if the Vanguard of Violence can do the same. Will Razor cut down Faith’s pride? Or will the lioness finally sink her teeth into a victory?

The bell rings and the two approach fast and furious! Faith pushes Razor but she turns it around to put her in the corner. Razor SLAPS Faith, so Faith shoves Razor! Faith gets a headlock takeover fast, and grinds Razor to the mat. Razor stands up and powers out, only for Faith to run her over. Things speed up and Faith shows her agility! She gets another headlock takeover! Razor headscissor counters but Faith pops right out. They speed up again, Faith goes Matrix! She mule kicks and whips but Razor reverses. Fury swipes at Faith’s feet, and then Razor clobbers her! Cover, TWO! Razor grits her teeth as she drags Faith up and clubs her down. Razor stomps Faith to the ropes, then fakes an eyelash in her eye. The ref doesn’t see Fury choke Faith on the ropes!

Fans boo as Fury gets away with it, and Razor goes after Faith in a corner. Razor clubs away then whips corner to corner. Razor runs in for a big splash! She snapmares Faith down hard, then heads to a corner. She runs out, but Faith dodges the senton! Faith Penalty Kicks Razor, then scoop slams her down! Cover, TWO! Faith keeps her focus as she heads to a corner. She hops up but Razor clubs her down! Razor drags Faith up for another hard snapmare, and into a chinlock. Razor grinds Faith to the mat but fans rally up. Fury trolls the fans while Faith feeds off their energy. Jawbreaker frees Faith! Razor staggers while Faith runs, but Razor runs her over! Cover, TWO!

Razor grows frustrated and she takes it out on Faith with more clubbing forearms. But Faith CHOPS back! Faith runs into a kick, and Razor hits The Stroke, half-nelson facebuster! Razor doesn’t end it there, she drags Faith up into a camel clutch! Faith endures as Razor grinds her forearms and digs her nails in! Faith gets an arm free, and then the other! She slips out the back but Razor clobbers her! Razor stomps Faith then bumps her off the mat. Faith crawls to a corner but Razor stomps her again. Razor grabs the arms for a surfboard stomp! Razor drags Faith to a cover, TWO! Faith lives and Razor is furious! Razor bumps Faith off buckles hard, then throws CHOPS! Razor whips corner to corner and runs in, but Faith boots her back! Faith roundhouses Razor down!

Fans fire up as Faith climbs up high. But Fury goes after a leg! Faith kicks Fury away then leaps at Razor for a BIG missile dropkick! Cover, Faith wins!!

Winner: Faith the Lioness by pinfall

The fans give a standing ovation for Faith’s first WOW TV victory! But Fury ruins the moment by attacking from behind! The Psycho Sisters beat down Faith, then toss her out of the ring! Fans boo but the damage is done. Will Fury and Razor continue to do what they want to every Woman of Wrestling they encounter?


Coming soon: Nikki Krampus.

As her last name suggests, the Norwegian Nightmare embodies the fearsome might of the punisher of misdeeds. She makes her debut next week, who will be the first to face their retribution?


Vacated WOW World Championship: Jungle Grrrl VS Tessa Blanchard!

The Born Legend loves to talk trash about the Wonder Woman of Wrestling, Santana Garrett, but she should actually be thankful to her. If not for that double pin, Tessa would have lost last week’s Triple Threat and the Queen of the Amazon would again reign. Now there’s a second chance for the third-generation wrestler, will she make the best of this golden opportunity?

Introductions are made, the belt is raised, and the streamers fly! Fans are already fired up with the bell, and Tessa circles with JG. They tie up, Tessa gets a wristlock. JG rolls and rolls to get free but Tessa backs off. Tessa and JG tie up again and Tessa gets a waistlock. JG standing switches but Tessa snapmares through to a chinlock. Tessa grinds JG down but JG gets up and works her way out. JG gets a keylock but Tessa reverses to a hammerlock to roll JG! ONE, and JG sweeps to cover! ONE, and Tessa returns the sweep, ONE! Tessa gets up but JG scares her off with a step! Tessa bails out and gets a breather. JG lets Tessa take her time, and Tessa returns to tie up again.

JG gets the headlock now and grinds Tessa down. Tessa tries but can’t power out of JG’s grip. Tessa fights with body shots and powers out, but JG runs her over! JG runs but Tessa speeds things up, only to run into a dropkick! Tessa scrambles to a corner and JG whips. Tessa reverses and rocks JG with a forearm against the ropes! She whips JG into ropes, then runs, but JG dodges the rope attack just in time! Tessa hits the ropes herself and is stinging! Fans rally up as JG drags Tessa up in a waistlock. Tessa standing switches and pushes JG to forearm her on the rebound. Tessa runs again, and dropkicks JG into the ropes! Cover, ONE!! JG is tougher than Tessa thought, but Tessa keeps her cool.

Tessa stalks JG to a corner to rock her with another right forearm! She whips JG corner to corner, then runs in, but into a boot! JG hops up but Tessa sweeps the legs! Draping code breaker! Cover, ONE!? Tessa is shocked JG is this tough! Fans rally up and it only eggs Tessa on. Tessa drags JG up to whip, but JG reverses to another dropkick! Both women are down and crawling for opposite corners. They run at each other and JG hits lariat after lariat! JG hits a corner shining wizard, then a BIG German Suplex! Bridging cover, TWO! JG gets up and drags Tessa up. JG fireman’s carry while fans duel. Tessa fights out, to a hammerlock, but JG powers out! JG hits a leaping knee! Then a scoop but Tessa slips out! Tessa wrenches, sweeps the legs, armbar!

JG endures as Tessa makes the armbar part Triangle! But the legs are on the throat, that’s a choke, the referee will not count this submission! JG powers up as Tessa keeps squeezing. JG deadlifts Tessa but bombs her into the referee! The referee is down and out of the ring! JG scoops Tessa, Jungle Driver!! JG keeps going, climbing up top. Fans fire up as JG leaps, Jungle Splash!! Cover, but there’s NO ref to count! JG’s had Tessa down for more than long enough but where’s a ref?! Here’s the BEAST instead! The Beast SPEARS Jungle Grrrl! Fans are thunderous as Beast drags JG up again, for the BEAST BOMB! The Alpha Female decimates JG and then drags the ref into the ring! Tessa crawls to a cover, the ref counts it, Tessa wins!!

Winner: Tessa Blanchard, by pinfall; NEW WOW World Champion

The Beast has made her mark! The Born Legend is the new champion, and Jungle Grrrl was pinned for the first time in her WOW career! But of course, The Beast still wants the belt for her own, and Tessa shouts that she’s not afraid. Will Tessa be able to retain when The Beast is the one who helped her win? What will former WOW World Champion, Santana Garrett, have to say about this?



My Thoughts:

What a wild episode of WOW! Havoc, who is of course Jessicka Havok, had a decent delivery of her promo. She gets points for taking up the banner of the independent wrestling women who got the ball rolling for the Women’s (R)Evolution as coined by WWE. But she loses points for me for being yet another of the “inner darkness” kind of Heels I’m seeing in not just WOW but a few other promotions. Be proud of being big and tough, but be different. Especially when the Psycho Sisters are already filling that role of the dark, edgy Heels. Unless she becomes the third sister…

Razor VS Faith was a good match, and Faith is clearly talented. Faith feels like she could get a top Face push down the road the way she was booked against The Beast and then here against Razor. I’m still thinking the WOW World Tag Team Championships are going to be revived and a team like the Psycho Sisters would be a top Heel choice for those. Davidson VS Chella was an okay match, but there are a lot of Heels with Managers right now. I’m wondering if Davidson & Smart will get a dedicated opponent for the story their gimmick tells.

Of all the possibilities for their world title, I didn’t think they’d reset with Santana bowing out. That’s a great Face move putting family over career but it really gave Tessa Blanchard a big second chance. I did call The Beast getting involved, and it worked out perfectly to get some heat on both her and Tessa. Jungle Grrrl VS The Beast is still coming, no doubt about that. That match might be hotter than Santana coming back to get at Tessa. Not only that, but I’m hoping WOW decides to give us an episode where it’s just those two matches so that each one gets 20 to 25 minutes. As fun as it’s been to always have three to four matches a night, having two amazing matches would really help WOW gain some momentum.

My Score: 8.3/10

Let us know what you think on social media @theCHAIRSHOTcom and always remember to use the hashtag #UseYourHead!
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